Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 2, 1908 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1908
Page 2
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COVINA—A City Among the Orange Groves THE COVINA VILLA TRACT Js absolutely the most beautiful suburban tract on the market today. Kvery lot a bargain. TIIIC COVINA VILLA TRACT Is in the heart of Covina. Fronts on the electric line. Only 35 minutes from Los Angeles. TIIK COVINA VILLA TRACT Will be supplied with the purest mountain water, piped to every lot. Klectric lights. Streets graded ,md oiled. Cement walks. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT * Combines everv essential city convenience and coveted country com- iort. High and Grammar Schools. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT Prices range from $200 to $600 and can be bought on small payments. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT Lots are the best investment on the"market today. They possess every element to insure profitable returns. COVINA VILLA TRACT J. L. MATTHEWS SOLE AGENT J. B. COULSTON OWNJPD , CHAS.NICHOLI OWNERS Lots $200 arid tip Every Modern Improvement «$$$SS$S$$$sWS$«$^^ A REAL MISER. With Him the Ruling Pension W*l Indeed Strong In Death. Th«; talk Innivtl on misers, nml a tilled Itfilhin In (lie party wild: "Lot rno tell you aboril ArpiiKiilo, the famous Itoimui miser, mid ynu will know whiil a miser U. "Aw ArpiiKulo ln.v dylntf In his cold, dark, luire palnce of Hlonc mi the f'lnrHo lilH one thought wns Unit, since bo was too III to eat, n full lira a <l:ij WliH hcllifi waved on the food bill. "The doctor wan announced. The doctor, lifter feeling Arpiinnio's pulse, looked tfravt'. " 'Well,' Hiild the miner, 'how inncl; longer ha vi- I to live?'"'Only hall' nil hour,' was the replj. "ArpMKido's (-yen Hashed lire. "'Yon Nconndrel!' 'he cried. '\Vliy dc you let things run on to tin- lasl mi:). tile like this? I >o yon wimt to ruin muV Send fur the burner at once.' "The barber arrived posthaste. "'Von Hiiir;.,", 1 snid ArpajA'nio. "J'.l! t'lMiiLs|mi I or ;- hn vini; V ' " ' \Vs, sitfiior.' j ''And fur .- having a corpse .'> lire'/' , "•Yes. 1 \ "Arpagnlo /.rlam eii at the cluck. Sev-, en of the Iliirly minutes Id'l him still remained. ( "'Then shave me quickly,' he ;.'!i'>|ied. ' "As the o|>era:ii>n lini'-licd A r;i:ii-"!l'> died. I'm \vilh his last l.i'c:ilh. smiling happily, he murmured \\hile the liar- her dried lib 1 culd. pale oheel.s: " 'How splcii.lld I lire and SO cell Unhid saved! 1 " PASSED THE VENISON. j One Member of the Council l-lad a Tender Cc.iscif.nce. This tjiiiiim iicco'.int of an old tlnie Thanlis^i\ a •; celeliralion in \e\\ KIILJ land \\as lound in ihc diary ul' u ('on- neclicnl mini:- Icr, daied in the year 1711: "When ye se. 1 vices al \e me llns house were ended, ye eo.m. II and oilier dignitaries were enl 'I'lained at I he hoibe of Mr. Kpcs on ye hill near li.v, wlierc we had a huiiniiinl '1 ha nks^lv- llijj dinner, \\ilh bear's meal and venl- HC/II, the last iif which was i; nnc buck, Kliut iii tlic u nods near by. "Afier ye lilc-sin^ was era \ cd won! «'!ime Ilial \e buck was i-hot on ye Lord';-, ila.\ by IVoiioi. an Indian. who • •Mine In Mr. I'i'i-s wilh a he in his inoiKh. dke Ananias of u!d Ye eniin- cil iheref'ire refused to eal \e \eni-on, liut II was ai'ier\\ard di'i-idcd ilia! IV- (plol should roeeiie foi'i;, M:\pes :-aVi one I Hi" Mine, ami |>i i>'';i nn L' "li \ i 1 Lord's da;, and ie--ioie Mr l.p • > r- price of ;. e deer. and. coii-ddc i :L: i iii - a jnsl and if.'i •',,!:- .-eiiteine mi >e >tn fnl ln-alhi ij i:nd thai a bl<-. il.u' h:i I lieen craved mi ;> e ine.ii. ye euiineil a.'. partook -'I i! bin Mr. Shepard. \\ho-e fonsele'e e uas lelnler i.-!l \e puilll of ye vi'iiiM'ii." Butterfly Fnkos. The liullic'lly wan a beautiful deep blue, mi lustrous IIH satin; hut. look In;; lit. It closely, the collector Hhoolc his head. "Another fake." ho Hald. "See here." And with Ids linger he brushed off the Klisleiilcg hl'.ie dust from the Insect's wings, and, lo. It was hut a common Held bultertly, after all. "As Hie colleMl::g of hiilt'-rflles grows iu:i! - e papula: 1 ." lie cxplalne I "more and more lnil!er!ly f.ikirs turn up. These men. with vnrio'.is anilino dye powders, color up n ten cent Insect Into a good resemblance to a ten dollar one. Their -,i'o;-k In hard to detect for the reason Ciat when the dye n:hn oft and dlsco!o"H yotir lln/.;"rs yon suspect nothing, since the genuine dust belonging to eve: 11 .' liii'le/f'.v's wings would Uo 'he same thhig." New York Press. Tho Aurcrn Borcalis. The auro.'a borealis, or northern dawn, is an elccirlcal phenomenon | which In hit;!i northern lalllndes, especially in \\ln-:cr. illnminales the skies j \\il'i streamers of lljjht. ,\.< the streams : of lii:hl li:r, e n IremeiK Ions inollon, i they are called In many places the 1 "merry dances." They assume many! shapes and a variety of colurs, from a pale red or yellow to a deep red or biiind eo!o:', and In the northern latl- indi s they serve In illuminate the earth and cheer tin- K-OOHI ,,r n,,, \,n\^ wlntiT nights. The connection of the unrom displays v. iih l!ie disiurhance of the inaKiiei'e needle is now regarded as ail asc.'ilained fact. Not For Fish-ja. "NS'hat arc ymi children talking (ib nit'.'" demanded the old cattish. "Xulhlnir much, ma." replied the little Kitten i -h. "\Ve heard si'iiiiobody su.\ that Jron was piod for lla- Idood, and we were wondering if It really was." "Nut if il cmiie; lo yon In the shape of a hiiuli, m.\ child "--1'aihnlic Stand ard and 'I ii,.cs. The Daurliter. <>h. the blessing ih;it a daii'/h'fer can bi'iii^ in''i a household if she only wi-.bc-> t,i! The communion of her nii'ihei. ;he cinniWt of her father. tlu» pride of her briilhers and, the jny i'f I In- v. hole In. l.-n hold! Niarlli,". Summer Excursion Rates. Summer excursion rates to Pacific OoiiHt will bo made from Eastern territory for coming season. Basis will ho one. faro rate of sixty dollars from Missouri .River; sixty-seven from St. Louis; seventy-two' fifty from Chicago. June first to September thirtieth. Tickets at same rates will ho sold from same territory to San I'Vnnciscu and Los An- Kole.s and San Dir^o for Battleship Kloot Celebration. Sail! dates April fourth and fifth and April t.wenty- Illth and twenty-sixth. Same fared will also be adopted for usual lOast- hound fixoursions from Pacific Coast. Death Was On Mis Meels. Jesse !'• Morris of Skippers, Va., had a close call in the spring of 1'JOn. He says: "An attack ot pneumonia left me so weak and with such a fearful con^h tnal my friends declared consumption had me, and death wason my heels. Then I was persuaded to I r y Dr. Kind's New Discovery. It helped me immediatlv, and alter taking t\vo and a halt bottles 1 was a well man a^'ain. I found out that New Discovery is the best remedy for Coughs and Innjjf diseases in all (he world." Sold under guarantee at C. l'\ Clapp'sdru^ store. 50c mid ? Trial bottle free. I. •# * #i Vour Checking Account * * M- i * I* I :* '# I* ! * * IN THE Covina National Bank AND Yot'K SAVINGS ACCOUNT * Plenty of Time i * i y&is cause by .stagnation of the liver and i bowels. To k'ct rid of it and headache and hilionsnc-s and the poison that, brings jaundice, take Dr. Kind's New ^ Life 1'ilIs, the reliable purifiers that do '< ^ the work without f, r rimliny or >. _.•>•, at I'. !•'. Clapp's drnjj store. IX THE I'ropei-t) Owners lake Notice. 1 have 1 u i nt y cl ii ills u li •.. ha\ c |.r. .pel I y and cash \\ ho \\ .ml acrta^'e, and ^ri'Xci tiom '- t< 'Ji> iien-t- !.!?•( \i MI' ji'ii\c> and a.'iea^e \\ il h Ine, f' I sule • I e Nebulise !•'); \NK !.. i''i; \i;v. Ivimm i', Stunti'li Kldj,'., I'afiidciia. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. OiVu-e of the O.ivina (iaru^e and Machine Slii.p Association, location of piiiu'ipal »f business, t'ovinu, j l.ns Angeles t'liiintv, t'al i turn la | Notice is hereby yiven that at a ! regular meeting of the lioatd of ilirec- ) tin's i t the l.'ovina (iai.i^e and M.i- I chilli 1 Sb ip .Xssoi'i.u ion, held on April \~, I'HiS, an asaessincii t ot live dotlais pt r share was levied upon the capital stock ot the corporation, payable immediately in lawtul money of the I'liilcd Stales, to tlie secretary of the coiporation at bis olticc in I'ovina, l."s Angeles l'i>nnt\. 1. all forni.t. Any stock npnii uhieli this assessment >nall iiin.iin unpaid on Monday, the llth ilay "f May. l l 'o>, ui.i h.- iiei i '.e ^icnt ami .nlvcrtiscd t\.rs.i';cat piiblii- acti-'ii and vnicss payment is ii..u!c iii-torc. \sill b .r suld on tne s|j| i av 'I June. !'•">. al 2 p. in.. ;• pay I b.i- ilciiiH i uen t assessment. t..Aether \\ 11 i'. ... ^ ; «' I .u! v c r 11 s i ii:_; and e \ |»< 11 ^e ol ~.,le. A s-.essif.eli ', t.'t plll'p.'si- .•! sec Mil! l>. s n.i nl "H pr.'perty ami ccmcn tin _: :i . ; .1 _• .n .1.: e | I 1 .. M I, I VKN. S.-.'.'elary. I '!| , r ,.l . !• e . ,,|'[,, .; all, .u, N ! t 1'. I ', tl'l.s I A\ C . V '• \ 111.1. United States Savings Bank * * * * * * *- * *• * •* «• * * * * * * *! *! *; •*• : ll * * * * •* * * EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE Pine Builders' Hardware of all kinds, Tools, Paints, Oils, Glass, Stoves, Heaters and Ranges, Gas and Gasoline Stoves, Tinware, Graniteware, Rubber Hose, Cutlery, Gloves, House- Furnishing Goods. Potter's Hardware Will give you entire * satisfaction. Why not *J open one now? * i * * *i nil KICKS—- - ^ j J. H. COl'LSToN. 1'res. * ! DK. J. D. KKKD, \'ice-Hres. *' V. O. KN'tiLIsU, Casiiier >1 K rXTOKS .1. H. (.'oohiKi Samuel K-.' = lc .1. t.. Maitho > i-car Miller .1. X. Maarer (,. 11 White * * •* * DEPOSIT MONEY WITH /XGEINT BRING FRIENDS FROM THE EAST Durintr March and April, Second Class tickets will be sold at very low rales troni Kastern points to Southern California. Tor instaui e, from Xcw York ~55.uo and ?5S.(lU; from C'hicat'o r.iS.cO; St. Louis 535.5(i; Kansas City #.i(i i,(»: ( >mah:i ?, ? ii.i't"'; Minneapolis and St. Paul £311.75; Denver r^n.iio; Salt Lake City ;.Vi.(.H>, and many other points at greatly reduced rates. If desired, tickets will be furnished at any point east or >;i rth of Salt Lake Ci'.y, in'the I'nited States, Canada or Kurope, if money for same be deposited with any agent of the Salt Lake Kotite. Pomona Office is Nearest to Covina For excellent s-.-rvice, beautiful scenery, through sleeping cars from C'hica^n. St. L.iuis St. 1'aul, Kan-as Cit\, Omaha, and Denver via Salt Lake City and the Short Line to Los Angeles your friends aiiould travel VIA SALT LAKE ROUTE ********* Subscribe for the

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