The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 22, 1892 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1892
Page 3
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Address, Pries lv«a ths The Tenor of Crop Feports From Northern States. THE WATER SUPPLY GOOD But Few ICKcepMnns to This Condition of Affaire—Winter Wheat In tho Western Htntes About.isn Average—In Kansas 40 lVr Cent. Anil in Missouri «r» ror Cent. Ko- port "lloorl."* CHIOAOO , April an.— Crop report* received here show that spring; work i« in full blast in most of the states covered by them though in some of the more northern states the work has been greatly delayed by rains. In Illinois oats are being everywhere sown and some spring wheat. In Ohio mid Indiana theso two crops, with the addition o£ the potato crop, are being put in, but little other seeding has been done. In Kentucky spring wheat and potatoes are in ami corn is being planted. In Kansas spring wheat and oats have been sown and tin; same is true of Nebraska and Fowa. In Wisconsin, Minnesota and tho Dakotas little seeding has yet been done. 'The condition of the water supply is good in nearly every county reported in all of the states, with probably not a half do7.en exceptions, and these are mostly in Wisconsin. The condition of winter wheat is as follows: In Illinois about 45 per cent, of the correspondents report good, the same number report fair and tho others poor. In Indiana 4(1 per cent, report good, 35 per cent, roport fair and 35 per cent, report bad. In Ohio 33 per ce nt. report good, 51 per cent, report fair and the others report poor. In Michigan 45 per cent, roport good, 35 report fair and 'JO per cent report bad. In Kentucky 61 per cent, roport good, 88 per cent, report fair and the others poor. ' In Missouri 25 per cent, good, 35 per cent, fair, and the remainder bad. Lafayette courtly reports that the early sown looks well. Where wheat was sowh late on corn land the ground is bare and some of it has been plowed up. Greeuo county also reports that somo of tho wheat on poor land has been plowed up for oats and corn. In Kansas 10 per cent, report.good, 24 report fair and the rest poor. In Wisconsin only 8 per cent, report good, 44 per cunt, fair, and 48 per cent, poor. In Iowa, Nebraska. Minnesota and the Dakotas not enough winter wheat is reported to out any great figure in the total of the crop. LOOKING AFTER TEXAM. Gov. HOKC; Telcc/niplm Gov. Durber and the Wyoming: Olllehil Replies. AUSTIN , Tex., Tex., April 23.—Just before leaving to make his opening campaign speech at Wells' Point, Gov. Ilogg scut the following telegram: AUSTIN, Tex., April 20. —To Gov. Aroos W. Barber, Chi;yonno, Wyo.: It is reported here thai Texas citizens uro in great danger or being mobliod nt or near Buffalo. Please Investigate and protect iheni. J. S. Hoco, Governor of Texas, Later in the day .Judge Levy, the governor's private secretary, received the following reply: CimrENNK, April 21 —Oov. J. S. Hosg: About fifty men, represented to include some Tcxans, are undor protection of United Stutos troops noar Buffalo. Troops will protect iliom against violence. AMOS \V. BAnmsrt. Governor. The Sissoton Opening. WATKRTOW.V , S. D., April 23.—The land office still continues full of business, though the filings yesterday were not quite up to the average. The list of rejected entries is enlarging and and causes inucli grumbling, but | state nothing worse. The largo army of squatters have not yet put in their appearance at tho land ofUco to file. When they do some of them will be fighting mad to find filings ahead of them. The attorneys who held bunches of soldiers' dcelaratorles have succeeded in filing many of them by getting into lino along with those who do- sire to take the land for farming ptir- poses. Altcrn;tt<.s nt hirte—A. UrbitUMtiy. St. Mary's: , K. Ulaeltshlre. filnulale: Timothy Slelntyro, Arkansas, city; Cruras KwlnH, Lawrence; Frank Bacon. Chunute: II. H. Tnluy, Qnrdon City. District di'le^alfs-FIrat district, J. W. Orr, Atchison: ,1. [{. Gnrrett, Leavenworth. Alternates—Horace H. llfti/an, St. Mni-y's; Clyde MoManlgle. Morton. Second district— n. J. Shcrldnn. Pnola,: William C. Perry, Fort Scott. Alternates—E. W. Adair, Oliuhe: J. IV Kcssler, Ottawa. Third district-John A. Eaton, Wlnflcld; Dr. O. Gilbert, Pittsburg. Alternates—A. W. Jackson, Unwind; M. T. Allison, Columbus- Fourth district— Thonins \V. Morgan, Eureka; S. B. Iuhuri, Topi'lta. Alternates—Aaron Steiner, Marion county. Bon Hollbiirn, Osage City. Fifth distrlct-c. 11. Gill. .Timctlnn City: "W. H. L. Peppercll, Concordia, Alternates—Q B. Foster, Belleville: O. A. Vonlvtn, Clay Center. Sixth district-J. I>. Shorrick, Lincoln: S. P. S. Roynolds. Oralnileld. Alto mates,-W. E. Banks, Russell; J. n. Taylor, Osborne. Seventh district—J. B. McClelland. Kingman; J. P. Stewurt, Wellington. Alternates— D. B. Stutsman, Meade Contor; C. W. Kylo, Lev Crosses KusU county. OKLAHOMA. Wild Rumorx us to Troubles Which Lack Continuation and Are Very Likely Untrue. ELBENO , Olt., April 22.— From all over tho new country come rumors of warfare and violent deaths. Absolute confirmation of these wild stories IB lacking, however, in every ease and tho most of them are utterly groundless. Most mat in Elrcno and those returning from tlie open lands arc willing to wager that the rush into the Cheyenne and Arapulio lands has resulted in tho death of no man, but all manner of stories come in none the less. At noon yesterday theso reports had readied a total of twenty men killed. There was a tale of fourteon mon slain in a pitched battle in county H. It was to this comity that the rival colonies of allied Tcxans and Arkansans and the men from Kansas went. War between these two was predicted from the start. Lute this afternoon the story came in how the two opposing bands fought viciously at Uossmore, the new town site, with a result of fourteen dead. It was a struggle for possession of the town, the stories said. Then it was declared that southwest of this city sooncra had fired on troops, a battle had ensued and a sooner was killed. No such affair, however, was reported :tt Fort Reno, to which poet couriers uvu to be sent from all detachments at every unusual occurrence. Murder and Suicide In Iowa. DEB MOI.NCS , lit.. April 32. —At 10 o'clock lust night James Cochran shot and killed his divorced wife and W. T. Davis, her lover, and then com- j mitted suicide at a small farm five miles from this city owned by the rvoman. The only witness of the trag- eday was a young girl living at the house, wlin ran through the rain a quarter of a mile to the county poor farm to give the alarm. Cochran and his wife had been divorced about six months and W. T. Davis was staying at the farm. He was believed to be the woman's lover. Cochran had last summer been bound over to keep the peace towards his wife. Insane jealousy was the cause. Till" Nuyen-Kockwcll Cuso. WASIUNI.TO.V , April .32.' — Tho first speaker on the "Noyes-Rockwell contested election case in the house to-day was Mr. DeKorrest, of Connecticut, who supported the claims of the contestant, regretting, however, that he would be obliged to cast hiB vote to seat a republican and to unseat man who ltad earned tite esteem of his colleagues during his ser- vico on the floor. Mr. O'Ferrsill gave notice tluit to-morrow after Mr. Fel lows, of New York, had closed for the contestee and lie (Mr. O'Ferral) had concluded for the contestant, he would demand the previous question. St. Joseph 's Deadlock Finally Endod. ST. JOSEPH, MO ., April 23.—The eight democratic councilmeu surprised their eight republican confreres yesterday morning by appearing in a bodyr Two slates of officers had been arranged. These were rejected and all day the opposing forces balloted for president of the council. Finally the republicans agreed to accept'one of tho slates and Alderman F. K. Doniphan, democrat, was elected president of the council. California Still shutting. SAN FRANCISCO , April 22.—Earthquake shocks visited San Francisco at 0:48 this morning, vibrations north and south, lasting twenty seconds. The disturbance was felt at Sacramento, Biggs, Woodland and Chico in this state, and at Reno, Nev. At Biggs eight distinctive vibrations were felt, clocks stopped and plaster fell. CbungedTrom l 'tttsbure to Topeka. SAAINA , Kan., April 83.—Pursuant to a resolution adopted by the democratic convention here the democratic state central committee reconvened and changed the place of meeting of tho state convention to nominate state officers from l'ittsburg to Topcka. The date remains tho same, July it. The Chinese" Kxoluslon Hill Up. WASHINGTON , April 22.—The house Chinese exclusion bill was token up by tho senate this afternoon and Mr. Chandler moved to amend by making the term of exclusion fifteen years instead of ten years. DELEGATES TO CHICAGO. The Names of Thosu Selected Uy ths Ha- Uua Domoeratlc Convontlou. SAMNA , Kan., April 32.— The state) democratic convention yesterday elected as delegates at large Hon. Thomas Fenlon, of Leavenworth; ex-Gov. George W. UUck, of Atchioon; Hon. .Tolly Scott, -of OberUo; Hon. W. (A Jones, of loUv, lion. Thomas Fitoh, of The Third Party in Georgia. WASHINGTON , April 22.—Congressman Livingstone, who has just returned from Georgia, says that when he reached that hi! found that the people's party movement was nourishing. Ho and other democrats who took the stump against it, however, turned the leaders down in every debate and carried the alliance, people back into the democratic party. He says there is no further iiewl for fear, as tho democrats will carry every district. The San !>«nulup;o Story Not Credited. WASHINGTON , April 22. —No credit is given to the story from Amsterdam that San Domingo has been, or is about to be, purchased by private parties in the United States and that the United States government is interested in the purchase. When Gen. Grant was president the people of San Dominifo voted for annexation, but the United Slates did not want it then, nl.-*. 1'uruett Sues tor Konts. DUBLIN . April 23. —At the Wicklow sessions to-day Mrs, l 'ttrnell, widow of Charles Stewart l'arnoll, brought suit against twelve of her tenants for nonpayment of rent. In several eases the tenants refused to pay unless the abatement allowed by Mr. l'arnell some time before his death was given to them. The Ntewnrt Will Not, ISroken. NEW YmtK, April 32.— In the suit brought by Alexander Stewart to break the will of A. T. .Stewart anfl secure for himself some of his property, Judge Pryor in the court of common pleas today ruled that there was nothing to go to the jury on and directed it verdict for tho defendants. Arizona'* New Governor Named. WASHINGTON , April32.— Tho president sent to the senate the nomination of Nathan <>. -Murphy, of Arizona, to bo governorof Arizona, vice John N*. Irwin, resigned. A press cable reports that the cashier of the Ilony Kong & Shanghai bank baa'absconded with SUOO.uOu and four native banits have slopped payment With liabiliticr" oi .1,500,001). It was reported in Deadwood, S. D., yesterday that a battle between cowboys, at present on the spring roundup near the Littlo Powder river, and rust, lershad hern fought Monday, resulting In a repulse for the rustlers. Straws show which way the wind blows ^ Watch v them—and be convinced. When you see all sorts of washing- powders patterned after Pearliue; when von see it imitated in appearance, in name, in everything except merit; when you find three persons using Pearliue where two used it a year zigo ; when you hear it as a household word with tiie best housekeepers; when you find its former enemies now its staunchest friends;-—then you may know the wind is taking you along toward Pearliue. Why not go with it? You are losing money by trying to head the other way; money, and labor, and time and patience. Go with the rest—use Pear line —and you stop losing, and begin to gain. Millions realize that there is everything to gain and nothing to lose— with Pearline. 'eddlers and some grocers will tell you, "this is as pood ns" ot ' the same as Pearline." IT 'S KA1 .SE—but »lint a puff for Pearline. JAMKS I'VLE, New Vork Blowing HUTCHINSON STOCK YARDS CO., Are Doing a General Yard Business. Ample accommodation for cattle, hogs and sheep. This company's yatds have direct connection with all railroads running into Hutchinson— ore roads. AS A STOCKER AND FEEDER MARKET these yards offer superior inducements. Best distributing point in the west. All parties wanting stockers and feeders should try this morket. Informatioa furnished upon Application. BENJ. W, LAPP, General Manager. ter COMPANY, Tronic? llklncs °f Transferring and Hauling. Especially prepared to move Iron Safes and all lands of machinery, being the onlv one in the nil» Wiethe necessary articles for the moving of heavy goods 7 * f 6 Pay Freight on Local or Car Lots and transfer it from any depot to any part of the city at reasonable rates. Years of experience in boxing and moving enables us to move Pianos and Household Goods without the least injury. If you want to move your office or household goods we can do it better for you than anyone olsd and save you money. Storage Department. leav^ IT 8 tt be flrst V n [ n l e8 ' ,red - Thi8 iB ° ne °, f our "Polities* We guarantee^ our woH be first-class m every respect and use tee utmost care. A reasonable nriee is all wo ask and a trial will convince you that we are the best STOVE DEPARTMENT. We will take down, your stoves, move them and take all the nickel parts off, oil them, wrap them in paper, oil your pipe, wrap it In paper and store them for the season for the small sum of S2.50, the season ending December I, 1892. This way of taking care of stoves makes them absolutely rust proof, and makes a small job for the man who cleans it. We do not polish stoves, for that is out of our line of business. Hope you will give us a liberal patronage. Hutchinson Transfer and Storage Co., E. R LOCK, MANAGER, Office and Barn, Second Ave, East. Telephone No. 19. --j Wholesale Liquor Dealer Handles WINE BEER A WHISKEY Kansas and Familr i t r J0 JtrC.*&.JLJJtlj a Specialty Write for catalogue. hi*

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