The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 22, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1892
Page 2
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11 '*,vi*wi Hl^j^.i.vlvvJi H 9. HUTCHIXSON DAH/T NEWS, FRIDAY, APR1I, 22, l89«. THE SANTA FE TRAIL. By MBS. J. E. HUDSON. fcOopyrlsht, MM, by American Prow Aewrln- tlon.] He t» plnd that Jancy f« by Ma side Ai Fort Dodgo the soldiorB loft tho train. No lialt was made there. Tlio captain Baid he thought it bottor to push on, as BO much tiiuo had been lost at Pawnee Rock. At tho fort tho trail left tho Arkansas and struck across the country in u more southwesterly direction toward tho Ci­ marron river. Day after day tho heavy train toiled on, slowly and crcalringly in tho hot BUU. It was an agreeable divortisomont in thoso monotonous days—ns it is in all phases and conditions of human Ufa—to havo ft pair of lovers in tho company, and the movements of tho captain and Janoy wore watched with cit(rer but uu- ohtnisivo scrutiny. Their little side excursions on horseback, thoir long talks in tho twilight after the corral won formed and tho tender glances that often passed swiftly between thorn were oil noted; but tlieso things did not BOIVO the mystery surrounding King and this woman, and as yot Do explanation had been offered by tho captain further than what ho said on the night ho came to their aid at Pawueo Rock— that she woo his promised wifo. The route of tho trail from the point whero it touched the Cimarron was up the stream for a considerable distance and then due southwest to tho Catholic mission of San Miguol, It now lay through a more broken country. The foothills and low lying spurs of tho mountains run out into tho adjacent country for many miles, and diversify tho plains and tho alkali fields with new und pleasing scenes. Mountain streams running down toward tho valleys of tho groat rivers that feed the "Father of Waters;" patches of verdure that have hold thoir ground against tho ugly, prickly cactus and the Spanish bayonet; real treos once more «i tho high Nova­ tions and along tho water courses af tor tho sandhills are passed, and thon the dim outlines of tho mountains in the distance—iirst tho Raton range to tho north, and then tho Siorru Blanca, the great, porpotnally snow covered divide appearing in tho low distanco like a Bil- vory lino on a bluo base. Each day's travel increased the altitude and the nights grow cold, but the days wero glorious. New vigor fillou tho boasts as well us tho mou as they gained the higher atmoapliore, and all pressed on. Up and down again, yet always ascending. Now following tho highway of a mesa, now skirting tho base of a ronnd- top, now halting to slake their travel thirst from the sparkling arroyoa, and again and again pointing out to tho tenderfoot passengers the pinnaclod cities of tho mirage. Hero and th 'ero u vista of tho plains, widening between tho l'oot- hills, Bhowed this miracle of light half imbedded in and half floating over tho sand, Or, a viow from some high point that tho caravan had almost unconsciously gained looked back over tho flat, yellow desert and discovered tho "false ponds" and spectral wind blown trees that they had seemingly' passed by without knowing it. Tho curious configuration of the ground often inudo the mountain streams appeal' to bo flowing up hill to meet tho travelers, and then as"| tho trail bout sharply around upon itself the lifelike water would slido away be­ hind a rock and plunga down a precipice into a dark, gruou fringed basin or u tortuous crack of tho canyon. Hot springs boiled from ono of tho mountain sides and wero walled around with tho sediment of tho overilow of ages, presenting grotesque shapes and bluo-greon tints snggestivo of under- eorth laboratories. To step over those long growing crusts and look for the first time into the bubbling waters; to feel their liviug motion with tho hand; to wonder whence they had couio through all tho ages since tho upheaval of tho luouutuiiiH let looso thoir fouutnin heads, in whoso do­ minions they took their riso; what fires warmed them; whence thoy gathered their Baits and their sparklo, and what forco brings them forever and forovor upward— that was u raro sensation. Tho waters still effervesce, und thoir heuling warmth has not diminished a degree, but tho wildcrueBB is gone. When the Suntu l ? o train reached Las Vegas springs they found tho lodge of aoverol old and decrepit Indian families who hud come, as thoir forefathers had for generations before them, to lavo their wounds and thuiv worn out bodies la the waters. With thorn were threo or four miserublo Mexicans, who had crawled over tho range from Santa Fo after some train, and who, behind their bucks, wore called lepers by thoir compatriots. All had faith that the waters of tho mountain would euro their ills, and woro happy, Thoy greeted tho ttoin people as intevloporB and demanded largo tribute in anything they could get to out and tllink. Whilo the caravan was at this stopping pluco Captain King called the men together und Huid to them: "1 want to bo fair with you, pmtlnera, tio I must tell you that at San Miguel wo shall titivo to part company. Wo will be married there," nodding his hoad toward Jaiioy, "by tho father at tho mission, and from thoro we will go to my claim up in tho territory. You will bo but fifty miles from Santa Fo then, and i think there can bo little doubt of your safe arrival. It does not look quite tho Bqnam thing to leave yon on the way after you havo honored me by making mo your captain, but I hopo you will forgive that. It may be, pardners, that I havo nearly as good n reason for resigning us old Joso had—I hopo it will bo all right." An awkward silonco tor a moment held tho tongues of tho trainmen, but presently one of them spoke up, saying: "All right, old man; why, of courso it will bo nil right, only we'll bo son? to lose you, and if you're a-goin to git married that 's excuse enough for any man." "Yes, certaiuly; certainly wo'll lot you off and wish you luck wherever yon go," Baid another, and his good wishes wore echoed generally around tho camp. It was nearly sundown when tho train reached tho little frontier mission village of Sau Miguel. Tho old adobe houso looked like a soft water color painting in tho prismatic air. Tho "father" of tho mission came forth to greet the weary baud, and with upraised hand approached tho bowed heads and gave them .ill his blessing. Jnney was a good Catholic, and her wedding took place in the futher's houso, with nearly all of her coiupauioim on tho overland journoy and many of the natives of Bun Miguel ns witnesses. John King could not snbscribo to tho faith that was inherited by Jauey from her French forefathers (the only ono known to tho Spanish-Mexicans of tho frontier), but he had been baptized in his youth in thogood old realistic Baptist stylo, and tho marriage was not delayed. Away from all tho scenes and ties of her provious lire a woman must feel tho seriousness of new wifehood keenly, und it was truly a solemn hour for Juucy when slio promised to bo unto John King a helpmeet for all time. Not that she hesitated an instant; her courage in the face of difficulty had proved her love and loyalty beyond a doubt, but the con vontionnli ties and the sweet "Yes,Treckon that's about the size of him. What's it your business?" A volley of oaths and muttered curses was the answer to this quostion. A chango of name, either partial or total, was so common a thing that tho Mexican know bettor than to trust n man's title ns a means of identification. Ho no longer doubted that "Captain King" was the man ho wanted. Noithor did he doubt that, in the language of his timo, he had "missed hia man;" hence his anger. But suddenly ho ceased cursing his luck and drew his brows down in thought. Then turning again to tho man at his side he demanded in a voico vibrant with suppressed rage: "Where did this 'Captain King,' as you call him, leave tho train!"' "At San Miguel." "If you are lyiug to me I'll cut your heart out for it!" "What object havo 1 in lying to yon about Captain King? He ' :ft us »t San Miguel, I tell you!" "Which way did he go?' . •tiuth," tho trainman said. "To Mexico city!" growled tho "greaser" between his closed teeth. "1 know ill ho thinks ho will get there"— and with a etream of oaths, half English and half Spanish, flowing behind him, ho hurried out of the adobe building, sprang upon his saddled broncho and galloped clattering up tho street toward the hill, the dogs barking at hu heels and tho stupid gazers half guess • ing that some desperate deed would bo done if Hernando Marino rode like that with hate glaring from his eyes. "Who is that—Mexican?" questioned tho trainman of thoso who were attracted by tho noiso in the street and turned to look out. "Ho is trying to find a man by the name of Kingfisher—thought he was with tho train." "Hnghl" grunted a grizzly half breed who was turning over packages, "he's missed him "nginl Kingfisher is too smart for him. He's the man that caught Marino stealing cotton down in Mexico and had him jailed for it. Marino always said it was because Kingfisher wauted to marry the Sonorita Avelluneda. As soon as he wus free Marino swore vengeance, and has been trying to get on the truck of Kingfisher surroundings of home und friends are very dear to a woman's heart at such n timo, and even plain little Janey thought with a sigh of the gown and tho gifta, tho music and tho flowers, and the glory of tho bridal day of her dreams. The same day saw the wedded pair start on their way alone northward—to just what point nobody knew. From the villago the Santa Fe Trail bent Bharply to tho northwest, the pass through the range at this point being n little to tho the south of Santa Fo. Tho Rio Pecos, a sparkling snow water stream, irrigates the fortilo valley which is cultivated by tho natives, and the everlasting mountains look down on the mud huts that havo Btood for two or three hundred years in this notch, the easternmost outpost of New Mexican Catholic strongholds. Greeted by tho swarthyjancheros and accompanied by the gayly dressed custom houso agents who had come from Santa Fe to meet the traders, tho train moved on through tho broken range, and for several days toiled up and down tho ridges and zigzagged around tho mountains before tho tired oxen made the bust up hill haul onto the table land overlooking tho capital. Here a halt was made for the purpose of making preparations for tho "grand entree." Every man washed his face and tho Mexicans combed thoir long, black hair until it shone, while tho American plainsmen made a pretense of smoothing theirs and eclipsod ovory thing by putting on a white shirt. Tho creaking wheels, now almost ready to full apart thoy had bocomo so dry, were greased anew and everything put in the most presentable condition. All were excited and impatient, and every man being now his own master 1 , confusion and uproarious hilarity reigned. When the start to the city was finally mado pandemonium broke looso, and the wagons rolled down tho hill with the stiff kneed oxen on a run. The entire population was out to soo the caravan arrive; the captain general tho customs officers, people of all do- grees, und the black eyed senoras and senoritas peeped through tho barred windows or waited outsido, thoir faces half hidden by tho winding rnboza or luce mantilla. Santa Fo was inline diatoly transformed; the old town Boomed to wake from a long sleep und become alive. On every side were heard tho cries, "Los Americanos!" "La entrada do la carnvana!" "Los carros!" and thoro was hurrying to and fro by tho mounted cubaloros, all decked out in thoir brilliant and jangling trappings. Through the main stroet tho long line of wagons is soon strung out, the drivel's shoutiug their loudest and goading the jaded beasts to u last effort. Tho cracking of whips sounds like a fusilado, aud in mere wantonness, or to show their dexterity, their wielders mako tho blood Bpnrt from tho sides of tho oxen, or strike u leader in the face uutil ho reels and plunges. BoyB and dogs and beg gars follow after until tho round of the plaza iB made, and then comes tho general scramble for tho custom houso, the clamor of tho interpreters and tho Hwurmiug of the country tradcra, und tho long journoy of'olovon weeks is douo. Not quite so our story. In tho busy throng, yet somewhat apart, stands n Mexican who Beans the faces of tho newly arrived men. Thoy aro prooccupied and do not notice the furtive looks of the black browod follow, Presently, with a gesture of impatience, ho turns to ono near him and oaks in brokou English: "Where's Kingfisher? Wasn 't there a driver or u wagon master in the train by tho name of Kingfisher? Where 1 B he?" "No, I don 't; know no sech a man "A big man, not talk much, Amor- icano, joined tho train at Wostport?" "No, 1 tell you, curse you. No sccli man among 'cm. Captain King was tho biggest man in tho crowd. Wo 'lected him captain after old Joso was shot." "Utuo oyua and yuller hair nnd Bortor boftjpokunr" At the Grand Central Hotel, fit. Bend, Room 5 until May 10. Kansas. Consultation Free. whar he come from, they Bay, but Ma- ever since. He went buck to the States, rino says he'll come agin to the senoritu some day, and he's always on the watch Maybe he will," the garrulous old man continued, "but if he does, 1 reckon ho'll give Santa Fe tho go by. He knowed that Marino come back up here and there's moro'n one way 'romid to Mexico. Besides, Marino is jealous of his sweetheart, aud" "Hurry up there, old man; whut axe you chattering about? Handle them things lively now!" interrupted a commanding voice. None but tho trainman whom Marino had questioned had given much heed to the half breed's talk, and nobody else noticed when he left off. The tale was intensely interesting to this one listener but it had not solved the riddle of Captain King's disappearance from Westport Landing, it had only whetted this man's curiosity, and he waited about ini patient for tho time when the old man would bo released from work and ho could loosen his tongue again with a drink of pulque. He was not hard to start. But in the meantime it had become current rumor that "Captain King" and "Kingfisher" were identical, and that Hernando Marino, his bitter enemy, was on his track. No man in the train had known Kingfisher in Mexico; that is, no man that lived to reach Santa Fe, but more than ono of tho natives recalled the fact that tho trader who was shot by tho In dians at Pawnee Rock knew him well. They had heard him speak of the enrait. between Marino and Kingfisher, He hud come up on the boat from St. Louis, ai John King iirst learned of his presen wU '.'ii he L;IV ; Luri standing on the bov. Mil in T f'" h; '.-lin;j. ••!';: !• '.! y<«) j-M iiow it is," said tl I-;- i :•.!';.-v \:« ;>.-.;-.l ilv:iin«d his glass Kin;.::.-\, T v.-;;,i IIKTC to meet tho worn an he luul primiii -ed to go hack an. marry ytv.r .i ;u;o—fact is the States men near uhout all cutuo out here leaviu that kind of a promise bohind 'em, or else thoy come becauso they've been jilted— and when lie been that trader aboard the boat from St. Louis he had to choose between givin up his woman for good and all, or keepin out of Bight till ho see what she would do. He knowed that if he was uot a dead man afore he reached Santa Fe he would be betrayed into tho bands of Marino as soon us he did get here. Womanlike, after the gal had started out to find him she kept right on. Plucky, wasn 't she? But it was the hardest course for him—ho had to toiler. Well, the boys say thoy went north from San Miguel. Thut means he's gone up to the Lost Pleiad mine: he's a partner in it—the States men is gittin a hold here, 1 tell you—and Kin. fisher '11 bo a rich man if Marino don't lay him out." "One thing is sure," Baid the train man, "Captain King, or Kingfislier, is not a coward or he would not have undertaken tho journey overland from Westport to Santa Fe without the protection of the train, aud he would not have rejoined the train at Pawnee Rod when he learned of our perilous situa tion, believing as he did that the friend of Hernando Marino, bis deadly enemy, was alive in the corral. Captain King is a brave man, I stake my life on that, and the man that meets him wants to have courage, Let this Marino beware.'; As the night wanes, Hernando Marino, the vengoful, descends a jagged peuk and bears more and more toward the south, cursing the blind rage that lias made him lose the trail of the man he seeks. Toward tjio north John King and the bride who waited long for his coming wend their way in peace. She has never heard of the Senoritu Avelluneda, aud ho—if ho has not forgotten her—is glad that Jauoy ia by his side. Tho mountain fastnesses are familiar paths to him, aud she cares not whither thoy lead since he is her guide. TUB .BHD. Mrs. R. L. Smith, M. D., OF HUTCIUNSpN, KANSAS, Is again in Great Bend, and will remain until May 3. 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Freights Freight 4 0 8 30 44 7:50 a m 10:32am 8:15 pm 4:00 p m 8:35 a m 8:10 am 10:32am 8:35 pm 1:2(1 pm 0:30 a m 4.40,p iM 0:05 p uM 7:00 a rM Chicago, K mi HUB A -Weritorn KaUroadl Ilutcliltiftoii Kxt«nninn. 1 Trains. p Leave Hutchinson. Arrivel San Franc'co & Texas Ex.. Acco'ind'tion a 341 8:20 p m 8:20 a m Arrivel . LeaTe Kinsley Arrive Hutchson. ArrriveH Kansas! City. | New York Limited Ex. Accom'd'tton 4 342 4:37 a m 2:25pm 7:50 a m 7:50 p m 4:40 pj No. 3 carries through Pullman and touristl sleeping cars to San Diego, Los Angeles, Sa» Francisco and City of Mexico. No. 5 carries through Pullman sleeper, and chair cars to Pueblo, Coloradao Springs! aud Denver, mating connections atPucbTw and Colorado Springs with through sleeperH for San Francisco aud Portland! via. Salt] Lake. No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper t« uodge City and through coaches to Fuel" and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and touristl sleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City audi Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to St Louts. No. 0 carries through Pullman sleeper., and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago I No. 8 carries Pullman sleepers and chairI cars to Kansas Oltv and St. Joseph, Mo. OEO. T. NICHOLSON, O. T. & V. A., Tope&a, Kan. J. W. TaDToro, Agent Santa Fe Route. H'ttcblnson. Little .Tudith,i the 8-ycar-old daughter of Mr. Mullineanx, of the Inland Christian Advocate, Des Moines, Iowa, on learning- that her special playmate, a child of her own ago had taken the whooping cough, took a bottle of medicine, which had cured her of a troublesome cough, and went over and said: "You must tulre this medicine; it will do you good. Mr. Mullineanx was curious as to the result and on making' inquiry learned that the little neighbor, who had been unable to rest at niffht, had been greatly relieved in that respect. The paroxysms were neither so frequent, severe or enduring. The conjjh, under the gonial action of this admirable remedy, was loosened. The medicine liquefies the mucus and enables the sufferer to throw It oil. The attack in the beginning gave every evidence of being a severe attack of whooping eongh- Indeed it was a gen uine case; but this preparation, while perhaps it may not be a positive cure for the disease, is undoubtedly able to alleviate it. It it doeB not cure it, it will give unquestioned relief. The medicine referred to is Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. For sale by C. B. WINSLOW , Druggist 15 B. Main -St. FOR MEN ONLY! Itll Jil-Wwrori-osTorrArtrNo MANHOOD. kin ii I rT a 'nBdHEayouBDEBiiiry' RfMaAl H I !|WeakiieM of Body sail Hind, Effects rim! H i lillaf KrtowoT GSMUM in Old or Youor. mrnifibenVIUU.VSUnKwHtHmutSSirXnnimut »e«<J.tirjrr..all0SUIW «nJI«r»l««l'o«»lrl«i. KriUlkw JlMrrlpUt. Qi>ok, *i |lUu*U4audprwir>BUU»J (iMl »4UrM iUnn ERIE MEDICAL CO., SUFFA^OjN* V. (BUCCESSOK TO \VM. MOKRISu Corner of Main and Fourth. The place to buy yotir beef, pork, ' veal and all kinds of sausage, oysters, fish and game. John Hartuian, cutter. Telephone 32. MIDLAND HOTEL. Most centrally located hotel m the city. NEW MANAGEMENT ENTIRELY. Patronage of traveling men eolictei) Rates, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 a Day. DON'T BE A WORM. Nature intunileilyo'J for»?*"•" J ' •i),8tii-\villAel|, yoii.«uil b J ou ciui s-ta well nnd stny or Hn'iWMln I OUR NEW BOOK]: BUUBIO.N.Y.••Kvcryiuiri Nature intendedyo'J foroMan! lfyuufvrodUr«L •d,she will Aeljj you.anil by u«lns'proper me»n», youcuu gtn well »nijatny well, wecura W'Uai tun or W *n'« Wcakuettiw ono »lain<Mb — B»Iiloln« all! J^Jnt BPBleii. ^ w «, 'fkm- l.EHIEMIsui y thing eon tulontial alwii73 DON'T BE A FOOL.!

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