The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 21, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1892
Page 8
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8. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 1898; THE MARKETS. I'KOIH'flK. Olllciij^n. The following In acttvo futures; Cnn.'Ai rariRe ii. April:>.\ if prices for jOpcn'diHIgh't.i .tint' 42« 28 H •20 2H1J II 50 (I 70 :i»X 4:1 ••'•<>% !'•»</, II S7!i »7r> !!8 II 45 (»«r> •WI1BAT. , May ROUi H1H SOS July I H(H?| KI; S| 80 «j June 00 UN. July May ... OATH. July May... . Julie.,.. POHK. May July . April. . 1.ABI1. May iff 17',4| (117!il •« July April. niBS. May r, 47',-j! r>:>Hl r><r> July April.... WWOAT-No. oiiBy KOfic: July HOWIiBOHc. CORN—F.ciweri No ! April 4isc: May-tile: June :iHKr.: July aiic. OATS-No. '-' cany: cash !!H7jffl!!l»e: May July 'JHJSc. . PORk'-stcady: cashSll.4:!y,; May 10.4.% 0 .47V1', July SlUlft. r,AliI>-Ktcady; ca/di 80.15: May 80.IS July OU.i'i-i. HHOIlTHins-Slcauy; cash J5.nw.r,.r,3H May S5.fin@ri.riS4'. July sr>.«r.(?jiri.il7v4. UYK- No. '.! Ilrm. 7!lc. BAULKY—No. 2 nominal, niiifliooo. FLAX SBED-i:asy. IITc. TIMOTHY SKEi)--I''lvm: Sl.Ilfi. mjTTKB-Stearty. GOOS-Htcaily. ' WIITKKV- I,OVt ''8t ClOS'g. H>Js H0« ,80?j •1214 28 28 li 28'i 11 » 05 0 4.1 0 1 "i (125 0 In or>2!; 6 or. n 50 caah 80Sc: May probably no good, on account of illegality in the issuing of it. The furmerH of Kearney county are in fine shape and better satisfied than ever before, and will have more to show for their labor than Hinee their residence in this section of country. Htiuatidorcd In .Hpet'Ulntlon. UKIIMN, April 21.—11 has been learned that the money stolon by ,lne- gor. the defaulting chief cashier of the llothschilds at Frankfort, amounts to 1,240,000 marks. Ho had UHCCI the. greater part of the proceeds of his robberies in unremunerativc speculations in fruit in Merlin and Odessa. WILL CARL-ETON- Knnnmt tjlty. KANSAS Cn'y. April ! WHEAT—The market W.'IM entirely in mil. CORN—Dull: No 2 April Me. OATH -Slow: cash •Miic. riUTTBHr-Sleaily: •JlliiVi .V. Wilis-Steady; lOiic.' si. Louis ST. I.UUIH, April 21. VVJIKAT—Canti hlRher, 88c; ontlons lower except for Mnv, vrlilrh closed at H4 ?^r; July '»'.{<:: August 7Hc. t'flHN-Canh nicer, :t7*,'c: options easier; Mav.1l)Si!(if,:iUJfc: July :iu7ic. OATS—Caahfirmer, :tn«ic; May easierHOV, July :i7 lie. POKK-Qulet: standard SI0.00. I.AHl>-NomlnalIy JU.00. I.IVK STOCK. Something; OoncernlnK flic Orr.nt Poet Who Will Soon Visit lis. "For fifteen years Mr. C'arleton, young as he is,'has been a popular lecturer, reading his own productions, lie hits gained a competency from this, and the sale of several hundred thous- otid copies of his poems. Me was born October 31. .184.1, in Hudson, Miuh.. the youngest of live children, the only one of thera now living. The farther in early life, moved from New Hampshire, and in a dense forest cleared a farm for himself. He was a practical, bard working man, and. though a devoted Christian, perhaps did not see as much poetry in life as his cheerful wife, who even in this wilderness, wrote poems and kept man}' more in her heart tin written—perhaps, better still, sung them into the heart of her youngest child. The father was fond of rending and wished to give his children the best, education possible, in this isolated farm life. The boy Will had eager desire for books, and while attending the district school managed to study Latin and a little Greek, though these studies were considered useless to a farmer's son. Though fail in health. Apparently predisposed to consumption later, he soon walked five miles daily through snow and mud lo attend the High school." ST. I.OIJIS, April 21 CATT1.B—IterelptB; strong. HOI.JS—JU'celpts 2,500; strong; fair -elpts 2,o00: strong; choice heavy Sf.4rxiM.05; mixed 84.00(314.50; yorker.i S4.4fifa4.00. SHBKP-Uccelpts -'100; steady. Chicago. ClUCA(.l), April 21. The KvcnliiK Journal reports: CATTLE—Hccelpla i:U)00; active and hlKlier: one lot of extra steers Hold at #5.00; (ithci'H at SM.25GV.75. - 10 604. ItKt -Keccljvtii R.IKKI; HOllS-Hcccipts lower; rone' heavy ti.nfitfti.ia MHHK1' " nodi. :cclptrf 10,000; slow and 5c ?h St.00iai4.25jinlxi?d S4.:io<f04.5O; gilt S4.4(J©4.00. steady and POWDER Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking powder highest of all in leavening strengt — 'iittest U. S. Government Food Report- building quietly, but .1. M. Anderson from visiting friends and Heal Katnln Trunsfei's. KIUIHHS <:lty. KANSAS CITV. April 21. CATTLE--tteccl|it», 1,200. .Shipment*. 1.400. Steers were active and 10c higher; »:i.l>0(i>,4.(IO; cows active 5(S,10c higher: $2.10!(i ,:i .:l5: stockcr* and fveders active and strong at si .OOHM.OO. HOOS— Ilecclnts, ll.r.00; shipments 4.K00; active and 5c higher; all i;radcH S4.05^r; 4.1 S: hulk S4;:I0W4.40. BltnB 'P—HecclptH, ;i.200; shipments. 500; unchanged. IICTCJIJNSON .ii.ircKin'. I 'riMliU 'e. FlAltlU-lhghcst patent. S2.40; second patent. $2.20: extra line S'.'.OO. llUTTKH—In deinaud. Creamery. 25c; tlnest dalrv, 20c; Unc dulrv. 15c: common. 10c. Bt'ItiS— In demand. l«c. POTATOKS—Choice. 50(!i)05c. Al'PI,KS-Sl.OO0> 1.25 per liusllel. ONIONS—In (air demand, lted. 75r huahel; home grown. Spanish, $1.25 hushel. CAHHAOB—Fair, lc perilound. TUHNII'M -In demand, ,'SOc perliushU HKKTS -Steady. :inr per hushel. HWBKT POTATOIW-Vlenty. $1.00 hllHliel. HAY—Baled, ^5.00^5.50: loose. S:l.0OfC4.OO per ton. per per per hard 05c; No. :i Cruln. WHBAT—No. 2 soft 72c: soft »7c; hard 03c. COHN-2SC. UYK-No. 2 ll.'ic; No. :|0U OATH-24C. Live Stock. CATTLK—Stcadv; Mtockcrs $2.2r>C^1.80; feeders ?2.25(To.'l,2">: fat cows and heifers in demand S2.00Sii:. , .50: fat steers 8:i.00fft:1.50. HOGS—Steady. Waeotis, lops SU.OO: car S4.10594.15. SllKBP—In demand. »;i.75((S4.00. Poultry and Wild (liime. CIUClvMNS—Chickens S2.00f»:l.00 per do/.; 4i- chlckeim 5&c per pound; hens 0c per pound: 4c per pound: turkeys 7c pound. per (•AME—Wild ducks tn demand Sl.OOfij.2.00 perdoz.; plKconniu deinaud SI.00 per dov:.; geese *t.00l(/>1.50 per do/.. COSHII'. A heavy snow storm prevails in southwest Minnesota, northwest Iowa and northeast Nebraska. It is generally rainy in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa and Indiana, tho temperature ranging from 3H to (15 degrees. llurMand HtllipenlliftA. tlAini.ANi), Kun., April21.—[Special. I Kearney county is in it this time sure enough. This will be a great year in her history. Kearney leads the great west in the production of alfalfa, the first crop of which will be harvested in about thirty days, ufler which there will be successive crops, one of which will bear theseed. There are thou sand of uereB on which alfalfa is growing, all of which is in a most llourish ing condition, ltesides this, our wheat crop prospect is the best, perhaps, in the history of Kearney county, and other small grain is looking admirably well, so that wc are in all around good condition so far as crops are con cerned. Fiuancially considered it is positively known that in consequence of wise and judicious nuiuagement on the part of the county olllcials and commissioners, Kearney county is uwuy ahead of anything that has ever ex Isted before, in its history; and it is now thought that in a comparatively short time she will pay dollar for dollar for all her supplies. For the past four yours the county oftleiul have been working to tlite much desired end," Judge Abbott has boon holdingeourt here a part of the weuk and has adjourned until next Monday. During the remainder of the term Homo important eases will be tried uud settled; among the number will bo some old vorlp OIINOK. » good deal of which is Itelow we give the real estate transfers for to-day. They are furnished by Chas. E. Hall, tho abstractor: office in the First Notional bank building: ^Warranty deedswhen not otherwise statcdl L-. A Pocoek et uxto Eli/.ti A. Mann, w hf nw qr 14-25-5 SJ2,fiU0 00 H. Whiteside, et ux to .1, W. Jones, e hf ,'10-25-10 2,800 no .lames MaeElree to Win. II. llinshaw, sw qr .'15-32-10... 1.1107 :i;i .Martin ,1. Untidy et ux to Titos. II. MuMitlau, lots 83 and 85 First avenue east 2..1110 00 K. Marshall to Allen I), liubb. lot 5. block 21, Niok- erson 500 00 Isaac W. Taylor et ux to •lames M. Ileum, lot 2, live "A" West 125 00 A. T. ,t S. F. R. 11. Co. to Alexander Mitchell s hf liI-25-0 1.004 0(1 Tibbie Martin et ux to 1,'alplt I). Murphy, sw qr 20-22-U.. 2,500 00 Stephen 1'. James et ux to 'John Ellis sw qr 211-2:1-8 1.050 00 W. B. llnrns et ux to Valley State bank sw qr 10-22-5 and lot DO Sherman street west I 00 Wm K Cone to .SolomonWhet- sel lots 15 and 10 block 2 Smith's add IOO00 no Thos McCall et ux to Walter N Baker lots 15 and 10 blk 1 Ott & Tewkslmry's ndd.. 25 00 Concordia Loan and Trust Co to the Alliance Trust Co sw qr 4-25-8 q 0 d 1 00 W F Williams to A II. Cramer s hf ne qr 5-25-9 500 00 Sarah Driver et ux to Peter Burns lots 73 75 and 77 Ave I) east 1000 00 E ,1 Stui'lise'o ux lo 1! It Fra- zler et al 11 hf of e hf nw qr of ne qr of sw qr 11-22-7 112 00 Mary C Wolcott etnl to Anna E'Bain lot 21 First live west 800 00 0 0 Wnndnrdet u\* toCbicugo Inv Co lots 0 and 7 l-ll; 5 Mardis' add 50 00 Benjamin U DeYoung et ux to Caroline 1, Itooth block Eceles' first add, lots 24 25 2(1 27 and 28 blk 5 fl C Millar's 11 add I 00 Morton II Hull, assignee, to Nellie 1") Ramsey, ill) ft off e side lot is If. A B. add. quit e d 1,800 00 1 M lavne eluz. to S II Porter, so qr 30-25-4 3,000 00 United States to Simon F Taft, lots 1 and 2 and e hf nw qr 18-23-7 Patent United States to Samuel L Langdon. s hf scqr 10-30-10 final receipt .' 4 00 B J Kediger et ux to .1 W Cook, 11 w qr 32-23-8 2,500 00 National Mortgage & lleben-, ture Co lo Boston Safe Deposit &• Trust Co, lot 30 and s hf 20 blk 5 I) B Milter's add, s w d I 00 William Sallee et ux to John W MeFarland. w hf no qr 20-23-4 1,000 00 Alice Jt Cochran et ux to John Harms, s hf nw qr and n hf nw qr of sw qr and 11 hf Rami. We are substantially. Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson arc relations here. There was a social at .las. Oaynebin, Sr.'R, Thursday night. Those present report an enjoyable evening. A number of our citizens attended the. Y. P. S. ('. K. social at Arlington Thursday evening. They were well pleased with the entertainment. T. A. 1'ngles came in from the. farm Saturday, anil shook bands with his many frienes. Mrs. T. T. Hopping left for Viroqtia, Wisconsin. Monday tn visit her daughter. L. C. Mc.Iver and C. P. Dawson attended the teachers" association' at Hutchinson, Saturday, The Republican club will be organized Saturday night. They are enthusiastic and determined to get into fighting trim for the campaign. You can count on Westminister township. We always come up bright and smilling after the votes are counted. M. T. Stronp and Jos. (linn were in Stafford on Friday, on business: ing arising from kidney and liver trouble." John Leslie, farmer and stockman, of same place, says: "Find Electric Hitters to he the. best kidney and liver medicine, 'made, me feel like a new man." J. W. Gardner, hardware, merchant, same town, says: Electric Hitters 1B just the thing for a matt who is all run down and don't care whether he lives or dies; he found new strength, good appetite and felt just like he ha cl a new lease on life. Only 50 cents a bottle, at any drug store. "OUR PLEASANT HILL ROUTE," The Mlftflotirl I'u.illlc jinny. Attention is again called to our I'leusant Hill routf!, the opening of which was announced In July 1800. The new line reaches some of the richest and most productive, portions of the east, and furnishes to the public facilities and advantages not obtainable elsewhere. An unusual number of the leading cities of Missouri and Kansas arc located on this line and the counties through which it passes in Missouri have a population of more than one-third the entire state. To those desiring to take a pleasant trip east our Pleasant Hill route offers un- equealed fa iilitios. Wc beg to again call attention to tho fact that we have the most direct line to St. Louis, and all points east. Our train service is excellent and avoiding all transfers at'Kansas City. Ourrates are always as low as the lowest. In formation cheerfully furnished.' 5-5 I*. J. LniMHAC4t, Agent. Ilr, Onmi'M Onion Syrup. This remedy is a sure cure for all diseases of 'ihc Throat and Lungs, caused by taking cold. It will stop a cough in one night, no matter how severe. It is just what its name implies; an onion Syrup, compound in such manner as to do away with the unpleasant taste and odor of the vegetable. When in need of a cure for a cough or cold, try it. Price 50 cents. Sold by I C. B. Winslow, druggist. 5-31 SHILOH.SVITALIZER is what you need for Constipation, Loss of Appetite Dizziness, and all symptoms of Dyspepsia. Price 50 and 75 centB a bottle. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. SpcJojc MetUolne. Dr. tlnun's Improved Liver Pills, on account of their mild action are especially adapted for correcting spring disorders, such as impure blood, tired brain and aching and worn out body. They act promptly on the liver and kidneys; drive out all impurities from the blood, and malaria from the system. Only one pill for a dose. Try them this spring. Sold at 25 cents a box by C. B. Winslow, druggist. 5-31 Omaha, Nebraska, where the Methodist General Conference will meet in May is in the centre of the Great Rock Island System, and parties can go via this line from Chicago, St. Paul or Minneapolis, Peoria, Keokuk, Iowa; Watertown, S. 1).; Denver. Pueblo, j*Liberal, Kansas, and Minco. in the Indian Territory. No road entering Omaha has as wide a range of territory, and all visiting this Conference can secure superb service over the Great Bock Island. JOHN SEBASTIAN. G. T. & P. A.. ('.. M. 1. & P. U'y., Chicago, 111. Ilepiiblleim Committee Meeting. The Republican county central committee is called to meet at the court house in Hutchinson on Wednesday, May 4th, at 2 o'clock p. m. Every member of the committee is requested to be present. VINCENT. Chairman. Railroad Coiil- To Old Soldlerx. 1 shall open in 11 few days a real estate, locating engineer's and surveyor's office at the new town which will be located at Ked liock, on the Santa Fe, thirty-seven miles south of Arkansas City. I have J. O. Stewart and others of the original surveyors of that land in my employ. I will locate claims, re-establish corners, do the necessary improvement and filing for S25 apiece. Forward power of attorney, and send me discharge or duplicate, and I will select good claims, and furnish diagrams of lands showing water and other advantages, with filing papers. Send check for §25 with power of attorney to me at Winfield, Kan., until the strip is opened. CAPT. JAS. IV. HAMILTON. Cimruutcoll Curt*. We authorize our advertised druggist to sell Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds upon this condition: If you are aftUeted witli a cough, cold or any throat, lung or chest trouble, and will use this remedy as directed, giving it. a fair trial, and experience no benefit, you ma}' return the bottle and have your money refttnded. We could not make this offer ilid wc not know that Dr. King's New Discovery could lie relied on. It never disappoints. Trial bottles free at Sidlinger's drug store. Large size, 5oc and SI. 2 TOR mm ill 70 CENTS ON THE DOLLAR But lilt I Mean just what I Advertise. Call at my store and convince yourself, make a grand clearance sale of shoes, as I carry them in stock in future. I am going to do not want to We are going to give away a handsome dinner set of dishes to someone. Come in and see them. The Golden Eagle Clothing House.) | No. 4 South Main A. MINCER, PROP/ Little Judith, the 8-year-old daughter of Mr. Mullincanx. of the Inland Christian Advocate. Ties Mbines. Iowa. on learning that her special playmate, a child of her own age had taken the whooping cough, took a bottle of medicine, which had cured her of a troublesome cough, and went over and said: You must take this medicine; it will do you good. Mr. Mullineaux was curious as to the result and on making inquiry learned that the little neighbor, who hnd been unable to rest at night, had been greatly relieved in that respect. The paroxysms were neither so frequent, severe or enduring. The cough, under the genial action of this admirable remedy, was loosened. The medicine liquefies the mucus and enables the sufferer to throw it off. The attack in the beginning gave every evidence of being a severe attack of whooping cough. I ndeed it was a genuine ease*.'but this preparation, while perhaps it may not be a positive cur** for the disease, is undoubtedly able to alleviate it. If it does not cure it. it will give unquestioned relief. Th medicine referred to is Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. For sale by C. B WINSLOW, Druggist 15 S. Main St. Itueklen'H Arulcu Salve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheuin, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price, 25 cents per box. For sale by C. E. Sidlinger, A gentleman in Union County, Mo., who is too modest a man to have his name mentioned in the newspapers, was cured of rheumatism by Chamberlain's Pain Balm after trying other medicines and treatment for thirteen years. For sale by C. I). Winslow, druggist, 15, South Main street. Vlue l'lnylng CtirdM. Send (10) cents In stamps- to John Sebustuiu, general ticket and passenger agent, Chicago, Kock Island and Pacific railway, Chicago, 111., for a pack of the latest, smoothest, slickest playing cards you ever s*w. Just the thing for High Five parties. Fora 50c express money order or postal note I will send you five packs. French "canny Waters. These wafers are lt,r the relief and cure of pninful :riv 0 -il;tritics, and will remove all obstructions. They are sure and safe every time. Manufactured by Emerson Drug 'Co., San Jose, Cal., and for sale at A. & A. Drug Co. 100 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kan. Happy tloo^ierK. Win. Timmons, postmaster of l<la- ville. Ind., writes: "Electric Bitters has done more for me than all other medicines combined, for that bad feel- TORTURING ECZEMA Editor Iowa Plain Dealer Cured of Insufferable Helling and Pain by the Cutlcura Remedies- J. B. J. F. STOUT, Secretary. d-w Xeurulgui Cured In 15 Minutes Mr. J. S. Sturtevant, editor of the Waupaeo (Wis.) Post, says: "Last night Chamberlain's Pain Balm cured my wife of neuralgia of the face and tooth in fifteen minutes. We ' wonld not be without it." 50 cent bottles for sale by C. B. Winslow, 15 South Main, CTJSON & WATSON. One Price To All Grocery and Confectionery. 315 North Main, •Plxo TJxilvorsctl nemedy THE AILMENTS OF IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITES CUTS LUMBAGO NEURALGIA STINGS ' BRUISES MAN m BEAST HAS STOOD THE TEST OF for IT CURES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORM SCRATCHES SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT WIND GALLS SWINNEY Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it It should be kept in every household for emergencies.^ It will save many doctors' bills/ For sale everywhere at 25c, 50c. and $i.ooabottle? HIGH GRADE FURNITURE ne qr of sw qr 15-25-4... John Hurras et ux to Died- rieh Meyer, 25-4 s hf nw qr 15- 3,350 00 2,350 00 Abbyvllle. Mrs. II. J. Duvall is visiting her sis ter in Hutchinson. W. A. Partlow is building an extensive addition to his livery barn. Bom to Mr. uud Mrs. W, M. Deck, on Monday, asou. Will did Hie proper thing by passing around the cigars. Tho weather is fine now for" wheat Prospect for a heavy crop is good. Some farmers all done plowing corn, Jeff Bowers of Sylvia was in the city Monday, He p'nroliused a large bill of goods from our merehunts. This shows that ho knows where to go when ho wants bargains. Abbyville enjoys, tho lurgost circle of patronage of any town in western No Tjeas Than Five Physicians Consulted. Their Combined Wisdom Followed Without Benefit. 1 am Blxtv-iix year. old. In Augttlt, 1880, ivu- Irotihlcd with the peculiar skin disease to uhi,-h pouplc of my age arc nubluct, kuuwn .moor uk-ttl. cut mcu M eczema. Iui llrst appearance wai« la-nr the nukles. It rapidly exteuued over the loucr cxtreniltlci until my legs were nearly one rawcen:; from lena the trouble extended across tho hip*, filioulders uud the entlro length of the arui», tin: legu uud arms greatly evrolleu with an lU-hn-L', burning palu, without eeneation, Although tin- U'bt medical adv-ieo attainable was employed, i:o lena than five physicians of the place being <-''"- eiilted and tho prescriptions ui'.iui? the result uf their combined wisdom, the dlBcoso, though tip. narently checked, would recur In a few dayi, in* bad an over; durlug Us progress my weight fell away nhout twenty-five pounds. As An <'.i)K'ri- mentl began tho uso of CUTICUOA, following llie simple and plain instructions given with the RKM K DIED, and In four weeks found myself well, with eklu soft and natural In color, the Itching nmt pain eattreW relieved. W. It. MEAD, Editor low* Plain Dealer, Cresco, la. AT LOW GRADE PRICES. Cutlcura Resolvent Tho new Blood and 6kla Purifier, and greateat of Humor Hcmedlei, Internally (to denote tho blood of all Impurities and poisonous element*, and tlnta romovothe ciiu»o).afid CUTICUIU, UIO great Hkln Curo, nnd CUTICUBA 6OAI', on exqnJsltc Skiu Pun. Hor and Beautlflor, externally (to otonr tliu iklu nml ncnl|>, mid roatore the balr), epcetllly cure wvery humor uud dl«eiue of the ifeUi, tcutp, aud l>Un»!, with lou of litilr, whether Itching, burning, ecnly, pimply, und blotchy, whother nlmplo, •crofuliMm, hereditary, or contagious, when physicians and uli inher remedies toll. Buy Furniture At Manufacturers' Prices, At Home.« Bed Room Suites, Parlor Suites, Folding Beds, Dining Room Tables, Side Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture Mouldings. Sold everywhere. Prlco, Ot'Tlcuiu, We.; Bo*r, 25c. j RESOLVENT, $I. Prepared by the POTTISH DKUU iMU OuamciL COKI'OIUTION, Boston. *a- Send for " How to Cure Bklu Diseases." QIUPLEB; blaok-heads, chapped and ally skiu rills curedbvOuTlcuaiMsuioaTIuriOir. \Jt/ FREE FROM RHEUMATISM. In one mlnuto tb* Cutlcura AnU-r*ln riitsler relieve* rhcu. inaUo, sciatic, hip, kidney* cheat, and muscular polnesod weaknesses. The Ural and only {wln-kllnag plaster. IN LATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENTS The grandest improvements of the age. Don't fail to see them. Gunn Combination Folding Bed and Windsor Upright Bed H. W. WlLLITT. Mm

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