Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 17, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1943
Page 4
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HOPE STAR,, HOPE, A H. '*." *#«if> ti> . ttnrt WMtc-dqy ottatnoon bf --t Pubttshtrig os. tnc. mrt ond Atex. H. Woshbum) bGUdiiw. H2-2U South Walnut street, Hop« Ark. THREE OR 4-ROOM FURNISHED apartment, with 2 bedrooms, good reference. Call Hope Star. 22-3tdh . C. t. PAtMER. Prc»lo«nt . M. vyASHBURK. Editor and PublUMf otxu <>* second class matter at the Bke >at Hope,, Arkansas, under the s March 3, MS97. (AW—Means Associated Press ' i Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n THREE ROOM NICELY FUR- nished apartment. Close in. No children. Mrs. M. E. Edgington. 505 South Walnut. Phone 1040. lfi-3tpl ^V*" 1 *fc*ert»Mon »ar« (Always Pavable In ' ** -"AoVonce): By city carrier, per week 15«, *" Mrtnosiefld, Nevqdo, Howard, Miller ana * -iY(UK»»» >~in«o« S3 SO ner year: else- , , , •He counties, $3.50 per year; else- 46.50.- ol Th« Associated Press: The KI Press Is exclusively entitled to ftw fepubllcotlon of all news dis- ..._ credited- to rt or not otherwise lifed in th!s> paper ond also the local published herein. ^^ Advertising Representative— i. Inc.' Memphis, Tenn., Chicago, 400 North Mtch- Kew YorR City, 292 Madison 2842 W. Grand Blvd., arae* eo ttlbutw. Etc.: Charqes will be •rBode fo> all tributes, cards of thanks, reso- BTI6ns,""or memonafs. concerning the de- .Sorted. Commercial newspapers hold toithis in the news columns to protect their - 'SodeW'frorn cTdelJge of.space-tak.na me'™* aa '*' The Star disclaims responsibility ,{(ttofIQ'S* 11«; -•!—•- ——• for the sofe-i'.eeping or ', ufgofltlted. monscr.ipts.^ icturn of an 1 Classified Ads must be in office day before . publication, AU V/ont Ads cash in advance. 'Not taken over the Phone. On* tim«—2e word, minimum 30e Six' times-—5c word, minimum /sc Three times—3i/jc word, minimum 50e One mont«»—18e word, minmlum 52.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only •THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER ' YOU SELL." Wanted to Rent SIDE GLANCES For Rent THREE HOUSES WITH VICTORY garden, also poultry place. Sci- Warren Nesbitt, Blevins. On S. G. G. road and bus line. 15-Btp MRS. J. M. PHILLIPS' FURNISH- ed home-at 816 South Elm street. Applv for key at 802 South Elm. 17-3tpd Wanted to Buy 10,0 COUNTRY. CURED HAMS. Highest price paid. Moore's City Market. 2-tf 40 TO 120 ACRE FARM IN HEMP- stead County. See Jesse Prince at E. W. Powell's. 12 miles south of Hope on Highway 29, before Saturday, March 20. 15 (,tp For Sale or Trade 15 HEAD OF YOUNG MULES AND mares. 2 jersey milk cows. Saddles. Two and half miles south of Spring Hill on the King Place. See Raymond Martin. • 4-lotp RKANSAS! By Roy Craft* Ambition Realized Woih Ttlbbf By Galbraith .-•OOP FOP you, IT WAS SO SILLY TO SET MAO, I HEARD ABOUT HOW TH YOU HAD THAT DANCER 66EM WOUNDED /TOWRtte A LETTER TO A FELLA'S MfME WHY YOU DROPPED WE THAT NI6HT Thimble Theater Little Man With a Monicker!" COME OUIT 1 M6 •HITCH OLW6 QFA NAME yR' UJH£UTJ)lD WOU (JLVV5H WOUR FAC6,OUVjeR? COPB. ma av NEA SERVICE; INC. r M. BEO. u. 9. PAT. "I'd like my husband to be inducted—lie-wants to fight all the time and I'm not able tol" Donald Duck The Wearing of the Grin! By Walt Disney A 1% TON 1936 DODGE TRUCK with good tires. In service now. Will be reasonable. Jesse J. Samuel. H-6tp FUNNY BUSINESS .1 For Sale McCaskill LESPEDEZA .AND : grass' nay. Also cottonseed,. " D P & L, Stonewell 2-B, Rowden 1 41-A and Cookers, long staple, first year from breeder. See T. S. * McDavitt. 3 °- tf ' FOR SALE OR TRADE: HORSES and mules, at Garrett's Gin Lot. 16-26tp ONE GOOD SADDLE HORSE AND : IT mules, from 3 to 4 years old. See-G: F-. Baker on the J. L. -Goodbar farm, 6 miles from Hope on Columbus highway. ll-6tp •15-3tp PULP WOOD' AND See W. E. Robins, Route One. • D. & P. L. COTTON SEED, FIRST year from breeder. Also baled - hay. See A. C. Monts. 16-6tc McCoy RodRers returned Thurs-! day from Ft. Smith where he spent j ~ j the past week visiting his brother JOHNSON sgt. Durward Rodgers and wife. Mr. J. P. Long and daughter Minnie spent from Thursday I through Sunday with relatives in Hope. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Ely and Mrs. Aluis Stokes of Nashville visited relatives here Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Bob Rowland was a Hope visitor Thursday. Mrs. Homer Rhodes and daughter Lula B. spent last weekend with relatives in Nashville. Miss Essie Hampton o£-El Dorado visited relatives here last weejv. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Rhodes were Nashville visitor's Saturday afternoon. Miss Janelle-McCaskill sepnt last SAW LOGS. Ozan, Ark. 1937 FORD PICK-UP." GOOD ONE. Thursday night' with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Stephens of Blevins. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Martin returned home Saturday from Toxar- kana they were employed the past ft I r UrtlJ f iv-rv- u r-. \jw-'i_' ^.m-.. Best cash offer takes it. Mr. Wil- few months. tri _i n«*»l "D rtrtVrt 1 R_fttf\ • • — OV^-*^*~- son, Victory Pool Room. 16-6tp Today in Congress By The Associated Press Senate Awaits show-down vote on farm r6r^4fffaa:i«viKi»c"T^\ i«.\).v >*T> O ». s~"How was-1 to kno\y he was the gunner when I picked' - the crackers out of his soup yesterday?" 'HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS IN eluding a buffet, chiffonier, bookcase, folding bed, tables, 2 rugs. | See Mrs. Cook at 908 West Ave. ( jn . WQllJ „ B. 17-3tp I deferment bill. ., Military committee hears AFL . . i President Green on war service Notice bin. • : ; I Agriculture subcommittee sum' TO INCOME TAX'PAYERS. LET ; ns QpA and Commodity Credit «„ us help you -with your income, o£ficials in com p r i ce ceiling in" Tax Reports. Married persons j quiry< with Gross income (not net in-| House '- ' come) of $1200.00 must file tax continues debate on farm - labor report even thought no tax is due. appro p r iation bill. : Single men must file with ^gross N ava i committee nears vole on income of ?500.00 Paul Simms absente e legislation, will be at my office on week-ends. ' Will be there myself at all times. Bring records of Receipt and Ex- THIS CURIOUS WQRLD By William Ferguson penditures to my office. We will do the rest. J. W. Strickland. 11-tf Hold Everything SEND, ME YOUR NEW OR RE- newal subscriptions for any magazine published. Charles Reyiierson. City Hall. 1-lmch FOR SALE: TWO" YEAR OLD roses, lOc each. Shrubs of all kin'dg. Priped reasonably. Apple trees, 25c; Pecan trees, $1.00. All * "other fruits trees. Will be at ( Bundy's Service Station, 3rd and j Shover, all day Thursday, March , 18. Mrs. T. L. Alston, tne Rose I Woman from Amity, Arkansas. 15-3tch tost BLACK AND GREY POLICE! DOG. Answers to name "Rover". Return to M. S. Bates or call 924 or 24. 16-3tch PARKER LIFE-TIME GENTLE- men's fountain pen.. Finder please phone 19-J. Reward. 16-3tp ~ an. 1W BV NEA 5EHVICE. MC. T. M, «tO. U. 3- PAT. OFF.] "No more horseshoes, chum— all I do is precision stuff now!" HIGHEST MOUNTAIN IN THE WORLD, AND WHOSE SUMMIT IS ABOVE SEA LEVEL,, ONCE WAS COMPLETELY THE SURFACE OF THE OCEAN. COPR. 1943 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG, U. S. PAT, OFF. HAVE AN ANNUAL WORLD PRODUCTION OF ABOUT THE MOST CONSTANT TH1N& IN LIFE IS CHANGE, " CLYDE T. BISHOFF, - NEXT: Do elephants like tobacco? OUT OUR WAY ByJ. R.WiUioms WAIT/ JX>N'T SET AGAINST N\V COAT" DON'T MOVE TILL 1 GET M\»T'I 'GET DOWN OFF HI^A, RAGS.' YOU'LL HAVE IT ALL OVER THE HOUSE/ WHY DON'T ^OU COME ltd TH 1 CELLAR. POOR AKJP LEAVE THOSE OVERALLS AMP SHOES IN TH' BASEMENT? SAY, LIST£ls)/ SI MCE I GOT HIM A WHITE COLLAR. JOB IM THE DRAFTIM' OFFICE..THIS PLACE \S> <3OIM' HIGHBROW-' NEXT VOU'LL BE TELL1M' ME TO COME UP THE ALLEy- WHV I'LL BE HAVIM'TO FUMIGATE MV PAY / CHECK..' / \t!f P\(!? BORM THICfTY YEARS TOO SOOKi OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople GREAT CAESAR.', J LOOK AT THAT 60LDLN UP TO TrAE~ : FRONiT DOOP..'-*" I 1 VIE A PR.H- M.OI^\TIOM THAT LEGP\L- UOOKlNiS BR.\EP-CA6E OP \T'6 A BILL, TELL rAl(v\ BN-PWE. CROVJSi PROM ONE OB DEM NOBLE- UNCLES NOO SOT SCOTLAND/ AIM'T, N\CE- HO/WE:, . TALK / 6EARIN6 (•JIEPE NOW, BOYS, VOU SHCULDM'T GO OUT WITH SUCH SOUf? FACES! REMEMSEt?, LAUGH AND THE WOULD LAUGHS ^-i WITH VOU'.' WHAT HAVE \VE GOT TO'LOSE? Blondie He Didn't Yell "Timber"! By Chic Young LL BRINJ6 VOUP RUG BACK WEXT WOWPAV V M OKAV . MRS BUMSTEAP r—-1 ( THAT'LL rctara Boots and Her Buddies An Odd Coincidence By Edgar Martin ( V PAT. OFF. Red Ryder By V. T. Hamlin YOU DETCHU^.RED RYDER, BUT ^e .HINKLH*\ HIM STILL PLENTi' (A*,D'CAU5E YOU ^AKt-UM HW*\ LOOK BALD BUZZA.RD HE^o• •SHERIFF TO BE MIGHTY HAPPY TO HANG THESE TWO OUTLAWS HIS JAIL/ AUqy Qop What's the Hurry, Pal?- By Fred Harmon r THERE, "DCXrrOR.XTOUb VOU FOB. YOU TO USE YOUR, f*'Opv.^ PISTOL,-'YOU SEE, X r-^ ' ''<?„ KMEW THEY'D UiSE ) 6&*{' ' THOSE ELASTIC ^V-;.i& «S^^^ VIMES TO ^)WD Jf&f-,--- ALLEV/ ..tftf^ " :**•/•''' ><>y 'A; r- ..".PUEASE ./r-!.'.' w,~- ,1 />. • ' x ^r^VsW-• v .^: tvv -* -/ -•' •• *• .. '"• <*t., COPB. tMl'BV r.[« LEHVICt IHC TKBtO. U S P«T. OFF. Freckle* and His Fr Resignation Refused DON'T TURN IM YOUS SAOGB/ HAVIN&IT IS WORE THAN AN HOMOR--IT'S A D.MTY;/ THE POLICE —,.,,..,, T DOESN'T ISSUE THC6E AKEI«r FIT TO SERVg/ KEEP THAT BAtxIeT I REFUSE "10 ACCEPT IT.' AMD WHEN YOU SEEA PUTY, WE'LL. EXPECT YOU TO, PERFORM IT.) By Merrill Blosjer tf . vl You REALIZE WHAT <0(osyF*tS> ^ 3-/7 J

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