The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on July 15, 1965 · Page 34
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 34

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1965
Page 34
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THE COURIER.JOITRNAL, LOUISVILLE, KY., THURSDAY MORNING, JULY SECTION Television, t - v r, 1 Radio Programs WAVE-TV i WHAS-TV I WLKMV I 3 I 11 32 :4S On Farm . Today Marnint Shaw C E. G. Marshall and Glynis Johns On The Defenders, CBS II at 10 p.m. 10:00 Channel 32: Theater 32 Lew Ayres and Dorothy Lamour in "The Last Train from Madrid," 1937. 12:30 NBC-Channel 3: I'll Bet, in color Nancy and Lome Greene vs. Lynn and Michael Landon on panel hosted by Jack Nar. 4:00 Channel 3: Movies Edmond O'Brien, Barry Sullivan and lyn Brando in "China Venture," 1953. Joce- ' 7:00 Channel 11: Arthur Smith Show , Carlene Howell, Wayne Haas, Ralph Smith and Jim Buchanan join Arthur Smith in a J medley from "The Sound of Music." 7:00 Channel 3: Death Valley Days Dewey Martin and Gloria Talbott in "The Bigger They Are," story of disillusioned man goaded into a manhunt by a saloon hostess. 7:30 CBS-Channel 11: The Munsters Grandpa (Al Lewis) turns himself into a ; wolf and forgets how to change back. . 7:30 NBC-Channel 3: Daniel Boone ,'- Lloyd Nolan, Kurt Russell and Myrna Fahey appear as a family of fur thieves who dupe Daniel Boone. , ; 8:00 CBS-Channel 11: Perry Mason Ed Nelson plays health club instructor accused of murder in "The Case of The Left-Handed Liar." V ; 8:30 NBC-Channel 3: Dr. Kildare Janice Rule appears as patient who resents f Dr. Kildare's efforts to keep her alive in "The Hand That Hurts, the Hand That ; Heals." 8:30 Channel 15: Science and Engineering i Traffic engineers demonstrate devices aiding orderly movement of traffic in cities. 8:30 ABC-Channel 32: My Three Sons ' Fred MacMurray takes staid business asso-. ciate on a Boy Scout camp-out. ( 9:00 CBS-Channel 11: Password Jayne Meadows and Steve Allen captain ' opposing teams on Allen Ludden's word game. 9:00 ABC-Channel 32: Bewitched Maurice Evans ' plays Samantha's warlock I father who disapproves of her marriage to a mere mortal. 9:30 Channel llVhat's Your Question? p Arthur P. Evans, Jr., executive director of , the Louisville and Jefferson County Youth Commission, answers phoned-in questions. 9 10 n Concentration Jaapardv C jiftC'ail My Bluff C " I'll Bat Ntwl j ""' Itrla a "2 jl 4 5 6 I J) Jl 10 Spacvlatlan C iaac'lam Nawi C Truth-Conma. C n What Jon I C Sana i Nawi Momtnt af Truth Tha Doctor! Anothor Worl Vau(pan'l Say C Chan'naT) Mavlai a H m Channal ) Mavlai u a Huckla. Hound Huchlo. Hound Woathar Now NBC Nawt "DaathVaTlay n Danlal Baona R 7:00 Samaatar 7:30 Funnian 1:00 Caat. K aroo T-Bar-V Raiwh ' CBSWorn. Nawi I Lava Lucy R Andy, Maybarry R Tha McCaya R Lava of Llfo Lava Llfai Nawi' Starch Tomorrow Oukina Lltht . Midday Summary Al Warld Turni a an word a Houio Party R i Tall Tha Truth ' Truth) Nawa Rdaa at Nlaht Sacrat Itorm Papaya Cartaani SlanOnMJ Kidi' Larnor Rempor Room THaalar JJ Thaatar 11 rrlcoHKIaht Donna Raad R Patlj, Knawi B1 R Rabyi Oama Llttlo Martla R Wharo Action I a A Tlma far Ul Tlma far U; Nawi Oanaral Hatpltal a Yauni Marrlada Trallmaitar R Danlal Boona Dr. Klldara R Dr. Klldara a Haial C R a $i7pana C R 11 Warld Tonlaht C Tonlaht C Slan Off t A.M. Paoava Cartooni Laava to Baavar R Small Talk Jporti; WaathaV Taday't Nawa CBS Nawi Arthur Smith Tha Munitara R Parry Maian Pan word Your ouHtlonr Tha Dofondara R Nawi Waath.; Spt.f Shaw Lata Show Baany t Cocll R Thraa Staaaa Stooaai; Waathar ABC Nawt NawliSportl Lona Ran tar R Draantt R .fanny Outit R Donna Raad R My Thraa Sont R Bawltchad R Pay ton Placa Jimmy Daan R Nawt Sport! Woathar Nlahtllfa Slan Off t A.M. CDenotes Color. R Denotes Rerun. THURSDAY ON CHANNEL 15 (A-Adult YA-Voung Adult Ch-Childrtn) 1:00 What't Now (Ch) 8:30 Scianca and fnginaaring (A) 9:00 World of Muiic (A-YA) rabroadcoit 9:30 Tha Crtatlva Parian (A-YA) rabroadcoit 9:30 ABC-Channel 32: Peyton Place A serious accident on the highway during a storm.;.. 'V ' ; 9:30 NBC-Channel 3: Hazel, color Hazel (Shirley Booth) averts a lawsuit. , 10:00 CBS-Channel 11: The Defenders E. G. Marshall defends a kleptomaniac (Glynis Johns) facing life imprisonment as a fourth offender in "The Thief." , 10:00 NBCrChannel 3: Suspense, color Barry Nelson, James Gregory, Diane McBain, Peter Brown and Warren Stevens in "One Tiger to a Hill," story of a paroled master jewel thief who trains a young apprentice in his trade. 10:00 ABC-Channel 32: Jimmy Dean Phil Ford and Mimj Hines, Carl Smith and Delia Rae share the spotlight. 11:25 Channel 11: Late Show David Brian and Marjorie Reynolds in "The Great Jewel Robbery," 1950. , 11:30 NBC-Channel 3: Tonight, color Robert Merrill, Myron Cohen and the Four Freshmen with Jerry Lewis as host. 11:30 ABC-Channel 32; Nightlife Peggy King and Theodore Bikel on the guest list. Bill Ladd's TV Almanac Women Making Comeback In Top Spots In Series w n Z av - -- - Elizabeth Montgomery may have done more this past television season than provide a fairly diverting comedy series. She may have paved the way for the return of women to top spots in television series, and they have been pretty few and far between in recent years. Next season's line-up has Barbara Stanwyck making like the head of a big family of . girls on "The Big Valley." Anne Francis will star in a comedy-suspense thing called "Honey West" in which she plays a "Jane" Bond type. rat Crowley will lead the cast in "Please Don't Eat The Daisies," based on Jean Kerr's book. Debbie Watson, whose "Karen" has been canceled, will be back heading a rural series called "tammy, sany Field will star in "Gidget." Juliet Prowse will head up "Mona McCluskey." "I Dream of Jeanne" will star Barbara Eden. Have Been Scattered Girl-headed shows have been scattered in the recent past. . Since the demise of the dur able Loretta Young series only 'Hazel," the Donna Reed show, 'Farmer's Daughter" and "Pet ticoat Junction" have gotten away with starring women. There hsve been others, but most of them went down the drain at season end. "Wendy and Me," "Karen," "Broad side," "The Living Doll" and the Cara Williams shows were all beheaded by the powers that be. Miss Montgomery's success has given the agents of the femmes more hope. This year they will try tt again. Radio WTMT MN.rMo?r - Country mutic I a.m. ta I p.m. 7f 0 WAKY Too " Mutlc 14 Hours Nawa at ill anal i4i ARC, at iH WHAS THURSDAY A.M. iM Morn. Prollc .oa 140 R.P.D. Rapiiaa arm Nawa un Pair awt Pun Pair i:al PunPair iM Braakfatt Club N:M At Hama m ttS Pi P.M. ll:0 Nawt 11: IS Farm Roundup U:J Ranav Atcnar 1:00 155 Nawt 4:1 Pun Fair P.M. 1:0. Nawt !:15 port! I Rutin. 10 pun Pair P.M. 55 Nawt :! Pun Pair P.M. 4:JO Alan Tl Specials Pay Tribute To Adlai Stevenson proiar Ha i,0 Tam Harmon 4:50 Bob Cantldina 4:55 Nowi; Bonn. 7:05 Talk It Ovor 1:39 Mutlc for You 1)0 JU S IMS 10:00 Nowi 10:15 Sportt 14:30 Thoatar Flva 10:55 Nawi Sportt It: 10 Mutlc Tonlaht For tnfor'tton 1:00 HAS Mat nea 1:4 Fun Fair P.M. 11: 10 Slan Off Wis v VA Nawt an Naur K T W Half-Hour Mutlc 4 a.m. to B a m. Skywatcli Traffic (taaortt 1:1 ta a.m., 4:15 ta 5:41 a m 900 WAVE THURSDAY A.M 'j:WakaUo 5:1 Jack Crawnor ' 4:04 Waka Uo 1:04 Nawt 1:1 Waka U 1:M Warld Ra'uP 1:45 Waka U 1:04 Nawt 4:14 Waka Uo :45 Bao Kay 11:05 Ryan Halloran P.M. 11:0 Nawt; Mktt. NBC Nawa on Hour n Hall Hour T ' C Now York Tlmti Nawt Sarylco New York Tributes to Adlai E. Stevenson will be carried today by the major television networks. Although most of the tributes and comment on his death were on the air, both the American Broadcasting Co. and the National Broadcasting Co. have scheduled additional programs. Yesterday the staff of the Today show was busily lining up interviews with UN delegates and national leaders, who would be willing to appear this morning on NBC. The ABC Stevenson special, which will be on tonight, will include filmed highlights from, his early political career to the 65-year-old diplomat's appointment as US ambassador to the United Nations. ' The networks plan to cover Stevenson's funeral and probably any other ceremonies that may be announced. One official said, "We'll have a better idea as to future programs when we hear about White House plans." Perhiips this is because of the shift of emphasis toward younger audience for next year. For some time the idea was that women bought a large share of the stuff sold on television. After consulting with the birds and the bees, pro ducers decided that women, to whom they were selling, would rather watch men than women, Now they have decided that half the people in the country are about age 25, if Indeed there is such an age. About half of these young people are young women and the other half are young men who buy razor blades and develop upset stomachs trying to stay yourjc, In changing the accent from (he half the population which consists of women to the half which are about 25, television must appeal as much to men as to women. Appealing just to women under 25 would quar ter the audience. Some of the things planned for this season may draw and quarter it, anyway. Whatever the reason, women are back. Never Took Lesson This switch in age emphasis may account for an ad I saw the other day headed: "Watusi, 11: t Ryan Halloran 11:45 Woman't Way 1:05 Boh Kav 1:05 Road Show 4 00 Nawt 5:15 I !:M Sta :35 Roi 3 Wo Road Show Stark Mktt. oad Shaw larM Newt t:i Niantoaar 1:55 Anaalt W. Sax 14 15 Ntw 10 40 Niahtbeat 11:10 City-County 11:44 Nithtbaat 11:00 Sun Ott W KLO ' 'oio Pop Mutlc 14 Mourt Nawa at :1S and :S5 w i n Nwir"" Mutlc 14 Hourt aTxcrat 4:15 a.m. Mllai Park Raco 105 p.m. Phllt-Radi A.M. .11:1 Houta Party r 11:15 tucv Show W;tt Oodtray !jl;s Man ttraat WLOU i s s o Nawt at: 55 . Mutic 4 a.m. ta B p.m. Mutic 4 a.m. la 11 M.dwaht Nawt an Mutlc :M a.m. to I am WNUW t $70 Interregional Telecasting Of College Football Set C Naw York Tlmat Nawt Sarvico New York The televising of football games will be slightly changed this fall with the convenience of the viewer in mind. In the past football cov-erage had been confined to the region North, South, East or West in which the game was played. Under a new plan, NBC will add a surprise kick to its WNAS m ta 1 a.m. Education. Nawt 1 ! Half-Million In Contracts Are Awarded coverage of the 1965 National Collegiate Athletic Association's football season. When an Eastern team goes west, the game will not only be seen on the West Coast, but in the East as well, Football fans, for example, in the Northeastern area will be able to watch on Sept. 18 the Notre Dame-California game, which will be played in Berkeley. The network said yesterday that this policy should "knock down the wall of conventional football scheduling." 5 Seek Permit For Channel 41 A group of five Missourians who have never operated or owned television stations have applied for Federal Communication Commission permission to operate a television station in Louisville on Channel 41. The group, under the name of Consolidated Broadcasting Co., has also applied for a UHF channel in Wichita, Kan. No action has been taken by the FCC. The station, if the application were granted, would erect a 675-foot tower four miles northwest of New Albany. NOW PLAYING! IN 1 1 1 ' "nSETMftDBAY I J WFPL a.m.-l a.m. WFPK 4J a.m.-l a i WLRS M Mulliplax ttoroo 1 a.m. fm tt7 l V?j l Chattanooga Kentucky Mutic lit a.m. Lactam business firms yesterday won contracts from the Tennessee Valley Authority for more than a half million dollars worth of equipment and materials. The contracts went to: fM I . Claitat 1-1 a.m. Mutic 102.3 tt 11 Mid. Briar Cliff To Be Coed In 1966 College Ford Division, Ford Motor Co., Louisville, possible maximum of $399,262 for up to 35 chassis cab trucks. riUVU I A. lainaa Cliff College will become a! International Business fa-coeducational institution be- j 1 ,Corp" Lexington, ginning with the 1966 fall term ' P0'000 for on-'ear suPP'y of Sister Mary Jordan college j typewn,m and d,c t,in president, said yesterday. .equipment. . The college, a four-year girls j Cedar school at Dresent. had an n. raHi kv - - : fWAIIUBrt lllflAt- rollment of 441 full time and j mum of $114,782 for plant mix 207 part-time students and 35 1 stabilued base for roads in regular faculty members last I the Land Between The I.akps Bluff Stone Co., approximate maxi- (GUMS o (GUNS! FREE GUN SHOW Buechel Armory Opposite G.E. Appliance Park Thousands of Guns Public and exhibitors invited. Come on out and bring your guns, old cartridges and edged weapons, NO ADMISSION CHARGE. No minors admitted without adults. Pinkerton Guards on duty at all times. SATURDAY & SUNDAY JULY 17 8 a.m.-lO p.m. KENTUCKIANA ARMS JULY 18 8 a.m.-6 p.m. COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION year: AV: I'll '": f ''TT j I: mm Ctrl ONE OF THE GIRLS . ; . Lana Wood, sister of Natalie, is one of the girl stars this year. With Paul Geary she will be in ABC's "Long, Hot Summer," swim and jerk in just three lessons." On the other hand, some of the jerks you know never took a lesson. Goddard Not 'Lost' The series in which Mark Goddard will be working this year is called "Lost in Space," but Mark shouldn't be. He is the nephew of the late Dr. Robert Hutchins Goddard, who did much of the original experimentation with , rockets. " A Falling Star Little Victoria Meyerink, the i recreation area. 4-year-old who starred on the Danny Kaye series last fall had a fall on the set of her first "movie," a commercial for a children's drink. The tyke suffered a cut which required seven stitches. But they held up filming until she was able to work again. Judy To Be In Color "Judy Garland has been tapped for the first Ed Sullivan show to be done in color on CBS and Channel 11 this September. " , h .-.. - -jar 9-7 Mon.-Weil., 9-9 1 ue.-Sat 9M-925.1 J27 W. 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