Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1912
Page 2
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1. THEIOLA DAILY REglSTER. FRIDAY EVENINq OCTOBER 18,1912. AID YOUR LIVER If you arc bilious, constipated, have dull headaches and are listless and generally good for nothing your system is.probably clogged up with waste matter— your liver is not wbrlting right. Our LIVER SALTS will save you a doctor's bill if you take them promptly. They will stimulate the lazy liver into healthy action and help it to eliminate the poisonous matter tbat:s malsing you ill. Mild but effective. Price 25c, 50r BDRREirS 'lfSgE » The BexaU Store WEST^ SIDE OF ' SQlfARE. Bamea, Redmond, Simmons.-€ur(man. Ills r .Iioitt. 1 mot SI Khost tho olhrr d:iy. And sailly h- looki'il ihiwii at IIK-: Ho wns not lK >IIpw-oyo(l nor Kriiy. He Idoino^l iibo^' mo nploiididly. His look WMs .llinl of oiio wlio iiiif;hi rommiind ilio r <Moronoo of nun And cl:ilm (llsllnolloii iis his ilKhl- I .sliiiU not :<o<< liiii !)ko .-•{{itiii. I tiiniotl awjiy with (1fo|i n -)5fi 'i And Btiroly iMi mv llttloni'»!(; In fimoNl I oHii soo liim yoi Win I'o• sfiloiiillilly li>' loonii'ill Ali. yo». Ilo wns a Khosi and iiolhliiK iiior<-. Who looi(od with Siiihioss dnwii !it Tho tiiioni of liiiii thill 1 nf voro ' So proudly, viilnly. tiioani in ho. S K KIsor, TIKIO will lio a oiilliil mo.ilii; of III.' Milslo t'liib loiiioriow afli'immii «l llio rosldoiioo of MIS, 1' K WauKh All aotlvo jnoiiiliors aro UTKOII to ul- trnd. Tho III.MMIIIH IS oalbsl lor lour ii'olook. <• - Ilon't miss llio HMU Salo at tli'- .Vow York Store. .t A vory proity jiarty yoslorday aftor noon was in honor of Miss Marcarot Carrol's toiith birthday. Aftor several .ramos. Mrs Carrol assisted by Mrs. .lamos T. Itoid. sorved a dainty .two courso, luncheon. Miss Margar»>Cs KHosts wore: Marcolle Bradley. Kathryn BWiuman. K.ithorinp Brown Evelyn and Mary Ovornieyor. Bessie •Jind l^averne Smith, Mary Follows. Marshall I.«nmcr, Margaret Howard. Murjorie Mather, Homer Fellows. Hor ton Reid, Chloe Davis, Ruby Wright and ICunice Gladfelter. . Tho hostess received several pretty gift.s. • * • • - Handsome Cutaway Sultp worth jn.i.Of). on sale at the New York Store for 116.93. .Mrs. T. Af. Bartles was hostess to the X. T. T. Embroidery club yesterday afternoon. All the members were •present and ali enjoyed the afternoon which was spent in fashioning pretty hoodie, thread and thimble things and in plejisant chat. Huring the work hours Miss Gladys Nelson pave two siijondld roadlnss. The decorations were suggestive of Hallowe'en and at the close of tlio aftornoon Mrs. B.irt- les served a delicious New Kngland luncheon in three courses. She was n.ssisted by Miss Gladys Xolson and •Mrs. Walter Woodsido. • • • • W.niilorfiil harKain.c in I^idies" and Misses Suits at the .New York Store. <'i + Mrs. Mary Hyde who h.-^s been 'in tho city for several wo«^ks visiting relatives will go to Ada. Okla., tomorrow- She will be aceomiiaiijod as far as Sa- puipa by Miss Bess Hyde. • Ymi will lose money if you don't hiiy your Suit from tlie New Y'ork Store. V •!• The .-Vt Homo club was pleasantly en'.ertainerl yesterday ' afiernoon by , Mrp. R. C. I.neey. Mrs. Bodmond had chirge of ihe program. Mrs. Carter leil the scripture lesson and roll call w:»s resiioiided to by autumn inotnory vert'^s. i'ai>ers for tlip aftornoon were read by Mrs.. Redmond, whose subject was, "The City of San Jose and its People," and by .Mrs. Simmons, who told of "Costji llico and .. Inhabitants." The members of the club who wefe in aitciid;iucc were: Mesdames Kirk. Fife, Board, Utcey, Carter and Sagner. • I:—Every one is ulking .about ttae Bargain Suit Sale at the Xew York, rstore. • r • • * Mr .and Mrs. Fintson. of Kansas' City, who have been the guests of Mr., and Mrs. A. H.Campbcll, went to Pl^ Scott this morning for a short viait< with relatives there. - * 4.-*; —Suits at $12.95; worth $23.00. You will admit that the New York Store has real bargains for ladies, misses and Juniors. • • + Miss Clara Foust was hostess to the members of the Thursday Whist club yesterday afternoon. Only the regular members were present. • •> * —There will be a lecture on Christian Science at the opera house next Sunday afternoon at 3 o 'clock. Admission free. • •> -> The Sorosis club met with Mrs. H. L. Hendricks yesterday afternoon anjl the Xature Day program was carrlad out as the year books announce, ejf- ce|)t that Mrs. J. T. Price read the i«per on Forest Influence^ in the absence of Mrs. Scott. The club has voted to give $."> to the play grounil ftind which was started at Washlngttni school., «• * * —Are you or a l>oy7 If so. It wiiiiid lie alloset,lii'r proper and very iiI.vantaKoous lor you to become a iiionibor of tho Y. M. C. A. this week. • « • Tho I.iidloB' Aid Society of the Tnil ed ltrothri>n church hold their rogul .ir meeting in the church yesterday after- lir.nii. Tho (lulltluK which is occupying tho timo at present was coiitinu<-d « A Mrs. A. W. Ilowland and .Minn HOAV- !and have gone to (lotnwu for a w <>i«)( Olid visit Iwth n'liillvos, — UoiiuirkH-mnde by every i>ni>; how •an the .Ni'w York Store soli liidlon' itnl iiilsM'fi" Siilla at prloe» loss than Iiair usiiall.s hohl for The ri'Kular Thiirxday nlulit Toaill was KIVOII lam OVOUIIIK ut the home of Mr. I'liironi 'o Chlloole, The giiosln vvt>ro MIHM Haxel West. MIHS Mary lia.lKoly. MIsH Ida .livk. MIKH Mnrlo SoarloK. MIMS Vava Hulioii, MIHH C.nieo Chllcoie, MIsM Odessa Atchison, Miss .Maud West, .Mr. Howard Brltton, Mr. Roy Unnner, Mr. Clare Hook, Mr. Wm. Hadgoly, Mr. Hamilton Hull. Mr. Fran ols Ferrlll and Mr. Barney Hildi»brant. Oysti^rs and fruit wore sorved during the evening. • • •> —You will profit by taking ndvanti i!;e of the spei-ial offers made this •vi-ek in the. way of membership in the V. .M. C. A. •:• >^ * The young people of the Kpn-ortli Ix>ague of Trinity Methodist church met on the parsonage laWn last night for .1 marshmallow toast and general good time. About forty members were present, it was a pleasant opportunity for the young members of the church to meet Rev. and Mrs. John- sion, who were formerly in charge of the church here and who were here spending the day. The official board of the church also had a meeting at the parsonage. • • • The members of St. Timothy's choir are askrd to meet at the church to- I 'ight tor special practice. •:• • Rev. .\therton, of Bronson, was a guest of Rev. and Mrs. A. Sampson' yesterday, having stopped here on Ills way from lhi> district confonmce at Neosho Falls. • •> * —Siieeial Sale lor Saturday on Assorted .Nut Buttercup"--. ItoRiijar lOc iioiind at 1 (10. per pound (miy. Palace of Sweets. ,j. <, * —Take llio telephrme now while you have the idea and call the Y. M. A. and t<>ll the man at t!ie desk that you w,int to bocnnic a member. He 'vill .-=end some one to you. AWRftOIVE ?I9C£S( EOR MnMiW AP MONDAY! ON NEW FAi^I^^AND WINTKR MfcRCHAlr^ y iTev^r bafbre have we been able to the fd to of Ibra^an^Mci^ Merchandise at such rej^sohable prices*ana our assortment is very large._ No trouble to find "^at you want here. Ladies' Goats and Suits J list received another ship- 'mentment of Ladies' Coats and Suits—the greatest values we have ever shown for the money, in all the latest weaves and colorings. You know when you buy here you are sure of the styles and the best quality. These Suits are marked veiy special far tomorrow :'.nd Monday. LADIES' COATS— Priced from. .$5.50 to $;{5 LADIES'SUITS— Prued fiom .$10.!)5 lo .S:r> We are headquarters fi>i* Children's ('oiils. We have them in volvci, corduroy and ntn'olty mixUnv.'^. Spi'dallv priced from .S1.5U. $2, 82.50 up to $10. LAKESIDE BLANKETS 51x72 Hlankets in white, gray and tan, priced at. pair 75(' iy.\7G Blankets, pair $L00 6(»xS0 Blankets, pair J?L25 72.V.S'' Blankets, pair, $2.t)0 72x80 extra heavy Blankets i)rice(l at $2.50 and $3.00 WOO!. BLANKETS in plain while, colors and fancy piaiils. priced from, per pair, $5.00 to $10.00 If you see our Blankets before you buy you will not buy elsewhere. If you look over our line of Dress Goods before you buy, you wil not have to look elsewhere. They are here in Novelty Mixtures, in Plain Serges, Whip Cords, etc. Specially priced from 50c, 75c, $1, $1.25 to $2.50 yard. SILKS. See our line of New Fall Silks. They are beauties— all priced very special. : : 1 NE WFLANNELLETTE for kimonas. Specially priced at .. .10c, 15c, 17'/2cynrd OUTINfiS. Our stock of Outing Flannels is the best and largest assortment we have ever shown. Specially priced at S ';|C und 10c a yard. MUNSINCWEAR for ladies and children. Nothing better. Shoes This is one of the fast , ^ growing deparlnieiil.-^ of our * store. Once a t;Lislomt'i- always a customo!'. Our styles areri.irht—our qiinlity the best and our prices ;is low as the lowest—iiiialily considered. Ladies' SI UK'S in all the newest lasts in patent, velvet, gun metal, tan and'kid. $1.75', .$2. $2.5t), lo .*s.|.5t) Ladies' Kid Leather Cushion Sole SlB)e.>i. ..$2.5tK $:}.50 Children's Schtioi Siiotv^— the best t(> bo had. Priced at $1.25, $L.5(). i>lJ-y up to .$2..50 Boys' Heavv Sole School Shoes at.: .$L50 up to .$2.50 RUGS! RUGS! ^'isit our Rug Department and see the beautiful patterns we are showing in Tapestry, Axminster, Body I^russels and Wilton Velvets. Priced very special for tomorrow and Monday. LACE CURTAINS. Our stock of Lace Curtains is very complete. You will find them here in all nets. Speciallv priced, at 7.5c, $1, $1.25, $L5G to .$7.50 pair Also a hew shipriient of fancy Bordered Scrini Curtains. .98c pr. E«|un! Suffrage Driiartnienl. L DIAMOIVBS Many discriinin.-itinK persons woald never think of piirclias- ing a i IU.VMOVD without first ihspeotiiiB our superb diamond stock. I These poms are not only of flawless charaotor — but the mountings are likewise wrought in tlic most ajiproved designs. •^Ve invite close inspection and comparison. .V .\KES F.ICE YiU 'NO— TH;IITK>S LOVE TIES ' __ « ("Atirilla" in Woman's Si'here) A fretful expression, a wrinkled race land a faded complexion, do more lo drive iho male members from home 'liati i" commonly supposed. It was • >no of my greatest difliciilties to appear smiling, fresh and elegant when my doar ones wore with me. FSiit 1 have ovorcnino all that I have chang- •d my inonial :;ttiti :de ami I now find It seiond nature to look cheorful. HUP partly to this, partly to a romarkablr treatinoiit reconimeinioii 'l;y a friend, my appearance has so improvied that ! look fiftMin years younger than before. A siiiiple fa'ci lotion made by dissolving an ounc? of powdered saxo- lite in a half-pint witch hazel, proved a wonderful wrinklo-chaser. I still use this occasionally. To renovate my complexion I purchased an ounce of ordinary menolized wax at my druggist's and before using this up a marvelous transfdnnatlon had taken placo. It was like removing an unsightly mask, revealing a new face, a youthful complexion.of distinctive delicacy, clear, white and velvety. I merely applied the -w-a.x like cold cream before retiring.! washing it off mornings. Ten days" treatment sufficed. —I)r. 0. L. Cox, Ocnllst «*J Pac 8ant« Fe mni M. E. ft V. Had One Resemblance. . One night. In a Texas town. John McCullough's company was playing "Ingomar," and young Sothern was to be the leader of the barbarian army. During the day he and bis compaii lonB-tn-arms ransacked .the town toe fur coverings In •which to appear on \he stage. They securaf some skins jihich liftd been imperfectly cured. In the scene ••i -here the barbarians mshed on McCuIlough the tragedian stood' aghast and almost forgot Us lines. When the curtain fell he turned to the fur-covered battalion and said: "Boys, you don't look like a barbarian army, but I'm d d if you don't smell li^e one." Ministers on Votes for Women. (By Alice Stone Blackwelli.. .Mrs. .Tulla Ward Howe, a short time before her death sent a circular letter, as'king-whether the results of equal suffrage were good or bad, to all the'Episcopal clergymen, and to the Presbyterian, Congregational, Methodist and Baptist Ministers in the suffrage states; to all the Congregational Sunday school su|>erlnfendents Itho other denominations do not publish the names of their superintendents in their year books), and to the editors of the newspapers. In all 624 answers were receive»l. Of these 62 were opposed, 46 in doubt, and S16 In favor. The replies from tho Episcopal clergymen were favorable more than two to one; those of the Baptist ministers seven to one; those of the Con- grogational mliilsters about eight to one; of the Methodists more than ten to one. and t/f the Presbyterians more than eleven to one. Of the Sunday school superintendents one was opposed, one in doubt and the rest favorable. The editors expressed themselves in favor more than olghfto one. The ministers and editors are practically unanimous in saying that equal suffrage has made w6mcn more intelligent companions for their husbands and better able to-instruct their children. Almost all agree that it has broadened women's minds. A Targe number say that it has helped to obtain liberal appropriations for school imrposes and has made it harder for notoriously corrupt candidates to be nomJnate*-or elected# that equal suffrage does not lead to divorces and that women enjoy Increased influece because of having the ballot. Most of the ministers emphatically deny that Immoral women control the elections. The testimony"^ is practically the same from all four states. Some of the opinions are as follows: Rer. Trost Craft, MefhodlKt Eplsco- pnl, ©PDTer. —Woman's influence Is far stronger wfth the ballot than without it. Practical politicians are obliged to take her opinion into account. The great majority of the women go to the polls quietly, cast their votes and return at once to their homes. Women show a greater tendency thrfn men to scratch bad candidates. The vast majority of women who vote are women of good character. : Rer. Leon f. Hill, PrMbyferlan, Cherennft Wjro„ former Chaplain of the lIovMe of Re|ireM4itatlTe8— Women are more independent voters than the men. Equal, suffrage has been beneficial to the state'In every way. Rer. Robert R. .\dain!*. XettaodlKl EplKeapal, Paeblo, Colo.— As a result of fifteen years' resfdence ^in Colorado possibly with some prepossessions against -woman suffrage, due to H life In Philadelphia I heartily Indorse woman snffrage. • Rer. C. E. Helinan, VethodlM Epix. ropal, .ShoBbonr* Ida.— I. was opposed to woman suffntge when I left Ohio. I hare been lu Idaho for fourteen Tbe lola Music Clab PHUSK.N'TS EstherMayPlmnb IN Song Recital Tuesday, October 22nd .\T THE HHST .M. E. ClirKCH Tickets at Burrcll's Not Fast. • **I Jjndnrstainl." sav-; ihi* father, "that villi liavt- liffii ;;uiir_- ••.till very fast .sot." "Fast iiotliiri-.:;" rt-i. il..- -^MI. "Why. not ono of Mn-iii lia.-i a r.iui was less eflicient in household duties because she was interested also In public welfare and was privileged to cast her ballot. Much good legislation has been accomplished in Colorado' from the initiative of women since | they have had the ballot. i ,. , ... • , I.VT . r. r. .Indrew.s Baptist, Salt i -''"'•-o Lake City—Woman's influence for' good is largely increased by the right' Tbe essenf ini fiiins H oi .t Knowioti-e to vote. .1 wish every state in the i but chanioter - Coat*". I'nion would give the right of suffrage to women. 1 Ixdiove it would be a jiower for good. Rev. V. \. Qninn, .llelbodI »if EpNco- pal, lleylinrn. Idaho I cannot so*- any ovil of any sort connected with woman suffrago. I long to see the day when womon will vote in every state of tho Union. Ri yon rado. so far ar I ran report it. is of (,eaulifier — If any body Mjants a >to\e. call and get my prices. .They are going fast. .1. H. Rlley. Secret of Soutbern Beauty •)[•,"" Kl'i^*-''!'"!. <«n -;A daxzUng complexion made and kept f'"-'.'ng .n Colo- ,„rt. s'mootb and clear by the harmless I. so far ar I ran report it. is of satisfai-tion with woman suffrage and a conviction that if has come to stay. Wllpnn'c VHPriTf F rrOAfll —Alien County Suffrage league. iTluUll O. lIlLlfllLL l/lCuUl It will positively remove freckles, tan. — If vo!i ttani a reni aiitoninhlle. sunburn and clear the skin, or wc give l.iiy a .M!i.\uolI. i{. .M. ('unningaam, j yOTir money back. Try it, now. Burthe auent. '• rcll's Drug Store. W. E. Neweomb GOOD THINGS TO EAT! 4 N. Wash. Phone 161 20 lbs. Granulated Su- jrar for with eveiy .$5 oi'fler. Call on Us — Kro.-ili Oy.storsln bulk. The gen- iiino Soalsliipt kind.' They are the host..; f.-ii' no other. McKlnnoy's .Meat Market, II.'. Kasi. .Madison. Phone 291. ESTHER M\\ PLVMH has sung with several of tho foremost orchestras, was soloist on an eight weeks tour of the MinneaiKjIis Symphony Orchestra, and has ciflen been compared to .Mnie. Sohtimann-Heink. years and am convinced that it is an exceBcnt thing. No ri^teous cause or good i>erBon fears woman suffrage. Rev. 5r. Rnimbiet. llaptNt, .Hoiirow, Idaho—Women suffrage has been a great blessing to our state in every sense of tho word. Women do not vote for bad candidatos if tlioy know it. Rer. .T. (I. Cowden, Presbyterian, Caldwell, Idaho—Nono but politicians of the baser sort would think of doing away with woman suffrage. i Rev. S. W. GrIfliD, Pre>byli*rlaii, Littleton. Colo.- The more 1 sej of the results of womoti suffrage the more t am convinced that the cleansing of politics demands that it should be nation-wide. Rer. Orrin W. .\uniun, Hetbodl.«l Episrupal, Piieblo, Colu.—In no case have I found a wife or mother who Before Yoii Buy your Shoes for winter, let ns tell you our IHtle story. Muny pri»- ple wonder how we ran mnke Ihe priees that we do on goods of rerogniied quality, but nc are nillhig to let you In on the secret, h hi our enornanii buying liower. coupled with our alillity lo ipiiy for wluitever we liny. You hud better buy hen- where you can ^ri prices like these: Special for Saturday and Monday Uidios' 16 Button Hotits in tan. patents, gun metal and volvoj. $4 values : ii ?2..W l.;i'lt<'.s' nuttnii Hoots in patents, gun metal and vici kill: $3 values S1.J>8 '"MI-^SOS' .lorkey Hoots in tan, jiatents and gun metal. si-/.os i:; t" '.:: valoos Sl.OS .Sizes S'.^ to 11 v.. values 81.75 S.7.0S to ,s. values $1.5(> .Mi<-'.'s" r.ood Solid Soio<d Shoes, button or lace $l.r.n \aln..s. o-.r prioe ..I 98<*' button or lace. $1 values, our :H}t and 60c Clil'dreirs Shoos. pi-i<e I .Mons SIi.;.'..>; in tan, patents, gun metal, button or lao. *1 values 82.30 Men's Shoes In iiatent.-; gun nu-tal. t>utton or laca, $3..'.0 values, our price . . . 81.98 Itoys' Shoos in patonis and gun metal, button or I.-ioe. $3..-.0 values $1.98 H'lys' Good Solid I-oathor Srliool Shoes. $L'.r.O values, our price . - j 81.50 lUivs' Shoos in box call' and gun metal, sizes up to i. $L' Shoes for . 81.25 IJttle Gents Slioo.s—tlie regular Jl .".0 values. Sample Shoe Store prioo 98^ .All kinds of hoys' high lop lai-o Boots, black and tan, ranging in prio.- frr.ii; . --81.50 to ^^..^O •:;u Wc Pay Car Fare Sample ShOC StOrC HQ East Madlsog

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