Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 27, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1889
Page 3
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»MW^B«WS*^^W«»ra*^'» a » ai ?! : =^' a ^^5? ^?^v —The members of the G, A. T!. of onr city have expended a co-miderable l.ovfly FnH » Mrs. { lOtinio ^V. Elliott i y I r « hasjiiiit rf I'.mts ter',->. from to *14 at Mc'/allifl- the new ad of N. (;arp*'--»!,»r <ft A, J. JORDAN'S FAMOUS BRAND CUTLERY. Also Fines! Line of Bntcter Knives IN THE OITT. Yours Respectfully, LEWIS D. WYNN. Evening Gazette. Woman's Rdief Corps) for relief to nepdy soldiers; and the object of the en'ertairiment this evening ia to re plenlah the treasury. BO ns to be ablfi to help nerdy ones through tho winter. :V Inrge attendance would encourage them In their good work. Turn out and have a jjood time with the boys; the admission is but 10 cents, and the sale of the lunch baskets will be lots o' fun. Josiah Stepenfetchit will be auctioneer. —Our tonsorlal artiat friend William H.Shanower, was married last even- Ing to Miss Harriot V. Taylor, at the home of the bride's mother. The Kev. A. Scott^ ot the Christian church, performed the ceremony, which was brief, impressive and pleasant. A number of friends and relatives were presnt. A tafcle groaning with good things was relieved of its burden to satisfy the appetites of the company, some of whom were trom East Jordan, Chicago and other points. The occasion was a very enjoyable one and the GAZETTE wishes the pair much happl nesa. —The electric light people have had the same trouble about losing materials on the railroad that the electric street railway builders have had. General Supt. Winser, of the Keystone Construction Co., of Pittsburg, is here to hurry up the arrival of materials, which d=ardi'liaht8 in millinery. Ci«ll and pro the Hue pattern hats,.magnificent rib- hoii3 in all Rhfide.i, rind other stylish novelties. _____ S '' } "' The Red Cross and Peninsular bftge THH BVMfiiro QAIBTTB can 06 hud »t all the news stands. Price TWO OBKTB, • OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. O «ri p« «-* > —Horse market Wednesday, October 2nd. -James P. Overholser and son Gny are In Chicago. —Henry Keefer is in Chicago, see- Ing the exposition. " —The city council- room" furniture has been removed into the city hall. —The Mendota fair association ran 8020.70 behind on expenses this year. —A large number of people have gone to Chicago to attend the exposition. —HftrvlflfiB Sunday morning at 10:45 by Rev D. A, Banford, at Grace Episcopal church. ' —Mrs. John Beecher and daughter Alice and Miss Sophie Cruae are in Chicago on a visit. —Mias Katie Patterson, who bus been the guest of Miss Belle Manahan, has gone to Chicago. —Rev. J. E. Goodhue arrived thjs morning from Davenport, Iowa, and is visiting friends in Sterling. —Mrs. Ella Wolf, of Hammond, Ind., who has been, visiting her brother, Ham Stafcemilter, has returned home. —Elder Allen. Abram Benneman and wife and Mrs. Groasman, all of Lanark, are visiting at 8.8. Brenneman'a. —Postmaster McCune and Dr. Frank Anthony have gone to Chicago to worship with the Shrlners at.Medlnah Temple. —The Omaha passenger train broke a rail on the old tract In the Northwestern yard yesterday afternoon, but the cars all passed safely over it. —Tomorrow will be a good day for Sterling people to talk horse market to the people from the country. The next horse sale day will be Wednesday, October und. —Uncle Sol. Seely now has an_gppa- ratua to manufacture buckwneat slap acks by the wholesale, an'd hungry mortals need not now wait long to ba have been lost on the road for some time. Next week, Mr. Skelly, the construction foreman, tells us, the work ot putting up lamps will begin. The Westinghouffe incandescent lights have just been adopted at Lincoln, ill., Rln- go, lowa.and a plant of 150 street lights has just been started successfully at Wyoming, Ohio. —Mrs. Helen Woodruff has returned from attending the funeral of her mother, Mrs. Bessee, which occurred at Geneseo, 111. Cassandria Bessee died at Geneseo September 22nd, 1889. She was eighty eight years of age. She was born in Onandagua county, New York, in 1801; was married to John Besse In 1820 and was the mother of ten children, four of whom are living. Roderick, with whom she was making her home attbotirno of her death,-, rcr^n^." 1 " Geneseo; Frank Hesace is In Kansas; Sheldon D, Bessee and Mrs. Helen Woodruff, with whom she made her home for several years, are at Sterling —Amboy Journal: Hunters seem to be having hard Inck in Bradford township. Several were arrested last week and taken before 'Squire J. E. Henry. They all settles without coming to trial, by paying costs and a little smart money. The farmers seem determined to check the terrible slaughter of prairie chickens and other game on the part of professional hunters. It is just as easy and far more safe, to ask permission, if a person wishes to kill a few birds for his own use. This killing by the hundred for the Chicago market is a gross Injustice to the farmers who are compelled by law to raise and protect them until the shooting season begins. •Mr. P. T. VanHorn was this morning awarded the contract for the erection of all the necessary buildings for the Union Street Railway Co. of Sterling and Rock Falls. The buildings will consist of a frame car house 44 ft by 100 ft, the location of which has nol been settled upon yet; a brick addition to the water works pump house, for a dynamo station, excavating for which has already been begun; and a passenger, transfer station or depot, the loc& burners, and a fall line of coal find wood boating stoves, at Davis & WilkineonV Ciiil and eXilrnSne. 02-tO Xernl Kern! i Imperial Aladdin is the finest range In the market. It can be found at Crawford Bros. - 0010 Mrs. F. C. WoodruH Invites the ladies to call and see tho latest in millinery. She has a designer ana trimmer from Fifth Avenue, New York City. No trouble to show goods. 9110 z_ 25c at L. L. ° 01 ta Tiie celebrated Red Cross range; handsome and durable. The finest .stove ever seen in Sterling. For sale by Davis & Wilkinson. S2-tO Eadles! . Call and see the lovely patterns in bonnets and hats fresh from the city Styles are beautiful. The^e have been selected with great care; knowing our patrons so well w« are determined to please. FREY & DAVIS. 90-t4 ._ Stove pipe, stove boards, coal hods, etc., at L. L Johnson's. 91 13 dren'u Jprspy MiiH. Ofittinger's Double Front Clothing House. •"" to iMcCallister has ail kinds of fall over- coatings. _____ 8 " l ' Go to l?03e fonboot?. 01-tf Gloves and rest. Oettinger'H House. >nboi rrfU,! Choice potatoes still Johnson's. lens till you can't Double Front Cloth- 87 10 • Kersey overcoats at McCallister's. 8" 17 Splendid stove polish. Burnishing for nickle, No. 1 mica, at 02-tf L. L. JOHNSON'S. Rose mi»kes all of hia boots. 91-tf Fall and winter suitings at McCallister's. 8717 Mr. Geo. PHsterer, baker of Mr. C Eisele, has leased the building now oc cupied by G. Gaasman on 3rd street where his wife, with his assistance, wii: run a first class restaurant. Mr. Pfis ter remains with Mr. C. Eisele, to satisfy all his friends in the line of baking Take possession third of October. 88-16 _ _ French Kip boots 84 a pwir order at Rose's. made to 01-tf For a soft coal or wood cook, look at the Improved Golden Gem, a first class cook Bteve at a low price. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. 02 tG Where Did You «et It T Why 1 that beautiful hat came from Mrs. F.O. Woodruffs. 01 to . Have you seen the brand new delivery wagorr of Frey & Whitebread'i ? It is certainly one of the most complete wagons for carrying pianos and organs, in Sterling, and their new store is fitted up equal, if not better, than any Of the kind in our little city. 89-to A full line of new millinery, at R. A. Carter's, .'' 02-13 ; Good stock of light and heavy gloves «nd mittens at Ij.Jj.JohnKtmVi" - ~_ 0113 Beautiful caps for children; also, other novelties for the little folks, at Mrs. Gennle W. Elliott's. 80-to Black tips, in every style, at Frey & Davis'. 80-tO Arrasene and chenille, for embrold ery, at R. A, Carter's. 02 t3 Large black hats for children, very stylish, can be found at Mrs. Gennle W. Elliott's, 80-to Veal calf boots 83.50 at Rose's 9ltf Keep Cool. A complete line of stoves both cook and heaters, is to be found at Crawford Bros. Step in and take a look at them. nnl ° --•-—- " ; "^ Ho«tt«thlni£Sice. If you want to make money read my "ad" in the WEEKLY GAZETTE and Standard. GEO.W. 88-tf Tips. French heads, in black and colors, at Frey & Davis'. 89 to For cook stoves or heaters, go to D V16-&. V;i!Uir,EC!vWc':t Frirt_Htir<lwftro dealers. ' _' '-: - "2-tO See our daisy line of fall hats. Oet tlnger's Double Front Clothing House 8710 I am showing- a large assortment, both for Indies and gentlemen, in stan- nrd cases of gold awl silver with ani- .,ue designs of engraving. I'attU'S wanting a reliable time piece will find t to thRlr Interest to inspect my stock. The movements are of the best American manufacture, including Rock ford, JMgin, Waltham, etc. The low prices I have been giving in the past still con- ^inue. I offer no cheap tra<?h, but, re- ative to price, everything is the best in ts line. B. W. BLOSSOM. No. 15, East Third St. E. W. Blossom has taken the agency of the "I. C." brand Spectacles and Eye glasses. These spectacles are different from ordinary glasses, in that the lenses are ground from a French Tinted Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heat rays of light, making them very soothing to the eyes. Be sure and try them, see that that trade mark "i. c." is on every lens. TO-J&w Chicago Krposltlon. The Chicago & North-Western Railway will, on stated dates, sell tickets to Chicago and return on account of the Exposition, which opene September 4th, and closes October 19th, at rats of one fare for the round trip, with 25 cents added for admission ticket. For ickets and full Information apply to Agents Chicago & North-western Railway Company. 37-t3 for Sidewalk. The committee on streets and alleys will receive build a Trinidad Asphalt walk on First avenue accord- ng to ordinance passed by city council for that purpose. Plans arid speci- ications can be seen at office of City Superintendent of Streets." Bids must be in by six o'clock, p. m., Sept. 28tb, 1889. Com. on Streets and Alleys. 8710 «Tawford Bros. Have on their floors some of the bes stoves In the market, both cooks an I esters. They are open for inspection 8010 Childrens'. SEAL. PLUSH, AND PEOPLE'S COLUMN Egr-We will Insert thros line* In this ool-"tBI umn one tlms lor 10 cents, or tor 40 cents a week. Each additional line will be B cento a single Insertion, or 18 cents a week. WASTJKIK Only 10 cents for J fines under this Heading. W ANTED—A thoroughly competent girl for general housework. Good waees Mra. Elmer Crawford, corner 4th street and I) av «, nl j e - CLOTH in every style. NEW- IWH- f^---.-MT^** m ' • - -' KETS, 1 W ANTKD-Glrl—One thoroughly compfllenl Jor general housework. ---'• "> T1 w Hopklnsou's shoe store. Appl> at D. W. 90-U What the llockford, Elgin and Joliet papers say about the Frankle Jones Co. although the price was 50 cents in all these towns, the houses were crowded at every performance. The company will play here at reduced prices, 25 and 35 cents. Don't miss these elegant plays at the Academy of Music October 3rd, 4th and 5th. Call at E. W- Blossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70d&w Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to. attend to city and country sales on short notice. Can leave orders at A. R. Hendrick's Drug Store or at ray residence on 13th avenue north of 4th st. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. 78-37tf • - D. H. MEYERS, Auct. The best,school shoes to keep the feet dry and warm, you find at P. J. Unkel'a. °1 t3 Ladles, cull and see the beautiful feathers, in black and all Frey & Davis'. 89 to Nobby suitings at McCallister's. . -• . 8717 W ANTE B-Wild grapes, by Dr. Frank Anthony. ~ " * "'" OaHatolllce. S3-U88-t3 , tion of which, has not yet been agreed W ANTED—Good houses to rent, zer, Koora 4, Academy of Music. W ANTED—Immediately—kitchen-girl, ply at Boynton house. F.\V. Wal- 89-tO , Ap- 87-tt FOR MALE. served. . —Mr. John 8. Miller started today for Europe, where he expects to remain about three months. Ha will visit the Paris exposition, and will then go to that fa ,iou3 health resort. Carlsbad. The report of the proceedings of the supervisors of LaSalle county are to be printed In pampnlet;iorm hereafter and a copy sent to every citizen, the printing to be let to the lowest bidder.—[Ex. —Martin Conner, who lives south of the river, sent to this office a red beet that Is about a foot long and nine inches in diameter, L. L. Johnson also has a monster at his store. This is a great year for beets. —Mrs.Capt. W.E. Bushnell, of San Francisco, passed through Sterling on the morning of the 23d inst. on her way to New York. On Mrs. Bushnell'iT return homeward to the PaclQc coast, she will pay a visit to Woodlawn Springs. —The'Ottawa Times says that Attorney General Hunt has decided that sheep killed by dogs must be paid for by the township in which they were killed, regardless of the place of residence of the dog.. —The Ogle County Press Association passed a resolution at its meeting, September 11, that each member shall hereafter charge regular rates to any church, society, or public or private enterprise, for all notices involving financial bene- at. —The Elgin News says: W. D. Nichols has been to Sterling (and Rook ?alls) where he received a proposition ndurlDg him to move hla windmill fac x>ry to that place. If he catr make satisfactory arrangements, he will leave Elgiu. —Lewis ttaitael'* team of colts got scared on ath stroet yesterday after noon \»hil» Jasftea M&nahan, who drive tbeas, was delivering feed at » real i.sind r*Bla*ay. A party of schoo Harrow ly wsctuwt i«iu« i.iu upon. All the buildings will be solid structures. The depot will be of red pressed brick and be very ornamental. Over a hundred thousand feet of lumber will be required to erect these buildings and the cost will run well up inte the thousands. —The season of fall gayeties has begun, the weather being cool enough to make social gatherings enjoyable and several dances have already been given There was a dancing party In G. A. R hall last night which was a source of much pleasure to those who were present, among whom were the following Misses Lottie Wickens, Florence Pennington, Mamie Clemens, Fannie Ball Miss Murdock, of Elmira, N. Y., Mab el McPherran, Lou Succomb, of Rock ford, Emily Street, Mary Harvey, Lena B. Edwards, Emma and Mary Suavely Sue Kllgour, Mamie Cassel, Mabel and Bertha Norwood, and Miss Grade Kloaterman. Mr. and Mrs. James Charter; and Messrs. Frank Tracy, John Sanborn, Will Sanborn, of California, Bert Craford, Horace Dlller, Denny Harden John Palmer, Elmer Walton, SlmandFredCoe, Will MoCloy, Herery Boyd, of Morrison, Henry Ryan, Charles Clark, A. D. Richardson and Trank Wilson. Fine new music nrnlshed by Kora's orchestra lenry King was prompter. "The Frankle Jones" Company closed a very successful season of three nights and a matinee at the Opera House Saturday night The increased attendance each night was an indlca- ;ion that they pleased our people. * * * There Is no question as to -the talents of the boy actor. * * * The Co. are ladles and gentleman both off and on the stage. * * * They left for Elgin this morning. — Rockford Register, Sept. 10, '89. 'The Sea .Waif" last night drew a crowded housa. It was one of the fin eat stage performances ever witnessed and the audience were enthusiastic in their applause. The storm on the ocean, the capsizing of thehoat and the rescue were remarkably realistic and startling. Everybody should go and see them tonight In "Carl the Outcast" for F rankle Jones is truly a wonder. — The Joltet Pres<, Sept. 2lst. Our immense stock of fall and winter clothing is ready for your inspection. Oettinger's Double Front Cloth ing House. 8710 Pants goods.atMiCallister's. 87 t7 Beautiful hats for misses, girlish and pretty at Frey & Davis. 90t4 Tlp»7 French heads in black and colors, at Frey & Davis'. 80 to Fall and Winter Overcoats. My stock of fall and winter overcoats is the largest ever brought to ;his city and I will make them Up at a very low rate of prices. 87 to AUG. FKANK. Black tips, in every style, at Frey & ] Davis'. . • 89 to Cold Weather. Crawford Bros, are selling the Palace I Aladdin haro" coal stove. Call and see | it.. / Fall and Winter Molts. I am now ready to make up fall and winter suits at prices that are very low for the quality of the goods. 87 to * AUG. FKANK. Only 10 cents for j fines under this Heading. I lilOR. SALE—A Pheaton bugay, cheap, tar I Jt! cash. J. L Pierce, Kock Falls. ' 00-tO» JIOB ment. J.'-P. Bcott.ltock Falls, III. MP OK BALK— Good Iowa, Nebraska Kansas land, stock of goods. Business I'laees for , oo. I sale and exchange. Frank W. Walzer, AcwI emy ot Music, Koonvl • _ ""O TmOH8ALE-A bargain In three flne resl- J2 deuces In 4th ward. Inquire of 1.1. Bush. 61-tZ VOB HALE OB TBAOE. Only 10 cents for 3 lines tinder this Heading. F OK HALE OR TRADE—A flno second-hand carrl7iKe. simile or double scat, or exchange a^Sod ro^l lioree. Inquire ol br. Wordou tor FOB KBNT. Only TO cents for 3 lines under this Heading. -I We are much pleased to state that Frankie Jones, in the beautiful drama, "The Sea Waif," surpassed our most sanguine expectations. The house was filled to its utmost capacity and we believe that .another crowded wa8 1 house will greet this excellent company and I tonight.^-ZVis Elgin Daily Republican, Sept. 18,' 89. - Bo You Shiver These c6ld mornings without your heavy underwear en? If so, go at once ,o Kiel's and lay In a supply from his mammoth stock. Interstate Kxpouttloo, Chicago, III* On September 12th, 14th, 21st and 20th, and October ad, 5tb, 12th, 17th and 19th the C. B. & Q. B. B. will sell excursion tickets to Chicago at one und one-third fare for rouud trip, plwa twenty-live cents for admission ticket, limited, goiug, to date of sale; return ing, to ana including the following Monday. ___________ i'tw work! reuownwl Stewart feeatas.s y by Uavia & WUkitaon ta fuel ami « The Joliet public have never before witnessed beforejfor so nominal an admission (50o) so perfect a series of melodramatic plays as are now being given by the Frankie Jones Co. The Opera House was crowded last night and we never saw an audience better entertained or more enthusiastic. The scenery and equipments of the Co. are perfect aud Master Jones is supported by au uncommonly capable Co.~each ons of whom is dttsorsjng of honorable oaeutioi).— Joliet /taHf Pr«.w, Sept. -'0 02 W Coffees are high and advancing but you can buy a good Rio for 25 cents, choice 30 cents and choice old govern ment Java for 35 cts. or 3 Its for 81.00. L. L. Johnson. ' 87-tf Ladies, call and see the beautiful feathers, in black and all Frey & Davis*. 80-tfl It in Cold. I have^ow received a full stock of fall and winter goods, which I am prepared to make up in the latest style aud at reasonable figures. Aslcarfy nothing but the best class of goods In my line I will guarantee to please you both in quality and price. Call in and ee if what I say Is not true. JACOB EISELE, Merchant Tailor. 87 to •C-IOU RENT-A good barn, at 405 West Third JL street, . F OU RENT-DweWni? bouse, suitable for one or two families, live blocks from F. O., with 5 acres of ground. Apply SOB First Ave. 81-tf T lj LK ASK—Power and room for raaaafactur In* purposes, In the bulling toni.etly occupied by Church & Patteraon. *««"•«* « n. Church. Dulutu, Minn. Address B. O. 80-tf FINANCIAIi. Gome in and see, We charge no fee. The largest and. richest displav we have ever shown. F 'lNANCIAL-Money to loan-?1.500 at 6 per cent., on larm security. T '«••••'• »""" Falls. Times »re hard and hcwfore 1 sell aU my [ lower Us an , J. Uoiwi money is close boots and aho«a Caii a»d * « td A w HilledgevUle tflonr Cheaper than ever, and feed coming down, at Lewis Heitzel's Feed store. 8746 Mood*. I have now my full stock of fall goods, which I will make up »t prices that will suit everybody. 87 to AUG. FKANK. In order to reduce stock will make special low prices for the n«xt 80 days ou dry RiXMis, notions, gloves am boUwy etc. Hojuerobw this is a bona Hint oK<sr. Am forced to sell the to uiee? ujj 1 TRADE O. and O.TEA . T5w Choicest Tea Ever Offered, ABSOLUTELY PJJRE. A MOST DEUCIOBa BEVERAGE. ?KX IT. Tra •rill MTB »S3 tsy stier . foali«7 »*«* t * rtM ' Jt U tho HK.HK.T OIIAIW I.«»tr . piciwl ifroa thabe«t p!aniaiioii«»nili;<i»" J i' le * !l »worat»jr pur* tuil trua from M ntluUetationl or coloring matter, 'Jlie v»claii« a »ro JiermetlMiUy «eil&4 ud w»moti«i 'nil »«l«ht. It is «oo»«(*tt ouitaal la »«> '&»» *b* lower grades. Griastal k Ocddsntal Tea Go., It'di, " " P. S.-Chir plush giwr meats are all warranted. w. T&ej'U

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