Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 9, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1903
Page 2
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DAILY REGISTER TBI^EFHONB NO 18. CHA8. F. 8COTT. 8UBSCBIFTZON BAT85S: si -^Ons - - i - - - Ten OenU Forty-fopr Cent*; nve DoUars and T\?enty Ota at lola, Kaaaaa. Pcwtofflo* aa Bcioimir Oawi Matter. MemtH^; of the Aatoclated Press. ••The lola bally Register is 'a mom- ber oil tbo Associated ^iQw / ana ro- cdiref jtho day tclcgraffh report of that {great,HOWS organization for exclusive afternoon publication in lola. THE LESSON OF IT, Nobody denies the immense pcr- Bonal popularity of President Roosc-. velL ' Democrats no less than Rei)ul> licans will admit their liking for him and their confidence in hira. And when asked to give a reason ,lhe ait sWer will be: . "Because he is square and honest and does his duty as he sees it without fear or favor." When he was appointed Police Commissioner of the City of New ork and started in to enforce the laws, all the "smooth*' politicians said that he would kill himself. But he left that office a hundred times stron,:;er politically than he entered it. because he .took with hira the enthusiastic admiration of the Cityjof New York and started in of those who wauled the law enforced and the respect and fear of-those who did not want it enforced. And then there is Joronie. prosccui ing attorney in Key York now. and Folk, prosecuting ulionii-y in Si Louis. Are I hero l\v(i men |n the UnllBd Stales more favoral)ly tiilla-I about, tr)dfty,lwo mon WIIOHO roi)"la tlon any young mnn with i)oliilca! am bitlons might more reasonalily covi 't as capital with whldi , to iti-gin lil.i career? How did they win these rrputaliou.s? By doing their duty. It is all, told in that single sentence In a purely Jocal office Ihoy have achieved a national reputation I)ecaii.';c - they have courage, and conscience. Other men, their predecessors in this oflace, were content to slide along with as liltle friction as pOFsible, do ing only what they were compelled to do. possibly piling up wealth more tainted than if it had been stolen as a fee for doing nothing; and nobody outside their own city ever heard of them. These, men, Jerome and Eolk. happened to take their oaths of office seriously. They happened to have ar idea that when a man held up hir hand and swore in (he name of the AI mighty Lord God to do some certain tilings, he must really do these things And so fj-om one end of the land (t the other all men whose good oi)inioii fs-worth having honor them. The.- may not be making as much njoue.- right now as some of their pre(lccc'.-> sors; but is there any man. not alio gether sordid and be.soUcd, who would not choose the good rfin;to they havr and a dinner or hcrl).^;. raihtir than bad repute and any nnniltor of stallci oxen? They may not Ri -t rich, r.iii they or their children will never come, to want. "I have been yotin;; and now I am olJ. ami I have never seen the righteous man fonsaken no.- his seed begging; bread.' And do yon tliink the pampered son of any mort millionaire is one-half so proud of the millions left by his father as (h- children of Jeroriie and Folk will im ol the untainted name their fathers will bequeath to them? But we do not hare to go ?o far away from hom«; for illiistration.s tr fit this te.\t. There is Judge Stilhvell, elected Judge right along for tv.ent\ yekrs.—because hl-5 decisions wfrr rendered aecording to tlie law and tin evidence, sind not according ip piililic /sympathy or prejudice or political ex pediency. And there is Charlie Curtis who was elected county attorney of Shawnee county and yho made thai town dry for the Jirsi time in its hi.s tory by the rig:id "enforcement of iprohilJUory law; Of course hej coul<l have held up the jointists for 'a few dirty and dishonored «lolIar.s ; every mo .nth. But do: you imagine he would have ^one to Congress as a Repitl)li can from a Pop. district in.a year When Populism was at its very flood tide, and kept i on going for; twelve yearSi if he had run the office ol county attorney on tfie "get-rich- quick" plan? And there is W. A. Cal derhead, who has been in Congress ten yejirs notwjithstandlng the fact- more probably because of the /act,— tha;t ^hen eleciied county attorney he shut tip the saljoons in a town where th^y had never been closed before aiid ifirhei-e his ife »was threatened l >y those who did plot want them ciosed a fool ought 4o be able to see it. The lesson Is that the sorest way for a public ofiBcial to succeed Is to do his duty. By doing this he will win^he confidence and esteem of the law- abiding and law -loving men lA 'the j.«ommunity,—and there is no Kansas ^community in which men of this sort are not in the majority. An official ought to do his sworn duty as a matter of course, Whether it was to his personal advantage or disadvantage; but the lesson of the instances we have polpled out is that It is always to ills personal advantage to do his duty, whether he does it from a con sclenlloiiH motive or not. As n mere mailer of polllltial policy no pubjfc ofllcitil with ImjMjrljnit reH;M )n.sibilIlle» ro.'illng »i)on hJm can afford to shirk (lioHe reKpon .slblliilc.'^. The peoi»lf lovt! a brave man,'whelher hl.s cotirngo be moral" or phy.slcal. And they hale a cj)ward. City Star: They are laughing in V.'asliinglon over a rebuke that a sentry of one of the departments recent fy gave the Russian anibassador's coachman. The coachman, it appears, wished to drive his master's carriage along a: roadvvai' that for some rea son v/as [barred. When (he sentry refused (o let (he carriage pass the coachman: rdmonsirnted. "I drive, he said, "ze Russian mini.ster." "I can't help it." returned the sentry. "Let nie t'loiigli." iiersif.lcd (he coachman. ".My luaslor is ze Count Cas- sini.ze ambassador extraordinary and inini.^ler plentijMJtenliary of ze czar of all ze Ril.?sias." "Frenchy." saiil (he scntr.v. "I woiildn"! let you throtigb even if your master was a free born .•\in<>ricaii citizen.'' . J All of whicli' piAin ^ m teaches a lesson i sc iHraTfarlng oian thojigb) Lawri-nco Gazette: Breathitt county. ICentncky. where all thi.s troiv l)le i.-;, had fifly-lwo criminal on iheilocK.-i. atid not a conviction. The coiiiiiy ba.-; in'v< r paid its taxes to the state. One third of the while volei.-- caunol read or \vrli<'. . Th<' KCIKI.II liouKc 1« almost uiiUnowii. llrcatliilt co\iniy. K<'iiiiicky, ounlil to l.e annexed lo .M.i.slionalaiid. KANSAS NOTES. ,\ 1 l-year-ol;l boy was rlrov.-ned on the aHScmiily grounds .it Ottawa Wednesday. He was in swimming and was taken with cramps. The Ottawa papers are bragging about the fact that there was only oni ( arrested there on the 4th. At least that's all (he police found. Readers of Chanuto papers will be glad to 'know Ihati they have finally located that man Geissler. He had-a half column full position every day for a month. There is a man in Emporia who hasn't worked for so long that he is actually afraid (o start in now. He .says the papers there would make an awful fnss about it. ' An Oklahoma baby captured first prize at the baby show at the Winfleld Chautauqua. Oh, well, the chances are that its parenis are formerly, of jieople so (here's no need of worry. For the first (imc in Kansas ni ':'n ;tio actually selling them.selves. A few Kaiii^as girls have done this it (•(in :dd"nUion of.iiilois and money but ihi.s is i!ie^time men have been caught a I it. "Vou have doubdcss heard mo leli of llie (;;-j)oiiiid catfi.-h I ont.c landci witji an ordinary hook ami line.": says? Diidd G.i.ston. "?dotl<er says the cat iish wei?;hed only ei^ht jHittnds and that it wa.s iiiy hroilirr \v!io caught ii." A siiliscrilicr wrote to the editor of :ito Iladdain Clijiper: "What ails my }jen.«? Fvcry morning 1 find two m ;iirf<' lying on their b.icks, iln-ir Iocs tr.urJi'il lip. mwr to a.i^ain." Thr elitor rei)li«-d a.s follows: "Vour hen.^ nr.! il< ad." .\ fact not generally knovvn is that the bathin;,' girl u.-^ed hy the Santa Kc railroad on the front, page of one of itj handsomest booklets advertising Cor unado beach i.s a Voting woman whose homo is in Phoenix, Ariz. As a con- senuenci' of the company having use! i! v.-i:!ioiit l .»pr couHeni the girl lias brought suit for daijiages. MORAN. Mrs -H. L..iBaaiett, Correspondent. Mr.'Ehersole aad-family will soon move b%ck to tlie^^f^nning house in the southeast part of town. ja^^ McGuire' came down from Osawatomie, Saturday, for a brief visit. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Myler and Ma!r- shill, visited relatives here last week, and remained over the Fourth. Will Wycoff stepped on a rusty nail and has to use crutches for a few days. Geo. Lacey has returned to his old .place in P. J. McGlaslian's store. D. Miller visited his parents and brother two or three days recently. Dr. .R'WoM nift«Io a buHinoHH (rip to Kansn.s City last ThiirBday and returned Friday. The Preabylorlan Y. P. fi. C. E. BO clal at (ho mansn last Wednesdjiy eveiiing was wcl attended and much enjoyed. Mrs. Millie Hot sled Dlcklo was Mr.*?. Charles l^IcCorm ick's guest over the Fourlh. The Misses Wisely and two lady friends came over frJs^m |Blue Mound to spend the Fourth with Moran friends. \ Mrs. Emma Davis and children were amotig (hose who drove from Uluc Mound to celebrale with Moran friends. The heavy rains (ho latter part of (he-, week, and especially (hat of Friday night, threatened to seriously interfere with (he plans for our celebration of (he Fuurdi. It cleared away, however, so (hat with the c.v ception of a fow attractions the pro gram was carried out. There was an imnten.s.^ crowd, many, coniing from towns more or less distant. Of course the ball game w:is the chief attniciion and v.hen the .Moran beat the Haskell Imlians we all were more ; ri-i:-! <;i o ulioys tliau i -vet. Tin firi • works in-lliir evening were line and a inrne erowd w:is out lo enjoy them. On Saturday aftcinoon afi<r lorg moiiilis of sulTeriug. C. I'. Kejih en lered iiilo rest. Th«> l;isl I wo Weeks of iiiii life were e.-^peclnlly a?;(inizlng, bill tlifoufflioiit his illiiiss he was j)atient aiKl uncomplaining. Everything nos :;ible wr>s »lone for his comfort, ami liis ciiildren and grandchildren administered to his every want. The Pres- iiyterian church could hardly accom modale the frinends who gathered '.;.) a)'end the fijucral. Monday morning. His pasior. Rev. E. L. Combs, preached (ho sermon and the Masons conducted the service at the grave. Mr. Keith one of the earliest settlers in this pari of' the county, and in his death nearly everyojin has lost a friend. He v;as an honorable, upright- man, an earnest Christian, a true fricml. a kind father and a loving bus band. The death of his excellent wife nearly three years ago. was a blow fiJom which he never recovered. His t children were ceaseless in their filial fJovotion. but his life was shadowed by a lonliness that was only dissipated when he joined the redeemed. A person can now go from New- York to Seattle on Pugct soun<i, in four days. Very Remarkable Cure of Diarroea. ".\bout six years a.go for the first time in my life I had a sudden and severe ait.-ick of diarrhoea," says Mrs. Alice Miller, of Morgan. Texas. \ "\ got temi)orary_ relief, but it came back again and again, and for si:c long yoirs I have suffered more misery and agony than I can tell. It was worse than death. My husband spent hundreds of dollars for physicians' prescriptions and treatment without avail. Finally we moved to Bosque county, our pi-es- ent home, and' one day I nappraied lo see an advertisement of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy with a testimonial of a man who iiad been cured by it. The case was so similar to my own that I concluded to try the remedy. The result was wonderful. I could hardly realize that I was well^gain, or believe it could he so after havins suffered so long, but that one bottle of niedlciQe, costingji bui: a few cents, cure^ me." For salel bjr' 4ill druggtstfl. PIQUA, .•Mi.s.s Ileal I y. Corresiiondent. The farmers of this vicinity are busy cutting their oats. , .Miss Aggie Herman and Clara Ull ricii went ti) Emporia. Friday, to spend tin? Fourth. Carl Thoma.^ eannc down from Ivaii- City. Sattirday, to get his little • laughter. Agtie*;. wbo had .spent some time witfi II'T .ijrandmother, Mrs. Cum tilings. They ret limed Sunday, accom panied hy Melvin Cummings, C_ iltatly pit! up clover hay th< (ir.ii p;irt of the wi-i-l:. Jim and IJzzie Heffern went to Hron.-'»n, Kansas. Friday, riitiiruing Sunday. BELFRY, .Mrs. Lilali Mathews is visiting her mother. Mrs. Jake Frt -nch. Jlr.s. Cox has her new hon.=e al- nios-t completed. Part f)f nwv people celebrated at Kincnid, and a part at M(»ran. Carmen ami Delilah Dicken.son spent Sunday of last wei -k with Meribreth and L;IIie-.-\ter.- Maude Gillenwater. of La Harpe is slaying with her sisier, Mrs. Hannibal Burils. ' , ' Mr. an<l Mrs. Ed Baiigh spent Saturday with Mr. Baugh's father.; Ollie Zarens and Maude King visile I .Mae ami Minnie Curloy Sunday. J. H. Cramer and family spent Sun- daw- of last week at Mark Sho-jkey s. G: W. Finley vksit'ed at H. Olmstead's, We«lnesday. ' Wben You Want a Flnt»Cls8s Job of TIN OR CORNICE WORK See Joe. Th6 Tinner «t There was a cloud burst and the grocery store basement was pa[rtly flooded^The grociermaa sent the boy down \6 see if ^y damage had been done to the stock stored there. 15 miniftes passed and the, boy failed: to; return; 3o minutes and still no boy. . Then the grocerman investigated. He found the boy there aU right, seated Well above high water mark; a package of Uneeda BlSCUlt in his hand; his mouth full of the contents; "What in the name of common sense have you been doing down here all this time?" inquired the girocerman. The boy looked up with a good nature^, girin; gulped, once or twice; finally gained control of his speech arid replied: Geel I a^n't found a spoiled package of iUne^dd BiSCUFt yet. I've opened and tried all of this big pile ^HereV and this is the last .package: They're ju$t as good' and fresh as everl" . ' ^ MORAI,.—A hungry boy will '.'spoil" more Rood, fresh Uneeda Biscuit tlian a cloud bursty . , Protected from dampness and dirt by the Iri-er-seal P^kag^, . NATIONAL BISCUIT-COMPANY TRUE HAY PREVENTATIVE , FEVER. Hyomei Destroys Gerrhs of tbe Disease and Keeps People Well. There ran be lit'tle or no doubt an to hay fever being a germ disease-, i: 1-5, loo. one disease wlujTe prevention is murh easier thnn eure. All who are .subject to Ibis di.sagree- alde lroul)li«. .should use Hyomei dally •"or at Icasl (wo or three weeks before • he time of their annual attack. In this way the annoying paro.vy.sms of sneezing, runnin.g at the and watery and smarting eyes can 'lO avoided. This remarkable discovery makes it possible for anyone to breathe air at home which is almost identical with that of the Adirondacks , or' Whi'f Mo'.mtains or other resorts where ha.v fever stifferers go to escape their trouble. If. however. Hyomei •. has not been used until the disease has begun, it is necessary to nse it more frequently, at least half a dozen times daily; and Hyomei Balm should be rubbed into the nostrils both morning and night. This treatment will' relieve .at once and will effect a cure in licarly every rase. ' Chas. T?. Silencer & Co. have a complete Iin«> of the Hyomei goods and will sell an outfit of inhaler. Hj-omei and meilieitie dropper for $1.00 and will agree to refund the money if the treatment does not give satisfaction. Do not try to cure hay fever by dosing the stomach. Breathe Hyomei and in that way the medication will reach the minutest, air cells in the nose, throat, and lungs, soothe and hi'al the irritated mucou.s membrann, and prevent and cure all hay fever I roubles. BUSH & LEFFLER, Watchmakers and Opticians. Walclif.s. Clocks.' .Icwelry. Muslc ;iP and ilsodak Siipplle .H. Siicii;ic!cs ll.^.c lo $1 .00. Waieh repnlriiig a specialty. Wi'Ht Slile. lola, Kansas. I LIBERTY. .luly 7.—Jim Elam's and \M O.S- born's vi.siicd Ed. Osborn's Sunday. CliarKy .McKinney and wife visited Barnliarfs Sunday. Frank Kramer's visited Murphy's Sunday. ! Lu's vi.sited Rhorback's Sim- Jay. There - were several of our neighbors celvliraiid the Fourth at differ cut places if it was I 'iudtly. Anna Clark " and Alma Castator -spent Saiu^lay night with Pearl and Susit! TowuHcnd. We hear that, Charley Rush has lost thirty htiis. Why cannot someone got this chicken thief that is making the rounds of Ibis community. . Wheat and oats h^rvestin^, are the order of the day. Ira Townsi-nd cut P. Johnson's oats Monday. Hattie Townsend and Emma Kra mer visile 1 Mrs. Keithley Tuesday. Mrs. John.^on visited Mrs. A. I^, Townsend Tuesday.- Mrs. Bi.\ier and .Mrs. Morrill of lola and Mrs. J. B. Pees visited Dora T(»wnsend .Monday. » Olonzo Wright of Neosho Falls, was in our nelghbprfiood Tuesday. I Dr. Cox has one case of scarlet fe \-iiV In this community; It is little Johnny Hllllirant. > • \ Ladles' dress, tind walking skirtsi. • x> • K ^ne-third off Uie price at; Rosenberg's.» ^J ^PSj ^l^ PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. A. V. LODGE,. Physician and Surgeon. Chronic disea.s«s siiccfs.sfully treat-, «» ed. Office over "Our Way" restauran'.! {£ Phone 461. Rps. noi East St. Office Phone \^~.\% ' '. I ji D. W. Reid. Jas.T. Reid. | * REID & REID, 1^ Physicians and Surgeons. i ,jj Eye. Ear, Xose and Throat. Spcciii Ij attention given to surgery and all; -3, chronic diseases. Office, room 14, ifcj Northrup Building. Phone .157. ,•»«• <jt DR. B. E. JONES, Head Physician ^. W. A. Female Diseases and Obstrelrics ajlJJ: Specially. Office over iBarclay-Shiclds: 2; Clo. Co.. Phone .3aO. Residence; 502 S. j^jf, AVashingtqn, phone CSO. 1« DR. A. N. MiNEAR, OSTEOPATH. Chronic and Nervous diseases a Kiji .specialty. Office over "Our Way" restaurant. Office phone 147. Residence phone 4.J4. F. M. ANDERSON, . Practical Architect, Plans. Specifications and Estimates on all classes of buildings. Special attention given lo modern improvements!: and superintending. Office, room 17, second floor NorthrUp Building. DRCKJ STORE. I C. C. GLYNN, M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office in New York Store Building. . DR. McMILLEN, Office Phone 32. Special attention given to the treatment of all CHRONIC DISEASES and Diseases of Children. Office in Mrs. Turner's Bldg. West Madison. Residence 210 So. Walnut.^ Residence Phone 2^2. TREMQNT LUNCH ROOM Ahyifiing in the Eating Line SteakB,'Chops, Cutlets". SandWitciies, CWIU Etc. Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit, Cakes, Etc. QIVE OS A CAU- Supplied to the Trade I Direct St the factory or from our rdelivery ijyagpris. JAll delivery wagons have our name on them. . lolk Icej & Cold Storaie Co. I : F lANK RIDDLE. Mgr. ' Phonw ii6. Factory on Wert Street. ^ \ ' -^^ * I Jl Jri. DAVJESi A FITTING TRIBUTE. A Citizen of lola Pays a Well-Earned Tribute. The following public statement of a respected citizen adds one more emphatic endorsemciit of merit to the scores that have appeared before. Mrs. F. A. Rowden, of CO I N. Jef-' ferson street, says: "A dull aching in the small of my back for two or three weeks. Wishing to check it in the Incipient stages when. I no^ ticed Doan's Kidney Pills guaranteed to cure pain in the back from kidney complaint, I went' to C B. Spencer & Co.'a drug store for a hos. If the- treatment hid not brought undoubted! benefit I would bo the last resident o( lola to publicly endorse the medicine."^ For sale by all dealers, • price 50: cents. Poster -IVtllburn Go.. Buffalo,: N. Y., solo agents for the United: States. the name— DOAN'S Uhdertaker | and I LicebMd t T*«^enty years e.xperienc^ in the 4. Business. First clask work '^f guaranteed. T E^t Side of Square, lola 'X, Phone 306. 4* See Our ponies SBA Siirrtys i Before Buying

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