Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 24, 1968 · Page 8
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 8

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1968
Page 8
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8 -A rHE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS TUESDAY,. DECEMBER^ 24^1968, BETTY CANARY No Scum On Our Yule Tree Love, hope and charity — this life." But while I am a belie- is the season for it. Of course, 1 ver in Christmas cheer, I do it may be a bit difficult this D2lievp fiis is a time to sort year. We must face up to our out our thoughts. Mayor Daleys. Then, there are, Personally, I am not one for just for starters, starvation, di- hepeci. ; .. despair. And sea™ ar /d criirc. Cr. if you j am not going to react to the really want to test your ability j.moil in my country by curl- a damp little ball to be charitable, there is always in „ up ln Eldridge Cleaver. of "fear. Cleaver, for those who want . , , , to indulge their capacity for tol- As , WG haVC " nder & one / r ^ al eranee. is hi?'i in the rr.rks rcvol "tion in this past decade of the Black Panthers He is we should have ex P ected ^ at ot the rSiacK rawiers. He is, w d , changes boil- by his own admission in his , . book, "Soul on Ice," a rapist. ed up ; * ome « arba fE TW0Uld An ex- convict, he was a presi- come . totl *? surface - A U 1 SU S" dential candidate who actually f£ st ** a tw ? "^S ^J S °T drew s^:c vc cs in November, i f f " aL l . ,t . 1S ', ™\ be The Black Panthers, for those af ™? ofh bein ^ '^f t m{ ° le ' who still have charitable incli- rant when we teU Jt M we nations, publish a journal that, see among other things, printed a Why do some keep trying to cartoon of Robert Kennedy af- Justify the Black Panthers or, ter his assassination depict- at me otlier extreme, the Aming him as a dead pig. <- vic: *' ! <" :nz ' e par;v? Why do I know the mail will bring some see them as bold heroes me curt little notes saying, when they really are loud- mou- "Here it was the time of holly ™ed misfits? berries and mellow feelings and As for understanding these re- you are talking bitter words." jects of society, well , we un- At least one person will write <V - ! r.em ril .-Iglv. tliat he opened his newspaper hpve compete contempt for eve- hoping to find a bit of nostalgia rybody who will not join them and he sure wishes I'd 1 forget in thumbing noses at such sen- the ugly stuff. timentalities as family and Til answer those letters be- home and citizenship, fore I get them. I am an eternal And so, during this gentle sea- optimist. I'm the kind who has son, I'll not debase myself. I'll a flat tire and says, "Well for' not be offering my love to those av/.ii'e I got a ne v.slant on who see life as an obscenity. First Baptist Mission Circles The Women's Missionary Society of the First Baptist church met on the afternoon of December 17th, at the church. The social hour, in charge of the Jennings Circle, was held first. The serving table was very attractive, with its green lace- trimmed tablecloth, unique candelabra, handsome coffee and tea service. Christmas cookies were served. Small Christmas trim was also placed in the ewindows of fellowship hall, where this phase of the meeting was held. The group then went to the church parlor for the remainder of the meeting. Mrs. Fred Welsh gave the opening prayer. The sophomore girls' chorus from Mt. Vernon high school was then introduced, who' sang five delightful numbers from their Christmas music. Tal Smith, their teacher, was in charge. Student director was Diane 'Steward. The business session was held next, with President, Mrs. Fred Welsh in charge. The usual monthly reports were accepted. Some thought was given to the local mental health project, and it was suggested that we work through the local united church council. We are currently collecting canned or packaged foods for Christmas baskets, both through the general society and the various Mission Circles. We should also have a program at least once a year relative to . the United Nations. It was siisggested to have it on a Sunday evening, when men of the church could be present. Mrs. Roger G. Webb, door bulletin board. •Letters were also received from Stratford House, girls resident dorm at University of Illinois, in which they stated the money sent them would be applied on their kitchen debt. Hudelson Home Superintendent Romick, Centralia, also wrote a thank-you letter for Thanksgiving offering of food, and money by our church and Sunday school. Mrs. H. E. Breeze then gave the prayer calls, then led in a prayer. The Bible reading book for January is Romans. The Christmas program feature was led by Mrs. Betty Banner, who told the story of the "Runaway Angel." She also gave the meaning of various Christmas symbols. For i n stance, the candle represents Light; the Star is a guide; The Nativity Scene (a baby is always appealing); and the holly, with its thorns, these thorns represented those associated with Christ on the Cross. — (Covert Studio) MISS LINDA JOYCE BOHLEN Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Bohlen of Mt. Vernon are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Linus Joyce Bohlen, to John C. McNeil, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fracis B. McNeil of Thawville, 111. The bride-elect is a graduate of the Ml. Vernon high school and is presently enrolled at the University of Indiana, Evansville, Ind. The prospective buidegroom is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in education. He is employed as a teacher at Casey Junior High in Mt. Vernon. A spring wedding is being planned. DEAR ABBY . . . It's Your 'Affair/ If You Can Prove It St. Mary's Altar Society Members of St Mary's Altar Society enjoyed the annual Christmas party at the regular December meeting. Hostess chairman Anita Hunt and her committee, Pat RetOg, Gertrude Downey, Ruth Jones and Mary Ann Rader, decorated the hall in keeping with the season. Small tables were set with holiday mats and greenery centerpieces. The large serving table was set with a beautifully appli- qued cloth. Fruit cake and coffee were served after the short business meeting. Highlight of the evening was a program given by Mrs. Earle white McHroy of the Illinois Power cross chairman, reported that | Company entitled "Celeb r awe sent twenty- eight pounds | tions." Slides and commen- of clothing. through the Church t?.ry shoving foods and decora- World service center. A l?tter '.'r -3 f';r seventeen different hol- was received from the Chris- iday celebrations were mouth- tian .Center at Campbell,. Ohio wateringly enjoyed by all pre- acknowledging receipt of cloth- sent. — ing. A memorial fund for the 7at "e'.tig WELS awarded the late Robert Fry is in the offer- Drcemor- birthday cake and Ur- Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: I am an em- 1 team again this year and I have ploye in a store. I have been a feeling my father won't see here a long time and have a me play in one game. I made lot of seniority. I am reasonably certain that my boss is having an affair with one of my cc- the team last year, too, and •my father never saw me play once. I'm the only kid 1 whose workers. My boss' wife is a father has never seen Mm play. good woman who I am sure knows nothing about this, but it is fast becoming obvious to everybody in the store and I'm My dad travels and he is out of town better than half the time, and he says he is doing it so he can afford to give his sure it is only a matter of time family lots of advantages, but before his wife hears the talk. I like this woman very much and hate to see her being made a fool of. Should! I tell her about her husband before somebody else does? She likes me, and I could break it to her gently. TRUSTED EMPLOYE DEAR TRUSTED: Tell the wife only if you're prepared to document your story with proof, and Abby, honestly I wouldn't mind wearing clothes and shoes bought at the Salvation Army if my father would be home more. How can I let him know how I feel? FATHERLESS ..FOOTBALL PLAYER DEAR FATHERLESS: Fathers; are not mind - readers. Tell yours exactly how you feel. Men to testify in her behalf if she who travel for a living are fre- asks you to. And, to find another job. DEAR ABBY: I would ask your readers to write to their congressmen and ask them to introduce a bill to force mothers who have children 18 years old and younger to stay home and 1 take care of their of course, I quently able. to arrange their schedules to be home for special events. Maybe if you talked this wish you 0V er with your mother she could convince your dad 1 that his "presence" at home now is more important than his "presents" later. Good luck. Christmas Bulletin: By HAL BOYLE NORTH POLE, (AP) — He's off! Santa Claus is on his way at last! The jolly old Saint and his famous reindeer are zooming through the Arctic skies right now, heading for the American border. He'll reach it tonight. The Northern Lights switched on to a clear steady green—the "go ahead" signal. And 1 the Royal Canadian Mounted Police sent Santa this message: "We are clearing all air lanes in your path, old boy. There is no speed limit for you tonight. The sky is yours. Go as fast as you like. Good luck!" And Santa Claus needed that wide, clear road in the sky. For his big red sled was packed so full of gifts it overflowed. It looked like a hay rick zooming Ihrcugh the crisp air. "Oh dear, oh dear," worried anta, just before the takeoff. "I do hope none of these presents falls out and beans some poor innocent rabbit down be| low. This must be the heaviest load I've had in twenty years." "What is he fretting about?" whispered Donder to Vixen. "He's only riding that sled. We have to pull it." Vixen laughed so hard the bells on her harness tinkled in merry music. And all the other reindeer laughed, too. As Santa Claus climbed up into the seat of the sled 1 , puffing a little because he had gained some weight this winter, three black and white penguins waddled across the snow in front of the reindeer. "Here, here, get out of the way, please," said Santa Claus importantly. Then he said, surprised : "Why, what are you penguins doing up at the North Pole anyway? You're supposed to be at the South Pole." "We're on a vacation," said one of the penguins. "We're looking for Florida. Have you seen it anywhere?" "Climb aboard, climb aboard," boomed Santa. "I'll drop you off there. But I must say this is the first time I ever picked up three hitchhikers wearing tuxedoes." Just then Mrs. Santa Claus came running out waving a long piece of paper. I "You almost forgot your list 1 of good children," she said. "Never mind," said Santa, "I don't need • it. This year I am going to give a present to every little boy and girl, good or bad. The bad ones will feel sorry then, because they know they don't deserve a nice present. It'll make 'em try harder to be good next year." "That isn't according to Hoyle," said Mrs. Claus, who likes to play bridge. "But it does make sense, you old softie." Santa stood up to crack his whip in the air—the signal to be off. But then he heard a small! voice crying: . "Wait, please wait." It was Cluny, Santa's favorite little elf. The other elves gossiped about Cluny and said she was clumsy at making toys. But Santa knew it was only because she was so young. He liked her because she had a good heart. "Here," said the tiny elf, holding up a small shiny figure. "What's this? What's this?" grumbled Santa. "You're too late. My pack is already loaded." "It is only my present to the world," said Cluny. "I made it at night in my room—all by myself." Santa took the little figure from her hands. It was a beauti- (SIU Staff Photo) CHRISTMAS CANDY—John K. Leasure (center) is probably one of a kind —an agriculture professor who teaches a course in candy-making. Leasure, who appears about ready to sample some of his students' work, is chairman .of the department of plant industries at Southern Illinois University's.Carbondale Campus. He says he receives no pay for teaching the course but does it as a hobby. He took up candy-making as a hobby while on submarine duty in the Navy. The course is offered once each year through SIU's Division of Technical and Adult Education. Socially Yours By NADINE Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Jamison spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in St. Louis, Mo., on business. Friday evening they were dinner guests of Mr. Jamison's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jamison of Alton, who joined them in St. Louis, -o- -o- -0- Russell Ingram left today for his home in Albuquerque, N. M., after being called here due to the death of his father, Conrad Ingram. He visited with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Endicott of Clarence Holloway of Bluford. -o- -o- -o- Mrs. Nora Gaston of 310 South Pruyn Street, Salem, will be 86 years old December 30, as reported by her niece, Olive Ellis. -O- -O- -O- Mrs. Bessie Leibengood of 404 Leibengood, reported in a telephone call to the Register News Monday that she received many cards, letters, telephone calls for her birthday and especially enjoyed the telephone calls from former school-mates. Her birthday was reported in the birthday column. PERSONALS Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dillingham of Odin are the parents Sunday morning in Salem hospital. He weighed eight pounds and 13 and one- half ounces and has been named Kenneth Grisson Dillingham H. The CONFIDENTIAL TO "LIT- children unless they absolutely j TLE ME" IN ALBANY, N. Y : v , a vo tn PO to work It takes longer than six weeks Tnese worWng mothers who for a broken arm to heal com- 1 MI angel with butterfly wings ! ™*^«mnnpv for ex- Pletely. Why expect more of a and a robe of purest white. In ... - ~ ~ ~ -~ - , ^V^wSrSir^TrS *e „ heart? her hand the angel held a small ing. Also discussed the desire , sula McKegney received the con-, ^ are a disgrace to the! Everybody has a problem. "TisTe angel of peace," ex.. whole nation. Most ot tnem What>s yours? For a personal plaine d cluny garesgjessgft have husbands to P P<«; rep]y y ^te to Abby, Box 69700, "Why Cluny!" said Santa, ? V,* em 'J* 1 * theyre neV£r Los Angeles, Cal., 90069 and en- . <tnis is better ^ ^ th e other i fted ' y ° U ' close a stam P ed - self - addres - -gifts put together. I 'll see that A STAY-AT-HOME MOTHER .. sed envelope. your angel waves her wand for DEAR MOTHER: Some work- For A ' oby - s Booklet, "How To one day at least over every of the church to install an out- terpiece. C <a?jaas53ir :r.~ ^r&T&.-ZfZTS?.. jssjBszjafrsr:.- kiss on her cheek. Then he picked 1 up his long whip again and cracked it sharply in the frosty air. "Ho, ho, ho, here we go!" he roared. "Ho, ho, ho! here we go!" The eight reindeer leaped forward and the big sled began sliding through the snow. Faster, faster, faster, faster—and then they were off the ground and into the air. Santa was on his way. And tonight, if you go to bed, he will come to your house, wherever you are. SOCIETY Woodlawn W.S.C.S. The Women's Society of Christian Service of Woodlawn United Methodist church met December 18 at the home of Lettie Brim for the annual Christmas meeting. A covered dish luncheon was served at the noon hour. There were nine members and five visitors, Ray Pierce, Ann Endicott, Alma Flanigan, Janet Wright and Hattie Hall, present. The Brim home was decorated in keeping with the holiday season. A charter was signed by the members. Mildred Lacey, president, showed slides of the eastern states. • The meeting was dismissed by prayer by Nellie Knox. The next meeting will be held at the home of Lelia Axley in January. -o -o- -o- The Boyd Sunshine Club held its annual Christmas dinner at the Country Side Kitchen at Irvington December 19. There were 12 members present. Mrs. Fleta High gave the table blessing. A Chirstmas exchange was held. Mystery pals were revealed and new names were drawn. Flora Copple and Fern Owens were welcomed as new members. The January meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Ruth Ann Copeland. grandparents are Rev. and Mrs. Frank Pierce of Anna and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dillingham of Mt. Vernon. ' Legal Notice NOTICE OF CLAIM DATS Notice is given of the death of Fred Sodders (being the same person as Ted Sodders) and that Letters of Administration were issued December 20, 1968 to Dorothy L. Sodders, 900 Taylor Street, Mt. Vernon, Illinois, as Administrator, and that Monday, February 3,1969 is the claim date for the estate. Dated December 20, 1968. Jerry B. Gott Clerk of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois ATTORNEYS FOR ESTATE: Howard and Howard Howard Building, Box U, Mt. Vernon, Illinois 2-7 INSURANCE DUE? BEFORE YOU PAY CHECK M.F.A. Homeowners, Auto, Life and Health "SEE LELAN' Your M.F.A. Agent LELAN CARR Wal'ville Rd. Mt. Vernon Ph. 244 0387 8 The Karpet Korner will be I I closed Thursday, Dec. 26th.„ | I SEASONS GREETINGS AND A | 8 HAPPY NEW YEAR & I t 2 &I ; in S m °<* e rs have better beha- (Haye a Wedd \ ,. Send home in me ^ ^g ,Ved. children than the stay-at- $10Q To Abby> ^ 69700> ^ And he picked t . home kind who are always gab- X bing with the neighbors, golfing, ||J||v|> '-\ j bridging, or amusing themselves vi j n omer W ays. It's not the quan- ! ity — but the quality of the j time a mother spends with her children that makes the differ- jl* j ence. #h! DEAR ABBY: I am a 15- year- Hj^p,);, old boy with a big problem Angeles, Cal., 90069. up Cluny and gave her a big whisker-tickly Bon Voyage Reception For The Partridges Tiie congregation of Pleasant, end wife with a farewell social Hill Baptist church surprised | a; icr services Sunday night. Tilt g j My father. I made the football the pastor, Rey. Ross Partridge M As the Christmas chimes ring out | 1 1 once more we send wishes for a )g g Happy Holiday to all our friends. 1 1 \ U I I 1 1 WE WISH YOU A Merry Christmas AND A Happy New Year Le Genee BEAUTY SALON AND STAFF Mary Thatcher, Betty Meyers, Judy Rogers, Bernice Adams, Shirley Harvey, Tiiia Trotter 1018 Main Phone 244-1800 Partridges leave Christmas day for a tour of the Holy Land. The pastor and his wife were escorted to the church basement by Carl Jolly, Sunday school superintendent as the audience sang "Amazing Grace," theme song of the weekly radio program conducted by Rev. Partridge. The Christmas spirit was carried out with decorations on the large refreshment table. The words 'Bon Voyage' was printed^ in ten languages and covered the .side of the table. The theme was complete with three figur* incs of 'guardian' angels. After a guided tour of the Holy Land, Rev. and Mrs. Partridge will visit a number ojf other interesting places includi ing France and Germany. They expect to return home in late J.'nuary. At tlie close of the service the •vc'! presented the pastor and i£o with a cash gift, | THANKS MT. VERNON and the surrounding areas After 32'/ 2 years we are leaving Mt. Vsrnon with moist eyes, and a sadness in our hearts. We will close the Hollywood Style Shop after Tuesday, December 31, 1968. Mt. Vernon has besn good to us and we have enjoyed being a part of this wonderful city. Mt. Vernon has progressed in the past 32 V 2 years and the outlook for the future is tremendous. We wish you all success. > May we wish one and all a very M'sVry Chrismas and many Happy New Years to come. Thank you again. Mr. and Mrs. NICK COHEN Hollywood Style Shop si:

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