Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1912
Page 4
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A. Ttielbik: Tb* lola Dan /I THE lOLA-DAILY REGISTlTJR, FJRXPAY EVENING, OCTOBER 18,1&12. Regi3ter and th« inU Dally THE BEOISTEl^FUBLISHING CO. CHA& F. SCOT*: Pres. and Editor F. W. BREWS'CBR itonaser Entered at the tol»'-rost >l'rice aa Second- Class Matter. . Advertlslns Rates Made Known on\A |>pU- citlon. I Ofnelal Paper City of lola. Official Paper City of Batsett. Official Papw of Allen County. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. . By Carrier In lola, Gas City, Lanyon vllle, Conereto, LaHarpe and Basitett: j One Week .' .".lOMitsI One Month .' U i-ftifi One Year tt.OO BY MAIL: One Tear, Inside otinty 12."" One Year, outside county }3.UD TELEPHONES^ Business Office 1" floelety Ki'iMrter l" Job and Uliidor>- Uejit KI XKWTOX WINS A. II. T. A. .MKKT. nullolliii;, Siifrllril nil l-nst \hiy of ^ Slate Cnn^oiilioii. Arkansii!! (Miy, Kas.. 0<-t IT- War-' niony iiroxailod nl the .\. II. T. .\. >!ato convonlion whirli o;<\«i '<l i ;s tlilrty- annua! KPSS I OM I UTC Ilii.': pvriiliij: nnlll ilu- oontcsi f(ir r.o.vt yivir's inoct- 4nK iilacp canio up tliis afterr.onn. ami aflpr a hard flRlit a»(i a 'tiT !^^\'ral l>alIot !J liai! Ix'cn takiMi, .Wwton won ^Iiis honor <i*'r rcalKiiIy. I'ort .'-'ciM ami lnil (;iie!i ''."'nr<'. In tli" cleclii 'n of olflrprs, W. I). Krpanipr of this ' T II V Kupcpods .lol'.n \V. Wall, nf l»ar .'-"ons prosidpnt; II. .F*. Harliaii!;!i. Souili Haven, was P I PC I P'! vi<-p iirp.sidcnt jind | G ..I. MfCarly. ('orroyvillp, ro -clc.-tcil ' rpcrotary. Rpport.-N from all c(ini !!M!l<'PS ivr -rr arppptcd and 1 !'P roiivpnlion voted !n mako the ape Ihr .il lor new memlipr."' IS in .-^ f:f 21 The .\ II. T. A now lia.s ."TS lodpos in KanfUF. KM> SIBKIMAN i :\II,E. RuNsin |n Stn|) n Form nf I'nnishinent WUMy Al.liitrml. New York. Oct. 17.—That Hussia is to abolish tlip dread deerpp ol" haiiisli- •mrnt to Siberia by on'i^r of 'lie riar. " Is the newi? reepivod Iwrc in advi<.•".•^: from St. Petersburg. The Unssian niini.'^ter of ju.stire. il Is said, is prpiiar'iiis; a bill pou!i>l<i"ly faholisbinp penal serviHide in Siberia, and subsiitntiiiK flic Fanx- puni.-;hnient in the penitentiary of Kiiroiienn Uus- sia. Of late years the number of rrjn- vlcls in Siberia ha.s bf^^n , increasini; andjllierfi bav(j bpeu protests fronj;'tlv! fBpo^'Opulalion- tbot the .country is bfcjBlovp.rnin Vith Jllip Fruin i>f* hJii- .rflffiean^jAUs.. ' •J* Tlic liynJiorllios'reropiiittp" that the -J'" diijnplnB'-ofjbonvicts in Siberia is S' T- iously bampcr ^np the d-velopinr:-* of that country. • Soda crackers are ex- tremety sensitive to moisture. Before the adyeat of Uneeda Biscuit the only persons who ever tasted fresh, crisp soda crackers were the people :in the bakeries. Npw.that we have Uneeda Biscuit—we have perfectly baked soda crackers—perfectlykept. No moisture can reach them—no contaminating influences can affect their flavorr-their goodness is imprisoned only to be liberated by you for you wlien you open the package. Five cents. NATIONAL BISCUIT COM RAN Y STUBBS OUT OF THE PMin Red IleRded One OmitM Any Rcpnbli- run rialai and Bnasls of Aiding . ihe New Party. f Wichita. Kas., Oct. 17.—Governor W. R. Slubbs in a speech here tottiKht in behalf of his cnndidacy for Unified States Senator, blamed the shooting of Col. Roosevelt upon his critics, and in particular, persons stumping the country for President Taft. Governor Stubbs told the Wichita audience that ho should be sent to the 8onnt(> by Kansas, tx-cause he la one of the seven progrossives who thoupht lo akk the Colonel to throw hi;; lial into the ritjg. The povernor clainied' that Wilson, while a fine school teacher, doosnt belong in national politics. He refrained from criticising President Taft, but claimed Tuffs nomination was secured by frauil. • H P poured severni broadsldort into the Republican l,eiipue at Topeka, claiming that il Is in Kansas for tlie purpose of tearing wide oiM-n llip Republican party instead of helping it. SOX AM) ( IH.S TIED. Uri .KS TO IIAVK NO "UI .MiS." ChicsKn Teams Will Play (he Hedd- iiig (Jnnie Today. rhieapo, Oct. 17.—•Chii k" .Malli.k. of the Cliicapo Ainoriean l.eapue team today kept his club in tb" runnins; fnr! the city chainidonsliip by drivinp lei! a triple with the bases full in the iiintb inning. When he scored a i;io- nient later on a short hit I 'n front of tbo pIat.-> which Archer tossed lo lirst, h(>ibrought defeat to the nationals by Sito r.. • The sPirl 'S row inlands three games eachj< and V the deciding game will be playCsl -on the American groiinds to- j mo:'ro\v. • sTo.MA(ii COM: BAD— SOril, liAS.SY, IPSETi "Pnpe's Pl::pi'|is!n'' lures indlprstinr (•as llcartburn iir DywiM'psiu in Five .nhnilr.'^. Ktm.'.an'i EaTorlnir Moo^e Ticket .Musi J t'a>l lleuilxed Itallnt. ^"i Topeka, Or!. .17.— Si >rret:iry of Sla^e Sessions today wrot" a le'ter to :i!l i-oiin!y clerks calling their attention to section Krtl; (JtHseral Statute- of l!i09. whirl) provides tlial tliere >-liall be no »Vircle at the'he.nd of either Independent nominations or the b2.:iik columns Tills means that tho^e v.:i\vi.>;li to vote for Roosevelt e'.f c -^ir.-i mufl ni.iku a mark after the iiaiii" of each. " jniAMJK AT THE (.RAXn TOMIJIW. The >cw Bill Will Be "Tlie ThlcPs Dnnghfcr." >AT <;oonwi> IS siKi). Wit". Hn-»band Asks !i!J .V «">-Nat Wife's Escort. • San IMeiso. Calif., Oct. Ifi—Cinrle^ .VnoMier large bouse saw the three- art Tnlkloid bill. "How Women SIh." at the Grand Theatre last night .".nd seemed^ inoro than pleased with eviry jeff.irt.'of eich member of tliej crm- 'l>any. • Toniil-.t the Idll will c'.iafpe •i!:ain Tje Tabloid play will be "Tlie Thief's n -ii:.c!iter," a coinefly drama in •wo ae'.-\ A I;!p firteon-minute \a.i!e- vH'e sketch will be introdiicrd between the acts by Earl \\~fhrpw ft K(hia May Glover, and two new re'»l- of the latest motion pictures will be shown. The t'nlted Aiunsement (V JT;- iiany is pivinc: the people of lo '.a ihe hiccpst and be.-t entertainment pr.c- Ofill i»:'.-,»',Vrt,«i., ,fv». .1". — VI.-, - , N. Doupl-.iy of this city bepan suit to- 1 --ible for and certainly do- day apainst .\at C. Goodwin, the :;.- f^r. for ?;;."..0<.ii», allcping alienation cf the affection? of .Mrs. Douph'y, known on the ?laRe Mart^aret MorolMnd Poitghly refii<^ed tonight to- dif • 't.-s the action. .Virs Morela'nd is the ,-;e- tress, to carry a note for whom. Goodwin made ' a perilous trip from a launch off the Pacific coast, io shore Fcrve the support of the Iheatro-g-ers of this city. An offer of a steak of Rull .\to(>se meat in cold storage In (Uiicapo ".as accepted by Colonel Roosevelt, v ho sp.-!clfied ih-' menu .^s follows: Th<' steak to weigh five pounds and to bi' cut hunting style. With it he asked Goodwin's boat was ovenumed in ".hoj for one pound of salt pork, flapjacks breaker.;; and he was badly burt. Mrs. John Mandeck and son. E. H. Mandeck, .^nd wife, of near Morsn. were visiting here ye.sterday afternoon. I baked on a sheeiiron stove, ba'kin.a I powdf-r biscuits and :• pot of cotfc'.' with condensed milk. Word was E->n' at once to Progressive headfiuart-TS to find the man and bring fortiitho steak. Cqsts less dnd lasts longer- Have you been using tin, or iron, or tar, or shingles for roofing your building? Peerless Prepared Roofing costs less than any of them in the jirst place and in the "leng run." Perhaps you 've tried another brand of prepared roof­ ings? We can prove to your absolute Eatis- Taction that while costs more than some brands it will out.'.!// and om-jai:jJf the best among the rest. The only things you need to lay a Peerless Roof are a hammer and a pair of bands. Evervthing else, including dirccrions, is packed in ikt nil. A roof that would take a it-eei to shingle c^a be covered witii Peerlc=s , in on at/rmetn. By the way, fire in.-urauce companies endorse Peerless Roofing. IfAat do tbcy say about ikingUif There are two business reputations hack of exetyToI! of Peerless Roofing we sell. The mantifacturer's'and OVT own. Atid we've both spent too many years build-, ing up a reputation for right good's asd fair, square de.-.ling to take a chance now. That's why Peerless Jloofing is abnltatty guaranteed. WolJd you Uke to learn more? Drop jn. PAUL KLEIN—lola, Kansas TisMp it! In five iMiniitrs ail si'.") ach distress will go. No indigest heartburn, sourness or beleliinp o 4as. acid, or eriictntlons of uiidig;'.-!' i food, no dizzmcss. bloatinp. ' breath or I 'ea .-lache. i 'ape's Kiapeps'n is noted for it speed in ipgulating upset stoiiiac-h.«. I is tilt! surest quickest and n.ost i i-i• ain remedy in the wlnde world iim besides it i:; hanules.<. Millions of men aiid women now eal their ftivorile riM>ds witlioitt fear- Ibey know now it is needless lo lia\< il bad slonia<-b. PleB *:e, for yottr sake, pet a larp"- Itfty-cent case of P ;ipe 's i>i:tpepsii; .roiu any drug stori' iinil put yoiii s 'ciHach ripht. Hon'l keep on bein»; ii'lserable—'ife is t <M) short—yo'u arc not liere long, so ntake your sta.v igiveuble. Eat what you like .•iiid di gesi it: enjoy it. without dread o! .-ebeliion in the stomach. niapepsin lieloiigs in your honii tny .vay. !t should I)" ,k <'pt handy, aiu •hotil.l oni> cf the famry eat s (mii>:::!a> v.l::ch doesn't v.iih them or it- •ase of an attack of indigestion, dys- "lepsia. gastritis or .stomach deranpe- mcni at daytime or durinp the night it is there to give the quickest, surest relief known. PLEASA>T VALLEY. iBorkihisen October 17.—.\ few weeks ago on'- night a young lady anil penile- man,swiped Hen Grieve 's liorso and li'ippy to go to chiir'-li, jind when the> returned the turn-out they forgot to bring back the ejishion, buggy whip and laprrhe, and now Hen is offering •a :wo-:!oliar reward for their return. Garfield Voorhees was in Gas City on business last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Eastwood and T. .1. .\n<'tr.<'on has returned fi^ciu Kansas City where they attended the stock show and report a fine time, .Je.;:* Price is working at the United Iron Works at lola ai present. Mr. and Mrs. Le° Krown visited Sunday with relatives in lola. James Davis wa.i in lo'.a on business !ast Saturday. Ren Grieves is baling hay for James ':ii"'^r this week. Pu=s Tlionhoff has been ,wanting »!o''ton to win the-\vorld scricd .^o liad. hat >e ceuld ju.-t taste it, and now as Ro.'-ton has won they iiave to keep jecld cloths on.his bead to keep him •. • t'l going rff. in one of.thosc spells. The carpcnlers are progressing nic'iy wi'h t':" work on .the Chav!p= til,' inrf-n hay br.rn. .Tafie;; Oavi-!. while in Ok!<-:ioma •ast week, tin; chased l.'-i* acres of land n the o;i helt which he will develop =oon, so if you see Davis wearinp an •v. can for .,T watch charm don't think i "ameven sirl was one nf fe c?iisej o^ In this connection the" foUoiMnp from tfio K. V. Journal is pertinent: To I lie Journal. Some si.x months ago I ptit a paid notice of reward in your ptiper. It htis brought no results. A crialn "sluITt d o.x" at Topeka was regiilarly | commissioned as a candid .ife for sen- 1 utor. iinil exactly as Robert E. I,ee and j Aaron Hiirr did, he b .-is put bis coui- j mission in his pocket timl gone OV<T to; the en<-niy. My notice of reward has not cost me a cent .-ind I w :iiit yon to undiTstaad thai it still lioids good. I want tli4' thinps called for to afbl to aiy collfciion of curios. Tfie noiic' was ;;,s follow;;: j UEWARIi. I . I will pav Id cents a won! for all words spoken or writ!'ii by Waller Itoscoe Stubbs ill l.'iiidati'ui of or in praise of the Republican party within the la .st two ye ;irs. t". E CORKY. I had fondly honed -hat .-i t !i ;iri •> h" cJalmed to be a c :i ;idida *e would have some fri 'iid who ne. cb .! the money to dip uj) :i few s "nience'.; •o i.uf in m.v scr .'iii book bill .1 baien 't pot them y.'l. Very re •peci fiillv. Ft. Scott. Kas. C. E. CORV. .lACK JOII>SO\ OEIIANT. riilored PupilisI Scoffs al .Molher '.v Plea for Danplilcr. With the Acorn Air Blast Gas Burner li-iu' It i)i!:-!is SLACK. SOFT i\{M'.< Mwvv tli.'iii thi.-<—IT by <.:i);n'.),; .lior. of the coal. These ^a.scs which arc tlirown r'T I'y (-irr'.—i ; -'ft <•;.•":'.! vci'v heavy liroducing much heat v.-hicii i:- cr.lirciy xv.-isU-ii hx tlic tirtii.-'nry r-.-ii This is a beautiful Ronnd-Coa! I'cilititv St')--\ COAL, HAKD COAL. WOOD or HURNS THH SMOKK aiul th • K'>3 \V.\i il -•I live.. The ACORN Ijroduccs [KTfcct c(<ni!iiir"l!oii oi" (h-.v oiuhiry cnmiui.stioii oJ" y;.\M-.\ is twice tint wliich the (r'lscs'are fDrnietl. Thu;:- vou a.>c:; an-: the lical evolved i»y liii;; :;cc- »v the tint coml)Listion' in -I evciveu Save Half Your Cj»al BUI. Savini^' half your fuel liill will hiiythc .'<tove in one wifitcr, and besides you will bo Vvarn! nnd eliiiiiiiaie fbr- innike, r-imi and ciiokiii";: fiunes whicli most coal ;>love:; throw out into (he I'oom. ! I'lii<: po. Oct. 17. - Ja<k Johnson. i| .• T''Pro heavyweli;bt cbamiiion puuilis:. ipiii-aied before Chief of Police .\1<- SVe- ny today to. explain his r-'.atlrn- w'V x Mis>< l .iicile Cameron. tii.> l!i- venr-old daiip'il-r of .Mrs F. Cniuen n !''a![oT:i' 't i .f .Minneapolis for whon; '!ie poli -e had been askpd to sear'-h b\ "hn iuo:her. .Miss C"meron , is •.rliie.! ;is a striking blotul of a wel!- o-do r ;>r.;lly In a liratnatic ain'cal .Mrs. F .-ib -nitnei •old ii"" her failure to pet her ibmphter iway rroui the inflii -tircs of t;ie m- 'it'i Sill- dcc-iribed lier ai^puisli whi -i he liMrneil last Friday thai h -T dauuh er was a frefiuenler of JiMtison'.- •afe. her hurried lrii> here to ri's- ue he pirl. her interviews with t 'le on -l- Ist. who. she declared, insulted 1 e; ind flouted her pi 'Sl to pive up i|f ;irl. -lohn.'-on. she .<i;iid. told her ;:<• •ould "pel" ;iny wiman he wanted. "When I found l.ti-ile I iioihted MU' he wronp ^''le had ('one. I pleai;. ! vith r told her I wiillil pive \\y •very ;hiiiP I had in life to pet her ti­ ro liai-k: tl'.at I would P " any P I .T-;- vith her and -hiehl her from critlct-i! i :ick home She refus-'d to •••ime. he- UP ni-!i ;irei ,i!y under .lo'.-.n.-nn's Influ- •n -e "Then I stifled my i-rM.- and t.b- ihcne .lohnson. He said he wn -'i' •end .-m autotr.obile for me. Fri'-ii!s idviseri ine to cee if I could"' ] ers.~;v 'lly pet hii .i to pive u |i my daiiph*.'" "When his aiilnuiobi!'- arrived Ir- vas in it hint-elf. aPhoiiph he said i' voitli! he emiiiy. Wh .en I entere-! Li- ini'mshie 1 ilrew down thr- shades - ' 'S tin: 'o be seen. TJii.s ncMIeil liilii. " 'Oh. r.otiie of tin- best whit" woni"; n Ch 'eaL 'c rid • ir. Ih!s car,' is w-'iat •aid to r^ie." "I hegped Johnson to pive rny daiigi er up I !e .said he would not an-'' "eerpd in my face. "\Vp r.-)-!e to a hnnip en .Sherid-jr -o.-'d where T.nclle was stnyinp. She 'vept and tnld ine she had cone Vir far to go back. Every .once in awhile hP would walk rut of the room with he nepro and ;a!!: '.viih him. 1 to'd I w-o"ld <(> "verythinp within ir.y )ower to save her. "I left her iiT"'p ?ided. I':na!!y she •anie to mv W P tpl'Ked of hrw she could lie— •:e diKent "'-"'lpd. I was ?onv>n"pd a' hat time .• -f the n^gro 'lad a by; • al.- Jnfluen-" ever her. ".She went dov,n?.tairs > use the te !e one. shp said, and ^ Io'>nson io!«; me lie v JoUar he hr.« to hold h-'r. ;i have a;- 'cilei! ; . th"- Dolice. 1::'' they spy tl.ry •an do nothinp as ! i!d. 1' f'oesn't .^(-"i:! vo'ild se" thei* civi!: -.o " .Io !in .-;on ttiade an ah<:rlute rleni;'! if • niMilv friendly rdctions w'lh Vi.--'ar !;e :^o;> i;e emiihaticall .v defied fir••e;-,ort that his itifatuation fi>r t'l'- •> •> •:• ••• 1 H:MI)( KATIC (OirUN •:• •;• •:• '•r returned. I'd pive every "o is 1'> yea--•at w|ii*e Tii'-Ti .-.ri'.n o'-.tra-'d I i? Rockefeller. Harry r ^eleplain i.= threshing for Will G.'.-'rnk and Mr. Yoho this week. M. J Sn-.irr and daughter. Rose, ve-r t/.oi'i'ing in ijiHarpe Tuesday. .'rn -es D-ivir, has sold his, farm in 'ni'ersctn .-nunty to Joe Scars, of WichHa, btit formerly of here Mr. Sears will take poscssion in the l?pring. • Miss Jva Smart visited Sunday with •^ome folks here. Miss Blanche Luras visired Sunday with relatives and frieatis In Colony. Warren Hoekctt has rented tb" Shue mard farm and will move tLen in the spring. John Cr.x. of I-allarpc, is at his farm here at present. J;elping gtither corn. James Culler delivered hay to Gas City. ; JEn:p> Dsvisj .bcuglu Charles Bolby's hogs this week. Fred Epley is. iialnting ids house and otherwise Improving bis place ai pre-oent. . i * Mr. and Mrs. Price have return<<t! from a pleasant .^ylslt with relatives <hd friends In &Iap|eton." "he suicide In'inson. ;• vif- recently of Mr:- Ji^rye-i " r.•'^ro eh :iniplon'- whi 'e I nisTnicT \o. Id. iRairdi f'-tnbpr 17 —Tl-e fine auiuiiii weai". •r !- :riv!pp the f^jrmers a dan'-e f tp: t-vir wer',: dene 1-efore eo'd weith •r 'fts in. The funeral spr^ic-p'• of Mrs Kliri- beth I).'!'.vn.s wer»» held at the home ler 'cn. W. n McKinncy, Pa'iirday ir en o' -'ock, after w^i ^^e the bor'y w^s shipped rn Hi hnirnd, Kan., for burhl Mr -r vi\a .Vontpomery. who ha* ;r'rt R we --V in the V .Tilev visiti.-ir 'rfenf;;: and n^iaiibor.", leturnei :o lei hop"' !n Greely Tuesday. C M. McKinney and Karry Conf'ir •TO helpin?: with the new barn at E r !».ird'.=. They have the foundation a^c-st f-ni^hed. Mr. Wm. Cox and son, Walter, and family will move to .Missouri the com- inp year. A. R. Baxley and wife, E. Balrd and wife visited at R. J. Miller's Sundai}-. Material furnish'J lor this ei.!i:iiiii •oii;es ri'iini the Coiiiiiy Coti.iniliee a'id The iJ .iily Kepisl'r is ir. nowise n- -.I>onsil;le for any iia'< ii <ui apiioarinp • iiid<-r this heaiiii.;:. .\ : iu.iiar coliiititi •.vill be ih :Milrd lo ti,.- !;!•;.uli'.iial's riie Regis!'r respi)n ;::!'l 'j only in' ts own ' i.iiii; <.•.•.!.r '.-i S:MIS. I>i;.MO<| IJATJC TirKT .I. \a1ional Tickel. For I'residcMi—Gov. W<..j';nr.v \V;I •on. .N'.nv .Il r; <y. F'lr \'ie(; I're.<t(|fjii_ (;,-,,. 'ibon.;is Iv. .Marshall. lndi;iii;!.. rresidi riti,-:l Klectors— I 'rnniis •;ilter: on, ^•;;ll •H rpiiiiT; .\nd'r.«-. .Sor- •nsen, A1ePhers<in; !•'. !!. Fbl. Siiiilh 'enter; Alfred Q. W O'S T 'T . Erie; s. '. nybcp. Garnell; .I.iii!":s W. i:i;irk Ircat Ibnd; UiriHii K. Fulton. Ii.ti A burninp • MI I MT Troni the b.irii tii'- oh .\orl|i J< iTi rsoii y.sterday ;ift"r- nooii c;irritd by the wiinl li> tin- riMif li Ihi' I. I.. I'oiisI'r h'liiie ;:!id liuriit"! ;. small hole in lln' sliiiipl'-s. lair wi'-'s discoM-i-' (I .-ind the, bla/.-- ••,\- tiii'.;uish .ed with sliphi ii>s.-t. Mr \V. II Crfer arrived hoinp to- d.iy fiiim .-i rrip lo-.Missis.siippi, wlier.; Ii - ii;".-; r< !-iti;. :ind biisine.v.s iiit .T ".-;l.;. <ir!' r 1 )1 .•nvliy for a we'^k-<ir so. V"ii ( inr affi.r.l to let n^i, week; I'.-' :• hy •,\i;h.)!tl t.-ikinp out ;i menfber- ;]. in V. .M. C. A. --Vou oupht to he .T joiner r-i the v. -M. C.. .\. this we-k and p''! M'-; .•iionths rjf inembersiiip I'or the j>:i. .• if 12 monthk .1 F'et.-rs<:n was a visitor in Uads : yi'sier'!ay. '. .1 !I. Strown. of near l«il!arpa, was •.ist'orj h» re ye-terday arternoon. — .1. II. lUley has tiie finest line^ !i:iiihvai<.' in tii»- cily and he'.s r*ad;,- provi: it to you. N EW STOMACH RELIE F fiETS COUNTRY WIDE ENDORSEMENT )ver: Ciias. E. Gaiits. .Melvern; I.-^aac H. .Mapill. Corning: Tbo.'i::is J. O.Neil Osage City. State Ticket. For r. S. .S/'nai.or—Wm. H. T!:o;''p- son. Garden City. Jtistlcc Siipreiiie Court — Ilniiiber' • Riddle, Emporia; A. U. Reeves, Oodgr City. ! Governor—Goo. II. Ilodpes. Ohitlie IJeut. Governor—Frank I.. Iintt.»n Osage City, Secretary of Sf^'itc—P.iirt l^rown. I.«jwrence. State Auditor—Perry CI'Mnetis. of Hamilton. State Treasurer—P. E. Uiiig" 'in. Marysville. Att 'y General—C. J:. I .ittl-! or.:('..- _ Siipt- of Public Instruction—; .M. P.owen. I'ittsburg. i Supt. of Insurance—Carl J. Peter ' son. lola. State Printer—Wiiliat!! V. FOder. o: Great Rend. Congressman. 2nd liist.—Jos. Tap- gart, Kansas {'ily. Kaii". Judge S7th Judicial niat.— Cliarlr.-, fl. .\pt. Ifda. Kaus. State Senator. l!^b Di.^t — P.ii'! Klein lola. Kans. Kepresentativp, S'lCi Oir.y —J. \V. ' Ilam. Humboldt, Ka*;. County TIrfcct. fViunty Clerk—Cba.-. Fu-d.erg. i:': more. Co'tnty Trea.'.urcr—J'din T. Tyler. Gas City. - • Rcgisfer^of D'-cd.''—.Ferry 1.. Red- wcll. lola. County Attorney-It 'Ilk R Forrc./, lolo. Probate Judae—J. S.. W.ilker, lo!;: Sheriff-J H. Foster. O.-s. Coroner—F. I.. It. I.'avell. lola. County Supt —Vide F-.tberi>igil!. Carlyle. Co. Surveyor—P. D. P.arilett lo'a. Clerk of the D.strif t fourt—I.ouI.? > B. He.<;s. Humboldt. j Counij; Assessor—Fred Schmiui, of • Humboldt. 2nd District—J. Tiie in-w reineily for indipesiioii — calb -d ••ll 'ipe .sti?." hjis been foeinl a e. rta.fl.iiiiiek leliiif,' and perinaii'sii :e .-!i''dy 'for sioniacli disord" l.^t- ark Vers frot:i thoiCBuods who had KUlT("-c'd lac- ;be tortitfe.ii of '|jrti ^ei _ stioti and got rc- ii.-r from I'D- ii:-e'()^.M)!ge:-;iit are evidence of it- merit. ' The encrniou.-i" increase in deii:;'nd from every part of tlie coiiiii:y is proof of its popularity. Rut yoa do not hav>- to .-ii:.vl,o''yi4-wofii for if-try il yours -elf on ;in al.s'il-.ite pn .-irantee, pet a pack- a;.'e aiid if yon dMU't pet retJef you lan pi t your money .l.a<-k for she ask- 'Up. Rrown's I)}ge.--lit is .a lililP'tab-r let eas.v io swallow and absolutely - hari'i'lrs.-i. It dipcsls. all the f^jod. pre-"- vent.s fermentation .stoii.s gas fornia-^ :.. tion. pr.'vents stomach distress after easing, aids assimilation, relieves indi-'"^ pf ;stion .-limost icsr^ntly t>nd cureSj (IVS |)e[.si:i. ."I'lr. Cut ont toe aboTS coopcn. witb C TV others of CKU^c^tira detct. mi emsat lli;>nt •£ this ofTica with the ezp^pn bcnui mnoirrt i errin s-t orsoiiie aajr ttyU cf Diction^rr »elee»»d (vrliieh coT«r» itcmi of t-Sr Commissioner Brown. Moran. Commissioner Robinson. lola. H 3rd District—M. G t-Sy lc«t of r«ckin«. nvmi tmn xh y factsrr. chrelcinii. clerk hr-f onH o'.Hsr ttecTucry itemtj. • ^ and r «««'ir« yaur chaica of Ibcjo UiT -e boots: - h The $4.00 {J-''-"- iHij<;tn :'->-'S ir, t't" -"no'ire-rnrnt'^fromdiy tod.iy.) 4 N -w ' '^'"''^ di.-ti"j -.TV i". li • I t'hli-i.r.l ny f be-original p-jb- J » W EBSTTR^ AN' ' Wfii.t'.'^ >'. •inzry <-<f by their st :cc<:ss ''-r3. ^ 4 -f C|<|a It T5 ti 'C CT.'Lr er-;;-'! - :;•..•.• <rtipi!atio^ by t 'uT world's * t DlCnOW/ja ^i-'i '-"Tip !.-ntb.-i\ f! ..• s:--r -I in ge-'d o:i bpcfc and ^ * [llnstr«t«ri ' !j>.-t-itrd on }>;:•!'; : 'i-r, v M \ rfri tdgc-j and comers <i "r rottn-i—]; b''Ti»>':iI, str-.ig, 'Ji!!-;!,:;-:. i- V; >.'•'• cncrnT'cint'-uf^ there ^ ?. ?.r'» -. .-.--ti e>.- r fy'i s\:Wi vl-. o-":t-'- :'r.t'-l b/lhrec- ceV^r •• r. , a: this r>-'i Tfjiv. r-'-.i s:;: •<•'• l-v r e; i •-..-.rli r:\ the bf t V"- ir -i • ' : •"1'-, :••> s < I •:•,' . rrc-'-it Bonus of 98c ; TH3 $3.50 , New. , 2912 • nici'o.vxcY niaitTiteJ -''h r-i-;*re^ c^rn-rs. SIX .... 'i^-^V; rh-zirr:.\ Is i:i ctain cToth bir-t- « —.-tii .->ped ia : c'i't ? a -1 i;.-.T;:: tcs S3:.-..e ifDzr sane iHusira-

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