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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Friday, October 18, 1912
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VOLUME XV. NO. 308. Dally ItaaSur, ^MiUUtMd IW. IOLA,-KAS.^ OCT. 18, 1912—FRIDAY EVENING. Succenor to the tola Dally Reglater, th« lola Dally Record and the loU-Dally }Jidcx EIGHT PAGES SUIT FOR lEtLT 101.ANS MAY TAKK IM11S0>KH'S ^TTOBNEy ClIFFOBO TO HELP Fl'NDS TO 1)£FHAY NKrKSSAHY E-\1»KXSKS TO HK ItMSKlK iVcHmr Xow ts that V.yon ti" Ili-nly Was CJnIIlT, llr Has Scru'il FH» I'pnalty. "Were it npt that I :im so tlior- ouK'hly convinced that this nian is • . innocent, since I prost^i-uifil him. I would be the last one to niako • tliis statrment and, in iny lionest , opinion, John Healy is nojv iindcr- coin;; punishment for an ofTonso he n''V">- coniinilte<l and. if this expression of mine will .-issist this ' unfortunate man to establish his innocence, I feel .in conscioncp bound to give it."—Attorney Burt- o'l K. flsffori!, who prosecuted Healy. "Healy had absolutely no iiart in the commission of this crime or any ro*in<>c-;ion with it in any manner, neither before or after takins 'he srip. I did not st:;!e these facts during the trial when ^fhera was a case pendinu apMinst mf withholdinK matter that would in'criniinnie. I make this .idida- vit voluntarily and freely liavinc no personal ends to serve but in ^>rdi r to render an innocent m.nn what, reparation I can "—Sworn confession of John Casey. AVhcn !he final plea of John Healy. sf-nt uiiTor a crime it is now aeknow- ledped he did not vommit. for tli< freedom that has heen lUnied for seven Ion?; y.^ars rciiched th" public last nipht, sfntiment in favot' of brinu iuK mandamus proceedinss apainst fJovernor Stuhbs to oblipo him to show wh>' ll<'aly should, not 1)C released fortli \T ^lli. was at once evid<^nt. It hi.-? lie<M) the cniiviction of many lolans. Includinp court afllcJals that Hcaly was convici-d tliroush the inability of the def.-nse to set certain tPsJimohy to (he Jury nolnbly the confession of John Casey, and thai he shoHld never have h'-en "paroled" from prison hut should have been .pardoned. Many hnve felt that eveii if Healy was ^uiltv, he has served more than the ncnalty that should be required for th.- offense of which he was corivjicted. These sentiments have b'-cn united in months past in the sin cere belief that the State of Ktinsas l|s jjiToncfuIIy holding Healy as a prisoner in the state penitentiary, and a . number of efforts have been mtV'e to secure his release. .Tudire. iuT .v." prosecutor and people have failed in their jietjtions to th" jlat" authorities. .r.i 'h^r Ti. A. McGuire made n private invi-stipatio". of th" case and quietly went to Tdjjf ka and Lansinc and plead r"lia.«e "Tho prii^st came to Tola witjj the ff pert that i-oihinp could be done and th .Tt it had ix^cn .'•uccested that the quickest wav to get nctlon in tli" ,matter was- to brinp: mandamus pro- cerd -nps. .As soon as this ultimatum was made known here there was in^ stantancous sentiuient_ in favor of it. The movera»nt in favor of bringing cc^urt nrocedinss to find out wh> Healy Is still in a felon's cell when the maximum period for which he was sentenced has expired received tmp »t- • us this mirninp when it became knov.-n that U'lrton K. CillTord, the Ht- tornev who uroK -cuted' Healy, h-.xl consent! d "to take the cas" in behalf of Ih' convict at .the desire of many Itrcinlnen.l clTi?.;-:;.'! wno are inten-sted In the case. will l)e clad to help Healy all I can.' 'siild.Mr. Clifford this mortiinp, "and I I'an accept no money from the prlnoner or friends for my services. Healy BIKI-.IUI havo be"n re- I«tsed lonp Hpo." Those iniercBted in nushlnp the case fn behalf rtf the rri <>ndteHs man n' Ijiinsinp expressed the opinion that a fund should ni once be r ."i!.si-d to suj). idy AttT>rney ClifTord with the necis- sarv exp «>n »e money. . "I am heartily in favor of takinc itomo action that wUl oblice the Oov- «»rhor to pive Healy's case the attention ft should have," J. K. Henderson, foreman of the jur>- that convicted H^'aly said, "and l'shall plad)y'con­ tribute to the fund to help start the . procw^dinps. It is an outrage to keep •Healy in prison any longer. Seven years have passed since he entered the custody of the state. It is time he vBtaould be freed." "We should be willing to go out of our way to help Healy now." C. C. Mc- C^y. another juror said, "and I will contribate to the fund if one shall be t*lted to inquire into tjic reason why tlie'prisoner is being held. We erred in our judgment but it was upon the testimony before us. We did not know of Casey's confession npr of any of the new developments in the case. These things all came to us after Healy had been placed in Lapsing. All we can do now is to do our part to right tBis -wrong." •. The willingness of so-many citizens to assist; in defraying expenses of the legal process necessarj- to bring out the facts In Healy's ease indicates that the jnovement will be a success. Someooe doubtless vill be designated THE WEATHER.,« Forvraat for Kiins««i IWt teaIrM tQd Snhirdan r«Ider toalfM? ' nnu recorded at the Uksal Office of tbo Weather Bureau: Tomperaturo: Highest yesterday at 8 )). !»'. 76; lowoBt this morning at 0 n. m, tU); normal for today, A<); exceis In ii>m|H>rnturo yt^terday, fi doirren»; deflclfupy klnco January l»it. SSfi do- moon, Yoilordny- n p, m, OS; 11 p, ni,, (13; Vi, intdnlKht, lit, Tt)d«y—a n, m., fiO; 0 a. m„ DO; 0 a. III. 6i>,. I'rectptinllon for 24 hourn ondlnit 7 n, m. today .Irncp; OXCOHH In proclplta- ticn siSice January 1st, 4.40 lnch(<R, lU 'tiitlvo hiimldlty'T n. m. todn.v. IflO per cent; barometer rwluced to sea level, ZP.TB Inches. Sunrise today. (5:54 a. m.; sunset, ."•:41 p. in. to receive contributions this afternoon niid then the movement wll be under way. The movement to free Healy is not one that will be allowed to involve any political matter in any way. lo- l::r.s and Allen cotmtians feel that it is a disgrace to the comrai'nity to remain passive when an evident injustice is being done. If Governor Stuhbs or whoever is responsible for the failure to liber!.l^-««aly has a good and legal reason for the present attitude toward the prisoner, it sliould become known and then and not till then will public clamor cease. Xo law-abiding; citizen wants to see a blood-thirsty criminal, guilty as can be, with no show of reformation, turned loose if it is legally proper to hold him. On the other hand, if the facts are as they r.ppear: if it is true that Heal." is ncinsr held solely on his record back East, then it ig time that the people absolve themselves of responsi- hilily in such an action and let the world know who is to blame He.ilv is not a Catholic as many mpy have rurmised. Father McGuin? visiti^l the man as a result of his ad- v.>rlisement in the want columns ol the Uerlster. The Priest found a dis couraged, hrokcn-spiritod unfortunate ready to rebel against ih" wrrM. "Sometimes T feel that T should just lell them to kill me and end it all," the piisoner fold Father SlcOuiie. "There seems to be ^o hope that I v.ill ever be fn -o." Father McGuire at once pointed out the fallacy of such ;i spirit. "Tliat would only me,in i'le opportunity those who would keep you hero are seeking," «ald the ptl-st. "Obey every rule and be hopeful. Things will come out all ri^zht In the -nd." H.^nly braced nn under the ch""rv advice and promised to keep up bis ret'ord t.* a n -odel jirisoni^r- -a rc'Ti! that Warden Codding says Healy has. In the meantime, sentiment is rapltlly taking tangible form and It is expi-ct- cd that something definite in the case will ho done vithln a few days. Kl5i(l FKIMHNAND INMirKM IMMH'I.A SAVECIHIISIHNSFRPM-TURIIS IT'S PAINFUL TI:AU.S OF DAI.KAN SI.AYK.S AND MACFUOMANS llEAItD. ;,00n Tiirki .Hh Tr»o|).< Med In the Mght Before Allark of Army of .Munlpnrgrios. M CLUB MEETS TOMORROW Klhnncp and IJosolnfions rommiflecs Win Keport >ow. The Kegl.«;ter is informed that it made an error in the item about the Taft cluh last evening. The finance and re.-olutions committees named at the original meeting are.expected to report at another meeting to be held at the C. A. R. hall Saturday night. (Bv the Associated rre .5s) Sofia. Bulgaria, Oct. 18.—A striking proclamation to the Bulgarian nation was issued today by King Ferdinand. In it he recounts the sufferings of Muccdonlan Christians and the pfl^orta of European powers to obtain better treatment for them and finally says he called the people to .-.rms only after the patience of "the Balkan nations had been exhausted. Ho says: "The tears of Balkan slaves and the groanings, of millions of Christians could not but stir our hearts and the he,irts of co-religionists. Our love of peace is now exhausted. To succor the Christian population of Turkey, there remains to ua no other means than to turn to arms. After the massacres of Istip and Kotschana, instead of according justice and satisfaction, Turkey ordered the moblliz.-ilion of her military forces. Our long patience thus has been put to .i" rude teat. "I order the brave Bulgarian army to march on Turkish territory. Forward and may God be with you." Tnrkisfa Army Fled. Lonilon. Oct, IS.—The .whola Turkish garrison of Bornna, consisting of four tliousantk regulars and thne thouspnd Irregulars, took flight in the night before the capture of the town by the Montenegrins. The Montenegrins pursued them and took a number of prisoners and three field guns. (.'rerk Fleet Mores. Athens. Oct. IS.—The Gre*»k n ««et has received orders to sail tonight under sealed orders for an unknown destination. TOOK HOKSK LIM.MKNT. Joe ittilciior I'olsnnpd >rilii Lhilment, >ot Medirlne. Joe Butcher. M^ho lives just west of the Santa Fe tracks on the West street road, felt somewhat under the weather yesterday evening, so decided to take a dose of his favorite medicine. Taking a bottle from the medicine cabinet he took a good dose, and immediately became seriously ill. The family physician was summoned, and it was discovered that Mr. Butcher had been poisoned, by taking horsie liniment, instead of medicine. Mr. Butcher was seriously ill all night, but is much better today. (•'} with^the oflieinls for Healvs -and not on Monda'y night as an- no'irced. Among the speakers at the organization meeting the other nighl. and in fact the chief speaker and the one who was given credit for the most enthusiastic and arousing talk was Mr. B. E. Clifford. With the reports of the committees tomorrow night the Club will be in 'position to take an active part in the campaign. nXKS HIKE WAS PAX«JEKOrS. from .Several Otiicr ItliixPK Stnrt4 'd Ilildrlinint Barn. The lleglstnr erred yesterday evening wlun It stated that the fire at the '•Hlldetirant residence on North Jefferson was a "small blaxe," the information t>elng hearsay. The fire was «ii.«covPred by a man walking along nu <-banan street, who quickly informed the fire department. By the time the department arrived, IlildfhraniV barn was practieally ruined. foUiii department turned Its attention .to the W. K. Lyons auto hotife, which was <m fire. When this was cjiecked. It was discovered the roof of tlie 1.. 1.. Ponsler r <»8lden <'e. just across ilio street, WB» ablnxe. In or<ier to keeji the fire from burning Inside of the roof. It was necessary to tear a large hnleiln the room. Still farther up the street, a fire was discovered about the barn at the roar of the Wm. Trln" residence. This was extinguished without the aid of the fire department. The loss on the Hildebrant barn amounts to about $250. including a good wagon, and a number of tools, a single harness and lady's slde-saddl6. The loss on the Lyons garage amount.s to something like $50, while the Ponsler loss is rated at $25. Mr. Hildebrant believes the barn was started bj- some children, who are continually playing up and down the alley. Some lialf hour before the fire, Mr. Hildebrant was in the bam and painted a sign. The owner Is certain that no matches have been about the place for some months. At tlie time the fire was discovered Mr. Hildebrant was down town. Mr. Hildebrant bad taken the horse and buggy to the conn txr in the morning. jrmiE TiioMP.sox HERE. Ifustllnc: Candidate Had a Few Honrs In loin. Judge W. H. Thonii)*on of Garden City was here for a short time tnis afternoon, finding a few hours' leisure in his campaign, but being billed for Yates Center and Fort Scott later in the evening. He is looking well and was full of ginger, declaring that he is quite satisfied that he is going to be elected i;. B. Senator. He has covered nearly the entire state during hla cam paipn -and does not appear t?> bo tired In the least. HE TKSTIFIKO llEFORF THE FA*. I'AIUN FI'MIJ* (O.MMirTEK.. HILIES'GHXRXCTER mr READ STATE.MEXT ("ALUXG TAFt .MA>A(iEK A MAR. Drrlarrd . Ilarrrsier Trust Apilnst KooscvcIL But Did .>"ot Accoant for I'crklnsi. Some of the pre >t -onventian canipaiga ninnngcrn of presidential aspirants vrho have appealed Iwfore the senate cnninilitpo invcsiisiiting caiupaigu contributions at Washington IUTO emerKCd llrpiq ^ tt>« o^dW rather the worse for vrear. JACK JOHNSON ONDER ARREST! >EURo pnai.isT rnAittJEO nrrii AiiDiTTistJ A una. FI;LI. FIVJ; FIUOK'S TO OEtTM. ' l.e.»lcr rrrdahaiii Fnitnd Bead in tlilicc ' liuihltug. COLONEL PASSED EINE NI6HT Chamiiinn Fnrlmav is takpn In iMsnn I'ntil Knnd is t.'ivrn- (.'irF -i Mollier is Frnntir. (r.y thi- .\:,--iwl .ltr <t I ' Iteiivi r. (h-l. IS. -Tin- boiiy of a iisai! IibDlilUd Uv i>:!iier.-i as L'-.sier il. Urid- aliiiiu, 'tiilil rMcnily a nieiMhiT of a vWiolwalf drnu liir.t ln-re was f'tum! eall.v today on th.- ^•><iin<! Itoor <>i a Colonido hiiiliiing. The ni.tii ••iiil''iii- ly had fallen froiij the seventh floor. IMIY.SICAL ftlNOlTION AM, TII.VT HIS FRIE.NDS FAX ASK. (By th.> Associated Tr. .-ss) llinmf) Chicago, Oct. IS.—Jack Johnson, the m]||[J^|jy negro heavyweight chamiiion , is charged with abducting Miss Lu- cUe Cameron, aged .nijietecn, in a ne )Mili<' warrant sworn out by the girl's moth- t er, Mrs. F. Cameron-Falconet, of Min- 1 neapolis, today. Mrs. Cameron-Fal- i conct appeared with her attorney IK- : fore municipal Judge W'd!^. who signed the warrant. The'mother he- cau'e hysterical when .she fatvJ her daughter in the police station. "I would rather see you siniid all your life in jail than one day in the company of that negro," Mrs. Cameron Falconet cried. REMAINS Wants Bnllcl, (Jildrd for rorkrI-I'iecr —Told Johpsnn to (."«» ami t'on- linue Ihc Fight. ; (Hy tho AsKocI .Ttcd Press) Chirapo, Oct. IS.—Colonel Roosevelt j.wcke at .Mercy Hospital today shortly hefoiie seven full of vigor. He assured the nurse he had had a "perfectly bully night." His temperature is normal. It is said the Colonel now suffers no pain because of the pressure i;f i'.;-; '.ullet against n:s frac- tiired rih. The rib itself is reported to be mending rapidly. When he . . , 1 awoke the Colonel wondered wheth/r (!i,\vn a n-ohui.m drniandms; tho , „,p ,.j,g„jin„ pj^ysipjjj^g rcsi^r.ation of the cal.ini-r. I to lemove the bullet. He said if it j c.viracted he would have it gilde'J .^•onfr- y. . a,:. 17—Acconrins i "n dmade into a pocket piece. Vole Bonn Resolution for Roipinitioiis—{{i>afs Plan .titack on Tampico. fV.y the .\<;.-ii..-'5itr(I I'rfF .s^ .\if.<i City. .Me.\i <-o. AcX. 1^.—The Chamber of Oeinitie-s night voTi >il (My the A -ssocIatPd rrcs.s) W.asliingfon. Oct. IS.—Medill McCormick. pf Chicago, started a sensation before the Clapp cominiltee when, as the first w-itness today, he read a _ prepared istatement touching upon the attempted assassination of Roosevelt, declared it ha4l licen incited by the "falsehoods of character assassins and liars like Charles I>. Hillcs." "It is diflicult for an ordinary man in the compass of ordinary languago to compete with the testimony of character assassins and liars like Hillea— men, who. because of their falsehoods, incite weak-minded men to actual assassinations," was the passage which brought out a storm of protests from tlie committee. McCormick argued heatedly that his statement was ad- niissahlfj as evidence, while Senators Oliver and Clapp declined to allow McCormick to proceed and demanded that hi withdraw his words. The. statement was finally admitted to record witttout being read from the prepared copy. The reference to the attempt upon Roosevelt's life was incidental to Mc- Cormick'c general statement of campaign expenses of the Progressives in Illinois. It follows: "So far as I know the cost of tho campaign in Illnois was defrayed by A-^^ Chauncey Dewey and myself. 1 gavW^V'^*, Ot>wey $1(;,000 and. gave nql to excwp-^fl " $10,000 toward the mainten|anctrs<^fbo'^^. Chicago general headquarters. V I to r''P"rts from a reiiab!.- .-oiiice. tiie -Me.viiMn gunboats llrrsvo and .More:<i-. The girl broke down and threw h" r srlz-d ly General Felix Diaz at Vera -Vecsho Falls Post: Tho crew^ taking mussel shells from the Keosho river moved from the slai/gbter house to a couple of miles north of town. They will move on toward I.*roy Friday or Saturtlay. They found some jiaying dP|>oslts at this jioint. The iibrarians of Kansas will hoWl thi'tr twelfth annual meeting In Manhattan October 30. ::i and .Voveniber 1. The Agricultural College and the local motor cluh will n.-^slst In showing the "book keepers" a fine time during their visit. arms around her moth'T. Cotitis'd representing Johnson aUempte<l to see Miss Cameron but the request v.-as oenicd. ' Johnson, when arrested was tuk^w to the city hall station whore he was put in a cell until his bond of $'«0'i; fas arranged for. Johnson was furious ai his :;rrpst. Johnson was later rnleased so he might get a judge to approve his bond. The pugilist demanded to sc' Miss Cameron and procure her on ball but his request was refusifl. ('.-117.. ."-.Tiled Ki -Iay Tor Tanipi<-o wiCi avn.ved intentiim .i.;" taking ilie j:oir. T;i;;n>i'-ii l>a,s :i large .Xiiierican <o'ony! (Jeni'Tal Trevino. couiinanili-r of Ih!"^ ii;ilit::ry zone, ha.^ vxpre-sed confio'-nec as tu tiie loyalty of the fed- fml ii'O.'i.-- ,nt Ta;;iiiic.>. .^luhborn re- hi -nn y is :;nti<ii)a;ed ih the event of vr, :i;-n;-k Ir t !;i' Ida;: fr.;-cc.-:. 6IIN6 BEAT ZELIG'S SUIYER BHRANK NOT SORRY; TRIAL m KOVEMBER "Keep the fight going full blast .Johnson: don't let our iKjys slack up bit:iu«-e ! can't be with them. Tell tl :ir p'ojile ynu ii.'eak t,t 'hat I wish I foii.d ye on ihf .-e workii:^ with yc: nivself. th .Tt I certaM,/ will bas soon as my doctors will let me." This was Roosevelt's parting injunction and encouragement to Gov ernor Johnson, Progressive candidate for vice-president, when the latter left the presidential candidate at the hospital bt noon. R.-Josevelt will leave for Oyster Bay on Monday or Tuesday of next week. Onnnien. li»Nil(-ii|i|>«-d, .\ltnrkrd Him on -Bridae «.f Sishs" DcNpHe OfflriTs Veslcrdaj. The marshniallow at the residence of Rev. A. U. Sam |i:!on, given by the Kpworth league of the church, was well attended last night. Mrs. J. O. Small, of Hutchinson, who ha? been here and in Humboldt vlsltlnp friends, returned home this morning. / Lute_Stover went to Cbanute this,afternoon for a brief ^•l«it. Ueed Watterson. who has been work ing with the M. K. & T. electric service out of Sedaiia. Mo., is hero visiting his parents and friends. W. C. .McClellan and B. X. Baker, who have been attending tie State A. H. T. A. -Arkansas Gity, returned home iust night. Mrs. E. B. Fudge and son of Kansas City, who have been here visiting Mrs. A. n. Tcrrill, returned home this afternoon. Chris Ritter has r^eived a letter from Mrs. Ritter statijng that she and the children had reached Mesa, Ariz.. safely. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. I.Ang^ford, 71 fi East Broadway are the parents of a baby boy. born yesterday. ruv iii'> .\A ,Hi ,it.•! rTis."! New York, Oct. 1**. - A ft<iry of a fr<'e-for-nll fight on the Mrlilue of Sighs yesterday, wh.-n "Red Piiil", Havid.^on, the slayrr of Jack Z"llg. " the pang leailer, was .,>=et tipon.' klck.-d and beaten by the four giinimn In- : dlctei for the shcoting ol" Rosenthal to death, hecaui" current today. The ' gunmen, "Ijefty l.oule." "Gyii the Blood," "napo Frank.' and '•WlJliey Lewis." while handcuffed to deptitIe.-<, attacked Zellg's slayer, kicked, mauled and beat Davidson until he .•J.'ioincd for mercy. • .' I)pfpn>e Ilelnir Heard. New York. Oct. 1 <•.—The-defense began today In the tcial of Lieutenant Becker, chp.rged with the juurrier of Rosenthal and before another week has passed It Is expected the case will, be In the jury's hands. Becker ex-' pressed a desire to testify but his counsel is undecided. Five witnesses, for the defense were sworn within an hour. Frederick Hawley. a reporter, testlfled^that he was with Becker from 3:40 a. m. tlll.S and that Becker was not near the places the gunmen, said. He also said that Becker didnl fceet Bridgie Webber or Jack Rose as they testified. While absent from the pjacu fire destroyed the barn at the home of A. L Bergland. norihea .st of Savon burg, including grain and farm Implements wortli 11 ,500, SbninkN Bail <i|^(KM). Milwaukee, Oct. 18.—The hail re- •luired to release .Tohn Schrank. who shot Roosevelt was raised from $7.r.O') to Str..<)00 hi'caus-e it was learned ;i moving picture firm had preparfl to lirociiM- Ms rcN-ase that it migl idialopraph him. CRIPPLED BOY DIES A HERO (tuie Bum I.PK ()i Kuip Lidle (•'Iri and Toda.v HP Oied as a Result uf i'lipuninniiu (i;v iii«> .x .vi .ioitiiii(I :vcv<> Gary. Ii;'l.. Oct l"?.—"1 puess I'm some pood .'rter all." Billy Rnph. a rrli)pl<\ whost- withered leg- was amputated to save the lir<' of a little sir! by a skin-graftlpg ojieration at a hospital li«re, thus spok*- this morning rtnd died. Pneumonia is sjiid to have been the cause. | The girl. Kthel Smith, for whom be sacrifictKl his leg and later his life, was terribly burned in a motorcycle accident. "Two days since she was reihoved to her Monet Ki»pnt on Unions. Irdiarapoils. Ind., Oct. IS.—Testimony that two hundred dollars which the sovernment charges was expended for &n explosion was really used to unionize jobs was given by August Bussiw. of Hoboken, \. J.; in the "dynamiting conspiracy" trial today. Cormick contributed to the' Wilson ' ^A. camiKiIgn fund. Cyrus and Harold^" T*; McCorji'ick and the two Deering broth * ers reprcKcdt overwhelmingly .the,?\f larcesi stork interests in the Haryest-'\if- \ er Company. Both of the McCdrmicka j are fcr Wilson. Both the, Deoftngs are/ against Roosevelt. "Yet HBle»*and »hl8- 'f] associates persistently circulatevttfe"i lie that the Harvester Trust has spent large^sums in the Roosevelt campaign." Gobs of JSIOO.000 In 1904. Klmer Dover, secretary o fthc Re- publitan national committee of 1904, placed in evidence before the comniit- tee i .he list of contributions in that year given by the late Cornelius X. Bliss. They showed a contribution by K. H. Harriman lOf $Ij 'oO ,'<J0O, -Tit R. H." $100,000; ,L P. Morgan and company $150,000; George J. Gonlc. .|100,- •> 000. - . Charles S. Whitman, district attor- . ney of N>w 'York was called to the stand by the defense this afternoon in the lieoker trial. ,: ' FINAL OAME IX CHIFAOO. - *;o.\ Scored First In 'Oecldln^j Contest of the Scries. (By the As.snciated Press) Chicago, Oct. 18.—The V.liitc Sox and the Cubs were matched this afternoon In the final game of their com' bat for city supremacy. Both teams have won three games. For the Sox. Walsh and Sohalk were today's batteries, and for the Cubs, Lavender and Archer. The score: First Inning. Cul:s 0, Sox 1. ' Threatened IVIIson. Wllnilnglon, Del.. Oct. 17.—A targe numb-r of policemen xvt^n', di.sfribut- ed. among the crowd at the opera lioiise here tonipht when ' Governor Wlliton siioke. This was the resu t of a threat made by an Italian to"s)oot hlin the same as Roosevelt .was shot." The Governor knew nothing of the af-; fair, neither did any of the members " of his immpdiatp party. Kd Beainan of Broitson was city this afternoon. In th« Harlan Taylor, the Mornn Banker was a business visitor here today. S. C. Holmea'of Yates Center, was a business visitor beer this morning. The .!. C. Thomas grocery will be moved to r ,f .2 .East-Neosho tomorrow. Mr, and Mrs. H. Klaumann returned from a trip to Hot Springs,-Ark., ye terday. C. R. Forest, of Wichita, who has been here on busincos returned, home this morning. I .Veosho Falls Post: Friends of Miss Jean Varner will be interested in knowing that she ^as married last Tuesday. October 8th to Mr. Eugene Plumb.^ They will be at home in lola .iftrr Xoveiiiber 1st. And now we are wondering how folks will know whether th.»y are talking about "J»^au" or "Gene," . . H. J. Carter and son, E. A. GarterL of Eureka, who have b«en here vlsif-j inc friends, returned home this eren- \Y ; -A prose jingle from the Monett Times: T\O wiomen started out ti win a man. Eiieh! entered the race with a different plan. One jtut on fine garments to. dazzle the eye. the other baked for him an old-fashioned pie. The dresser did nothing but giggle and talk; the baker said nothing,-but won in a walk. )

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