Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 2, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Kntered at the Postoflicc Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Co Vina Arfjus Publishing Company, Inc. One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Single Copies $1.50 AMVKKTISKMKNTS: T)isplav advcTtiHcnicnt at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Joiners Sc per line each insertion. Lefjal notices S1.OO per inch first insertion. 50 cents each Hubsef|tient insertion. COVINA, May 2, 1WS. Report Unfounded. A report, hfiH lif^n g'llriK t.hf: rounds of tho fmpfirH of Hoiitlifirn (,'nlifornin, that, this yfiir'H IHHUO of "Uluo ntid Hold," th« annual hook \HPM<>.<\ by tho HtiidontH of tho University of California, hud been supprefmerj on account of the conrnencHH of the jokes anrl character of tho (uutoonn it container!. Tho report, in iJjHolutol.y falne MH Hhown by Uifi following letter received by the editor thin week, from Clayton K. Hhipway, a Covina 8tn- dnnt, and prenerit oditor of "Uhionnrl Hold": Uerl<(,'le.y, Cal., April '2'.), 1H08. Ditar Mr. MaUhewn :• Vonr letter (ioritsiining the clipping from tin: Vv'hitt.ier Register at hand. Thnro in absolutely no foundation for the article an there; hun been no hint of pi'oiijMt. or c.riticiHtn rjf tho iJlue and (iold From I ho I'lunilty and there wiII lift noun. In the univeiHity tneftling J ( 'ridny I'reHident Wheeler mud that ho \\IIH Kind to HC:: the I'lue and (iold HO.IJ- IMK HO well, as it wa.s an excellent hook. Ho also .said that there WIIH no truth in tho report that HOIIID «on- satiunal riowHpiipor hud Htarted to the ttU'cct that, the Blue and (iold had heon Hii BOAS Tactics- Their Methodes. Tho action of riirm mornhorH of tho oxecutivo committoo of tho Lincoln- Rnoaovelt League in prummiiiiK to dictate to the intelligent voters of the (!8th AnHcrnbly District whom they should vote for as delegates to the forthcoming State convention, has caused a wave of indignation to sweep from one end of the district to the other, nnd the few Republicans, who during tho early Htagns of tho campaign had affiliated with tho Lincoln-Roosevelt, movement are disgusted and ashamed of an organi/a- tion that, would resort to such reprehensible boss niotlioda. Their acti'm in appointing tho delegates instead of allowing Mm votei'H to select in caucuses and convention shows conclusively that the organi/ation, composed largely of disappointed political aspirants, in their intense dosiro to secure olllco, ooiild not trust tho intelligence of the independent American voters in their choloo. With such men the welfare of a grout nation and slide counts as nothing when ootiiliol UIK'With tho grul.1 flout inn of IJjOlt' Mllll!! (ujcl Hl-'lltsll tllltlfl. Thanh (',(,,\ tho grciit rank and lili< of the Repulilli'all pilrl.v In llilt county iin^ Hlale is composed largely tif Void's who will nut tolunitu dictation from one, or even nine men. In righteoiiH indlgnatliiii they will show most conclusively at the primaries on Tuesday their disapproval of such boss tactics as those pursued by the leaders of tho Lincoln Kooso- vult movement, and they will di* HO li.y indorsing by an overwhelming majority the ticket selected by the regular KepublicaiiH in open caucus and convention. Brethren Church : Simrlay-fehool 10 M. m. Sermon at 11 a.m. and 1 :'M p.tfi.,, Chris! Inn Worker?' Meeting f!:4f» p.m. Kveryonc wo Services in the Church of the Holy Trinity, wpcond Sunday nfff;r K»«-tnr: Holy Communion II am.; f "Tho Resurrection Life." K 7 .30 p.m. :" The K;iHlor ( iif ( Peace. '• Offertorv nntheii hv th« fhoir. "O Taste urn! See. " Sunday-school 9:15 n. rn. Prosliylerbm porvieop: Hnridav- Hchool 9:40. Preaching II n. rn. liv pastor; subject, "Our Inheritance, " Junior Kndenvor T5 p. rn. Y. I'.K.fJ. K. <\:'M. Ooflpol sorvico 7 :;{(); subject, "Judo's Fire, " Prayormor!tlng Thursday evening nt 7 :DO. .All stranger*) and friends aro mont cordially invftod to those services. Paul O. H'cvona, pastor. A.'L. Tnri, a Chinese student in tho UrrivorH'ty of Honthnrn ('alifor- nia, will addrfHH tho youn^ pnoplo of thf Epworth Len^nf! at tho Mf;tho- Church on Sunday overling. Mr. Tan \H a very interrntinK Hjieaker and IH much Hou«ht hy tho youn^ peo- plo'H Hociel ieH of Low Angolan arid vicinily. I)o not, ini.HH tho opportn- riit.y rif hearing him. C'hristiari Church, I!ov. W. (J. Conley, puwtor. Muriday-Nchool f):l. r ). Morning Horvico 11; Hiilj.jont, "Our fjihorty in Chrht. " Junior Kndoa- vor ']. Hfinior ('jinlcavor. (i:-lf>. Proarhirig 7 : IH ; Hiili.jfct, "Where JH Ifffavon?" Hfieeial nniHirr: l)net, MrH. lli!Mtli and MCH. \Vyefh: anthem, hy choir. All aro cordially iMvitofl. At (ho Mothodint Clmrch tho pns- lor, Kov. II. W. White, M.A.. will ! preach at 11 a.m. on "Faith in | Action." At 7:,'!0 ho will givo tho third in tho worifiH of illiiHtnitod inifiNloriary locliirfH, tho topic for tho overling heing, "How tho Othor Half LivoH, or DGnconr>a.H work in tlie HlurriH of Chicago." At fiilT) tho Kpworth Loagne will ho addressed by u vonng Chlrieao gentleman, now a student in UI!H country, Snnday- Hcbool 0:45. Junior League H. A cordial invitation to attend thoac services is extended to nil. Worship at the Bantist Church: IMble-Hchool ut 0:40 a.m. PrunuliitiK BfirvicoH at 11 a.m. and 7 :'H) p.m. ; MriMiirig thomc, "A Curo for the Othor Hide of HyprocriHy. " Kvon- iim tliorno, "An [Oxarninatiou of the Six PaMHagoH of Hcriptiiro that aro CoiiHtrnod hy Homo to Teach JidptiH- inal Hlrth or Salvation." U. Y. P. U. (i'lH p.m. Topic, "Tho Silver Lining of Dark Clouds." Leader, Mrs. W. (.,). OiiHlor. Dr. W. Cappn will speak on the (homo, "Physical and Moral Hygiene" at thu Sunday evon- ing Hcrvices. Thifl in the first, of a HorioH of talks to ho given from time 'to time ut; tho Sunday evening Ho" 1 - IVJCOH by the profoH.sionnl men of the ! town on Hiihject.s of practical impor- .tanci) to the public in tho way of pic- j nerving (not tho forc.stH, which are nil light) Ijul our health, Delegates Named. At the lii'puldican rnnrHHcH held in the Covina and Covina City pre- cinctH on Thursday delegates to Hie tiHlh Assembly IMslriot Con volition, In be held in this ci'y to day, In nmniiiali' di'lr^atcn In !hr state convent ion, the folluuing were named : (Jnviua ('it v K. II. Lahcc, ,) Ki'Cil, (i. D. .Ifuiiiiigs, J. L. thews. Covina Counliy .). < >. lluiiM'i, Alex Cainahan, T. !•'. (iriswolil. The caucus was presided (.NIT byC. W. Putter, Andii'W .Mii.Mlen acting as secielnry. The ciin \ rn 11 MH convenes [i<day in the Wuinaus Cluli llmiso ai 1 p.m. There will lm li-hi eighty to ninety delegates pieM'iit lu.m all nver (he Atselnbly di.stlict. It IM i-\[:(Cted 'hal the enliven! inn \\i\\ iinl' i-^c the candidiicv nl Tall. Fruit (Irowers Convention. Hoi'ticullunil Commissioui.'!' C. iv liemis has been spending the week in Ki\ ei'side in allendaiu'e on Ihc thii ly-fourth annual Fruit (irowers (,'oiivenl ion. Tho sessions throughout were markud by a degree of interest and enthusiasm that made it lino lit' the most important gatherings of fruit growers ever held. Some of tho papers read were master pieces anil will make standard texts for fruit men's uuidance. .1. W. Jeffrey, Slato Horticultural Commissioner, occupied Hit' chair through.nit the sessions. School Census. i ' The school census marshal has just completed his labors In thin distiicl. The now census shows ."> I :i children ol a tchiiol age, an incica.-'c of 1 1 per cent over hist year. MAY DAY MUSICAL FESTIVAL A GREAT SUCCESS A Crowded House Greets the Orchestra, Band and Chorus of Covina Schools. Leader Receives Deserving Praise. The May Day Musical Festival, yivcn by the orchestra, band and chorus of the Covina Union Miirh School, under the leadership ofj their instructor, Mr. F'hzGerald, in the Womans Club House, last ' evening-, attracted a large and expectant audience. When the cu r - tain dropped on the last number even the most critical were loud in their praise of the splendid musical program throughout and to Mr. ! Fitx.Gerald was freely and deservedly given the credit. To those i unacfjtiaintf d with him it would seem almost incredible that anv instructor could turn out in one school ye:ir such a number of well trainer! performers, but the iri'.nioal entrv-H^ism which is characteristic of the man seems, under his tutorsnip, to enter into everv pupil Once before this year the orchestra has been heard in public, but the performance last evening showed a most marked improvement. It was the initial performance of the band, which has been organized less than twelve weeks. It is needless to say that the patrons of the Covina Schools feel that their children are highly favored in having such an instructor, as Mr. FitxGerald. The program as published below in full will give those of our readers who were unable to attend an idea of the character of the performance: PART FIRST CANNING SEASON i. 2. 34- 56. March—Officers' Call _ Hall Selection Clark HIGH SCHOOL BAND Lovers' Conflict—piece characteristic Tobani Cavatina, from Opera Leonora Singer Overture—Gipsy Queen Lachncr Hungarian Dance hcnman HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Quartet—Praise Ye the Father Gunod WALTERS ) ^ CHARLES WALTERS, Horn LEISURE Cornets Will Soon Be Here Don't forget thot we have recently received a larg consignment of new Ball's and Schran's Fruit Cans and American Beauty fruit can rubbers. You will find our prices right. Phone 43 t Brown & Bohri GROCERS lta- l.ei'-iiit 1 nl I'anl'Uiv Ma---., i^ I nl his Mr-it i iii l:i.\, Mi.-,. Schedule I.o.ivi' I, o.-> A n .~ :.^> .1. in. T:o5 •Vlo «i:J«) It 1 :.',! i 1 ] :40 U:-o ji m . J.IHI .VI III .vl- 4 : ,M i ii: t • > • - 1 1 Tor l-lectrlc Curs, Ki'U'.s I.ouvc C'ovinu 5:. ; (> u. in. ( , : 5 ~S:'o >i : .;tl lu:4H ll: ; ti 1 :0t> p. in. ::u«i • : 1 1 1 4-i. .J. -n b •^^ ^ t 1 •=5* ^ ^ ^ 0 & ::'-, & ^ WALTER ASCHENBRENNER, Trombone 8. Duet—Second Symphony . Dancla Miss GLADYS RATEKIN, Flute MR. ROBERT PHILLEO, Violin (). Duet, from Martha WALTER ASCHENBRENNER, MR. FITZGERALD PART SECOND HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS will present: 1. Soldiers' Chorus, from Faust Gunod 2, Cantata—Wreck of the Hesperus Poe m by Longfellow Orchestration by ... .Mr. FitzGcrahl MRS. JOHN BRUNJES, Soprano ^ • MRS. E. P. WARNER, Alto t <? , . . MR. R. A. HOWLAND, Tenor ( » OIOISts MR. E. SPROTTE, Basso J COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made daily. Orders m town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone 36 Glendora Furniture Store Attention Please! / !f you are in need of any house furnishings it will pay you to get prices of us before buying. We have the goods, all kinds, and at very low prices. We can save you money if you will give us a chance. Phone us about window shades. See us about Undertaking and Embalming Latest Methods Everything guaranteed as represented. Goods delivered anywhere in the valley free of charge. . SEIA1EARS PROPRIETOR Phone 166

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