Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1912
Page 6
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The flrst^X-Ray plato ^^lll^h drnni)«> •ly Bhowa th«> bullott In tlip Colonel's chest van dovolojvd \;ito ,thls aftrr- noon. Tho buUpt Is shown partially imbedded In the fracturo In the fourth rib, about lour inches from the stern!um. . The bullet Is much flattened and . spread out of shape. It is crushed ; Into the upper edsse of Iho rib. Several email splinters of bone project noar • It, The radiograph shows an oxtr.".- • ordinary spread and arch to tlif nn- *'^njured Tibs, IndicatinR the unnsiial MSiEO; of the Colonel 's lungs, and de• Telopnient of his chest The position of tire bulle; :ii th« • lower corner of a right ansle triauple ;the apei of which is in the middle of ;the sternum, perpendicularly opposite ithe mlssle, and the other corner of .Which is the sunerastcrnal notch. Wirea^ laid on. the Colon*Is hare chest 'show by guidinp lines, the (^xnci iocation oC the fracture with reference! to the ribf and sternum, ~The surgeons 1 charge of the casp from the flr^t V.a >'e refused to stntc. in any manner, whofher the flesh was rjjtac^rated In the passage of the bullet IfO'fnfjormation on tl 's point can he obtained from tho skiagraph. Gunshot wounds inflicted by soft-nosed bullets, suMi as that (Ired by Schranlc. commonly are lasceratcd and nMtch contuse<l. The modern steel Jacket bullet of small calibre makes 11 clean hole. S^ich a bullet if a portion of the lead is left exposed at the polnTby the cutting away of the steel jacket will "mushroom," when it strikes a i solid obJi.HM and iiitlict a wide and tear Ing wound. For llilx reason the ntod- ern millijiry < onvi'iilioii ordered tin' fiti.'l Jack'led Imllei the only one to iie usi'd lov hiiinani< reawoni*. Till- liiill.l in t'lilonel ' UodH.'Vell'ii lody Is <il I he Kdir lead variety. It ' nu of l.iie.' cilllire and appai'enll> mini the i<Ui:ii;rjiph Is deformed to a eomtldenihle degree. Ilcrnre ii enter e>l the body It paKKetl lUroiigli la;i-i sheets of heavy linen paper, a iileei spivlae1(> <';i»e and a nunther of layers of elolh. Asked tonight >ylien the radiognip'' was flnlsheil. if ilie wound was )t\r eeraled. Dr. 'I 'l -rrlll who had been lef: in charge by Mr. .Murphy and Dr. Hevan, said: "This is a point on which we liave given no statement and will not give any at preseni. Tlie huII'M ranged Inward and niiward .-ifier it struck th4' Colonel right heside the nipple on his riglil l)reast. Its course probably was alTeeiiMi liy the ohjeets through which it The radiograph does not elr.i": sliow its <'xact s!i:i|>i! at prcs- ling to the exam :i a I ion.-!, in, : iin of which has Ix^en aceord<>d iihysioians and the testimony of the ,X-rny, tlio luillet is from four •10 five inrhes lielow the surface and in reaching its present position mad' ,1 slanting wonnd from six to seven inches long. S.lXTl KK K.\KXIMJS. Tho Business Urew. Iiiii >ol as Fast a»- Kxpensos. The Santa Fe diiriyg the tiscal ycav ended .lune ?,(). 1012. fareil better thai- most of the western roads, accordinr to the company's annual report, whicli has just been, issued. Its gross earnings showed a slight increase ovei those of the preci-dlng year liut there was a sufficient Increase in operatini: expenses to cause a" shrinkage In net earnings. The comitany's gross earnings for the year were JI07,7.'C;i"'!i, while lot the preceding year they were $l<t7.r.tii>, IM, Operating expenses were J7I,- J7:i.202, while those for the preceding year were •70.7tiS,^.'.I. This leaves the coinininy 11 net revi'tiue for tlie year of $:!i!,47!U>'i>;, as against $.'Ui .7!Mi,si'I tor the provloiiK llseal vrar. After the jiaynient of nil the ilset; charges uud the dhtdeitd on the p," ferred stoidl the Imlanee was Sl.t.ii.l. tli'd, or H.'2 per cent on $I70.l"!»..>eii ol eiunmon stock oittstanding '-this emti pares with Jta.ihiLVoiMi available loi the common In the prereding y<-ar oi !».;{ per cent on $l»;i.."i|s..ii"t ilien out standing. ^ BE ENGINEER OF PANAMA CANAL STOP HAIR KALLlN(i TODAY It won't cost yon h cent to prove t!iat you can stop falling halv ami i'revent haldliess, for ('. It. Hpenei-i * Co. will sujiply you witli a Iin :tle o\ I'tirisian Sago and if von are not sati; fled with tlie result lie will refund the full purchase price. The same guarantee apidles to dandruff, splitting hair, fade <I liair or scalp itch. Parisian Rage is the most delightful, i-efreshing and invigorating hair dress ing in the world. It preserves tlie natural color of tlie liair an <I imparts :o i: a glossy aiipearanre that all ;id- mire l..nrge liottle .">i> cents at d'-a!ers ev- ••lywliero. The girl willi tlie .Vnlnirn air on every package. barraning to: discus*' Mr.' Roosevelt oi> ibiS'policics while he Is suffering fromi' the murderous assault made up^ on Iilm," was the way Wm. J. Bryan opened his first address o nhis Indiana tour here todaj. "I would rather occupy the tira?." continued Mr. Bryan, "in denunciation of tlie deed and in Expression of sym- tmthy for him and hopes tor his 8 ^H>cily recovery, but tho issues of a ccimpaiKn should be determined by the act of n raadraan. They must b«> settled by tho san*; rather than the iii- sani'. i "Neither Colonel Boosevelt nor his friends could nsk that the discussion be turniMl awny from the principles involved. If he is elected pr>>«i<Ienl It should be because of what lie has done in the past and what be proiwses to |Io. A manlnc. however cowardly and dastardly his dt'wi. is not the arbitrator to whom to submit a pre>ii- dentiat conti'ot." ENTERPRISK. (Helen Clark) October 17.—We are having some warm weHther now. Lulu Ling if ahle to go about with tiic use of crutches and is now vlsltia^: Mrs. Sine Bamhart south of I'iiiu*, She expect? to attend the quar terly mcetiu« of the Methodist church at N'ei >8ho Falls Thursday,, The sale at P, -I, Southard's Tuesday was well attended by many people. .\IU.^ Ccraldinc Southard visited B. !•'. Clark's Tuesday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Cuy Beatty started overland (pr trips through parts of Mis- aoiiri for 'ho purpose of seeing the country and possibly visiting -omo and Henry Beatly will keep batck until their return . •Mr, Turner and J. \V, Cloud sold some slock to a buyer In Piqua and while attempting to overtake and turn hack a runaway cow. Mr. Cloud's horse fell npon his leg and inflicted a painful, but it Is hoped, not a serloits injury, Mr. Burtnott, of Liberty, rold some cows at the Southard sale Tuesday. Mr. \Vo<id, our mall carrier, had .-i stibstitiite carrying the mail (-11 101. ti- tliree the part of this week. Some gentleman passing throng'.i here on a motorcycle enroiiie or 'lie west, punctured a tire and was laid lip for a while until he eo-il>i -e.iir ilaiinui's. Mr and Mrs. tl. W. Kills and sons of I'leasant Valley, and Frank and Wallace Kills were at It. I' fhirk's ami <'iiio\eit their sloeU lo their own 'loMii- Saturday. .Mr r .1 .Soiitliard and family' ale • linn. ; at II I-' Clark's Sunday W.unlfsfnl liar^aln-J nil! Mi^M's iiiiUt at tin- in .v->- • Y.ek Major William v. Jucisn. Tho appointment of MaJ. WlUlam V. Judson. Uorpa of ii:ni.-li:ecr«, U. & A„ as chief cnsiuecr of Ibe Faaaina canal Is txpcctcU J,- the near future. Major Judson has been a memtcr of tho U. S, board of eoglncerL for rivers and harbors; an iastrucicr of mil- lltiry engineering In tho U. ». Engt- ncurs school; was military attache with the Kusslan army In tho Russo- Japanese war; arkl later was oppotnC- od engineer rommlasloner of the District of Columbia. From the laucr Dosttlon bo reccutly resKoKd. Woiiii -n «lio rxi-el In athletics at 111.' rnlxi-rsily of Kansas this year will r-ei'lvi' .'I "K" to wejir JusI as pronilnently as tin- hasehall :ind foot tiall stars. Kiir the first time In K. f. History, s'tiior sills who sin-i-eeil in making the ii-nnis.- hockey ami hasket ball li-ains will he thus lionorefl wi<h • he new enihlem which will he so ills linclivcand original that It i-annot h< I eoiilnseil with the usual "K." Colleg< ' ^voml ^n :ire n-cocnized in this way in ; hut three other eoi><Iucational univ.-r . .-Ji'ies and the Kansas plan excels that I iiseil in oilier institutions in m.^n points. This Gcaitle, Effective Ftliit Laxative Thoroughly Cleans Tour Stomach, Liver and 30! Feet of Bowels of Sour Bile, Poisons, Gases arid Qogged-up A harmless cure for sick headache, for biliousness, for a sour, "gavsy, dis- ordore<l stomach, tor constipation. In-' digestion, coatcil tongue, sailownes.--.! pimples—take delicious Syrup of KIgs. i The day of M. Kor the c.nuse of all these troubles a* calom.!. pill lies In a torpid liver and sluggish condition of your thirty feet of bowels. A toasiMHuiful of Syruii of Kigs tonight means all poisonous w.t.ste matter,- the undigested, fermenting food ami sour bile, gently move«I un and ; harin 'e i -i \.ii !Ve "ut of yoiir'system by mornlni:, wiili-, natiini' It d out griping, nausea or weakness. It means a cheery iluy tomorrow—many bright days thereafter. Please don't tliink of gentle, effective Syritp of Klcs .is a physic. Ihin't think you are drugging yourself, r <ir luscious figs, senna and aromatics ci-.n not injure anyone. This remarka"ole fruit preparation. bowel cleanser, repnialor and tonic, t!ie .safest and ii;eM i«os:i(ive.ever de- vlseil. •nt piirgali\ej. such salt.- .ui.r ca>tor oil is Tl'.ey .wen- aii wrong. Yon !;ot relief, ''U! at wh5it a co^i! They aeteil by flot'iliu:; thi- bowels with fluid.'--, but til.--- tliiiils uer.- .ligi>siive jeice-; S>i'ii> ot Kiu.s eiiib, i!y only wliiili act in a s wiiat richt food woalit tii».-w-liat laiiii:; lots of fruit .ind what jdcnty .>;• .>\creise will do for Jiv'T. sN-aiai'li ami bowels? He saie >M-,t gr' tii.- old reliable" and Li.niiirv ,\s!< >oiir dn'KKi'^t f'*!" full r.air.e. "S;-fuu of Figs and K!i\!.- of .S.-nna. • P'lrcd by The Cal.i fiirnia '-'f.i: Syrup I"' "icany. Hand hark '.\i'b scorn, any K;^ Synip iniitation is a wonderful stomach, liver .m.! re(-or.iau n.b d as ' jMsf as sood OEGEMllER WHEAT OPTO S3 WAK NK«S A>D UAI.SfX; KATE 0> ,irO>EY TIIK (ALSK. Cattle Market DnII and Kereipts l.tiibi —Hogs .More Plentiful and Price J-'alls Ut 10 Cents. " ISy llio .A.^'-H rill il fr. (Chicago, Oct, 17 - Spr-'ading lioi-til- i'ies on the Turkish frontier and the laising of the IJank of Kiitrlaiid's discount i-ate stimulateil ihe bnjin;.- oi wh,eat. The opening was 'H;- off to '><«; higher, started a; ;t"=i 5i!)'J^c. and advanced to ',i2',t:'.i' WIIKAT—flose: Dec. I'l-s; .May! yr.-vc. eOH .X—Close: Oct. t;:'.",c; Dec. .May .•.214*; ^i: OATS^-CIose; Dec. :;i*'s ft 'i ; Mac 341,. Drug aind Stationery- SUiNDRIES ! will &I10W this fall ^he best sloi-k of staple co<iils in IJruNhc.v. Coniiis. Hand .Mirrors. Talcum Piioders, Tnnlh PowjlTv, Toilet «ream» and Pnnder.s. .Manicure and Kallt SitMiirirs, IVrliinicv. foil*-} IVat-rs. >«ii Clip".. hti:i]i l!f>>.». Toilet and Medicated .Soaps in this liar' the ;ira:.- Sec lliein at III.- i.ijil I i>Mi.!- s:or<-— s-o-,;tli of Coait lloii^-i-. Evans Bros. —.f. C. Criswell. a painter livin,; .'•to .Vortli .Mulberry S!.. Hager.stowii .\lrl. slater: "I had kidnc.v troiiliic with u si'vere pain across my back and coiilil hardly get iiii after silting down. I took K(dey Kidney Pills and soon found the ynin left my back, coubl g<'t lip anil down wiih a Hie bl:>dd< r action w-.f.i mori> regular and normal " Try the. For sale at nnrreH's Drug .Store. ^ M^Pitre Cream of Tartar Powder • • ••' I ; • I , lin Wm. Sedgwick Saunders, Medidd Officer ^ ij|^fiealih of the city of London, Eng., was J' j^rod enough to say that a long and uiiiyer- "i''T6il"CKpi2iierice has proved a. cream of tartar powder iie most efficient, safe and econ- omiqal,. leaking food which could not be i'd^eterioiis to th^j most delicate stomach. 6 \Jn Ei^hind the sale of haldng powder - cmtammg aban is aJ.olatefy prohibit&d. t "WHEN BUVr ^Q BAKING PO^VDER, READ THE LABEL. Kansas ritf t.'rain. Kansas City. Oct. 17 -Cash Wheal.! inaiki't nncluinged to '._.c I OWIT. .\'I>. '.i hard. S'.if.i •.•lie; No. SS'o :>!,•: No •,: red ' $1 niffi; NT :!. $ie<iwii.;: Close- D.!C. SfiTj,; .May !ll'4 I 'DltN Market !c lower No -j. m\\- ed. 1; !-'>l t:::e; .\o :!. fev, i;::; No «!.it. •i.'eiu;!:; ,\'o. tiri'ittM cio-.- Hi-t i:i'Se; Dec. 1 :11, Kf l!l -S.e: .May ri\. o .\T.>-' .No, :: wiiji.-. :!!-.i :;r..: ..• miv.d, :!'j'...'!i :;;'.c KVK 7.'1'-.'C per bnsliel Kanoirs Citj l.heslork. Kan.-as t'ity. i)et 17 CA'ri'l.i:. i • eolpis .'1 .11110 .M.-irket lili '.'iily Valivr siei'is $7 "ofti III T'l; loH.-, .iiid 1 e:!i-r! ' $.'! L'.'. 'I .s '0; .sli.rUers and fi-. . I IMS J I ''(7t;"; biii^ $:t si".( :•'J •: ca'\<-> en ' '! :i nil. IIOIIS- Ki'ci-iiit:. S.eeii M.iiK,-' biw«r lliswy $s s.i-.i :i lie; |i.n l,.and bliteliers $S lie./s li;;||l i^lll • I S Sil Chicago Mieotocli. I'liir.igo. Met. 17. I'.XTTI.K. re>-et|il.^ ';.'-"iV .Market slow: v,i-aK j Hee\. i j:...'.il«; In :>.".: audi feeib-rs $ t2,'i'>J 7.1.'': cows and heifers $'2 •.nt'ii 7.00. MOf ;s -Receipts 21."i'ii Market slow; r. to ll >c lower, l -strlit S>> I"''/ Ji .lO; niixed .".Oft :i i':.;. hea\ \ ^lfl .2.".: i.igs $l .7.-.':;7.7.-. For County Treasurer MOIIN T. TVLKR I'ic. l.'J.i Itii It!'•a i.'ollcge. Youi' SupjioTl Solicited Kansas City Produce. Kansas City. Oct. 17— nCTTKK — I'reainery S'.ir : first.-i, l.'7c: siVonds, 2r.c: p.icking stock l'Hi*t22c.: KCUJS—Kxtras, 26c; firsts, 3,»c; sec-! onds. ISc. 3 IIAV-Choice timotliy. S 12..".0T( 1,1 no, choice prairie $12 .rii >fM3.fto -r iJIIOO.M COK.N— JL'.^. to fI 'Mi fier ton: , I.e.-id and .Spelter. HI. I.oiiis. Oct. 17—J.earl. market . dull, at $l.!Hi'!;4.:>2',-: speltor. market 1 dull, at $7.»0. • Loral Markets. i (Produce quotations fnrnisiied daily; by '^'oghill Commission Company). j I'.CTTKH—21c per pound, • Ef;i;S—21c per dozen. I POULTRY—Mens. Dh-:, 4e: i sprincs, lOc; ducks, 10c: gec -si.-, ,".c; \ turkevs, li'c: guineas. 20c each. MORSE niDKS—$2.00 to $2.7.=;. I?EKF HIDES—10c. (Grain quotations furnished daily by ^ Smith n. Uay.) COK.V—7-ic to SOc per bushel. KAFFIR rOU.\—S.^.c per bushel. WHK.AT—N O C to .«.".c per bushel. OATS—tOc per bushel. HA»—JS to $7 per ton. W. E. Newcomb GOOD THINGS TO I:ATI Phone 161 Our i)rices ai"t> right,• our deliveries arc nghi; our irrocerics arc right. Gall on Us Catarrh Cannot Be. Cured •till t.oc.VL .\\TIONS. lui llw-y cmnm rmrli »h" i^Mt of llK- dliK-iiMr. Cau-irTti l» :> IH '»«1 "r t.- tutl'Mixil ilb.*iu«. mni\ In unlrr to rui\- It >»ii nitt.'>t !.>;.(- IMl'-nijJ n-mcll -'A IlaU's Gtlarrti Ourr fci taken tr,- ti-m.tllv. aDil uris (llrrcUV ilixxi Ilir I I I 'HM I nxiA miici>w« f'irf.LcTK. ll.itl'« C^Lirrh cure L- not .1 qiurK nwili- ,-111*,. It w»!* ;nT«rrth«t hy »iiit» of itw- tn-.! jthy^lrtnits III iJ.rt rtiiiiilrv fur >«-ar< .intl H :» rfiriiUr pfn»crll'il "0. It :-. ,^.mt>.i>»<l nt tli4- »»>t t<mlc« kii.iwn. ninjlilnnl with ih* lv«,T til'iod i"irlrt*T!«.' sicXSnz itlrrcfl)- t>n thi- liiunia* «;trf;irt-)». Ttn- [w-rfrft f^'njhtnali<m vt th« I'tcrclifii* 1» wlwl pn-^ljr»ii niirtj wtuxlprfiil iv- mUt^ 1:1 i-urtnc fatjirrt^. s-^ni tt-^timonLih. frv^. V. J. (•llt:.Vi:Y * tH>.. llvpK., Tulrilo. o. s.,Iit tiy IVnutaHTK. prji— rv. 'i.iko lljil I Kjaaly illU fir ni:i<llpaUoa. You can't fcol Kditor Borin of ih-; Yates Center Journal. Referring to ^ the shooting of Colonel Roosovelt. he | .says: "The people of the nation and the world are horrified at the abhorrent crime, and while moved to pity! for the unwilling perpetrator their hat | r'^ is black toward- the potential 1 murderers who incited the weakling, f whose mania matched their maliie ', Terrible Suffering Eczema All Over Baby's Body. **\Vhcn my bnby was four months Old his face broke out witti eczema! and at sixteen months of age. hi« face, hands and arm-t w-ere In a dreadful state. The eczeira. spread all over-his. body. We had to put a nr :a.>=k or cloth over his face and lie UP hi-s hands. Finally we gave him Hood's e.irsiip.-i- rilla and In a few moiiths he wa.-- ; tircly cured. Tod.iy he is a lie-.lihy . boy." >frs. Inez I..ewis. Baring-. li;iit:e. ' Hood's Sar.«apar!lla cures J)Iood di.=5- 1 ea.-'-s and builds up the ".vsteiii. Oct It today In liniii.l form or chocolated tablets called SarsatabS. STOVE.S Coal, (J:i» and AVood Heaters! Combination Coal and Uas, Hot Uiasl and Air Tights * irO .XOJIY KAAtJE.S Bern's Combination Coal and Uas Jiansie—the b<-st made. .Prices Rigbt: j TheL.H.WisliardBdw. T.onest ICaie» Office ot ^ariu Loans 1; ranch The Merriam Mortgage Co. Topeka, Kans, optional Payments, .\ny Time^ W'lU Let, of U-ind Value. KEST l;OA> 1\ AI.I.E\ COOTT lOLrA LAND CO. Electric JViring! Done by experienced meiL Pri.ces ret'sonable. Canfield &«Thompson With tho U- Wishard lldw." Phone .*». ' C rarleton remrned from Masko! ge,^ thi .=5 morning Where he has been ' on business, , ^ jr.

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