The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 21, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1892
Page 6
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6. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 1892. fk SAVE YOUR A m DOLLARS fl Farm Loans. We take pleasure In informing •ur many patrons Mint wr: are better prepared than ever before to negotiate farm loans. We make our own examinations draw otir own papers and are prepared to close loans without delay. We Make the ordinary loan and also ncgo tinte as heretofore the incompura* tile eombinatlon life) insurance loan. We arc always ready to give full information on either plan. The, Insurance-Loan Bugle (rives much valuable information on the subject, In a personal interview we can sometimes (five you more. Winne & Winne, THE MONEY RAISED. An Kimy Tank When Once the ('nminltten <lot to Work. The various members of the soliciting committee for the auditorium fund met at the court house last night. After a comparison of figures- it was ascertained that the necessary amount had almost been raised. This morning the committee proceeded to solicit a little further, and now the auditorium will materialize as quickly as money and men can make it. There will be a whole army of men immediately put to work, and when the Uopubllcan state convention meets here they will find themselves en- sconsed in one of the largest and most commodious hulls in the state. The fact that Mr. Digger has the furnishing of the of the Auditorium in his hands is sufficient guarantee that everything will be made to order and in the best possible manner. The committee is loud in its praise of the manner in which our citizens came to the front in this matter, and their return will be many fold. itmutu, HEiinii Hutchinson, Kan. ON TON BAKERY -AND- Confectionery CREAM, HOMEMADE. GRAHAM AND RYE BREAD, Cream Puffs ami Macaroons Fresh Every Day B ~~ A PLAN. I».v C elebrated andies. lanke ros. J. W. Brehm, Proprietor. No. IS North Main Street. Mntn Anil niiiKlor. There was another large crowd at the opera house last, night to witness the rendition of "Alan and Master,' 1 by the ISrudbnll Comedy company. The play has some very strong points in it which were very neatly executed by the company. Wells lleldhame as O'Neil was at ease in "the Man" while .Seeley is a typical villain as "Master." Maggie Miller, as Chick, ably assisted by Fred Hubbard, as Jerry, were the life of the play. Their many happy hits were loudly cheered. The play was well received, and to-night the house will 'doubtless be crowded. Wlileh the Throne ut the Vurlourt ConvcutlonK Cftn He 1-Vcl. It is not the case with every city that those attending large conventions and other gatherings are properly cared for. It often happens that the people are not properly eared for in many ways. It has often happened that an "intelligence olliee'' has been created, at which the sojourner or delegate has been given a ticket, upon which was written the name of the gentleman with whom he may stop, together with the name of tho street and the number of tho house. He takes his card, starts out intending to go to the house to which he has been assigned. On the way he meets a. friend who can spare some room in his own stopping place, to which he consents to go, but as the ticket is out, and the gentleman who profered him the room has no one else sent to him, as he is checked off. If these persons having rooms or lodging to rent during these large gatherings will leave their name and number with one of the hotels of the city, the landlord will see that the guest is properly cared for, both as to eating and sleeping. It is the opinion of the reporter that by making such "intelligence offices" out of each of the hotels you come nearer solving the problem of talcing care, of the delegates and visitors. The other plan failed, let us try this one. flueen Enthor. The Queen Esther circle will give a dime social Thursday night April 21, at Mablc Hutchinson's 222 Fifth avenue west. Everybody is cordially invited to attend. The following programme will be giTeh; Music Harp Club Hecttatlon Myrtle Anderson Solo Mrs. Newlln and Mahle HutchtiiBon lttclutton Lena Patten Guitar Solo Dimple Dujtelt Manic Harp Club The young people have secured a huinnnaphoue for the social, and will have it on exhibition. No extra charge will be made to witness this great attraction. '.it ")low ficticious is the winning Of a klBH, at IOVC'H binning."— sings the poet, and his sentiment is true with one possible exception. 1 f either party has the eurtarrh, even love's kiss loses its sweetness. Dr. Sage 'H Catarrh Raincdy is a sure cures for this repulsive and distressing alUic- tion. liy its mild, soothing, ontiseptic, cleansing and healing properties, it cures the worst cases. $f>00 reward offered for an incurable ease. A roiuitar Firm. tlpshaw, llishop A. Co,, shipped yesterday a consignment of furniture sold to partiey Jit hake Charles, Jjtt. This speaks well for Hutchinson firms being able to compete with the markets of the west and%outh, and to ship goods to southern cities, (live us direct communication with the <i»ilf and we will do more than that. "Iloyez inoind now?" HWickhulilerH' Meetiutf. There will be a meeting of the stockholders of the Hutchinson and Southern kallroad company at the company's ofltce in Hutchinson, Kansas, Tuesday, May 13, 18112, at 10 a. m. IB. A. CnuiHTY, President. CIIAK . II. DAVIS, Secretary. April 18, 1S03. tf A Condition, Not a Theory. In the recent canvass for funds to build an auditorium, which has just been completed, the hotels and restaurants have all given liberally to the fund. There are none of the organizations, 'either church or secret, that have been asked to give, as an organization. It is not customary to do so. And the committee has impressed upon the minds of the said hotel and restaurant men that the occasions of a convention character and otherwise justifies a heavy outlay, and they have all given liberally. Now, to our mind comes the problem which created so much trouble in the city a year ago, and two years ugo Will tho churches and secret orders of the city (auxiliaries principally) jump into every vacant room to bo found and run lunch stands, and thus take hundreds of dollars away from those who are the heaviest supporters of the Auditorium enterprise? We think not. Why? llecause they can not afford to do so. l'opular feeling is against such actions, and the citizens of Hutchinson who have so liberally patronized the church and secret organizations at all thoir suppers, socials, etc., condemn the idea, unci an universal wail of disapproval would be the consequent effect. These organizations can't afford to take from the hotels and restaurants the business of these occasional gatherings. AVhiit Do the commlHslonerit Say. We are constantly in receipt of communications from farmers living in the northwest portion of the county, asking us to continue to urge the people to construct the much-talked-of bridge ueross the Arkansas river, five miles to the northwest of the city. We have repeatedly urged that mat ter, and the feelings of the public are a unit on the subject. It only roinains for some person or persons to. take hold of the matter, and the thing is a success. Everybody favors it, and so long as the business men of Hutchinson do not do their duty, and take active measures toward the construction of the bridge, and pimh those measures to completion, just so long are they allowing thousands of good dollars to go to other towns and cities which would otherwise- come here. Those people cannot afford to take tho time to drive away to the south in order to cross the river nt South Hutchinson, when there are other points at which they can trade, less troublesome to reach, and which occupy less time. Court l'rounedltijp*. Case No. SUSI5, entitled C. P. Johnston vs. the National Hank of Commerce, IIUB occupied the attention of the court to-day. It is a ease in re­ plevin, and la being tried by u jury- The plaintiff is represented by C. M. Williams and the defense by Wright & Stout. The ease of Harrison vs.' Cheshire, which was bagim on the 10th and ended yesterday, to recover rent money, was decided in favor of the defendant. The attorneys were: for I plaintiff, Y. F. Trigg: defense, Hettinger llros. and Honk. Aildlni^flll Insult to (III Injury. A good story is told on one of our genial attorneys. He had been trying a case to a jury for three day-i, had talked for hours to them and in their presence, and yesterday, when the case went to the jury, presuming that no decision could be arrived at for some time, be took a stroll up street to await their return with a verdict.' In the meantime Judge Martin, to expedite matters, had another jury called, and proceeded with another case, all of which was unknown to our legal friend, who was taking needed rest and enjoying a cigar up street. The jury in his case was out uonly a few moments, and when they returned to the court room were given a seat together outside the railing, the new jury in the meantime occupying the jm-y-box. A courier was sent after the missing attorney and informed that the jury had agreed, lie directed his footsteps toward the court house, all the while wondering in his mind, "Have I won the case?" "It was quick work," and many other cogitations which we will not note. So much in earnest over the matter was he, that when he took his seat in the court room and the judge addressed the council for both sides with: "Arc you satisfied, gentlemen, that all the jurors are present?" our legal friend rose up and after casting his eye over the jury box for a moment, said, "Yes, sir, 1 am satisfied." "You are looking at the wrong jury," exclaimed the judge. The other naughty attorneys present could not help laughing, while a very visible smile played across the countenance of the judge. When the decision was handed in and the verdict was "fernist" our friend, he quietly stole out at the door, murmuring audibly: "This is adding insult to injury." And the reporter thought so too. Strictly In It. Hy referring our readers to the large "ad" of IT. W. Willett, the furniture man, on the eighth page, it can be seen that he is strictly in it when it conies to selling handsome and desirable furniture at low prices. Mr. Willett has built up a magnificent trade in his line and is always to the front in procuring the very latest styles. Call on him and ask him to show you his folding beds, kTHADE NARK EIMNSA! PATENT LEAVENWORTE KAHSl Try a sack of SAVEYOURJ >DOLLARS £ r BY TRADING ^ WITH _J us New J.)enl. Messrs. J. V. Farley & Co. have purchased the staple and fancy grocery house formerly owned by Carpenter & Woods, at No. 11 South Main, where will always be found a complete stock to be sold at lowest prices. Call up telephone So. 41. and your goods will be delivered at your door. Notice, AVootimeii of the World. The Woodmen of the World will meet in the A. O. U. W. hall, Grand building, to-morrow (Friday) night, for the initiation of candidates and other important business. Every member is requested to be present. U F. CAIN, Clerk. FLOUR. Only sjsl.25 per sack. How do these prices strike you? 2 lbs ovaporuted pears for -V>e 2 lbs evaporated apricots 2oe 2 Hi lhs evavorated apples 4 lbs evaporated grapes 2!ie 3 lbs evaporated prunes '-tie 1 lb evaporated raspberries 25c lib evaporated pitted cherries 20c 4 lbs dried peaches 25 5 lbs dried currants 25< Call and examine our stock and see. if they are not the finest and cheapest in. the market. ) THE CASH GROCERS, 21 South Main. THE Hutchinson: Music COMPANY. UF.AI.KNS IN A New Invention. Tom Bishop, the obliging clerk foij the American Clothing House, has a patent sprinkler and dust eradicator which goes with each suit of clothes he sells. He has already demonstrated the workings of the sprinkler and it works like a charm. Securing HeufliiuarterH. Quite a number of engagements have been made for headquarters for the various state delegations which meet here on the 5th of May. The Murdoch headquarters will be at the Santa Fc. The Wright people will caucus, at the Brunswick. Pianos and Organs. Oenenil agents for southwestern Kansas for Gliickering, Sterling, Emerson, Schubert Bush & G-ertz, PIANOS. Farrand & Votey —and— Chicago Cottage ORGANS. AN APRIL FOOL? Not u bit of it, if you deal with the Star Clothiers. SAVEYOUR. • DOLLARS< BY TRADING 1 WITH US i Down. You open the door, and up we come. OUR MAINSPRING IS 3?TJI3I_iIOIT "y. The more people know our prices, goods and fair dealings, the greater crowds wo have in the store. We are the acknowledged Leaders of Low Prices in Clothing, Men's Furnishings & Hats. We carry the largest stock in Hiitc/ 1 -^ inson. We are agents for the bltlM makes in men's, boys' and children*'? clothing in the world. Manhattam shirtB Christy hats, etc. Deal with us and get the best values for lest money than you can buy them for elsewhere. SlOO CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. To the purty or parties guessing the time or nearest the time iL will take our candle to burb. The candle is 12 inches in diameter, about inches in circumference and H feet f> inches in height. Come nnd get guess tickets. Candle will be lit July 4, 1892. LEADERS '?m> OF LOW PRICES IN CLOTHING, MENS FURNISHING-S & HATS D.I. > Galliher, LIVERYMAN. Fine rigs, stylish teams md the finest funeral :ar and white hearse i a the state. ROGKAWAY AND LANDEAU FOR WEDDINGS AND GALLING. 101, 103 and 105 Sherman street. Telephone 37. World's Fair Meeting. There will be u meeting of the Columbian club of Hutchinson, at the opera house, April 22, at 4 o' clock p. m. A full ettendance of the ladies is desired, as business of importance will be up for consideration. Mrs. L. HOUK, Pres. Mrs. VV. L. MOOUE, See'y. County Teachers' ttxumlnntioii. The next regular county teachers' examination of applicants for teachers' certificates will be held at Hutchinson Central school building, Saturday, April 30, 1802, commencing at 8 o'clock a. m. SAM W. HILL, County Superintendent. Notice. All those selling tickets to the Trav ingmen's ball, will please remit me for all sold, not later than Friday noon April 22ud. HKN G. KKAN, Heu'y Rx. Com. Xotlee. Consecration meeting and Bible reading at tho Methodist church on Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Evcry- bodyiuvited. Pay at Ouee. Those who subscribed to the Auditorium fund will please stop at the First National bank and pay their subscriptions. Write for terms and prices. HUTCHINSON. KANSAS. J. HE. F- PLATE, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a tine line of Teaa, and a full line of Groceries. NO. 113 NORTH MAIN STUEBT, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. Hutchinson Dndertaking Co. F. S. MITCHELL, , t ., M , y .^.r. .<-.M*. Funeral Director and Embalmer. Telegraph Orders Given Prompt Attention • Are as ilexible and dainty us the finest turn. Are the easiest walking shoes made, the cork acting as a cushion to the foot. Are the most healthful shoes mado, us cork is a non-conductor of heat and cold. . Ladies wearing them need not fear cold, dump or rough walks. The cork is secured in a pocket, which is sewed in with the seam, holding it firmly in place, and is guaranteed not to work loose or curl up. For sale by YOUNG BROS. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. I_. G. DUPLER. 1 ill K OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. We sell D, M. Ferry & Co.'s oelebrated bullr seeds. \ (.4 THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

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