Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 22, 1974 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1974
Page 10
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Ton SIDE GLANCES HOl'K (AHK By GILL FOX ff) I9M fa/ NO •"•' ' » ""3 '''• •'»' "Women's Lib, Janie, means the mother goes to work and the daddy stays home and yells at the kids!" OUT OUR WAY By NEG COCHRAN HEY' GUI T •-.HOv'.'g ' i WA-:, OMLV GbTTiM SOA/E D«,P5 OU '/•/ SHOULPEP A».J' J'M SETT^I fjOMF MY MECK-- !(00.' i CM-I T HEuP f \ DOi ) ] OMi ••' '/O JEP VOU I TOUCH ME .' I / 30UT AM IMCH.' JU5T TWISTEP ' 7H TElOT SPRUM& / WVSELF AROUMO ANOTHER LEAK /SO THAT ]'// OMLV PI6HT OVER V\V \ fiETTifJ'AFEW r HEAP AM I HAPPA -"-•-- •- l^^'",:;: ^-^^ps^ril??^ • OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE ,,,.'/ YOU 0>^F55HOULP RESIZE Tri^T TwEARIN' W IF YOU EARPLUGS ARE DI6COURTEOU5.' AFTER I EMZPLUS5 Y KNOW ALL, YOU'VE HAP TRAINING IN THE ^ SHOWS H0W ) 50 MUCH SOCIAL GRACES AT THE A^NOR.! M MUCH ^ . HOW - WE'VE .\COMEYOU LEARNER ) HWEN'T TRUE, BU5TER6 CAR POE5 50UNP LIKE A BLENPEf? EJECTING A FORGOTTEN SPOON, BUT XOU CAN'T LEARN UNLESS YOU LISTEN. 1 MAUOR ' 5ENT JSTCM,^ HOME? 19M bv HEA, Inc , T M fttp U S FjV OH A\ LITTLE ^ DETWL HE OVER- LOOHEP= 0-il. EEK&MEEK Sports lo Previous Puzzle \i miss onus I '.ink.ssix.ri I oiiMin- '. Kinll);ill-— 'i I' i-li •i 'liirluel I'n .'. ! I ri;i-|Hi .1' 17 Kqil.ll I urn!) 1'if in 10 ' iisK -ill I'l V,;is -Ii ill k HI I .ct ll -l.lll'l /''/ Ti'tmr- iM'liM' « Iri'li.in illllel'ipe 'I I Inipefl 10 AlleM.lle 11 KlIL'll'. I- .1 -.ixiil ;il — Id liiLIb i'-(;;iifl 20Sinuint.' Miice 22 Mfideii nuslake 24 I'l.ll Inpperl hill 2."i \;ill\e melids ) STAH HASH GORDON Thursday. August 22. t«7-i By DAN BARRY 2t'i I.. ric < ;ml;il;i 45 Knur-parlwl 2H lirtiri Toll ; [-"Mib. Inrm' :)0 Disorder 46 Mexican coin :il T.-ilile IIIK 47 Shakesfii'iirean :t:i I -jfl in , r i stream rei lain regalia 48 Meinoranduin :I5 Kmlx-llislii^l 50 Dry 40 i;i\e 51 Appraise (.•nnlideiice In 52 Health resorts 4:1 dip'iliis 55 Indian weigh! /X 'N THIS PILL-PER DON'T BE SO V WE'LL^HAVE LOVE SCENES COPE ARE NOT . Z-B2! I ROBOT-RUN CENTURY ? THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM 'U KMIIIMUIM .'Hi l-.iisl Irislii.n herli :I7 'Hike ml" rilslfxH :)H it.'iliiin eii> :v.i Mend vrk.s •CMuetl" ciiiil u.-iine •Hi ('leruyiiieii •I'l Hips 'i.'l t.'nele Tom's Irii'ml 54 .Sriiire I'M mice M Musniime nicknfiine r>7Tol>eiKi> 58 HiiTs iidinc 5!l Individll.'il (iOSimlhsjiyer lil Knnl drink.s CARNIVAL 24 3? 36~ 3?" 25 . 46 53~ 56 59 47 26 42 ALLEY OOP ByDAVEGRAUE By DICK TURNER HEY, \WEHADTOCLEAR IBsy IT WAS STILL WHAT ARE OUT/ SOME GUY J°*-\ PARKED BY YOU TWO I ON A BICYCLE /"WHAT \ THE ROAD DOING_ /SPOTTED US / / ABOUT \ WHEN WE d THE LEFT.' LOOK, m. TRUCK?/ SMITTY... ,,,WHY DON'T WE . \ BECAUSE OUST CRACK THAT ) WE'RE BE- A... NOT TO RIS/FIKJDOUT J ING PAID TO I CREATE , WHAT LURCH •/ OBSERVE, V INCIDENTS/ HAS INSIDE, < STUPID/ AN'BEAT IT? />^~^ rrt^S \T\Z-\ CS(?(3UUS-_ B-iX CAPTAIN EASY HAMS IT ALL — IF YOU'LL JU^T LISTEN 1 . WE ADMIT WE'RE MOT KEENE- ANP CHESTER: By CROOKS & LAWRENCE f PAIR OP CROOKED VAWK COM MEW, THAT'S- WHO YOU AKE,,,IW CAHOOT-5 WITH THI-S "Well, well, how's Mr. Beamish this morning ..." Easiest thing to dirty is ;i white lie. '... or is it MRS. Beamish?" BLONDIE WE OMLV AGREED TO HELP DEWBEKKV 6>0 MOW WE'LL LET THE POLIOS SORT IT OUT1 HELP HER, INDEEP: ALREADV TAKEW IAE ^"4,200 WITH THAT E.OGU5 TALE OF HER FATHER'5 GOLP CLAIM! Old-timers recall when homemade "bread" couldn't possibly gel you 20 years in the slammer. Be kind to your favorite weitfhUvati'lier: Offer him cold s a u e r k ra u t- a n d- pickled-mushroom sandwiches. On diet hread. MAY I HAVE ANOTHER GLASS OF WATER, t-^ PLEASE ? i—-^,- J WHY NOT? \ DRINKING WATER COSTS PRACTICABLY NOTHING IT'S THE PRINCIPLE 1|'| ^ OF THE THING *— By CHIC YOUNG IP WE START GIVIMG YOU EXTRA WATER NEXT TM IN G f YOU'LL BE ASKING FOR FREE < TOOTHPICKS By HOWIE SCHNEIDER -SO T PACKED ^ A BAG A/UD LEFT / HEPt tt» GOOD J " MY MFE ACCUSED ME OF BtlUS /AJD6CI5IUE WINTHROP ByDICKCAVALLI YOU REALL-Y SHOWED UP THAT BIS BUL-UY, JEFF IE. / YOJ SHOWED / HIM UP AS I THE SISSY V THAT HE IS. ^"^•^ J* )9?4 Oj hEA Inc ' M Re-j US Pit ( A &IS, STRONG, VIOLENT ©ISSV. J &-3.1 FRANK AND ERNEST By BOB THAVES CAMPUS CLATTER LEAVING ADAMSVILLE Pop. 985 GOOD RIDDANCt XT',* MOT WHAT X'D <A&,b A FRIENDLY LlTTkfi TOWN S-22, VESTERDAV. DEAN, I WAS IN) AOREE/MENT ON WMERE YOUR OFFICE WALLS AMD DOOR iVOULO BE LOCATED... By LARRY LEWIS THEN I REVIEW/ED OUR BUD5ET AND , FOR.TME FORSEEABLE FUTURE... ...THEY HAD BEST REMAIN INTHE'R WORDS-ONUV FORM ' BUGS BUNNY ByHEIMDAHL&STOFFEL PRISCIUA'SPOP ByALVERMEER LISTEN.. STILL F n — ~-"* 1 - MMMIV| •' AN \ 6WACIOUS/ THIS/ k_ ./- THIS WATCH IS ABSOLUTELY INDESTRUCTIBLE ... WATCH THIS GOOO- NESS/ FOR THAT PWICE THERE'S 6Or TO BE SOMETH^G WRONG WITH IT/ YOUR CsROTHER N rTHAT MAKES FOUR\ WAS IN MY DREAM ) V NIGHTS IN A ROW.' J AGAIN LAST NIGHT' J •< , I THINK HES START IMG TO ) CSET SERIOUS.'/ KNOW WHAT I THINK, PRISCILLA?

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