Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1912
Page 7
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OB. CM. BUSS r DeoUct ExtraJiUon without pain by t3i» ase of Nitrous Oxide Oa» Boom No. 1 Iforthrup Bite. Phones—Office 553; Kea. 862 • • • MONEY TO LOXm • Will lend on boiuehdld gaoda, 1^pianos, organs, nwins aw* chlnea, diamonds and JeweUr^ '<l^. J. W. COFFBT • OfBce, UO UTocth StiMt • ' WANTS-ALL KINDS jWANTS—ALL KINDS ""WAITED —POSIT iox nv COMPK- ient s 'tehograiihcr of seven years' experience. Address E. N., 614 S. Walnut St., Ida, Kan. WANTED—MAN AND WOMAN KOR general work at PenilBylvania Hotel. ""WAITED —POSIT iox nv COMPK- ient s 'tehograiihcr of seven years' experience. Address E. N., 614 S. Walnut St., Ida, Kan. WANTED GIRL WHO IS WHJ^ inor In Inipn Phorolatp diniiinir. Hal- ^ SALE—ABOUT 75 ACRES, V- ' FOR SALE-jWHJTE NANNY GOAT I nclJ. U N. Jefferson. Phone 1290. FORM ..v.....^ prepared to take care of Farm T^ans tla^ge'or small, at the lowest rate to be obtained anywhere. Privilege to pay any amount at any interest paying time. See me and get terms and ,rate, jbefore "placing your loan. R. L. Thompson. Over Evans Drug Store. WANTED—MEN TO LEARN BAR- ber ti-^de. An army of our graduates running shops depending upon us for barbers. Many Jobs waiting. Can't be had elsewhere. Write todaj-. Moler Barber College. Kansas City. Mo. Term unlimited. ace of Sweets. WANTED—MAN TO WORK ON MY farm. Dr. W. S. Hendricks. WANTED—LABORERS FOR FOU-X- dry work; wages $1.75 to $2.00 a day; steady eniploymcmt. IT. S. Radiator Corporation, Paola, Kas. WANTED—POSITION AS HOUSE- kecper. Address "H," care, Register. WANTED—"V\THTE WOMAN TO cooki at the hotel. .T. C. Burris, Car- lyle.JKans. • WANTED TO BUY—FIVE OR SIX room house, close in; it must be worth the money. Phone 360. WJVNT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT the jflnest fruit and farming section in Florida. Address H. G. Gates, Arcadia, Florida. P. O. Box 20. WANTEr>—EMPTY FEED AND iwiato sacks at Elliott's Grocery. WANTED—200 MEN AND 200 BOYS lo become members of.the Y. M. C. A. this week. FOR SALE OR ^EXCHANGE—ONE ! good Ford Runabout; jnst what you ' want. Will sell for cash or good notes have YOU to offer. Call on The Alien . County Investment Co. Kelley Hotel' or trade for lola property or in any other town nearby or for land. What Block, lola. Kansas. der plow; a special snap for cyiick j mann. turn at $22.30 per acre. It will go j _ • soon. Who is the first man for it., „-Tr¥i rMWf T>T /Vr *r Call on The Allen;County investment, FOR RENT—FOR RENT Co.. lola. Kan. Kelley Hotel Block. —w^.~»~>.~%~>^^'>«~''»'^~'>~*~^ STOVE V.'OOD FOR SALE-^ $2:25 a cord delivered. Phone 997-22. .1. H. Frischenineyer or R. D. HorviHc. Phone 474-J. . ' WANTED —CHAMBERMAID AND dining room girl. Pennsylvania Hotel. RELIABLE FIRE INSURANCE-r-IN renewing your Insurance, place some of it with me. I will see that your in- .terests are safely guarded, by wrlt- ; ing you in a first class company. Be! sides, we need the business and will appreciate your patronage. R. L. Thompson. Phone 142, Over Evans Drug Store. MEN AND BOYS ARE WANTED TO line up in the membership of the Y. M. C. A. during the membership campaign which is on this week. SPECITL ADVANTAGES GAINED Iv joining the Y. M. C. A. this week. WONTED-POSITION AS NURSE , pet in on it. for InTOlld. Address "H " care Register. ^ -ne aiong, u. y IP THE PAPER FOR SALE—GOOD SOUND Assorted, hand picked winter apples at the orchard. Harry Boeken. Moran, Kansas. Lailarpe Phone 764. . FOR RENT—NICELY FURNISHED FOR SALE—ONE "OLDS " GAS EN- j room for gentleman. 402 E. Madison. ginciiOtto Hinze, lola. . ;_ , ' — — FOR RENT—FOUR ROOM HOUSE, furnished or unfurnished. Inquire 423 S. Chestnut. Phone 609. FOR SALE—UNREDEEMED SUIT cases. You can't tell them from new. From $1.00 up. All kinds of bandbags and trunks. Blgus Pawn Shop .in fruit store. FOR SALE— 400 BUSHELS WIN- ter apples. Northeast corner square. FOR RENT—FOUR ROOM MOI> ern house;.paved street. See M. L. Decker, 211 N. Sycamore. FOR SALE—200 HOMER AND CAR- < pYione 1220. neaux pigeons. Fine thoroughbreds, j 1. Quarters crowded. Bargains if taken at once. Miss Grace Acers, lola Pigcono'. 24 Acers Park. FOR RENT—FITRNISHED RES- taurant and rooms; 218 South street. FOR SALE—HOLSTEIN BULL, vear old. Inquire % mile nortb lola Portland or Wlllam CyOoper. Bassett. FOR RENT—THREE NICE ROOMS 715 S. Washington. FOR RENT OR SALE—FURNISH- ed restaurant and-rooms; 21S South Street- Phone 1220. FOR RENT—12 ROOM HOUSE close in, suitable for rooming, or boarding. Whltaker & Donnell. FOR SALE CHEAP—ALL KINDS of shotguns, revolvers and rifles, trunks, handbags and watches. Above articles have been pawned and are unredeemed, therefore I can sell them cheap. Bigus Pawn Shop, in fruit store. Phone 293. FHlLLIf HEiejQJS <» . • • •> H1B5ESS AND SADDLSBT « •> Cieneni] Bepalriag • • • South Streetr^-Iola. Su, > LOST AND FOUND. LOST-^OLD BAR PIN. to Register office. RETURN LOST—GOLD BAND RING SOME where in the north part of town, near Buckeye street. Return to Register office. Reward. R. Walls. IX)ST — LADY'S SMALL GOLD watch and fob, betweetk 403 S. Cottonwood and New York Store. Leave at Register. Reward. F. I. B. LEATELL, JL n. • BpecialUes: • . Diseases of tlie Cheat • Diseases of ChUdrea ' - • Phones—Office 147; Bca. Ul .• • lola State Bank Bldg. . • •/ j T. O. CANATSE5Y Expert Piano Tiadag and Repairing,, "vnth BobertB MuBle Ca FHonm WANTED AT lOLA—PIPE LINE tenips. $4.00 to $5.00 a day. C. C. Luccock. Phone 194. UipENEWS FOR TODAY THi: i>vi>ri»i,i:s DKFIV.VTKH LK•ROV 13 TO T. YKSTLKUVY. FOR SALE—SIX MALE COLLIES, four monthn old: $5.00 each. S. C. Gardner. I..aHarpe. BOY FAILS TO dellTsr your paper, call 18 and wo -will send you a paper by a special carrier, the ustn* vTanlnr FOR SALE—CHOICE MILCH cows. Phone 605. 7::rzr \ FOR SALE—ALL KINDS OF FEED FOR SALE—WINTER APPLES 2oc \ ggg^ lola Feed Store. Phone 857. per bushel; cider apples. 8c. Tobias Kramer. 3 miles north, 2 west Moran. } FOR SALE—RUGS. FURNITURE Stove.'. Big stock. Cash or payments. JrZ.''rr :^r ^'^^r :Y ^o. s ^il^ i SiT Henn.;;;.er; West Madison. of Lailarpe. Kas. — • "FOR SALE AT ONCE-TWO HOUS- I 'SFCOND HAND H O S E H O L D j es in lola cither with or without Idts. good's for sale cheas at 501 S. Walnut. I Phone 961-2. • I... I We do nil kinds of Wittch and Clock Ropnlr Work. Wo also linvo a complete line of Walrhes and ("lorkH to pcloct from. Coni'> in and lot us show you. TllE DAY'S OmSHT GAS GITY They JTake You Feel Good. —The pleasant purgative effect produded bv Chamberlain's Tablets and the healthy condition of body and mind which they create make one feel JovfuL For sale by all dealers. * • •> AUCTIOSEEB! • •> A. D. Collins * * General Farm Sales; Livestock • a specialty. Satisfaction guar- 4^ * anteed. Address, Carlyle, -Kaa: • ^ <• 1 • week to i=hlp to his ranch in Hwlgo- • Iman county. The family will not leave • j before •ne.M week. • 1 Mrs. K- H. Toby has pone to Fort | • ,^ • j Scott for a visit with Mrs. «<'"rRo: silMM.V XOW BEMKVKn To!^: •>; MIerhel. ' • ' ' - - ' jrS « « « « « * « * * Si * * » * * « j Manual Training Work InlmMinp tO|'> "TIsliors l^lS«•hool^—School Tram ut llnniboldt Todiiy. W.VTEIl.S & 1 >AX +'0RT11 Drugs and Jewelry > ! •:• •> • • •> * <• •> * * * * * * LAHARPE. OCT. JS._Ye.?tora.-.y nf- —„ _ ternoon on the MacDonald grounds the "Z'Z ^ - - ^ * « a a UHarpe Invincibles o-.ened the 1912- 1 * « « « * 35 $ « « = * 2- « 13 foot ball season by defeating the Lo ' • « 3- a- Roy first team to the tune of 13 to 6 [The business men clo.«ed their stores at 2~:45 and for thirty minutes afterward there was a constant string of human beings marching up Main street to the grounds. Manager Raii- som had previou.'-Iy announced tlic opening game as liadics Day and it proved that the day wa-s well nained. Oiver half of the crowd was made up of enthusiastic women and young ladles. In the first quarier neither side S !Cored, but in ilic se<:ond quarter. Limes received a forward pass and .went "maTching on" for a tiuichdown. The cheering crowd seemed to enthuse the l-allarpo boys for the ball bad not been in play long before they jiad the "hall over for another touchdown. It was in the third quarter that }jeToy made her only touchdown. Time |Was called numerous limes througli- jtHit the game for a player who was I ' '—• »•'>"<..n 'oioiv no one! Mrs. J. R. Hiirlock. of Weauhle.iti, Mi.s.souri. Is here visiting her step-son, .1. n. Hurlnek and family. She will visit at iola and Burlington heforc returning home. XT .S. Peck, of Elpmore. transacted business here yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Mathews, of Moran. visited Mrs. George Stevenson yesterday. A large number of the neighbors took dainty refreshments and sur- IlK ASSl HJID FOB WINTKK. Our .Slore will be closed nil •iay Sunday!'. r. W. Maver froin California Huking Vir>i Visit in .10 Yoiint.—i;.\anis at School Now. TARL * Hir >TER Gas. Knns. GAS CITY. OCT. IS.—The gas was off most of the day yesterday to con. : neet the new three-inch line and to j "! m .nke numerous changes at the meter 110 YOU SLEEP WELLI Buy a Fft of good Sprincs. a Felt Mattress and a Bed of us, and we will guarantee that you will. H- MARTIN FIRMTURE STORK f •r Lailarpe _ Kansas. * * % took dainty «f! m.nke numerous changes at the meter | prosperous farmers of north of town pn.ed Mrs. Philip Coblent^last^ p^^^ „f ,o^,.„ H^rp- • ench erecting a large barn. Work ,ng m ''''^"'•f '''';'> f°"'\^^^^ the regulator has been on 'J.<^ heing pushed in order to complete sary. A very pleasant e>ening ^--^sLonsumer's side of the meter, hut yes-L^p structures before cold wpather. doing there. Profest-or Getty is more tl'.'in an.vlou.s that you rnme and see the work. .Mrs. Chainl>ers aud Mrs. .Jsck.'^on were pleasant callers in the' manual dei>artaient Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stevenson are visiting in Centralia. Mo. out the game for a player wno was • —For Glasses,, see 1. B.-Krantz. the slightly hurl, but fortunately no one I Optometrist, at Atteberry's Restaurant •— Tuesday. October 15th. town people were here for the game yesterday; Some came in automobiles, street car^^ rigs and two on motoreyeles. Mr. and Mrs. Del Donald, of lola,! gif '^^jur^dSer ou iv .,;ou^h to"^^^^ \5th^ &en *rr' After .ood-hot^ supper I A nun^^^^^^^^^^ out of the registration of voters; and at l(f o'clock , Frid.iy right. Ociolier 25th. the reeistratinn books will be closed for the general election to he held November 5th. 1912. T. F. ZIEGI.ER. City Clerk. (the Leroy boys left In automobiles for •home. Following is the line-up of both /teams: LaHarpe—H. Limes, center: Meyer, quarter; .M^ans, fullback; Law rcnce, right half; Barker, left half; Tempy and barker, right gtiard; Stein | aett. left gtiard; Kerr, right tackle; • Stephenson, left tackle; Gardner, right end; 0. Umes, left end. I.ero.v—Rater center; Relmann. quarter; V. ZerkiU. fullback: Hall,'right half; Morton, left half; Hensley. rlBhl guard: F. Zer­ kiU, left guard: Custer, right tackle; Weker. left tackle; Miller, right end; Proctor, left end. Why not. the next <iay you liave a few spare minuteo. go to the Manual TraiAloff department of the high school and sec what the students are doubt call to mind many incidents when he and .Mr. D.»vis were old school niiitt-s in fhi .1 part of the .st .Tf - Brother I'armalee and wife and Mlat Bailry of Cherryvule wilj begin a series of meetings ar the Holiness church in l.all.irpe tomorrow evening to coii- tlnue at least two weeks. A large number from here will fit tend. John Hochsllassjer of Kansas fily. W. Eastwood d .is spent. - j consumer's side of the meter, but yes- 11? "' I"; V .. Mr.. W. R. f^rd has returned from! f^rday it was changed so .hat the gas ! ^''T ^^, •"y'^VirrL h"^i? ^HLT7l^''Ln a five week's visit at Keokuk". Iowa, j «'*" regulated before going through I .'''.V^ ! f ^^oot foot ball Brotlier Pannileeand wife and Miss '^'^ meter. This experiment proved' .7'." ,•;•.''';;',' "."r." '" who are Rifted to a profttable one. Instead of:'"."!?' f ' V \ •.""'""••" I of a pound and last niclit the prtr.ssur '' was higher than it has been for years t]' , (First Published Oetoher 14. 1912.) i With this imiirovement Ga.s Cifv i." ^ ^ KKGI.STKATIO.V XOTH'E. better prepared for gas this wii^^er Office of the City Clerk, 'ban for some years. October 14(h. 1.'I12. W. .Mayer, formerlv of here but .Votiee is hereby given that beein- now of Los Angeles. Calif., is spendinj: ning October 16th. 1912. thl.s office'the week end with Mr. and Mrs. J. A will he kept otien during the noon j I^f»^'s north of town. This is his firsi hour and until 10 o'clock at night forlflP bere in thirty veat?. It will no Bailey. .f^r!''^};- '^ilr^l^^^:^^'^"^^^^^^^ ^''^ in evanpell.-::! - work, will beam a .<•« i,, mrnrd on t hree- fourth ries of revhalYhe^cionlng tomorrow ! ^'^f /'^.^Tand la^ ni° ht the pressur night in the Holiness church. J. F. seen, cuutr Allen County State Bank IOLA, KANSAS X8TABLI8HED 1 QUABTEB OF 1 CBNTUXI. Capital Snrphis —.... Deposits — " SAFETY DEPOSIX BOXXS FOB .. $30,000.00 .. $40,000.00 . $550,000.00 1 m Geo. T. Craddock, Ruble. Ark, says: "I was botner|*d with :liimba.!;o for seven years s.» bad I could no', ^ work. I tried several kinds of kidney! was a g"03t at the J m 4n»l arrived, our new clock of * CAXBIES In bulk and In boxes Give then a trial .jCOOJ»ST with old friends. Dr F S. nal :n has gone ;o Dewey and Tulsa. Oklahoma, on a few days' business trip. —Ask for Marr's Purity Bread at W. S. Ford's. l*iie six-year-old daughter of Mr. and -Mrs. A. J. She<kler is reported qtiite ill. Mr. «. J- Wolskill and niece, .Miss Carrie Wo'fskill. after tui extended visit bere. ut Bronson and near Humboldt, have returned to their home in Bucklln, Mo. Mrs. Walker McGliinis is spending the week end with relatives In Fort Scott. Mrs. L H. Daggelt will visit over Siindsr in Chanute. Mr. Dagsett con- 'eiiiplates going down tomorrow even? iDg. 9 L. !>. Sams, of Gamett was calling » on C. T. Harris yesterday. 9. The biSb school foftt bait team left $ this 90on in.tbe Stepbenaon, Uneback 9 • and Hair automobile* for HnmboUt to «{oqatfi^wm ,thse;-hlcb( scttooL. :I>F»- them to my frlorids. Store. .MCCARTY &S0N Phonr Sie Ml South St. Carriage and Automobile fainting. Si Put on- Rubber Tires :and do all kinds of repair work. 111* 1 ^v\^i :...j. M . -- BurreU's Dr'ig 'o secure grades. H-retofore the grade cards have be «Mi Issued monthly but in the future they will be Issued only every six weeks. Today ends the flist six weeks of this term. , .T. A. White and family will leave soon for Texas instead of Florida as stated Tuesdaj'. Nelson Vandersllce :md family are moving froin lola to property in the south pan of town. Mr?, Mary Farnsworth has gone to Bronson for a weeks visit with rels- tlvea -^'ar load of fine northern potatoes on track, ''•"•c per bushel. Klllotts. Iola -Mr. and .Mrs. M. D. Arbuckle and Mr. and Mrs. W. A Vaughn left this morn ing on the >o'clo<;k Santa Fe for Col- UnsVilie for a biiorl -business and pleasure trlp» Tom I>^wi8 of Mildred, was In town yesterday. Cnrl & Hunter are unloading a car of. floor and feed today. IMrs. A. C. Evans and Mrs. Braumitt wpre guests at the BerklhUer home .Bear DMf Cr^ yesterday. . '.; t';c i; -sst '-r i 'lt; :.uil wi'l l„- u.. ..seiid to hif. iivt:;<:s soon. John Stewart and Robert Seins left Insr we»>k for Oglesby, 111., where (hev ii;tve Work in a cement pl:inf. Jii>s Gles.s'e .Abbott of Iol;i; was a "ues- of >'iss Kdith Howell at di:irier inst evening liOrt'ii. SCALY S¥\S. l.lltle Patches That Peel Off and Form A mi in. Try This Remedy ut 0:>r Bi:ik. •Most skin diseases are eruptions acconttianled I)y Itc.'ilnc. But there is another kind in which small patches T)f scales appear and fall off. follow- by anotbt -r crojt. This may spread ill over the body and becomn alnioat incurable. A soothing application of Saxo Salve, our new skin remedy, should 'oe made. This is very healing and lienetr.ites through the outei: layer of skin to the very seat of the trouble, destroying the germs. Treated in this way as directetl by the book in the box, the s«-aly patches disappear and are'replaced i»y smooth, healthy nkln. Saxo Salve is wonderfully healing and soothing In all-forms of Fkln dlsensea. ecxema. iiarber's Itch ringworm, ftc and we guarantee It to satisfy you', paying back your money if It does not. BurreU's Drug Store. . PUBLIC SALE! HaTing decided to ICHTC the ronnty I wUI sell at Public AnetfoB, ..(Wr^ g 3 nbal is known as the KOIHTI Inge farm, 2 ?4 mile:< east and 1 mile 8«itli;«t 1 \eashA Falls, lli milm soatli aiid li mile west of Cencru, a miles ^tu^ and ."iU miles west of lola, on J =| i Monday. October 21.1912i- Beginning at 10 o'clock, a. m., the following^ described property! ; -, | FABU mPLE3reSTS,.BTC 3 IIKAD OK IIOBSK.S. 1 browu borRC. 8 years olii. welcht lil.'iO INs.; 1 brown horse, years old, wt. 142:"i lbs.; I Mack horse years old, wt. .1375 lbs. it HEAD OK I'ATTLK. 4 milk cows.'all giving uiilk. all high bred Shorthorns; 4 yearling rteers; * yearling heifers; 11 head of .••pring calves e.-ttra good ones. ; •ness. 1 Round Oak heating atove,; 32 HEAO OK HOG.S. j Clark steel range, 1 solid oak 88f6.< 7 head >>rood sows, ail high bred i Sharpless'cream separs^tor. 1 .wbei Poland Chinas: i Poland China lioar: j drill, and other articles too humeri 24 bead of sho.its. weighing from :;");ous -to mention. About 10 acr^ to 60 lbs. j corn In field. i 1 low wheel wagon. 1 high wheel wagon, 2 baled bay racks. 1 flat rack, 1 Deering binder, good as nc 1 Champion mowing machine; -It cultivator. 1 walking.cuj^rator. 11 row. 1 J. I. Case riding lister, rake, good as new; 3 sets of ;wprk b|^-« TKK-Tf.S OF .SALE— All sums of $10.00 and uiider, cash In hand.l AU , over $10.00. a credit of 10 raonth-s will be'.glven. purchaser giving notewl^;^;! approved security. Ijearlng 6'c interest from date, if paid when due. If iio |^:v|^^ paid when due to draw 10'J from ilate of sale, 5?^ discount for cash OB crc sales. No projierty to be removed until settled for. COL. C. S. BISHOP, Aurlioucpr. 1> H r^«»^l G. B. BOWLl'S, Clerk. JT. £1. V^ayiO~ ^ : IX'NCH ON THE GBOtJNDS. POTATOES. We have a car of fine northern potatoes on- the Katy track and will sell them out of the car at 6r.c per bushel. Bring yon? sacks. KLLIOTT'S GROCERY. DtA B. FRANT^ TBE NORTBRUP NAMAl IOLA, KAHSAS OTEB FORTY YEABS OF CO.>SEBTATITE BAJIKDfe US Depository for the United States, SUte ol Kanams, and Allem.C«ntr: B. J. MILLER, President .USLVIN FRONK. Cashier B. J. COFFEY Asst. Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 OFFICEBS: . TOUB BUSIXESS U L. NOBTHBUP, Vl^fr-Prert,^ j F. A. NOBTHRinVYIoi ^wrt.-;

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