Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1912
Page 6
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t^E^M^)A1r^lR^^mN(i,yGtomlR 18,1912." ; Dr. Hartman ^s Plain Talk to Yoong Men 'My_ iilaiii- talk to, yoing men In iuy - v1a«t hrcAMe certainly brouKbi out many ''^.fespouses from yonng men. J take this . tneans of answering them briefly, for ' fbe benefit of otjior younj; niftn wlio tWd not w^te me. One writer"^ays: "I was.'Krcatlyi interested In yoiir p";-1nlk to yroinK men. I wish S I was y \ ' iitrong and well is yoti describe your- i«lf. to be. I am going: to boRin at liV <iiice and follow yotir ad\ U-e and take 1} t^are of niysolf aj 1 ought to.. 1 will V. . quit the uBc of 6tl nulanta, tea and coffee, KO to bc^ ear;- I will tSke the . «K>Jd water towol bar. • • ry morning. -I' ianl to live'to be ok iis»>ful like yo.u. And I shall.also . IVruna at tiand. In case of slig^h. . lu-nts as iii.ey may arise. 1 thiin > a In the i;ame of thonFands of ?r younR fnea.- like myself .To thl^ leijtor I r«'i>liod ,:.My dear Hoy:—1 cam 11 you Jidw much Rood yourlc >• done To know that I am las the p 'yottng men In manoYs ~f rlghi Itvlnpl f\l1s mc ' with gratitude' and enthu- slarm. 1 want to liclp you. Write me any time yuu wish and I will consider your letter strictly confidentiai and give you prompt reply. Follow the advice I gave in my article. Whenever you hav<« occasion to consnlt, me fui*- ther do not hesiute. Let us b« frisnds. If you will be obedient to me'av a son ouirht to bo I will be faithful and true to you as a father ought to be. Yours Sincerely. S. B. Hartman, D, Co- lumhus. Ohio. Pcnru-na, &IAn-a-lin and La-cu-pia manufactured by the Pe-ru-na Company, Coluiubus, Ohio. Sold at all drug stores.. SJ'EtiAL MITU'K:—Many persons JOHNSON. . IIUBLS SPBEBE m TEET A SEC. O.NDINATEST. iDteresUag Experlineat Gnn Companr With Oerlre for Test. Ing BaUet'Speed. The Remington Arms Cooipany recently staged an interesting test of the speed of a ball pitched by Walter Johnson, Allen county boy malting a fine record with the Washington tcant. The testing range was established to determine the wlodty of bullets. Wires over the muzzle of ii-j T* 'nrpet. the dL^tance lieing de- T:',„ « . tJ*^ !^"f I „•. • I'-^-t'"- re-establishment of V '^^M connection when the bnllet strikes tha Peru do; the Katarno Company, Columbus. Ohio, and tbry will tell you all about it. .SENATOR UETUrUN DV M>. target. For the pitching test a wire mesh was put up through which the pitcher hurled the ball, the calcula- i lions heln.:^ made In the .tame way as In the case cf a bullet. i.rnnihs to —T'nitrd • , 111 Hey!)M. :tmentii ! . - :ilu.-ss. i- been in tl ..-fiiaho S(atesmU)- ^ V uu- . ;r XVashiiitrton. Oc, IRen.njor Wcldon ' Jllalio. died at h'- . . _ »igbt after a lir i.60-years old anci • ' afe nine yeiirs. i ^Senator Heylr spare county. P.. tainin^'only an a.n.. , was admitted to UK . established a pracfic^ Idaho, in 1SS3. ; Ho w.-^s an Idaho dol- «>gate to Oie Itrpiblican national con- i-^nllons of ISSS, 1S9S and 1000. He •Was the Jtepubllcan nominee for con- pcess in 1898, ))ut was defeated. In ;^ I9«93 Be was sent to the Senate from " Itoho and reiriincd there until his d^ath. His pr.! ont term would have expired in 19J3. His home was in ^ jW^liace, Idah. What Hadley's Decision Means. [ Governor Hadley's decision to stand ! I.onelfor the re-election of Prtsidont Tafl.i 'n '•oierting the for the Inis the sovere.<:t blow the Chicago bolt-i'^'al ^cst. Wt^ltcr .lohnson was chosen iti's ors haM> vet retelved. It marks the I"f reputation .ns the speed of, boyrinnini; of the rapid recession of."'-''' artist" in the game, and <>- their slrenstl'. Hadlev wa.s the riiwr! •'^•••«I'<''.'>"n Kucker, the star left-hander of the Hrooklyuo, was picked as a "south paw" who pitches a ball of is the time to get that new Suit and Overcoat. We've got all the new styles to show you. Wc never had a more complete line to show you in new Suits and Overcoats. "HENLEY" Suits and Overcoats "Schloss Bros." Suits and Overcoats Fine Suits for men and young men $10 to S25 Overcoats. 1... $7.50 to $22.50 Barclay-SUeids Clo Co. . "The House of Quality" born iu l>cl-i- •L". Afar education he in 1876 and in Shoshone, to- their slrensztl "'^ loaij.-v <)•" (lu- Kopscvelt movement in n-',the (Miicaro convention—tlie cleanest, sincere.-t and straiglitest man among them all. He would never have aban <I<ined the iMiItin.t; movement had he not known that it was not based on a clean, sincere and straight foundation. —Saginaw, .Mich . Courier-Herald. K C. .Tournal: .And now Tliomas W. l-i\vson. another Wall Street manipulator, comes forward and testifies that he also gave $UM>.000 to Uoos'-- velt's prccon vent ion eanipaign. some reason or oilier Wall Street H; always greatly Interested in the Colonels political success. f inETiJD OF RHEUMATISM i ttnbbiiig xrithlir'tnents, blisterinjr the affected parts, the application of S isters,'and othei v.Tans of extemiii treatment, arc usually helpful in rc- rving the pains ar.L aches of Rheu -tistn. But such treatment docs not get rid of the disease, because it does- :iot reach its source. Rhcumatisiti 'comes from an excesn of uric acid in the blood. This acid acts as an irritant to the neives muscles and joints, and produces the inflammation aiid swelling, au i sharp cutting pains characteristic of the trouble. • i When tlie blood is overburdened-vrith uric acid it groves thinner and'poorer in nourishing qualities. Then Rheumatism licconies chronic and not only a painful but a dangerous disease. Yot: can get rid of Rheum.itisiu by purifj'ing the blood with S. S. S. This vegetable rctucdy goes into llic circulation, neutralizes and removes the uric acid, and by building up the thin, suur blood, safelj' ami surely cures the disease. S. S. S. makes rich, nourishing blood, which quiets excited nerves, eases the painful muscles and joints and filters out every particle of irritating nric acid from the system, fiook on Rheuma- tisincSd advice free. WE SWIFT SPEOFIC CO, ATLANTA. CA, moderate speed, depending to t larger e.vtent on "slow hall" tactics than docs .fohnson. Hoth pitchers experienced difficulty in the "tryoiit" in getting the ball through .the rather narrow wired I frame. .As .lohnstm remarked, "We .•ire after the man at the other end of the range in the real game and 1 don't think any of us pay much attention to _ hoiv the ball starts. lIowev<»r, a little Pi'u" i practice brought ont three consistent '"scores" from each pitcher, both of whom threw at a terrific speed, .lohn sen's first rword was 120 feet I'er second, Uucker's lOi!: second trial. .Tohn- Fon 121. Kurker It*!*, and in the fimU fling at the plate, .lohnson pushed his speed up to l:.'2 feet per second and Kucker increased his to 1i:5. It scem- «vl probable that a speed of at least l-'iO feet iier second might be reaclifHl after a longer "warniin.g up" jierind an<l more practice. .lohnson's hi^li inark of 122 feet per second affords Viome most interesting comparisons. For instance, a ball going at that velocity has a striking energy of IfiO foot pounds—half the "punch" of a 4i> calibre Colt Automatic pistol. Tlie Twentieth Century Limited, flying at a mile-a-niinute gait ove rthe rails, makes but SS feet per] second-T-only about two-thirds the speeri of Johnson's ball. If .lohnson should throw at a man standing on ithe back platform of that famous train —.starting his throw after the la«f car had passed at the mile-a-ininute speed - the ball would catch uji and strike a harder blow than If thrown by the av<»rago pitcher at a stationary mark. I .\ Sliced of 122 feet per seiond means that Johnson sends the sphere from the pilihcr":; i-ver llie Jilate, sixty feci away, in le-s than two ticks of a'h.- quickor than IIH^ wink of an eye. It also mean;; t!;at to be stnick with siicii a lall in any vital spot ? Well, Is it any \vond«>r that a liattex now and thru "lets one go by" or that he diK'-s uoi always respnnd to the fans' ".-Vw. stand up and hit 'em! .\re you afraid of 'em?" f Thank God for the cafe . That proteets over there i For the little lioys safe in flie i What comforts lAird to those a .Who seek In th<>e tlieir Imnie ,They find on earth an oprnini j And in thfir |ir>ace arc aiiii)|y ! In loving rcmciiilirancc. r re given and rest. : heaven li!e<l. J K. - Have vdii tried neich>? I'.vi L T. nrrriii>so\ .IT HKST. .\s ah iii'tioauon of the dcciii. .i change in sentiment in Kansas toward rro.^ident 'Fait, it was stateil at neimliliran .VaMonal he.-iiiqiiaricrs in this city tiiday that a poll lias W^-n made i.y Valnm Toivnsliiii. ailjujninu l*ar~i>n.~. Kaii?a.>-. and ilie larL-.^t town .^liip in l.:i!ie;;i. county. Koc.^eveii carried I; ii; VI It the primary I'.u the joli iii'u s!'i>\i? ."ill for Tali. "" !«r , ItecM veil ami noii-cnmmit!;i!. For Coorily Treasurer JOHN T. TYLER Pres. Ida Ousinc>'s (VI!oi:o. > Your Support Solicited Kami Loans Lowest Ifateji rtranch Office of The Me^riam Mortgage Co. ToiM-liji, Kans.' optional Payments. Any Time. ^ Will :.!>•, of l.ind Value. BK.ST l.tJW l\ \1,I.K\ I OINTY lOLA LAND CO. I'au! T. IIiitcliins.Mi \va- bom at rretty riairie. Kansas. April 2.".. IS;i;t. Hied at tlic liiniic o:' uncle lind aunt, Mr. and .Mrs. Cutler. ::24 Soult Colliurn. Wednesday ewmiim. October Ifi, l!M2. after an illness ol less than one wi-ek. .\i:e. l;; year«. .'•months! and 31 da.'s .Mier ti.i' dratli of litllf Paul's mother. l>is ainit and um-le, Mr. and Mrs. t'utler. toot; Paul when 5 years old. c-.iring for !iini and lovinjr him as their oun elilld. until the time of his death Paul was <••: a Had and loving disposition and was loved and respected by all wlio knew him His illness was | brief anil his death came as a .s-hnek to his many irlends. .Mioui 1 vear ago he fonfessed the (^iirist, uniting with the 'Christian church and was active in church work. He was always willing to do anything called upon to dir. Paul was a faitufiU stiulent in school; his classmates an'! hoy friends are deeply grieved. .T'ie floral offerings wen- many and licaiitiful. To his hereaveil aunt ami uncle, Mr^ and Mrs. t'litli-r. and tlieii- vweel. lilllo daiiahti'r. Cerat.fine. rlie hearts of many g.- out in syiiipatlsy, (iraving the good father to strene:t::eu them in their I)our oif need. Oh hearts (hat are miiurning for one that has gone That are longing his face to behold; j CULAR GERMS flmtrish in iho most unexpected places and quickly attack a body wcaksned from colds or general dt^biHty, but if the hmgs are fortified with SCOTT'S EMULSION their progress can be prevented and often over- ccme. SCOTTS EMULSION is used in tuberculosis camps because its highly concentrated nourishment builds strength and resistive-power faster than disease destroys. It assimilates without taxing digestion, and.contains no alcohoL Absolutely nothing equals SCOTT'S EMULSION to strengthen the lungs and drive out colds and cczzghs. SCOTT & ROWM:, iih.. :ii(>-i I, N. j. Electric Wiring! I'ulie liy c\pc'icr.. od men. 1*1 ice..^ r'a.^".;;l-;c CanfieicI &'Thomnson Wilh Ilie. I. n. V. ! •::ir.l ildw. I'hiinc :j:t. STOVEvS Ci'ai.Oas and \\-<i<:\ liralers! Coiiiliinatiiin ('".-il iiitd Has, Hot llhist and Vir liuMs K(t»<>MV K.\X<JK.S Hiirii*- ('•i:iiliiiiati»n Coal and Oas I.'auge- the best nia.Ic. Trices Kight! Thel.H.W!s!!ardHdw. I .''ir- (' I> Ki;:u. of Topeka. who lia< lieen liere ri.-i'inu- Irieiidy, n turned l:oiiie \.•-tenia;.. II of the= Do not Fail to Take Out a Membership REMEMBER:- Membership tickets will be good until JANUARY 1st, 191 1 if they ; are secured not later than tomorrow night at 10 o'clock. Also; the specialinstallment privilege will be-offered this week only.

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