Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 26, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1889
Page 4
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• r iN MADE OHLV HY It don't pay to run after other brands, for in the end wise honse- — keepers settle down to the nse of SANTA CLAUS SOAP. If your grocer hasn't San Sonp, hcr'll get it for yon. K. FAIRBANK & CO,,Chicago, srn-'C- by th«"" who bf!.".r thf> pw;;!! of ; rheumatism without complaint. We | havo never heard of such tin individual, j Hut why not, ere the life long martyrdom In-iiitiH, cxtiniruiKh tlio gnrm of this atrocious malady with, Hostettor'g .Stomach lUUer?, the efllcacy of which na a preventive of the disi-aso, as well as a means of relieving it, ia well established nticl amply 'attested, during the lust thirty (ivc yearn, over professional signatures? .It expurgates from the blood those ncrifl principles which beget the pain and inlhirnmation char actcristio of this complaint, which, it should be recollected, ia always liable to terminate life suddenly when it attacks a vital part. The Bitters also ex- pela tho virus of malaria from the system, remedies dyspepsia, kidney complaint, constipation nnd biliousness, quiets the nerves, and invigorates the whole physical organism. ttha North Carolina ranks first in tar and turpentine. Force* to lieave Home. IvOver CO people were forced to leave ;heir homes yesterday to call for a, free trial package of Lane's Family Medicine. If your blood is bad, your liver and kidneys out of order, if you are | rv David SUck's mother from Lanark 13 visiting here. (.'lias. Ackornmn returned from Chicago and a largo invoice of goods followed him. Mr. Fox, i'rorn Fulton, is In town looking up the tomb atone business. Harve Conwny is finishing up the Jordan Town Hall. Uelbert Hoffman has moved his family over Ulmer'a old stand. Mrs. H. will do sowing and dreau making. O. W. Terpony went to Dixon Tuesday, visiting Harry, John Becker and wife are thinking of taking in the St. Louie fair. Elder Miller preached his (farewell sermon last Sunday. Mr. Miller expects to study in Chicago Medical College for a year or two. Revival meetisga at the U. B. church every evening until further notice under leadership of llev. Buck. Eev, P. Fredericks expects to go to charge cf a constipated and have head'acbe'and an I Nebraska soon to take unsightly complexion, don't fall to call I German school, on any druggist to-day for a free sam-*? »,. T _v,_ tj._ THE CHICAGO WESTERN W RAILWAY. Of steel track In Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan. Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural, Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pullimn Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and f AST VISTIB8LIO TRAINS Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul «nd Minneapolis, Council BlViffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. OffllUHE TO THE BUCK HILLS For Ttctatt, IUMI, Mspi, Time Table* and f nil InformitloD, apply to any Ticket Agent or a* dreu the (Kra'l Puienger Aftent, Chicago, 111. J. H. WEtpUH, H.C.WJCIBK, a P.TO.GOH, TrafloMsiigtr. flia'lPiu. A«t. . "W. A. FO~wi-<EJ s* 1 BTKB&IXH Nevada ranks second in gold. THE EEV. GEO. H. THAYER, oi Bourbon, Ind., says: "Bothmyself and wife ewe our lives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE." For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. Oregon takes the palm in cattle raising. CROUP, WHOOP1NU COUGH and • Bronchitis - Immediately-relieved - by Shiloh's Cure. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Fall*. ' ' Nebraska baa abundant cropa of rye, buckwheat, barley, flax and hemp. A New Discovery. .. Weakened and deranged livers, stom achs and bowels should never be acted on by irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaint, constipation,, piles, etc., by a new method. (Samples free at A. U. Hendrick's or J. M. Bickford's. South Carolina ranks phates. first in phos- ple of this gfano. remedy. The ladies praise it. Everyone likea it. Large size package 60 cents. ^ 2 Some writing 4,280 years old is pn exhibition in Paris, and the ink looks as fresh as on a thirty day note for 8100. Interested People Advertising a patent medicine in the peculiar way in which the proprietor of Kemp's Balsam for Coughs and Colds does is indeed wonderful. He authorizes all druggists to give those who call for it a sample bottle free that they may try It before purchasing. The large bottles are 50c and 81.00. We certainly would advise a trial. It may save you from consumption. 2a A very handsome glove for full dress occasions is of a delicate pearl shade, with broad white stitching on the back. Impure Blood, Cause of Rheumatism HOW IT SHOULD BE TREATED TO EFFECT A PERMANENT OTJRE. The supreme importance of purifying the blood and of restoring the diseased^! ver and kidneys tp_healthy ac- ion has indeed made this subject one of great study, the results of which have enabled us to present to tte afflicted, Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup, a com bination of the best known remedies. Prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co., Jackson, Mich. By cures unprecedented it has proven its light to the title of "The Grea f est Blood PuriSer and Kidney and^ I.ivor euro ever discovnred." We cualtohgn any medicine to sbo«.' p.p. apprcnSMi-jii at home like that which has been poured upon Ilibbard's Rheumatic Syrup. ttns Mr. John Styles, of Lanark, was in town this week with a load of onions at 50c per bu. Coleta. postoffice was moved to its new quarters this week. Colcord was called to Chadwick Monday aspetifogger in a lawsult.^His side came out ahead. Almost every farmer has more or leas hogs die with hog cholera, NEXT. f;",jo-vspg i'\<m i-oni onnrot! or any 5»l!»;« they have bpftj in the <>"";;- insj and insult. rig thorn at pvrry opportunity. A good whipping to some of tho sfilf-cotifitUutod detrotiv?=t rnisjht be beneficial. In our liiirable opinion nothing c:»n be much lower b>win?HS Mum playing; the spy or defaming HKI character of the parties, even if thoy nre a little bit spooney, and tho end is not yet. V". S. Abbott planted one potato, cut into thirteen pieces, one eye in each | and the product ia one and one quar-j ter bushels. Tho potatoes aro a new variety, sent out by Cole Bros., of Pella, Iowa. J. C. Button raised them this season and finds them in every way excellent,, largo sir. i, smooth, medium lata and yield well; name on Hat Beauty of Beauties. What cultivation did for roe on four ots, size 50x150 ft.: Potatoes, 100 bu.; cherries, 20 qt.; cabbage, 400 heada; raspberries, 5 qt.; onions, SO bu.; pea? t 0 bu.; onion seed, 3 Ibs.; strawberries 12 qts.; onion sets 2 bu.; wax and, string beans, 0 bu.; celery, 300 heads; tomatoes, 21 bu.; besides a large quantity of other vegetables. Among other good things, lluby King sweet peppers, 4}£ inches in diameter; 0 inches long; Rocca onions, 4}£ in. in diameter, etc., etc. J. C. S. Strictly out of season are Btr;-. ^berries, but, Mrs. S. Edso i picked a dish of fine ripe ones last week. LTND. a Rfiliior . Ilmcl t TTIT hnir. my rn'o \\i-.\'.\. I ". wiii'lir\v MILLIE'S BABIES. Utah ranks third in silver. Iiekmed Professor* Hay'. The most serious disease of the heart, Bays Prof, Da Coata, may occur without any symptoms. Prof. Trousseau, of Paris, states that death from heart disease is usually caused by congestion of the Innga, lirer, stomach or kidneys, from imperfect circulation of the blood. Dr. Miles' New Cure for the Heart is the latest and most reliable remedy for this little understood but grave disease. It has cored thousands of cases. Don't fall to try it. Ask for testimonials. Sold at A. R. Hendricks' or J. M. Blckforda' Drug Store. Vermont ranks fourth in copper. A Marrow Ewape. Mre.1,.8. Pickerell, of Mlddlebury, Ind, had a very narrow escape from the Insane asylum . For years she was subject to headache, palpition, spinal pain, sleeplessness and nervous prostration. For three years she had convulsions, olferV as many as fifty a night Able physicians failed to help her. At last after taking; that wonderful rem edy, Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine for six weeks, she was entirely cured. It tea recent discovery by one of the greatest Of living physicians, and is working wonders. Trial bottle free at A. B.Hendricka' or J. M. Bick fords' Drugstore. Virginia ranks first in peanuts. She wan Completely Cured. . A daughter of my customer suffered irom suppressed menstruation, and her health was completely wrecked. At my suggestion she used one bottle of Bradfleid's Female Regulator, which cured her. J. W. Heliums, Water Val ley. Miss. Write The Brad Held Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga, for particulars. Sold by all drnggista. New Hampshire ranks third in the manufacture of cotton goods. The "Mother's Friend" Not only shortens labor and lessens pain attending it, but greatly diminishes the danger to life of both mother and child if used a few months before confinement. 'Write to The Braddeld Regulator Co, Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by all druggists. New Jersey ranks first in fertilizing marl, zinc and silk goods. as thick as hand-grenades • they WILL YOU cough when Bhitc. a Care will give yon immediate relief. Price 10 eta., 60 cts., and 91. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Bock Falls. "His pills flew, And where they fell as certainly slew," Was said of one of those ignorant doctors in the early tirnea, who might well have been called the aide-de-camp of death. The sufferer from scrofula, with-sores is bad as Job's, need not now curse the day he was born, for Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will restore health and beauty, appetite and strength. Especially has it manifested its potency in curing salt-rheum, tetter, boils, car-buncies, sore eyea, scrofulous sores and swellings, hip-joint disease, white swellings, goitre, or thick neck, and enlarged glands. . Rhode Island, in proportion to its size, outranks ali other States in value of manufactures. From Tamplco. Mrs. Forker, of Iowa, is visiting her sister here Mrs. E. Cannavan. Rev. F. G. Baldwin took a trip to Walnut Monday. Mr. Ed. Macomber took his son Geo. and Mr. E. Mnrry to Sterling where they will engage in the business of plating table cutlery and spoons. We bespeak for them a good amount of business. . "'". Smith Brothers are building a barn on their lots on Washington street. T. M. Wylie returned home from his trip to Chattanooga, Tenn., where be was in attendance at the reunion of the army of the Cumberlain, aud says he had one of the most pleasant trips he ever took. He visited the battle Held of Chlcamauga and in looking over the field he came upon the old camping ground "of his regiment and even located the quarters that his company occupied by the fire places that were yet standing or partly so. James McBride has returned home, from his trip to Nebraska where he has been visiting his people. Mr. Lyman Eddy, of Iowa, is making bis mother and brothers a short visit. Tamplco school will have one "more room added to it soon and that calls for one more teacher. The crowded condition of the school demands it. The horse race on Saturday resulted in Wild Bill winning the first race by Haleys mare holding the track. They not being satisfied with the race it was West Virginia ranks and coal. fifth in salt THAT HACKING COUGH can be quickly cared by tihilon's Cure. We guarantee it For sale by Perry, the aniggiat, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls ' • . Wisconsin ranks second in hops. SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption Cure ia sold by us on a guarantee. le cores consumption. For sale by Pfrry,the druggist,and J.M.Bickford Buck Falls Texas ranks first in cattle and ton. cot- 8LEEPLES8 NIGHTS, made miser. ebla by that terrible cough,- Hhiloh's Care is the remedy for you. For sale by Perry, the druggiat, acd J. M. Bickford, Boek Fail*/ Tennessee ranks second in peanuts. ' BHILOH'S CURE will immediately relieve Croup. Whooping Cough ana Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, the djraggiat, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Bweklen'a Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises. Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and postively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box, For sale by D. B. Striokler. The only change in cuffs is in the reversible species, abd that occurs when they are turned around . CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath seenred, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 60 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by Perry,^ the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock ' druggi Falls. The fall and winter patterns for suitings are of the most subdued character. J*«ijttsylvariia ranks first in rye, iron aadsteei, petroleum and coal. ....... — Don't Experiment. 6iYou can't aSord to waste time in experimenting wben yonr lungs are in danger. Consumption always seems, at first only a cold. Do not permit any dealer to impose npon you with some cheap imitation of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs Colds, but be sure you get the genuine. Because he can make more protlt he may teli you be has some just as good, or just the same. Don't be deceived, but insist upon getting Dr. King's New Discovery, which is guaranteed to give relief in all Throat, Lung and Chest affections. Trial bottles free at D. B. Stickler's Drug Store. Large Bottles New York ranks first in value of nsanafaotoriea, soap, printing and publishing, hops, hay, potatoes, buckwheat aad tnilch cows, JUver i-ilts Ttes* PH1» are setentiilcaUy com- pottsiilfea, uniform in action. .No grip- fag pain HO eonjatMjly foiiawing tfie «a» of fats, Tbey arc od&ptbd to buth adults iwui ii*ran 01 sJek la j %E a? run over at second race which resulted in Haleys mare beating Wild Bill by a good margin. W. J. Love and J. F. Leonard, our stock merchants, shipped another car of swine Friday. Mr. Love went to the city with them. "A". 8. Fee, one of our farmers living south of town, also shipped a car load of porkers and went to the city with them. Mr. Packard and family, of Bock Falls, are visiting their relatives Mr. George Rodgers and family. Three frosts, but little damage done to the growing crops yet. Ed. Canivan, our station agent, wao called to Amboy by a telegram Saturday, stating that his mother was very ill. Married: Glasaburn-Aldrich at the brides home, Mr. Fred Glassburn and Mlsa Nellie M. Atdrlch, the Rev. Father Gaulett officiating. We wish the young people a long ana happy life and may their path be strewn with flowers ia the wish of tbeir many friends. Mrs.G. W. Fay and children, of Davenport, Iowa, who has been visiting friends here, started for their home on Friday morning. Ed. Barrett, the brakeman who was at the city hotel, has recovered from his injuries so that he was taken home Friday. Mrs. J. €. Reeves and her two small children have been making their relatives at Portland, Mr. Paster Reeves' people, a visit last week. Mr. M. H. Brewer has hud a very fine monument placed ia the cemetery in memory of his departed wife, Mra. Hanuah Brewer. Rev. Wia MAM&Saou. of Mcigan Vttrk, preaeh^d two very SateseBlisig swnior* H-aad&y nwKnajf and zuuJ #tH >-<itvtmiit» ta »'sps/!y la* It From Harmon. Sept. 25.—Married, in Dixon, today Miss Mary Manning and Mr. Ed. Bowman ; reception tonight Married, at, the residence of the bride's father, Miss Matile Parker and Mr. Will Rhoads. Rev. Ed. Bowman performed the ceremony. Reception tonight, Sept. 25th. Mr, J. C. Pearl, brother of W. N. Pearl, was visiting here last week. Rev. Bell will preach his farewell sermon next Sunday. —There- will-be anoyster-suppor at the old church next Friday night for the beneilt of the pastor. Boys and girls are busy selling chances on a quilt to be sold next Friday, lOc a chance. The lucky number gets the quilt. A. J. J. Zeller was in town yeater day. •~"Mrs.i37.C, Pearl, who was vislUna" hoi 'sou, vv.-N. Pearl, returned to her home last week. .J. M. Jacques intends going to Chicago tomorrow. Mrs. A. Potter from Paw Paw, was visiting relatives in this town last week. . . J. J. McNevltt is putting a new pair of scales in the stockyard. S. T. Zeller was repairing the elevator last week. Al. Porter is visiting relatives in Nebraska. He is expected home tomorrow. Mr. M. Conner sprained his ankle yesterday. Married, Miss Maggie Ulrich and Mr. George Schmitt at the residence of the bride's parents, Sept. 24th. Frank .Wheeler was in town this week. . Tombstones were placed at the graves of the following persons last week: Mrs.W. N. Pearl, Dora Anspach, Mrs. Geo. Mangas, Mr. M. Clock, Daisy Henry. ' Mrs. H. McKevltt has been quite sick. ' Miss Ella Drew, from Nelson, is visiting her parents. Mrs. Tom Drew is quite sick. M. R. Perkins has nearly completed Mr. Clatworthy's house. " Died: At the house of Mr. Clat worthy, Mildred Jennie, infant daughter of Rev. Will Clatworthy, last Wednesday at 10 o'clock p. m. She was buried at Mendota on Friday. Died: Last Friday, Susie, 18-year- old daughter of Mrs. Jane Enright. Two weeks before on returning from a dance at Dixon the horses frightened and turning quickly to speak to BU ilttlo timid Out in tlio cold ulum;, Their mother ia always gadding nbout, And brings them not even n liono; - She's off In tlio morning curly, She's off till hxto at. night: A miscJik'viouR, eelflsh old pussy, That never ilora anything right The kittens are always hungry. They're too tlmlil to cnUili n mouw, Anil Uu-ir mother is wu-h nn oil! gadder. They won't keep her In any house. She never petted nor played with them, Nor washed them nice anil e.lejm, Such six little dirly fneea I'm sum I have never Keen; Six llttlu nail, Nidklltftis. All sitting Inn row. . , Cold andJmngry^iiml dirty. ' From tip ofeault nose to each too. Twelve littlu eara and six .little tulla Hanging and drooping low, So out on the stops 1 found them. Sitting all in a row. And Sliilio begged hard to keep them. And fed them and washed them BO clean, Such filx liri;rht, cunning kitten* I'm mnv I h:ivn uav,-.rK'.-It, •— ' " 'I'iiii Ijoya l,iiij;!ied nt. Jlillle'H tmlilra, !ilio.*':t!vtl not a.v.'h!!. utuil.l youy •It she li.idn't miopU-i! those kilt<:ns, What In the world would they do? —M. l r . Nolun in Suhoul and Home. -DORA'S CONFESSION. gome one on the back seat, she broke a blood vessel in her neck. James Swan and wife and daughter Cora attended the State fair at Chicago last week. H. Portner went to Iowa and Nebraska Monday morning to visit his sons. Sain Mannlns has rented the Wheeler farm for next year. * . • Oar school Intend to hare pictures of the scholars and building: taken this week. Corbaugh and Lake schools had photographs taken last week. Ncm. A Hound licgal Opinion. E.BalnbridgeMunday Esq., County Atty,, Clay Co, Tex. says: "Have used Electric Bitters with most happy results. My brother also was very low with Malarial Fever and Jaundice, but was cured by timely use of this medicine. Am satisfied .Electric Bitters saved his life." Mr. D. I. Wilcoxson, of Horse Cave, Ky., adda a like testimony, saying:He positively believes he would have died, had it not been for Electric Bitters. This great remedy will ward off, as well as cure all Malaria Diseases, aud for all Kidney, Liver and Stomach Disorders stands unequalled. Price Mtots. and Si. at D. B. Strickler's. Vras Sept. 25.— Mrs. Bowen. Br./.is^dangerously sick. Her recovery IB extremely doubtful. Orrin Coleman, formerly of Feriton, la in a dyirsg condition]at his home ic western Iowa. The M. W. A. went to vlait the Prophetstowu cacap Tuesday night. A good time reported. The Lyndon school la in flas nmrtiog order this tor ea with a full attetuJanee of »e£w!»J9, ali Bander the Ttt«i« was a tittt* us U»* I had been three months nt Tide Hall. It sounds like n grand place; but it wasn't grand at all—only u ruinous old brick house standing behind a row of f craggy poplar trees on a. dreary stretch of seashore, where the rocks broke tho tido into white sheets of foam when it thundered up twice n. day, and tho very shrubs in the garden were sprinkled with suit spray when tho wind came from the east. -•- — •-— -. •Here, all alone, except for a deaf old man who came to work in tho garden and bring .coal and water, lived Mr.8. Cadgett, my father's, cousin, and hither I had been sent to tako euro of her wlicu she was stricken down with rheumatic fever. Jenny, my elder sister, had refused to leave New York. "Just when I'm getting along so nicely in my art tchool," said she; and Georgiana had laughed at tho idea. "Me shut myself up at Tido Hall like a clan) in its shell! Not while tho Euterpe sociables are going on!" And my father and mother had decided that Dora must go. Dora was generally, tho victim of tho family, and thero was nothing for it but for Dora to submit. "And besides," I could hear my mother whisper to my father, "it will boa great thing to get her out of Jack's way for the present. She thought I didn't hear, but I did. , Poor. Jackl Ho was, in his way, as much, of a victim as I was. It really wasn't Jack's fault that the officers of the bank where ha was employed declared that ho had no financial talent. Nothing seemed to go right with Jack. My father called him a rolling stone who would gather no moss. Sly mother said he was thoroughly inefficient. Jenny and Georgy "laughed at him, and wondered what Dora could possibly see in him. But I liked him, and I couldn't help it. So when Mrs. Cadgett's summons came I thought I might ag well be unhappy at Tide Hall as on Twenty-seventh street. I had plenty to do. Ail the housework, except what old Owen could do, fell to my share, and my old relative required endless waiting on. But then, when she was in iier more genial moods, she would tell me the history of her old tapestries and antique furniture, show me her jewel casket, and even permit me to clasp around my neck a certain old necklace, stained purplo with the glow of amethysts, and outlined around with tiny white diamonds. "It has been in the Cadgett family for a hundred aud fifty years," said she. "My husband's niece, Jeiuima Cadgett, expects to inherit it, but it is mino to leave to whom I please. And though Jemima wants my jewels she. isn't ..will? ing to como hero and live with me!" Nor was the auu'thyat necklace al! of thn Csulgett jewels. There was a solitaire diamond, iks largo as a cherry stone, set in a ring. Thero was an odd cameo brooch and u pair of Bleevo buttons of "pigeons' blood" rubies, and a quaint little dagger "with its .hilt iiicrusted lu small brilliants. I was never tired of looking at these trinkets. "Yes, child, yes, they're pretty enough," Mrs. Cadgelt had (said, ''but what use iiro they to an old woman like me? 1 sometimes think it isn't safe for tno to keep them hero in this solitary place, urn! only two wouicti in tho house. Only, to be sure, nobody knows of them I" "Aru they very valuable, Aunt Cad- g«>tt'f" aakfd I, fur by that nxmo she had bidden me to fill litr. "Tiwy'ro worth a thousand dollars at, the very hawi," wid she. fk> oi.'* fcfomi)' iil^Ut wh"ji ruhttu li^uru i-iiwijjttl« «£ of tiw tin, Ifcll'U llini' 1 JS«I » Kt«i.t was for n •"i.-coml only, ho\v.->ver. for I in- | t.iclio and ruorry, ppnrkiine; ryes of— j Jack Morn in lion. "Oh, Jaoki oh, Jnck!" I cried, flyiru: to op»:n tlm door and let him in. "Miioqurr.iding, oh''" Bi'-id Jar):, after ho had given mo a hearty kisn. "Pleaso don't toll of me, Jack. 1 was only trying on Mrs. Catlgott's jewels. One must do something in a lonely place like this," pleaded I. . •'By Jove! though, it is lonely," said Jack. ''I thought I never should find it, and I don't know now how I'm ever to get back to tho mainland." "How camo you here, Jack?" I asked. "I wanted to see you, Dora, to tell you good-by. Those beastly bank people have turned me out, nnd I'm going to seek my fortune?" "Where, Jnck?" I questioned. . "Heaven only knows, I don't," And, like two silly children that we •were, we looked at each other and burst out laughing, I Btill in the glitter of Aunt Cadgett's jewels, Jack wnrrning his chilled hands at the kitchen fire. And then ho explained to me his plans for the future, and I promised to wait for his fortune to be made, even if it were seven times seven years. And the rain drove in sheets against tho sido of tho house, and the thunder of the rising tido filled the silence like tho constant discharge of artillery. "You can never go away from here in this storm, at this time of night, Jack," said I. "It's all one can do to keep out of the quicksands by daylight, Owen says." "Will the old lady keep me?" I shook my head. "She has a horror of strangers," said I. "But I won't ask her,-Jack. Ill make -yottup-a-tedofr-blanketB-MidHSof-t-piilowa on this kitchen settee. You'll be very comfortable, and you must bo off before daylight, lest Owen Ringgan should discover you. And, Jack, there's plenty of bread and meat and new milk in the cupboard, nnd."— . "You aro a darling," said Jack. "There's Aunt Cadgett's cane thumping on the floor," cried I. "Her signal. She wants me." Aunt Cadgett was unusually exacting that-nigb.t._I-.thought..I...neverjhould get her settled to her satisfaction, and in tho midst of it I remembered that I had left tho jewel casket dowu stairs. Suppose that she should bike a fancy to in ipect it, as she often did at night! 1 trembled at tho idea. Fortunately, however, she did not, and I crept quietly down stairs after she was asleep. Jack was asleep, too, lying in an unconsciously graceful attitude, with his cheek pillowed against hie arm, and there where I had left it, after we had both admired the antique ornaments, was the leather case on the dresser shelf. "Thank goodness!" I said to myself, as I put it back into tho chiffonier drawer and noiselessly turned the key. I sat beside Aunt Cadgett's bed that night, catching what scraps and fragments of Bleep I could, for her rheumatism racked her fiercely and she was to tako her medicine cvovy two hours. And when I woke in tho early morning she was sweetly sleeping, the sunshine streamed cheerily across the floor, and Jack was gone! Or*, yon :^"iiM'. TV- c Aivl fi'i-n. tin- h And'i ("ill i Wo iH-anl Down by th l ftnil i!i" tM-.i'. t>-T v;\fn ITU-lit cyi'il'1. i ippling phrnli edged IVn? I <we you turn a llr-tening fir To li-.-ar Til" tnmil upon the flower pi Ituf, don:ie. wnit til] uphun!.'i !^-:-<\ And then the nut ,imn':( Wi.'.uii!*.: w.-Hher Will bring the. iiport we, ImM -o deiir. Tlu-n we will hunt the Kximy svval. 1 And trail Tho snipe, their cunnl'i™ wiles o'ere<mitn<?; Anil oft will flush thn li-vled qunll, And hoar tin- pnrtrldgu slowly drumming Dnll cchoci in Hit 1 leaf mrewi'd diilc. When wooded hills with crimson light Aro bright, 'We'll stroll where trees nn'l vines arc growing; Kiid see birds warp their foutliorn.fliirlil At sundown, when tlio liny King's throwing Ily ktssea to the Queen of Night. Dut when tlio leaves of life's fair doll Hnve. Cell, And Death corner, with the niilumir.i even And Kopnr.itci an, w)io can ti'H But that, within tlio rc:ihn of heaven. \V'o iKitli tori-tli'T Ihoro will dwoll? — Frank Be.l.t.-n. A Droililfnl Slnl'U Jack (bursting in suddenly)—Oh, girls. I have seen such a dreadful sight down the lancl Poor, sweet Lily Junes is hanging on a limb Omnes—(rood gracious! [low horriblot Run for a policeman. Jack—Calm yourwives. She still lives. She hanging on—n titnl> of tlio law.— Pittsburg Bulletin • Frnhnhlr "Sully" Wiw Urniik. BROOKLYN, N. Y., Sept. LU.—A Inrgo crowil gatiitrjj,lusv iii^litut Ibe Ciertiumt ; Avenue rink, whore Jolm L. Sullivan was oxpectujl to give u Bpnrn'm rxlillrilioii. The doors were not op 'tiiMl, however, m Sullivan did not npp'tir. Clmrloy Jolmsloo, "Uo had arrange 1 tho nITiiir, could not explain Bullivnh'n ulwcnro. .^ Thi-ni WIM mil-.'h dlaftp- point ment maiilfusUil. . _. MIL RujsKu, MTIIICK, of tlio firm o.* Jlyrlcl: & Henderson, Fort Smith,-Ark., nays lie v;lr,li:.i to r.M his testlmpny to tho thousands which h:ivo alrwjly oeen j;i»eii as to FSwlfl'a Specific. I In nnya l.o derived tho most Bi^md benefit f.-o::i ]U tine to cure painful boils nnd sores rcwkin;; from impure blood. " SWIFT'S SPECIFIC is a great blessing to humanity," says Mr. P E. Gordon, of W5 Broad street, Nashville, Term., "-for it cured .re 3-pf rheumatism cf a very bad type, with which I hid been troubled :'or three or four years. S. S. S. cured me after I !iad exhausted every tlilug cleo. Treatise on Blood and Skin Disenecu mailed ft-. \ THE F'Wirr PPM-!--*- ft. r'- •• — -•. .Minnie. r • Dora," said Mrs. Cadgett to me the next day, "bring me my jewel case." I obeyed, thinking but little of the order. ' "Open it," said tho old lady. I opened it. There was only the faded velvet lining with its worn compartments. Not a trinket remained. I gave n. great start. "Oh!" I cried, "where are the jewels?" "I suppose you haven't stolen 'em?" said Mrs. Cadgett, "I?" ' "Nor old Owen?" '•Of course not." "No one else has linen in the house?" I looked at Mrs. Cadgett. She looked at me with eyes that, glittered like piercing dagger points. I fell, sobbing, on my knees, and -buried myJacein the bed clothes. "Jack has been here," said I. "He slept in the kitchen that rainy night. He saw the jewels. I was trying them on— Oh! Aunt Cadgett, it was very wrong and wicked of me, but I meant no harm! Oh! I'm quite, quite sure of that! And if uuy one has stolen your jewels" "No one has stolen them, child," said Mrs. Cadgett, with a curt of low, chuckling laugh. "They're safe here, under my pillow, where I put them that night after you brought tlu'in up hero. I managed somehow to tako the key out of your dress pocket and hobble to the chiffonier after you worn asleep. I knew there was a man down stairs—I had heard his voice—and I-thoughi my treasures would basafest under my own band. Besides, I couldn't bear tho idea of having a sly. traitor in- the house. You haven't been »ly, Dora; you havo boon confessing it all. Don't cry, little girl; I forgivo you." "But I don't deserve to be forgiveu!" I sobbed out. "1 have boon sly. Give your jewels to Jemima Cadgett, pleaso— give her everything" Mrs Cadgett smiled and shook her head. "Now," said sjio, "tall me all about this Jack." . And I told her, and aho comforted me with words'of sympathy ajid kindly caresses auch fto I never had expected to re- caivo from her. That was last year. Jack aud I werv married a month ago, and Auut Cad- gett's wedding ;tift to me was tho leathern easo of jewel;;. Jnck ia to bo overac-cr of the great, Ciuigett oruugu orohiirjs down in i ; 'lui'idii, and Slisj Ji'uiima suiyss she don't c-ire ;i jitnvw nlio wears the jowek-d dagger wuS tin- auii'thyst iu>ck- ku~.e, so Song as Aunt C",tiig-,;it u guiU'iL B-i j >is* wt 1 P" *t a*' >uc it AtiU -is* -h-^iii iu* •Vlilit t'<!ii,,'« H i- .Mf !•> '-,' IU<r»i \l WtJ !»U-ill ^' t"^ l.) ri us !, •<>„. ti f As,.! { .» \ •»! !i »$>,>' i'^t .!«*•. jiii.S «»< hj T s !" t r\v^ -! i „• i ,<-, 3r, C. McLane's Celebrated LIVER PILLS A few dosestakbn at the right if me will often save a severe spell oi sickness. Price only 25 cents at any drug store. Be sure and see that Dr. C. MoLANE'S CELEBRATED LIVER PILLS, FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa., la on the box. None other is Genuine. ITso IVORY POLISH for the Teeth, PEBTUMES TUB BBKATH. jiptmirs .CIFlt' REGULATOR MENSTRUATION Cm MONTHLY SICKNESS WADF/flD REGUfflPlfiVO. ATLANTA6A* D O MOT DEUAY YOU3 BUBSC'llll'l'lCM i LIPPINCOTT'S MAGAZINE, jrhich now nt&a<U la tho front rank of u iiWU Mid OGCaplfi* UUI JMiiitititt Of A LEADER AMQNQ LEADERS. Elcli number conUliu A COMPLETE NOVEL,tilt.« ttarftt quantity of ialM4 Uantoul maUQr of B& lolcnatlag lai lastniotti* n»tuM. Out Jear'i tubMriptlou (lyel» LIBRARY OF IS COMPUTE NOVELS T Annrlcu «uthor». toKttior *ilh AN AUCNUAKCE iPSUOUT BTOBIES, rOEBS. ESSAYS, «.<! mittnrj NEARLY TWO THGU§&fiQ PA6ES. Tlid *aoodsa of- LIIPWHCOTT'H «Uad« unpree«i3cBMai fq h« auQiia of Majtwln* jmbllBhtog, «it«l to-day iufcrnUlM Utie Id wolaooMd la every b&ralftC, 'Slilfl^e, town, &ud city lljifuu ghaut tb8 Uttttid Stfite*. Tb* buit writers of ib« »xe b*fe ***n stcorwl ftD(I otw rcfttura* will, from tiaio to tifflA, to added «iikh wlllgivfl . toMfFIHOQTT'* A DISTINCTIVE PUCE OFfTS OWN. Am«I« RlTM. ¥A$*x B»l>a^ Jolia BlMarton, Sdrat J'awoelt. Captfcla CtWkftia.KtBK, U.S.A.. Qnst Klag, M. t . . . many tithsrn will watilbuty L> IU l>»flo« for ISiSf. Tor fa'.l pruipeetBt, sJ.1r«£J UppSacott'I Mijitiaa. n\'A-

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