Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 25, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1908
Page 8
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Hnster Services. Knster was cnlchrnt.r>rl in most, of our rhiifhes with profuse; flonil decorations nnd npriniprhilu music HIH] sermons. At tho Prefinyetrinn Church children's ftxerclnns wern Kiveti in the morning and an Kdster finlhr>m filing hy the excellent fholr. Mr. \Vnfcr- hnnse Knvf> n heniitiful renderiiiK of "Calvary," and the i/lfirl ineH!-a«o "f Oift anason was given hy the pastor. At, the Church ,,f the Holy Trinity much beautiful music WHH fniilt.lehsly rendered by the choir, and in the evening the (glorious solr;H, "I Know Thai, My Redeemer Lhftli," by Mrs. .frihn Urnnjesi, and "Thf Kcunrrfc- tion" by Mr, Rfirotle v.fii> fH|.eeially worthy i/f note. The liiiptist. (,'hiireh WHS spcrbil l.y 'li'fonitcifl, liif'H, ferns iinrl mtiri/UM'ilcs Li-ing used in profusion. At the r.lo'-e of I he lesson hour a short piiii/nirn UMH given by the primary gnide of the Hnnday-f-chool. The .senm/n by the. past'ir wan on "'J'he Power of an Kndless Lile. " Jleb. 7 :1 (). An theniH by the choir, "Christ in Kif-en" and "(JonHifler the Lilies. " The Christ ian Church was decorated ivith a wealth nf lilies and white rones. Lar^e. audiences, filling Ihr: audienee room, were present at both services. In the morning Rev. O/jorge \,. Hniv- ely, of ,St. Louis, Mo., preached a sermon, and Rev. Chant K. Lewis, of Long Hunch, followed with a few appropriate remarks. In the evening a large and excellent chorus, under tho direction of ,J. M, Hlanton, rendered a program of special Master music. The panl.or preached an appropriate Hermon. A ROTHSCHILD STORY. The Reward That Came to a Student With a Heart. Old Rothschild stories are popular now In Kir-ope "Some arc true," «ays | 'in KngllHh writer, "some are only clever, and many are simply Inveu- Hons. I'.ul :ill arc read iviih interest." Here is one from the i'.yst.-inder, I»n''on: "At a li;;iclieoM ;;iven by i;m]ir»':-;H l-'.i!'- Hi l!i< ( Tulle; ir-:i f!i'- hi-nd of 'i.c i'arl.f I-',:."i; <,(' Hoi li'i'-.SiM \v«lM '•:::' '! ":'|"'' '•'•" -I tri'^ai p-ii::,e;'. Uotil- • '.'. . i u-"-: ri-»i 1-1'.--.-••"d v ii!i ;r iod lookn '.' ; '•<• I. I.:' '•c-ivi-i-. :;n <••.-;>• '••-:.- \>>\\ of '" "•••' •••"•• I ; > -:! • MI; -n <• ;:;i*!-,«'d Tlie . '. ' • 'i ..,! , •:'.!/• r ii ; <•_<•! nil' hiii), i '•'.'.' '•'.' i.',\ ! i: •)', h '•!;•!.I not j| |it_. 1 .'. -. '. • ' ••-•! "•• ;:"!.:•• i !!;•• i,,;i it- 1 '• : ' i" ' ' . ' P •_•!'•• l! J! 'I ipilM 1 i ... •'•''' ii '••''• K ':-,ir t! ni ixe- : : " |. : ' i,i;'-"..:--d }:.]•:> I 'r. 1 '' In; '• .' ! ' ' i ;• ' a i !• r'cl for a bog' ' ' : : | ' !: • '.' -, ; (!|--n (••, oh'iflg. '..' , i bi'i!;!i,i-iie(J, and ho ' 'I '•' ill i' f< r .vou.' And IK; did. :••'.•;. ..'ci lie \v,is |io ing a pupil ; ' e ' v'alcr'.'. \vas «»i foliciifi) by (he .;• l '•' '•' 'ii' on (he f,ir-f., of H 1 '•' ' ' ' I," ''!!;>!.r-d a li\ p e franc plo ' ' '• '•>• 'i '•-)[• in; n'.-i' hand and van':•• I ''•!'' ;'e en e.'.plamitlon was poswl- • •. 'i' 1 "' i:; 1 . 1 "I day f!ie young man re• •••', ("I i:','•.» as lateres;! on his well In. ".; "d ,"i francn." SHOOTING WITH MORTARS. Voaemite Valley. Valley is now rencherl flnily (ifter chorf, nnrl pleRsant triti j via Southern Pacific to Merced, Vo- RptnitR Valley and 12 miles Stage ride Jnforrmit Icri mny ne had at Hnnthern Pacific office. Rooms to rfi't -S'e»» Mr<i. W, C. Ilihsch, Ci.ltfige Driv<-, Tnliire (.'onnty Lands: ?~/0 lo 8fiO per fine v. ill) wafer. Uriflevel-! oped land in artesian diHtrict, 820 toj 840. any nixc you want, any kind j Reo Automobiles THE CAR OF SERVICE Ask any of the many Reo owners PKICF:S jnf terms .(. II. .\hdflieufi, Covina. j Touring Car with top. S14-50.00 Reo Roadster, 20 Ii. p., £1100.00 Reo Runabout, ?7<:O.OO San fiernardlnn Pair. On May l!)lh to 'Jlird inclusive, the city of Han Hcrnardino, Call- iiirnla, will hold a celelinit.ion to Im called the Festival of the Arrowhead. This celebration will l/n in ihe nature of an immense street fair, with a program. It includes two great lloral parades, an afternoon of exciting chariot races, an automobile pararle, a firemen's l.oiti namenl, a baby show, an industrial parade, and a blooded live slock panirle. The city of Han Bernardino has held many successful celelnat ions and street fairs in years gone by, hut, thin year they pay homage to the great natural wonder, the Arrowhead, which IH located upon tho mountain side some nevcri miles north of tho city, and from which the Festival of tho Arrowhead derives HH namo. They will open the Festival on Tuesday evening, May ]!), with an open air pantomime at the (|iioen'n throne, wlir'.li will be baser.] upon the Indian legend of the origin of the well known landmark. Milting the Tarrjet Is Simply a Matter cf Mathematics. H'«w do we hit. with the mortars? An observer near the shore who sees ihi' target '•ommunlcates the horizontal and vertical angle at which to lay the mortal 1 and the Instant of time at which |f) (ire, and tho gun does the rest. If yon were standing at Hie center of a large clock dial laid Mat on the ground and wanted to lilt with a baseball a man walking around on tin 1 outside, you would notice how long II look j the man to get from I to II and again from II to III. Then yon would decide \\-helher If Ihe I.,-ill were thrown over a point halfway between IIM and V .lust as he arrived opposite I III Human and the ball would reach the Panic spot at lli<- same lime, it being undemloo |, < if coiur.e, ilia I. he maintained uniform speed and direction and that the ball was thrown with proper force. Instruments give us Ihe range and observations, and mechanical devices give us the range differences, In- crouslng or decreasing by certain short Interval.'! of time, loo .short for a ship of any size to escape by attempting to change 'direction or speed. Our ob- norvor's circle has 30,000 divisions,— Captain Ilowell In Scientific American. Kee.cnl ncccHHioiiH: Morris, Charles Jlisloricnl tnlon Lj, American, Knglish, Kroneh, (ier- nian, (.ireek, iJaiuinttHii, Chiiu^Hi', Korium, HuHHiau, HpnniHli; Our iHland Empire; King Arthur, LiiiHooU,, MI-H. Jl. Urighl filcim i'or Mnterlaining. Longfellow, 11. \V. tJiunpleto (nieli- otil works. Manpiis, A.N. Wlm'.s in America. t Miiga/ines and ImokletM havn lieun received from Mrs. Amon, Miss llcr- ron, (j. N. A i wood and K. .1. Cli/ho. Card of Thnnks. \V« lakn this way tu D.\pri>ss to the oiti/.oiiH of Covinu our heartfelt thanks and appreciation fur the Kymputliy and kindness which IIISH hecn shuivn tu us hy all during the days foilcivi ing thn Huddi-n di'hth of j nur helmed ialher and soii-in law. i lonry (iarhiug Willie (iahring D»ra (iahring \\'. A. Lauilcy and fami ly. Summer /VUJIinery. .Insl !trrivi-d, :i lai'L'f and caiclully M'li'dcd slock "I -luumirr inillinciy. Ladi> N, ilu in>t fail In ^i-c i|,iv, ,|i^ J'lay, t'ni' IK- CMII MiliMi cici'.v iat-ti< lii-aul ittil ci i ai inn-, ai ju !,-,•., uhidi i-aiiliiit l,c (lil|.lic;ili .1 rl-irllhrif. Also a line line of r-tiec! hals. Make your st-li-cl ion-, fur i he summer l.i |i:ii. ihey are picked over. Mis. M. l.eel.iirk. Carelessness of the Hens. Tho Bridles had been In their new country house for scarcely a weok before Ihe girl who went out to hunt for strictly fresh eggs came back empty handed. "Where are the eggs, Ellen?" askod Mrs. Mrldle. "Sure, mum, OI couldn't fohul a wan." "Dlil you look In the henhouse?" "Vis, mum." "And In the haymow?" "OI wlut all over 1110 place." "And tin- manger?" "They wara'l there, mum." "Well, sometimes Henry collects tho oggs In a banket and hangs It under the cow shed." "n| found the basket, but It wnj! Imply. OI hunted all over the place and, high nor low, sorra a sign of (him eggs could OI folnd anywhere." "Dear me." said Mrs, Mr-idle absently, "I hope they haven't boon mislaid!" —London Scraps. The Ayes Had It. There Is a certain representative In wluwo secretary Is a young lady. She Is pretty, and sho Is ns bright as she Is good looking, being also the possessor of a pair of beautiful eyes. The other day she called on a cabinet olllclnl to ask a favor for n constituent. The grave and dlgnltled head of the department looked «t her and said: "My dear young lady, I am afraid I cannot do what you ask, although your big lirown oyes"— "Then the ayes have It," rjulck as n flash the young lady suld. And she got What she requested. Willing to Help. Young Mr. Sapley was making a protracted call upon the object of Ids affections, Miss Kvatis, who was n planlsl of considerable ability. .Slu> had just compleiod twenty-five minutes of Mach hi the hope thul he would gel tired and go home. "Oh. Miss Kvans." i,,. exclaimed, "I eoulrl Jnsl die lisi'-nlng lo voiir plaviny;! 11 "Would you like ti> have me play Home more. Mr SapU-.iV" asked Miss liv an?, iuii.Hvui ly. Talking Machines. "i-:v,'ryihiim lc,\ei\ d..vMi at the Iiou-e ':" "\cs, \\'e mi leading Ihe quiet life I he.-e da 1 s " \ ''Hull' do i on v. >-rk it ';" \ "\\'ell. \ »u M-C. \x,' ha\e a phoniv > irrapli. and il alicrnate-i \\iih my wife; after .supper." .\a-ljUI!o I'.anncr. ! Phone .~ The A /usa \VomanH Olub will give 'a cr.-ncert. at. the AXI;-M Opera House. Also .-igents for U'ayne "30" 4-cvli»dcr | ,M(iy T, IDOI. Prognun cf old j ''" lfl Kisselcar. (i-.-t a rlemonstrntioii ifsivorite songH, re<idi>igs nud violin |'"-' forc ''">''">>'• li.eul ;uti,sis. Tickets at r -.^ .--s.--^. „. RKO Oarage COVINA Thomas's drug store, Axusa, 4 'J.'j Schedule For Electric Cars. os Angeles a. m. Pretty Slow. ll'iiii I., Mr. and Mr.-. I-!. Kl.,!.'l\ ^!'>w ^'ailer lla\e I ever beer, tn i of Kowlaud, Wedue.sday, April -J-.I, ""' '',,11(11! \. sir'.- \o. sir. \\'hv <\,t a girl. you ask'.- Tuvd i' I was jnsr th;nki:i^' h.iu ihrillinu iiiu'tl lind It to t«>r- Horn to Mr. ami Mis. S \V. l-'un|. of Charier <);.k, \\ednc.-iiai, Aj.iil to( *'' s Nvlli/ - |lX - Harper's VV.vkly. 7:05 8:10 0:20 10:.?0 11 -tO 12:.SO p m. 2.00 3:00 3:45 4:30 ' 5:30 fi:4.T 8:50 11:30 Leave Covina 5:50 a. m. 6:55 8:20 9:30 10:40 11:50 1:00 p. m. 2:00 3:10 4:O.S 4.50 5:35 6:30 7:50 10:00 Annual Meeting. To the stockholders of the Warner, Whilst:) iv Company: Please take notice that the annual meet ing of ihe stockholders of Warner, Whilscl .S: Company will be held at tin; ol'lii:e of the corporation in the: city of Covina, comity of Los An- geb.-s, State of California, on Wednesday, April 15, IOOH, at 7:30 p. in., for the. purpose- of electing directors and for the tra o.sac tion of .such other ousiness ;is may properly conic before the inoi ling. K. P. VVAKNKK. Hec'y. Notice to Creditors. Estate of (J. W. Hepiier. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estate of G-. W. Ilepner. deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the deceased, to exhibit the same with the necessary vouchers, within ten months after the first publication of this notice to the said administrator of the above named estate, at the law oll'ice of Geo. L. Sanders, Room 32.5 Wileox Building-, Los Angeles, County of L >s Angeles, State of California, which place is hereby designated as the place of .htiaiucss of said estate. Dated this 2M.h day of March, l')08. Thomas K. Finch, Administrator of aforesaid estate. (ico. L. Sanders, attorney for said administrator. Jshnssn & INigg BLACKSMITHS ftlacksmithing sf oil Kinds Shop on Citrus Ave Q. W. MARSH Practical | CARRIAGE AND AUTO •I Jpainkr Shop opposite Postoffice COVINA THE NKVV IRambler Better than ever. Better than any, regardless of price. We can "show you." See local agent or W. B. COWAN 830 H. IfroacUvay, I,os Angeles Agent for Southern California WALL PAPER BARGAINS There is a new wall paper store in I,us Angeles where they sell good WALL PAPER AT 2c A'ROLL and the assortment is large. Fine gilt papers at Sc a roll and the bust embossed gold papers at ')c a roll. The stock is all new and is the best quality We buy by the carload direct from tin* mills and that enables us to name tin- lowest prices. The best patterns of the best makers NEW YORK WALL PAPER CO. Cor. Tenth and Main Sts., Phone I"il41 Los Angles IK YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING doth-, stv me In'fotv you let your juh. All work f^'uaran'.i'fil atul reasoiiaiiSe. Celebrated Kentucky Jack "Seimson" at the Chapman Heights Ranch A limited number of. horses and stock rpreived for oasture. Harness, Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The right goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Phone Home 1170 James Corbett General QlaolcsmltHIng All kindh of general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufacture Ridpers, Orange Racks and Box Presses horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone 63 Shop West Badillo St, Csvina FINE REGISTERED Percheron Stallion AND Jersey Hale FOR SERVICE RIGQINS RANCH Phone ll'J \\'o wish to make contract with .sunn mil' tu cut and bale hay crop. FOR SALE 5000 Acres of choice orange, fruit and farming LANDS in the celebrated San Joaquin Valley On main line of railroad and near good towns. Plenty of water can be obtained. This land comprises some of the best in the valley and \vtll be subdivided into small tracts to su it purchasers and sold at low prices on easy terms. Weekly Excursions to view Land J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Our vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. *<W>a^3-V35>3 Clarence Allison Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. Building Contractor COVINA, CAL. The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing Shopping in Los Angeles? TAKE LUNCHEON AT COULTER'S CAPE You will find it very conveniently located, first-class in every respect, with a la carte service at modest prices. Coulter Dry Goods Company Broadway, Between Second and Third, L,o& Angeles * V • .* Q !.•* * « r» va Howel! & Howell ^ BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome ^, FRKSH KVKRV DAY AT 6 ivvn's and Crcrshaw's • HOME BAKERY In Its New Home that has no equal WHOLESOME, SWEET, APPETIZING Pies, Cakes, Hot Rolls O. (iKIXER, Prop. Covina French Hand Laundry Kerran A: Co., Pri>ps. 1'hune 5 C. H. Kistler (OVINA TRANSFER HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling- and Furniture Moving-. Cake and Confectionery fr 1 * \Vagoti through valley daily. W ALL WORK DONE HV HAND i Lac. curtail s. tine silks. rtauueU and ] Specially prepared to move pianos lace gootls, unr specialty. | Ail work called for and delivered. PROMPT SKKVICE. PRICES RIGHT. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you! tfive us a fair trial you wiii ,,.,t regret i 0111(6 00 CitfliS AV6. (8YJ24, QL it' ! Home Phone 108

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