The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 21, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1892
Page 2
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THUItSDAY, APRIL 21, 189a. WHITMAN ABROAD. WHAT LEADING LITERARY MEN OF BRITAIN THOUGHT OF HIM. "The Mermiild Clnfi" l»i Miiblln University—Society of "The Waltwhltmani- •c,"—Professor Dnwrieu's Views on tho Character imtl Iiitlaenco of Whitman. (Special Correspondence.! NEW YOKK, April 7.—Somo eighteen years ago, when I waa an undergraduate of Trinity college, Dublin university, •no of the most agreeable literary societies to which it was then connidorcil fMhionnblo to belong, was known as the Mermaid cltib, the titlo of which was, borrowed from tho famous gathering which included such wits as Shake?- peare, Bon Jonson, Beaumont, Fletchoi and other world renowned worthies oi tho Elizabethan era. ForomoHt among the scholars and thinkers, not only of tho society, bnt ot the university, stood Edward Dowden, university professor of English literature, ti mau with mind of the strongest and finest filler and a character of such force and elevation as to challenge the reverence of tho wildest undergraduates and the moat sincere respect of his col leugues among tho follows and profess ore. The Mermaid club met once in two •weeks at tho. college rooms or private residence of somo member in rotation, and during term wo held one or twe meetings at tho houso of Mr. Dowden. Upon one of tbo latter occasions I hap pened to sco npon the library tnblo u paper covered volumo of tValt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass," a book which for Bome time had been attracting considerable attention among university men and in literary circles of tho Irish capital. Mr. Dowden, whoso word was law upon such matters, had recently doliv- ered a lecture npon Walt Whitman, and young men who remembered Longfellow's advice about "ever seeking something new" professed enthusiasm on (he subject of this new evangel. Disciples of the western toucher wero known as "Waltwhitroaniucs," and on the well established principle that martyrs' blood is the seed of tha church, our organization prospered through s'uffering. We met contempt with scorn and greeted criticism with tho retort that "Father Walt" was above criticism. Tho fact of the matter is that many of us did not understand what Whitman was "driving at," and the 6mall movement with which we were associated may have been merely a revolt agaiust the satiety of super-refinement in a literature which was being dominated by Tennyson and debauched by Swinburne. As wo had vague ideas that Victor Hugo's romanticism had broken through the traditions of French classical drama, so we ' believed that Whitmau's realism furnished a new link in the, chain of worldwide poativ development. At all events tho unintelligible is always magnificent to youthful and aspiring "souls," and accordingly we had faith in Whitman for the Bamo reason that other good Christians believo in tho thirty-nine articles. Anxious then for Mr. Dowdeu's opinion, I ventured to say, upon the occasion mentioned, "Mr. Dowden, do you regard Walt Whitman as an educated man?" "Well," ho said, "Walt has probably not had what is called 'the advantage of a university education.' His father did not spond as much inonoy in having him taught to write bad Latin and worse Greek verses as our fathers have spent upon us, but there uro a great many important things in tho world bes:do classical languages and tho higher mathematics, and Wnlt Whitman knows more about such things than you or I do. In the largest, widest sense he is a thoroughly well educated man, and, as the exponent of a world embracing democracy, ho opens our hearts and minds to greater possibilities for the whole human raco than any writer is capable of doing who works within tho prescribed literary formulas. "The ideas upon which much of our poetry rests have been few in number, practically exclusive, and now worn almost threadbare. Whitman adds onor- mously to the number and magnitude of poetical subjects. He has gone into the coal mine, the canal boat, miserable dons in tenement houses and on the back streets of groat citicB - , into jaila, almshouses, churches, hospitals and workshops, and moving freely umong all classes of the world's toilers ho lias observed the dignity and worth and noble possibilities of human character, even under sordid and frequently tragic conditions. "He has felt keenly this misery of the human race, and to tho host of his ability has offered remedies, but his nioBt effective one is ui» constant and strong expression of hopefulness in the destiny of the raco, as iudiuatcd by confidence in tho progress of America, in the power of human reason and effort to remove prevailing distress, and implicit belief in tho wisdom of the scheme upon which this universe was conceived and developed. "In other words, ho is a democrat in the old sense. He believes that tho suppression of tho people must give place to freedom for thoir fullest development; and ho is an optimist who trust*, to natural forces tor a millennium which has been conceived in America, and which can only bo realized on the liueb laid down under tho favorable conditions which have prevailed in that country for tho first time in tho world's history. Such opinions are of tho gravast import to a community whoso boBt poetry is penetrated with the sadness of existence and the futility of human aims, and whoso general literature is one long glorification of wealth, social position or military powor." Shortly after this mooting of tho for an absent friend. A great mcctinR was arranged and largely nttonded by thoso win regarded Whitman as a literary scavenger, and who were anxious to relieve the university and polite society from all complicity with Mr. Dowden in the expression of respect for 0110 who was said to havo had nothing but contempt shown him in his own country. Speakers representing various colleges and nearly all tho learned professions roBo in turn, and with disconnected passages for texts proceeded to overwhelm Whitmau's book with ridicule. There wero a few timid speakers for the defense, but Dowden, who had opened the discussion, enjoyed the privilege of replying in full to all that was said during tho entire evening. Accordingly he girded himself for the conflict. He took notes of the various speeches and wns kept busily employed nrrnnging book inurkerB in certain volumes before him on tho table, nis spirited reply consisted of (1) a brief general reviow of poetry, (2) sketch of modern democracy, (8) series of ad hominem arguments which fairly "knocked the bottom" out of attacks based upou detached sentences and made by men whose critical faculty seemed to havo been guided by pruriency rather than principle in their reading of Whitman. Dowden teak each important quotation made by his adversaries, showed it'B relation to tho context and explained tho bearing of tho entire passage or poem npon Whitman's leading ideas of democracy ami optimism. With great enthusiasm lie brushed away the cobweb fancies of mere prettinoss and jingle which niako up a great part of so called poetry to the detriment of wide views and sound sentiment. Flo had much to say of magazine poetry, of what Professor Huxley calls the "sensual caterwauling school," and of tho long dallying with nastiness in fine phrases and classical allusions. He then spoko of the "mortal raco of men' and of the mighty perturbations of society, which seem necessary for the establishment of Immunity's claims; of the crusades, the reformation, the French revolution and the civil war in the United States. Reviewing the ro- BUlts of the last great commotion he traced the growth of new desires, now demands, new tendencies and new attitudes toward life and death, dud all permanent subjects of human thought or interest. He regarded Walt Whitman as tho most profitable and original interpreter of tho new age, and declared that the great western republic will not rest satisfied with the tags and rags of Europo any more in poetry than in politics; that the jingliugs of Alexander Pope's moral platitudes are as much out of date under uxisting conditions in the United States as the successful interference of a Vatican pope with tho established principles of American institutions. When his remarks upon Whitman's own methods wero concluded, Dowden called attention to tho critics who had just spoken in something like tho following terms; "In estimating the value of a criticism, particularly upon such important subjects as those with which Walt Whitman deals, it is not unnatural to make some inquiries into tho character and capacity of each different critic. Some of the gsntlemen who havo spoken tonight havo been my acquaintances or friends for many years. They aro all honorable men, and in their own special callings speak with authority. They understand the technicality eB of common law, equity, horses, billiards, choice wines, foreign cigars and 'good society." They uro capable of discussing with intelligence the niceties of ancient and modern literature, including French novels and dramas adapted from the some. They can sit at the windows of tho University or Kildare Street clubs, and with mathematical accuracy point out tho merits and defects of a woman or a horse. In private life I have no doubt that thoy are tho beat of good fellows. They are tho fortunates of the earth and have fairly 'touched tho Happy Isles.' But wo have not heard that they have ever raised a voice on behalf of any movement which tends to tho amelioration of that largo portion of the human raco which is so profoundly unfortunate' and so far away from any happy prospect in this world. "Thoy have dono nothing to mitigate the misery of the hungry, the houseless, the depraved and abandoned of the world. These gentlemen live, and their predecessors of the same temperament have lived and died, apparently unconscious of, or indifferent to, tho hard lot of the poor and tho oppressed. Wo do not blame them for this callous indifference. They are BO constituted and probably would not wish to be otherwise. But wo do. blame them when they insult a great writer and thinker who views life with clearer vision than they possess, a'-id who dares to hold out brighter prospects for the millions. • 'These excellent judges of good wines and fast horses, then, aro the gentlemen who tonight accuso Whitman of ignorance, indecency, obscenity and the rest of it. They denounce him for a plain healthy statement of facts which, when thoroughly understood, will do much to establish true decency and morality in place of the sham articles which now BO frequently prevail. Wo have seen tho men who are agaiust Whitman, now let UB see those who are for him." Dowden then read the names of poets, literary men, journulisls and critics whom he considered couvootent to judge tho value of Whitman's work. Coupled with each name be read n sentence or paragraph of praise for the American poet, and in conclusion ho said: "Am'oug those who are for us in lje- holf of Walt Whitman are Emerson, Longfellow, Tennyson, Browning and tho lioaettia among poets,' along with a whole host of thoso whose namos are synonymB for all that is great and hon-. ' Kami—tho lit* that fx fighting against Consumption. Only — not promptly. 1'ut It off, and nothing can save you. But, it taken in tima, Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will certainly cniro. It must t» dono through tho blood —and tho " Discovery" is tho inost potent hlood- cleanser, strength-restorer, and flesh-builder tbnt 'tt known u>medical science. 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MAGU1UE, M. P., TruutB ICye, Kur, Noso und Throat Discuses Carefully. Office, No. 110 North Main. Residence, 608 Jlorth Main. WEAKNESSMEN QUIOKLY, THOROUGHLY. FORtVER OURCD — by a new porfectea Bclonttflo method that cannot fall unless tho case i« bojond hunmr aid. Vera luol ImpTovwL the first day, foot a bene- jit every day: noon know youruolf a king among UJCII la body, ID Ind ana heart. Brains and losic* ended. Brerr obstaclo to happy mitrrlod Life ro-. moved. Nerve force, •Will, energy, brain rower, -when falling or lost ara restored by this treat* nient. All araallnnd weak E orMausof tbo body en- iruod and strengthened. . Victims of abuses and excesses, reclaim your xuiinhuodi Buffororsirom fully .overwork, Ul health, regain your Yluurl Don't, despair^von it In tbo last ulagtfi. Don't bo dlstionrt enod If quacks have rob* bod you. Lot us snow you that medical eolenoo aud business honor stlU ertstf bore KO hand la hand. Write for oar Book, wllh explanations ft proofs, mailed sealed free* Over A.OOO references. BBIE MEDICAL 00., BUFFALO, IT, 7. J Q. MALCOLM, Pliyslelau nnd Hnrgeon (Homeopathic) Ofllce 112 1st avenue east. ATTORNEYS. JNO. W. ROUERTsT Attorney ut Lav. Rooms 2, U aud 4, Mo. 3 South Main. L ESLIE & CRAWFORD. Attorneys sit Law. Successors to Swlgart & Crawford, Penney Building, opposite Court House, JjJDWARD A. HARR1MAN, Attorney »t Law. Onlceln Hutchinson National Bank building -yyM. WH1TELAW, Attorney nt Law, Ofllce over First National Bank. Entrance on Sherman street. -y^T-HITESlDE & QtiEASON Attorneys at I .aw, Office, 1, 2, a, 4, over No. 24 South Main St. _,. .„ CAitTEnsvitLU, April 30, IBX, Immediate Caiuily, ufter having suffered for years from Menstrual Irreirulurll), Doing treated without ljcnettlby phyirtouin*. were nt lcn B th completely cured by ono buulo oacot tu truly wonderful. J. \v. STRANGE. Book to" " ilialleilTOER, wMeh domain, vuluuplo lufcirmattuu im ull female tlisuiiv. BRAOFIELD REGULATOR-'CO.. ATLANTA, OA, .. sop a*jc.2i nit .xx.7u sai:vuazsxa. O^MANLISl ORIENTAL' SEXUAL PILLS B ITS , Prompti Fwttm Our* (or.lmpaUiKt, low at Vinson/, 8tmlnai Bmlnlon; Spttmutmkw, Niitmiintu, SilfOlitruit, Lou of Mtmorf, 4c. Will main uau a STH0N0, Vlqor- otit Man. Prlc* tl.W, 8 Boxu, tiOO. . Sotolal Direction Mallei with *aoh Ban, ADHriu SiUvlGanrtlilaiBt Ct., aaia LUOAV A W. _ 8T, LOUIS. * MO. rj\AYLOK & TAYLOR, Attorney, at Law, Office, up-stalrs, Masonic Temple. M' ODBRN WOODMEN OF AMERICA Meet in the hall oi MeClnrg's store, at No. 30 South Main street, every Monday evening. Visiting neighbors always welcome. W. R. MAIUIUALL, Clerk. A, M. UuTCiunsoH, V. 0. (SUCCESSOR TO WM. MORRISON.) Corner of Main and Fourth. Tho place to buy your beef, pork, veal and all kinds of sausage, oysters, fish and game. John Hartmau, cutter. Telephone 32. HOTEL. Most contrally located hotel in the city. NEW MANAGEMENT "ENTIRELY. Patronage of traveling men aolUUd. Rates, $1,00, $1.25, $1.50 a Da,. MANY A MAN \ •"" ;••» Is mailed tree faff Hat. MELTS TOO SOON. »ill get "ell if he hoeds.ordle If he Ignore,, ouit; ZiiaTat. Method* '«teol«,«»e» «•<«»••' P HSOMA. Tlioiisanils ranorad by

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