Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 8, 1903 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1903
Page 4
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THEJltoAPAILY BEWgTER WEDNESDAY, JDM. «. im HE m m,m mm JMM I Howard 8ue« the New Jersey , rZlrie Company for tnjurle* Re- celved at Their Smelter. Jeanp Itoivand'Ihls mornlnR fllod •ult In district court against tho New Jersey 2lnc Companjc./or. 1^,000 <lain.. ages, rtsiilawyetfc' lire" C^B Crane end l^fflo Hempy, of Kansas' >ity, hod Travfs Morse of lola. The two for^ mer prosecuted the ' suit; of Thos. Heitnpy against the cement company.! Howard was employed as, a metal; drawer at the lola plant Uthe old Ki^bcOsoiE^ wor)D^;tM!i;^A Nelr Jersey Zinc Company last February.; On the second of the month whilefihe was pushing one of the Wg-'caiis tialong In ifrbntof the furnace in order')to draw metal; the car overturned, filing on top of him. The car with the shield and ladel weighs 2,500 pounds and Howard was crushed beneath It. His spine was hurt so that he lay paralyzed for some time and in his petition ' he says that he is still paralyzed from the hips' down, many of his vital organs being also paralyzed. He was an ablp-bodied man, making $3.50 a day, and he asks damages for the loss .of time, the permanent Injury and the suffering. Gross carelessness In the repairing of the metal car, whose wheels had., broken flanges and In the track, whose rails had drawn apart, are charged. ,^ The damages therefore asked are an ^veh 140,000, which Is by far the .largest amount ever sued for In county for personal injuries.; Carl Wolf BoUrid Over. . The preliminary hearing of Carl Wolf was held at Gas City this forenoon and he was bound over to the district court under |300 bond. Wolf drove Bomo live Btpck jiiito a field which be ownos and which jjL. L ; Jackr son rents. Jackson chasea them out and Wolf drove them bacl| in. The two then got into a heated dispute and resorted to blows. Wolf then struck j'ackson with a rock inflicting a wound which, for a while seemed destined to prove serious. : Jackson is now about recovered but the charge against Wolf Is assault with intent to kill. * low FDR THUIIIST PUieE iela. Teani la Playing th^. Fastest Bali In. the League^Next „ 3 Days Days Tell Story, Discharged for Want of Evidence. The above is the headline' unde^ which the Humboldt Herald of yesterday's issue says: i . . , . . . . . ,-n, , • ». J I after Nevada had secured a; lead of "The case of B. E. Clifford, charged I J , i^;^with being Intoxicated upon the lola made, it throe | atrdlght from Nevada yesterday in an •errorless game marked by heady playing and hard hitting. The locals move into second place and have the leaders here for five games, beginning to-day. It Is a race for the pennant! and this is one of the heats. lola was never playing such good ball as she Is right now and she has license to win any and all games. Yesterday lola gathered big, fat, pprspiring Taylor Into her net iand niade him leave the box. This, too. streets, sidewalks and In other public places in this city, was called In Justice Wallace's court this afternoon. After several- witnesses had been examined the defendant was discharged by the court, there not being-sufficient evidence in his opinion to convict." Clifford submitted with con- the foregoing court episode. He denies wholly and entirely the charges made against him, rumors of which have circulated pretty freely in varied and magnified forms. Mr. Clifford brands the whole proceeding as malicious prosecution. Mr. sldcrable heat to this GOLD FUCTS OUT HT UtHIIIIPE Editor of News Cannot See How Open I Saloons Would Improve Con} ditions Now Prevailing. IIDJDSTIlii; iDNn SmilDIES Commissioners Today Did Some Figuring on the Increase Because of Larger Population. ' J. Q. Roberts, in his Lallarpe News, makes perMnent comment on the situation in his town which are interesting reading. He says: Two items in the last quarterly | statement for LaHarpe, recently published, are - s|gnificant. One is the wagnlficent sum of $1 received as dog tax. But the other one means a great deal more for LaHarpe and carries a great deal of I weight. That one Is $3 received for fines. , Three dollars in fines for three months! Our little city will not get rich in dollars and cents' at that rate, but what town of 2.000 population can beat it? To those who have had the idea that LaHarpe was The statutes- of Kansas fix the fees and .«jalaries of county officials, giving | in right all a living wage and arranging a B1I«1- ing scale under which oflicials in more populous counties and with more duties shall receive better paj'. Since last year Allen county has moved from one classification to another. Last, year she ranked as a county with a tljree runs In the fifth inning. ^ The final score was: i ; • > . Nevada ... 0 0 0 3 2 0 0 0 0—jc' D • 3 lola ..11000363 •—14 19 0 Morgan started to pitch for lola and did a fine job until the fourth ipnlng when the visitors scratched out' five hits and three runs. In the flf^h.thoy got more hits aud two runs. . Bquldin was then put in and he stopped the trouble, but one hit being made off him. ' lola was galloping along without fear and was shocked when the Lunatics took the lead. Nevada had Bankhead and Porter out of the game\nd had every player on the diamond. But Taylor pitched good ball and we didn do much imtil the chance of losing loomed up and then the boys passed the word around. It was Just the same as on the two previous days, Wilson, Army, Boulrin got two-bag­ gers, Mlll.^ap and Stncke three-bag­ gers; Scofgin a home run. A player named Hiiies of Moran was tried out field. He got one hit but fielded a ball In so badly that it was deemed ui safe to keep him and Kil lilay went to the field. dboveli 'Em Out Shovel 'Em Out Now on in Biast 000. Thisi year she is between 25,000 and 30,00^. And that means; more pay for all the officers. The' county commissioners were flgwlng this out today, readjusting the pay and the clerk hire; The county attorney last year recelv- 1 ed 11,350, but now gets ?1,500. The county treasurer formerly received 11,600 and was allowed $900 clerk hire. The office now pays $1,800 a tough place and hot the best town j and allows $1,200 for clerk hire. The PItt.sburg, July 7.—The secont^ longest game ever played In any baseball league took place at League park this population over 20,000 and under 25,-1 city today I between Joplin and Pitts to go to for a home and not a fit place to rear their children, we w^ant to ask tbem. where will they find a growing, thriving place that can show a cleaner police docket than that to be found here, for the past three months. We are. from Missouri. board made a r .t of $120 on clerk hire. The county clerk did receive $1,400 burg, and jflnally resulted In ia victory for tho locals In the twenty-first IIV- ning, by a score of 5 to 4. It was pitchers' battle from start to finish perfectly supported by both the in an outfields. A twenty Inning game was played last season at Springfield between Joplln and the team in that city and Red Morton, who pitched for th visitors today also pitched for them in that game. Considering the length of the game the record made by both teams was remarkable. Six hits are to the credit of the visitors, while No Pity Shown. "For years fate was after, me continuously/' writes F. A. Gulledge, Verbena, Ala. "I had a terrible case of piles causing 24 tumors. When all failed Bucklen's Arnica Salve cured nie. Equally good for burns and all aches and pains. Only 25c at Evans Pros.' drug store. .with $600 pllowed for clerk hire. He fifteen were i^ade by the locals, with how gets $1,500 and has $600 for clerk ^Jeven errors against the latter and six lilre. against the visitors. Fred Bush, of The dountv superintendent draws St. Louis, a new umpire In the Mis $1,200 as heretofore, the wage being ^ourl Valley League, did his first work based on school population. ^^^re today, and gave satisfaction, and The probate judge Is increased from *hat He understands the game was evi $1,200 to $1,400. He gets all the fee* of his office up to those figures, the county guaranteeing him at least the above amount. j The clerk of the district court gets fees. He keeps all of them up to $1,- dent. It was the intention to play doubleheader, but after four Innings I of the second game It was called off by Umpire Bush, owing to the lateness of the hour. The score: 400 and divides the surplus with the|^;t.njr.oj ooo. ooo, os Vahiable Time Saved. Slight injuries often disable a man and cauee several' days' loss of time and when blood poison develops, sometimes result In the loss of a hand or limb.- Chamberlain's Pain Balm is an lantiseptic liniment. When,applied to cuts, bruises and burns It calses tbem to heal quickly and without maturation, and prevents any danger of blood poison. Fop sale by all druggists. Your Linen Will Wear ir much longer if we launder it. Be-j sides doing the best work, we pay • great deal of attention to the county. Last year he got $1,200 and divided the surplus. During the last quarter of this year Mr. Brewster earned fees amounting to $750, but It vitis an exceptionally good quarter. At that rate he would earn his salary and divide $1,400 with the county. Last year the sheriff drew $2,000; this year he gets $2,250. He Is never able to collect fees enough to'pay himself. The register of deeds beats them all. Last year he was allowed $1,200; this year he is to get $1,400, dividing all fees over that amount with the county. During the last quarter he collected $1,474.95. Could he make the same record for the four quarters he would take in $5,899. Deducting $1,400 from this would leave $4,499, of which he would get half, or $2,249, making his year's salary $3,649. His fees are [easily collected and the gas, oil and life of the linen. Our soaps, our land boom will all keep his fees wefl machinery, our methods are de- up. signed to do the very finest work f with the least possible wear to ^he garment. If you are not acus- tomer, tcall us up and let us call for a trial package. We'll surely please you. lola Stean fkMoW. Lamidiy, TOPEKH EETSJE FRIIIIGHISE Nevada's Place In the League Awarded to Capital by the League Officials Today. Batteries—StInson and McDonald; Morton and Stoner. Sedalia 4, Leavenworth 0. Leavenworth, July 7.—Sedalia shut Leavenworth out at the Soldiers' home today, making four runs. Both teams played fast ball, but Leavenworth could not find Lawson. Score: Sedalia .. ...000010102—4 9 1 Leavenworth .0000000 00—0 2 2 Batteries—Lawson and Schrant; Zellers and Redmond. Springfield 4, Fort Scott 1. Fort Scott, July 7.—Springfield took today's game easily, the locals becoming excited on several occasions. Cravens pit;ched good ball for five innings when he was compelled to retire be- of a bad foot. Many sensational plays were made, and Springfield received hearty encore when deserving, although the attencjance was cut down several hundred by their attitude of yesterday. Score: ^ Fort Scott • 00010000 0—1 C 2 Springfield .,000101020—4 8 1 Battetles—Cravens. Craig, C^eek; Fenney and Schmidt. 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Overalls. set in ..:.25c Men'sSvhite Linen llanrtker- chiefs, Shovel 'Km Out 2 for 5c and the only reason it is not even with Fort Scott is because tho team did not play as many doubieheaders as the locals. Joplin is a thing of the past unless the management gets some new players. Drlscoll is already getting in his work as a dlGturbing element and Allen is not slow at the same kind of business. No loam car last with so many exigencies, notwithstanding that it took a spurt and won many straight games including tlie three that were taken from Fort Scott on the home diamond. lola and Fort Scott are both playing pennant ball and the race this month will be between these two teams; all reports (to the contrary notwithstanding. ENGLISH DISDAIN PEANUTS. MADE TRIP ON SNOWSHOES. Barly Mlnneaota I^eslalatora Had Hard Tim* Rcachlnsr th* State Capital. Their TiTen the Toethaome Goober I* Fit;Only to Be Fed ' to Serine. « Springfield lola Fort Scott . When Yoti Want a FIrst-aas* Job of TIN OR CORNICE WORK 15— Joe, The Tinner 'at the' transfer of the Nevada franchise Nevada . In the Missouri Valley League to To- Pittsburg peka was a case of forecasting the fu- Leavenworth ture. The league board had to decide the matter and it was submitted to them last evening and taken­ visement \intll today. A telegram to the Register from Kansas City this'afternoon says; ..18 17 G91 .35 19 64S .38 21 644 .34 23 596 .29 22 569 .20 3G 357 .21 37 362 .12 46 267 Fort Scott Hat a Vlaion. Fort Scott Tribune: Tho race in the Valley League for the month of July promises to be interesting, or more BO than any previous month, and it will Kansas City, July 8.—The Nevada also produce some surprises for som^ franchise in the.Missouri Valley;Loa- of the tea^rIn-the leagiife. Sprlnj^. gue has been secured by Topeka. field, it la ^lieved, will take a coupl" Tluit setUea itand meana that a of dh >iw tlilsvibcm^ Over in 'England they call the pea nut "ground-nut" and "groundrbean, Bojs the NewlYorkiPress.. In Uritish eyes it is fit,only for pig.s. It i» met with occasionally in f rulter^rc* shops, but never in push, carts, a« la this country. A British encyclopaedia .«>ays: "Im the eouthem states of North America the seeds, or nuisv as they are called, are roasted and used chocolate. They are a favorite article of food with the negroes." Georgians are called "goober grabbers" throughout the Routh. Many farmer has grown rich on "the humble peanut, tlje annual product being •worth $10,000,000. Some pers«ns' try to belittle the goober. A lawyer, examining a witness in nn important case, one whose teftlmonj' wos cpnclusive undert-ook to ridicule him.' ."You are a business man, I beUevcT" "Yes." "What is yoMf business?"' "I deal in peanulA." The lawyer smiled knowingly at the jury. ".\ peanut vender, eh? How many pint* did you sell nvonth?" "I hardly know. A million, possibly." "WTiat! A million?" handle about lujlf tt million bu.s-helfl a year. I ani a wholesale denier." The lawyer sat down with'tbe laugb turned OD him. Coaso DruM Talk. . Perhaps the mpnt curioaa xneaaAl of communication la the worlid ia the drnm laoffuilge of a Congo, tribe, ^ea* queer people qaa talk to each other with- large 4niin» mfide of bamboo hOopa^ 6ver.'ivhlehf;<tiie al^ The members of the Minnesota legislature of to-day are not content with their lot unless they.can journey to St. Paul, the capital, in the moat palatial of railway carriages, say.^ a Minneapolis exchange. Fifty' years ago last January, when the legislature assembled, some of the members .from the extreme northern counties were sadly disapirointed. They hnd hoped to walk into the new capitol, select their seats aiid enjny the pleasures incident to the first occupancy of structure. Their homes were so far removed from the capital and the means of communication during ithe winter months «o poor ns to practically isol.nte them, hence they had not been able to keep in touch with the situation and did not know thint the capitol was Btill unfinished. Three of them—Rolette, Kittson and Gingros, of the county of Pembina--ihad come the entire distance on enowahoea and several had taken desperate chances -of death by blizzards or hungry timber wolves. Several members of that legislature were afterward distinguished for their ability as debaters and shrewd politicians aiid most of them had a hand in forming the great commonwealth now'called the "bread and butter state." •fhe bid reliable. Low- eist prices, best quality. T^Iejpbone 150. THE LEADER, > H. W. 5TEYER. A suable Salt. 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