Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1912
Page 5
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THE DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, 0CT0Bi5R 18,1912. \K(^8H0 TALLEY. (O. U Arnold t. Oct. 17.—Mb. Carl Corey who livos .across the rlter on Iho R." U Thomi>- tson farm b'roluKht her aunt, Mrs. I.fx- srt<f l-\it«-vhq hud been si>en(linK a •woek with h^r. back to the Piirdom Ihome and toolt her mother, Mrs.: Har- i*rirt( Hankins back home w'tb her. I. \V. ft. Gay and family visited at Gas I Snnilny. A doctor from Wicliita was at the ^ •) Momes of Uubo Miller. J. W. Baie and aaventurers were enronte to tEeTiotel others of the neighborhood this week. Jaekle made much ado over MIs^ fBYRONWjiLliAMS Miss McConnell's facs was clouded. What else was there to do? They were on the opposite side of the tur- \ McConnell, who drew her asido. ftlie biilent lake from the Inn, with an oar- roses in her face red.der than the>coloi- less, shattered, boat. The country of the Magna Cbarta. about was rough and unsheltered?; Late In the afternoon Bedlght etd'e The night was upon them and the way j away to the cabin and made his pro n- to the Inn aroun^ Sylvan lake was too; Ise of «the Friday previous, but •the far for her to attempt vralking It In; prisoners were; In a sullen mood tand the night, along the rough trails and through the mud-covered roads. Hedight met her at the door. "Welcome, Kve," he said, teaslng- ly. "Eden Isn't such a bad place, after all. There's a stove and some flour and salt here, also matches, a dishpan, three rhair.^ and a bunk. I'm going to j-ey if the lake has yielded up our cofTee jxit and some coffee." "I'll go." BM Jliss .AlcConhclI. soberly. "You start the fire and put tho Ucftto on." She went out abstractedly and walked down to iho lieach. What should Fhe do? Was sho sure of this mrai who seemed a ponlleman, or would she need protection from her protector? If sho had been more guarded in her bniUeriJ'.g conversation of tho nu >rni .':R. if she had not been quite BO natural and unconventijpnal. She looked up and .down the beach hurriedly a.s though 'she would run .iway. a sudden passion for flight coming over hor. Hut whcro could she go? .\nd ihrre wore sn.ikes and hears in tho woo<ls'. What should sho, do? I'edight found her sitting upon tho dge of the boat. She st.irted n.T ho ^rew .'iiul took on a new. reserve, lie lonk.'d !\l hiT undrrst.nndingly and dropped his joking mood. "Here Is tho coffee," he said, producing a sodde.n mass. "birf. tho pot riM-:t hnv fnllowrd the cyclone. Shall Wf. ur, !„-.rk?" She looked up like a frightened rhild with th.nt ple.nding look we seo in the. eyes of a cornered rabbit. "Come." he sr.ld, kindly, "the pot liolls and yiu r.ill he needed soon to pour the coffee," She arosf without a word and fol- Iowr>(i him Into the ."shack. "And nnriV' he s:d(i, "I am going away for an hour. JThero Is plenty <liagnosing cronle ailments and giving restorative measures and medicines. . " H. H. Shoekey is putting the foundation under L). C. Ellis' house at present. Frank Rale went to Kansas City will' a shipment of cattle and hogs \Ve<nesday night. • . ,, . Perhaps more from a drift of tabit Monday morning found him nssWu-, ^^^^ attempt at an organized plair. a body of people of Union district have been celebrating. In turn-, the birthday's of the heads of the fani- demanded to be liberated. ous In his attentions to Cico Summers, who brought out a copy of "Lucille" and beckoufwl him to a shady spot in the wood not far n -om the Inn. Seating herself oii the gross, sho) banded him the book. "As I understand It you are doinrg V»enance. This being true, I am com- j)elled to ask you to read this book ito me. It has been read to mo several times prior to this occasion," the «ed mounting to her cheeks, "but not fre- ccntl.v, which is a sure sign that I lam growing -less attractive. Possibly I <im approaching spinsterhood-^and before I reach that goal, I desire txj hear once more this thriller" of iovoA* young dream." Uedight took the book. • "I read this to a girl once. I Of course,- Interrupted'Miss Snm- mer.i. "there Isn't, a' man living who can read who has not at some tin»e or other had his dr^m as ho read this tale to a woman.vrtlh.:eyes like tho skies and Hps like the' red, red cherry!" • • • 1^ CHAPTER XI. r After spending a day with a 'wln- Fpmo woman reading Lucille. It Is either the hand of Fat© or the Intentional prank of a witch th.n.tisenda tho same mnn canoeing with a decIAedly pretty girl of the s.ime name! Lucille Walters was a leader at Vnssar and popular at Sqolrrel Inn, where her personality was predominant and pleasing. To none hat .Tackle Vliiing need sho yield the palm of favor and of attractiveness.. TTpon Mayor l?edlght MisI: Walters tried all her wiles. In a swiirn cotn- p.act with the "Judge" she sought by of wood here. Take oft your wet j every means in conformity with lady- clothes and dry them. When you havo finished, call from tha door. 1 will be on the hearh. Do not be afraid. I win not be out of hearing." "Thank yo'i." she replied, and Jhere was a more cheerful intonation In her voice. Bedlpht sat upon a log and watched the white-caps whip themselves alons the .-^hore. The sky was clear and the moon came out from its nest bc- llglit alluring to wring from him some little slip that would throw light ypou his clandestine meetings—but P*- dight baffled her at every c.lewr tiirust. She came homo at nlght«.onIy to admit her defeat "Ho is charming—and decWedly adept at fencing," was the verdict Miss Walters rendered to he^ chaperone. And on the pinnacI6 of this It hsp- hltid tho wood and glowed like a ball ; pencd! of crimson ochre. For an hour he sat : Jackie VIning and Lucille W^alters, thus, when be heard a step upon the star g.-ising, beheld the rascally Be- gravel behind Mm. ! (light enter tho arbor. A half hour "The coffee 1.=; ready, Mr. Bedlght. | later the figure of a woman emerged If yqji are as hungry as I. Wfl shall • from the trysting place. For a time do nrnpU' justice to saleratus biscuits (the two stood In the arbor entrance, and coffpo." " j The arm of the mayor was about her. They sat down by the light of an oil : Then their lips met In a lingering lamp that contained two Inches of ; caress and the girl glided across tho koroseno. i lawn as on that other night when "Oh. if Paulino could only see ns ; Jackie had beheld a like tableau, row." lauphed Miss McConnell—or j Tndoubtcdiy tho woman was one of Mine Hosr—"but fCs good, anyhow, i! • iliem—but which one? you'm hungry enough!" ".Add to all your other charms." said Bedlpht. lightly, "the quality of being a good cook!" The girl's face grew serious again. Bedlght noted the varying shades, but paid no outward heed. The rough fare and the abonjilnable coffee were* palatable and both felt better at eating. Miss Yining '8 anger and contcmiit for men in general and Bedight in particular ran high. "Hut." protested Miss Walters, "perhaps his Intentions are perfectly honorable and possibly right here under our noses a romance has budded and I blossomed." ! "But—but—" protested the Honor- I able Jack, stopping herself Just at the Th. y ^a^ r.\;iel'y after tho the j point of confessing what Bedight had ^ oil tuiralng lower and lower in the , ''"id to her that night on the dock, lamp. Outside a wolf barked and In ho said the girl was doing no the margin oT the wood a night bird I harm—and—'' flew by with a raucous cry. ] "Don't be silly, Jackie," pricked "And now," said the mayor, jovially, , Miss Walters, "it isn't wrong to kiss "it i.s the curfew hour in Eden. The j one's sweetheart." last one in bed won't have to blow ! But Jackie was unappeased. She out the liKht, .'or It Is going out of Its \ that Bedight was a deceiver, for own accord." try as she would, she could not justl- He arose and; taking oft his coat, fy his words to her with his act at rolled It Into a pillow. jthe arbor. The danger to the girls "Lie down here and rest a while," under her protection was Imminent, be said, gently. ' i The whole affair bad been a travesty "Please. Mr. Bedight," replied the best, and she was unwise to conttoue girl, her face flushed and her eyes I 't longer. But what method of pro' turned away. 1 !edure was best? Jackie thought^seri' The maj-or arose and Etood before; ously for an hour. Then she sum- her. "Miss McConnell," he spoke quietl.v, reassuringly, "I had a mother once. She was sweet and pure—and—and ilies composing their circle.. The birthday of C. A. Fontaine brought the crowd to "nis house last Sundn.v, where the spirit of. sociability and friendship Drevailed during the time they were together. The passerby noticed that tho atmosphere neSr the house was filled, with delicious odors of fried chicken, v,i\)f a pleasant flavoring of other y'.ch foods, which tells the story of the, dinner. Without individualizing as to members of tho families thosf i-rcscnt form tlie following list: A. H Peekler's. Mrs. Mary Ann Drake, Mr and;Mrs. Frank Drake and family. .Mr ami/Mrs. Winflfld Drake, Mr. and Mrs N. /M. Burton and family. Mr. and Mi.-s. H. Lieiirance and family, Mr. anr* .Vrs. John Harris and family. Mr. and 'Jrs. George Wilson and family and Mr. Joscjth Dresse. Clarence I.ulr. and Boy Hanklnh- •sold Clint Ellis quite a larce buncV •if yoiing cattle the first of the week E. H. {'rook is (itishing the plow'iir business durini: (his favorable spel' of weather M B. Butler is :ii prns'>iil on a busi ne-is trip to Kansas Cilv: \V:>l !afi. Hairs :i!i'l olliers from th' west side took in Ibr .slock show at Kai'sas City lasf -Wf ^ek. Mr. MiillonLv has tnoved Into R. B Biit'rr's house n^ar Ibo road anil is working for hitn on the farm. X., M. Prostoii expects to move fe Kansas f'ity .some tiiu<> in Novenibi-r and in viow of this fact •.vill hold public sale on the 21lli of lliis ninntb kWilie Jfnson, and wif<> of Vilns wore in the nelplihot'iood tho first of th.-^ wofk. Uoso But lor stoppod from iho automobile wbilo il was niriving last Sun day. and was thrown to llio ground sc •lolojitiy tViat hor shoulder was dislocated. A Fair, wiio roronfly struck liimsol' in tho oyo with his pockol knifo, pas- sod along i[\<' road where W. A. Massett iiiid hist, h.inds wore at work or tho rnad. Affor he had jiassod on 'h< hands lalkod l.'iinontingly of the fani l"hat Mr. Fair would havi- to g< liirougli life with but oni> ovo nni' some ono suggesliHl tliat possibly hi might tiood financial assistance whor<!— upon a d (»7.on dollars wore thrown into a purse which was laler<given Ir .Mr. Fair. This is practical charity and the ao| of kindnoss we fi-<'I wil' not soon be forgotten. John Shorrill and liis brnihor o' Prairie Doll rocently went up nea' Xeoslio T'\nlls and bouRlit a winter sui jily of ;i|iples. F. n. Shultz lias commonced tin erectjon of a now house and has rn- gaged llio a .=!sistanoo of srimo of bis tie[;;!ibors .so ho may ;;oi th rough bo- foro rold woatlior. T. P..'.Shannon and family came out from lola to R V. Bal'-s Sunday morn ing for a visit and during tin- after noon Mr. and Mrs. B.-'lo accoinpaiiioo lliom on a long aiiloniobllo ri-lo.' Allhoucli the McCoy brolhors arf enorgefically pushing ilioir jnb ol rock roail work, tali-iilaiing im ."-omi liad weatlior. it may not "lio a wilt! guess to say that it will bo noar tho end of .Vovember before i!io job b completed. Mr. Dixon, of Tulsa. Ok., who owns the farm on which Sam Baxlev lives was MP last wook.ri-viowlng things. Joseph Dresse came up Irom Caney recently and will remain tor a whib at the home of C. Foniuiiic. Mr. Wilson, of Wlieaton, who now owns the Woodin farm i\pd tho Davis larm near tho river bridge, was hen !i fow days ago. Ui; oxpocts to movi to lola later on and his cousin will occupy the Davis pla<M> and a man 1 whotn he has had in his omploy for '.ten yearb will (Kcupy tho Woodin ' fartn. COMING TO lOLA The1(ewMethodSpecialist HI: wii.i. ttv. XT THE Kelley Hotel Tnesday, October 29lh .t>D WILL llK3r.\I\ ONE DAY ONLY Keninrksible .•<HrcrsH of This Talented i'hysiriait in Uie Treat- men! of Chronic ili «ir :ise .H^ Offers His Services Free of Charge. ^ Dr. C. S. Wolfe; s|ieci:llist, authorized by four different state.; to treat all deformities, nervtius and chronic disetises of men. w<imen and children offers to all who calVoti this trip, examination and advice free—making no charges whatever, except tlirr cost of the medicines. All that is asked In re- turii for his valuable services, is that every person treated will slate the result obtained to their friend.s. and thus ;irovo to the sick and afflicted that It last'treatments have been discover,'d that are reasonably sure and cer- • aln In their effect. The Doctor is cnnsidcred liy many ormor patient.'^ aninng America's leading stomach and norvo speciulists ind is an export in tho troaiment ol ;hronlc disea.'-os. and .so great and wonderful have boon his results that n many cases It is hani indood to And he dividing line lietwoon skill and .niraclc. t Diseasi's of the Slojiiaoli Intestines. tJvor, Blood, t-'kin. Norvos. Heart. Kid- leys. Silicon, or Bladilor. Sexual DIs- •ases. i Psoases <if Women. Uheiima- isiii. Sciatica Diabetes. Cattirrli. Bed•Vetting. Gravel. Log ITlcers, certain "onus of Paralysis. Cnusiimption ir. .•arly stages. Weak I.iings and tluiso iffllctod with long standing, deep v'Hied ciironic diseases, that hiivo baf- ried tlio skill of the family pliy.sicinn dioitlil not fail to call. .\ornrditm In his .system, no 'iiioro iperatioiis I'lr App'-ndioilis. \Tiiniors :5all SioMos. Cfillors uv oortain form; if Caiioor Ho wi-.j: .imong the first in \tiiorioa to o;irn HM- iianio nf "Mlootl- 'ess Snrcoon." by dtiins away with knife, with blri'id am! with all jiain in he siiooe.ssftil troatiiiont of these dan- :;eriiu.s ilisoases. He givos sjioci.-il a'loiilinn to tho 'reatniont of |iil<>s and fistiilac. He •iiros th"iii witlinut cutting: no pain; lo delay from work or businoKS. Ho 'ises a new iiii-thod of-his «iwn dis- •nvery. Ho cures thoni to slay curod. Most cases are cured in ten days. Ono reatmont is ail llial is roqiiired. If you havo kidiioy or bladder trou- ilos bring a two oiincr- bottle of your iriiio for !iii;>lysi:;. Iioafnoss lias often boon cured in sixty days. The d'vtor furnisiie:; all his own inMicino::. No matter what your aiimonl may '. no matter what otbofa may have Id yiiu. nn matter wliat experience [,Voii may bave bad with til her physi- •ians. it. is to your advantage to see him at once. Have il forever settled in your mind, • If your ease is inciir- ible. lie will give you siicl: advioo as nay relieve and stay tlio disoasf;. Do not" luit o(T this duty yon owe yourself >r friends or relatives who are suffor- ng hecaitso of yoitr siekness. as a vi.sit his time may liolj) you. itoiiiomlior (lii.s fi'o off.-r is for tme •lav only. .Married ladies SIM.IIM brine their 'iiisbands and minors come witli their paroniK. , (Ufico ill Kelley Hotel. H"iir.-i '.I :>. II'- '" I'- ui. Address Dr C. S. Wolfe. Sl« East iL'ih St.. City .Mo. Reference Traders' .National Bank. TRrST TO CARRT OUT WILU she died." The mayor's voice broko for the moment. "She—she taught me to respect womanhood. She taught me to be open and simple and sincere. The situation in w-hich we find our- selvts Is trying only as we make it so. Let us be sensible and direct. There is the bunk; X.,le down and sleep. If you can. I shall stretch out upofl the floir and try It myself. You need have no fear that " "Forgive me," she cried, laying her hands upon his. "I have no fear— nothing but "expHcIt trust and confl- denre!" "Which Is tho time, usually," bo said, with the old ring in his voice, "that the apple gets bitten!" • ••••• •• At daybreak Bedight sighted a boat bearing in from Squirrel Inn, Ho balled, it an<l^soon the twq disheveled HABMOSY../VV (Mrs.r.C.jClrtii}l).'i.-^ Oct. lfi.-^Xell!e»Bon'e."-\of, Chan'ule spent the week end here with'gramf- ma Booe. ' Quite a crowd turned out Sunday to bear the Socialist speakers. A number frolm here attended th- moned an attendant from the office ^ance at Jay MJcGuffey's near Union and gave him a message. Having done i Saturday night, i this she retired. j Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cloud spent Sun day with the latter's mother Mrs. L. .7. Booe and attended the Socialist meeting in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Lex Booe. Dan Cornell and family, Virgje Cloud and Jack I Cornell spent Sunday with Mrs. Susie Cornell. Mrs. Frank Minster and children returned to their home in Shacklcford. Mo.. Wednesday after a six weeks' Mayor Bedight was still up at midnight when a woman glided down tho hallway and japped gently at his door. It wa'sj opened from wipila and the girl closed It behind her. "Walter!" she cried, excitedly, "Jackie Vining has sent help to the sheriff. I Just learned It. It's almost time for him to arrive. Tou must act quickly. The letter with the bill inside Is still unsealed on her dresser. I tried to get it but failed. You nitist——" "All r!ght ,-'Bes8," replied the mayor, patting the girl on the shoulder, "I'll act—and I want to say right here that you're a trump card. It's up to your Vnclo Dudley to buy you a new Mal- sUIn when we meet In Chlcafo." The mayor was mot^ng Uvely, throwing his few effects into a suitcase. "I'm ready, Bess," he said hurrl^Iy. "While I'm trying to turn this trick. day at the McGufroy home near Odense .Mrs. L. J. Booe received the sad news of the murder of her niocn at Attica Ind., Tbursilay night. George and Frank McKaska aitend- etl the Woodmen lodge at Chanuto Saturday night. We are glad to hoar that Forn Russell is improving. Orvai and Hildred IL.milton and Zola Cloud spent Sunday evening with the Bockover young folks. .Mr. and Mrs. Shopard and son of Petrolia also spent the evening there. Mr. and Mrs. Bockover spent a few days last we<vj{ wjth relatives at Petrolia. .Mrs. Swank is improving slowly. Tlie yard is being wade larger at Harmony and a. new fence | ut up. Tho Mesdanieg Hooe sp nt Tue.s- day with -Mrs. Dun Cornell and Grandma Cloud. . / Lanson Bockover is hauling hay for .Mr. Briley to the now place he recently purchased. tb< KIH'K CilKKK. (George Marks I f)ct. B;.—Wo are all enjoying nice warm weather. .Mr. Wededkin's diugbtor from loin visited with .Mr. Wodedkin and family Sunday. • Frank Marks piircbiiscd a nice colt from Jack Smith. Fred Bees delivered mail for Mr. Woods Wedne.sday. We are sorry to learn of the death of Mrs. Ditnlap at Carlylc. Mr. Ray is bii.=y husking corn at present. George Miirks visited at Chanulc )pK lvdd)<9 K M H HMP to hr I»i>T«>lr<l !• •A derision of the MxssArhiisetts^ s«- proroe court hv<d<^ down W*dnesd««y. rrlalhtK 10 th«« will ot the^ Kev, Nary Baker Kildy. discoverer and founder of thp C'hrlsthn Science' fnUh, announces that the will had created a valid public trust, which would administered by a trustee to be appplnt- ed hy^ the courL The decision also declares that the heirs cannot inherit Mrs. Eddy's property. This decision is the result of the frljndly suit by Stephen A. Chase and others as directors against Adam H. Dickey and others, truste <^3 of Mrs. Eddy's state, and refers only to Massachusetts property. It points out that the state statiiti! limiting the amount of a bequest to a religious body applies in the present instance, but that the trust as directed by Mrs.-Eddy will IM- administered. The question of public policy has not been decided, the court stating: "There appears not to IM» enough In the present record to furnish .T bas-| is for the determination of tlie point." —<;iiristian Science Monitor. M.IKKS I'l.MPl.K.S (JO. S^s '"'"^^a;^^^ and'SnndaV: Frank Booe and family spent ""^'^'"^ ,. i,. - -11 r>-- - '-i We understand Mr. Scbliok has rent- yo,^ s.lp out snu see If Jlnggs ... ^ j.j^ j^^^,, ^^^^^ j,^ waiting. Us an hour too soon, but he Mr. and Mrs, Frank Marks took may be there. Good-by. little girl, dinner with .Mr. and Mrs. Jack .Smith Mum's the word," giving her a loving' Sunday. hug. j Ralph Horvllle and John Frl.schen- The mayor sped down the hall to meyer assisted Frank Marks • put a Jackie Vlning's room. I new roof on his barn and granary. "Gad." he ejaculated, "this Is a rum I I'*"" Smith spent Sunday evening thing I've got to do-but everything is ' ^"""'"e, ^'""^'•' „ /•ol- i„ .^iiii... .«i 41.1. lo! Mrs. Fred Rees called on Mrs. fair In loxe and polltlcs-and thU \^ y^^^^^ Wednesday afternoon. "°^''- „ „ , - ' '•' Glenn Cease visited with Edward (To- Be Continued.) j Elmer Sunday. Remarkalile How /emo Clears ihr; Ftire of rimple.x and .MI Olhrr ! Rleini.thes. i With the finger tips apply a little Zemo to the-skin, then .see the pitUf pies and blackheads vanish. Zemo is-; a liquid, not a smear, leaves no trace.' just simply -sinks in and does the/ work. You will be astoni.shed to t:nd how quickly eczema, rash, dandruff.; itch liver spots, .salt rheum and all other skin disease<i are cured. Zemo is put up by the E. W. Rose .Medicine (^o.. St. I/mis, Mo., and is' regularly .sold by all druggists at '$1 ' for the larfie bottles, but yon can get .T liberal sire trial bottle for only "i-i cents. And this triiil bottle is guaranteed. You surely" will find Zemo a wonder Gelt ;i bottle now from tlioi Morris Howard Ding Store. j CIIICK.S BY KLKCTRHITV. Inrubiilor l.lirhlp«i Kiirhl Hours Then ( hirks Go til Bed. M III \ This is the time of the'^e^f'^*/when yoircan^get' ' • ' ', some g-Qod solid comfort out of your Piano: If yoii i have not already purchased a Piano come to our store and see our stock/' L|oQJ< over our beautiful line of Pianos. Hear what a good proposition \vc can offer you. . A -It i - • i- i I We have some good slightly used Pianos that arc fine and will save you soine money. ORGANS. $5, $8, $10, $12, $15 to $30, On" of tlio most liitoro 'ins; feature- j if .-I .'I'l.'TO-eEsr olnelrioal lialc-lnry al I Miukoi;o<>. Oklalioiiia, is Kie iiiotli;.iI of! foroina the crnwtb of olijoks by the aid of elootrie light. A •;'i-wat| liin-.;- sten laiiip. wliioh. by n>onns of a special swileb. is turned on and off for Iternate jioriods of oiyht hours each, is suspended in- tlie runway. Tho ohirl: fills its craw in tlie oi^ht boiirs of elof'rie illumination, and rests during the oislit hours the licht is shut off ! Thus, tlie rhioks. days in two ordina In tlie customary way of broodint: chicks, eigiit hours out of the 21 aro j A swimming apparatus with which wasted, or to express il olo.rtriealty I <lie inventor lias .siiofr'ooded in attain- the load faetor is Hfi per cent. Tin-i iii? fi mile.-; an hour ha.s created much elootrie outfit .however, is run at i iiii'ie: t lately at. one of Hie w.-itorway;- J. V. Roberts Music Co. Itvo tliroc -If-'trv :^,.,^„^i„^. nary sunshine days ] wei'j;li ohirk.'^ broo<|ed in the old way: Tills up-to-date method of rai.sing chk-kens is dosiribod in an illustrated rtiole in the Nnvonibor Popular .Me- of a plank, about fi feet long, with metal floaf.s att.iched at each end. and a screw propeller of the type used ott' inotfjrboats mounted at. the rear entL i The propeller is driven by means ot ' pedals. . . - nearly lon-iier-oent load factor, ami elootrie chick!; four weoks old far oiil- ii'-ir Paris .says the .Vovemlior Popular .Mi.'clianies .M .T ;:azine. It consistr- Hence Giiii:,, of Humboldt, was a~ busino.,s vi :4itor here yesterday af tar-; noon: ^ ^ ' 'r'lias. f'link is a business visitor \vf-,. part:: of MiRroiiri this week. 7,! f V. I'will sell at Public Auction, 2V2 miles west and Vi ihile south of Bronson andjV /i miles southeast of Moran, on the old McLaughlin homestead, the following dcscrihcd property, beginning at 10 o'clock a. m., on— ^ October 2S FARMING IMPLEMENTS. 1 carriiige; 1 top: buggy; 1 wheat drill with grass seedeij and fertilizer attachment; 1 Troy wagon; 1 hay wagon ;}3 HEAD HORSES AND MULES. 2 .suckling colts, horse ami mule;' (I l-ycai'-ol(l mules; 8 2-year-old mules; i (i 2-year-old horse colts; J .span oi black j , rojadsters, 4 and 5 years old. weight 2150 \ lbs.; 1 span of gray horses, weight 2800 i and rack; 1 Great Western wagon, lbs.; 1 black mare, 7 years old, weight 1 nearly new; 1 pair Howe scales; 1 Oli- 1200 lbs.; 1 bay horse, 8 years old, 1 ver gang plow; 1 disc plow; l.disc gang weight 14(X) lbs.; 1 bay Percheron mare, i plow% good condition; 1 Busy Bee riding weight 1400 Ib.s.; ;i bi'ood mar(?s, weight j cultivator; 1 double row cultivator; 2 from 1200 to 1300 lbs. each; 1 brown mare, 6'years old, weight 1350 lbs. 115 HEAD OF HOGS. Mixed; ranging^from pigs to 250 ! pounds. 3 HEAD OF COWS. Two giving milk and one diy. ONE FORD AUTOMOBH.E. John Deere walking cultivators; 1 co^ planter; 1 corn lister ;„1 double row list[ er; 1 potato digger; 1 barrel cart; 1 set blacksmith tools and other farai tools; 1 B(fv\^ser mill; 4 sets work harness, 1 set new; 1 set'buggy harness; 1 set (iou- ble buggy harness; 1 corn sheller, 1 dipping tank, 1 seeder, 1:stalk cutter; one- half ihterestrin a McCormick binder in FEED. 75 acres of corn in the field; 10^ , tons of baled hay in bar?'; 10 bushels of | good timothy seed; 1 stack flax straw | and 2 stacks of wheat. i row; 1 iGrigch walking plow; 1 2-row riding list^tultivator. Several himdred Hedge Posts and some Household Goods. TPMIIC nf ^alp* -^''^""^s of $10 and under, cash.^On all Sums over $10 a credit 1 CIIIIA Ul JdlC* of 9 months will be given on banlrahlc ncites bearing 6 per cent interest if paid when d«-; if not. so paid to draw per cciit interest from date. 1 per cent discount for rash on time amounts. No'property to be removed until •^1 terms of sale are complied with. Everything advertised will positively be sold COL. H. D. SMOCK, Moran, Auctioneer. Cpi.. F. E. HOLEMAN, Blue Mound, Auct. W. W. Patterson, Bank of Bronson, Clerk. J he highest bidder. Lunch Served bv the Ladies of Moran Christian Church.

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