Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 28, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1889
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/ J Jf rvj? fe, &&^ ",--•* ' ,. 1 1 fl/M I T-"'T>^f>i» r»r»<- STEELING, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 1889, NUMBER 193. AciDRs-and-Acn?BS5 9*» W. & N. W. TIME TABLE, OOTOO BAST. AtlanticEx...,.a:42 *. m Pacific K* 2;22a. m a. m. Sterling Pass. 8:00 p. m, R. m. UmttfldPass. <:04 p. m 1:68 p.m Clinton Pass 1:13 p.m 8:40a,m.'|Denver " 8:63 ' Olluton Denver FBMQHT TRAINS THAT OARBTT PABSEHQKBS OOrna BAHT. QOINO WSBT, No. 18 8.15 p. m.|No. to No.*6...~- 6:50 a. ro. No. 17 J...7:40 a. m m •GQ81L1NGTON&PNGYB.B OOINO BAST. I OOIWtl WBST. .8-Passenger 6 JO ft.ra. 86—Faswsnger 4:20 p.m 70-Freight.....*:4S p.m.)*]—Freight—5.-00a.m ABBTV» 79 -Passenger . KA8T. .9:00 p.m, 77 -Freight ...... »:Ma.m ARBIVB FROM WKST 85—Passenger 10:8u«.in 42 -Freight.—8:80 p.m Passenger No. 36 connects with trains east aa west on Clinton Branch: with 0. K. I & P. B. B, »t Kock Island east and west; with main lln lor points west, Council Bluffs, Omaha and Of yond and for Kansas City and potnW beyond, OUli —SPECIALTIES.- THE UTAH SAINTS. 'rogress of the War on ral Marriages. Plu- iEOE£T VIOLATION OF THE LAW. Killcal Meainre* Recommnndort, Among Them the Prohibition of Mormon Immigration—Interesting Kxmrston Arranged for tli» Soulli American I>olo- guteft to tlio All- America Congress— The President ttMnrns to the Citpltntl— A Case, for Cooley's Commission. WASHINGTON CITY, Sept. 38.—Tbsannual report ot th-j Utah commission has l)jen re- coived by Secretary Noblo. This commission under authority of congress has general supervision of tho elections in tho territory and is particularly entrusted with the enforcement of tho "Edmunds-Tucker'' act In regard to polygamy. Tho commission says t, has followed in tho footsteps of the first Utah commission, which rocognizo:! the fact that congress In creating it dasirod it to.uso its best endeavors to wipe out and extinguish polygamy, and as far ns possible all polygamous influences and tendencies. Mormon* Pel-Mat In Polygamy. With roforenco to polygamy tho report says it Li not now openly practiced, but it Is probable that plural marriages are still secretly solemnized by the church. Doubtless many members of tho Mormon church never havii practiced ami never intend to practice polygamy nnd perhaps many ol them per HO do not believe in the practice, but from the standpoint of thoir faith and creed they, accept it ns a revelation from God, through tho prophet, seer, an-1 rsvela tor, Josoph Smith, ratified, confirmed, approved and practiced by their great preaN dent, Brigham Young, and that whoever do- sires to do so should have tho right to com ply with this ordinance of tho' church All laws forbidding the -practice of polygamy, the report continues, the Mormon pronounces unconstitutional. ' Extracts are 'given from Mormon p ipors showing that they still openly advocate polygamy. In this state of affairs tho commission does not think Utah should b3 granted statehood. Some Kcconimenclfttlons, must, pay duty tiinl Minclopartmnnt m'Ml th-j decision. Tho JSarnum nnd montiono'l rir<» tho circus nmn. Tlio rrr^Idonr, Hfick rtt t**rt CnpltfU. WAft'iNUTON CtTT, F-.'pt. '-'S.—Thn presi- ont, Mrs. Harrison, Dr. rk-ntt, Mr. Halfonl ntl Mi.'S H:m;™r arrive.! in Washington ,'ity from Door Pnrk at4: r J5 yo-storilrxy aftor- IOOD. At.thn White Housn tl;o pnrty pur- nok of dinni-r imniediatoly nfter thoir ar- ivnl. Tho president is in Washin|*ton City o stny now. A WAGNEE SLEEPER'TELESCOPED. vo. 7 The Finest, Most Durable, and holds Its shape tho test of any whip In the market. The Easiest Dumped, Easiest Banning and Latest Improved Sweeper made. Fancy Patent, per sack, »LBO. Two sacks J2.80 HalfFatent. " !.«. " " a80 Some of the oldest residents 'of this city claim this to be tl»o best flour they ever used In tho Statei of, Illinois. Oream of" JPntent, Hun, »aiey and. Minn. JE*oiler in stock. Tin A Good, Stock of Tomato Cans, Very Cheap. Also a few dozen ofjKK^ IMS GliSS FlUJMAP ILL TOMBLERS LEFT •" ' AT ,L,L. JOHNSON'S. ADCHANCE. -.. . aniiNOTHlations, among tnom tlmt tho jurisdiction of all polygamous and noxual offenses, without regard to the placo committed within tho territory, be conferred upon the district courts; that tho torm of Imprisonment -for unlawful cohabitation bo extended, to at least two years for tho first and threo years for the second offense; that it be made a punal offense for any woman to enter into a marriage with any man knowing him to havo a wife living; that no person who refuses to tako the oath that ho is not a Mormon shall be permitted to locate, on tho public land; that congress pass laws for tho government of the public schools of tho territory. Immigration 3lionld Bo Forbidden. In regar J to immigration the report says: "While we forbid the immigration of the non-prosolyting, the peace-loving and docile Chinaman, because wo four it future danger from bia coming; while wo forbid tho landing on our shores ot contract laborers because thoy cheapen tho wages of Amer- icnn-born cMz'jns, and paupers, because they may become a burden ; there is far greater reason for closing our doorj as "a nation and forbiddiuz citizanahip to the hordes who are brought here to swell the ranks ot an organized body which teac lea thorn in. ailvanoo to bate tne government of the United Statosf denounces its executive, law makers, judges and prosecutors, as persecutors and instils into every mind tho constant teaching that their protenclod revelations are more binding than the highest and best laws of the land, and that resistance to such laws is a virtue and a rendering of obedience to God. How far short of treason thesa teachings are wo leave those who can to answer." In concluding the commission »ay» that congress should take no backward or even wavering step in the enforcement of tha laws against polygamy. COLOR LINE IN THE CHURCH. «tfrro Kploet-pullan* Tnke the Qnestlon to \ tltp General Convention. Nstv YORK, Sept. i.'S.—Tho following mo- morial was fram"d at yesterday's session of tho colored Episcopalians, to b? presented to tho general convention of tho Episcopal church noxt weok: "We would rrspactfully, yet most sarnest- y, represent to your honorable body that we, tho clergy and laity engaged in tho work of tho church among tho colored poople,have trained in the Protestant Episcopal church,or have entered that communion with tho understanding—first, that it was a valid branch ot the holy chiirch of God, bringing to us all the verities of Christ's religion, and animated by his spirit; second, that tho church^now no differences of ruco or condition; third, that it is tho doctrine ot thin :hurch that UH priesthood is ona; that It is not her intention to discriminate in her legislative capacity upon tho solo ground of color. Pruc.tlco Airnlnst Precept. Fourth, that action has boon taken la gome parts of tho church which has either already deprived, or will deprive, tho colored peoplo of rights .which wo supposed they possess by virtue of the apostol c or- dinanco, by instituting n movement looking to a separate organlzition of colored people. In consequence wo f eel .that tho con fidenoa of many of us and among colored people generally, has boon greatly shaken respect Ing tho reality of tile church's catholicity, nnd ot her profession of interest in thi ipiritual welfare of tho colored people. • The Inline bfmrply Stated. "In view of tho foregoing facts wo ask 'What is the position of colored mon In the churchT Is it in accord with the race dor trlnes taught by the church that when moi have'been admitted into tho saorol ministry tlon tho in spirit-inland religious rights of the colorod limn which should not be made In thoso of a white man? Wo ask tho general conferenci to give us an em- A SCORE OF DEAD. \ rightful Collision on York Railway. a New WILL HAVE A HIGH OLD TIME. phatic, unequivocal answer to this, our earnest and almost despairing Inquiry." A committee consisting of Jtovs. TV. V. Tunncll, of Brooklyn; George F. Bra,™g, OH Norfolk; Paulus Moort, of Liberia; H. C. Bishop, of New York, and Thomas H. Cain, of Galveston, was appointed to present- tho memorial. • GOT AWAY WITH TEN THOUSAND. Polish Socletlei Ilobbed by Their Ijite General Secretary. CniOAOO, Sept. 28.—Ignatr. N. Morgenstern, until last week general-secretary of the Polish National alliance of North America, bos left the city and taken with him all tba funds of the order. Morgon- stern was also tho secretary °f tho Polish National Building and Loan association, and tho financial manager of tho "Zgoda," an Influential Polish weekly paper, and acted as an agent for real estate owners and as a passage and transportation agent. It is believed that ha has embezzled from the building association, the newspaper and tho real estate owners and passage agent Tho amount of money he baa taken away la estimated at $10,000. Wouldn't Give Him n Third Term. The Polish National Alliance of North America is a confederation of all tho Polish political and benevolent societies on tho continent. At the annual convention of tho Polish National alliance, held at Buffalo last week, Ilorgonstcrn . was a candidate for a third term as secretary,and was defeated. He Immediately returned to Chicago and draw out of the bank $3.110 held In trust for the Polish alliance Ho was last seen Tuesday morning, accompanied by his wife, on his way to the station of the Wisconsin Central railroad. • 'ho Signal Sinn Fnl!» to Do Ills Duty— Very Moajjor I'nrtlctilnr* at Uttml. bnt Four Dnml nnd Si* Wounded Taken from the Tfrock—Ail Kutlmnto Tlmt tho Injured Wilt Ntimbf-r 20O nnd the Bend at Leant Twenty—Other Fntal Accident*. PALATINE nnmoB, N. Y.', Sept 28. —The St. Louis express No. 5 which left Albany nt 0 o'clock last night, mot with a bad accident bout two miles eastot horo about midnight The f!rst<8»ction broke down and stopped for repairs. The rear brakeman was sent back signal the second section, but for somo unknown reason failed to perform his duty. Tho engineer of the second section says he did not BCD hltn nnd the first thing ho saw was the lights of the first section directly in jls front The first section was made up of baggage, mall express and and throo passenger cars,, packed with people, and a Wagner slooper, (jon tho end. Tho crash was terrible. Thu second, faction toloscopod into the Qrst section, knocking out tha lights and plunging everything into darkness. Four Itodlofl Recovered, tip to 2 a. m. four bodies had boon taken otttof the sleeper and six wounded,nnd it was fenred the total number of deaths would run up to t\ve.nty-flv»and possibly more,.as the car was full. It is difficult to got particulars. Engineer Worth, of the second section, Ivas BO badly injured that he was not cxpecto lo Burvivo the night Ho resides in A! bnny.~~ "_" ~ Twenty Killed, Two Hundred Wounded. LATER.—It is known that many other poo have perished, and tho total nnmber deaths is placed this morning at not less than twenty. As tin sleeping car was crowd ed with passengers, however, fears are en tortnlned that the death list may far exceei that number. Nearly everybody on bot! trnini ivng more or lc...;~ Uurl,. ;: ' ; : '..-..-. iier ot tlioso florlmislyjnjnrcd jwill_a|moit mrtninly Veaeli UOO.• After the Terrific Cranli. As a result of the terrific crash tho second section telescoped the first, knockins; f out all 'the lights on both trains and plunging both SUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY Wall Paper. The Delof;at«» from South America To H« Given a. His Excursion. WASHINGTON CITT, Sspt 28.—A train of Pullman cars will leavo this city on Thursday next bearing tho representative* of tho American notions to tho international conference to te hrId next month at the national capital. Tho party, us, the suasta of the government, nre to ba taken over a large section of the United Smuw in order that thoy may sea and appreciate to some ox* tent tho vast resources of this country. • The entire distance to be lyavoled Is B,40<J miles, and the Pennsylvania railroad has undertaken the task of arranging and carrying out the details for this unprecedented trip. The train will pass over the main lines o£ thirty railroad corporations nnd through twenty states, The train will carry an ample supply of provisions an 1 will afford all the luxuries of modern railroad travel. Where They Will St->p. Among tho places to bo visited are New York city, Philadelphia, Wast Point, Boston; Lawrence, Moss.; Manchester, N. H.; Portland, Me,; Worcester, Mass.; Keriden, Conn.; New Haven; SpringflalJ, Mass.; Holyoke, Niagara Ful!», Buifalo, Erie, Cleveland, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids; South Bond, Ind.; Chicago, Milwaukee, LaCrosss, Sti Paul, Minneapolis, Sious City, Oinaha, DesMoiu&s, St. Louis; Springfield, It!.; Indianapolis, Louisville, Cinuiunati; Lexington, Ky. ; Pittaburg, Altoona, aad Harrisburg. Arrangements havo already boon urnda ' Tor• tho' proper "entertainment—of— the Ueie-- gates ut i-ach of tha places above named. Kmik 1) sorluihiutlun. WASHIKOION CITY, Supt 28 —E. M, Haworth, of Fdrgo, D. T., li«a llieil a complaint with tho inter-stute coimiK-rcu cora- nikwion against tlie Northern Puciflc, Bt. Paul, Miitm'.'ipolh nnd Manitoba, Union Pa- citlc, and Bnutlier.i PHI' fly Railroad compa- nies'and UwOragou Haiiivhyund Navigation company, 'i'lio vp:npliiii>t alleges that ih» defendants char;'- OT conti j»r 100 oti sii^'iir in fur-lou-l luU from Ban Francisco 'to Furs" ami 03 irnts oil tho In fiir-Uirtd lots from thu wimo point.of origin to S. Paul, 2!b mllea t-nst- of Fill-go, .tht-retiy making iu*> greater crfjwga for thesjortr hmil on the KIIIIO kiud of mi'lor xufcatiiiitldlly the winio eoa- ilitions, over the wins lino and iu tlis samu The ItuciiiB Becord. LOUISVILLE, Sept. 28.—Tho evont of the closing day of tho Jockey club meeting at Churchill Downs yesturdny was tho American stallion stake race for 8-year-olds, \% miles. The horses were Outbound, Long Banco and Metal, and they finished in that order; tlmo, 3:11. Tho other events were won as follows: Burkler, % mils, 1:17]^; Nevada, 1 mile, l:43}£; Oracle &t, % milo, i;03%; Ten Like, \%. mileu, 1:59. CHICAGO, Bapt-as.—At'the--West Side courso yesterday tho winning horses were: Jake Satimiere, % mile, 1:34%; Tudor, 1 mile, 1:43^! Autumn L>af, Ji mile, l:10Xi Laura 8ton«, K milj, 1:3S%; mile, trtOJi Will Run IU Own Buainc»> or Quit. NEW YORK, Bcpt, S8.— Counsel Henry W. Taft, for tho Now York, N«w Haven anil Hartford railroad, uppeared yesterday to answer tho ..complaint of State Senator Thomas F. Grady beforo the railroad com- mlsaionors. Tho railroud has been In th« habit of charging GO cents fare to the New York Jot-key club's course, which is generally regarded as an imposition. The railroad's answer was that if tho commission debarred it from levying Its own tariff it would not carry pasii-ngors to tho track, and ponding the meeting ot the directors, Oct 2, tho hearing was iudefl litoly postponed. Good Knough, Him. I'l-fston. SCHE.NKCTADY, N. Y., Sept, 28.— Early yesterday morning John N. Hetz.-l, steers- "Iniufof tBe~«friarboat~SIatHit; tried to ellocf an entrance through a window into the room of Mrs. Dflia Preston, cook, who ordered him away, and on his refusing to «o shot at him. Yesterday his body was found in the oanaL into comploto darkness. In the Inky darkness thus suddenly produced tho horror- stricken passengers wko escaped with thoir iiyea raised terrible screams uiul cries for help, many of them being pinned down and held on tho floor of tho various wrecked cars. As soon as thosa who escaped unhurt woro able to collect themselves thoy hastened to render what as-., Bistance they could, but m tho black darkness which prevailed they, woro unablo to direct their efforts to tho best advantage. The result is balieved to have been that several people in tho slooper perished for lack of timely assistance. Bud I'liico far an Aocl.tent. Tho wreck could not have occurred in a more unfavorable plnca On the left, in tho pitchy darkness and fifty foot balow.was tho roaring Mohawk. Not a light could bo seen except those in tho coaches. The lights in the streets had all been extinguished. One- half of tho passengers were awakened from a sound sloop to find themselves wrapped in gloom. For awhilo the people were too dazed to do anything. The trainmon were mute and reserved, as usual under euch circumstances. It is impossible at this writing to givi nainrs or actual number of victims. Sending Forward the Doctors. The first news to Palatine Bridge was brought by T: H, Coleman, of Hornellsvillo, who covered the two miles over the railway ties In less than half an hour. The village was aaleep, but Mr. Coleman, by the assistance of an officer, went from house to houso awakening surgeons, who were hurried to the front as rapidly as vehicles could take them. All trains east and west, freight and passenger, were held at Palatine. Within half an Jiour every doctor had gono forward and assistance had been telegraphed for from Fonda and Little Falls. A Worio Dlimtor Averted. It woa just by a miracle that the disaster was not rendered tenfold more terrible. Within flvo minutes after the crash the mont express camo tearing along on the fourth track at the rato of thirty miles an hour. It was stopped just In time, else it would have dashed into tho debris of tha wreck. DROWNED IN SHALLOW WATER. Five Persons Ixire Their Liven by the Capsizing of a ISont. FALL RIVEK, Mass., Sept 2a—By the capsizing of o row boat in South Watuppa pond yesterday Louis Dubois, aged 6S years; Nathalie Dubois, his niece, aged 38 years; Mrs. George Midland, .her daughter Loan Midland, aged 7, and Rosanna Levltere, aged 8, were drov^ned. Mary Michaud was roscuoil. Tho party had been _ across the pond for grapos, and were * returning. Dubois is said to have boon drunk. An empty whisky bottle was found in tho boat. The water was only five feet deep where the accident occurred. Tho lamentable affair was witnessed from shore, but although several people started to tho rescue only one of the boat's ocoupanta could bo saved. ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. Tl>« 1-V-nrh piV,.Tii:ii"!!l h;w br-ston-ol tho nnvl crms of tha L.'giou of Honor upon "hom.'ts A. I' 1 , li^oti. iS'h<>!'- shipload* of American whinkr aro ii K smuggled into Cunada by tho ft. Law- ic-j rniin-, b.'in; hidden un ler a small argo of r>!miter. Jnck Cannon, nlins R T. Blewnrt, whi toll- I-^J.UOO vrortti of diamonds i'l Ne\v Qr- i'aiw m IM^Ii, is under indictment nt Spring- inlil, M.i»s., for having burglar \ool3in his El win Gould, tho son of Jny Ooulrl, (.•caking of the report that his father "as on ;':o point of retiring from business, said in •fTi-ct that tho Wall street wizard would continue to do business at tho old stand. There wore 105 fnilun-3 H tha Unite I Status during the seven days ended Friday and twenty-sevon in Canadn^a totil of HI3. Tho flaiires for tbo corresponding weok in 1888 were £.'0—ISO in the United States. A report was current Friday that Hol/.hey. tho Wisconsin bandit had escaped from Jail. Thoro was no truth in tho report; the notorious robber is safe enough and guarded day and .night by armed mon and bulldogsi Silas Long, a bicyclist of Macon county, Iowa, ran a race on his, wheel with a trotting horse at Clinton, la,, Friday. The distance was twenty miles and tbo horse only beat the "biku" half a minute. Time, 1 hour b3 minutes. Twenty-two houses in Iho business port : on of Cresco, la., including B. Caward's store and all tho buildings on both sides of the main street north of tho court house, wero burned Friday. Loss over $i>0,OJO; insurance not known. Francisco Chiriackn, an Italian who was uwd as state's evidence and holpod sond "Red Nosci." Miko to tho gallows for tho murder of Paymaster McClure near Wilkesbarre, Pa., has been released from prison, where in was held to testify against two accomplices of Mike, who aro In Italy, and whom the Ital- Jtm government refuses to extradite. Utnokeit the Doctrlnd of Equality. CLEVELAND, O., Sept. 28,—At the meeting ot tho Brotherhood of 8t Andrew, a society connected with tho Episcopal church, the discussion in tho main section, of the conference was pretty lively on tho labor question. In the caurse of tho dotiato Dr. Hoi- l:md, of Ht. Louls.'Mld Mio doctrlno nf equal-, uy 01 ail mon was born of" ignorance, nnd alhriam. "Tim Idiirt," tin mild, "that Uod created mon equal grew out of superstition and tho inflilel ignorance of nn ago that has passed away. It is God's law that somo men shall be greater than others, and all the on- urcliy and iho co umunism and the atheism ot tho world cannot chango it. Hero in this country wo ore ruled by a government that upholds this doctrine of (quality, and politicians and rulers are'alraid to apeak the truth bet-iuiso tho lower ord'.'i 1 of society has a vote." The doctor's position was vlgorous- _ly attacked, but before tho opposition got "fairly under way tho hour for adjournment was reached. I M- vio- it.--4 ill nt They I>id Kunli Other Up. NEW YOIIK, Sept. 21—As a result of a rough and tumble flsht between Chris Madden,-a truckman, and Angus P. Mclatire, editor af Tho L'.mg Island City Tribune, Madden had u (ijBco of his lip bitten off the siziofa half-dollar silver coin and Hrlntire is battered fearfully about tho head ami face and has a broken ankle. I'lie In an Electric Plant. FITTSBURO, Pa., Sept. 28 —Tho flve-story building of tho Westinghouso Electric Light works was partly burned last night. The (Ire caught on tho third floor and burned t'-irough the fourth nnd fifth floors, used as a tin shop and lamp-socket factory, rajpoctivo- ly. Tho origin of the fire is unknown. Loss, $00,030, fully covjrod by insurance. Illlnoln Stitte Fiilr n Olalld SucceM. PEOUIA, Ills.,. Sept. M.— The state fair closed hero yesterday, It having been the best ever held in Illinois. Abont 15,000 peo- plo woro present at the concluding exercise?. Tie total receipts for the four days were $42,500, which is sufficient to pay all of the indebtedness of the society and leave a largo balance. Two Hun of Sliver Stolen.. HELENA., M. T., Sept23.—Two bars of silver bullion were stolen from the express office at Phillipsburg Thursday night They were valued at $3,000. 'The agent was In his office about 11 p. m, at which time the bullion was therj. No clue. Ilf>i!iii !>y .\i-i--.l-iu. ciTlii-r Minil. l»!it i;"iill"< wi-n- n c.innty yr-t.'i-r.y. O in the !!)• w h.'M of TI Cily, nnd literally pn>un 1 t" pi c <s. I Willinm Ifviitfip, n rullmnn Car company piiijiloyt 1 , was run over by n train in> Groffria C'-ntrnl yard, nnd kiU»d. At WnlUor station I Minify Shoriff Kins Vaim was shot and k ll'.'d by n n<>gro named J{>hn Sieelp, whom ho tvns trying to arri-nt. Tfeo i ccro wns ufter\varJ captured by a mob, nnd his body riddled with bullets,causing instnnt death. A telephone message from Pratt's Minos says that John Maxwell, already under $10,000 bonds for murder, has Just killed a woman there. No further particulars yet received' _^______ Only Following the tlnnnt Pracltlon. HIRMINOHAM, Ala., 6<;pt. 2-3.— Reports of rioting at Pratt's mines were received lasi night, nnd tbo Jefferson volunteers were Bent to that place by special train. It is said that the negroes aro trying to lynch Maxwell, who killed a negro woman. * . Scott A«U» for a Rearing. CHICAGO, Sept. 28.—Congressman W. L. Scott has addressed a long letter from Erie, Pa., to Governor Fifor, tearing on the Spring Valley troubles and claiming that ho was paying for mining all tbnt he was warranted in a competitive market. He gives figures to show that the Spring Valley Coal company ban always paid relatively higher wages than other mines, and asks tho governor and tho public to impartially con- sidor them in refutation afunealled for and nnjuet abuse which the managers of tho company's property have been subjected to. Derailed by Train Wreckers. GHEENSBURO, Ind,, Sept 28.—Engine No. 208, tender, postal and baggage, and twt> day coaches, were ditched while running at fifty mites as horn—by-atr-open-flwitcli- at McCoy's,' six miles east of Greensburg, early Friday morning. Engineer Both Winslow, of Oreensburg, and Fireman Frank Moron, of Indianapolis, were thrown into a neighboring cornfield. Window was unhurt, but Moran sustained a contusion on the shoulder. Three or four mail clerks have been tho work of train -wroi I>er»U«!tl by a Cow. BKLLEFONTK, Pa., Sept 28.^-A train tin tho Lewisburg and Tyrone railroad day struck a cow nnd was thrown from tije track about two miles from h«re. The engine ami baggage car were carried down an embankment. Two persons were severely hurt, and nearly all thoso on the train were bruised and battered. Burke IB Coining Back, ~NEW OBIJEANS, 8opt. 28.—The Times- Democrat Thursday night received a cabl from ex-State Treasurer E. A. Burke, no' in London, saying: " "I have engaged passage, and will sail from Liverpool o the steamship Etruria for Now York Saturday. " This powder nflvcr varies. A marvel of p«rty trength aod wholewmionosii. MOMS wwtwmtcw than tne ordinary kinds, and can not be sold In om petition with the multitude of low test, sSort elKfit, a.umn or imospnate powders, Bold oniy In cans. ItoTAL, BAxrwa PO*t>iC . 0., 406 WallMt,.»cw Jwi»d-1?!y For'"ruR-down," rtchllltntnl nnd ovrrworkrtl women. Dr. PU-rco'B Fnvorito I'lreiTiiit Ion II tho brat of all rcrtornt.'vu tonics. It inapotcnt 5pcclllo for all those Chrome \Vrukni>RW9 un J Diseases ppcullur to Womrn ; n powt^rfiil. ]p;n- eral as well as uterine, tonic nnd nervine. It Imparts viiror nnd 81 rrnrrth to tbi-wholc system. ItT'roinirt]yciirtaiwon!nicp<nffitoinncn,nau<i«'a, incliitcRtion. hlontinR-.wrnk buck, nervous prostration, debility and clef ploasrires, In cither MX. It Is carefully compounded by an orporiepced physician, nnd ndaptnd to tromnn 8 dracato organization. Furrly viftctnlilo and perfectly harmless in any onmlltlmi of the Rj-rtcm. "favorite Proacrtt>- 1'<>" " Is the only mnllcino "forwnmcn, s.'W tif-miiCTdsto, niidcr a poattirc 8»ar.. anteo of cuttofnctinn In every rase, or price ($1.00) refunded. Thla trnarantws'hSs Kgn printed on the bottle-wrapper, and faithfully carried out for ninny years. • For lanrc. illiHrtrnUHl Trcnttiw on IIISTOBWor Women tiro papcs, with full directions for home-treut.m"nl), emd ton wiitH In stftmpfl. Adilnisa, Wont.n'o DiRi'ENRAnr MumoAt. ASSOCIATION. (JiH Main Stint, n...,,f,,,. .,, ». 'SEVENTH POINT You should re»d TH« C»«- CAOO DA.II.V N«ws b<Kia»Me yau CAM afford it. Price doesn't stand In the »ay. Il'» really the cheapest thing on earth. One cent maint prac. tlai'.ly nothing—until yon «pend it. Then yoa may make It aiesut a great deal, according M you Invest it. A thing !» cheap if il costa little, and it worth much. THE DAILY NEWS 1« IIVc aide, graph from the whole world to your brain. To keep it In constant working ortler costs you but onecent atlay. Thnt'lwhy it's cheap—because It renders a great service for an loJigaifi- cant price. V Kaiantifr— Its circulation is iiapao a day—over a million a week—and it costs by mull 15 CM. a month, four moniha Ji.oor-0** text adoy. Two More Corpses at JoTin&town, JOHNSTOWN, Pa., Sept i'8.—Two bodies were tukon from tho debris yesterday. Ope was identified as that of Mrs. Ed Bwineford, of St Louis, who mot her deathrfm the day express.- Tho Wenthor \Vo Muy Expect. WASHINGTON CITY, Sept. ^'8.—The followln; are tho weather Indications for tho thirty- six hours from 8 p. in, yesterday: For Indiana—Wanner, fair woathur: southerly winds; wanner, fair weather on Sunday. For Michigan and Wiscon-ln—Fair weather; Bouthcrly wlmU; wanner. Fur Iowa—Fair weather; souther y winds; ellghtly w.iruu'r. •For Illinois—Fair weather; southerly winds; warm. r. _^ > THE MARKETS. We are handling and selling more flour than, ever. Look at these brands, from $2.4O to $3.10 per hundred: MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN GROWN, •.' PJB'BBUESS, BLUE HilBBON, CAPITAL. CKEAM PATENT" / KANSAS .1VINTEM, SUN, ' DAISY. All guaranteed^ prove up as represented or retain. We mean, save the people of this vicinity money, and will do it to S. S. ITSD Applegate'e Patent Electric ~~ ITSDKlt .HKW tOftK STOItB -JsAgetilior CHL WLY48HJ WtI A Clinrga with Dr»wn ROTTEHDAJI. S«[>t. 28 —Toe striking drx;k laborers hero parade 1 yesterday and attempted to force the men on one of the docks to quit work. They were dispersed by tho polim Lifc'V the strikers mailo another violent demonstration und tho police charged them with drawn Habors und again drove thorn off.. __ : __^ A Itlg Sto«l Uull Knterpriae. , Tanii., -Sapt. *S.--Pronunant and AlabainA capitalists, who Uava teoa In confcramsj haro, have just set- tt»ii W)K proliinlunry <lt)*»Ui> o< u plan locoa tw aH the ins Hiarooal anJ »Wol in thu twostutf* under oue company, bogin thv vu-tuu'Hi.'turu of utoyl rail* The Wa«hlnston JIultjhtB Illnuster. CHICAGO, Sept 28.—Tho inquest on the disaster at Washington Heights was begun yesterday and a largo number of witnesses were examined. Their testimony wont to show that Engineer Twombley, while probably sober, was directly responsible for the terrible accident,"nnd"fhat1ia~was disrogur.i-- ting tho rulaa of tho company, both in running ahead of timo and disregarding the red light on the semaphore. Looking lor Anothur I>i>»tl Slide. ' QUEBEC, Sept. 2\—There is another'fissure in tho overhanging cliff.), and tho kiosk at tho end of Dufferin terrace is gradtxully sinking ovor. It is generally beljuvud that a Jew unys more of rain or heavy frost will cause a eacond laudslidi), Despite this the city government is building a roadway over tha fallen rooUa, as if tin daiigT were over. Hamilton Ooen to Sae HU Villa. ATLANTIC CITV, N. J., Bt'pt, 2i,—Hubert Bay Hamilton last night visited Eva Hniiiil- ton in juil ut Msy'j Lindin-j, groHad her of- feotkuMioly and Ind « Uvig uoisvoriuitloa with her. Ho eiiinii in rtvsjj-.uisi! to hor ra- aii'l on h^r ^latetnojit tbat shxi bud new » of h • CUIOAQO, Sept. S7. yuotatlons on tho board of trade to-day wcro as fo'.lown: Wheat— No. 2 bnptjmbor. opened s;?iic, closo'l BHic; October, oi»nal f^c, cl»!>«d HlJ^e; December, openoi Me, closed KilfrHe. -Clorn— No. i! Suptomhur, oponod and clonei Sli^c; October, opened and closed. 3 Hie; Siuy, ojiened ' %•.%•?, closed ^.->.ic. Oats— No. - Beptcmbur, I'jMMiL'.l lHHi - . closed )t>Jc; October, otwiied and cliw.-d W4C,: May, ojicned 22?ilc, closed a »4c. Porlt— Octoher, oiwned glU.IU, closed Sl'l.Oi; Novi-m'wr, oponud SOW, closed SU.7J; January, opened SM H, S".:5. — Octn:>ur. uiiuned $0 10, cin»i!.l J0.07H. ""~'"" REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET. We are selling nothing tut JVo. 1 Meats- Jfo Seconds* • Prices Low as the Lowest, We are now prepared to do HiiKi Market higher: ig;. 8-).8J llie fdilowin-? ran--'n if ojieiie 1 iietlve and Hrm, ii"iie« no light urades. ;4.i.J,/(.Si -: nmii!i inU-ki siuil; m.xe I hns, {*.0,l.>l.aO. linavy panliln ; and ,-liip'i n ; l>-ls, S- .liii/. 5 .;)"!. CaUia — Market Rte;id>; beevc", IMHir to prims SUVcSl.W; cows. 5.'.5(>Si.W: stookern uud feeders, fiiiOJft •l.X>; Tciau ste-rs, ^.'.lO-ttil.tiO. Mmep-ilarket slow, weak; muttons, S3.WS4.70; westerns, i'roducc: ISutt -r-Fancy KlK'm crnnmory. — 5u per il>: tine dairy. i&iilSto: iwckiivi st'jcfe, froah, Itirjilii-ii-j -por JLi.ii. Poultry— Ll»u Hutu, 7 mil Ib; rooa- U'ra, i»r, turkuy.-t. Itjitit; diicis So. 1'otatoei— (uiil.OU HViwrbhi. Ai>ji!e;)-5l.'.wi£il. ; ''0i>j.- oat New VorU. Xi:w VOUK. J^r^t. -7. — No. U r d wtnu-r ciinh, iTii ; do Xo- in all the latest styles.'! Give os a eil!, Re-ilolst to do we will Reynolds Bros.,

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