Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 2, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1908
Page 5
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(local £ vents *=^-<*+^x======= "Tuln," 25 and 35c. Tickets on sale at Clapp's. First class chicken bone, 100 Ibs. 82.50. San Oabriel Valley Milling Company. E. C. Kellar, who was operated upon at Uplands for appendicitis, is on a fair way to recovery. Geo. B. Whitelcather of Los Angeles spent Monday in Coviua the guest of C. H. Staiiton. Secure your scats today for "Ttilu" at tbe Wonians Club House Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Munn of Sriutn Ana were guests for the week end of Mr. and Mrs. A. Carnuhaii. As the Argus goes to press early Saturday morning, we are unable to give a report this week of the high school concert last evening. The newly elected officers of the Epworth League will be installed tomorrow evening at 7:30, preceding the lecture by the pastor. Mr. and Mr*. H. C. Asher and daughter Elsie were in Pomona last Sunday, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Berwick. Those taking part in the oratorio, "Holy City," are requested to meet for the next rehearsal at the home of Mrs. J. D. Reed Wednesday at 7:30. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Brandt spent Saturday and Sunday in Los Angeles at the bedside of the hitter's father, Rev. Stephen Yoder, who is very low with a paralytic stroke. Dinner guests at the home of Mrs. Minerva Hepuer on last Sunday were Rev. and Mrs. Shock, tbe Misses Eikenberry and Messrs. Green and Ebersole, all of Lord&burg. Miss Emma Overholt.zer has been ill with the grippe this week. Miss Ethel Shank of Los Angeles spent last Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Zng. Mrs. Mary Leebrick returned home yesterday from the California hospital, Los Angeles, where ahe underwent an operation about three weeks ago. Her recovery has been much more rapid than was at first expected. Mr. V. W. Miller of Salina, Kansas, arrived this week on a visit to bis sou and daughter, Mr. Oscar Miller and Mrs. W. E. Emery. Mr. Miller will return East in about two weeks, when he will be accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Emery. Coulson's Baby Chioh Feed will make chicks grow and feather quick and never get sick or die. Why do you go to the Milling Company? Be cause we get what we call for, you bet your hat. Mjss Lottie Stantou, who has been spending the past ten days at the home of her uncle, W. E. Staiiton, at Chino, returned last Wednesday. She has regained health sufficiently 10 attend school the remainder of the term. Guests at the home of Rev. Paul Slovens who attended the dedication services of the new Presbyterian Church were his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Stevens, and" his brother and wife, Mr. aud Mrs. Claude M. Stevens, all o? Santa Ana. Ellen Beach Yaw (Mrs. Goldthwaite) sang last night at Ashtebula, Ohio, this being her first engagement on her overland trip to California, her last being at Phoenix, Ari/. on May 12th, sn that she is expected homo on the 1 4th. Rev. and Mrs. (J. F. Chemberlen drove to Lurdsburg on last Sunday. Kev. Chemberleii conducting tho 11 o'clock service at tho Brethren Church at that place. Returning via Glendora he aleo filled the pulpit fit the (Jlendora Brethren church in thn evening. The reheiuwils for the "Holy City" are progressing finely under tho direction of Miss Bess Mathilda Welch, ami the oratorio will be leady for presentation early in June. Mihs Welch has the l>cst vocal talent in Covina tn participate and iho music lovers have ii treat in store. Miss Welch will wivo the beautiful cantata "Esther" at the opening (it thn fall The anniiiil parish meeting of tlic Holy Trinity Church was held in the church on Tuesday evening l. ; ist. The treasurer's report showed that the financial condition <>f the Hunch in in a satisfactory state. The following officers werft elected: Senior warden, \Vui. ('look; Junior warden, d. N. Atu-,c,d; I reaiin i r, A. I,'. Evan*; clerk, W. II. ('..Iliu.-, (i. F. Platt, Wm. Crr,..k, A. K. Kvan-, A. W. l j r;oley ill, (I H. C. .Mar,- i. u -re elected !;iy delegates to the lJi'ei-,e ( 'on\ entiiiii tu coijvei.e May l.'i, in Lou Angeles. A treat in store for yon-—U.S.C. Glee Club, May 15th. Junior play next Friday evening i in the Wninnus Club House. (tuntber's sweets are pure and sweet. Clapp sells 'em. rii*! Ladies Guild of Holy Trinity ; Church met last Thursday at the ! home of Mrs. E. U. Smith. Mrs. H. M. Honser leaves on Mon- j day for the East to visit relatives and friends in Iowa and other points. Buy your tickets early for the U. S.C. Glee Club entertainment, May loth. The Juniors will entertain you next Friday evening with "Tulu" nt the Club House. The Junior class will present their class play in the Club House Friday evening, May 8. Don't miss this evening of fun. On May 15th, the Glee Club from the University of Southern California will give an entertainment at the Club House under the auspices of the Epworth League. Do not fail to hear them. H. H. Cusbrnari and Wesley Hodges spent Wednesday in Hollywood visiting the beautiful home of Paul do Longpri, which will be closed to the public, on May 1st, when the family move to New York. D . Schoerocks, who has charge of the Presbyterian hospital at Seyn Chug, Corea, delivered the ladies of the Presbyterian Missionary Society an address Thuroday afternoon and to a largo popular meeting in the evening. Mrs. M. T. Cable aud little sou from Windras, Colorado, are visiting their parents, Mr. aud Mrs, E. W. Van Aukeu of East College street. Mr. aud Mrs. E. W. Vau Auken and daughters aud Mr. aud Mrs. Cable are npeudiug a few days at Long Beach. Mr. aud Mrs. Edgar Mitchell have bought a home ou Center street, that of Mr. Mitchell's mother, and arc moving there this week. Mrs. Plant returned today from San Diego where she has been enjoying a pleasant holiday with eastern relatives, Mr. aud Mrs. W. C. Harris of Los Angeles are guests this week at the home of Col, and Mrs. P. M, Chapman. Tbe Misses Florence and Lucile Krause of Los Auge'ies arrived lust evening t» spend the week «nd at the home of Prof, aud Mrs. A. H. Collins. Mrs. D. E, Huff went to Pasadoua on Monday to attend the funeral services of an uncle, John S. Smith, who died on Saturday last. The remains were shipped to San Diego for interment. You will find in Miss 'Reckard's millinery store ou North 'Citrus avenue, all the leading styles nad novelties in the way of trimmings. Now stylo books and catalogues keep hor posted a3 to the eastern styles. Mrs A. J. Wilkins aud daughter Beatrice of Highlands, Mr. and Mrs. H. Knight of Los Aucelos and Miss Edith Johnson of Ocean Park were guests of Mrs. A. H. Evans on Wednesday last. Mrs. Charles Finch was called to Los Angeles on Monday last by the sudden death of a cousin, Leslie Sanburn, who died of heart failure, aged only eighteen. The intcinviut took place fin Wednesday, the funeral being attended by Mrs. Finch. On Tuesday the members of tho Eastern Star and their friends spent a very enjoyable evening in their lodge hall listening to that pleasing i lady entertainer, Mrs. Kuio I). Mooke. This gifted leader gave a number of new and aiuusinu numbers. In addition to her oilier accnmpliwli merits she is an excellent ventriloquist. I Mrs. Chiis. Caiitonwiiifi left, yoster- j day morning to pay a protracted visit. jiit the home of relatives in Tern; ! Haute, Ind. Mr. ('antonw inn will i make his home with bin histor, Mrs. : Souther. Mrs. Cantcnw inc. wishes -to bifj laicwell and express her hearl- > felt thanks to all thihc who have ; helped her with until ing sympathy aud many acts it kindness during . the continued ill health o* her husband and latterly of herself. An "nthusiasi ic meeting of Covina Council, NIL rrj'i. Fiaternal Air) Ahhi.ciat ion, w;;n held on Monday evfeii'ng last, i he '-tale oiganiver, V.'m. K. [,'her, being prcreut. Ten new members were admitted by initiation with others to toll:,*, for which pur pose an adjoin omen! wa^ taken until Monday evening, May lib. upon which i.cca-ion the com n. i 11 1 e in ehartji- A i 11 provide an ft. hi t aincierit and euitahli; ief i cvbin'-ntrr. A gen cral good time i:-s ; ; . r:.i-i.<] to all • tho-:e who attend. OUR AtfENS: Warner, Wftitsel & (o. Brown & Bohri Pomona Sanitary Laundry Mrs. Dnvid Foster of Aznsn aveuuo entertained a number of ladies at afternoon tea on Tuesday afternoon. Miss Myrta Sturtevaut of Pasadena was tho guest from Friday to Monday of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Evans. We can offer you tho best stable manure at reduced prices. C. C. Cady or Frank L. Hepner. Home pbonc. Dr. and Mrs. Cline were members of a largo bouse party lor last week end, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Clapp of Ocean Park. FOR SALE—A 5 aero snap on and one-quarter mile cast of town. Valeucias aud navels, half and half, well fertilized, fumigated and in first-class condition. Price andjtorms reasonable. See owner, W. F. Granlee, Rowland avenue. tf The Dignified Course. An army examiner once had a candidate before him who apparently was unable to answer the simplest question. At last the examiner lost his temper und, with sarcastic emphasis, quite lost on the youth before him. said: "Suppose, sir, that you were a captain ia command, of a company of lu- fautry; that in your rear was an lin- pnssnble abyss; that on either side of, you towered perpendicular rocks of un- tTavtTSiiblo height; that before you stood the enemy, a hundred men to each one of yours. What, sir, would you do in this emergency V "Sir," said the aspirant to military honors, "I should resign."--Pearson's Weekly. Similar Result. There are certain delicate shades of expression of which a Frenchman Is. as a rule, past master. One member of that fluent nation, stranded In New York, was Hotting forth his troubles to u lawyer. "I understand from whnt you say that you are convinced your friend Lecomte has stolen your purse," salil the lawyer. "No, no, monsieur! Not so fast!" tried his client. "I only siiy that if Lecomte had not assisted me to hunt for it I should hnvc found It again." Tho Reform He Advocated. The editor of a Hrlllsh weekly journal, wishing to know what reforms well known men desired to see effected during the year, once applied to Sir W. S. ("Jllbert. among others. The author of "The Mikado" answered: "Dear Sir—A reform which I am particularly nnxlous to see curried Into effect Is that editors would cease to trouble hupy people for gratuitous contributions." Sure to Bo Converted. When the south sea Islander salcl tii the missionary, "I will call and dine upon you tomorrow," the missionary realized that ho was bound to he converted.—Brooklyn The Fun of It. "Dear. I only play poker for fun." "Itut you bel, don't you?" "Well, there wouldn't be any fun without: a little bcttin;,'."-Lou' Courier-.ftv.irnal. Didn't Like His Head. Manager--.My (dock In trade is brain*. I'rlin ipal d'irl You've K 11 '- u fmi;>y l'.K>/iin/,' Hiiuijjle cuse.—Lor lion rk-k-Mts- That man Is not poor who ha* the IKC of things necessurv - llon'ce ! * i * * I * . Ifiancbcr in are conducting a big more money invented than many biiMiie^H houses---do a good deal of correspondence, don't you? iJo you always have suitable paper handy when you wish to writ*.'.' Do you know that we ,;arj furnish you with the very be.-.t of writing paper and en velopes, neatly printed with your naiii;- n." the name of your ranch, pla<; of n »idenct: and date line, i.heapi-r than you can rt-i.iire t,ihle|.-> and en vclope^ in snia II ijnau- titic-.'.' Thi-. will make, your (..orreipoiiflein e bn im--,-,]ike ;j nd mor-- i.on vnient. COVIXA AK'.t S, I'KJN'TKKS * * * * •# * •* •# * * * * # * * * •* •# •# * * * •* # * * -# * # * * # * * * * * * For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. For inimedinto delivery of stable innuure see F. K. Dirddrrnr. ThorotiKhbrrd White Leghorn e«>;a foi setting, 8,'i per 100. H. E. Ward, Charter Onk. Phono 1201. tr For Sale- fhigK.V ntid hnrnoss in Root! onnditiou. 800 Ahirshnll, the bnrbet. tf Cement blocks, 8x1(1 inches, for sale by D. F.. Stitos, tho octnont num. Pric.aa the Inwest. FORHALIv Sweot. puliito plnnls. M. FJ. 7,r.4, Irwindiilo. Phnuo Ml 17. tf For Sale -Comfortable, five room residence in line section of town, 81800. J. II. Matthews. For a stylish hair cut or an enay slmve patroui/.n the Asher barber shop. Uatlis in connection. tf WANTKD—Chlokens and oalveH. J. C. BnldridKo. Covina, Cnl. P.O. box 2117. J'hono 20(iO. tf First class ehickmi bono, 100 Ibs. 82.50. San C-abricl Valloy MilliiiK Company. Pliiiu sowing at my "home. Mr.s. Followoll, First, ninl San Uoinanliuo Road. tf lia\'n your rubber tirea sot. by Wilson's rubber tiro Hotter, tho only one of Its kind in the valley. tf. For Sale or Uont Modern bungalow on West Contor, furnished or unfurnished. Seo Mrs. (!. F. Preston. Place your spare cash in the Covina Valley SaviiiKM Bank, a safo invent,mi-lit at '1 per cent. For Sale --- l!ood second hand Birdsoll \vaK"ii, !P-.| in. tire, alwo uood le'ilher top carriage. Apply homo phone. 1-0!)0 or box 07, Covinr. FOR SALl'l — - (iiiod team lion-en, bupgy and harness nnd comiilelo outfit of ranch Inoln at reiiHonablo price. in<|iiiro of W. 10. Fariery, Phono 1211. One new rubber tiro open biiKK.Y for sale. Also one second hand open buggy. Goo. W. Marsh. oppoiito postofHco. tf For Sale — Thoroughbred Whito LeKhor,n and Black Minorca OKKH for setting. Mrs. J. Whaler, Cyprosa BVODUO. Homo phone 1098. Lost- --Yesterday, bbick li^ht woi(,'ht ovorooat, between tho rowi- donco of A. M. " Seeley and A. M. White on CienoK" avenue. Fiudor please leave at iioHtolllce, lip Tularo land raises oran^'eH, all kinds of fruits and vegetables to perfect ion. (,'omo up with us on Friday and soo thorn. .J. II. Matthews, Covina. Phon<- 5008. (Joulson's FMH Food will make your lions lay more e«^s than any other known food. 82.00 per naok. San fiabriel Valley Milling (Join puny. For Sale-• KKHH for ImlohiiiK and day old chicks from incubator from Die fnlluwiuK standard bred fowls: While Kockw, While MinoreiiH and While Leghorns. VOUIIH pullets for sale. ileiiMon A; (,'lemenls, [•]. Itudillo Street. tf I''OK SAIjI'l How bunt, businesH at, Avalon, ('alalina It-land. ThiH is an opportunity to ^el a i,'ooil hiiHincMS lor little money. Apply to W. II. Mnl t.he'VH, Avalon, (,'nlalina island or to Ar^us olDce, (,'ovinn. l''()K SALK Killife.r cultivalor, % 15; pluw ^fi; HlroiiK surrey £KiO; (arm Wilson, single and double, bar neHs, cow, yoiiiiK hens and turkey e^^H. ('ruwlord Ivinicli. (.'iene^a live nue, Sin OiiniiH, 11, The Closing Date of (he NAZARETH WAIST * Sketching Contest Jj has been extended * to May !8th V V * A PRIZE TO EVERY BOY AND GIRL . who submits a sketch of the Nazareth Waist. A prize of $50 for the best sketch aud $25 for the next best. If you haven't entered this contest call at our .store at once aud get a folder containing all tbe rules and a list of pri/.es. The $ contest is open to all boys and girls not over 14 years old. Don't * * * * * miss it. I* THE I Covina Peoples Store * (INCOKI'OKATKD) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE Your Letter mil (>r, Mini Imluts. N I K''Jt"riil mant^-r of cor We Take This Into Consideration III hiiyiiiK |ui|KMM Tin 1 (jinilily ol' our Htnlioncry ciintn>( It' 1 excelled. It alwity t will i> • I'oun I In ronr<U'Mi (n lln> pock"! book <)]' lit' ()f tin 1 DHKl.'I'JllM MK'MtlM. SHOP MANUFACTURERS or Irrpon GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Eqnipped for All Classes of Machine Work F* eilte- rns I'<>:1 i mates l''iiriiihlii:d. KELLAR & THOMASON Shop a nd Olliec S. I'. I)c|j;t Home I'hone 2H'» Covina, Cat. PROVIDENT MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION PAYS on I year Term Deposits $ on monthly balances A -.set™ .*! , I(i7,'<t7 SECURITY- 'liu I l^ecds nil Impruved Keal .lie I,. V.'. r.iiiin, I'n-^. Wm. l>. \'.,i\n <> i,. J. (in i-,lij^tiei , Vii c- J're™. it-, I'r,!,e Iv A. U'il-, M. II. H.-llman X. li^i.ii.i-, J. M. HUNTER, Manager Covina Pharmacy U. SMITH, Prop. Always RELIABLE and PROMPT Telephone 12 F:mer^en(.y Call IIH8 BEN F, THORPE CI;MI:NT CON I'kACTOR C EM K NT I RR i( i AT I N ( i PIPE General Cement Work of All Kinds Tr], -phone -lUJ.?

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