Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 26, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1889
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VOLUME 8. Her Littie Scheme to Flank the Windy City. CLOUD •FLOATING,! Sow** WRAPPERS 'URGE loi.A receive & o HANDSOME STERLING, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 1839. NUMBER 101, Thu NEW YORK < tinvcMtl REPUBLICANS. mi M<-M* nnd I'nti Up 0, & N. W. TIME TABLE, OOINO KABT. AHMi'ieE* 2:42 ft. m Stoning y»ss.-B:86 a. m. IJmlteu rasa. 8:52 a. in. l:6Bp. m 8:40 a. m.° Clinton Denver (1OINOWKST. Pacific El 2:22 s.m, HterlIngP»s3.8:00 p.m. 4-01 p. PI 1:13 p. m, 8:53 " OllntonPass Denver " FBKTOHT TBAIKH THAT OABSY OOIHO «A«. m N(( ™™' a . m . N >'. Ifi"'.'—l'.V.'.'.'e':50 a. m. No. 17 ™..10:tWa. in. CHICIGOBORLINGTON&PNGYE.B, GOIHO KABT, I QOIH» IB-Passenger 8:80 a.m. p-Fassenger 4:20 p.m. 78-Freight..._«:4S p.m. «-Fre!ght 6:00 ABBIVB JtAHT. 78 -Pas86ager...9:00p.m, 77-Freight...... 9:40 a.m. AER1VB FBOM WEST. 86—Fassonger 10:8u fciti. 42-Freighf™...B:80p.m. BIO FATE. Eiffel Tovrrr To l!o Overtopped In Steel Plpa anil GItio, unit Chlrmto'n Clnimi n In the Hhiidow Thereof—The About Comrnl Tiirlt W:«xlnir Hot —Tlio M'ratorn Motrnplln Ci>ntlnnc» to DBTIIOIT, Sojit. 20.—Mr. ChnrlM Kellogg, general tinwrintpjident of tho Kellogg Heam- less Tut.« and Manufacturing company, of Flndlay, O., nt present vinitii-g in this city, is authority for tho statement that Now York is figuring on the erection of a towor which wiH, in every respect surpass tho famous Kiffel tower of Paris. It Is tho design, Mr. Kellogg soys, to offsr this tower as tho crowning reason why thp World's fair should be located in New York, thus throwing Chl- rngo into conruaion nt thj» laiit moment. Such capitalists as Jay Gould and Rmsell Sngo are backing the movement. Mr. Kellogg is at present engaged in proparing tho piiins. n4<«rHptlon of thfl 8trur.t.ur«. Tlie tower will cost in the neighborhood of $2,000,000, and will be fully 1,200 feet high— the Eiffel lower being loss than 1,000. It will bj about 1150 feet in diameter nt tho bnso and about 1UD font nt tho summit. Tho details are nomowhnt crude and incomplete as yet. The framework will JIB of seamless steel pipe ot sufficient magnitude to support tho immense structure with absolute safety. "I am nt piva.'Ut getting figure on triple plate-glass," said Mr. Kellogg, "which, If practicable, will giva thu towvr the general appearance of n gigantic crystal palace. Four elevators will run from the ground to a certain elevation, than two will carry pas- Fssseuger No. 80 connects with gains east &n« west on Clinton Branch: with 0. R. I & P. K.K. it Rock Island east and west; with main line iSr points west, Council Bluffs, Omaha and beyond and for Kansas City and points beyond. The Finest, Most Durable, and holds its shape the best of any whip In tba market. Tho Easiest Pumped, Easiest Running nnd Latest Improved Sweeper mnde. - Fancy Patent, per sack, ?1.K>. Two sacks »2.80 HaUPatent, " !•«. " " 2.00 Some of the oldest rcsidents'.of '. this city claim this to bo tbo best flour they ever used In the State of Illinois. Oreaxn of !*atent 9 , Daisy and Minn. JR oiler in stock. A Good StooJo of Tin Tomato Cans. Very Cheap. Also a few dozen ofj , •'MASONS"GIASS FRDIT JARS AND JELL TUMBLERS LEFT AT 1.1,. JOHNSON'S. AQCHANCE. f_ 1 SUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. S. S. C<RE1<DE<R, IJMDSK SKW YORK 8TOUK, la Agt)Gt fur Applegate's Patent Electric sengers still farther toward the sky, while the crowning flight will be spanned by a single elevator. Interior ArrangetrnmSfi. "The second floor will probably be devoted to restaurant purposes, then will come reading and writing rooms and other conveniences, and, It is understood, tho crowning story of tho gigantic structure will be taken by the government for observatory purposes. Gen. Swaim and others in authority are of tho opinion that fiOO.OOU annually can be derives! from the tower in this manner. • _ ._ CBIOAOO, Bept.-8!l.—While. Now York I* in a stew about a site for tho fair uli3 hopes to got, Chicago is going right along raising the cash. Already $5,000,000 has been subscribed, and the figures are looming up on the second $5,000,000. The two street railway companies have como down pretty freely, Mr. Yorkes, president of the north and west nk'o lines, putting down their names for $1!>0,000, and Mr. Holmes, of the south side hue, going $100,000. Tlio KlRht Over » World's Fair Slt«. ' NEW YORK, Sept. 20.—Tho park commissioners yesterday voted to adopt every legitimate means in their power to prevent tho use of any part of Central park as a alto for the world's fair. WAS TWOMBLEY DRUNK T Contradictory Assertions Beifardlnit the Washington Height! Horror. CHICAGO, Sapt 28.—Conductor Buford and Brakomen Wbitte 1 and Parker, of the freight train which crashed into the suburban passenger train at Washington Heights Tuesday evening, wero arrested last evening on a south-bound passenger train on the Rock Island road near Auburn. Thoy are wanted as witnesses and, it is believed were about to leave the city. Engineer Twombley Arrested. Tuesday night Engineer Twombley, who is charged with the responsibility for the disaster, was arrested by tho police. The officer said Twombley was drunk when arrested. Twotnbloy himself says ho was not drunk, and also that the accident 004 currcd because no red light was hung on the rear of the passenger train. The conductor of the passenger train declares there was a red light Superintendent Chamberlain, of the Rook Island, doclanu the report that Twonibloy was drunk a falsehood There' will be plenty of litigation over tho matter. A Question cu to Allen Labor. , WASHINGTON CITY, Sept. 20.— Customs officers at the treasury department era inclined to differ with Collector Khrhardt, of Now York, regard ing the up-rations of the alien contract labor law'wltu respect 'tcrthe international exposition. One of them, speaking of the matter yeaterday, said that the importation of workmen by foreign exhibitors at the exposition could hardly ba called a, violation of the spirit of the law, .the object of which was'to keep out undesirable foreign competitors. These workman could hardly bo called competitors of American wdrkmvti. ' - MnJ. Warner's Declination. DKZB PABK, frd., Sept. 20.—Tho president has recelvad Mfl j. Warner's final declination of the pension bureau., The major declined by letter on Sopt 16, but the president induced him to reserve the lotter and think it over again. But the final answer being no, the letter ia published. It says that business engagements which ho baa no right to break pru rent his acceptance, much as ho would like to serve under an administration which ha knows desires tha hsst interests of the old soldiers, and thut a liberal policy be applied in tha mutter of pensions. Victims of tho Quebec Horror. QOEIIKC, S-.!pt. 2ft—Two little daughters of Michael Bradley woro found Tuesil.iy night in the ruins clos.i bestido wch other, not much bruised, and they probably dl'd of suffoci- tiou. Joe Kenip, who wus lukou out ulivj Tuesday, died Tuendny night. The body of Mrs. Maybui y was found in the rums yesterday badly disfigured. I ullurn ul J'uorlii, Illn. VKO'IUA, Ills,, Sept. aft—Tlio clothing and (uruishliij; goods houa-- of Sol Bjnnett Broa. & Co. was <M<-so.1 yiwt-mlay by tho sheriff. The ttrui «»•< » heavy dwU-r in clothing niul nlsaiii3iiufiie.iui.Hl uxionsiv*ly, particularly overalls. Judgment* mid tutu have bu»n eiitero'l «t;ain5C lh« firm to too arauuat of SARATOGA,:*. V., K:-pt. :M. — The Rppub- licnn stnl'.' oonvi'ntiiHi nv.'t in this city yc-l- tenlny mul chosn Clmnntvy M. lV'[i«w (.1111- porary rhnirmnn. Mr. D.-'i«!w maOn n c.har- artoristically brilliant spci>eh, in which ho evoked rhcors for Biuino whon h? referred to tho All-Amnrican congress, which niewts at tho national capital next month. The npear.h concluded, D^logato Cronin got the floor ami move I tho adoption of a resolution declaring; for tho tnilpp-nvloncM of Ireland and sympathizing with th<i homo ruiors. Tbo resolution was promptly adopted with but five or BIT dissenting votes. Committees were appointed "and recess taken to 3:30 p. m. rormnnont Ortrnnlzntlnn nnd Platform. Th9 reassembling <1M not tako place until 4:05 p. m., at which time tho permanent organization was ou>ct"d by tho choice of George B. Sloan, of Oswego, for permanent chairman. Mr. Sloan made a brief speech, in which ho touched upon national and state IFSUCS from a Republican standpoint. Tbo platform adopted indorses the national administration and rtvililrms npprovnl of tho doctrines in tho national Republican platform of 18S8, namely: Protection to American industries and labor, tho fostering of American shipping interest*, literal pensions, a national election law, tho "purification and elcvntion of th« civil nervine," and also denounces trusts. Nominations for Office. John I. Gilbert, of Malone, was nominated for secretary of ntatn; Martin W. Cook, of Monroe, for comptroller; Ira M. Heilgoj, of Rouklami, for trowiror; Gen. James M, Varnum, of Nt-w York, for attorney gen • oral, 'and William P. Van Rensselaor, of Seneca, for alntj engineer, all by acclamation. Albert Halght, of Buffalo, was nominated for judge of the court of appeals, after one ballot. It was decided to have an Additional momber of the state committee lelected from the colored Republicans. After appointing a now state committee tha convention adjourned sine die. MASK. ANDT1HTOL. The Enterprising Train Robber at Work South. WELL-PLANNED CRIME REPORTED OF THE TENNESSEE. On. THEY SUED FOK NOTHING. Wurrcn anil Murphy Given the Grnml Shake by tho 'Frlnoo Athletlo Club. SAN FHANCISCO, Sept. 20.—Tommy Warren, of Los Angeles, Ca'., nnd Flank Murphy, of Birmingham, England, fought at the rooms of tho California Athletic club Tuesday night for a pu.-so of $1,800 and the feather-weight championship. Murphy weighed 119 pounds and Warren about 11H. rt\°\,., f. :.-r- ,- :..- vV-.r.-. - - I?'-'- '••; »- "•••.' I ' the tenth round tho men fought warily, Murphy doing most ot tha rushing "and getting in a number ot blown, while Warren saved himaolf by clinching. Ho went down easily when Murphy touched him. Murphy drew first blood, in tho third round by a swinging loft-bander. Nut manning a Hippodrome. Up to tho twenty-third round Murphy had the best of it, but from then to the thirtieth Warren got in good Work, nearly finishing Murphy in the twenty-eighth. Murphy then freshened up, but tho flgtt for thirty-eight rounds was a mere walk-around, and on the sixty-eighth round, both men being in good condition, tho club got disgusted, the president ordered the riugcloartxl, rofussd to hoar the principals, and declared that they had not compiled with their agreement No part of tho purse will be given to either of the principals. LATER.— Tho club directors mot yesterday and resolved to give no money to the sluggers and also to prohibit their ever entering the rooms of tho club from this time forth. Another "Biioo W»r" Imminent. COFFKYVILI.K, Miss., Sopt 20.—The white people along tho lino of the Illinois Central railroad, and in every county in the delta, are actively engaged in preparing themselves for an anticipated general attack to be mado by the blacks. Conservative men, with whom interviews have been had, are seriously alarmed at the outlook. Rifles are being bought on both sides. .At Water Valley, ton miles south of here, 200 men have organized for protection. At Grenada, Miss,, ton miles south of here, it la reported thai negro cotton hands have organized, and will demand on increase in their wages, else thoy will guard th,e fields with shot-guns and prevent others from gathering tho crops. The present price for pick! ng is 50 cents pet 100 pounds. . Ix>ui«lana'» lllg Swindle Growing. NEW ORU5AN8, Sspt, 20.—In addition to the loss of about $1,000,000 by fraudulent coupons, It is now feartd that the state has lost large sums by another fraud. Tho Picayune's Baton R >uge special says that a levee warrant, drawn, three or four years ago for over- *500,; was -recently presented for payment Suspicion was at once aroused, as the lovee fund has never been" short, and there was no rouson for holdin;* a warrant uncashed for so long. On inquiry it was found that tho warrant hail bean presented and paid about the time of its date. How it became flouted is not known, and it is suspected that many such warrants have been paid more than once. Ol>J««t to Disfrttnclilsomeut- CHATTANOOOA, Tonn., Sopt. 20.—Tbo last Four Mon Uonrtl n Train >>j;r Mobile, Ala., nnil Got OfT with »!J, 700 nnrt a Lot of Bnglstprcit Mail--A Melancholy Tuct for Them to Contemplate In flint They Iieft S7O.OOO Ilehlml Thpm—Toxnnd IHorn Fortunate. MOBILE, Ala., Sept. 20.—Tho Mobile ami Ohio southbound nmil and passenger train was boarded by thieves at Buckatunna. Miss., seventeen miles north of this city, yesterday morning. As tbo train was leaving that station two men mounted behind tho tender add crawled over into the cab of tho locomotive. There they covered Engineer Jack Sherell and Fireman Hunt wiih their revolvers. Tho robbers, who wore well masked, then ordered the engineer to stop the train at tho bridge two miles south of Buckatunna. This order was given at the point of a revolver, nnd the engineer was compelled to oboy it. Arriving at tho briclgo, tbo engineer and fireman were compelled to detach tho mall and express cars from tho balance of the train and to pull thcso t"o cnrs nereis the brMp> nwny from tho other care. At that point two other men joined the robbers. Bfnll nnrt Express Car* Robbed. Tho express messenger was then forced to dump the contents of the safe into a canvas bag. The amount thus obtained was atxmc {2,700. The robbers overlooked $70.o:X) of government money en route for Florida. The mail car was then raided and a pouch filled with registered mall nmttor sscurod. This pouch was mado up at Meridian, am! the value of its contents is unknown. Tho robbers then fired several shots at tha trainmen, and disappeared in tha undergrowth. Tha train thon proceeded to Cltronelle, where a posse was mado up and started In search of the robbers. One Thousand Dollar* Reward* The Mobile and Ohio Railroad company offers $),000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the men who robbod Iho train. The leader of the train robbers is believad to bo Hubo Burrows.a desperado well known in tho northern part of. the state. The suspected parties have been camping in tho vicinity of tho briclgo for several days past. ARMY jMlllnllllinl Itirlilcill. Civct^NATt, H"j)t. i 1 !!. — At. 10:"i) n. m. yrsli'i-ilny lh>> or^nuiK.iHon of the Army of tho Ti'micwun, hiri'ln-l by Gr-n. Snrininn, nrni-in-nim -p-it'n (J°n. Hov/nni, pr<. i <'r<lc-l ty a band of music, marched from tlm Unmet bouse to Colkv'y hall, where G--n. S'l'irman ocrupi'.'d tho ch;iir ns pn'-nJent, -with U"n. HinH;i!nl.iop;r. sot-rotary, and Onn. Fore.',, tin hi( loft With hit customary nhrupt precision of action be directs 1 Hint nono but members sh mid vote. H'! ox- pi-ps^e 1 tho grntiflcitl'in of nil '.hat so minv are spnivil to mi>H in Cincinnati. Ho rend tho constitution of tho society, Iho uppirrnt ohjjct b.->lng to amwer in that simple manner thp imputation that tho society, because it pxclud -s privates, is a snobbish one. Will Hnct Next nt «:lilc»co. Tho general proceeded nt once to businosB, ami, on motion, it wns rosolv.'d that tho next ni(?etin^ should bo helJ at Chicngj on tho occasion of tho unveiling of thn monument of Gen. Grant, the time of which is 03 yet unfixed. Gon. Hickonloopor wns Beloct?d ns the orator for the. society on that occasion, and Gon. Smith D. Atkins as alternnti. In discufsing tin! question of permanent location for the society it-was devi-loped that tho Cincinnati members favored Chicago, while Chicago members WITO a unit tor Cincinnati, whereupon G MI. Sherman suggested Omt thn niill»nium miwt hn nnnr. Tho meeting concluile.l with an able military paper by Col. Loin-Ion. Bay NOMINATED BRACKETT. Stuto Ilepuhllcun* Give tho T«X&H Train Bubben In Luck. ArmTW.-TVT;. R-rt. W. -Thb jt.-v-Tn-i' 1 received no-piirtionlnrs- of tho big express rubbery oti the Cililf, Colorado aildHunlu Fo, near Fort Worth, Tuesday, night. It in rumored hero, however, that the robbers succeeded in getting away with at leas 000.. ' .'. The A BASE BALL " FAKE." oseil Ilrotherhoad Denl n Sort of legislature passed the Eturteh law governing elections. The law is similar to that in force in Australia, and involves ability to road on tho part of tho voter. Suit was brought Tuesday in tho federal and chancery court by flve negroes, none of whom can road, challenging the constitutionality of the Jaw ou the ground that it would disfranchise them, A municipal election is pending here, and the object of tha suit U to prevent voting under tho Dortch law. Indiana Mluen Still Striking. , Ind., Sept." 20. -T At a mass meet- PITTBDUHO, Pu., Bcpt "0.— Ill an interview with a Leader reporter yesterday Arthur Irwin, captain of tho Washington club, and representative of tho League chapter in the brotherhood, said: "Tho brotherhood was organized to protect tho players; we are not wreckers. Our. grievances will all bo laid before tho League, and there will be plenty of time to talk about getting even after our conforenco with the League magnates has failed. The pubflcatiou this week of the brotherhood intentions la a fake of tho worst kind. The wholo schomo was concocted by President Allen, of the Providence club, Radbourne and myself in 1885. It was prepared while we were members of tho Providence club and at a time whon the League was talking of freezing Providence out. It was published in Tho Providence Journal as a special from New York city, and created a great deal of excitement The bluff was effective at that time. This same article was recently resurrected and published broadcast." Sold a \Vhlto Man Into Slavery. NEW YORK, Sept, 20.— John Fitzpatriok, otherwise known as "Liverpool Jack," was put on trial yesterday on the charge of kid- naping David Kenndey on May 9 and forcing him to sail in tho steamship City of Washington to Yucatan. Instead ot • obtaining work there at $35 per month, he was sold into slavery, as alleged, to a railroad company and compelled to toil an almost unlimited number of hours each day upon wretched food, und to sleep In unbealthful quarters. There are othor similar indictments pending against Fitzpatriok. It is alleged that he kidnaped seventy-one other men and sent them to Yucatan on the dame steamer. _ ^ _ _ ' ---- Winners on the Bace Conrses. BUOOKLYN, N. Y., Sept. 28.— The course ut Gravesond yesterday was fetlock deep In .mud and water and the time not notable. The winners were Bella C., Swift, Gregory, Castaway, Major Daly, and Aurania. CHICAGO, Sopt 20.— The time on tho West Bide course yesterday was miserable, such as Jf mile in 1:21. Winners: Jed, Sayre, John Daly, Spaldiug, and Tom KarL Louis vn^E, Sopt 20.— There was nothing worth noting in the tirao on Churchill downs yesterday. Bots were good ou, Heartsease, W. G. Morris, Long Brook, Doer Lodjje, BOSTON, Sept. 2(1.—Tho Republicans hole' the most numerously attended state convention hero yesterday that ever assembled, lucre being 1,43"} delegates .present Ex-Gov- rrnor Robinson wna made permanent chair mnn nnd a platform adopted, the features 01 which are planks opposing further ''silvei coinage and advocating tho elimination o patronngn from polities; favoring an cquita ble'revision of tho tariff on protection lines demanding a national election law wuicl will secure a fair vote in the south of elertors, and declaring that on tho liquo quwtion tho party will toko no back wan Htl'p.' i Thn Leaders Chosen. Candidates for governor wore next con sldered, nnd tho Unit ballot was 03 fo lows: J. . Q. A. Bi-nckott, 743; W. W Cropo, fiT-»; John D. Long;, 1; E. ri. Cnpci n. -\y_ (i TT JL;i'. , :. i..\, t -'..oiv V»MO ill)- oliinM nonilmiti'd, and it was iiimlo iiimnl- .Uttiiis..-. Mr,--llraokelt n'idres3.>d" Uie convention amid great applause. Tho other officers nomhint'd uiv: For lioutenont governor, W. II. Ilailo; for treasurer, Hon. George Harden, ot Lowell (ivnomlnnteil); secretary ot state, Usury B. Fiorcc, of Abington; for auditor, Cunrles II. Ladd (runouiiuated); for attorney general, Andrew J. Waterman. After sprteches by Soiiutor Hour and Henry Cabut Lodge tho convention adjourned sine die. HE DEFIES THE COURTS. dun" ia ucullu-a- il«mnp;o to crn llichi- . Corn h{i^*ufT'r..-d Her. Father R.i!<»>, rector of atholic church in (,'hli-Kgo, wns fontyj i JV«ry'« his elixir his tvmm 8'fnral Roman Cnthollc priists, whn wer • inpluini to Irish j.iil-'i, hnvn boon ilismisard >r supplying the home rule prisoncra with oiUraliunJ articles. The rcgtilftr daily lynching took plftco Vo.lnes.lny, the focniity being Winona, Ilss., and thn victim Sol Purnell, a negro, vho was accused of rape. Snmuo! S. Northern, a prominnnt farmer it Mexico, Mo., fell from a third-story window of the hotel whore ho was stopping, Vodnes I ay morning, and was killed. He wns walking in his sloop. Van B. Holsteino, of Boonu county, W. Va., who was bndly wounded In the rebel irmv and taken prasionar, afterward joined tho Union forces and was wounded In the foot, 'or which ho now draws a pension. Mini Bello Ferguson, of Lonlsvillo, Ky., dreamed Friday night last that a now Methodist church, In which she was much nterostcd, was on fire. -The dream weighed on h»r mind no that Saturday she wen* to tho church, where she found a very prom. ising fire In progress. The blozo was prompt ly nquolched. Governor I<arraboe, of Iowa, askod tha railway commission of that state to obtaia from the railways lists of their stockholder* and amounts held by each, salaries paid of- iicars and employes, namos of attorneys their salaries, and much othor information of tbo name kind. Several of the roada bare Ignored the request, and are waiting for the next move. Going to Secnre »2,OOO,OOO. NEW YORK, Sept. 2G.—Joseph Casoy, o Brooklyn, will Bail soon for England to scour a heritage for himself nnd other Americans of ?2,000,000—a fortune which had Its be glnufnz in Chicago. Edwin S. BiakSiformer ly a British, officer, came this country, in 1S20 with his portion of hia father's estate 830,00(1, and drifted to Chicago. He lef that city in 1ST.!, and returned to England where ho died the folio wing year. Tho Lon don Trust company, which has had posses sion of tho property of the estate, has bee Ciisoy in one of thorn. . . - r ~ - Blllltary Inonbordtn Btlon. INDIANAPOUB, SeDt aa—Tha adjutant general of the state is vigorously prosecutr ing the members of the Indiana Light In; fantry who refused to march in the process sion as ordered July 2a The Insubordinate militiamen are accusod of having formed a conspiracy to take their company, the Light Infantry, out ot the Indiana L3glon, and that they only seized upon the matter of uniforms as a pretext to set up an independent organization. The Light Infantry Is thp premium company of the state. ' • ' Tbis powder never varies. A ptar»«V «l ?«i»S» roBstt ami wlKilesain«n«sj$. K«».«MS«aow hao Uie ordinary kinds, »tnt <JMI Dot m 8<S» ~vt ompetHlon with the-nmltiaide'ofSwrieSJt «el>[Jit, a. i.inn in |ii!0b!'i)»ie Hold o i!v In cans. lloYAl, o., «0« Wall rtt..*•» .'w iorJt Es- Thrroi ir'il <1 nnn" th<- I'l' '«' wliltti W t 1 frunt un of !i liih bv u luff Pr r'lcj-oi tn Me in ill l)i MVLIV nnd ff'iod <UffCS fair Ruin biif > it ppiiit nnJ boaliT ami Mirwr "ill b t<>( n i lull Oolltn Mi tlr it l>i r niv otrrs nil hu fnim the tiimin i plinph Mm » or "n'p to the wont crofuli or W . Kl poison pecially has It proven it ? efficacy '« Snlt-rhciim or T<;th-r, Eczema,: ErjwM!* Fevor-BoroB, Hln -Joint Disease, Scrofulous Sores and Swelllnp^, Enlnrttt«d GtaiJ^a, «Ol- tro or Thick Neck, and Eating: bo^w.jCf GoWon Medical PVorery ciirrs Coramas- Moo (•» hlch I? Horu.'uta of the Lung*), by Its wonderful blood - purlfyinK. ioviBOf»«n, nnd nutritive properties, if taken MJ , For Wciik Lungs, Bpttting of ness'of Urratb. Ciitjjrrh In the chltis. Severe Coughs, Authrna, nnd affections. It is a sovereign re(noar. promptly nurca tho severest Coughs. For Torpid Liver. Biliousness, or ' LlVOT *' prfa. and ' '•?! Vx Complaint,* an unwiim Prico *1.00, or «lx bottles for , an unwiimlcd remedy. Sold by d 85.00, You thould re»d TH u Cii*c*;- < X) D*"-v N««3 btcauii II'B a family nfnafaftr. This I«JHt - ..... ::..:....>i.,; r :.««Uiiu«.-. the pi,;>cr you bring law *oiar '<if value" for 'ail. Th» inuresu of women art not looked IB Tun DAILY K And then you dmi'H war.l (4 bring questionable reading matter into your family. You doirt want to put indecent or SmmoraJ reading inlo the hinds of jrciir children, Vuu wi!'uie»erro«ia a mlsuka on this ICT« If you take home Tim DAILY NsrtS. ------ The newspapers are the.grwtt educators of this nation. Thfa strength of the nation lira lath* purity of ia fire«idc», embci~-l\* circuialion ia 230,000 a day— over a million a week— and It coil* by mail 35 «*». a month, four months it,m,—eni ir**.* t&sf. . Churchill Clark, nnd Bonita. alate cunvfriU'-ni yyiiVn JU»i«d H C'cmiUKis Cyr ulhiiv.iii, (i.'.i!«a'>.-',!> fcr > Hepub- ; W. Ing of 800 block coal minors at Canlonla yes- tarday, it wns unanimously rtsiolvod to re- joct tho operators' offer of 15 cents reduction in wagoa. Eff.n-ts « 111 ba ujada to iuduoa tha "blacklists ' ui. mine No. 8 and at tho Jumbo mines (KnightsvilU.-) tago out on strike. The miuera will iuak« a datermlnsd effort to stop work at all mines in tba district. Fatal Hallway Crossing Accldont. OltEKLBy, Colo,, Sept. i!C.— At 0;Ml) o'clock yesterday morning, us E. U. Galo, Mrs. Jossis Gale, and Miss Gwsson, a nieco of Mr. Qal«,- wero starting out to the ranch of Mr, Gale, near Hardin, thuir carriuga was struct by a freight' train. M:ss Gleasou was in- Bteutly kiiieti. Mrs, Oala fatally injured, and Mr. Galo slightly mirk Ksw YonK, Sept. M. — TJ« Star i»y» U»*t Wcrthsagtoa and Sim FluoisM, i a Bavltt on the Uulverslty Roheme. LONDON, Sspt 2a—Michael Davitt write* to The Pall Gazette that Chief Secretary Baltosr's "backdown" on the Irish university question is due to his failure to weau tho prieta of Ireland from their alliancj with the Nutionalleaguo. Davittalao adds that Bal.- four has not yet "repaid the pjjw for his re- script to the Irish bishops," t«id will probably add a Rotnun Catholic coilog3 to tho Dublin university, as at least, '-'a partial recognition ot thsservic-js ronderod to tho Cou- servativtts by his lioliuesa." The S|>rlni( TBlley Miners. BPBINO VALLEY, Illa.,8«pt 20.—Tho busi- ntsi mra of this plooa b»7a cii-culutt-d ft petition, which has been signed by a fow of the miuars, that the middle vein mining be st»rt.)d at ijtreator prices. The company hasalfoaily virtually conceded this demand, and the men may therefore rcsumo if thoy desire. Qefirgia OuollaUi In Trouble. ATI.AFTA., Oa,, Bopt a>. —Governor Gordon has granted tlio ri'<iui»UU>ii of tho gov- I en i or of Alabama for Vat Calhouu and J. D, VVtlliaKSTOii. principal*, anJ Hi'iiry Jack aad Jack King, nccond*. in tho rtivnt ilut-1 lu t.'b*rpt« o iisuty, AUibiuiia. Tn«g will go to Muiitjjuiiwrf "" Monday. Iniliunu's Auditor Knftisei to Obey n Mandate. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Sopt. 20. — Prossor & Hanklp, real estate ageiitM, w>mo days ago sold tho old stuw hou-io quarters, under authority of thu recant act ot the legislature, and presented a bill (or JX09 commissions to the auditor. Ho refused to pay the bill, when tho land agents sucured a writ of mandate directing him to pay it. The auditor wus very angry, and declared ho would not draw tho warrant on tho treasury, mandat3 or no mandate. "I will go to jail first," declared tho auditor. "If the court has a strongsr-arm than I have he can come down and draw the warrant bimsolf. ' I want it understood I cannot •be inado to issue that,,warrant" The agents are equally resolved that tho bill shall be paid, and as thoy have legislative authority and law court powjsr to back them up the issue is looked for with considerable interest. Argentine Illds for IromlErotlon. WASHINGTON CITY, 8-jpt 20.— Tho deportment (if 'slate has been ofllcially informed that tbo executive power of tho Argentine Republic has laid before tho congress a draft of a law diyiding 750,000,000 acres of government land in tho territory of Chubut into small holdings from 500 to 1,000 acres each, and offering the same for solo at from $t to IS, national money, per hectare, about two and a half acr»s. It is proposed to ,di- vldo the whole area into ten sections, one allotted to Argentine settlers, and the others respectively to tho diff rent nationalities of Europe supplying immigration to the Argentine Republic. _____ To Investigate -Reporter'* Story. WASHINGTON CITT, Sept. BO.—Secretary Proctor yesterday appointed a court of inquiry, consisting of Inspector General Lawton and Capt P. P. E. Ebstein, to meat nt [ Jiifijrson barracks, Missouri, Oct. I, and investigate tho causes of tho large number of desertions from the post during the past your. A reporter recently enliatod at tho barracks and, after spending soma time there, made charges that the men were in- sufllriently fed and were other wise poprly cured for, and cited these as roasons tor tho Itirge number of desertions. l!«se Hull Scores. CHICAGO, Sept. 26.—The scores made by Nalioual loagua cluba yesterday were as follows: At Cleveland—CloyoUnd a, Philadelphia 0; at Chicago— Boston 4, Chicago 7; at IniHanapolU— Indianapolis 7, Now York -; at Pittsbuvg—Pktsbiirg 8, Washington 5. Western loague: At Minneapolis—Minneapolis J3, Denver 0—seven innlugs; at St. Paul—Bt Paul 2, Omaha-10; at Milwaukee —Milwaukee 5, Sioui City 3—ten innings. We are handling and selling more flour ever. Look at these brands, from $2,40 to $3.10 per hundred: MAGNOLIA, GOL.DEN CROWN, PEERLESS, BLUE RIBBON, CAPITAL.:, CREAM PATENT* ' KANSAS WINTER, ' SUN, - '.-••• DAISY. All guaranteed to prove up aa represented or return. We mean to save the people of this vicinity money, and will do it REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET. We are selling nothing but JVb, 1 Meats- Jfo Seconds, Prices LQW as the Lowest. O "We are now prepare CisarmukerK Kloi't <lflli5er». KKW YOBK, Sept. £«.— Tbo Intunmtional CigiirmakeiV union ytstor.lay eU-CH'd the following cifllecrs: Adolph Str»si?r, of But- fnlol, first vice prx-sidoat; Samuel (ioinperB, of Now York, third vicJ president; \ViUiam H. McKlnstry, of Muskojon, Mich., tlfih vico president; E nil Livy, of Ev.tnaville, Itid., Boveiitb y^ca president »t Upon Uv Kus^lA. fc^pt. ai.— It iratiapires that the A'ly ni"'lituted tlu taiiiancj of a ote to thti powos'^, riMr-HniiuMi-lini; tho formal r«M^uiiiou of Ffi'-limtud iia ruliT of Buli{ i '>'i''i hut tin pr.'j ot twgativtxl by llw Kuiiiau aiui^i^ijo in all the latest styles. LONDON, porto to lisa Ke-iloMer'n to it

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