Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1912
Page 3
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„_-^ . fjpg^ lOI^ DAniY REGIgFER, FRIDAY EVENING. OCT OfeER 18.1912. Ladicfs' and Misses' , • I • Coats a( .S7.50, $10, Ji?12.5oJ$15, and up to ?oO,00. Ladies', Misses? and j Junior Suits, $10, $15, $17.50, $20 and up to $29.75. . Splendid > \\\\u< in Dress {.'ood-; ;!l 2nr, oOe. T.V, SUIO. • SI.;')!) and on up (<> .S2 .r)() per ynrd. Ilijrli ffrado, man-tailored Suits for extra quality. A suit to suit every faney—suits particular women will want to wear now. The best efforts of skilled, competent tailors who are constantly trying to produce the best in Tailored Suits for our store. Every .c:arnient rightfully termed ''hand made." Coats Tlie new Cnats are cliarminy:. Dry Goods I'npular Now Dress Goods at unusu;d ['rices. We are tui-jiing tnide conditions it) your advantage in liie Dry Goods scilion. Sec thai you gel yoiir :-!KUV of ihc savings. You wiil enjoy seeing liie hanrisoine iahi'lcs now shown here. Millinery Distinctiveness Is the pred'Muinaling feature liiat makes so many discriminating women i)i"efer Richardson's Hats. Theiv's a toucli of the t xjiuisile in «>very line of our pi-oduclion that is sure \(\ win your favoi*. We urge you to con>.c and see our line display nt )\v. even though ytui lutvo no innnediate inteiuion of huvinir. WMITIILKHELPSWHEIITPRIGES FEAR soiiK nir; nnri-R MAY BE IXVOLTED PKEVAILJS. Caltlr :ind Hopt Are Hull, the K(>- n-lnt« lU-inir l.itrht and thf rrices to Corrrspund. Hleirant Millinery -never so preKy and so reasonable: $1 .50, i>2. .S:{, .^:J..')0. $5. $7.50 up to .S:r). 1 lly the As^oclAtpd Prosw) rhK-:ii:o. Oct. IS.—.\ rcnewori foar tliat Ku.-sia or sonio other of th<? frrrat liinvcrs mny hofomo invn]vi><l witli Tiirki-v^ laiiso!! Jln- whoat iiiarkct to hnnlen. Tiio opciiinc was off to tiis;;«r. O.-c.-nilior started at '.M'jo to IC'c and rot'o to '.>2»!»c \vin:.\T fioMv !>,•(• Mav. ••T'ir. I'OHX—CIos.>: 0<t or.r; Por .Ma.v 0.\TS CIoso: lu-c :;:;'V .r: Mav :;4'-c K)in «in<i ("ity Cniin.* t 'lty. n <t IS -Cash Wii-u. •uarkPt unchanircd to '-_{• liiahfT. N'o 2 hard. .<NV'.•''1.\o. :!. "f-'lt'M^: .\'o .n.>c S^;'s<-; .Ma.v :tl >ve. roi;.\"--M;;rkf. unohanufd to '-.v V.i:;"i.':-. .Vi' 2 irivwi. fil'SrrtS'i: .Vo »••"?; i;2c: ,\"o 2 wi.iio. ci'.it;:..-: .\o ::. Max •;;i'--<OAT.-^- M.-irko-. •,,(• l ,i-Ji.-:-. No 2 w'iiic; "\'ir:v-^i-\ No 2 iiiix «vl. :;2'-.-'i/ K»-'-i>'''i^ if uh <*:it. 1»^7 Pars. KaiisaN y"\\y >>l<>rk. Kan-as Cit.v. flrt i C.ATTI.i;. r. • ".'.Ill Miili'l. sti 'ai !y N.LMV. -!.i>-.- ,<7i<";''' and hi-'f'T -tockir.-; .ind fT IITS %\- iiirT'.ii; !i>ii;s $'• V'"-; o; ra.lvi's !iO<;S i;<-..Mii!s ?,.'•'•>' Mark'i. ;^;i-i'!v !ip;nv $>;.7."''•''>•i >ai 'kors !i. Is J'^ l 'i':S -7.>. ' Cliifatro Liir-liH-k. Olii.aeo. O t . C.VTTM:. -IP- I .Mark"'! dull and wpak I '.i .OS $."• r .ii/I 1" I'M : .-•ini ki -rs and f »-i 'd <r- Si2'-''i7 2': cows and heiftTs $2 'T 7 ^•" inif:s i;. •.•M'- 1.7'"^ ^^arcp'. ^!o^v -!..!id\ i<. n-iitv::.; |.i:!s $1 7:.'.; 7'::. Kan<.a> Til) rr<Mliii-p. f<ntwa- CiJV. t),-' m III TTKK - t 'vaii.rn- "'•'<•: firsts. 27i-: s-i-onds. • :a.-kin;: s :-:-k. 2I':'ni2;.- K ^CC^.-KMras. 2<"<-; fir.-ts. > n.''<. ilAV r'l. • .• limoMiy. $12'•"•i i::,''". . mairi- $12.'•'>'•> i:! i''^ MKOOM fOKN $-• t" $1"" i"T tor I.P:MI :!H»I Sp<.ltrr. r..<iiis. • o. ; IV iii.irk. : ' -ak a» * I :••.;('.'2'-.; : si —!t. r. iiiaik.-- V ••ik at ?7 I" Kg WaB Paper Sale 2 -DAYS ONLY -Ssiturday and Monday A big bimch of loc to 25c papers on sale these days at 95c the average room—larger or smaller one in proportion. This big clean-up sale is for your benefit. DON'T MISS IT! WALL PAPER—D5c A ROOM! Chas. B. Spencer & Co. Tin- »« Kroiu on the South Sido- IIRUGS \\.\U. P.APER Wood Investment Company William Trine, 3Igr. Full line of MOTOR( VGLKS, BICYt LF.S AND ALL S3IALL Ml'SICAL INSTIU MKNTS Supplies ar.d Repairs for Same. IJICYGLK SUPPLIED AM) KEPAIRS 112 West ]\Iadison lola, IB 113 E. Madison RICHARDSON'S llLya.nson At the GRAND I I.nrnI .Mjirkrts. if'-cd'ipp (|iiotat!ons fiuiiish'd ilail.* Iv Coirhill <'ointnlssii>:i ("oripatiy>. , ' '-fTTKi: 21<; i>pr pound \ I ' r';';s 2ii- I'PV iiozpii i I'Ol-LTPvV- Hons. 111.-: .rck.-. ! jlfttrin:;^. li'r; i!iifks. !"'•: Cf »*»>p. ; I i ti-li'-x-;. uiiinpa^. 2i'r pa<-!i. HORi^K niOKS—$2 Ort to $2 "^. IlKKK ninK.>^—lOc. - 1 Above All Venn's Bread Thaf s All 1 ryfaniliPiinini.'--. I Mrs M;':-y Knt;Iish. "f >'2'' .V^>r:i: .I"f- , _ itdnr. a' $1-'."I 1 (..••on. wVo l>'vn s-rionsty il! j ^ i M'liip'tinip. was \pry nitirh worso yo.-- ;'iT -i !ay niorninc T 'ii> iii'irninir .\!rs i :n -!ish "a-- oji ^y sliL '!:tly itn;>rovPiI. AdulU • 10c Children • 5< I A Few Choics Scats at • 20c laii 'p- Stonp. of Topoka, who —!'•.!: 1*;O\\P :-. i 'iry li..n liprp on I'lisincss, rftnrncd hoini-; VPHOW. V\;:>;.. Hnd lavrn'd 1 li.i.- afti-rnoon. 'ar.d 52 ' f» |I<T «!••..I 'aot:.' i — ! r.-.kiiT 's (;r«-pn!ii''i.--p. I -Dr. Mc.Millcn. IMioiiPs 32 and i3i .1. X. Simpson, of I^jiwronce, who has j — Ixvni hero on businr-is, returned honn.' \K 0 Slinri- W\ thi= afternoon for tl;!^ afternoon. jrhi' Clovdaild and oth^r »Msi <rn ; " — points for a brief hiislno.'^s visit. - ("•ra.iiiat'-' .Viirse; tonus reason- . — a-i- I'l.ono l:;<-". • W n. M.Cra ke.:. C .S. Ft . of .V..« I'" «.speak lonipht. — ' V:TU t'itv. will ri''i \i:- a le .-tiir.-. fr.< 0 •:. I'.-.i!jo,;>. of A;.!iison. who ha; to t ;e iiildir. on '•liri.-^tian f <>-i .n. it; —.HIV VOCIJ POT^TOi:.^- NOW WW on l.ti.-^:r.u <'U! to Oar-^-i.' o,..--, I.MIS .- n -\t t::inday after- K -'li^^'t has a . ar I-a,! • :i tli.^ K..!.\ and |, .„'.„ i,. re "on'"lm -in .-?s, returned honif II--; 1 :•,!.-. afternoon. n ^-m a! :; .>(l (i -k. soiling at i. p.-r l'"-^!-- 1 ' i-is a'ternoon ' — , UrinL' your sarks l>r. II. I.. Ilritdrirfc*. OI«l Toiirl j ! I! y- is the pin-- t,> hti.v — Hinix-.. rails an-norrtl day or nislif. | hardwru e ^nd' eet ymr !e.>ne> s won/;; j.,,. .MJ^.,,,,,- |>-:,;ii.- «f.ti.,,iind pa- ! eratie . andidate for V ^ .^.Tator. was ' ' * hn-iai^ s..i.;n-. in the eilv this bet•.^e..,: m\' ""I"; , K" i' trains, while enronto to Yat.-s Ccnie:- ," " ^l"" J'^''^'""-! : iiipn!i;er oi me hoard of leitnre-hip i f thi- MotChiircJi. in Hoston. .Mass. } fi (' Mi!h-r. of Ch''! ry vale, who has I •aiKi a s.inare i!.-.',I I*!ione l:!. (• F. .Ma'lf>on. o fKan.^a : City. whi> ' .s hren li'Te on tmsincss, returned ; , „ , , sin.:er. .\o p-.t. was ,,tjv ili..- Imiirs ' Ifi" .\. .T. ^ol,,n.-^ of Colony, who was- _ , , and a half laie .his !e..>r,!in:;. .nakins ' ^ np.-.Micrt on at th .i' hospital Werin.- -• -- Kxtra low priee-- on new and used • j, ;.i-ri\e at r '-"ii in<i"i 1 nf S I' lA -fr-^y,^ Best Pictures and fUiy mcrnin?. is now progressin.c: niee-l i-.-.s and C-'oal Stoves: Kd nenningcr- i '\% Iv : Ves: Madison. ', - i - . ^ —^ " ' t';;-..i:.^ I 'lonev to loan on rea'. ' i" \V Franz and Tom SheTwoo<I. of'^J^ V\ e .-T.i;< .\ildre.-s "W " eare Kecister. H. iii'va. drove a tiira.sMnit aiaWiin" i — ''tiLrine to. tic fMnr.dry yesterday af'er- II in 1" he iiver-haiili'd. . The young tiiis afternoon. TONIPHT eels Best Pictun the Play The Thief's Daughter' MI.-. I: CtilLI HOT SODA ITS (ii:v>. Ser»ire and Jliiiilily \xv Oiir Atlrarli<ii> Morns 6 Howard * SH>K Mtt \ItK Pdoiie ITtJ ••>•'• l»eliirrj 11 W'.jiiii'U.-, of C.irneC, ' A •;• .as i . en h .Te. am! in l.uHarp.' vSJiiii:; ;';i'-ni!?, reriirnod h^mo thi.-: a':f!ni>oii. • One r««im lol sale of l.i to 2."ic Wall I'ap'-r .it !••.•• .<a'tiiday and .\lon- iiav Sp.niit-'.- K .1 T.."i,'- ..' t'arl.ile, was a Inisi- I.-M-i'M i^ii- tilis artiTHfion ^-ii'--. $!';!<•.. $2*>:'.'. $21.!'.". I' • • . .-'i,:!- ,r i',.- .X.-w Y"rk Store Mr- r \\ <•':•.•'. ci' l.:iwrenee, \\h" • I' ' > .'• .• iiinu' fiieti'ls. rt-tuni- • •! a'-, riii'oii. • Spi.ii; S.i'.. '.-r S.rurday "n Siirt.d N,;; I'eif- r-Cir..s: r>'i;iiiar 4".'. a' V' •• :'• cniv. I'alaee of , i^.^.', t-. ; .1 !• ri .H .U, r.,i.,i,v. u.i a hiisi- j ji.---. \'-'iiir li.!- af 'i -ini'on j -Karn. and City l,.>ans TI M run-! nir'.;hain | \!v. i> (• !•• s an.: .!a'i;;!it.T. Y" i •'•••'.in\. w > ri" visii 'TS i;"re this afl'T- ' iivn retiirio'd home this afternoon. Gfocertes and Meats THi: inisT yr\i rrv vi . ; THK i5j;ST I'KK KS ( \V-- I'eliver'o .-\n.v Par: of City R. L HART ini, V Washinautn ^ I'iiune l',»6 ar : , Tra<-k at *^'e .<a<k- husli; Urine ynnr \ T'.- W K n*:s*ofi r-sidenee ha« ,v. n -'i 'd for eyeirielfy.. — l;*-!- Candy a* Mun'!!;* Store. T P-'-ri---. '"^rlvio -svn.s a husi cn-s -li.-ltor ',er.^ t'li-- af'^rnoon. _|.>^!.-.. tH if: 424 —\::o.:---^' p!it.= and Coats rclinei sr.d •'.'••••rei Bu"o3 i- ii"= a specialty. .Mrs R.'"a -Cf .nye-s. S'>2 S. Walnut St Mr-: \V H s.-.;in<l .'r<.-. of Kan.^^as City I v.;;o ras !ie <n t-ore visiiins friends. r*>- • iirnr 'd ho:r..» this aft -Tnoon —J< 9T. Jt2 'f. %'•''• '>': $2" ^'>'< ]j- i fi .r ;;• ''ii- N'.'W Y.^rk Store An altfactive Street liool for fall and winter wear, in .«jrun metal, patent, tan and suede. Other Good Styles i?i* patent, jrun metal, \'e]vet and kid, laee and hiiiton. Pi-ices $2. $2.50 and $:5. School Shoes Bov.-;' and Grirls" Sehool Shoes. Price .51.25, $L.50 and .SL7.5. See our h"ne of Men's S2.o0 Dreis Shoes. Books for Boys Uie 111 liover l!oy S'-ries- th.. i; I'litiiaiii Hall .Si-ries. liie I iM.k llaiailion Seriet, .\ll ti,i- Railroad Siri 'S. .Ml the );• vo'iiiioii Series. Ml III.' Cid' Si lied ,»n liie l;;.;I '! I'o.-. itook.-. .Mo;. I .>!' Ii :i (';si 1< ! I'.noks, Mj.'iy ..I 'I'l:'.-- J'ooks. Y,\u\ of ': \ • ;nf !•• ojd.- lio.iks :i;iy C.I' Ida:. .! I'.ook.-' .Ml i:. TMM .-<\w s .Mi- s M;.' ". Out.;. Si. \1! •. C.d :• 'i a H i;li S.-ri.-; (iv.-,- :•'>' '! ^.<• at 2:.e, •>. .11 1 S.-. tH.. Co- !•. .;! 'IV.ekie In Oil.'! .V. a' I'. • '''oksioii-. Evans Bros. noOKSTOKK. IIH- .\I « Fall Kooli- Are Com. in:; hi >ii\i. Mrs. .\ II. Herox. who has heen j visitini friends in Kansas Ciiy. return ; t d lioine this afternoon. Miss llazle Severanee. of I'.roekton. Iowa, nrrived here tliis nfti-mootn fo rtteiid lie funeral of the late Mrs .^rthlIr S<'\<'ranc-e .1. I». .\K>ETT, Prpsldent 40K .McKIM.KY, Cjishl*-!' J. K. .\H.H, Virr-Prisldcnl. K. (. .McCI. vl.V. .Isst. fa.'.Ii. t(»1.0>EL L.\-\rO.\, ind Vin-l'n ^idl•n{. ! State Savings Bank lOLA, KANSAS We Pay Interest on Time Deposits and Savings Ac- eounts. Safety Deposit Boxes Free to our Customers. •—POT.VTOKS r .rini: your sacks t.. I'le Kn'y vards and m-t I.i'_'. fine north. rn poMtoes a: per liushe! P. C Sotun-ers. of Ola'he. wlio hnr ! .'on hon- en hiisiness. relumed lioniej til is a*'terni«)n — - r, I .i-'i'if on CjirirM .in S< i HI- I)! Ci. C:and. Sundpy .ifi> rno..r at •:. .f. k Mrs I' C V.'.'»f. of Canev. w!io has j I .„n ::nd M' '-illMreo vl-ijtinc ir'en.Is. II vun.-.l iioim- tills aft>'rnoon - T >rs_ IIMII A liiill. Ostroiiaths. j Tidrj.henrs tUil, lOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON TLME DEPOSITS L. E. HOKTILLE, Prwi. W. S. RAtKM \ Jl. 8nd Vlr»» J. H. CASirBEI.L; CaMrr. A. W. I:E( K, VIre-rns. K. «l. BESS0>, AMU'CM^W SAFETI DEPOSIT BOXES FOB BENT. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICE .1 K ta.V—n of Tu !-.i. Okia . wai: 1 •.•i '--t .ir iriiay •• \ W.i: ..I- M. n."' Mrs Hill M C:irt.o-'- iirw iMiok, on sa!'. toiiiorron Kian.- |t:os ;•( n .-'tiT \ P<-tr<r .ion of I'ar-ons. r.ini.'' h .ere \'<-.~ -.v.^ek to laki' r';arco ..r T';.> .Sahatfon .\rniv. K'nsli'n (lar- •. py and uiff l..».>n transferretl to Oklaiioni' City Tiie n',er >tin ;r- of '':e Army will now hp held on Satiir- • iays and Piinday.s <uily. Jl, Mis.s Marv Lynch, triniaier at ''.e Oocce-f "Millinery, .sustained slieh' ' rui?"* y.''sr«>rda.v .afternoon, when sh" ; ' 1! piar •t!:.> Christian rhurrh. •••• t'lcr.;;). t!io iniuries werf- not ^'^^lolIK. t' ev are silffeiPntly bad iirise .Miss I.vneii To •.•;] the Myiv;]. nfe to her fr'end--. wlii^ ar.* r.'^>'\ off '-rin? th -'ir -ynui.".thie- of .stri in Clersrie Light H' Kxtra lie d:awii.wire l.i;iy V. iiittr suiipij MAJESTIC THEATRE TONIGHT! PROGRAM .Moon"The l'.-»r»"ii and the "THE IM>A( Hl.K" "THK AIIVK>T OF JWir SOX; _ -Sonielliintf TrIN .Me Yon'ri- tlip <arL~ Music: Pianoand Drums ("lov.'rnor Stahbs passed ,;hro«gh.j ••re \< •li.iv afternoon. It was stafi Ottawa Hftiiihlie: R.^ward—T!;-• l^>rpii!d:" w;:; :>ay a re;nard of 2'. eont- •o any. Repiihiiean coiinty or I.=:f!a-j •M-.e candidate who will piih!i< !y state ;e.l tiiis a:tern(.n.n hy a trave!:n'.;'inau,! ' •ir .niV. these columns, w'loin he i-^iwbo was aboard the train, tiiai liatf • •uoportlnc for president .*?ure;r this pa^seceers ^ere unaware of the ; off^r sh "Uid brins a number of re- ^ , ^ •.•pon?e= covernorf. pr^s.'nce. heracse o* "h»' ! — fait O a; i:e I.K at'-d'' in 'a.' r.—r i-i^a of tlie last eoavii ir i- r. d knoHU wii.-re ilie .ijoveraor «as KOIH;; • . MANTKD - i:\iPTY FF:r:D .\xn ro- I -JMO .-a.ks at Elliott's Orcwery Extra Extra Car L »ad of Potatoes! We have on track in the Kat\ yards a car of fine Xf)rthern Potatoes, and will sell out of the car at 65c per Bu. Bring your sacks and get your winter supply of Potatoes at this price. P'ive bushel lots or over delivered at-... .67c bu. EUibtt's

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