Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 8, 1903 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1903
Page 7
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^^^^ THE lOLA REGISTER, WKDNE8PAY. JULY 8 190S. and Durability Any o'na can brush No OMOfia rub It 6H "Plasdeaht 'a'pai«, j^ermaaSk^J'^ and porans ^jiall c(Miliiig ,FaDd doe« not require takixig o&4o^ rencwaadqall ^kalacnnineai ' a d^r powder; ready for use by adding cold tnuber and puijiie easily orustied on by any o^e. ' Alade in.white and fourteen 4^ fashionable tints. ^ iUm-lQILSOIIIIE co« tt^HD lUPIDS. mCHy .far Inn pvUcalm and •uiplvcafduk EWNs im. lEUiE . JUEHU lEsnaui D.A. Expert Machiiiesi Repairs Your Typewriter, Sewing riachines. Bicycles, Lawn flowers, Gas Engines, Door Locks, Etc ft - SANTA FE. Effective June 4, 1903. JEAST. Passenger No. 202 ! 2:10 p. m Passenger No. 204 ...3:10 a. m. Passenger No. 208 7:00 a. m Freight No. 21<), except Sunday, arrives 7:15 a. m., departs .. 10:00 a. m. WKST, Passenger No. 201 12:52 p. UJ Passenger No. 203 2:00 p. Passenger No. 207 8:47 p. m. Daily'^E.xcept Sunday. Freight No. 220, easlbound 8;40"p. tn. No. 215 freight lo a. m. leave:4:oo p fa Daily K.vcept Monday. We have arranged passenger service with the .Tola Klcctrlc Railway between Tola, Gas City; and Laharpe an^ the agents of the Santa Fo kail- way will Ixj pleased to call on you at at any time advising you as to rates and routes. Plione or write. Oar office is open all the time. Inquiries solicited and will be cheerfully answered. W. E. R ALSTON, Tola, Kansas. Agent. Fort $o6ttSiifiiii?|}^m rrfiummWff Gainea by Triclcery and on Trlf> Diig Toehritcalitles. T: Btilri^ *'rert«B%^ hoAe last night from^hsas'Cky "sirhere he attended a league meeting. All the towns In the leagn^ wierfe priesent: liy representatives except nttsbWg. A lot of league ; buslnesk wis ' talked over but no action taken. ] _ ProteBled j^amea came in (Or a good deal of consideratloii^and F6rt S66tt was the sorest of the bimch, Springfield refused to play there the Other dky with Pop Harris umpiring and Harris^ forfeited the game to Fort Scott. It has since developed that a*^ tiggular league umpire was at hand to" referee, the game but Homaday wanted to put in Harris. Hurlbert objected to changing umpires and had Mid the day before that he would nqt stand for Harris. Thus it came that •Fftrt Scott won the j^ame. It Is likely that the forfeited game will not be credited to Fort Scott but will be or' (Icred played over. Fort Scott also had a protested game with lola. One day Davis was in the box and he wore one of the old <lark hlno suits instead of the light blue. The same thing has happen^ a hundred times in this league and li happens daily in all leagues, but Harry Cheek saw a chance to get a game without earning it. The league will probably refuge to hand the game lo the Scottitcsi And Fred Hornaday raved and cussed. He had his money iup and the league could take his $300 and go to the demnition bow-wows All of which shows how badly Hornaday was spoiled by having everything his own way last year. The Nevada franchise problem ylll be settled today. Topeka, Weir City and several other towns want it. It will be given to one of the good towns or it may be retained at Nevada and changeti to a traveling team, playing no games at home. When lola Is scheduled to play at Nevada she will stay at homo, Nevada coming here. .The gate receipts will be divided, Nevada being guaranteed |25 a day. The league will remain ^n eight club league. WANT EDI .-"SWanted Rooms^Twfo 'or three rboms for light housekeeping. Call or address 307 West Jackson. J. B. Bowles. Wanted—Men. Company. Luccock Transfer A middle aged woman wanted at the "Our-Way" to operate dishwashing machine. Wanted—Middle ajjed woman for chamber maid, also dining room girl. Apply Hotel Thomson. For Sale—Two horses, surrey, big spring wagon, harness and a lot of chickens. A. L. Harmon, 704 East Lincoln.! For Rent— A well furnished room, bath room on the same floor, gentleman preferred. 201 S. Cottpnwood. .Lost—Sigma tie pin. Return to 309 Si Cottonwood. Reward. For Rent—Seven room house furnished and ready to move into, bath room and all conveniences. Will rent for summer—three months. Inquire at this office. For Salo—A two-room house for removal, 209 South Chestnut Stipyed—Sorrel horse, weight. 1,200 pounds, white face, w'hite hind feet. Leave Howard's liverj- bam and, re ceive reward. ! For forty years Dr. Fowler's Extract .of Wild Strawberry has been curing 'isummer complaint, dysentery, diar­ rhoea, bloody flux, pain in the stomach and it has n?ver yet failed t) do eveo'thing claimed for it. The Dear, Crazy Women. The half hose for women is here, and it has come to stay. Of course the stylo is just a bit extreme as yet and the girl of the season can take her choice whether she will adopt it or not. Whether she docs or not no one need know^ but herself, though the chances are that something more than half the girls of her acquaintance will be aware of the fact before night. The smartest thing In footwear Just now, so smart in fact that It has not yet gotten this far West, is the tan shoo with very high heels, and the stocking which last- season worn stockings which last season was worn on the piazza and In the evening'Is now seen everywhere and with all sorts of gowns. It really is a lot cooler than, the colored stockings, and while It seems the least bit outre for morning shopping wear, yet all the women are wearing It, and what would you do? ' • All the newest shoes, by the way. Have extremely high heels. They are from one to three inches in height and tip the foot so far forward that ainiost the entire weight of tbe body comes on the Joes. But they are fashionable and that Is ah that is necessary. «• « THE PIPE/LINE WORK. From Kaii.<^ Derrick The Standard Oil Company is going along with the work of laying the pipe line to the fields which have not hitherto been provided: with this fa' cility for disposing of the product of the various operators. For the present the greater amount of the work is being done In the Humboldt field, the_company now laying the lateral lines to tho various wells, after which the main line will be laid from Humboldt south, to,connect with the line from Neodesha to the Steijart bottoms, in the southern por tlon of Allen county. When this work Is completed, a very Important point will be deter mined; that is, th^e actual producing power of' the wells drilled in that field, and the value of the product, points which will mean a great deal o the operators there. to' Take a Summer fhtf Finest Line^in- tli2 City Are You Going Vacation? i If so yoa may beinterested In the following special roond tdp rates announced by the MIsBotui Paeifle railway. - Sale;d ^te8 and lates 'oC fkre only, given. For retnrn lioilta imd foil information call on local agent Colorado and Uiah points, Jnne.l to September SOt^bnc^esreplos SOe. Baltimore, Md., B. P. O. E., July 17 and 18, one fare plus $2. Detroit, ilich.,' ^ptrarCh' I^eacMt; RIPE: K^f^; giw ^^FO^.^ Heavy IncreaM in \^roduction Ov«r PrfeeiBdii^t'Mbiitlt. Ksnaaa Derrick The pipe line runs in the Kansas and Indian 'TtSftitory oil producii districts for the month of Hay ahoweflj a heavy increase over thbto of 'the preceeding mdnih, and., in fact, over that of any period of the same dura tlon In the history of' the llrtd, amounting in' total- to ^.765 barrels. The runs (<tr. the month Of AiJiil amounted to 27,168 lanrels. ah avera^ of 90a bari^ a day .'Vhite for ifay the average dilly run'tunotinted to 2.186 barrels, ah Iticr^ase' of l',28b barrels. • .« Tho particular slgnlflcence In the runs for Ttfay lies In the fact that thO production for that, month Is the heaviest In the history of tiie business, being about 50 per cent neavler than the production for 'January, 1963," amounting to 44 ,528 barrels, that month being tho high water mark In production up to that time. This production does not Include the production of all the wells In tha4 belt by any means, as a large number are yet butilde of the plpo line district, and It will bo some months before the line Is extended to cover tho producing territory. In the table of companies operating In this field, to be found on pages 7 and 10, there are shown 650 producing wells. This list does not Include the wells at Bartlesvlllo, Indian Territory^' nor docs' It Include those of I. N. Knapp, an Independent producer. While the production of Mr. Knapp'^ wells capnot be ascertained accurately his production from about 60 wells is estimated to be from 9,000 to 12,000 barrels a month. Putting It at the low-, er figure. It would Increase the produce tlon' to something over-72,000 barrels for the month In question, and make the average daily production 2,400 barrels. Of the wells shown in the table re-' ferred to, probably not more than 60 per cent are connected up with the plpo line, and when this work Is com< pleted the Increase In deliveries will be correspondingly Increased, to say nothing of tho new wells being' brought In from day to day. It Is commencing to look as though the Kansas iand Indian Territory oil fields aro somewhat important, and the actual, earnest work Is only just commencing. BIGGEST:SHOT ON RECORD. Tho largest shot of nltro-glycerlne ever exploded in an oil well In the Allegheny field was touched off In Dr. J. P. Colegrove's No, 29 on the Whoel cr farm, town of Genesee. Twentv shells held the charge of 400 quarts, and the "How" was one of the most unique ever .witnessed In any oil flehl. The well was finishe«l at a depth of 1,400 feet. There was 6(j feet of sand with some slite mixed with' it. "Fifty feet of It was shot. Eojch of the 20 shells was 30 inches loiig and seven Inches In diameter The well was 7%, as lar^e as any ever drilled In the field, tho great majority being, of inches In diameter. Tuesday's Neodesha Sun says: A^ last: work: on the .oil pipe line from BartelsylUo to Neodesha is commenced. Fifty men and some teams coin- •inenced work here today just west of town on the Henry'Kimball farm.' The work will be done In two gangs of 100 men each If enough men can be secure^. . The wages paid at present are as follows: Ditchers, lltSO per day and board; tongsmen, 11.75 pa* day and board; teams, |3.00 per day straight. The pipe used is six-inch and the same. size will be used the entire length of the line. Ten car loads of tho pipe have been unloaded here already. Mr. Gates estimates that a hundred eaj^ loads of pipe will be needed for the entire line. Fifty tank builders from Chicago are expected here today to build tanks at, the refinery. Kilkenny Castle Is one of tho oldest Inhabllod houses In tho world,^ many of tho rooms being much as thoy wore 800 years ago. Very Remarkable Curie of Dlarroea^ "About six years ago. for tho first time in my life I had a sudden and severe attack of diarrhoea," says' Mrs; Alice Mllfer, of " Morgan, Texas. "1 got temporary relief, but It came back again and again, and for six long years I have suffered more misery and agony than I can tell. It was wortjo than death. My husband spent hundreds o.f dollars for phyfilcians' prescriptions and treatment without avail. Finally we moved to Bosque county, our present home, and one day I happened to see an advertisement of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy with a testimonial of a man who l^ad been cured by it. Tho case was so similar to my own that I concluded lo try the remedy. The result was wonderful. I could hardly realize that I was well again, or bellevo It could be so after having isuffered so long, but that one bottle of medicine, costing but a few cents, cured me." For sale by air druggists. DIRECTORY OF lOLA UNIONS. The following is a complete directory of lola'a labor anions, their ofll- cers and times and places of meeting: . Carpenters' Union No. 123. Carpenters' International Union, No. meets every Monday night in labor hall. J. B. Abdin, Rec. tlllham. Fresident. (ec. Edd 8. Bricklayers' Union No. 6. Brlcklaypra' International Union, No. 6, meets every Tuesday night In labor hall. Henry Brauer, Pres. Alyn Boughton, Sec Plasterers' Union No. 174.' Plasterers' International Union N». 174, meets second and fourth "Wednesday In labor hall. O.-A. Lucky, Pres. Geo. Hodges, Sec. . Machlnlsta' Union No. 551. Machinists' IntoninttonnI Union No. 651 meet» ftmt and third Wednesday nlnhta In labor hall. C. M. Melster, Pres. W. K. Hcmpy, See. Miners and Smelterman, No. 123. Tho Western Kedoratlon of Miners nnd Smeltcrmen. No^ 125, rtieets every Wednesday afternoon at Ijibor Ilall. T. C. Steel, president, i Tom rn>ton. secretary. Painters ahd Paperhangers' Union No. 350 Painters' and i Paperhangers' Interac­ tional tTnlon No.i 8C5. me»'t.<« overy Thursday night In labor h.ill. J. C. Hess, Pres. R. B. Wight, secretary. Central Labor Union, lola Central Ln1)or I'nlon moots even Friday night In labor hall. K. E. Wight, Pres. Edd B. Abdlll, Sec. atonemasons' Union No. 4. Stonemasons' International Union No. 4 meets every Saturday night In labor hall. Geo. Tapklns, Pres. E. A. Erlcker, Sec. Barbers Union No. 386.. Barbers' International Union No. 8K8 course. The nitro-glycerine was tamped with 30 barrels of water and about 75 feei of oil. The shooting was done by William Adams, of Vjm Curren Bros., assisted by C. M. Van Curr-»n, of (he firm'. When everything was ready the go-devll was dropped by John Hill, of Willjamantlc, Conn., a brother of Mrs. Allen Cranston, of Bolivar. The 25 or more spectators scampered to a safe place as the iron weight dropped. For a. full minute there was no sound and Adams and Van Curren began to believe that something was wrong. Then there was a harsh sound as thought the earth was cracking. Every eye was on the casing ahead. 'A few seconds and a Solid column of water rose from the hole, slowly at first, then gathei;lng force It rose steadily and with increasing speed to the top of the 72-foot derrick, where It spread out like the fiow of a geyser. Then there was a ripping, roaring sound and the full force of the mighty explosion was felt. ; Black water, oil and rocks enveloped the derrick like a pall, hiding it from sight for a brief Interval, the black mass rising 150 feet above the top of the derrick. Slowly tho flow lessened, the derrick outlined itself against the sky, the liquid dropped from the braces and the legs of the derrick to the floor, there was a steady flow of gas from the casing head and the spectacular show was over. The shot cleaned the well perfectly, and it shows for a good producer. Tbe drilling of a big hole and the heavy shooting is an experiment with Dr. Colegrove. If the results are satis factory he wlU drill others of the same size, ^.'liany wells, on this lease liare b^n ;jshot with 200 quarts, and some with J ^-^rts. The sand is hurd andidtcme iWi ^his sdcond crop territory, andi' if t^tti "lotir "of . nii^glyctBrine to break ^ij ^e' rack and release the qil Sonla'cf the' plj ^ceit. of rdblTlbibwtt cut by ^'theHihot'^Weliiied sixrpbim^s.— meets first and third Tuesdays atHpr.<»ch- berger's shop.- George Heema, president, Charles Spoar, secretary. Horseshoers' Union No. 281. Horseshoers' International Union No, 281, meets first and third Monday night In Shapel's shop.. Hooker Shapel, Pres. Jim Rowden, Sec.. ' Federal Union No. 10491. Federal Union No. 10491. meets every iMonday night In court house. John H, Klfig, president. Jesse Johnson, secretary. Plumbers' arid Gasfltters' Union No. 376. Plumbers" and Ga-sfitters" International Union No. 376 meets Thur."sday night In front room K. P. hall Sam Perkins, president. Fred Relnlch, secretarv. ..The Steam Engineers' Union No. 183 meets Wednesday nights nt places agreed upon. Charles Johnson, President Fred Freeman, Secretary Teamdrlvers' Union No. 68. Teatndrlvers* - International Union No. 68, meets every Monday night In Masonic Temple. John Stout, Pres. Chas. Ct^i. Seic- Sheet Metal Workers. No 297—Meets Monday evenings In Judge Atchison's of- nce Ji A. Spangler, I^esident Geo. Furgeson, Secretary I Typographical No. 481. Typographical Union No. 481 meets first Friday In each month at the Register office. Maynard Bush, president. A. C. $haffer, secretary. i? Indiana Ayenne. . / aicioa, lLi ,./5ept. 2|7, 1902. tibivrabeen ^su^ra witlfatniost every of female tro'EAlc ior ycaa,''bat as long as I coold get arounjd arid do nfy work wonld adt t try patent medicines aa I Had no faith in than. • ;About eigiit niontls agolhad to take to myi>ed,stiffcifijig #ith probpsns <^ fiie nttrns, with bearing! down puds toA ^^se .pains in the back. ;Sfy>unl,wjo atae to hone me t<M me^ WJne df clrdni'aod SOit ftiri «iot> fle .N ^I am iiideed gild that she did., for tliat "le starts nje on the road to recov* of'bed and in tlur^e months I wa». Wtoan> Circle No. iO» •If .'^la a few weeks I jiabMter health and stronger than I bad been in years. I take a dose now, occasionally, of Wine of Cardui and am kept in perfect health. ^ Wine of Cardnl brinffs certain relief io women seBetin&taif torn of female wcalmesa and perfect!v regulates the menstnial flow, of Cardui stops bearing ilown pains by bcritiancntiy relievinntho irrito which weakens tho liaaments holding tno womb in place, i on.' Foffcr every month it you take tbia m^ictne. 'The puriodical Fill bo painless and ficalthy without Continual weakeoing drains. Wins of Cardui will make your health right and yoa may treat yporarif private|y>| in your own homo. Sectiro a li.OO bottloof Wins of Cardui from * dniggift todi' WM.LANYON,sr.,Pres, J. B. CAS^i Vico-Prea. A.B.ROBERTS. Ciih lola State Capital Stock, $50000. DIRECTORS: Wm. Lanyon, sr.. J. B. Caaa O.Hood, Oct 13. Nicholson,!! M; A. Low .i J. A. Robinson, n. L. Uenderaon, Frank Jllildle, A. B. Kobcris. " STOCKHOLDERS: J. D Case, Wm. Lanyon. sr., Geo. K. Nlcholsonj J. A- Itobihson. Frank Riddle, A. IfcTsylof W. f. Hendricks, U. L. Henderson. iL. L. Ponster, in. Klauman. J. .W. Coiitant, David Ewart, E. P. Sohell, A. Bevli^igton, J. S. Walker, Calvin Hood, M. A. l/ow, H. A. Ewlnff. A. Xy. nowlund, J. W. Edwards, K. U. Bennett, Evans Bros., A B, Itoberts. Bank of All^n T OFFICBRS : BO. A. BOWLUS, Prest r M RS . W . n. H4BT¥A|», Vlce-Prest ;A . H. CA MPBKU ., Attorney. Transacts a Genera) Banking Business. Exchange on Kansas City, Chicago and New York, Makes collections in all parts gotiatfes first mortgage loansj Correspondence solicited. of the United States. Ne- cjn well improved fanns. M! i We sell... Bollera, EnglneSf Braaa Cystlngao. Drilling Tools, Gray Iron Cactlnga, Belting, Packing, tola, Kansas. ' Manafactnrers of. flachlnery ...For.. Hiies, SmelfeiS and BM Pliini WeOfler... ' i Good Workmanship, Prompt OeiiVaHes, Low Pricea.l PU Storage Tanldi Automatic aPd Plafn . Gaa Bepari^brs,' BhMtlrenWori^ Structural Work, ^* Rotary Ora Roaatan^ -Smcke Staeka,.'' Steel Ownp para 1. Mada to Ordar* Patterns For Castings a Specialty. Estipaics rorBisIjed. Qaick l^airl^wt Another Lot of Imported Woolens GOOD THE YEAR 'R0I!JNP! O^. A. :B^TI^X:E>9 r^allorfrjLfi: Oo. ' ' Northhip EJuU^ng. biiiiitirc In Puihnan Tourist Sleeper daily tinSEast train, with ^pleaMnt people. "Save money and travel comfortably. P«f«onally cond^feited excursions, in charge of experienced agent, itri-weekly. } V . To Los Anireles, Siui Bruclsco laqulre of local agsnt Santa Fe Yon will like the Serrice

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