Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 2, 1908 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1908
Page 6
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ORANGE AND LEMON $10 per Acre and Cheap Transporta tion to Eastern Markets. Si!u;ited in the famous Hucsteca Valley on water transportation of the Panuca River to Tampico. the rapidly growing- part of Mexico. Regular steamboat service to and from properly. In the La Holsa Colony, consisting of 20,000 acres. A townsite has been laid out and tracts of 5 acres adjoining al S125 to $135 each, and also subdivisions of fifty acres each at $10 per acre. Terms, one third cash and balance in 6 months and ') mo.; H per cent on deferred payments. Discount given on tracts of SOU acres and up. Fine hunting and fishing. For further particulars apply to MATTHEWS & COMPANY, Local Agents, or MOATS, FOWLER & DIBBLE Box 168 TAMPICO, MEXICO THE PYGMY EARTH. V*at Dimensions of the Sun as Cam- part-d With the World. A dime hold at arm's h-m-fth from the «yo will much moro than cover the entire disk <>!' the HUH. If It wen- pltK.'Oll lit the exact point of colneldelicp awl i(H diameter illld distance from till' <?yc accuralcl.v measured, It iiilj,'lu be used MM ii menus ol' delormlnliiK 111' 1 turn's diameter, his distance hoiim known. The foremost philosophers ul' lw% lino \v<M|lil IlilVe been appalled ill «h(.' true Hliileineilt ul' both tin- sun's distance nil'l Us sl'/.o. 'I'd*' sun's diameter Is about Siiti.OiHi udU>s. II Is bewildering to be assiircil Tliut It would take 1.,'till),<ilIIi earths to •final the sun In volume. If the In- twieir of dial truly Kluanllc friohf were hollow and the earth were placed al IN center with the munii revolving about Jl :it its usual mean dl-ilaiicc of nearly UlO.dOO miles, there Would still exist U v:i<-t)ity between the moon iyu! the In- t'lKslntf shell of the sun of nearly 'JiiO,- (KH> mill's. This Is perhap-t the mo it i £r;i|>(ilc mid Impressive illustration pos- ' Klbfc of the sun's colossal bulk. \\'f I must Hole. liDwever. thai the density of the sun is only about oiie o,lla rler. ttiat <if the "arlh. so tin; ii would; ttc,'i!h only as nnii-li a.-, ,'!.",i).iii:o earth 1 -- i In \ cry I'-nmd numbers ilie sun's; we'irhl ma.\ lie stale;! 'U I ,\ o octillion; ton ;. v. liji-li If expressed in liu'iiros | would rei|iiire ainio-,1 as many ciphers UN a newspaper line can acruminodalc. ! A very comprehensive illustration oft the pyu'iiicaii ilimeiislons of the eartl; I<H compared with tin' sun is to ivpre. Kent Ilie latter ley a K'"be two feet III <li;uncicr and the earth liy a ilalnly pea. And yet tile Illlle |n-a Weighs more than six iptlm illlon Ions. As In the solar snrl'aee. it is some rj.ono times (hat of our /ilanei. Vet tin 1 snn n hci, compared with its line peers, the si.irs, is not mil) of extraordinary hUe. lull In al! pi i ilia hil lly l-> only li> hi* r.uiLcd amotm tie- meilnim self In liiiiimis liodics which sparkle in "lieav i-n'.s ebon vault." And |.e.:n:-e of ittf Sjioltcilliess it lias a plae". allholl^rli , .hunililc one. a'non^ ihe "\ariali!e' nt» rs. FATE AND A NAME. John, When Borne by Royalty, Seems Linked With Misfortune. It Is Intorc'Htlnj? uml somowhat curious to note tin; piM'slstcnco with which misfortune has Hie name of Covina \Dallcy Savings ffianh OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS "John" when borne by royal persons, filfboiitfh no III omen seems to attach to It In Ihe case of ordinary cill/.en.s, For Instance, Klnn John of Kn.icland has always been regarded, whether altogether Justly or not, as a most. Infamous prince. John of France was taken captive by Ihe Mlack I'rinco, and John Halllol of Scotland was most thoroughly despised by Ids countrymen on account of his fawnlnir. altitude toward the Kiitflish. Robert 111. of Scotland changed his name from John, but this did not save him from hi:* destiny. He himself was a cripple [ nnd died of a broken heart, Ihe most tritKle fates having overtaken all mow dear to him. John 1. of Itoltemla was blind. Th' Pope John I. was Imprisoned by thr IchiK of Ihe (iolhs, and I'ope John K. was driven from Koine by the huUo of Tuscany. I'ope John XI. was impris oiled by Ills brother and Is supposed to have i-eon pol.-ioned, a fate similar to that of I'ope John XIV. I'ope John X V. was forced to llee from Koine and died of fever in Tii-'J-any. John XVI., dubbed the "a;iiij»>V) |% ." at'!-, 1 ! 1 a Iroitblcd career, was brutally tortured and consigned to a dungeon for (he brief re- ma inder of his lite. John I. of Constantinople was polson- od; John II. was killed while huniinn wild boar, ami Joint 111. was del hroned, his eyi-s put out and left to ilie In prison. John I of Castile was killed by n fall from his i.orse. This Is not oy any means a complete list of the nn.ui-l.y Johns, but It serves to sliow the t'aialiiy which seems to dint; about i' i( . name bi so far as royalty is con -ern-'d. Chicago Koeord Heraid. A. P. Kerckhoff, President W. H. Holliday J. C. Hutchinson, Jr., Cashier Marco H. Hellman H. M. Hotiser, Vice-President Geo. E. Anderson W. M. Griswold, Assistant Cashte; * *b *' * *$* An Ork:iey Prayer. ! The brevity of Hie iirknev sumnviT Jiiit'*-bidin^ Hie ralsinir of hardly any-! Uiiug i-xccpl oats r'niis") and barley, i tin- ciders had rei|iieslcil ihe mlnistei i 1i> |»niy for «ood harvest \\cather. ll<'! <ximplied as fol|o\vs: "I.ord, nie its' Lru w vv cat her and a w a Im-e/e I hat \v ill dr-'c will nae harm the M.iw us sic a bletb Jilast as we has be the vcra ml>i'hi,.i' \\ iy s/»oll a' 1 .' 1 h bii -saimh of ; the sir;-, s\ and ads. Inn If v i; . !'iv in', icarln* .-Till' >,••!; p'-iy 10 ails and fair Vi'e lU'Vel' lUlil Ihlll Ilie -aille .-oi 1 . J>r;/ 'Jce.-i il-.-ilctlciL'S and UeiXK.'; Ilc.^iixl. D o u :j'\. 1 loii^li i ; ma.'i- .. ;: of w heat, rc'il frst ,U e. c. i , I ',-i- 'tii,. .; i] 11 111. i ; a /.i i le at' tlt I- 1 -. lilll ,|..'!••!, Il.;,,|e of V-. i-. IIO »li' K;er I h.i , a ny ol lier. I ion-ii is die prior l.hi io i,|-i•::,!. nioii-r .-ars. SM-.-IUI V arllls in,,; c.ife I i .;,s of old bo-ik • II Is the sla:f of hiiih life It i'.nbittern mai riinonv .in,l |-nrviys ilie lovely -4» Scandals we read about. I I ire's nil'l.-J >'«'iit 'ifi' 10 : olle^e and til le I It) be someiliiic,' more spectacular than men 1 wives and mother-;. It cursc'h (heiu that .u,'o in f.-r it. but not unto ihe third iiitil fourth ue'.ieraii >:>•;. We arc t(M) spender* for that. |i is from dou^h the dow dy. in,, dull and i lilt; doit.v ,lcr;\e disiinciion oihcrwi>i'i Mv cry one o-i^'H to iiiea.siir-' himself! bv h:.s ouu yruoor tunl and sta Interest Paid on Deposit Money to Loan on First Mortage Real Estate SUCCESSFUL taf ~ SEND FOR FREE CATALOUUB POULTRY RAISERS USE Los Angeles Incubators EVERYTHING IN POULTRY SUPPLIES LEE'S EGG MAKER Acme K° U P Cure—50c Postpaid - HENRY ALBERS CO. 534 S. MAIN ST. LOS ANGELES reee roan LICE. The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing i-* 4- 4 s 4 s 4 s 4 s Why Don't You Move to Covina? * * * * * * 4*l •* a o rj i'.<KKT Covina otters you hoincsitos at reasonable ti grammar and high]sv;h >.>ls in e.'crv p:ir;ij::'...r HZ in >a. tea. a a^vac Covini \v.ll]giv» ; tuiies of ui-auiii'ull\- shaded streets; gas, electric lights and telephones e o:'i:ici>in; electric and steam transportation to and from Los Angeles. i.-> a ua:iy inspiration; a climate without frosts and unscaked by fogs; mountain ;uul well water-in alum lance. liosides all these idea) conditions in which to live, Covina offers the best chance to the investor, the b'.uuu-ss mui, the agriculturist and horticulturist. Why dou't you come here and enjoy life? THE will be g'ud to furnish anyone interostc-d with further information. • -I ^ -f •

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