Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 2, 1908 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1908
Page 1
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«• * . F. H. FAfiRIOK —SELLS— Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Ideal Gas Stoves. Paints, Oils an<* Glass, Sherwin-Williams Paints, Guns and Ammunition, Peters' Shells. COVINA Overland Keen Kutter Roadsters The Finest Boys' Wagons at HARDWARE ARGUS VOL COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. MAY 2, 1908. PROFESSIONAL CARDS . P. UPDYKE, D. M. D. DENTISTRY Over Argus Office Covina, Cal. Phone 284 p. J. CIvINE, —DENTIST— Office Hburs: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Corina, Cal. [)R. R. E. BATES Special attention given to diseases of women and children. Office and residence 4 doors west of Episcopal Church on car line. Office hours: 8 to 10 a. m. 2 to 4 p. m. Phone 288 Covina, Cal. . WILLIAM CAPPS OFFICE PRACTITIONER Chronic Diseases Specialties—Cancer, stomach and intestines, genito-urinary, ear, nose and throat, diseases of the nervous system. Hours, 9 to 12 a.m., 1 to 4 p.m. Office over First Nat'l Bank, Covina. Phone 75 & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS T, T). REKD G. D. JENNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jenntng-s on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Pfaone 53. COVINA, CAL. . DR. Jf C. GOODELI/ OSTEOPATH Phones: Office 175; Res. 23 Hours 9-4 First Nat. Bank Bldg. Covina, Cal QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY FOR CITY OF COVINA Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building-, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. JDOLFE B. BIDWELL ATTORNEY AT LAW Home phone 3164. Glendora, Cal. ANDREW M. PPiNCB ATTORNEY-AT-LA W Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. QR. O. T. AMYRAULD VETERINARY SURGEON AND DENTIST Graduate McGill University, Montreal Office at Hotel Vendome. First Presbyterian Church of Covina Dedicated. The formal dedication of the First Presbyterian Church of this city on Sunday last was nu event in which the eutire community took pride. The building is by far tbe largest improvement cnrried on in Cuviua during tbe months of financial stringency, and more thuu thnt, H building in the erection of which the community would take pride at any time. There is no other church in tbp volley so ornate in architecture Bttd with such beautiful interior decorations. The seating capacity with the laree gallery also exceeds any. other house of worship in the valley. And lastly, tbe community is interested because of the influence that will be exerted by the work done within the walls. On Sunday it was open bouse all day. In the morning the sermon WHS delivered by the Rev. J. A. Stevpti- aon, D.D., a gifted and earnest divine. Music, as during all the services of the day, was furnished by a large chorus choir. A duct, "Peace to This Sacred Dwelling, " was sung by Mrs. Stevens and Mr. Walton. The dedicato-rial services proper were hold iu the afternoon. At this service the sermon was preached by the Rev. T .T, Cresswell, of Pomona, Rev. R. \V. Cleland, D. D., officiating during the dedicatory ceremonies. Sweet solos were rendered by Mrs. Whitehorn of Los Angeles, and Miss Gertrude HuJce of this city, the eer- vire closing by an organ postludo iu G by Miss Cora McKirahan. ID tbe evening, aervicse at the other denominational churches ot tbe city T/er« «cspcDii«d'obd every seat in the new church wB8/llled. Rev. S. E. Wishard, D.D., occupied tbe pulpit, and those wbo heard bim will not forget bis broad and liberal interpretations of tbe Great Truths. His gentle and loving manner reminded many of his listeners of tbe late Bishop McCabe. During the evening a number of sacred solos and duets were sung by Mr. and Mrs. Baker, the blind evangelist singers of Lus Angeles. This brought to a close a memorable day in the history of the Presbyterian Church of this city. City Business. The trustees met iu regular session on Tuesday evening. Present on roll call: E. H. Lahee, Joseph Moxley, C. \V. Potter and E. P. Warner. Absent: L. L. Rnteluu. Minutes of former regular meeting read and approved. Resignation of George L. Sander? as City Attorney was placed in the hfsnda of the board but no octioi: wns taken toward tilling the office. T. A. McCormick's resignation an City Marshal rend and laid on the table until thp next meeting. Justice VV. P. Marshall \vns reelected to the office of City Recorder. Standing committees appointed by the chairman are as follows: Streets and alleys-- Moxley, Potter, Warner. Finance—Potter, Ratekin, Moxley. Ordinance and judiciary — Warner, Moxley, Ratekiu. Board of health President of Board of Trustees, City Attorney, City Marshal, and Dr. J. D. Rend. Ofilcial bond of Treasurer W. M. Giiswold read and ordered returred for correction. A request wns received from C. K. Rlackmun asking for a refund ,of excessive taxes paid by him on his residence on Center street. No action was taken. Demands were read by the clerk and on motion duly made and seconded was referred to the finance committee and on tbeir approval allowed in the following amounts: 1. I. Cook, 88.78; I. I. Cook, 8312; J. L. Matthews, $15.10; Hutchison Bros., 820.50; I. C. Fairly, g'J.J.40; A. Ruiz, 11*00; Neuuec Couipanyj 18.00. p p HONSINGER Hotel Vendorne INSURANCE Fire, Life, Accident, Health, Surety and Live Stock. Lowest rates, best companies. Notary Public. COVINA Shoe Repairing (o. i j Citrus Avenue We do the he=t repairing in town anil use the best material in the market at the mos; reasonable prices. Satisfaction io guaranteed in every respect. If you give us a fair trial you will not regret "• We also carry in stuck every kind of rubber goods. iiEi)K(iK SIMKciN'nFF E E WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , , Large and complete sfjck of everything in the line. Repairing of all kinds, t'iiie watch work a aoecia.Uy. Fruit Men Sec Money In Orange Groves. It is the men who huvo hud long years of experience in Uio orange business that are today paying the highest prices for orchard property. The tenderfeet from the eastern states are at first startled lit the prices asked for orange groves, being skeptical as to the results being received by the growers, year iu and year out. The men wbo have made the. orange business in Southern California a study for years know that a well kept orchard will net handsome rcturiiH oven uu an investment of 82000 an acre, and they are always ready to pay the top notch for groves in favorable localities. The Hale of the east 'JO aeron of I he A. M. Hee'ey nuicti, on Ck-nega avenue, has been cloned thin week. the purchasers being C. 1J. JJulf iiiL'ton and A. J. U'ilnoii, vice-president uud treasurer, respectively, of the K.l- niund Peycke Fruit Company, men who have made the maikeiing ui oranges their business for years. When such men an these show their confidence in the industry by invest ling heaxily, for they own largo hold iiiijs in otlier sections of Southern .'California, it is convincing proof j tluit there in, and that Inert also > promise* to bv: in the futuie, huiid- 'some profile in the growing oi orangeH. This is a young grove and the ; price paid wan t:if>,l)lii) for the 2U acres. The sale was arrbtigird by the jreal estate firm of J, M. Stunt',u. i Another hale this vsi-ek V.UH the, fi acre grove of J. S. Kj'kles on llollen beuk strefet, juht inside the city limits. This yrove was purchased by C. 11. Slant-,n, wbo paid ^!)U(j() f<-r the property. The treea range in ay liom i'i to 11 years and iit> in S[ lendid condition. Then; t-i a ', •room ri-iidencc on the property. J. 11. Miitthevv.-) repfjfth the .-ale of a ,••.! i.i.-r, '.Id:-. \ " ~>, being the nor! hvsc-,1 C'.rnern* Fnurtb anrl Outer, V.'i-li-i tract, to [). Didier of Pueiiti,-. i'lice Camp Rlncon. Chamber of Commerce Organized. The wide-awake citizens of Coviua are preparing for a campaign of "boosting." Coviua is growing as it 'never grew before, houses are springing up on every side, now fam- lies are arriving daily, now industries are being started, and a general air of prosperity is everywhere. Towns, like growing plants, should never be chocked, and our citr/ens feel that this is the timo to start a campaign of publicity which will rnako this section, v.;itb its opportunities, developed and undeveloped, kuown from the Pacific to tie Atlantic, The first step towards the desired result was a preliminary meeting bold on Wednesday evening to effect the orguui'/ation of a Covina Ohumbor of Commerce. Mr. (Jeorgo D. Mo- Laughlin, manager of tho Covina (Jan Company, a tireless "booster," was unanimously called to the chair, and W. M. Ciriflwold, cashier of the Kirst National Hank, \vas appointed secretary. The meeting was ummimouK in the opinion thai Hiich an organi'/.alion, having for Its aim the boosting of Covina, could accomplish much for the welfare of its citi/ens. uud a committee vsas named to the next meeting an outline of the work that the or^ani/al ion could profitably undertake, and alhn a few necessary by-laws tor dihcusnioii and i ildnul Jen. ! Tin; "•(.•erctury wa* ali-o iiiftiueled to write Frank Wiggins, ot the IJOH Angeles Chamber of Commerce, awking nim to be present at. the next, meet ing to deliver an addrnns on ''What, can be accomplished by a live awake chamber of commerce." No man is better <|ualii!ud to hpeuk on such ;i iiiibject then Frank Wiggins, who as secretary of the Los Angeles (,'haiii her of Commerce, has done, so much to advertit-e Southern C a I i I o r n i a. Through hi-i efforts alotm thousands have been loe'ited in !.OH Angeleh county and millions of dollais have Nought investment. The meeting will be public and fully advertised when a ihfactoi y date can be arranged with Mr. Wig gins. Camp Rineon, that restful and delightful spot nnioiiR t,ho pinos, amid the grandeurs of the vSan Gabriel cau- you, will reopen for the season todny. In tho streams and pools surrounding the re-sort myriads of mountain trout disport themselves and during tho coming month scores of sportsmen taking advantage of the early opening of this celebrated resort, will make it their headquarters. The management states that this season they aro hotter equipped than over for tho accommodation uf guests. They have enlarged tho grounds surrounding the camp, put iu largo plunge bath, shower bath, largo new dining room,' now pavilion, and improved tho sanitary condition of tho camp generally, They raise their own vegetables ami always have a plentiful supply of good Jersey milk from their own herd for the use of cum pors. Their ico house is complete and campers can soouro this desirable coimmidity at reasonable priooa at, till times. Pleasing attractions of tho camp are a first-class toiuiis court and croquet ground and a pavilion for use for meetings or amusements, where tho piano is located. rh.i't'0 is a splendid assortment of campers' tents, which aro IHIed with frame and floor, and well II no a lad in shado, and convenient to water, which can bo rented to parties wishing to do tbeir own cooking, and alao bods, bedding, camp stoves, dishes and nil things necessary for a complete camping outfit. The manager in charge, Mr. II. D. Brigge, will give attention to locating guests audjjupplyiug^tbem with such groceries and provisions as they may require. No more ideal summer resort can bo found in the mountains of (Southern California. Within easy reach of tho cump nrc many beauty spots in the mountains which can bo reached on foot or horseback and a good supply of (he best saddle horses and pack animals aio always at tho disposal of the guests of the camp at a small remuneration. tfa Death of U/,/.lc Green, Croat, sympathy is felt throughout this community for Mr. and Mrs. 1J. l'\ Oreori in the death of their daughter Ll'/.xie, a sweet girl of sixteen summers, which occurred on Tuesday afternoon Bhortly after 'J, o'clock. Tho girl had been ill with dipth- eria for eight days, but the immediate CIIIIHO of her death was heart failure, duo to the poison of (hit dis ease. U//le complained first on Monday of a sore throat and as nho had been subject over since babyhood to attacks of toiiNilitis, Mrs. (Jroon appli ed tho customary home remedies, blowing sulphur down tho threat, etc. On Thursday the parents called in Dr. Jennings, who pronounced the c;i>-e at once black flip 1 ficria. Dr. Heed, partner of Dr. Jennings, also viniled the child, and from the lime the dnctorH first called until her {death all that medtcul science could I HiiggKHt. was done lo save her. 1 The report, which has caused I much hoiinw to tho bereaved parents, I that tho child's death was due to treatment of the disease by Christian Science, methods, we, can iiiithni itively hlnle JH without foundation. Junior (May. The Junior ChiHH of the Covinu! High School will present their clans' inlay, "Tulu," at the VVomMis Club: i (inline next l''iiday evening, Mi,y |Hih. Tho entertainment, will he in, jibe nature of a lively and amusing I farce, with musical select ions, ! Tickets .'if* am' 'Jfic, on n.ile :il. i Clapp'h drug store. mr, No One Knows What He Hay Have Until He Asks for It. There be times and many times, when your wants cannot be fulfilled unless you drop what you arc doing and go down town. The very time that the men folks are away. We Have Thought of This Not only may we supply you with the best of feed-lets in the land hut all manner of things will we be glad to procure for you kitchen utensils, vegetable brushes, dish mops, paring knives, asbestos mats, cooking spoons, market, clothes, or telescope baskets, besides innumerable things which will save you time, inconvenience, and a trip down town. All you have to do is ask our solicitor, ring "44" or write and we do the rest. Easy, isn't it? £• r Never at a Loss To Know The man or woman who pays his or he* accounts by check is never at a loss to know how the money was expended. The check stub shows the amount and nature of the transaction, and the returned cancelled check furnishes the best possible receipt. You are very cordially invited to open an account with the Kirst National Bank of Co v in a, subject to your check. Capital $50,000. Surplus $30,0(10 C OOKIES (/Hi! u pound eako mixture oi the UHiial type, oini pound each of bul.lnr, Hiigui', llniir, and ton cggn. If for uii.y reason you desire Ilium a I III In plainer, mill a very lill.ln milk; also flavoring and Hour to roll mil.. Tjin rlilllriilly with cookie^ OOINOM chiefly 111 thii baking. They duiii a I. bottom, ninl HUM in dn'', in n largn mcieiiire, In tlii' (.an* in v. Inch they ate biil'.eil, nheel 1'on, which hold-* too milch liciil. Tleie i'» ii very caiy way lo overcome ttiK difficulty, and thill, th lo Inlie them in Uiii hiniling (Aril iiinli'i the MIIII.I-, Vviih tin- (/•!'< I in lied low. 11 I her e i'i I no miicli h'-al they v,il! l.liMer, I.ill -Mill Mm Hume made 'imall enough, thr.y '.Mil come "Ml Hinoolh ami I'li-ip, hill, you inii'it luiu iiicin <,\er tu In (us u l.olh hidi"i and vvuteli them clo.-.ely, A damn. Citrus Avenue t'ovina. Cal. liaccalaureate Address by Jordan. i'rof A. 11. Coin/in in to be ••on ; gr.ituiated on having serun-d l'rc.-.i • dent l*a\id Sla; r .Jo< d;ui of Stautoid j t.']iiv<-.i.-il y to deliver tin-, baccalaur i cate address to the graduate-, of the j (,'oviha High .School. in The Covina High School l,asi-l,a ham will meet, the Monrovia learn ' j I he home giouridw thin itfti-inoon the hecond fame, of the lenunie hiri'-ii | no'A tjeing played. j l.iiit Haluiday tho ('ovina wi-ru i hftiilen by the A/.u-.a team at. A/iir.a; r,r(;ie, H to l'i. /•'or an ciian fira uttdvr your Victuals COV/NA VALI.KY (IAS CO. (Jit rim A Ifhuna t-t3

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