Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1912
Page 7
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"NOW 1 KNOW WHY A POET ALWAYS LOOKS SAD/' SAYS FELIX TOIFINK. V#E MUSTTAkB TM«r POCM IH -TO THE EDITOR; WGWLYffARS PHK-JtBOOSWm W \5T5 Art) ALSO PEEK-ArBOO HOSE. |riQiai ]niESAR£rK!REHGCf'mm{ttiinEiK>$ AHO THCVimO ODES RIGHT THROUGH V«HtH IT BV ,0 >N&- WANTS-ALL KINDS WANTKD—POSITION HY COMHK- tcnt 8t«'nograit!ipr of sovon ycirs" experience. Adilross E. N., G14 S. Walnut St., Tola, Kan. FORM LOANS WANTED—I AM prepared to take care of Farm Loans large or small, at tlje lowest rate to be obtained anywhere. Privilege to pay any amount at any Interest paying time. See me and get terms and rate, be/ore placing your loan. R. L. Thompson. Over Evans Drug Store. WANTED—MEN TO LEARN BAR- ber trade. An army of our graduates running shops depending upon us for barbers. Many jobs waiting. Can't bo had elsewhere. Write today. Molcr Barber College. Kansas City, Mo. Term unlimited. WANTS-ALL KINDS WANTED—MAN AND WOMAN FOR gon«M-nl Pennsylvania Ilotol. WANTED—NURSING TO DO; N. Buckeye. 512 WANTED TO lirV- FIVE OR SIX room house, close in: it must be worth the money. Phone 360. W.ANT 4 Y0U TO KNOW ABOUT the finest fruit and farming section in Florida. Address H. G. Gates, Arcadia. Florida. P. O. Box 20. WANTED—POSITION AS NURSE for in\Tilid. Address "H" care Register. WANTED AT lOLA—P/PE LINE teams. $4.00 to $rvOO a day. C. C. Luccock. Phone 194. WANTED—SEWING TO DO AT home. Call at 3Vi South Jefferson. Room 6. WANTED—TO BUV FIVE OR SIN room house to move in or 1 J :I- Hnrpe. Address, Box .'.2, Mildred.; WANTED —CHAMBERMAID ' AND dining room girl. Pennsylvania llotqi. FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR RENT—12 ROOM HOUSE close in, suitable for rooming, or boanlinp. Whitaker & Donnell. FOR SALE—ALL KINDS OF FEED at the East lola Feed Store. Phone SST. FOR SALE—FOR SALE I FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—FOR SALE fir ^f ^«t '"^'1Lk.?niL^'^tnmk "^'m.lti FOR SALK-ABOUT T", ACRES. ; FOR SALE-WHITE NANNY GOAT S^es ^M\oS^Zn h !XS Bon- -fo from lola on rock road;" part un-! wagon and harness. U,ute il. ncll. U N. .U'fferson. Phone 1290. ;der iilow; a special snap for «iulck turn at $22..">0 per acre. It will go KXCIl \NGE—ONE |^°°"- ^'"^ ^"'^ uood'i.'orVlluni.UuVrjusV^wh^^ ! Cau'.in The Allen County'Investn.ent want. Will sell for cash or good notes ] Co.. lola. Kan. Kclley Hotel Block. have you to offer. Call on The Allen c-.r nKw -nt M« - I- \C rv County Investment Co. Kclley Hotel' tOR KALK-ONK OLDS t.Ab K.\- PKrn.vD HAvn HOUSEHOLD j,'0ods for :=a!e ciicap at .lOl S. Walnut. or trade for lola property or in any j other town nearby or for land. What Block. lola. Kansas. STOVE WOOD FOR SALE »2.25 a cord delivered. Phone 91)7-22. J. H. Frischenmeyer or R. D. Horville. Phone 474-.I. FOR SALE—R U G S. FURNITURE Stoves. Big stock. Cash or payments. Ed Hcnninger, West Madison. RELIABLE FIRE INSURANCE—IN renewing your insurance, place some ofit with me. T will see that your interests are safely guarded, hy writing you in a first class company. BP- sldcs. we need the business and will appreciate your patron.ige. K. I.^ Thompson. Phone 142. Over Evans Drug Store. —— 1 FOR SALE—GOOD SOUND ASFOR SALE .\T ONCE—TWO HOUS- Uorted. hand picked winter apples, at 's in lola either with or without lots. I orchard. Harry Boeken, Moran, 'hone 961-2. | Kan.'as. l.aHarne Phone 7ti4. Phone I Kan.'as. l.aHarpe Phone FOR SALE—SIX MALE COLLIES, four months old: $5.00 each. S. C. FOR SALE CHEAP—ALL KINDS nf j^hotfnms. revolvers and- rifles., io„r niontiis am: 'ninks. handbags and watches. Above I Qg^dnpr. ijiHarpe. aviiflps have been pawned and are un-1__ — ifileemcd, therefore I Cm sell thoin i cheap. Big\is Pawn Shop. In fruit; FOR SALE-C H O I C E MILCH store. Phone 293. cows. Phone 603. Otto Illnzc, lola. FOR SALE—UNREDEEMED SUIT ! FOR RENT—NICELY FURNISHED \c r I room for gentleman. 402 E. Madison. cases. You cant Icll them from new. i - • From $l.i>0 up. .\1I kinds of handbag and trunks. BtgiiN Pawn Shop ,ia fruit store. FOR SALE—4IH) BUSHELS WIN- ter apples. Northeast corner sduare. FOR SALE—201) HOMER AND CAR- heau\ piReons. Fine thoroughbreds. Quarters crowded. Bargains if tak- on at once. Miss Grace .Acers, lola PiKconry. 24 .\cers Park. FOR KENT—THOROUGHLY MOD- t;rn oiplit rncui house, one block from s<iu:iie. PUuc Ri-alty Co. FOR ISK.NT—FOUR ROOM MOD- ern house; pived street. Sec M. L. Decker. 211 N. Sycamore. FOR RK.NT—FURNISHED RES- faurant and rooms; 21S South street. Phone 1220. FOR SALE—HOI^TEIN BULL,! RENT—THREE NICE ROOMS year old. Inquire Vi mile north lola j "L"> S. Wa.siilnston. Portland or William ("ooptr. Ba«sett. I ! FOR R.K.NT OK SALE—FImNISH- l ed rnstaurant and rooms; 21S South FOR SALE—LARGE BOOK CASE, f St ret:. Phone 1220. glass double doors. Also two counter i tabli's, one 10 ft. .ind one 16 ft long. Plione Ml.".. F. M. Thonijison. • LOST AND FOUND. LOST—GOLD BAR PIN. to Register office. RETURN LOST—BUNCH OF KEYS SO.ME- whcre around square. Please return to the Register office. Otto HInze. Professional Directoiy. ^ • DB. C JL BUSS. • DenUat * fixtractloQ without pain by th* • use of Nitrous Oxide GM . Boom >!>. 1 Kortbnip BMB. Phones—Office 533; Rea. 852 • * MONET TO LOAiri , • Will lend on booaehold gooda, ,4 pianos, organs, Mving m»- •> eblnes. diamonds and Jewelnr. • J. W/COFFET <• Office, Do. UO Sorth 8tra«t •> • • •» PHILLIP HEI0EUC • • • •> HABXESS Am 8ADDLEBT • •> OeaeraJ Bepalrlug 4 • • i .• llO^i South Street—lola. Ka«. .•. F. L. B. LEATELL, TLIK SpedalUes: > .Diaeaaea of the Cheat ^ LOST — LADY'S SM.A1.L GOLD watch and fob, between 403 S. Cottonwood and New York Store. Leave at Kegister. Reward. —Cash for anykind of property. If you have Real Estate to sell why fool with firms maintained on commissons and inflated values, when you can with hundreds of bonified buyers through our >"o CommNslon Syslem, the only oiie of its kind in the world. Address amiedlatly The .\o Cummisson Reulty ronipany of Amerlru . Branch Office, lola, Kan. Diseases of Chiidren Fkenes-^ffice 147; Bea. UZ.>* lola State Bank Bids. . .\* i» 4 • •••• IF THE PAPER BOY FAILS TO FOR SALE—WINTER APPLES 2.-.c , delirer your paper, call 18 and wejwlU per bu.shel; rider apples. Sc. Tobias j send you a paper by a special earner. Kramer, 3 miles norih. 2 west Moran. 1 the same eTenlnj^ ' i^UrS UHJUtPE NEWS FOR TODAY RErEPTJO> FOR MU. AM> .Mll.S.!.^ R.VLPH MAXS<»>-. j.> •> We do all kinds of Watch * and Clock Repair Work. Wc •> also have a complete line of Wafrlips and Clock.s to select from. Come in and let us show you. ^Snore Mnftler" Invented by -lohn Me. Donald. -rer<nnal 5^^alion of Feflple Known Here. MATERS & 1>A>F0RTII J>nig!i Jind Jewelry LAHARPE, OCT. 17.—I-nst Tunsday evening Mr. and Mrs. Tlieo. Maxsou'^ . ..^ ai « » Si at their beautiful home on South iJJ ' ^ - • - * Broa.dway street entertained over one j hundred guests complimentary — guests complimentary to their son. Ralph and bride who was formerly MJss H.ize! Reed. »of Topey^ka. The guests assembled In a room very beaullfully decorated In autumn eltect where an interesting musical was tiven. At a late hour an elaborate lunchpon was served in two courses. After ccmplinvcntinR the host and hostess and wishing Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Maxson ill the happiness this life affords the gueafs departed. Mr. and Maxson were the re- cirlents pt many beautiful gifts. The newly mjirriefl couple will make their home on! the Maxson farm four miles sotith ofj the city. They will bip at home after November first. The guest list wasp From lola—Mr. and Mrs. J. W. I>aurv and familv, .Mrs. Henry Balllett.'Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Bollinger. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Stewart, Dr. and Mra. O. L. Garlinghouse, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Pees, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. C. M. Sherlock, Mr. and Mrs. Brui-p McUhanoy. Mrs. Jolin Woods; Miss Helen .Tones, Miss Clara Stewart, pnd Hoover Kerr From Topeka—Phil'p Baines. Hepler, Mrs. .Martindale. From Moran—Er- neat and Misses .Tosie and T^ura Me- •Cormlck; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. I.amb, ol Oceola, Ark.; Mr. and Mrs.^ Chase Bmwn. Chanute: Mr. and Mrs. F. P. MeKinney. of Chaplin. 111.; George and Bllla Brown, of Independence: Misses Josift Weith, Arrie Kerr. Zoe Doanan. Edith Farr. Belle Reed, Minnie OhUest. Lillian Borln. Elsip Stev- enaon. Lena t^'aters. Rilla Egle. Marie Curry " " -. . Mrs R. " -. M."-. and Mrs. John Funk. Mr. and Mrs John Koh'er. Mr. Mrs. Walter Woods, Mr. and Mrs O. Morrison. Mr DO YOi: SLEEP WELL I Buy a .'.-et of good Spring.'!, .a Fell .Mattress and a Bed of tm, and we, will guarantee that you will, MARTIX FrRMTlTRE STORE Lallurpc . - - Kansas. I Sr * S ft 3- 3- 3? ******* and Mrs. Albert Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Claire Kerr. Mr. and .Mr.c. H. R. Martin. Mr. .ind Mrs. Kd Danforth. Mr. and [ Mrs. H. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ayres i Mr. and Mrs. W. .1. Donnan. Jlr. anrf .Mr.s. Tony Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. Wll Laury. Mr. and Mrs M. F. Sickly. Mr .-;•!(! Mrs E. J. Bondy, Rev. and Miih .A. J. a»orton, Mr. nml Mrs. G'O. j is visiting her mother, Mrs. Pratt. Mrs. Thomas' lieiphly euterlalned the X. S. club yesterday afiernbon. . MnrRtiorite Fitrpatrick, .Nellie and Maudte Brown were guests of Mr. ami .Mr.«. Spencer Davis south of town yesterday. —Second hand waKon for sale. Pick It UD—a bar::aln. .\. H. Hincs. Jlra. J. V. Poisetf returned yes»er- day from Erie and reports her sister In-law no better. A class of thirty will be taken inf<; the K. & L. of S. at the meeting Saturday night. The lilprary soclclles of the hlRli school will each render a program in tlie high School building this e\pning. A number from here will jittend ihr party at the Gilliam farm south of town this evening. Carrie Buriehpit of Canadian. Tex.. Is herp for an exteiidod visit with hpr parents. —.See nine's for Healers. The best line in town. Mrs. Smith, wifp of the late H. I). Smith will p" to Bartlpsvllle this wer;t to pack her household goods preparatory to mov'HK here. .Tohn Bushman is up from Collins- vlllc visiting his family. E. A. Hall, and George Justice of Nebr.-iska City. Neb., were here this week looking after farms which they own near here. t, THE ours DOINGS AT OAS Gin HIGH srnooi. .STIDEXTS HE- 1IEAI{.SI\G KOH -Pl.VAKORK." ,.%«;^4;iJ :iSi3 ;a;^3j :j ;3rv3r*** •5 W. Barker Hr«kc 111* Wr|j.l at «he Mhielter Yejiterduy—The ("ily . Preparing for tlas. ft * Our Store will be closed all d:iy Sundays. CARL k lir \TER (First Publi.-hpd October 17, 1912) \oticc of Appointment, AdnilBistratAr State of Kan.^as. Aili-n County, ss. In the matter of I'le Estate of .7. W. Lowe, late of .Allen County, Kansas. NOTICE OF APPOl.NTMENT. Notice Is Hereby Given, That on the 17th day of October, .A. D. 1D12. :hc undersigned was by the Probate Court of AJIen County, Kansas, duly aiipointed and qualified as Adminis­ tratrix of the E-state of .1. W. Lowe, 'ate of Allen County, deceased. All •lartie? interested in said estate will :ake notice and Kovern themselves ac- sordingly. CAROLINE LO^VE. Administratrix Swing. Card & Gard, Attorneys. (lOj-17-24-31 T.O.CANATSEY, Expert Piano Tanhii I - and Repairing, Roberta Mqaic Ca Gas, Kan^ GAS CITY. OCT. IT.—This evcninK at 7.-.:" irilock the principals in "Pinn- fiirc." it natitlcal i-oiiiie npera to be «i\en by the high scliool students -some time next month, will rehear.':e in tlie hi>?h school building. Heretofore the chorus work has been practiced only at the muste hour at school but to five the' [irodticiUm before Tlianksgiving. hours out of FC'IOOI : iinist be oeeuiiicd in earne!-t i>ractlci: . S. K. Kiidolnh. formeriv of (^as Cit.v, ' ' and -Mr. Lenhart. n{ CrUVry. Kas. i .y" were in town ypstorday s-hnkinz hands ft' • ft ft -S ft ft ft * ft ft ft! ft • Coffpyvflle is expecting Walter ft: Johnson to arrive there and pitch a ft game for the team of that town ft against an Indian team from Oklaho- ft ma. He has written that he cannot ft I reach Karisas by Sunday as the world's series delayed him, he being, engaged by a New York paper at $12^ a pamo to report (he championship names. Humboldt hopes to have him piUh In a game against lola soon •> AUCTIOXEEBl^ • •> A. D. CoIIInH •> General Farm Sales; Livestock • • a specialty. Satisfaction guar• anteed. Address, Carlyle, Kas. *•> * (First Published October 14.1912.>i , - KECISTRATIOX JTOTiCE. ' • i Office of the City Cler*. 'i October l-lth. 1912. Notice is hereby given that banning October 16tJi, 1912, tbte offtoB will be kept open during the nooa ^our and until 10 o'clock at night for the registration of voters; and at 10 o'clock Friday night. October 25th, the reerlstratlon books .will be. closed 'or the Keaeral election to be held -Vovember -oth, 1912. i ^ T. P. ZI£GLER, City Clerk. Tuesday evening, Mr rind Mr^. K. E. Wrisrht after a two wi"l ;s' \:i<"ation trip in soiithc.-n Missouri, rptiirned hnine yp.-torday inornMig. UFEVEBIITIIICKS /pCKLy ENDED Antiseptic Cream • H- '"'11. I'.iii; i.i-d. I). : ivtlci-.l I ,,....„.,...,.„.; r/i!»v"; I''>ri'y and were m lown vp ...,.T..,i ,v >>,...v...^ : ' - .p V.-. )\--'., l.-v h:id a with old friends and looking after .Mr. '•• " '•' v.l-....: .n.- < i-^,)::,Rudolph's proppiHy. i' -•>1''' '•' • ' Me.-srs Wplrh and Dorsett and Miss-,''"'''i's Uoiiv »n<> Inr foinp- d cs Phw.sle Lefflcr and Leota Lieu-! '^J""^, * remarkable effprt and rancp. a mixed quartedp of the Bap-! C"''':'' « "»"• . '''>"'.''«•= tist church in lola. wil! praitirp this'"" harmful drugs. Burrplls Drug cvenlnp: with Miss Llfuranto on .\ortli j S'"™- McRca street. William Livincston at (ended thp Republican mpptlnp-in lola last evening, where the 'Taft for Prc.=ldent' clubj was orcanized. He said the meeting j was WPI] attendp<I and a decided sue-j i-p<.s*in evprv way. (!. W. Barker met with a painful ar- pidcnt at the siiiplipr.s ypstenlay whnn hp fell and di.^located his wrist. He was standiUR on a high llen^^^l when thp striictiire fell, causlnj: his arm to Ptvikp tlip brick floor. HP will be off dutv for a number of wepks. Work on the three-inch main was* ' ..rvnuilrvtod VPstprdaV. Th" Clt vIs COH- ' romideted yestprday. . ' ' tcmnlatinK instalUns a npw uiftpr and Are yoa h^f sick for twoior thret if this if done the ««« will not be , ..L.T -L T :. new ni.iin until next ***************** * ft * * ft 'ft * * * 3 ft ft ft ft .« TOfiirE VA lasing I'erfnme of flowery bloem." This week a free sample to all (be ladies calling at our store. F- A. COOKSET Prpsrrlptlon Dmmdst Fo\. Mr' and Mrs. John McDonald.; Mr nml Jlr.-. .A. H. Hines. Mr. and Mrs. j • 'LS ,n!?M!^^ih ''^,p :1i,^^b;.:.n; Just Ti7;Ely'^ Cfeam Balm, ^.^'•^::r^u:^y'Si::^\ A Cleansing,^ Healing ttrister. Richard and Charlie Kohler,) Willis Kerr, OEc .ir Brown, Jamps Wal- ; lis, Alfred AViiliams, Samuel Knox ; and Ben DeHavcn. —Ask for Marrs Puritv Bread .-.t; months every summer with Hay Fever-; turned W S Ford's • ' violent sneezing spells, runnmg at the; week. T„l..A^-,.-^ t.-....>„o c,.., 'toiia i^<w«« intense itching io the comers of A number of Ga.e Citv .ind lola boy.= Tuesdi>s Kansas C_,ty Star tells j^j^^ ^^^^^^^ IJ^^^^^ j^, j^^^.j^j^^^ , ^.^^^ ,^^^^5^ hieyeles Sunday. . The ann!ia! .«tafe teachers' associn- •lon will be held In Toneka again this .-ear. November 7th and Sth. The en- :lre corns of Ga.e City teacher? ex- iiect to attend. , Rev. Hamilton is making prepara- |-tlon.= to movp to Burllnston. J. itcDoweil, came un yesterday from Wi'.sip for a short stav. He Is '•ontPinolatlns: movlnir liaok to Gas. A?n Stark and fnmllv are moving frotn Main street to theprcperty re- renfly vacated by .lohn McCracken W. ,K. Hooghj oldeiit son of Judge E. G. Hough of this city. Is the candidate of the Republican ^rty of gar- bon county. Montana, for-the atatajleg^ islature. He is a Taft Republic^ • v3 Havliie- derided lo leau- the eonnly I will sell at Publle: A«jelloiilM |^ what i-s known as the Koliert Inire farm. miles east and I'-mllf Bfla^oC .'X »osho Fall.s. IH miles sooth and M mile Tre-strof Gene .Ta, i miles a^rtt-.^» "1 and miles west of lohi, on ; •• •'• .:f_. ' ^J.^ Monday, October 21. 1912? Reginnim; at 10 o'clock, a-.m., (he following described propertyt ;| In Eveiy Drop! Bt.irli nil': Sfov" Polish fs triff'tt'it. it I I' N::« not .i;it; e.'*n br qTf.ititr: - ?.*"iuii*tv n* \.-.i^:c: r... diiat or , . ^ heating sto9r %4 aa-HEVO OF HOGS. i Clark steel range. 1 solidJ paka«B^|^ 7 head-brbod. sows, all bigh bred i Sharplcss cream separator. 1.1- Poland Chinas: I Poland China hoar: drill, and other articles too n '>4 hpad-of s'mats. weighing from 3tt ^m.s to mention. "to GO lbs. ;«•«'•'' "» „ - . I the eyes, pun and soreness in the back ,of a Johnnie MacDonald inventing a I j throat, at nif^ta a stufiFed-up I. Lena Waters. Rilla Egle. Ma-ls.iore muffler. Our "Johnnip" was !feeline in the head and! an asthmatic urry aUd Myrtle Maxson; Mr. and j ,hc city last week, but he didn't think : jy-hceang in the throat and chest? If R. Ward. Mr. and Mrs. Kohler { be did anything like that jio, youcanget almoet instantrelief by • " - '"*— " • c. B. Hall was ov« r yeslerday fromtjimply using a cleansing, healing anti- loia on business. I mntie Cream called Elv a Cream Balm. 1. A. Robins, after an pxtended visit with his brother. G. F. Robins returned hist night to his homo in Brawley, California —For Glasses, »ee 1. B. FranUt. the Optometrist, at .Aitpbprrys Restaurant Tuesday. October l.ith. M»-s. Wmuini .Newman aftd Mr. and Mrs. Sellman are spending a few dH>-s with relatives in Xenia. Charles Reeder will bp in I'nlon- town the remainder of the week. jeptic Cream called Ely a Cream Balm. Hay Fever ia due to an extremely lensitive condition of the membrane ining the nose and throat Dust, imoke and !certain odors irritate this lelicate inside skin, it beoomea inflamed, musing A wateiy discharge from the lose and violent spasms of sneering. Ely's Crvam Balm will relieve all, „ „ Aeae diatressinflr symptoms' in fivei ""I.'^', . . ninutea* time.^It opina up the atr(''^J»^'"'-'•'•f':^ , , 5asaagea .soothe«.healaandstrengthens' Mr Thompkln.* and family have * • 1 -iiJL._... ' riiovp;! ti> property on North Taylor iJie weakened, inflamed membranes.. ,wn the remainder of the week | .estores them to healthy, normal condV-j^i^:^' ^ L^'eTte^d'av" " ^«'--^..o.hatyoaa»no{«*iec^ town yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Halm spent yes^. i terday In Bourbon countyi Mrs. Halm 3? was at Cnlontown and tlm doctor In 3r, Ft. Scott. «****************' M -E- Smalley. of Kansas City, ^ Get a ^l ^'cent bottle from dmg- vist to-day. Give it a fair trial, and get /uur monej'back if you are notjsatisfied. Special Agentr-^S. It. Btirrell. _, ...iS luolvpd his family from I^Harpe to pripperty on .North McRae street. C. B. Hall, of lola. was a pleasant visitor In our city yesterday. I George Delgamo and Dr. Russ, of 1 lola, were pleasant visitors In this city Sto^e Polish Black Silk •j» r».;-i!;- n»fi ^t t^vrtr^'.ni. i* -IT... A Lrll- I. ' ... 1r. *. .i.;i|i< • * .,|«^i;.M!iy , :i..-r V ' t »...y Hti£S:. .™ ,• it.-t. j .'.t r",...'I I , •. .-.tfir ; -...».-.. I* |. :._-.» . . - * I*. \.r..-r£ c'li rt.-..f .'T. r.l ?r >l ;! !- ..:,! ;»-n ri..>.- i-.'-'i. r «.r 11*. • j u ,»ii. *. .f HEAR OF IIORSE.<i. 1 brown horse, 8 years did. weight l.'.r.n iiis:.; 1 brown horse. 6 ypars old, j - -- ^ - , . ^ wt. 142.". lb.".; 1 black horse .') years: wagoin, 2 baled bay bracks. 1 Hal. old. wt. 1375 Ib.=. - j rack; 1 Deering binder, good as^^benir 21 HEAD OF r.VTTLE. Chanipion mowing machine: 1 ' 4 tiiilk cows, all giving miJk. all' cultivator. 1 walking cultivator, ligh bred Shorthorns; 4 ycarlin.K row. 1 J. L Case riding lister HU I D^ nes.s. 1 Round Oak beating atajr ^^ll FABM DIPLEJiESTS, ETC. 1 low- wheel wagon. 1 high .wheel About 10 acreaf:>«;:^i'| I TER.MS OF SALE—All sums or.<10,00 and under, cash in hand.- AU,aair8 over $Ui.()0. u rrpdit of 10 months will be given, purchaser giving note with ^ ; approved security, hearing 6% Interest from date if paid when due. \t not. > - ;iaid when due to draw 10'; from date of sale. .5%'dlscountfAr cash oh credit tales. No pr '>i »erty to be removed until settled for. COL. C. & niSHOP. Auctioneer. C. R. BOWLIS, Clerk. LL-JICH OX THE GROUNDS. P. H. Caylor . 4 • J IRA B. FRANT2 THK •rroMVTRirr BxCllMIVt aiAM- nttln* apeelalM At Haana'a Jewelry Stort THE NOKTBRDP miONAl 6 lOLA, XA5SAS OVEB FORTY TEAKS 01^ COXSEBTATITE BA>'KI5G.Iir Depository for the Fnitel Stairs, SUte of Kansas, and AUcB Coiintr OFFICERS! E. J. MILLER, President ' L. t. NORTHRUP. Vlc«-Preit MELVlN FRONK. Cashier F. A. NORTHRUP. Vlca -Prwt R. J. COFFEY Asst. Cashier D. P.iJORTHRUP. Vlce^Pttit. CAPITAL $50,080.00 SURPLUS $20 ,1 TOUB BUSI]ISS» BOUGITBQL'

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