Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 8, 1903 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1903
Page 6
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Within a few minutes ride of Tola, LaHarpe or Gas City, and about three blocks to new Cement rJPfciLt Fresh air, healtblul^ui«>u^itf^^^ ^apid l^^nsit andjg;a<s idii&ke it the W6dt desira Lonfes in Allen county. ' r li" TERIVliS:— Prices are from $70 to $100 per lo^. Lots are 's0x150. $5.00 down and $5^00 a month. Location:—Electric line on tiie soutlii lola pablic road on th^ nortli and just half way bet^^een (Jas City and LaHarpe. Write oij cdUijt^ Office 'at terminus Electric Line 1 a' A Daughter sL£s Sjr GEN. CHAIULES KING. •1 do noi Know, Sr'^ '^^nSsv&rca abb. '^Bul thia I tJo knf)W, tlu-y aro er Bomethiiig anil exjietH to get •iii. If I ml^ht mako BO bold, sir, I -^"Ipifnk thoiiittjor oiip -lit to keep nn eye .^W them bloated haJfbreeds at Hay's." It BOt Flint to serlows thinking. , Jeto and Crapau<l, paid henchmen of tte traddr.had been taklngadvantage •ot their employer'8 absence and cele- .jJratlng after the manner of thejp 'jdnd. One of his oflieers, new like .'IfimRelf to the neighborhood and to Jihe Indians, had had eneminter with •^^e two that rui)betl Ids comnds- '•irioned fur tho wrong way. A sentry, ^ discharge of Jiis duty, luid warned ^ihem one evening away fr<m\ the rear ^,|fate of a bachelor <Ien, along ofTl-r -ipera' row, and had been told to go ..'^ aheol, or words to that eilect. They •"had more, business there than he had, ' '^lid they,-and, under tho potent Bway '^pf "inepifing bold John IJarleycorn" had not'even abotA»<l\heir .positi<m .'when the (>fiicer -of -th«>-day happened palong. ^ey \irtuaJly damned and '.'iSefled him, too. •....The offlcer -of-the-daiy reported to . commanding oflieer, and that •'joWoer ^caJled on IklrM. Hii <y tfV t*ll her .he should order the culj)rits off the >reaervntion if they were n«>t better '^behoved. "Mra. Hay, B 6 said tho serv- ^ant, waa feeling far from well and fftod to ask to be excu.sed, when who rMiould appear but tho ministering ^tingel Mrs. Da43o herself, and Airs. '^P^i^ un ^rtopk to JLell Mrs. Hay i of (t^jie ini80on(iuct of the men, cveji /%heD assuring Major Flint phi; foaretl :li wqe. Bj 'mattvr in whieh M^rs. Hay '--.ivaB powerless. They were afraid *^-of Hay, but not of her. Jlcaring of . Mrs. llay'a llIneeH, Mrs. liculo and Athex women had como to visit and oooaolo h4Br, but th<'ro were very few ahe would now eonsent to see. Kven 'thongb oonildent no bodily harm 'would boifall her htisband or her :.)tti«ce, Mrs. Hay waa ovidenlty Borc ttbturbed^ about aomething. Falling /-io seo her, Maj. Flint sent f6r the ''bartender and derk, and b<ide them '•^J whero these truculent^ eeml -sav- bacdisnale got their whisky, ^^ie^^ both -men promptly and confl- •»ijaently declared it wasn't,at tho store. if either of them would give or sell • '•%0 e!tlie*;holfbreed a drop, and old "^^iUdDS stood sponsor -for the int<^g- Xrky of the afilonts, both of whom ho »d knovro for years aod :both • of I ^intimated that tho two speclr bodxwi-jieed begging, buyer ateallpg whieky; when BiU ."tllay^s piifste cellar' bold' more than J^ough ti^fill tivo whole SlouK nation. •^oreov«c»,- eatd Pink Marble, Vf ^y've jjiaC tbb run of the stables -fjiow the-M man's oway, and there a i^ht socno oi those horses :'iin'« out*? Flint sold that wrta .i^Blbmething Mrs. Hay ought to know, 'l^lnk Marble repHed thot was somo- 'll^lng Mn^-'Btiy dtd know, imless she ''^l^fused hi beiievo^lio owidenco of her ;'"«iwn senM as wll as his, and Pink itKmgbt ft high time mir fellows In -the field;? had recaptured Hay and *• ffetcbed him home. If it wasn't^ done lisighty TOob b<\ - Plnfc, wouldn't" bo ' bnsweraMe lor what might happen *kt the post. ' • An the more anxkms did this make Flint. He decided that the exigencies Of the caee warranted his putting a /tentry o*er Hay's stable, with'orders -to permit no h<»se to bo taken out except hy an oider from hlra, and Crabb to<kk Mm and showed him, two 4ays later, the tracks of two horses °~^oing and coming in the soft earth • ill front of A narrow eide door that led to the corral. Flint had this door "t>ad}ocked ot once and Wilklns took 2 the key, and that night woe surprised by a note /rom Mrs. Hay. ."The stablemen compkiln that tho Entries will not let them toke tho ^Jkoraes oti^ even for wotcr and exer- Hmo, which has never been the case *efore," and Mrs. Hay begged that the '^irestrlction might be removed. Indeed, Maj. Flint would remove the sen- -Vy. ifouH assume all rcsponsibll- jtiff for lojBS or dama^. The men had 'Sifeen with Mr. Hay, she said, for six 4jeara and n&vej had been interfered i^rvith before, and they were 8en.sltlve fauztfand would quit work, they If tmfii^jfigia^/od. Th^tlftere be nobody to i take their place ^jtl^diVOfM^tg^r. • J "xiT pomt ol fact, >£rs. IIo]^ was pleading for tho very men against whom the other employes claimed to have warned her—these two half- breeds who had <lefied his sentries and Flint's anxieties materially Increased. It taxed all his st «iek of personal piety, and Klrengthciicd the belief ho waa beginning to harbor, that Mrs. Ilrty had sonu* use for the liorses at night— some s<>j<»irncra in the neighborhood with whom she must conmiunientCT and who could they be but Sioux? , Then Mistress MefJann, sound sleeper that she used to be. jleclared to the temporary post commander, as lie was, and temporary lodger as she con8ldere <l him, that tilings "waa • goin' on about tho post she'd never heard the likes of before, and that the meejor would never put up with a minute." When iMrs. Me (!ann said "the meejor" she meant not Flint, but his predecessor, 'riicre-was but one! major in her world— the one she treated like a minor. Hcing a soldier's wife, however, she knew the deference due to the commanding oilicej-, even though she did not elmose to show it, and when bidden to say her say. and tell what things "was goin' on," Jlis- tress McQann asservat*!tl, with the asperity of a woman who has had to pnt her buBband to be<l two niglits running, that the time had never l )een before that he was so drunk that ho didn't know his way home, and got into the back of thq bachelof' quarters Instead of his; own. "And to tldnk «)v his bein' projjped up at his own gate' by n lousyj frog-eatin' half Frinohinan, haf salvage!" Yet, when investigated, this piiovcd to be tlio cue, uud tho furUier question ui-os% wJicre did McGann get his whlsly'/ A faithful, loyal, devoted old servitor was MetJanu, yet Webl), as we have seen, hud ever to wnleh his whisky carefully, Iei>t tho Irishitian sluuild see it, and seeing taste, and tasting folL The store had orders from Mrs. McUann, countcrsignetl \jy Webb, to tho ctTect that her husband was never to have a drop. Flint was a teetotaler himself, and noted without a shadow of disapprobation that tlie decanters on the sideboard were both empty the \'CTy day he took possession, also that the cupboard was sccnrely locked. Mrs. McOann was sure her liege got no liquor there nor atjthe store, and bis confused - statement that it wu« given him by "fellers at the sta,bles," was treated with scorn, McGann then was still under martial surveillanco nnd official displeasure the day after Mrs. ^IcGann's revelations, with unexplained iniquities to answer for when his head had cleared ond his' legs resumed their functions. But by tiiat time other matters were brought to light that laid still further accusation at his door. With the consent of Dr. Waller* Lieut. Field had been allowed to send an attendant for his desk. There were letters, he said, he greatly wished to sec and answer, and Mrs. Bay had been so kind as to offer to act as his amanuensis. The attendant went wth the key and come-back with a scared face, ^mc- body.hc said, hud been there before him. ' They did not tell Field this at tho time. The doctor went at once with the messenger, nnd in tivc minutes had taken in the situation. Field 's rooms hod been entered and probably robbed. .There was only one otfa &r occupant of the desolate set that sp recently had rung to the mnsic: of so many glad young voices. Of the_^j garrison proper at Frayne all the cavalry oSiccrs except Wilklns were away at the front; all the infantry o/Ilcers, five in nnmber, were olao up along the Big Horn. Tho four who hod come with Flint were strangers to the poat, but Ilerron, who had been a classmate of Boss at the Pointi^ moved into his room and took the responsibility of introducing the contract doctor, who had come with them, into the quarters at the front of thO: house on tho second floor. These rooms had b^n left open and unlocked. There was nothing, said the lawful occupant, worth stealing, %vhich was probably true; biit Field had bolted, inlBide, the door of hji |ll sle ^ini^ roomi^loeke^ 'the halt doof ^ fit 1^ Uvteff 7:9019 and taken jhe kej^ w'lth Jimi when he rode wun Kay. The d.octor lyoked ovpr tTje. rooms a moment; then sent for Wiikins, tho quartermaatcr, who came in a hufE dt . being disturbed at lunch. Field had lieen ratlier i>ccnliar about his belongings. Ills uniforms always hung 'on certain pegs In the plain wooden. wajrdrobe. The drawers of. his bureau were gimcrally .arranged .like the clothes press of cadet days, as though for Inspection, but now poats, blouses,' dressingsack and Bmoking jackqt hung with pockets tiimcd inside out. or 'flung obout.vth^ bed and.Jloor. Trou.%ers-h^d becu. treated with like contempt. Tho bureau looked llko what sailors used to call o/'horrah's nest," and a. writing desk, b ^oss-bound nnd of solid make, that stood on a table by a front wn- dow, had been forcibly wrenched open nnd its contents were tossed about tho.flfior. A larger de.*>k—a wooden fleld desk—stood upon a trestle across, the room, and this, too, had In^en ransacked, Juat what .was missing only one man coidd tell. Juat how they entered waa patent to all—through a glazed window between the bedrOom and tho now uniLsed dining-room beyond. Juat who were tho.,.ioujBf-; breakers no man jjresent could ^y; but Mistress McOann that aftcraooh communicated her suspicion to her sore-hea<led spouse, and did It boldly and with the aid of a broomstick. "It's all along," she said, "uv your shtoopin' to dhrlnk wid them low­ lived salvages at Ilny's. Now, what d'ye know about this?" But McGann Mvorc piously he knew, nothing, bariin' that Pete and Crapaud had some good liquor one nighit r—<lear knows when it was, an' he'd helped 'em dhrlnk her liealth—"an* when 'twas gone, and more waa wanf-^ cd, sure I'etc said he'd taken a demi-, John to the lieutenant's, with Mr. Hay's compliments, the dny before ha left for the front, and sure ho couldn't have drunk all av it, and if the back dure was open Peto would inquire uni'how." That was! all Michael remembered or felt warranted in revealing, for stoutly he declared his and their innocence t >f having burglariously entered any premises li-t alone tho lieutenant's. "Sure they'd blto their own noses off fur him." said MIko, whieh impossible feat attested the full meastire of half-brucd devotion. Mis- tre.sHMc(!:innde(ri(lcd to make further investigation before snying anything t<^ anybody; but befure the dawn «)f anotln-r dny, matters took such shapo that fear of .sorrowful ^eonseqneriees. Involving even illehael. set a ban on her impulse to speak. Fl<-Id, it seems, had been at last induced to sleep some hours that evening, and it was nearly twelve when he avvoko nnd saw his desk on a table near the wn- dow. The attendant was nod<ling in an easy chair; and, just as the young officer determind to rousp him, Mrs. Dade, with the doctor, appeared on tiptoe at the doorway. Pi)r a few minutes they kept him infere ^ed ih letters and rei)orts concerning hia father's condition, the gravity of which, however, was still wthheld from him. Then there! were reports from Tongue River, brought in by courier, that had to be luliijlim. But ofter^a while he would ho longer be denied. He had demanded to see his desk apd his letters. At a sign from the doctor, tho attendant raised it from the table and bore it to the bed. "1 found things in Borao confusion in yoar quarters. Field," *ald Woller, by way of preparation, "and I probably haven't arranged tho letters as you would if you had had tlmei They were lying about loosely- But ho got no further. Field iad started up and was leaning on ono olbow. The other arm waa out- NEW CARPETS] Cheap Charley; i New BHdci North St. , ^ stretched. "\Vhat do you mean?" he cried. "The desk hasn't been opened?** ' Too evidently, however, it hod been, and in an instant Field had pulled a brass pin that held In place a llt,tle drawer. It poppo<l part way out, and ^vith' trembling hands he drew it forth—empty. • Before he could apeak Mrs. Dade Buddonly held ui> her hand in signal for silonce, her. face paling at tho, instant. Thcro was a rush of alipiJered f<9Ct through tho corridor, a hum of .OKdted • voices, mnd both ^Dr.' Waller imd the .attendant darted foe the door. Outsldo, in the faint etarlight> sound of comn^otion came from tho directipn of the guard hP^t9^<--of 8%vilt footfalls from' far across the parade, of tho-vitreous Jar ofwi'n- jdowa hastily raised.. T\sro or three Ughto popped suddenly into view along tho dark lino of ofilccra* quarters, ond Waller's voioo, with a ring ..o( authority iwusual to him, halted a running oorpornl of tho guard. '•What 1 B it?" demanded he. • "I dont know, sir" waa the sol* dler's answer. -There waa an awful scream from tho end of tho quorters —Ctipt. Ray's, sir." Then on ho went ogaln. And then camo 6ho orack^ crack of a olstol. CHAPl'ER XVIXI. The doctor started at tho heels o* the corporal,' but was distanced long before ho reached the: scenoi Tho sergeant of tho guord was hammering on tho .front door of Djako's quarters; but, bcforo tho summons was answered from within, Mrs. Bayi in long, loose wrapper, como hurrying fqrth from her own—tho adjoining— hallway. Her foco waa, white with dread. "It la I, Nonnia I^t ns in," sh<) cried, and tho door was opened by a terrified eepant, as the. doctor come paotlhg up the steps. Together ho and Mrs. Hay hurried In. "Kob- bcrsl"' gasped 4he servant girt— "Gone—^tho book woyi" and collapsed on tho stairs. Sergeant and corp(^ ral both toro around to the west sj^o and Out of tho rear gate. Not a sign of f ogitivea could they BOG , ond, ^vhat waa worse, not a sign of gentry. Num- .ber 6, of tho third i relief, ^ould at ^that. moment havo' been pacing the edge of tho blulT in rear of the northernmost quarters, and yet might^ be around toward tho flogstnft. "Pind Number S," wcro tho sergeont's orders! and' bock ho hurried to tho house, not knov^ing what to cxptxit. By that time others of tho guard had got thoro and tho offlcer-of-tho-day was coming—the clink of hia sword could be heard down tho road, and more •windows were uplifted and more voloes were begging for information, and then came Mra Dad^ brcathleea but calm. Within doors sho found tho doctor ministering to a stout female vrho seemed to have, gone oS In an improj- .vised swoon—Mrs. JBlako's Importedi cook. Up the stairs to hor own room ogaln, iirs, Blako woa beln^ led by Marlon-EBy'a'encircling arm. Thre« women were speedily closeted there^ for Mrs. Dade waa like an elder sl»>. ter to theso two sworn friends, ant^ not until Mrs. Oado and they were reody, did the. lady deecend tha stJalra and oomraunlcate thoftict^ to t3io. excited gathering In the- parlor, and they in turn to thoso on tho porch in front. By this time \PUht hlmaeif, with .the post quartormast6r |-wo3 .on hand, and all Fort Prayno seemed" to i^ousc, and Mrs. Qregg had ooino with Mrs. Wilklns;. and those .two hod ro> licvcd tho doctor of tho caro of the coolc, now talldng<J,.p»rtr ly throhghiierrovelationis, bat /maljB- ly through thomoro coherent-«tt»to- ments of Mrs. I>ado, were th«..^acts mado public, Margarjet, tl^ .,'cobk, had a- herself on the ground ftobr adjoining her kitchen. •Belie, the mold, had been given tiie second floor book in order to bo near to her young mistress. Blither,:tho Blakes' man-of-all-wo|rk—like McGfont a discharged • soldief—«lept • In ^tho basement at tho bock of the hoosoi - ond there was %e. found,- bUnlclng, wildered and otily *wl^ difflcnlty' onrascd from Btnpp* by lanrvathtol^ .•ergcont,^ The cook ^Ksioryi 'ilfi briei; waa that sho was awtAeno^^by itn. Slako^s rolce tttibcrdoor, and, ihtailc- ihg Bcllo\tvos Bltic gh^ jumped^ 1104 found Mris.J })akQ iQ'har wrtiypct; ^aHf lug wanvvhe,: Uarenret« >«ip st ^rs a moiDGnt .before. • '^eA^;)(^.>:,>Blatte, liritb her cQndle,.irent Intoithodlnliic^ rocaB ,-aiid< odt jnmpad ftjjB>»ft ta Us Btopklng foet from'ttie '-eiipiatii's den across the hall, and knocked ojrer :l€rs. BIske :aiid, the flight, and inacle f or. her, the cook; whereat shQ ^scteazned r MKI-J •lap^Qedr|h W -^4o <Mb.^ his fe<», and' '^t ^vas reaUy all il^ At Minn. Ml. Depot lola, IMs., Jtfne ib, J903. To the people of lola and Men Cotfnty; Tiie findersigned hismhet Company lias opened isp a yard on noijtli Jefferson avc|ia(se, adjoining the M. K. Sc T, depoi| where yo0 will find a complete stock on hani at all times. We ask fof a sfiare of yotff >tfade add hope to meHt the same by fair prices and good ah^Uttiat and see us and get prices before yo0 hisy. Yours Re^pec^tflly, tber Come ...SEe us FOR... 4. Rubber Tire Runabouts and Surreys, Fine 5urrdy and DHvIng Harness. Whips, Fly Nets, Dusters, Summer Goods and Lawn 3win^s. I WflSWAlL, KEfc & GO. |C.TY^^?ICE' No. 117, ^st Madisdn Ave; i; NOW FOR GOnF0|tT Dress Goods that are^good and beautiful, yet cool and; bi-eezy. That Is What you are iloolciifg for, the kind we are showing. PrHes ,the lowest. Do Not Forget Our GRob #Y DEPARTHENT. | No One Uad «rseli5 Us. . . , Dry Good^ SMs) (^oceries. Potteir Haa'moved frdm t|ie;stoiie barn on East Madi- .J son avenue to :.r- b ' . The star Barn on -West-street, -vy^here h$ will continue to buy J your borses and •mules (paying at all times the, i | highest marketpricei ' * Wi B. K ELLEY, • • fnUr e^olppod with tiasTr sM 4ra;s.^0fflealn Model Qro- KssldeBce Phone 17, no3e» Plumer J "I? J. M. JONES, -to-date Tailor, - ^ 1 telriferatars Ice Cream Freezers at :

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