Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 9, 1903 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1903
Page 3
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I'ear, or 9 wneii we It is the beat Oil Stock to buy. There is nothing oa the market to equal it. Let us tell you why? It is only capitalizf^d at $200,000 while neavly tiyevy company in tee fieM is capitalized 3t f1.000,005 therefore one ehAre of the McEinley ORUDE STOCK Is worth fiive shares of the Million Dollar (^mipaiiy's SLOCIC oiS two sind .one- half shares of j ^he half million Company's stock. Stocl^ selling in a million dollar company at 10 cents per share would be 'e^lu•<^\ to McKinley (.'i]ud<i at 00 itiits per .shfiie. Every $'JO0O. will pay a One Ceui Dividend, on ike AJcKinley Crude. We have two splendid Oil Wells now, No. 3 drilling?. ^ Standai'd Oil Company pipe line goes right byf our wells. We believe these two wells will pump 60 barrels per day or per month f)r SlS.OOuJpor yi per cent on par value of the stock, ox 30 percent on the price of our stock today, if we can do this from two wells now in, what c'vi wr pay onr pln^rt-hfiti'is'" get ten welltf. . " , . ^ . ' For a few days only you can buy Treasury stock at 25 conts per scare, par value $100. This is only equal to 5 rents i)t'r slnuv ; in >\ MWUiin \)(~^\\:w CorapaTiy. 'Buy stock where there is oil where is now an established market waiting you. In order to buy a Pumping Plant 2<>,000 ylwuvs will lie HO !.1. llion p; 1* is p. up. Honest careful and c<)nservative management. We invite your inspection of our property. Subscriptions received by ' . F. S. BENNETT, Ptest, ©EO. McKINLEY, Tres't JOK McKINLEY^ Sec'y lola, Kansas. ' Httinboldt, Kansas. ; Ma, Kansas. OR THE ALLEN COUNTY INVESTMENT CO., lola, Kansas. Promoters of this Company Ground Floor Bartels Building:: THE PEOPLE'S STORE. Fly Nets for horses 18 cents worth up to $1.00. Lap Ropes 18 cents to 59 cents worth up to $J.OO New Glassware, Antique De5igns. From 10 Cents Up. See the latest orav.o in {.'lassware in our window—oild ancient shapes that people likf. If you want sunicthing unique, don't fail to SCO them. The Money Back Store. ' LOCAL NEWS. ll.- . Dr. Porter, Dcniist. J. E. Chastain, Dentist. - Dr. O. R. nii.slifiolii, Dontist. KoilaUs and supplies at Miller's. Miss Clara Kiaiimaun roiiirno.i homo today, Northrup's quit business. A dollar for fifty cents. Good hoard and ronm hy day or week. 510 Xorih .siroot. No. 1.1 Ea.««t Ma<li.son. upstairs. Henderson & Powell's oflice. Dr. Dro.sbach was rallod to Nevada yesterday t -voDini; on busiiit-.^j^. Dr. licrsehcl Hmidrieks is lionie ready to aiu-nd oM.aud now jiatii-nts. Mrs. C. (I. Tayliir K-fi this alioriioijn for Chanulo for a fc \v days' visit with friends. Kilkenny Castlo is one of the oldest inhahiied houses in tho world, uiany of the ro'.mis lifiui; luuch as ilioy were SOO years aso. Chas. Uichardsoi!. while a; work ai No. 1 smelliT this luoriiinir. liM a rr- • tort di'op lui h!> fool and luashrd his toes. inlVuMinp; a iiaiutiil hut not dangerous hurl. " ' The ladii >s mii-i>- flub ixiH nioel Friday evi/iiin.:; ;u 7 ojflo!-U with Miss Mabel Harms. 'N*'w lilbciTs ari- to Ic cloned ami a tiniu\ ali«ii.lan<-f is do- .vired. Th(< prij;;rani will fon .sisi <if niusiral niinil.Trs p'.iui-d or Minj^ Uom memory. DID YOU lETlT? • • s Your wife told >'ou to bring home a dollar bottle of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin If you forgot it, you would better tie a string on' your finger to-mor- 1 row morning and every tiriie you look at it you will think , of the medicine that cures i Constipation, Sick Headaclie, Indigestion, and every form of Stomacli Trouble. H.T. flnll, of NoblcsviUc. IndL. •writes:"! fert It my duty to glye you a roluntary testimonial for Syrdp Pepsin. My wife bos been troubled -with Chronic Constipation in a most serera . stsga We have tried all reisedles we could hear of. tosetbcr irith prescriptions from loqal physicians, and until we flnally trot hold of your lemedy. found BO relief: but after taking your remedy for a few days only, we have resulta that are simply marrelous. I send yon tlllB entirely unsolicited, and will surely speak s cood'-^rd for your remedy irberevor and whenOTcrlcan." , ^Your dnjggi Jt bias it or will ge it for you/ 50c and $t.00 size jMrs. U. 1?. .Miller and (haiighlor lofi ihi.-. uiorniii?; for Colorailo Springs to spend I lie sunnner. Frank Shipnian. who used to he Willi iJio lohi Cash is here from Fort Scott for a few day.s' visit. Kloyd nol)insrm and Roy Pilns came ill yesii^rday oveninp from the harvest fulils where they have been for a few w<>-ks. U LV. .1. P. Hillerby. of Humboldt, is sp .^udius a few days in lola as the suest of Ills son. the mauagcr of the Peojilo's store.' Mi .ss Uuih. who has been here visit- in?: the family of Mr.s. Lee. loft for her home in Omaha today, alio was «re<)mi>;jiii<'<I by Mi .ss Cain for an ox- inijdod visit. Miss Clark, wlio ha,<5 been here for si>v<^fal wci^kg visit ins her consin. Mrs Dr. .Miicholl. lofr today for a visit in Missouri after which she will return to her linme in Illinois. I 'or Uciii—Seven room house fur uislud and rcaily to move into, bath room and all eonvenionccs. Will rent for suniiuer-— three months. Inquire of •Ml. .McCirloy, Union Re.siaurant. I'colilo who have an idea that ball players are lianbiiod criminals will he inicrisird in learninpr that the oihiT ilay Pitcher Davis, of Uic lola tiam. was -1 years ofd. lie received a handsome fjold watch from his mo(her as a rewanl for nover haviuK us <'(I (nbacro. No man or woman jn the slate will hesitate to .speak well of Chamberlains Siotuacli and Liver Tablets after once trying them. They always produce a pleasant movement of the bowels, improve the apptaitb and strengthen the digestion. For sale by all druggists. Ha /.el Rrazee. a young girl who has proven incorrigihio and whose parents have rciuclantiy come to admit that they cannot control her at all, was today taken lo the Girls' Industrial .school at Beloit by Sheriff Rich ardson. The band concert last night was a "rcauesl program," being a list ot lUfces which have proven most popu lar with the public and which the boys have been requested from lime to lime to roi)eat. There was a good crowd oHt .and the boys were applauded after each number. The Ladies Aid society of the Methodist chilrch served ice cream and cake under the trees during the evening. ' Down at the ball park yesterday afternoon there was a show ot author ity which is but the beginning of a new regime. Several young colored men and«a white man were placed under arrest for trespass on the grounds. People have been crawling through the hedge until they think they ha7C a right to sneak in and see the ball games. From now on thiey rim a. risk of being arrested and the grand stand feels inclined to cheer 'the new deal. R. B .r Stevenson has for reiil rcwms 5 and 6'Mi the.StereiUKm bidliUDs just itt!.thiei h^ 9tVb»^^a^x%i- • —III H 'll'- -.11 I '•j .J The prices at Northrupa' quit business sale are 6clling the goods fast. It's only a question of a few days, when it vC-ill all be over. A transfer on record at (he court house shows that the Allen County Investment Company has sold the southwest quarier and the south half of (he nor(hwest quarter of 7-2tM8 to (he Tri-State Oil Company of Sou(h Dakota for $:2 :J .U00. \ The county' commissioners today granted a (o Messrs?. J. P. Decker and S. P. Ilradeu and associates, of Elsmore, to pope the town of Elsmore with The well recently struck proves to be fully capable of warming and lighting (he (own. Fort Scott Tribune: The Valley League played better ball on the 4th than any other league in the United Slates. Out of seven games<i the eight teams were able to get but 26 runs. The American league got 48 runs in seven games. Western Lea giio t!."! runs in eight games. National League. S .'i runs in , seven games, American Asst )ciation SO runs iii_eight games. E. G. Green and Sielia Cokcr were married last night at the luuue of the briile's parents. Mr. aiid Mrs". Ocorg. Cok «T,.Tiitj South Walnut, by Rev, W. D. IJlake, of Emiwria. They are among the best known of the young coloreil people in town. Green has held various position.s. as mail ca.r ricr and news and is now local agent for the Kansas City Journal. .Missj Coker is a graduate of (ho local IPigh school and has been teaching for several years. mi firmed the presence of liquidi Its in crease was cohsidered to account for the pope's general condition growing worse. After a lest puncture SOP grammes of bloody liquid was e.xlract- eil. The condition of. the pati(Mil improved Immediately, reviving hojx's. slight in some pereons and exaggerat ed in others. The amelioration in tho condition!of the patient was not cuu pression gained the uppoi" hand.'' Berlin, iJuly 9.—Tho newspapers re 11 port thatJ Emperor William! dressed d. telegram to the pope pei sonally siiying that he prayed CiOil lo pre«crvn the pope's life for many years. The «ynperor also has reipiesi ed daily information to he sent lo hi.'i: regarding the condition of his holiue .Hs. Accordingly. Cardinal Rampolla telegraphs his majesty twice daily. In rase of the pontiff's death, say the newspapers, (ho emperor will im- media(ely return from Scan<linavia and proceed to Rome to take part in the funeral. The truth of this lattvr statement,; however, is doubted. PLEAS.'VNT VALLEY. I- Miss Osborn'. Correspi.nidenl. Mrs. Jiio. IJeabm has a new ingrain carpet. A baby boy arrived .Itme, ."50 to glad<len the heart.s of Mr. and M^s. Frank Halbert.: Ralph Ellis' young team of mule.=: ran • away in the Jii'ld last week, hitched lo a cultivator, throwing Frank off and dragging him .some dis lance, and left him lying in the field. They ran to the running ovq'r a pile of posts and a largo cherr>- tree, (hrn Into a peach tree, which slopped them. They completely de molished the cultivator and left Frank w.ith a black eye. a stiff knee and a very painful shoulder. The T. B. Harriman who was drowned in thcHeppncr, Ore., flood, together with hi^ wife and son and his wife's sister, was Grandma Osborn's son Charlie's father-in-law. They were there for medical treatment for their son. and would have loft that evening for their honie at Long Creek. Mr. Harriman, with his family moved from Boudbon county. to Grant county, Oregon, in 188L Charlie Osliom was in Hep- ncr two nights the week before while freighting from that place to Long Creek. Ore. Mr. Yager's son, James, who lives in that town, escaped with their dwelling house, btit his furniture ajid undertaking establishment was almost a complete loss. The family wcrp away from home at the time. His loss is estimated between ^."J.OOO and ?4 .ono. Geo. Fisher Is harvesting his oats this week. Mr. Spleacy has his new" barn nearly completed on his farm ,the V^wghl place. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skinnall drove down from Westphalia and visited their cousins the Bcahms of this neighborhood, returning to their hoffle "Tuesday. ~ S DYING Con tinued from papeone Comfort Cotiiiti. In traveling. Get the betrt- — "The Katj Fljm-,^ to St; Ix>vi8;. FWI^ GOLDEN VALLEY. Mr.s. II. Eckler has forty quarts of early peaches canned. Mr.s. Janet Saynfour was out calling Thursday. Frank AJycrs delivered Isome young chickens Friday. F. Curfman bought a new binder since our last. Liddie Murray has been visiting with Edna Bolby. .Miss .M<jrgan visited Liddie Murray Sunday. Quite a number celebrated at home tho Fourth. I Wc visited the denial bfTice in Moran Thursday. • Moran is going to have her stn-eis in good shape, if Dr. Lambeth can have his way, and I think he will. IV)latoes are grjod Considering th' wet weather we had^iii the early pari: of tho .season. Rev. Hoorgard and wife were idea; ant callers P'riday. Wheat in general is good, aiid corn Is improving fast. Ralph Maxon came nearly ineeiini; with a serious accident with a binder le hurt his hand quite badly, but ii -i bones were brf)ken. Charley Lawry and Ralph Maxon were at out place Friday., ^Ralph is A little shy of a binder. Mr. B(dby bouglit a team of horse.'^ of Gullet t & Wood Monday. Clem Druse celebrated in lola t la- Fourth. A number of youths are going to Eldorado Springs the 20lh. Masc Mann has hired lo W. C. W-'i!- ker for nine months, for $17.50 per morfth., George Seymour and family and Mrs. F. Curfman went to HallHrptj Friilay. There was a picnic, dinner at ^Ir. Seymour's the Fourth. Mrs. C. Ayers and daughters visited her mother, Mrs. A. Funk, Friday. Miss Clara and Drue Stewart<; in the Valley Monday. Mr. Bolby" was cutting his wheat on Mr. Mitchell's farm Monday, i Clitfa Tremmill took dinner the Fourth with his cousin, Mrs. H. Gul- letL . J. P. visiting in Hiawatha. Mr. and Mrs. Jason Sherrill have a young son. J. W. Oullett, Willie Springer, Clith ThemmlU and \V. Mays went down to Elsmore. Mrs. F, B. Kerr has beta visiting in tola with her daughter, Mrs. Sherrill. We were very much shocked to hear .;b<)v*i coiMpau} \vi!i • aiuieai- l >»;re for oiio iiorforraance ne.'ct Friilny •''i'.'^' This •.;.)m:i.-|.ny fioi come, here u.iheraldetV, h'iVioK "':i .vL'<! Jill t'u- i)i|iii..-i{;:il <.iti<r.«, ar.d is pvononnced by press"ar ^l luibiic <.r il..- i;iiLr<- <;iti"'- a? .>-i-nf i;^'yvfv^sf orjiaijizTd and :?iviiiw' I ilii.' (if !.'•'•*• f:-,.-i|-.i'• !i>T)s I.? I'p:-^ -iiiie -ii'jnoreil di-a!ua in e.visinGce. Tli.-y Tr.-.vcl in "1 liesr Ovvu Pijv-stt P/il--' Cnr.v, C'fJSjIriK $!5,uao. Ttie |.roi)r-ict .Ji -s hine ^.'ivoui tiii.s prr-!!ii:'lor; .i ;,'!':• t'- i 'Lve>iiir.--o -i'ror.ery, iiic-huM 'tfi! • and e:i!eiiL:n t!]'v;ir:,j. '.vh;'.:l; .ili'.r.iiJ be sccu to b'C ai>;>a(!r;;il!d. \ , - drandfrce ;Str€et Parad^, • andConbert At Noan .iiicl Ev^iiin^ of performance I Sc and SSc WM. LANYON, sr.. Pres. J. B. CASE, Vlct-Pres. A. S. liOliEi^TS, C^sh oia Capita! Stock; §50000. J. B. Case •.^ DIRECTOUS: ^ Wffl. Lanyon, sr., C. Uood, Gto Nic.hoh .OR,! M. A. i .«w, J. A. Rotrnson, n. L. UeiiiJerson, FrsRk. lii^t^le. A-. I*. Robcrw. i STOCKMOLDiERS^ i J. O case. Win. Laayor., sr., Cob, I?. Xicliolson. J. A. Kdbln.son, rrorik Riddle, A. L. T*ttylor: W. Her.'.lrlcUs. H. L. tlcrUerson. L. L.I'or.sler,4fI. Klaunjaa. J." W. Coaiant/ Uaviil Ewarl. K, r. seliel!, A. Bevliiglon. j: S. Walker, Cfalvln Hood,--• .M. A'. Low. W. 1^.. Kwiiii-. A. «owliind, J.W.Edwards. K. U. lieuueu, - Evans Hnjs., A U, Koberw. Special West Bound Excursions Via j the Missouri Pacific. Vahjable Time Saved. _SlighL injuries oficii disable a.;ma Denver. Colorado Springs, Q:^,^ ^^''^^ ; ctud when blood poison develops,, wood, Colo.. Ogden, Utah. Salt I^^^e! ^^^^.^^^ ^^^^j. j^.^ ^^^^ or limb. Chamberlain 's Pain Balm is City. Utah. Rates one 'fare plus 50c for the round trip. Tickets on-i'sJEile' dally, June 1st to Oct. -31, 1903. For We were very inuch shocked to hear further information relative Ttp stdV of tJie 4^th ,o£ Mr! wi. Swartzmaii overs ai^d transit HnUts, raU on B> Ei an antiseptic liniment. "When^aj^plied U:» outs, bruises tod bnriwdt raflisea them to heal quickly and *itto )«i*Qie« tdration. and prevents any. a*BsiB5 ?ot poison, ! Fopr ieiale .l^gfll iidW

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