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The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina • Page 5

The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina • Page 5

The Robesoniani
Lumberton, North Carolina
Issue Date:

THE SEMI-WEEICLY ROBESONIAN. PERSONAL THE ROBESONIAN. Mr. J. M. Butler, of St Paul, 1898 Boylin's Jewelry Store 1911 PUBLISHED MONDAYS AND THUHSDAT8. is a Lumberton visitor today. REXOLVEO THAT I YOU WISH TO MAftCfl ALONG YOU MUJT BE CLAD IN THE LATEST. ET THURSDAY, MARCH 23. 1911. Mr. Jas. Fields, of Allenton, BETTER. YOURAPPARFL; was a Lumberton visitor Tuei day. Oldest and largest in Robeson county. The entire first floor of the corner building herewith shown being used for the display of our large stock of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry. Silver -OCAL RAILROAD SCHED ULE. THE SWIFTER WILL BE YOU P. PROGRESS, Mr. N. A. McCormick, of St Arrival and Departure of Trains raul, was a Lumberton visitor 3USTE-R BROWN Tuesday. at Lumberton. SEABOARD AIR LINE. Train No. 45, west-bound Lvb 7.15 a. Train No. 39, west-bound Lvs 5 57 p. mi Train No. 40. east-bound Lvs. 9.50 a.m. ft I r. I St mm 1 Mr. N. J. McRimmon, of rural route No. 3 from Rowland, was among the visitors in town Tues ware, Cut Glass, China, Optical Goods, etc. Our large stock makes it possible to get just what you want in this line. Boylin's Jewelry Store, Lumberton, N. C. Train No. 44, east-bound Lvs. 9.37 p.m. day. Mrs. J. L. Stephens, who had IRGINI A CAROLINA SOUTHERN been spending a few days visit FROM HOPE MILLS. (Daily except Sunday) ing at Barnesville, returned home Train No. 79. arrives 8.50 a. yesterday. Mrs. John McArthur. of St Paul, and Mrs. John Stewart, of Train No. 64, leaves 9.f0 a. Train No. 65. arrives 6.15 p. Train No. 78, leaves 8.35 p. EL1ZABETHTOWN BRANCH Between St. Paul and Elizabeth town (Mixed Trains, daily except Sunday.) Train No. 7. leaves St. Paul 9:15 p. m. John's Station, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. McAllister. Miss Mary C. McNeill, who has been spending time on a visit to relatives at Wannanish. Plant Cotton One Seed at a Time Equally Spaced No SkipsNo Bunching. Without preparation of the seed, plant a bushel or more or a peck or less to the acre, one to six inches apart, as you set it. always one seed at a time. Save half the work and time of chopping. Positive force feed means absolute regularity of drop without cracking or crushing seed. Each plant has room to grow though chopping be delayed. Insures early maturity and 5 bales from land you now get only 4, because no skips or gaps in your rows. Htad Train No. Train No. Train No. Train No. Train No. Train No Train No. 7, lv. Tar Heel 10:05 p. m. 7, leaves Dublin 16:40 p. m. 7, ar. Eh'b'tht'n 11:00 p. m. 8, arrives' St. Paul 8:15 a. m. 8, lv. Tar Heel 6:50 a. m. 8, leaves Dublin 6:10 a. m. 8, lv. Eli'b'tht'wn 5:30 a. m. is expected to return home this afternoon. Mrs. E. C. McNeill went yes CWTMGMT H.eYTMf BVTm "own CO CHK00. terday to Raynham. where she is a guest at the home of her son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. John McCallum. RALEIGH CHARLESTON FROM MARION, S. C. Train No. leaves 9.55 a. m. Train No. 2. arrives 5.40 m. Cotton today. 14 1-6 cents. Mr. T. C. Reaves, of Ashe- ville, formerly in the tobacco business here and now interested in a warehouse at Fairmont, was a Lumberton visitor yesterday. Mr. John M. Dick, who had The Ledbetter One-Seed Planter plants on ridge or in water furrow. Levels the bed, opens furrow, plants seed any depth, desired one at a time, and presses earth over seed, all in one operation. Has flexible hitch rod so planter always runs true. See every seed as it comes from hopper to spout. Hopper easily removed. Furn the man who has the right of brain5 on the inside will have the right ot a hat on the out-side of his skull. other-s will think more of your face if you wear, a good hat above it. we are the -sole agents in this city for the howard hat, which will cost you $3.00. you cannot get the best for nothing. yet if you wi.5h a hat lower in price we can supply you. you know that we have a good reputation for carrying hats that are right in style, and of you wish the HAT. RESPECTFULLY, Strayed or Stolen Two large black sows. Lartrest one has short tail. been in town since Tuesday morning, a guest at the home of his Weigh about 150 and 200 each, when last seen. Reward for any yiforma-tion as to where abouts. Hardy Pur- nell. Buie. N. C. 3-23-4thurs sister Mrs. Lizzie G. Proctor, left this morning for his home in Greensboro. Mrs. J. F. Graham, formerly cf Anderson, S. but now of Darlington, S. is a guest at ished with drag coverer Lost -Pair of nose-erlasses, gold bridge, on street between 2nd. and 1st. Return to Mi9S Juette Barker 3-23-tf lace of press wheel, if desired, f'not at your dealers, send us J14.00. We pay all freight. Our guarantee of satisfaction or money back proctects you. There will be a special agent at St. the home of her parents, Mr. Meares, near the Paul at the store of R. J. Leggett to fit and exchange the famous Hawk's and Mrs. F. county home. Eve Glasses April 5 and b. batisfac tion guaranted. April 5 and 6. 3-23 3t For Quick Sale at a bargain 25 shares Cotton Mill Stock. $6,000.00. Notes Mrs. W. L. Mitchell, of Fort Springs, who had been spending a few days in town a guest at the home of Mrs. Daisy Write for interesting Free Books showing this and other styles. Write or see your dealer now. $14.00, Freight Prepaid, if Your Dealer Does Not Sell It. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back promptly Furnished with plates for planting cotton, corn, sorghum, peas, maize, kaffir corn and all similar SGGQ N. JACOBI HARDWARE Selling Agents. Wilmington, N. C. secured bv real estate mortgage A XL? 0UTF1TTE eood investment. P. O. box 327, Jenkins, left yesterday for Latta Lumberton. C. 3-20-4t S. where she will spend some For Rent 6 room house, corner of time visiting. Fifth and Willow streets. Apply to J. H. Floyd, Lumberton. 1-2-tf. Ex-Sheriff and Mrs. W. Out Saddle Tree Way News Clark of Clarkton were guests Sinn Palntlna. Show Card Writ 'Phone No. 141 Tuesday and yesterday at the LUMBERTON, lngrSign Painting of any kind neatly and artistically executed. N. C. home of their son-in-law and Notes and Personals. Correspondence of The Robesonian. Lumberton, F. D. 2, Mar. Gold and Silver Leaf Signs a specialty. W. Henry Wade, at daughter, Mr. and Mrs. A. Ped neau, at their home on the un AND EVERYTHING IN Advance office. 12-12-tf Raft Swamp News Notes. Correspondence of The Robesonian. Buie, March 23. Planting corn seems to be the biggest thing of today's work. We have been havigg some rough fires this week. Mr. L. E. Tyner's place got burned out yesterday. He has lost lots of limber by the fire. named short street between 20. Most of the farmers are well up with the breaking of their land, and planting corn will soon For Sale About 100,000 shingles. An- 1 a XT ULL Second and Third. They return ply to r. ivozier, ijuiiiueiiuiifn.u 7-14-tf ed home last night FOR BUILDERS. If Ton Want to sell your farm, place it in the hands of Robeson Loan News Notes and Personals From Glennwood Sc hool Closses mam mmt mm 1 1 I a Realty Company. Lumberton. N. OLS TO( 31st. and they will sell it. 6-27tf Correspondence of The, Robesonian. Miss Dora Johnson of bt. Paul was a visitor at the home of Mr. David Davis last Sunday. Mrs. F. G. Odum and son Clarence of Buies, route 1, were Wanted To do your house moving Wen wood, March lo. we are be the order of the day. It was very dark during the storm Monday afternoon, and there was considerable hail, but no damage was done. Miss Olive Baxley returned to her home at Red Springs last Sunday after spending a week with her sister Mrs. W. H. Powell. Miss Annie Belle Humphrey, who is a student at Meredith College, Raleigh, is at home on and raising. Have full equipment. See me. A. W. Pate, Lumberton, N. C. 6-9tf. having some pretty cold weather at Powersville Sunday. these days Mr. J. Q. Parnell is spending Mrs. Mary McMiIhan, from Wanted Everybody to know that Woedlawn dairy is the place to get the week at his brother's Barker's, is spending a few days sanitary milk. Delivery wagon on street twice a day. 4-21 tf at Glennwood with friends. -Miss Lena M'White from Glenn Mr. J. C. Baxley of Buies, K. 1, was in town Tuesday on wood is spending a few weeks account of the sickness of her For Sale A gocid mule and a good driving horse. Apply to W. H. Humphry, Lumberton. 2-16-tf with friends and relatives at Barker's. Mr. Hurbert Cul- mother, Mrs. R. Humphrey. Dr. D. A. Humphrey of Florida Mr. J. W. Lowe of Buies, R. 2, Don't Dress In the Cold Our kiln breth and Miss Maggie Duncan is through planting corn for one time, but he may have to do it dried blocks take the chill off these attended preaching at Pembroke came home Friday and spent two days with her also. We hope for her a speedy recovery. cool morninirs. 75c ter load. cash. the second time. last Sunday night Mr. and Mrs delivered. Cut slabs, green, 60c, per Mr. Archie Odum is going to load. Kingsdale Lumber I'o. lu-3tl M. N. Folger and Miss Lilian Miss Omah Barker of Rozier school at Philadelphus. were guests 01 Miss Kosa Gre The pupils of Rait Swamp had gory Sunday afternoon, is visiting her sister Mrs. Edward Humphrey. Mr. W. H. Powell attended the biennial meeting of There will be a concert at a prayer-meeting iuesaay at 10:30 a. m. Glennwood school house March Head Camp W. of the W. O. Rope, tvine Cord- After this year we are expect 31st and everybody is cordially which was held at Greensboro last week. He reports a fine invited. ANNOUNCEMENT I hereby announce that I have associated with me for the general practice of law, L. R. Varser, and J. Dickson McLean, under the firm name of McLean, Varser McLean. The new firm will occupy the office formerly occupied by the late firm of McLean McLean in Bank of Lumberton building, Lumberton, N. C. A. W. McLEAN. March 13th, 1911. 3-13-4t CARPENTERS Mrs. E. L. Odum and Mrs. time. Mary McMillan are visiting We are glad to know that friends and relatives at Orrum. FOR THE BEST TOOLS THAT WILL HOLD THEIR EDGE, COME TO US. BUILDERS Misses Lula and Mattie Prevatt, ing to have our stuff shipped to the station at Mr. Giles Davis', near Mr. S. L. W. Davis, who has a depot started in his yard Mr. W. O. Davis is expected to be the operator and Mr. Everett Davis is depot agent. Mr. Ira Davis is to be express agent, but will return home soon. Mrs who nave had pneumonia, are John Culbreth spent Monday and improving. Tuesday with Mrs. M. N. (Jul Mr. Edward Humphrey and breth and Mrs. Jacob Duncan at FOR THE BEST FINISHING HARDWARE THAT WILL LAST AND BE ORNAMENTS TO YOUR BUILDING. COME TO US. EVERYBODY family moved into their new res idence last Thursday. They Moss Neck. Glad to report that Miss Margaret McNeill was able gave the carpenters a dinner to go visiting Sunday afternoon. that day, as a token of Mrs. M. N. Folger spent Saturday with her parents in Lum The many friends of Mrs. Jno. WHEN YOU WANT ANYTHING IN HARDWARE. COME Ttf' THE STORE THAT HAS MADE ITS GOOD REPUTATION BY SELLING ONLY GOOD GOODS. McAllister h'D'w. co. 7-7tf Lumberton and St. Pauls. N. C. Miss Name Davis is to be mail clerk on the Beaufort Lumber Co. R. R. running from Fairmont to St Paul. The school at Oak Grove closed yesterday after having a grand time in the afternoon. The biggest thing was a spelling match, Mr. Alexander Odum being best speller. Mr. Thomas Davis spent Sun berton. Mr. John Thaggard N. Regan are sorry to hear that and Mr. Brav, from Pembroke, she is still unimproved. were visiting friends in this com Messrs. Roy McPhail and Mal- munity Sunday afternoon. Mr. Notice. W. G. Reynolds having tendered his resignation as keeper of the County Home, notice is hereby given that any one desiring to apply for the position will file his application with T. N. Hig-ley. Register of Deeds, on or by the first Monday in April, 1911. This March 20, 1911. J. W. Carter, Chairman Board Commissioners. 3 20-tf Restaurant I have opened up a first-class restaurant at the foot of the old bridge. Meals at all hours, and have rooms furnished. I solicit your com Humphrey are visiting friends and relatives near Max-ton. Messrs. W. H. Powell and Dan Buie spent Sunday at Pern broke visiting some of his friends day at Mr. Lawrence Smith'o. Mr. Francis White and Mr. C.J. Biggs visited at Red Springs Sunday. Some of the tobacco men Arthur Odum spent Sunday at Barker's visiting relatives and Mr. W. J. Gray and family thought one while they would not have any plants, but since the rain they are coming fine. friends. Daisy Bee. moved from St Paul's last week to the house recently vacated by Mr. Ed. Humphrey. We are Box Supper at Rennert Evening John Peter. of 29th. glad to have Mr. Gray with us. The body of a negro woman, Mr. Lewis and little daughter The ladies of Rennert are to give a box supper at the public school house on the evening of Pope of Barnesville visited his daughter Mrs. J. B. Ward the atter part of the week. Mrs. D. Wednesday, the 29th of March 'The House of Quality." Lumberton, North Carolina ELIZA OXENDINE (GOINGS) 3-16-tf Lumberton, N. C. Humphrey of Fayetteville vis The girls are requested to bring ited her mother-in-law, Mrs. Sarepta Humphrey, Sunday. zl years old, was lound in a trunk at her home in Hamlet Tuesday night. The woman lived with one Will Darrah and went to Hamlet two weeks ago from Monroe. Her husband, a porter on the Columbia local train, has disappeared and mystery surrounds the murder. Near Monroe Monday Chaf. Hasty shot Jeff Crook as a result Juanita. A disDatch of the 20th from Calcutta states that the final pro Spring time calls for tonic. Try Pope's Sarsaparilla Compound When in need of anything in the Drug or Sundry line give us a call. Agents for Ashcraft's Stock Powders. visional census returned to Con gress gives the population of In a box of lunch for two. The entertainment is for the new Baptist church. The public is cordially invited to attend. In Shelby the other day a horse was instantly killed by stepping on wet ground which a ground wire belonging to the local electric company was charging. If you haven't the-time-te exercise regularly, Doan's Regulets will prevent constipation. They induce a mild, easy, healthy action of the bowels without griping. Ask your druggist for them. It was announced from the Postoffice Department at Washington on the 21st that Sunday work in postoffices throughout the country is to be discontinued so far as is consistent with the facilitation of the transmission of mail. John W. Sickelsmith, Greensboro, has three children, and like most children they frequently takecold. We havetner several kinds of cough medicine," he says, "but have never found any yet that did them as much good as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy." For sale by all dealers. dia as 315,000.000. This is an of a dispute over the boundary between their farms. Crook was not seriously wounded. increase of as com pared with 1901. Stops earache in two minutes; toothache or pain of burn or scald in five minutes; hoarseness, one hour; muscle- When you have rheumatism in your foot or instep apply Chamberlain The Pope Drug Co. Liniment and you will get quick relief. I ache, two hours; sore throat, twelve hours Dr. Thomas' Eclectic Oil, mon-' arch over pain. It costs but a quarter. Why auner: For sale by all dealers. J5 cents.

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