Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 25, 1908 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1908
Page 3
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CHINESE WRITING. Kvtry Scrap of Every Kmd Is Held to Be Sacred. The Chinese hold every scrap of writing sncred, no matter what the characters express—the merest commercial message, advertisement, etc. Since Confucius used these chnrnctcrs t» teach his wisdom they are holy. In tbe average Chinese, eommuulty fttl letters and waste papers -ire hi hi away In n clenn receptacle to await the collector, who npiieitra sit regular Inter- vnls to transfer the waste pnpors to the sncrod furnace. If the papers wore burned by the Chinese 1 in tholr o\vn homes, tlio ashes of (lie Hiicred writings would mingle with the- ashes of wood and other fuel, nnd the allies of Chinese writing are as sacred ns the writing itself. i The ashes from the sacred fttrnnce are placed In sacks, tlio sacks arc conveyed by wagons to the sen and there, In a Mon War bunt, arc carried out where the tide runs swift and consigned to the waves. The Mon War boat belongs to tho Mon War Slier, which is a lodge with branches everywhere, organized and maintained for the purpose of paying reverence to the spirit of Confucius. The fnrnaee In the Chinatown which nearly every largo city In the United States harbors is generally a brick, ovenllko structure about live foet hhth. Opposite it on the wall there will usually he an inscription of: the ehunicter of the following: "The spirits of our ancestors are pleased that we keep sacred the writing of our country." The society of Mon War Slier (Club of the BcauHl'til Writing) Is made up in each case of Hie prominent denizens of Chinatown, who support It by voluntary contributions, which pay lliu salaries of the keeper and his assistant.—New York Tribune. A MERCHANT. He Used to Be One Engaged Exclusively In Foreign Commerce. Originally the term merchant was applied only to one who traded with foreign countries nnd who owned or chartered ships for that purpose- Chaucer's "Murchaunt:" He wolde the see were kepud for eny- thlnge Betwlxe Mlddulburgh and Orewelle. The merchant of Venice had "on the ocean" his "argosies with portly sail," and so had all the other merchants about whom poets or historians have written. So also In the Bible there Is no confusion about tbe meaning of the word. One passage alone will serve as an illustration, "She is like tbe merchants' shipa—she bringetb her food from 'afar" (Proverbs xxxi, 14). De Quincey. writing in the early part of the nineteenth century {"Autobiographic Sketches"), says: "My father was a merchant, not in the sense of Scotland, where it means a retail dealer—one, for Instance, who sells groceries in tlie cellar—but in the English sense, a sense rigorously exclusive—that is, he was a man engaged in foreign commerce nnd no other, therefore iu wholesale commerce and no other." But now it is no longer necessary to "plow the Spanish main" to give one this time honored title, for any one Who sells eggs by the dozen or flannel by the piece is at once put down as a merchant.—London Note's and Querlo.s. I Webster's Home Squadron. 1 A few days before his death Danlt-l Tvobster wished to leave his sirkronin once more to km!; upon Iho lilllc paradise which his taste had adorned nbnut his mansion. Drossm;: himself with tho utmost can. 1 , ho went through the house on tho arm of a servant and finally reached (he library. The night before there- \\'as a terrific 1 slnrm, and tlju grout statesman expressed solicitude for the safety of the fishermen off the coast. As lie looked from the window his eye. fell upon u number of pleasure boats which had l.'cen moored lo a little ni'Hiiid In fin- artificial pond in the rear of the house. "\Ycll," said lie, ''the home s'|Uinli' ( iii in safe 1 think 1 will g-> back.'' It \vas hi.i la -a phi.vful remark. He ne\vr left hhj room again. , ________ * _ Sensitive Plants. There are plants so sensitive tliat if Tvlion standing liy them yon should suddenly put up your umbrella or sunshade It Would he quite Silflieiellt to cause them instantly ID close together their leaflets and turn down tlii'Ir leaf KtalUs. just n.i if they were s'ur'leil aiid alarmed by the t!iDVe!i:e!il. I:;deed., on a sunny day when the leiiiMeniuuv is sufficiently n:g!i yo i n >ed;i';i; even so di-cl'led a nmViMient ; iiie.-i !y yiiir. 4 shadow ••'> ijin:.? i:i co:ii,|.-t wiili tliell 1 leaves V . !'l niiin cau:-'e them to fjil Mli.Lrhlly.- Strand Mat: ;xl:ie. I Dfglit !" all-i'.v i ny man l<:"-aii- p e lie has biuad !,i::iN i-> t't-e! tiiai he Is rich in my pr-'-en- e. I ou_''ji ID make him feel !ii.-it 1 can d'» xvirli-mt hin riches, that I .'"1111111! l.e l;:nmht IK'i- tlicr by romfoit. iieitlif-r by pridt'--:ind, although 1 !.e >it!'-rlv pcnnilc.-.s and receiving bread from him. that h>; is llie poor man In-side nu- Mmers'iii. Seeing the Alps. "I»ld you si-e tin- A ![f- '•" "Oh. >i-s. Onr car SruUe down I'l^ht Opposite tii. -MI. and. d>» ynii kmnv. I'm u!.'ii<*it gi;ld it did I l'":ind linn; •-<> and int •••!•»•-,: inx." -Kxclmngt.-. Clear, but Confusing. She— Oh. du::'t ^« tin-re on Saturday. It's so frightfudy I'l-uudeil. Nobody goes t % here i\*<£., - I'h]^;i^»-^iliia Inquirer. COVINA "A City Among the Orange Groves" abov'e were the words which fell from the lips of Gov. J. N. (illicit of California, when he visited recently this fair gem set in its semi-tropic surroundings, No words more lilting could have been chosen in describing Covina. the chief town of the far-fa-ced San Gabriel Valley. Every boulevard aiu'i driveway for miles in every direction is flunked with peerless groves, and the very atmosphere in the early springtime is laden with the perfume of the orange blossom and the trees laden with the golden ripe fruit. Along these firm, oiled driveways, ornamental vegetation of the common and rarer sorts grows in profusion, and withal are the lovely homes set in spacious grounds, where roses thrive in such varied richness tliat thev appear voluptuous even amidst indescribable floral wealth. Sublimely eminent over the landscape that blesses the eye from Covina is the majestic peak of San Antonio and those of lesser altitude, but none the less beautiful, of the Sierra Madre range, with their snow crowns shining and sparkling like jewels. Covina has no rival in Los Angeles county for beauty of situation. Enhanced by the markings of civilization, its scenic loveliness, viewed in broad perspective, is hardly surpassed anywhere. There is little danger of incuring any tourist's resentment by advising him to tarry at Covina for more than a casual glance aboat him. Many things he will treasure in memory are to be seen in and about the pretty burg. BIRDSKYE VIEW OF COVINA To the homesecker Covina extends a standing invitation. The right hand of hospitality is all w.iy-> exteuJi.l to ail worthy people to cast their lots with ours and enjoy the grandeur of mountain the perpetual gladness of vernal life, fruiting and flowering in perennial concert, an atmosphere blending the azotic of mountain tops with the tincture of the si a, the conveniences of civilization, and an opportunity of securing handsome returns for their labors in the cultivation of our groves. Covina was incorporated as a city in 1901, and at once took rank as one of the best governed cities of California, which position it holds steadfastly. Our popnlation is estimated at 2500. Covina is located twenty-one miles east of Los Angeles in the upper San Gabriel Valley. It is connected with Los Angeles and other points by the Southern Pacific railroad and the new line of the Pacific Electric, which furnishes hourly service, with a running time o^f 3S minutes, through many miles of the finest orange groves. The public schools of Covina are the pride of the people and the buildings are constructed after the most approved modern plan. la all respects they are up-to-date. Our high-school certificates arc accepted in the leading colleges and universities, East and West. Grammar school graduate* accredited in the high schools of California and all other states. The people of Covina are, emphatically, church-goers, and each of the six different churches arc well attended. The Methodist and Baptist denominations are both building new edifices to accommodate their respective congregations, which had outgrown their present church buildings. No saloons exist in the city, and those who desire to raise families amid good social and tnora environments find here an ideal community. Covina boasts of a beautiful Carnegie library, built is 1005, which is largely patronized. An especial feature of the institution is the children's reading room. In few O'liniirn -tit if -., eyn \\\ Si.u thci n I ';i ! i I -ii'n 1.1 , ran I In- r<: In- found ;\ people more uni venally i iiihucC u i :i- c: v ic jjr>l': li. . it .uv i;i> i i ! i/.cn -, o| (.ovina. '1 i,r i.oviiin ilou.c 'JY Icpliuiie I .oni|i.i n y oi C. •!-,.>)<:•> it i 'Mvii miiMmg a ml f urni.-.ii'- •> .1 coim/lclc and i-llicicnt -,<•{•,' \< <-. ~ i i<-,i i i ocr-> have the u-.e o! over ••*)>') |>h'Hici, iiic.udiii;; free c- ; <i iiccti'.n.-, with tip- tov.n-, of /i/.-.-a, 1,1' inioi.i, I. an I): :!.;•. -,. '.h.ulcr O;;k. If.viitdalc and 1'uen'*'. '1 '!)•: ( < , •/ i n,i (,;,-, I'.oiiipii ny, -i!v, a local in -.1 ii n< ion, I n rn i -.he -, ;• a •- lor Ijotli fuel and illumination. The Sin <, a or 1-1 Li ^ ht and f'o.v.-r . loin puny I n t n, -...•• -. lu;hl for Covina priv-itc home-) ill. (I .->tlcct->, '/.in n .ll'e '.veil limited ny a complete -,y item ot II, '.MX i -i'-|;t iijMlt-.. 'i lir I oVJIl.t Landiiiid U'at- : r Ooin ..a ny , ( ontr.;llcd hy II. K. 1 In nil n>.; ton, . r ur;i i •.:,<• , I i,i > i ' / vv i th a . pn i <• •/, .: If i .-.n ppl y under excellent pie We ha ve I '.•/., national a nd t wo .-.,> vi IH; -, IM i V. .. < >'ir ->i ores .1 re of hi;;li ,id'-r and all leading lines of tjii^ine--. art: n presented. '1 he Vendoim- i-> ;.i In -.' cl.m-> i ountry hotel. Our club., arc of a *o:;ial, liter iry and tnn-.ical natme. 'f'iie Mon.:.i> afti-rnoon (.luh, a l.idie.-,' literary, fe.flerate'l organization, owning a ha nd.-,' .me- clu !> -lion -,<: on the < .,; in-r or ( itrn-, avenue and I'ciitcT ,-»treet; the Kortn ufhtl y , a );> nt li.-inan'.-. literary c.lul/; tin- Amphioi,, ,i mn.-,i< al orj;;i ni/at ion ; ,ni'l the Covina Count ry n.ib, <:<j iippi:d with a MUtaMc and Miildin;;; Hie San Oal>ric| Valley Auto ( lub with it--> ',ixty-»i:vr.n auto-, make .frfjiient delightful run-, ov ( the line roadway:-..; and the Covina Valley Farmer.-/ l.lub, devoted to horticuluu ai and pnhlic n.i. re ,i ... (.ovina ha., also it, lull qu</ta oi fi'dtt-inal 01 ,-;i nixation •>. Covina rau«>, a-, thn: h: itiing Ki'angt: <:i-.lri<.t of LO-. A ngeht., (.on ul y. i'.if v< n < omplelcl y cij i.; pjje/l packing ii<jii.-,e n ar.- i <-- t :ir>-d lu \in-\ lor mu : k'.-t Hie thi,u-.a n '.'.-. of < ai ', oa.i . of o, -a r;;' - v.-'nii h ar> .-.i,i|j- jji-d from thir. point annually lo the ea-.ti.-rn n:arki:t.->. In ai.nuai nhipine nl .•> (.'-vina rank-, lii-,1 in Lo., y\ng«:lt--» county am! ihinl in the v, orld. The raiding of !ei!i^ IIH i -, aUo.i 1'adiiig indiihtt y. Jie,ides - Boradent Tooth Paste ditTers from all others. It contains no grir or substance that will injure the enamel of the teeth and positively neiit:rali/,es all itciil secretions of the mouth. Alkaline—antiseptic --beneficial. At «H drnmiili, 25 etafi Tror Pliirm«e«t Financial Representative Wanted. A Los Angeles Corporation pursue i»K an exceedingly nafc and profitable bus-iness, desires a local representative of standing 1 and anility to act as its representative in securing subscriptions for its capital stock, payable at one time, or in monthly payments. Not only will liberal commissions be paid, but successful men will soon secure salaried positions. Address or call upon IlKNKY M. McDONALD, Pres. 100 Security Building, Los Angi.'lc.s,C<il. ''''"' - v °" r property, real estate and business cliances, anytliing salable. Someone, somewhere wants it at ymir price. \Ve have the buyer or can quickly lind liim. We also want to hear from inventor*. We can help them market their |\I VFlVTiniX!^ valuable, practical I PI V Cll I lUllO Write us today. 1,OS ANtJKLKS INVKNTION AND INVKSTMKNT CO. •151-2 Pacific Klectric Illdg., Dept. C., Los Angeles FOR SA.LB Good Orange Land Unimproved, m-ar Covina, also orange gTovcs, ,\ 5 and 10 acres, close in, on electric road, suitable for subdivision. J. H. MATTHEWS CO. Sole Agents, Covina Barn Phone 240 Res. Phone 108 CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. Feed and Sale Yards in Connection Fast and Gentle Horses, Careful Drivers Stylish Ri^s W.. Badillo St., on the new electric line. COVINA, KERCKHOFF^CUZNER • Mill and Lumber Co, Phones: Ifoini: MS; Sunset 253 COVINA, CAL. ii J. W. KLEERER I 'i opt ictnr nf the COVINA LiVERY STABLES Home I'iioiie '.D. ('.ovina, t'ai. i POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY If you want the HKST VVOKK at the MOST KKASON A 111 ,K J'KICKS ^ive us a trial. T V.'KNT Y YKAK'S 1 cxperienc,e has taught us the CJIKA I'lV-i'l' and I !!•',••>'!' wa y lo do your Ian ndry, With lir->l-cla~,rt cijiiipmcnl i"ir work and our nielliods aiv nanitary ami np-lc-dale. Leave Your Bundles at Rich's or phone him and the wuj;on will ' all anywhere in < 'ovina or vicinity. l.oK'liKKiV I1K'()S ar/u i.-da nee. cur ciirun prod u •,'-.. <lei;idii'/u » f ruit.-> ai d herrii-^ ol >• ,< i , kind arc j/ro-vn in a •. ;.;rowu on lunits.-,oulhv,enl ol t/ie <.it> alno forui u li.-.i'ling boun.c of A j.;n<.ulturai und grain •. ;.; I. < . '1 ilffllHS, WARRffi & It Orange (iroves, Walnut Orchards, Alfalfa and Walnut Lands. Covifirt and ISaldwin Park Lots Selling Agents h J. ( Lucky)-Baldwin's Lands i li Office I'.n k (OVINA, CAh.

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