Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 2, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1908
Page 8
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: Social An exquisite little affair was Uie dinner party planned anrl curried out on Thursday evening by Mrs. H. M. Given us a complete surprise to her husband in celebration of hifl birthday. As Mr. Given had himself planned n trip to the city everything hurl to be done upon their return, but that fact, did not detract in any way from the perfection of the arrangements. The table decorations were strikingly lovely, consisting of a cut glass difth of beautiful home grown panslos resting on a dainty linen centerpiece, and flanked by tall vases of .Japanese irises in harmonizing shades. The place cards were also decorated in pansy shades. The parlor was a bower of beautiful roses. Here five hundred was played during tho evening. Those present were. Messrs. and Mrnes. \V, II. Collins, VV. M. Griswold, G. N. Al.wood and Wrn. Crook. Mrs. F. Roberts of l)oiible avenue held a pleasant, nil-day reunion of old friends on Wednesday lust, to the, eighty-fifth birthday of the dearly beloved "Grandma" Roberts. A bountiful old-fashiond repast was served fit noon, the (able groaning with the woight of the viands served in the old blue anrl white dishes from her old homo in Ohio. The exquisite table cloth wan hand-woven and over a hundred rears old anr] the old solid silver included one curious salt spoon at, least, two conlnrieH of u;*,n. After dinner "Grandma" opened her chest, and brought, out, ninny beautiful old rlressos, in which the Indies dressed themselves and preened around with old time stntoly steps nnd eourtcsieH. Many preMy and useful presents wore received by the happy ol.l lady. Thoso present, wen; Mines. Carnahan, U. L. King, Fisher, Srnilev, McKirahan, Raymond and Stevens. On Monday evening Mr, anrl Mrs. G. N. Atwood, whoso names are synonymous \vilh hospitality nnd good cheer, ontertalneil with a "live hundred" party in celebration of their thirtieth wedding annivornary. Tho parlors wero artistically decorated with bride and Mario Ilonriotto roses, long branches of tho latter fummiunUtig the archways and windows and rendering a fcative appear aooe appropriate to tho oacuaion. Tho guosts wero tho members of tho Five Hundred Club and other friends, and soparato prizes wore awarded for tho highest scores to members anrl non-members. The pri'/o winners woi'O Mrs. Griswold and Mr, lOlliott, Miss Douglass and Mr. IJullor. After tho cards, delicious refreshments wore Horvod. The guests wero Mr. and Mrs. W, II. Collins, Mr. and MrH. Win. Crook, Mr. ami Mis. R, M, Douglass, Mr, and Mrs. .1. K. KllioU., Mr. and Mrs, A. H. Kvans, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Given, Mr. and Mrs. VV. M. Griswold, Mr. and Mrs. C. VV. Potter, Mr. anrl Mrs. K G. Prnther, Mr. and Mrs. D. Rolchard, Mrs. C. F. Clapp, Mrs. II. M. Fanldcr, Miss Lillian DoiigliiHs and Mr. C. G. IJullor. Monday Afternoon Club. The mooting this week was devoted to music, under thu anspices of MrH. lJi»n I 1 '. Thorpe, and a very enjoyable program wan n-ndt-nid. '('he (dear, strong Koprano of Mrs. Owe.ns ul' IjOM Angnh'H \\IIH heard in "Resignation"by ('HIM Roma, "Spring hreains" by Sulmhurt, and two li-tli* jerns, "Apart" anil "Tido," by Hnr leigh. Her Hinging wits much up preciated and generously encored by tho ladies. Miss Kail-all, who is a brilliant pianist, was heard to good ctti>,ot in Hoothovcn's "Sonata PathHiquc," nuMiiori/i'd, ami in Grieg's "lliidul Procession," responding with IHI- Col'CH. Mnifri. Ji'imings and lirunjcs HIIIIK a prolly canon duel, "My True Love Hath My Heart," written by Sir Philip Sydney in the days of (Jnecn Kli/.ubeth. Mrs Jennings has a MVi'i'l voice which should he heard ofleller by I he pnlil jr. MrH. Julin llriinji'H, uln> \\as suffer ing from a cold, uus no) able In do herself juMicti hill uas eni'ured ax usual ath'i singing "He I'limi-," by Fi an/. Next week there will be it ivccpi inn ior the children of eluii members ul all ages The meinber.-i, of eoiiir-e, are invited. An iulcretil inn pro gram will be given by the ynuiiKei children, who have been trained by Mrs. K. P. Warner and the Mi'-.-es Widney and Duyleand will include a Maypole danee. '! In- Covina V'alb-y Savings Hank t'lt'ers you a sai'i- in\ esl incni !'•,(• yi.tu- idle fluids. We pay 1 per cent. tSturt an uvcounl tuday. CHARTER OAK. . Scolt nnrl children of Glen dora are vinitors at the hotrie of the former's mother, Mrs. M. A. While. Mr. Monroe, superintendent, of schools at VVhilf.ier, has broken ground for a handsome conerelo dencft on din ranch property. Mr. Herwit'/ hn« almost, completed a pretty hunaKlow on his property. Mrs. fl. C. Mare nnd Mrs. f)eo. firahatn v,en: gneHts of Pomona (Miaptt;r, O. K.H., on Monday last at, n picnic held at the Mawonie Home near Han (Jahriel. Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. Ham Funk, Wednesday, April 21, » son. Mr. and MrH. Htnwell are in Riverside for several dn.vs attending tho rneftingH of the Fruit (Growers' (-on- vention. IRWINDALE. TlK: MiHcellfiny Qlnli rnef, o n Tuesday afternoon at, tl»r homo of Mrs. U. Miller. An Interesting feature of the program wa.s a paper by Miss Phoehe Urown. A social half hour and light. refreHhments follower]. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Hnstctller of Cypress avenue left, on Thursday evening for [lakers-field to visit their daughter, Mrs. T. 10. J'oweil. Mr. anrl MrH. Frank LDOHR nnd rlanghtr-r of Ijeh.mnn, furl,, and Mrs. Willinr Allen and MiHH Francis Myer of Chattanooga, Term., were uiiCHta last Monday of Mr. and Mrs. (J. K. Newlan. D. A. Maxfleld and II. (!. Henteney left, on ThnrHfliiy for a llshing trip in the San Gabriel canyon. Death of "Father Mearty." it wan v/ith deep regret, that, the morn hers of Holy Trinity Church heard of the on Monday, April 27, of Rev. Kdwiird W. Meimy of LOB Angelen, who had often olllcinted for thoJ{uv. A. Fletcher during the lat- tcr'n tilmc.nco or ftickticmi. Mr. Meany W»IH . htrlckon with pimilvHiH on Master M nudity and was taken to tho Good Haniarilan hospital, whero he died. "Father Meimy," as he loved to be, called, WHH of tho extreme "high church" party, hut even those who did not bold such extreme doctrines, loved him for bin fearloHsnesH and faithfulness to bis convictions, Tho funeral services, at which about forty of tho clergy were present, wero hold at, St.. MatthiiiHoliapol, Los Angeloa, by Kov. .R. H. Gushol of Ontario. Merchants' Association, The merchants mid business men of Covimi met, in CiiHtor's tnniitnro store on \Vednesdny oven ing and or- gani/od the Covimi Merchants' Association, hav'uig fin its aim the pro lection of credits, etc. There are similar aHHociations in ATHIHH and (ilendoni, and it in proposed to intiko thin Held an nndesirab'e location for dead -liuiitu. \V. 13. IJrnmlwnll was ulectod tnnipnrnry chainnan anil VV. (}. ('imtor toniporary secretary, of the UHSociuUnn. The next mooting will bo hold in the Cnvina Gnu Cnrn- iwny'n otlliui on WednoHilay evening of next week. (ioocl Display of Klectrlc Fixtures. Guy 10. Fairly, electrician, has filled up a ('oinmodioiiH lixturn room at his plan' of hiiHinesH on CitniH nvniiiic. He in luiri'ying u splendid iissnrt ment of ideclri(' llxlnrn Hiunpics and it will woll repay thoso who are building or cotmmtplatiiig building to inspect Ihiiin and sncure his priuutt before going Dlsinvhnre. Mr. Fairly has a thorough know- lodge of all electrii'al work, and parties placing contracts in his hands can feel aHHiirod of tmfo and watisl'ac turv work. Chlno Land For Sale and Exchange. 10 acres walnuts. 100 inches water 1HO hours each month. Part trade. Price 31000. 40 acres unimproved, good well, fine alfalfa or walnut land. Part trade. Price ?(JOOO. 40 acres; ~> acres in gnm», balance fine alfalfa or walnut, land. Ciood well. ?f!r>00, good terms, 20 acres unimproved, \\ interest. in go.irl well. cash, balanr'e gnod lime, f! per cent. ,]. W. McF3RFDK, (Jlendora. Cnl. Phone 527.1 The Oreen-narAhall Co. Pur^ Mixed Paints. nd their high grade varnishes will give HHtififuction, even to the most skeptical painter. Their mixer) pnintfi will stand this coast climate longer, owing to tho fact that tho fireen-Afarshall pure paints are composed of pure white load, pure oxide of x.iric, ground in pure linseed oil. These paints and varnishes can bo obtained here at the pnint anrl paper storo of Mr. C. H. Kistler. Reo Automobiles THE CAR OF SERVICE Ask any of the many Reo owners liirths. linn), In Mr. mid Mrs. .lossc White, mi Miiinltiy, April 'J7, a smi. Hum, In Mr. mill Mrs. I Irmli i sun \V. Heath, Mmuln.v, Apiil 'JT, ii daughter. \osemite Valley. Ysriiiiti' Yiilley is iu>w n'nehi'd daily alter »hurt ami |i|('M>;inI trin vin Suiillu'i'ii I'acitie in Mi'i'i'i-il, V.i si'inito Viilli'.v and I •_' mill's Mum- niliv Inftii million may I r had at Southern 1'aoillr ultier. Uuoms ID ii-r.i See Mrs. \\' I'. Hitisrh, I'ottiitie 1 ! i i\ -.-. Til liirr ('mint y ' Lands . #."i(l tu i'.Ui j.ei- aen- ',\illi \\alri I'mlevel ujieil land in arie.iian lli^l^iet jf-jn iu #li!, liny hi/.i- y- n ssiint. any kind of tiTiii.-. ,). 11. Mattlu-us, l',.\ ina. Summer Millinery. Just nrrlvf'd, n \nrun anrl carefully HfiJflotnrl Htock of summer millinery. LadifH, do not fail to see thin display, for wo nan satisfy every tuHto J'emitifnl creatloriH at priuea which cifinnnt ho duplicated elsewhere. A|HO a fine lino of street hats. Make your HeleotioriH for the summer before they are picked over. Mrs. M. Lenhrick. Parlor Car To Del flonte. For the convenience of p destined Iloiel Del Monte the Houth- (irn Pacific has attached to its trains leaving IJ'JH AiiKele.s daily at 8 a.m. a Pullman Purlor CHI running through to Del Monlu without change. 0-110 First. cliiHH chicken hone, 100 Ihs. 32.50. Han (Jabriel Valley Comiiany. Notice to Creditors. Estate of C. W. HrpnfT. Notice is hereby tfivcri tiy the undersigned administrator of the esta c of ti. W. Hepner..deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having 1 claims against the deceased, to exhibit the same with the necessary voticherw, within ten months after the first publication of this notice to the said administrator of the above named estate, at the law office of Geo. L. Sanders, Room 325 Wilcox Building, Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles. State of California, which place is hereby designated as the place of business of said estate. Dated this 28th clay of March, 1908. Thomas E. Finch, Administrator of aforesaid estate. Gt.0. I,. Sanders, attorney for said administrator. PRICES Touring Car with top, £1450.00 Reo Roadster, 20 h. p., 51100.00 Reo Runabout, 5700.00 Also agents for Wayne "30" 4-cvlindcr and Kisselcar. Get a demonstration before buying. REO Garage COVINA THE NEW IRambler [letter than ever. Better than any, regardless of price. \Ve can "show you." See local agent or W. B. COWAN S.W H. Broadway, Los Angeles Agent for Southern California WALL PAPER BARGAINS Then: is a new wall paper store in I<os Arujflos whore they sell ^oo<l WALL PAPER AT 2c A" ROLL and the assortment is laru'e. Fine nilt papers at .Sc a roll and the ln-st embossed tfold papers at '*c a roll. The stock is all new and is the best quality We buy by tho carload direct from the mills and thai enables us to name the lowest prices. The best patterns of the best makers NEW YORK WALL PAPER CO. Cor. Tenth and Main Sts., Phone r5Hl Los Angeles IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, hoc me before you let your job. All work n'u.irauU'iHl -itul price I'honc .-1. C. H. Kistler Jshnssn & INigg BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithing af all Kinds Our Specialty Shop on Citrus Ave G. W. MARSH Practical CARRIAGE AND AUTO flaintcr Shop, opposite Postoffice COVINA FOR 5ALE 5000 Acres of choice orange, fruit and farming LANDS in the celebrated San Joaquin Valley On main line of railroad and near good towns. Plenty of water can be obtained. This land comprises some of the best in the valley and will be subdivided into small tracts to su it purchasers and sold at low prices on easy terms. Weekly Excursions to view Land J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent Citrus Avenue Coviaa, Cal. Celebrated Kentucky Jack "Seimson" at the , Chapman Heights Ranch A. limited number of horses and atock rrreived for oasture. Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The right goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Phone Home 1170 James Corbett General EBI&clcsmitHIng All kinds of i^eneral and heavy Clacksinithing'. We manufacture Ridkers, Orange Racks Box Presses Horseshoeirtfl a Specialty Home Phone 63 Shop West Badillo St, Csvina ^ Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Our vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery I ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. Clarence Allison Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. Building Contractor COVINA, CAL. FINE REGISTERED Percheron Stallion AND Jersey Hale FOR SERVICE RIQGJNS RANCH Phone 119 We wish to make contract with someone tu cut and bale hay crop. Shopping in llos Angeles? TAKE LUINCMEON AT COULTER'S CAFE You will find it very conveniently located, first-class, in every respect, with a la carte service at modest prices. Coulter Dry Goods Campany Broadway, Between Second and Third, Los Angeles The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing Howell & Howell BREAD HOME BAKERY In Its New Home that has no equal WHOLESOME, SWEET, APPETIZING Pies, Cakes, Mot Rolls O. HKIXKR, Prop. &•» Light, Sweet Xl and Wholesome ^. FRESH EVKRY DAY AT $ ._< v* ',* Brown's and's •-* Cake and Confectionery % agon through valley daily. Covina French Hand Laundry Ferran »v Co.. Props. ALL WORK DoNK BY HAN!) Lace curtail s. tine silks, flannels and lace ^in,da, uiir specialty. All work called for and delivered. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you give us a fair trial you will not regret it. (OViNA TRAM HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling and Furniture Moving. Specially prepared to move pianos PROMPT SERVICE. PNICES RIGHT. OB (itrui Ave. (oviiu, 01. Home Phone 108

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