Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 25, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Rntcrctl at the Postoflicc Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Publisher! every Saturday by the Covina Ar^us Publishing Company, Inc. f 1.5,0 .75 .5,0 .0', SUHSCKII'TIONS: One Year in advance Six Months - - - Three Months .... Single Copies .... ADVJ'KTIRKMKNTS: Display advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application, Changes made as per contract. Liners 5,c per line each insertio 1 .). Legal notices Sl.oO per inch first insertion. .'0 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, April 2.5, 1'XW. Jt, is now .M;irBn!i] MeOormick. brethren Church: Hundny-snhool lOd.rn. Preaching at 11 a rn. find 7 :'iO fi. m. Christian Workers' mooting f> :I!0 p. m. A cordial invitation IH extended to nil. Man for rniin, f"i ship, tho second to noiHi in for gun, «"d American nuvy is tho world. When looking neglect, our navy- better than rrio.Ht. for ii. toast don't -good IIH iiny and The highest Htundard of rnnnhood makes the Amwienn navy tho finest in the world. There is uo greater fool than he who thinks himself wise; n<> one wiser than he who suspects ho is a fool. The navies ol' England, Germany, France and Japan are continually increased each succeeding year; therefore the navy of tho United States should be increased. Kov. S. K. Wlshnrd, I). I)., conduct a series of Bible studies in the Presb.vtorl.-in Churcli, beginning 7:30 p.m., April '2d. All are most cordially invited to attend. Special j music each evening. There will be a missionary rally in the Presbyterian Church April HO. In the afternoon, I»ev. Sharrocks, returned missionary of Curca, and 15. O. Atterbury, secretary of foreign missionary movement, will addrens the ladies. A popular meeting in the even ing. Christian Church: P.e.v. W. (i. Con ley, pastor. Sunday-school 9:45. Preaching at 11 by the pastor; subject, Are." Anthem by tho choir. Junior Kndeavor 3. Senior Kndeavor (5:30. No preaching at 7 :30 on account of the dedication service at the Presbyterian Church. Teacher training class Monday at 7 :30. Prayer meeting Thursday at 7 :30. All are cordially invited. Services in the Church of the Holy Trinity: Holy Communion 7 :30 a. m, Sunday-school ft-.4fj a.m. Morning prayer, 11 a.m.,; subject, "The LikenoHS of the UfH.urroction. " KHS- . tor music will bo repented. Kven- isong, 7:30 p. m. This will bo a j musical service of which tho order, in part, will be: Solo, "I Know that My Redeemer Liveth," Mrs. Spanlsh Waranips Out-of-l)ate. NORFOLK, \V., April 22. While if! war doKi, resplendent, with great frowning armaments nnd ahinirig decks but all unknown to history-are palling with flags afl.ving and hand* playing from one Pacific coast city to another, toasted by thon- , Hands, a sad "little" warship here at Norfolk \H tugging restlffmly at her moorings, neglected, unnoticed, forgotten. If x battleship has any feelings, as Admiral Evans once declared they had, (hen the pride uf this one that WHS "not, good enough 1 ' fo go on parade has I.een cut to the quick. I am referring to the Iowa. One.; the Iowa was good enough for "Admiral Bob." That was only ten years ago, too, at Santiago. It made history down there, if you remember, in the midnt ot shrieking, bursting shells, sinking bints and dying men. ".Admiral Mob" was proud of the Iowa that day. Me .stood on the bridge and he wasn't ashamed, particularly after tho roaring had ceased and Admiral Ccrvera and the other Spanish officers came aboard the Iowa and surrendered. If "Fighting Bob" could liavo times as effective as the Oregon! The advance in perfection is due to speed, increased armor, improved machinery throughout, increased ( rapidity of fire, improved mechanism j for handling the guns, more guns. i better" marksmanship and improved methods of training gunners. Chino Land For Sale and Exchange. TOO month. good land. inches Part balance Good IIU '*v * ' "J fcl"' IJMnum , nu.,- ill' LI 1 il. ... . . . .,, ,, . , ,„ seen his old ship as she lay in the Tempted in All Points IIH We ' 1 ,, , 1 - yard here on "reserve duty" today, A hero is one who, at, great ha/ftrd, hardship or sacrifice, does some noble deed for others, or for .Home high and worthy end quite outside of himself. Our navy is full of Hiich specimens of manhood. Elsewhere will be found the official call fora Republican caucus to bo held on Thursday next, to select delegates to the (jBth Assembly .District convention to nominate delegates to bo voted upon at, tho primaries culled for May 5th. Inasmuch as the Linooln-Koosevolt Leaguers have already selected their tickets to bo votod upon at tho primaries it Is net expected tint they will participate in caucuses. Candidate for Assembly. Ira Lee of Pomona is an announced Uriiiijen; solo, "My While I Stray," Mi Mr. Mill-shall: Easter anthem, choir. God, my Father, Johnson; solo, solo, Mr. Sprot.te; "Christ is Risen," candidate for Assemblyman for the services. (JHI.h district. llo will como into tho convention with a solid d<-loga- lion from Pomona, and possibly nil thu precincts except, ono within the Han Joso townahip, which with live scattering votes assures him tho n oinination on tho first ballot. This district was represented at the .last session ot I lid legislature by Mr. Cognwoll of Ml Monte. Mr. Loo has boon nctivii in politics I'm 1 many years, boiug always in thu county convent inns from Inn homo ward in Pomonu. li« is a man ol' sound .judgment, sterling integrity, nnd independent in thought nud action. Ho IIIIH ni'vcr allied hiiii'-:rll' witji any cliques \vil hill tin- parly. Methodist Services—The Rev. I. L. Spencer of Los Angeles will preach at 11 a. m. and the pastor, Kov. .11. W. White, M.A., at 7:30 p. m. Evening topic, "The Grace of God in Everyday Life." Sunday- school f):4D. Junior League .'). Tho Epworth ami Intermediate Leagues of the Methodist Church will meet together at tho usual League hour on Sunday evening. A good musical program has been prepared. Tho mooting will bo in charge of Miss Bessie Loebrick. Everybody welcome. Worship at tho Baptist Chinch: Uiblo school 0:45 a.m. Pn,Mohing service 11 a. in. B.V.P.U. (i:45 p.m. Ni> evening service on account of tho Presbyterian dedication enveloped in a bank of raw, chilling fog- in marked contrast, to his gaily decorated ships in the sunny Pacific it would have brouhgt tears to the eyes of the grand old sea fighter. Tho Iowa seemed to be pulsating from bow to stern with chagrin and humiliation. All of which brings out the fact one may look in vain in tho roster of Admiral Evans's fleet for names made famous in the Spanish war. Where is the famous Oregon? It is not on parade. Vet it waa the most talked of ship in the navy during the war! Inquiry at the navy department brought out the information the Oregon is out, of commission at tho Puget Sound navy yard. And whore i re the Massachusetts, tho Indiana ind tho Texas? They were well known 10 years ago. Tho fact is, Spanish warships are ill back numbers. They were not good enough to make tho Pacific cruise. In tho first place they were too slow. Tho best nuthorties now place tho life of a battleship at 15 yours. For comparison take the Oregon, considered modern 10 years ago, and the Georgia,^recently completed. Tho Oregon develops 819,456 foot- tons of energy in five minutes of firing, and the Georgia 3,927,1751 In other words, tho Georgia Is five 10 acres walnuts, water 180 hours each trade. Price 81000. 40 acres unimproved, fine alfalfa or walnut trade. Price 80000. 40 acres; 5 acres in gums, fine alfalfa or walnut land well. ?(J500, good terms, 20 acres unimproved, ,'4 interest in good well. 82500. \'j cash, balance good time, (i per cent. J. W. McBKIFJlO, Glendora. Cal. Phone 5273. Amphlon Society. The April meeting of the Arnphion Society was l;«ld last evening in tho Womans Club House, a good attendance of the»members being present considering the many attractions of tho week. The hall was prettily decorated with flag" in honor of the fleet. Each number on tho program received a well merited encore: Piano duet, Misses Ratekin Aschonbronuer. Reading, "Enoch Arden" Thompson. Vocal solo, Miss Bessie May Whitcomb. Vocal solo, Mr. Sprotte. CANNING SEASON and Miss lUlltors At. LOUR (teach. Lung lieac.h ontorlainod ttie mem ber-i uf the California Kdilorlal AsHuciation on Tuesday. The parly, under (lit 1 direct iun uf President William kiolmnlsiin uf Hcrkoluy, arrived uvor the Suiitliern Pacific about noun and \veni ininio diiitoly to tho Virginia fur lunch. At '1 u'c.luck I lie fiilire party, number ing 110 pcrsuiiN, was taken fur ini ailtumubilc rlile tliruiigli the city, shipping al tho luirbur mid the Craig Nhipbuililing plant. Tho inagnificcnt public iniliruvemelitH, everywhere in evidence, was a surprise tu many wliu luul nut .-rrn Lung Iteach since it was ii blraugling village uf u few hundred souls, Alter dining at the Virginia they worn tho guests uf ibe Khcll Club at the Club Jlulise at H u'cluck, where mi elaborate nvcptiun was planned fur them and carried mil must MIC t-cssful ly. The entire party were guests uf the mii!Mgi-ii;enl uf I he Virginia during their slay in Lung lieacb. This- uiagiiitlci'iil hustelry, which has JU--I been "| elieil, 11 without exception the lineal liulel in all its appointments nil the I'arillc cnitt-l. 11;, tau;e will soon go abroad ami iliiring coming years will attract thousand.- uf wealthy tourists t" thib I seaiide result. The eili/eii-. iieacli n.ay .justly led proiid A/,usa Concert. Circle of Woodcraft. This evening .the local circle, Woman of Woodcraft, will hold a special session to initiate a largo class of new members. Tho officers and guards of Lauristinus Circle of Los Angeles, to tho number of twenty, will como out to exemplify tho work. Thoy will bo royally entertained by tho Covina Circle. • Will Soon Be Here Don't forget thot we have recently received a larg consignment of new Ball's and Schran's Fruit Cans and American Beauty fruit can rubbers. You will find our prices right. Phone 43 Brown & Bohri GROCERS The Oreen-flarshall Co. Paints. Pure Mixed nd their high grade varnishes will give satisfaction, oven to the most skeptical painter. Their mixed paints will stand this coast climate longer, owing to the fact that the Green-Marshall pure paints are composed of pu^-e white lead, pure oxide of zinc, ground in pure linseed oil. Those paints and varnishes can be obtained here at the paint and paper store of Mr. C. H. Kistler. v COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENDALL, Prop. • Orders taken and deliveries made daily.. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. riome Phone 36 Under tho abln direction ot Mrs. H. I' 1 , Thorpe, a most excellent 0011- cort was given on Tuesday night in tho A/usa Opern Hound in aid uf tho Human Catholic parish of A/usa, Cuvinn and (ilcnduni. In spiloof counter iitt.ractiuim the attnnilanci was guild and m> many inure ticki'tn wi'i-o ."old I ban was o.xjioc.tod and such warm apprecial ion was shown thai MI-H. Tliurpe bus been asked ti repeal the concert ill Covina at, sunn near date. Mrs. John lirunjcH' retulering uf "Of Thee I'm Thinking Margherite," can only be described as .simply divine, and it hi unly this lalcnted buly'n devutiun to h(-r humo life wiiicb provents her taking placo with Ihe greatest art JS!H. ^"uung Ai'hille.s Angeluty gave an excellent rendering uf uno of Macli's dilllcull ciunpiiHit ions and with practice and soul growth this young man will sunn rival if nut uut.shine bin world famed brother. Mil's Kamil! uf LUH Angeles is an accomplished pianistn anil gave u line inlerprelaliun ut u ino.-l ditlicult anil rarely perfunned piece, Li/l's Khapsody, in tlu> original key. Sweet Irene Wadey sung two charming wulus, "The Making ut' the Hay," by Li/a Lehniann, and "Knuwe.Ht Thou the Land." Thi^. yuiing lady is shurlly guing tu Kurnpo lu complete hei training. M L-« \\'adey ulsu gave it reading, "Aunt Melist-a'.- Opinion of Hoys." Miss Harris's rendering uf Men delsMilm's Spring Song was t'lilbitst i- catly ei'u'iired anil Miss (iri.jalvu "Oli hrv Those Tears." O l.OST I'uir "f HUM' glas-ivs be Iwi-en Oninge SI. ami liailillu. l-'iinl- i'|- pleaM' leluin In I >. I ,\ i:.ail Huff, I 'n\ ina l-'ruil I'ixcliunge. tine new tire i.prii buggy l"l' sale. AKn sci'Miiil hand n|:rii buggy. (ieu. \\ . Mur^h. «>| ; 1 u-iile puntulllee. 11 Glendora Furniture Store Attention Please! If you arc in need of any house furnishings it will pay you to get prices of us before buying. We have the goods, all kinds, and at very law prices. We can save you money if you will give us a chance. . Phone us about window shades. See us about Undertaking and Embalming Latest Methods Everything guaranteed as represented. Goods delivered anywhere in the valley free of charge. A. SEIMBARS a l^ROPRIETOR Phone 166

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