Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 3, 1952 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1952
Page 8
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, JUNE 3, It PONT WWW BUT rrS LOOS. LlftlA ION» VW tO A C9WIW ORU55TWE/ ^THESUNBWARM-'WfKWT AND IP Wf WUflTKANP HOW AMtffTWr WAYLOH6EMOU6W, 1 THINS AN ...TVtEV HAT AHO SO FORHEAVEN'5 I YES. I THINK ,3AKE. DOCTOR, XJ CAN B5K CANT YOU PLEASE? A CONTACT HURRY THE -1 NOW- MACHINE? ^MVSTARS, VTHE VIEWSCREB*! OOOLA... L.-Sv HAS fiONE t WMATSV-ICANfTSEEl WBONG?/ WHAff 15 HAPPENING TO ALLEV W, (P: ^ c V? C?i ^ ^ T. K. Hit. U. t. > OUR BOARDING HOUSE — WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS LET GO OP AAV DRESS X HAMS YOU NEVER KNEW VOU TO ACT $0 MM/ ARE YOU WONDER/60 , AHEAD, 6AM50M/ LEAD ON AND LET'S SEE OM YOUR MIND/ TO TELL JWE S0ME- THtrJS ? /^SOVOUR. \/ YEH, BUT I HAP [OLPRIDIKkS Yl>l |S HOSSHIPE HORSE.TOM, I JACHETAWTHEM <3OT SO OLP \ SHOES AAADE OUT YOU HAP HIM ) OF HIS HIPE, AW PUT AWAY V HIS HOOFS MADE EH? /I IMTO SILVER-MOUNTEP ' \ ASH TRAYS, AW'-- ' V — gxr: ' OH.TWAT REMINDS PHON6 CAU.T& , MAKE,' fr^r- FATHER .Tau CAIKB ru. SEE HIM JUST AS SOON AS i GET HOME — AND 6IVJE HIM A BK&HU^ FORME' WHAT SHE SAID/ 1 H6ARO JUNE TAUKINS ABOUT Me* NEW HEART THROB - NAME ~ fto TefeflTflpfe'* Do% Radio Chart Tuesday RID (ftflti) ftXdK '(AMJ) SM 1C «« Bt in lie RftfO* (CM) lift HO . WIL 1410 KO wottt iw M*, m Newt RlurtIM Freddy Mtritn Sontt ol fern; Mtwt: Ed Bonnet circle T48 N«W» SpU. R BiHtAM* N«WI of WflHd Ofl« Mift'l filflllj Uu» New* stiver e«fi« Canc«rt AlMfl B«uUh t Jiek Sfiiltt Peggy Lt« Fittt civ* Newt Record* Record Report SporM .„".."- *John Can Populnr Music Bob Goddard fr«nnr€iiief Newi Bventl Dinner Bventldt CettO MutU Newt ' C*v*lctd« tt Am Ncwi Thettcr Birrt* Crtlt 8o»e« Cideti AM ru«n> Whf.perlng Re*d. Mr * MM North BvttJnt Muil* Klnl Bob Hot* MeO«« * Moll* Browni v» Wash. Concert (tail Newt FM Only The Lineup toueli* P«MOM Hearthstone card, vs. Brave, Whafi My Lin* Man Called X Eventide Light New** Open Bible candidate«-is»u«i crank edwar* Mutual New* MM Alttn »*»• Blaek Mtineum 10 Mew* World New* Platter Parade New, Harry Fender Music Master* News ' Abide With M« Llndlej IMna* I Believe: Spt* Chai.- Ka,her you tt World B B Roundup Crosby Show Ike Day 11 News: sporta News; Records By Mississippi Concert raroHtt* News; Orch. Headline* Orchestra Mem staken New* Musical Scores Dawn Patrol Wednesday New* Chapel - Time A Tempo* New* Charley Stock** Market* Stookey Farm News New* and WMthtf Concert News and Weather Co. Jr.. Market Sunrls* Salute World News Weather Time Timetable New, New* Stookey Concert B Barrlnaton C. Stookey Sacred Heart MedltaMor) World New* Hymns for Horn* News. Weather Reveille Ozark Varlett** Family Worship Tom Dalle? Bin* Crosby New* Ed Wilson New, News: B'fast Club New,: B'fatt Club Alex Drier Sport* New, Nancy St Jame, B Barrlngton Breakfast Club New, Melody Ma«U New* New* Salute World New* Devi* Ed Wilson Clock Watcher New,: Market Rep. Console Varieties Quit Serenade News; WtaemeB Musio Roundup Al Rlehl Musical Clock Al Rlehl ' MUslcal Clock Al Rlehl ~~ Musical Clock Chapel Ot Alf Traveler* True Story Arilst's Showcase Double or Nothln* Whispering Streets Sonn and Singer, Against the Storm New* Research Adv. Navy Banrt Devotion Themes of Ages Arthur Godfrey Sunshine S'nader* Shopper's Quid* Wiseman—New* Chapel of th* A* HI Neighbor New* 10 Strike It Rich Bob Ac Ray Dave Oarroway Lone Tourney New* Bread the Bank Symphony New* Musla Master* Grain; Serenade Christian Womar Grand Slam Rosemary Ladles Fair Queen for a Day Navy* Band Harmony HOUM Bargain Counter 11 New*. Weatatr Jack Rerch Show Melody Open Bible W. Warren. Newt Kate Smith Victor Llndlahr News Aunt Jenn* Kitchen Club Just for Women Concert Tim* Helen Trent Meet the Menlous Betty Crocker St Loul, New* Melody Len* Our Gal Sunday News—Wlaemi Louise PersonaUtte* Quiz .New* Playhouse Party News John Conte Concert New* M 1 Mueller. New, New In Stores Doctor's Wife Judy and Jan* News: Melodies Evelyn Winters M. M. McBrlde Common Good Music Apprec. Evelyn Knight Piano. New, Music World New* Repose Ma Perkins Weather Young Or Malone Grain » Markets Big Sister __ 2nd Mrs Burton Perry Mason Nora Drake Brighter Day Curt Massey Vews: Luncheon Jersey Farm Cap Commentary Luncheon Date Woody', Ree, Bandstand Revus Bandstand Revu* News: Luncheon Luncheon Date News—Walker Record Shop Curtain Can Life Beautiful Road of Life Young'* Family Right to Happlnei Ladles Be Seated Charles Antell Frank Parker Sacred Heart Music Showcase Program for You New* Magazine Hilltop HOUM Grain Report House Party New* ' Cedrlc Adam* Music & Art* O. Carl Smith Tom Dalley News; Bandstand Bandstand Scores: Bandstand Bandstand Backstage Wife Stella Dallas Widder Brown. Woman In HOUM News Hal Fredrlcki Momenta-Master* New* Be of Good Cheer Curt Ray Haden Family Travelog St. Louis Matinee Hagen Recital Guiding Light Ed Wilson; News Scores; Bandstand Bandstand Ed Wilson Scores; Bandstand Guest Star New, Top, In Pop* Concert Matter* Concert Hall News Dancetlm* Song Souvenir* Tin Pan Alley Plain Bill Farrell Lorenzo Jon** Perry 'Como Ed Bonner N*w* Ed Bonner Chamber Musle Fatim* Rotary Song Shop Chllds' Album Open Bible Serenade News. O'Brien Curt Ray Lee Adams News; Wilson Scores: Record Records Scores; Record News Teen Tune* TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 TVE8DAT 9:00 P M.—Wrangler's Club 5: IS P. M—Buckeye Four 5:30 P. M.—Bob Ingham 8:45 P. M.—1. N. S Telenew* 6:00 P. M.—Ike's Speech at Abilene 8:30 P. M.—Dinah Shore •:45 P. M.—News Caravan t'On p. M.—Milton Berl* 8:00 P M.—Fireside Theater 8:30 P. M.—Circle Theater 9:00 P. M.—Where the People Stand 8:45 P. M.—Strange Adventure 10:00 P. M.—Ken Murray 11:00 P M.—Suspense 11:30 P. M.—Wrestling 12:30 P M.—New, WEDNESDAY 7:00 P. M. Dave Garrowav 9:00 A. M.—Prologue to Future 9:30 A. M.—Arthur Godfrey 9:45 A. M.—Your Surprise Store 10:00 A. M.—Garry Moore Show 10:15 A. M.— Bride & Groom 10:30 A. M.—Strike It Rich 11:00 A. M.—Goldbergs 11:15 A. M—Love of Lit* 11:30 A. M.—Search for Tomorrow 11:45 A. M.—To the Ladies: R. Severtn 1:00 P. M.—1st 100 Year, 1:18 P. M.—Homemaktng 2:00 P. M.—Big Payoff 2:30 P. M.—Bert Parks 3:00 P. M.—Kate Smith 4:00 P. M.—Hawkins Falls 4:15 P. M.—Buckeye Four 4:30 P. M.—Howdy Doody S GEE, IT'S KEE.M.—^^ LJNCA DONALD... IT FORETELLS THE RJTUCE.V NONSENSE.' WILL, you SET W OP- COURSE; US A TRIP TOj\ ANP V GOT THE /V\OVIE5L-J T' PROVE WE CAN'T fSl XOU'RE RIGHT- TELL. THE HU'HAT'LL IT BE? NAME OF -*5- VOUR CARNIVAL By Dick Tut »i«?r TV Comedienne "Look up those old letters I wrote you before we were married, Pet! I think I made some attractive promises that might be converted to campaign use!" Honduras tins ** T ew Tech Educational history is being made by U boys and girls, a$ea 12 to 14, in the colony at British Honduras, Beli*e reports. They were chosen by competitive examination as the first pupils tor the first technical high school to E>e opened there, wilt) the aid ol a grant of $140,000 from the United Kingdom. Eventually the school will have 100 pupils study* ing engineering, cabinet-making, cookery, needlework, chemistry and Spanish. Mexico declared war on the United States June 4, 1845. HORIZONTAL 1 Video comedienne, Lucille^ 5 She is on the TV —— waves 8 Her husband is Arnaz 12 Scope 13 Fish eggs 14 Exude 15 Slight depression 18 Insurance (ab.) 17 Quote 18 Compound ethers 20 Coupler 22 Observe 23 Aged 24 Horse's gait (Pi) 27 Means 3) Organ of hearing 32 Too 33 Consume 34 Flyer 35 Shield bearing 38 Station <ab.) 37 Haunti 39 Pro vide food 41 Oriental porgy 42 J» 8bU 43 Hatardl 46 Perfumes SOHodgepodgf 51 Paving substance 53 Leo $4 Male sheep (Pi) 55 Fish 59 Icelandic myth $7 Essential being 58 Folding bed 59 Grate VERTICAL 1 Ordered 2 Greek god of war 3 Easter season 4 Newest 5 Get up 6 Electrified particle 7 Reply 8 Determine 9 Prince' 10 Location 11 Roman road 19 Legal point 21 Singing voice 24 Lacerate 25 Speed contest 26 Native metals Answer to Previous Puiift 27 Ailments 28 Bird's home 29 Fruit of the palm tree 30 She is « video 32 She enjoyj an —— career 35 Verbal 38 indolent 39 Feline creature 40 Horn 42 Writer'i mark 43 Minute ikin opening 44 Note* in Guido'i ic«!e 45 Edge* 47 Opern .by Verdi 48 Bm 49 Fillip 52 Bu»tl« If There is space for 40 persons to stand in the head ol the St&tue of Liberty, according to the Eacyclo* pedia Britaanica,

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