Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 26, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1889
Page 3
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Iv, <• w. -f—S /^ — ' ., "-._-• -/ >, J -0, t * j* j~* V r h ' * Evening Gazette. THB BVBOTHa QAZBTTB oan be n»d »t»U the newiitands. PrlooTWO OBITW. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. . Tonight. Conclave of Sterling Corn- No. 57, K. T. Templar Special mandery, work. . ' ' —Charles Snyder ia quite sick. —Lewis D, Wy na is quite sick..,,,.,.., —L. E; Brookfield is home from the east,- * ' -Torn P. JJpwman baa returned to Omaha. ";'. ""• ~: —Mrs. J. F. Ward haa returned from Georgetown, Colo. —Mrs. Henry Walzer'.'has gone to Danbury, Iowa, on a visit. —Martin Mee, of Qlodbrook, Iowa, la visiting bis son, John Mae. —Herbert Tuttle and wife, of Morrison, are visitln g In this cit y. ^ large number of persons are planning to erect dwellings next spring —Matt. Willger is again chief clerk atKimbro's after a vacation of severa weeks. —Mrs.P.J.Gottaman, of Morrison was guest of Mra. F. C. Woodruff yes terday. —Merchants, talk up the next bora — It is time to boom up jthe horse mnrkpt ap-fiiri The farmers have completed the busiest part of their year's work, nnr! will now have horses to sf.ll and leisure time to attend MIH market wills them. This ia about the time of the year when Use demand for I'irses increases in the large cities. Che horse market association will no ,lfy the buyers, BO that farmers can Ind a market for thflir animals. We understand that the majority of farmers are in favor of continuing the rrur- iet days, as they are beneficial, BO that there will no doubt be a big crowd here on the next sale d.iy, Wednesday, Oct. 2nd. Farmers, come one and all with your horses. —The Deestriek Skule was given with much more spirit last night than on Tuesday night. There were several changes in the program, and the audience of three hundred seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. The total receipts of both nights amonnted to about 8400, which, after the expenses are paid, leave two handsome Bums of money for the library, and the Wednesday club. The local hits were better given and appreciated last night. Verdant Gooseberry (J. F. Barrett) gave a revised version of Caslbianca, a take off on the Sterling post office officials and letter carriers, and the desire of throe P O candidates to aee P. M. McCune's term expire, and Veruant waa loudly encored. —The W. C. T. U. convention for tha 7th district, began its session yesterday at Morriaon. The devotional exercises were conducted by Eev. Miss Moreland. 'Mra. Mingle, of Amboy, presided. The following committee on credentials and enrollment were ap —Mrs. Wm. Yan!>r*w itm! two other l:idi.'3 were thrown from a top bugjiy inn collision with anoUif-r ImRfry on :', I M.n-ft. near UIR burial csw lucfory. last evening about seven oYlocK. Mrs V r iin Drfi^austraneil b:ui bnihf-s ntid the breaking of tha right kn»o^ c»p. The ottipr ladles were slightly injured. The buu/?y they had was damaged considerably. __ SSorc I'eiiBinn tin<l Bounty. A gentleman representing the War Claim Attorneys, Milo B. Stevens & Co., will bo at the 0 alt House, thia city, on Friday Sept. 27, day and evening and at the IMxon UOURO, Dixon, on the following' day and evening, to receive claims for pension, increase of pension. bounty, etc., which interested parties may desire to have prosecuted by said *C7 t"> uttoraeya. __ •>""' Times are hard and money is close, therefore I sell all my boots and shoes lower than ever before. Call and aee. P. J. Unfcel. ot t3 & w 17 Pan Is from 85 to .*M-t at ter'.-i. Just, received an elegant Sine of cliil- puits. Ottingcr's Povtb- 87 t'i le Front Clothing House; !•;, W. Uiossom h'4.-= t!ikf-n the of tiie "I. C-" br;uui Eye. (jlnssefl. Ttn-sfi np are dif- Read Ad. QMcCallister has all kinds of fall over- coatings. 8 " 1 ' Go to Hose for boots. <H-tf Gloves arid milieus till rest, Oettinger's ing House. Double you c;m't Front Cloth- 87 l ° _____ _ _ Kersey overcoatg at McCallister's. 87 17 fcrr-nt, from onlitiary jr)<i!-,^'.', in that th« l^nflp.i arts ground from a T<ri"!i<-ii Tinti-d Cryxifii that shuts out the chemical snil In-fit rays of light, making them very soothing to th«? eyes. He sure r.nrl try them. s«e that tuat trade mark "I. o." is OH every lens. 70-.Kt'v Penny per do?., fit the Fair posite AVallaco House. Hose makes all of his boots. 01-tf Home made bed comfortables at J. K. Chester's. Fall and winter suitings at McCal- llster's. 87 17 pointed: Mra. Zeigler. of Jordan, Mrs. Brewer, of Dlxon, and Mra Terwilliger, of Fulton. Eeporta of the differ- nt'departments of temperance work were given, showing increased work among the members. At the close of ,he .business session, an Interesting experience meeting was held, after which the convention adjourned unti evening. The evening session wa made up with a platformi meeting, filled with short addresses, and music by a choirof young people. —Engineer Prlester, who was injured in the C. & N. W. wreck Monday at Flagg, died Tuesday morning. Ills in • jury was found to be more serious than was at first supposed, being internal. He had barely time to spring from his engine when it crashed into the passenger train, '.and striking on his head and shoulders the jar was too much for his constitution. Had he remained at hla station hla death would have been cer tain, aa the cab waa. shattered to splint- Htylea. Mrs. Gennie W. Elliott has just returned from Chicago with a large stock of dear delights in millinery. Call and see the fine pattern hats, magnificent ribbons in all shades', and other stylish novelties. '- _ 8 °- to The best '.school shoes to keep the feet dry and warm, you find at P. J. Unkcl's. Olta&w Zero! Zerol Imperial Aladdin is the Dnest range in the market. It can be found at Crawford Bros, _ __ W 10 John Harpham haa received his full stock of fall and winter robea and horse blankets and they will be sold very low for cash. Also harness of all kinds. d&w Miss R. A. Carter has returned from Chicago, where she purchased a full stock of tall and winter millinery. Ladies, call and aee this eleganti stock. Call at E. W. Blossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. lO-d&w _..... Mrs.P. C. Woortrnft ---... Invites the ladies to call and BOO the latest in millinery. She has a designer and trimmer from Fifth Avenue, New York City. No trouble to show goods. 01 to at L. L. 9113 Mr, Geo.Pflsterer, baker of Mr. C. Kiseie, has leased the building now occupied by G. Gassman on 3rd street, where hia wife, with his assistance, will run a first class restaurant. Mr. Pfister remains with Mr. C. Eisele, to satisfy all his friends in the line of baking. Take possession third of October. 88-t6 ' _ French Kip boots 84 a pair made to order at Rose's. 01-tf Large black hats for children, very stylish, can be found at Mrs. Gennie W. Elliott's, 80-to In order to reduce stock will make special low pricea for the next 60 days on dry goods, notions, gloves and hoisery etc. Remember this ia a bona Bed offer. Am forced to sell the goods to meet my obligations. 88-W w-l J- Lendman 1 Veal calf boots 33.50 at Rose's. Oil " Keep Cool. A complete line of stoves both cook and heaters, is to be found at Craw ford Bros, them. Store, op- M-t'l I am showing a large assortment, both for ladies and gentlemen, in standard cases of gold and silver with unique designs of engraving. Parties wanting a reliable time piece will find ; to their interest to Inspect my stock, ^he movements are'of the best Amerian manufacture, including Rockford, Elgin, Waltham, etc. The low prices 1 have been giving in the past still con- intie. I offer no cheap trash, but, re- ative to price, everything ia the best in ta line. E. W. BLOSSOM, No. 15, East Third St. SEAL .1 •H "; Step in and take a look at OOtO Home-thing; Bile*. '_' If you waut to inake money read my "ad" in tuT -'WEEKLY- (UZF.TTE and Standard.. GEO. W. CHAMBELIN. Chlcngo Exposition. The Chicago & North-Western Railway will, on stated dates, sell tickets to Chicago and return on account of the Exposition, which opens September 4th, and closes October 10th, at rate of one fare for the round trip, with 25 cents added for admission ticket. For tickets and full Information apply to Agents Chicago & North-western Railway Company. 37-13 Bids for Sidewalk. The committee on streets and alleys will receive bids .to build a Trinidad Asphalt walk on Firat avenue accord ing to ordinance passt d by city coun ell for that purpose. Plans and speci Qcations can be seen at office of Clt; Superintendent of Streets. Bids must be in by six o'clock, p. m., Sept. 28th 1880 Com. on Streets and Alleys. 87 tO Choice potatoes still Johnson's. 25c horse market, Oct. 2nd,.with your customers. • —Wm. Boehner has gone to Chicago for a few days. He expects to be back on Saturday. -An addition to the Elgin insane asylum, large enough to hold 300 patients, will soon b» made. —Mrs. John Grove, of Chambersburg, Pa is visiting her sons here, Mike C. and John."". Her son Murray and wife are also here. —The Forester's ;gave an invitation dance in Wallace Opera House last evening and bad a large attendance and a jolly time. —The Dlxon Telegraph claims that over $400,000, not Including the condensed milk factory, has bean expended era, and the iron work bent and twisted in a hundred different shapes. The news agent, who occupied a seat in the smoker, which waa telescoped, was in- jared more severely than was reported, the flesh being torn from hia lower extremities in a frightful manner. He will recover, but may lose a foot. —Last evening at the home of Mr. Samuel Landia, two mllea north of this city, on the Freeport road, the wedding of bia daughter Agnes and Mr. Fred Miller, of Jordan, waa solemnized. Rev. E. Brown, of this city, officiated, the ceremony taking place at 8:30 o'clock in the presence of numerous friends and relatives. The bride was attended by Mlus Harriet Beamsderfer and the groom by Geo. F. Landis. After the marriage, admiration of the handsome presents, partaking of the bounteous supper and sociability oo- uouo™ -.— - - oupied the time until departure, when in buildings and other improvementB a n W i fl hed the couple unbounded hap. in Dlxon during the past year. pinesa and prosperity. Fred Miller is _At Morrison on October 4, at 7:80 the son of Becker Miller, who. recently D m will begin the nnnual meeting of removed here from Jordan. He is an the Rolk River Association of the U»- enterprising young agricu turallat, and church. The meeting will his bride is a fine young lady. They --- ' w m reside in Jordan. —Master Frankie Jones the, popular Call and see the lovely patterns in bonnets and hats fresh from the city Styles are "beautiful. Theaehave been selected with great care; knowing our patrons so well w« are determined to FREY & DAVIS. Tips. French heads, in black and colors, at Frey & Davis*. _ . • 89-16 . See our daisy line of fall hats. Oet- tinser'a Double Front Clothing House 87 to PEOPLE'S COLUMN •DTTTftTT JL AND CLOTH in every'style. NEW- w>-We will Insert three lines In thla nmn one time lor 10 eenta, or for iO cents a wee-It. Ksch additional line will be 6 cents a single Insertion, or 15 cents a week. WANTKO. 80-t4 Crawford Bros. Have on their floors some of the best stoves in the market, both cooks and heaters. They are open for inspection. OOW "Stovepipe, atove boards, coal hods, etc., at L. L Johnson's. ..0113 Where Did You Get It* Why!.that beautiful hat came from Mra. V. C. Woodruff's. Ol.tO Have you seen the brand new delivery wagon of Frey & Whitebread's? It is certainly one of 'the most complete wagons for carrying pianos and organs, in Sterling, and their new store Is fitted up equal, if not better, than any of the kind in our little city. 80-tO Good stock of light and heavy gloves and mittens at L. L. Johnson's. 91 13 Ladies, call and see the beautiful feathers, in black and all Frey & Davis'. 8010 Nobby suitings at McCallister's. 8717 Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. >roughly competent Apply at D. W. VV - 90-tf W ANTKD^Good bouses to rent. F."W.Wal- zer, Ilooin 4, Academy ot Music. 89-tl) W ANTED-Immedlately—kltohon girl. Apply ut Boyntou house. 87-tl W ANTED-Wild crapes, by Dr. Frank Anthony. Callatolllce. jj3-tH8-t3 Our immense stock of- fall and winter clothing is ready for your inspection. Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 87 tO 87 t7 Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. continue on the 6th and 6th, —A horis* jockey named Ary, from Ohio station, waa Incarcerated in the olty prison last night, and fined $3 and •oats by Magistrate Goltman this morning. A man named James Casey, from abroad, was Qned|yesterday. —Mrs. G. W. Morrlll and daughter, of New York, who have been visiting Mrs. O. M. Patterson, left this morning for the east. Mrs. Raleigh, of Clinton, who has been visiting lier, has gone to Rochelle. —The Lee county board of supervisors, at its last meeting, authorized the .. . _jjiii.i*_ «. A frlin »\/\rf.n V&O» *" Aina »*•»*«» —- — —• »' . erection of au addition to the north end of the county poor-house, 28 by 80 feet, two stories high, to. contain 14 cells and to be used for the accommodation of insane inmates, of which thefe are atjpresent 17. —Aldermaa Conloa loves to tell a joke on himself as well aa on anybody 9lse. His recent exploit was to wear a ruffled night shirt a whole day, he having put it on by mistake oue morning when he was in a hurry to reach his place of business at an early hour. The ruffles about his neck made his easterners think he had adopted a new I style of Anglo-maniac garment. -The county Qf LaBalle is bankrupt. The Board of Supervisors made a reduction young artist who is to appear at the Academy of Music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of next week will ba remembered as the boy actor who appeared here two years ago with •'Renthrows Pathfinders." He will present Disowned, The Sea Waif, and Carl the Outcast, which were written especially for him, 'and are produced with special scenery, mechanical and spectacular effects In one of these plays a tank about thirty feet lon'g, thirteen feet wide and three feet deep is used, and real boats pass to and fro over the water. The boat used by Master Jones Was recently presented to him by *»e Racine Boat Club. The above mentioned entertainment ia also advertised to appear at the Wallace Opera House on the same dates mentioned above. Mr. John P. Lawrie Informed a report Owing to a change of management for Master Frankie Jones, I was unaware that we were expected to play at the Opera |House, as the only contract turned over to me by the former manager was for the Academy of Music, where we will be pleased to meet the people of Sterling on Oct. 3.4 and 6, with Saturday matinee. This Co. does not play at 10, 20 and 30 eta but plays only the best houses and at standard prices and guarantees satisfaction or money refunded. We have consented to appear here at reduced prices. 25 and 35, children 15c. We carry a carload of beautiful scenery and a Co. of fourteen people. We do not give away free tickets, but will present the first one hundred purcbas- - . _._j _-«*. +trtb-ata ttrlKh A Ift- era of reserved seat tickets with dy's ticket-good only for the opening ' . . 1T«.-.^n TlMllv Pants goods at MoCalllster's. Beautiful hats for misses, girlish and pretty at Frey & Davis. »0t4 Tips. French heads in black and colors, at Frey & Davla'. • 89 to " Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend to city and country sales on short notice.. Can leave orders at A. K. Hendrick's Drug Store or at my residence on 13th avenue north of 4th st. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. 78-37tf D. H. MKYERS, Auct. Fall and WMtter Overcoats. My stock of fall and winter overcoats is ihe largest ever brought to this city and I will make theru.up at a very low rate 'of prices,' 87 to Auo. FRANK. Black tips, in every style, at Frey & Davis'. 80 tU Cold Weather. Crawford Bros, are selling the Palace Call and see 0016 ^OB 8ALE-A Phcaton buKKy, cash. J. 1. Fierce, Bock Falls. cheap, for 90-tO* F OB 8ALE-A desirable residence lot InRook Kails. Will take good horse In part payment. J. P. Scott. Kock Falls. III. »0-t6* F OB 8AI-K—Good Iowa, land, stock ol goods. Nebraska Kansas uuuo. Business t laces for CMhanRe." Frank W. Walzer. Academy of Music, Koom-4 TnORBALE-A bargain In three Jb deuces In 4th ward. Inquire of I. flne resl- I. Bush. 61-U FOK 8A.M5 OB TKAOB. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. F OR SALE OR TRADE—A fine second-hand .-arrlaKeT single or doubla seat, or exchange lor a gSSdroad horse. Inquire of br. Uordo^- BKNT. Only w cents for 3 lines under this Heading. KETS, T-A good barn, at 205'WeifTOrd Come in and see, "We charge no fee. night. Aladdin hard coal stove. auewu » the tax Itny of from. 46 cents to 80 cents, and heralded the fact far and wide over the county as a good thing. Now they are about »25.- boo behind, and will have to leaue bonds to make up the deficiency, aod pay in- }j\.L • M ViilA •*• • **** " T "•" ™ " er that early in the summer he made a written contract with Mr. M. E. Rice, at that time manager, to play ia the Opera House on the above named dates, aad that if he waa unable to do so, he could cancel by giving a weeks notice as good and sufficient reasons. Mr. Lawrie says he has recently received notice cancelling the engagement at the Wallace Opera House, but the reasons given are not satisfactory; hence he does not accept the breaking of the engagement, and expects the company to live up to the agreement made by Mr Bice. Mr. Hamilton, advance agent for the Frankie Jones Co., says he haa instructions to come to Sterling Yours Truly, GEO. H. HAMILTON, Man'gr. Frankie Jones Co, Beautiful caps for children; also, other novelties for the little, folka. at. Mrs. Gennie W. Elliott's. 89-tO Black tips, in every style, at Frey & Davis'. ____________ 8 °" t6 Hlbbnrd'B Hheumntie Syrup. There is certainly something remarkable in thia preparation, as it Is meeting with a success never attained by any other medicine. It never falls, if used as directed. For over twenty years I have been a great sufferer from the effects of a diseased stomach, and for three years past have been unable to do business. Two years ago my case waa pronounced in- It. toreat on the amount. —The "Merchants* KalsWacope" or Eutertainmeut" to be iu j v**uu »i *™ r curableT I visited different water cures and climatea, all to no purpose. Last June I began using Hlbbard'a Kheu- matic Syrup (prepared by Rheumatic Fall and 'Winter Suits. I am now ready to make up fall and winter suits at prices that are very low for the quality of the goods. 87 to AUG. FRANK. Coffees are high and advancing but you can buy a good Rio for 25 cents, choice 30 cents and choice old government Java for 35 cts. or 31l>3 for 81.00. L. L. Johnson. ' 87 - tf Ladies, call and see the beautiful feathers, In black and all Frey & Davis'. 69-t6 It Is Cold. I have now received a full stock of fall and winter goods, which I am prepared to make up in the latest style and at reasonable figures. Aa I carry F OB BENT-Dweltln« bouse, sultable ^ or two families, five blockjtrom I'.O., with 5 acres of ground. Apply BOB First Ave, mb ln» ,J by Ihurcli, Dulutb, Minn. ower and room for manuf actor n the bulMlng formerly oecu- pted'by ^ChK^frMte-Sonr-Addre 88 B..O Sl)-U The largest and richest display we have j ever shown. TTIINANClAL-Money to>oan-»l.600 at 0 per Jb cent., on farm security. I. I- »u»n. HOOK Falls. a ™ ve .if en shortly by the Chttotiw church o* this city is betag carefully pwpmwd. 1 »** 6Y*otai ov« W yoivag people met IfotirWta K. B. 0«!*ord'» to&ll Jli. lit) litOvl AUtJ «*•*"•"*"*"* and advertise the company to appear at the Academy of Music and that they will Play there. Ha says he did not know there waa a previous contract with the manager* of the Wallace Opera House, and if there waa, he supposed a notice which was recently pub- iisheU ia tha Clipper,»theatrical jour- n») cabwM all swntrMta ro&de by Mr. , we«W Maul nothing but the beat class of goods in my Hue I will guarantee to please you both In quality and price. Cull In and , UQ v-^.-r „--,---- - , see if what I say is not true. Syrup Co., Jackson, Mich.,) and at once JACOB EISEUE, Merchant Tailor. w * " * . •_ .. -» % .. .. J *l,4« 1 o"T irt began to f eal better. I have used thirteen bottles and am a well man. EIIWAHD BAKEH, Master Mechanic acd Blacksmith, 202 Jackson Street, Jackson, Mich. Uhs ~ Bheot That Straw Mat purchase one of those blcgant tti*t you will t\nd at Ki«w. Naw 8lyi«, a »d th»J !! euraly MUle«l«c*illo Cheaper thau evwr, and feed coming down, at Lswis Beituel's Feed store. 6746 MARK O.andO.TEA Tie Chokest Tea Ever Offered. ABSOLUTELY PURE. A MOST DEUCUOD8 BEVEUiOK. TRY IT. Ten via M«I «» »r eti«. ftuilt/ wnt »«!» Bi*tt»T. all »Jul c« a-ra . I have aow my full stock of goods, which I will taafc* up at tost will suit everybody. fall jaica! la u Oriontal H.. HU P. S.-Our plxish gar; meats are ail wanu&tea, They'll wear WJce osJr, These Ocdtotal Tea Co., r Slif, »*» I***.

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