Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1912
Page 8
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:^EVER BEFORE orwiU you again get oppor- tuiiities to buy Ladies' and Misses^ Suits at less than Wholesale Prices. ftp-, ! OUR BIG SUIT SiU£ Our many Friends and Custom- tomers compliment us on the beautiful-Styles and Materials at these remarkable Low Prices. SnodRrasii' Lost the GHie for 5 «w York In tbo Tenth Wlien Ife Mnffed H Jn Ue Ontfleld. I S^ts Suits Suits Suits $8.95 $12.9S $16.95 $20.95 Suits $24.9» 124'C '^^^''^^^ Jind Scrpe.Mtiiie Crepe for kimonas and wi'apiiers; a yard. I2ic 50c Mercerized Table Linen, 72 inch, worth 75c, special; 50c T'5"'C ^^^^^^^^ Crash, worth 12J /.C a yard, on sale 7iG lOc on sale " Large size Shears, >vorth 25 G, iOC QQA Crib Blanketp\^ new jiatterns, l/uu oh sale 39c EXTRA SPECIAL VALUE. 7Cn ^^ive pieces 36inch Poau de Crei>e Black Tr^ J I 3G Silk, worth $1.25, 5;pecial, yard!... .... 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Giant players each came in for t2,S6G.; Today's was a ^me fi fescltement an«l rhanKing. emotions tor the 17.000 sn^tators who went to Fenway park to'see the teams which had sfruggled valiantly for Ecvcn> games with honors even, meet in .the deciding contest, Kcver-waq a JiatI-game-mere tWitly waged, for It A remarkable And of prehletori* weaiMns and ornaments: baa been made in a camera at St Kanzlon, In the Karat mountains, not,^r. from Abbazia. The cavern, wbiui la known as the "Cave ot nies." from the number of insects which,'apparently breeds Ing there, issue forth at certain' times ot the year, is a aubterranean chamber with a peri>endicular depth of one hundred and fifty Xeet, the only entrance to which is by a hole in the roof. It was recently explored by some climbers with the help of a long rope ladder. A Roman helmet, dating from the beginning of the Christian era. which the owner had apparently dropped down the hole, was first found. Encouraged by this the imperial. museum to-dig into' the earth and stones which haTe fal-! len from the roof and sides and form the floor of the cavern, and at a depth of three feist, they discovered over a thousand articles of bronze, including two hundred lance Iieads.'a number of swords, axes, clasps and Vessels. The last named had all,' been . burned through by fire. • The dhteof the articles Is estimated at about 1000 M. C. W.-IS not until twilight, had fallen upon the tenth inning tliat, Since iNappears imposRible that men the Red Stocking. Ed Yerkes, flashed in the bronze age should have lived nt ever the plate with the winning run. the bottom of such a deep nnd Inac. r" 9**"^* cpsslblo eavem archaeologists believe .«^!^M""^f. 1 d"'^' bp-: the weapons and vessels must have Iwcen the master hoxman of the Gi-; ants, ChrlKty Mathcwson, and the; stripling Bedient and ''Smoky" .loo Wood (oi^ the Bed Sox found thp two ronlenders for rliamptonship honors i with a tally each. Into the tenth inning the contest went, and the Olitnls chlllwl the hopes of the Ilo.sfon crowd by Fcbrlnp a run on a douhlo Into tho bleac'linrs by .Murray and a hit by Mcrkle to center which Speaker Juggled, ilundred). of "fans" tore up their score cards. Jammed their hats down^ovor their hondH nn ddlRcnnsolately left the grounds, lor MattinwHon was iiitrhlng a game whloh wa.< hjiffllng tlie hatsnien of IMi> J '<).>-ton.s. KhkIo lod off for thu Red .'^•ix in the last lialf of thti t^nth. 1|« !l.^d pono to liat for .Too WomI and l!\t>re WHS a Rrnan when tlii> R<<(i Sox plnoh hlttiT y<>nt up n towerlnjr fly lo left rrnti r, Snmlgniss moved ov<>:- to- waril the bleacher scats and wallort for I lie ball lo ilrop. He niuffeii It. p\u\ before the hall was reeovcred Kle was on Fecnnd base. Xo ooo out andtlic crowd was In a frenzy of^joy. Hooper trlcd»to sacrifice *)ut M«th- ewson foiled hini and the best Mia 'V -d Sox rijrlit fielder could do a fly to Snodgr.-iss. The Giant i)Hchfr tried t() work Uie corners of the plite fcr Yerkes but YerU'^s waited iilm cut and walked on four ball.s. With EnKle on second and Yerkes on firs*. Tris Speaker came up. The crawd "o a man wag now yelling. . I,on«r Fly IVIns finnie. Spe^ikrr swunff his b:g bat ba '"k nnd fortli waieUJhgr MatJiewson like a h.nwk The fir.'t bal' r itehbd was a curve, niti'. In.<tlde, and Speaker popped up i lifgh fonl. Meyer?,^ Merkle and Mathewson went after It, hut It fell .safe hcrw on them. New York's last chance lO stop the Bostons passed with tho failure to get that foul ball. Mathewson been thrown down the hole as a saerl- flce to some subteranean deity.—YIen- na Correspondence London Standard. WILL GET MORE SALARY Promotions and Increased Pay 13,000 Railway Mail Clerks. for Still another evidence of Repnb- llcah prosperity and President Taft's sincerity In endeavoring to benefit the toller M -as manifested when he recommended lo congress that the clerks In the railway ball servtco be i classified and given an increase In [ wages. There are 16.700 clerks In! that branch of Ihe govemracot's service, and the posUl appropriations bill I started a high fast one and Stur .k«.T mot It fairly. On'a line over DoyieV signed by the president Just before > congress adjourned carried with it | the promotion with increased pay of; 13,000 men on Oct 1. 1912. and those not promoted on that date will receive more pay at the end of the cur-j rent fiscal year. The new. law xftvvides for three classes of railway postal lines with their transfer anj^ {erminal offices, the compensation ranging highest on the lines where the work is heaviest. Beginning with $900 a year, all clerks who render faithful and efficient service receive annual promotions of $100- untll they reach tho maximum of the successive annual grades, after which j they may be promoted at Intervals I for specially meritorious service until i their annual compensation rcncbes: $1,800. in the highest class. Chief; ' clerks in the railway mall service re- 1 * ceive $2,000 a year. More than $1,000,000 a year wlB' be involved In these increases. 3ELASC0 STRONG ON REALISM j' Theatrical Producer Insists That ! Everything on the Stage Shall | Be In Parfect Harmony. liead tho ball wa.<; drl.en and T.a?!.? rusJicd over the plate w'th thn re'ng run. On tlie throw-in, jYerkes ••-.nt to ..third and Speaker ei:.shed im to serond. • The New York infield drew la and Lewis was purpofoly pa.^tod so,that a runner could be forced at the plate (-.n an infield Rrounder. Tiien -.amc [ David Belasco is famous for his at- the finish. Gardner with three balls | tcntion to minute detail in tho Etaging , and one strike on him, Fmas:icd a of the plays which he produces. He | lone fly to Pevore. Yerkes set him- even passed on tho kinds of nails and i self at third and d.isJ.od for home tacks used in the building of his scen- when tlic hall dropped In Devore's i hands EXTRA GOOD VALUES IN BJ.ANKETS! no J'ullsizeCalifoKnia WooLBlankeL^^O tin VuivU.' worth $5.00, offered specially .... OOiUO S3.25 Full size California 805^ Wool 00 OK Blankets, worth ."^-l.SO, oh sale.. .. OUrZu NEW LEATHER BAGS. Exceptionally large-Hand Bag with the new patent clasp, regular $2.00 value, on sale ^1 Ar for only •wliZv Ask for the new patent clasp all leather Hand Bag, $1.50 j-f—> SI 25 ^'^^^^^^ $2.00 value, on sale Ask. for ^1 ^^'^^'^^ regularly $2.50; now on viivU sale for si I GINGHAMS! GINGHAMS! : In face of the advancing prices on all Ginghams we offer for a short time all our Ginghams at the following special prices: lAlI 10c Dress Ginghams at 8c •All 121/^c Duress Ginghams at. 10c All 15c Dress Ginghams at 12c All 25c and 35c Dress Ginghams at i. .18c **Home Journal" Patterns^—new November Styles Pew York Store The Indian. Meyers, crouched at the l)Iate to lake tlic throw he^ exp^eted from Uevnre. Instantly he had raught It, Devore whipped the hall .homeward. Gn came tho flying Yerkes—on eamo the hall. Alatliewson who saw that the throw of the little h'ft fielder would be wide threw up his hands, and Meyers turned away without trying for the ball. Yerkes did not; know the throw was wide, however, and he plunged head foremost and slid over the plate In a cloud of dust with the run that won tho world's championship for the Red Sox. WcGraw ronmtalales StahL Tho crowd fairly screamed in a delirium of Joy. ' Men threw their hats in the air and cheered until they could cheer no more Hundreds rushed upon tho field and gathering about the Red Sox bench, applauded the winning players. Mathcwfoti burled himself in his great coat and walked from the field. Scores of'persons followed the pitcher and patted him on the back congratulating him upon his fine work in the box. Manager McGraw elbowed his way throng the throng to the Red Sox club house beneath the stand where he congratulated Man ager Stahl and the Red Sox players. "1 can't say that I'm glad, Jake, but one of tho teams had to win; it was to be Bed Sox. and congratnlatlons are, in order," said Manager McGraw ad-' the sobject.'' dressing StahJ. A spectator^addressed an Insulting! remark to McGraw as he walked across the diamond and blows, were passed, but no damage was done. cry. But he surpassed himself thta season when he put on "The Case of Becky, aplay which deals with hypnotic suggestion. Tho first and second acta of the piece tako place In the J office of a sanitarium and the physi- clan In charge is noted as a grcajt authority on hypnotism. Soon after the first production ot j the play Belasco was showing a friend \ all the scenic effects of the pro-, duction. On the desk of the phy- j sician was stationery, Btampe<l with ; the fictitious name of the sani- . tarium. "This," explained the producer, "is merely a small detail to create the Impression in the^ minds of the actors that they are in a real sanitarium instead of oh tho stage." , He then threw ojien the door of a !arge bookcase which ordinarily ^-ould have coctained dummy volumes. r "There," he explained In a mattcr- bt-fact tone, "is the best library In this country on hypnotism and suggestion. It contains 400 volumes on those subjects, and I have been collecting them f^r the pest two year.i. It Is much better to have the real 1>ooks in the book cases. It makes the man who plays the specialist believe that he really knows something about With the Acorn Air Blast Gas Burner This is a beautiful Round Coal Heatiiu^ .^lovc. It burns SLACK, SOFT COAL, HARD COAL,,-WOOD nr Liirnitc iUit it does more than this—IT BURNS THE SMnKJf: ;in !l th^ GAS that is produced by combustion of the ^. coaL The.v^e gases whicli arc Int 'owii off In- common soft coal ai'e very heavy ?• producing much heat wiiich is entii'ely Uiu ^led by the ordinary coal stove. The^'o ACORN AIR BUST STOVE " c 5 produces i)erfcct coinbu.'tion of tho:c; .teases ;tn(l the heat evolved by this sec- LVdhxtl by the first combustion in. ondary coiiiluistion of g<iscs is t\vi<'o th.-it Thii.'^ vou •which the gaj^cs are foniiod. Sav^ Half You^ Coal BUL Saving half your fuel bi!l will buy the .-(ovc iji ouo winter, and besides you will be warm and eliminate (bo .-rii-ikj.', ^-.ont. and chokiii." fiiincs which moi^t coal stt)vcs li\n>\Y out J!il<) the n».iiii. Iffi mm FOOTBULL TEAM HE«E »il] rontrvt With Ihe MidgetH at the Khersfde (irounds Toraorronr i Afiernonii. [Kow that tlje. liiiseb .ill fans ha,ve l)'tr-ii <(ui'H-il with tin; final rcsult^of- thc World's seri"S. thejninds of the public n.idirally turns to the next best sport—foul hall. Tomorrow after nonn the .Montn high school team I will ho hero and stage a game 'With • ; tho Midge's team. ISofh teams have \ \\v'\ before,- ihf;. lof:al players having ' been «|ef,;iicd. yet liie bunch tx)morrow I is iihout <.'nu :il in weight. The game, 'will Ite plavf -d ai th>' fair grounds. J' The Moran lineup will be as follows: Thoniiison and Caldwell, ends; Foriieaux and Pnttz. tackles; Cooper .•ind Kerr, guards; Kowler. center; Taylor, nuarter: F. McAdahis and D- McAdams, half backs; Lindeberg. ^11 back; Kdwards, Smock and WhWfow, , substitutes. The Midgets lineup will be thesama as it has been for the past few games ; with no changes of any consciuence- This week the tbam has been practic- S ing a nuipber of new plays, most of 1 which they now perform with dexterity and precision. —Mr. J,U5. V. Churchill, i>b Wall St. Auburn, N. Y.. has been bothered with ' .serious kidney and bladder trouble ever since.he left the army, and savsx "I derided to try Foley Kidney rilln as they had cured so many people and. I soon found they were the thiOg. . My kidncy.s and bladder are again W a healthy condition. I gladly reco-i- mend them." For sale atBurrell's Drug Stbre. ' <Copyr!i;lit by I'owers Kng. Co., .New York.) 'Theodore Roosevelt, .Ir.. was caii^'il in a characteristic Rooseveltian attitude while he .stood lalkiv.p to Or.ear Ktraup, candidate for governor of New York ori the Fropres.-iivo ti<.ii<r. They wcr-? at the pnrd.-n jmrty given by •Mrs. Bourkc Cockran last week. T< ddy. Jr. i.s .smiling, wo think. >0 POISOX OJi BULLET. Examination Bemores All Wony on That Score. • Milwaukee. Wis., Oc/. 16.—All fear that 0»e bullet with which Colbngi Roosevelt was shot might have been inoculated with poison to make his death doubly sure, was dispelled today when Dean R..E. W. Sommers of Marquette University. noUfled District Attorney Zabel that no traces of poison were found in the empty shell and upon the other bullets. A Serious One. ; "What do you think is the real, mott! vital problem of the race?" "That's easy. To pick the winner." Advocates of the suffrage amendment to the constitution of Kansas are HIGH SCHOOL DEBATERS. Organization Formed That Will Bene- tit the Students. . F. S. Kcssler and eon. of LaHarpe, who have been spending the stuuher in western Kansas, retamed home yea terday. I an outline of the work i>y Prof. Saw- j tell, an organization of the council was effepted. Howard I-awycr was is, "Besolved that it would be to the l>est interests cf Kansas to adopt the amendment providin.? tor Kqual Suffrage." Later in the year the tariff, immigration problem, election .of Senators by dirccr vole, and many other subjects will-be debated. A MarTcion."* Escape. *My little boy had a marvelous rtorothy Maddux brought suit for di- t elTCteFpresidentrEveretn.and, vice^ writes P. .F Bastiams of vorce from her husband, J. L. Maddux, i president; Raymond Shepard, secre-; Prince Albert. Cape of Good Hope. n1 ,t«HfV *L*nf^"" aftenioon ! taiy and treasurer oerurred In the middle of the The plaintiff aUeges non-support and , Tlic purpose of the council i? to gir A3iD habitual intoxicaUon. She asks the,'all its members a more thorough, night. He got a very severe attack restoration of her maiden name. Dor- knowfedge of »iie forms"of d3bate ,~as of croup. As luck wolud have it, I othy WOIfe^^ . • well as a better jnsight into the civic ; had a large bottle or cr.amberlain's . ~ ; problems of today, as these problems Ctiugh Bemedy in the hoase. After Frank Pittser, of Elsmore, was a le-! will form the subjects of debetes to following the directions for an hour gal business visitor here this after- j bo rendered every two weeks,. The, and twenty mlnute-t he was through ''ooh. first question to be debated this year I all danger." Sold by all dealers. HOT mm irS CLEAX, TOO! Ifest Service and. Quilly Are Our Attractions Morris GBowarf WEST SIJ)E .SQUIBS Phone 476; " Free DeliTwr >.l^ '%

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