Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 15, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1943
Page 2
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MOPE STAR, HO Pt, e Sto .' «f Hop*. 1*99; Pftot 192>, tttttlkfattd January 18, 1929. u «v«ry wMk-dqy afternoon bf SMf Publishing Co. Inc. t p«lfti*tand Alex, H. Washbwn) Wlltamo 212-2T4 Sfcuth Walnut Street, Hope Atk. THREE OR 4-ROOM FURNISHED apartment, with 2 bedrooms, good reference. Call Hope Star. 8 22-3tdh t* t. MtMIR, Fr«ttt>*rtt , H. WASHiURN, Editor and Publisher j as second class matter at the posfofftce at Hope, Arkansas, under the A<» of Match 3, 1897. (At>)—Means Associated Press •' •«-«-— Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n i S»btttlpt!on Nate (Always Payable ... By city carrier, per week !5c, Im( ».«*™, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana .u<aye«te courtttes. $3.50 per year, else fher* $o.SO. K Member «t The Asiottated Press; The ^Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to Like use for republication of all news dis- Spatches -Credited to n or not otherwise tctedited In »h.« paper and also the toco ihews published herein. |f>" Notional AdY«rtl«fng RepfesentottVe- 5 -fclVoma* Dalliel, Int.; Memphis Tenn I, Sterrek Building; Chicago, 400 North Mlch- I laon Avenue; New York City. 292 Madison JTAvS; Detroit Mich, 2842 W Grand Blvd ^Ofetohomo City, 4! 4 Terminal IBdq ; Ne kiOf leans. 722 Union St. f*'T,~Charg»s «*n Tribute*, We.: Charqes will b« 4" mod* for all tr.butes, cards of thanks, reso » x TuMorw or memorials, concerning the de r ported. Corrimerctal newspapers hold to tht I policy In the news columns to protect thei / reaSrs from a deluge of space taking me * morals. The Star disclaims responsibility * to the safe-keeplng or .eturn of atv ^~ unsolicited manscripts Classified J Ads must be In office day before * publication. t All Wont Ads cosh in advance 1 Not token over the Phone. 'biw tlmt—le word, minimum 30e 5ft ttmef—5c word, minimum 7Se ,Three times—3Vie word, minimum 50e One niorrfh—TBe Word, minmium $2.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" Wanted td Rent SI DEFIANCES f) WANTED TO RENT OR BUY house. Write full details to J. Ruffin White. 2515 Fairfax Ave. Nashville. Tenn. 8-7tp For Rent THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS in Sawmill Quarters northeast of Handle mill. $7.50 a month. Water furnished. D. M. Vineyard, the Grit Man. 9-Gtp MY HOME (NOT JUST A HOUSE), the last of April. 3^i miles north on highway 4. Five rooms, lights, water, gas. Three acres and 100 shade trees. SB Mrs. Garland Darwin, phone 22-F-ll. 10-Gtp BEDROOMS FOR RENT. 517 South Main St. 12-3tp THREE ROOM NICELY FUR- nished apartment. Close in. No children. Mrs. M. E. Edgington. 505 South Walnut. Phone 1040. 15-3tpl THREE HOUSES WITH VICTORY ! garden, also poultry place. See Warren Nesbitt. Btevins. On S. G. G. road and bus line. 15-6tp Wanted to Buy 100 COUNTRY CURED HAMS. Highest price paid. Moore's City Market. 2-tf CHILD'S PLAY PEN. APPLY Hope Star office. Telephone 768. 10 TONS OF GOOD LESPEDEZA hay. Glynn C. Bailey, Guernsey Depot. 10-6tp For Sale LESfEDEZA AND JOHNSON ' "grass hay. Also cottonseed, ?D P & L, Stonewell 2-B, Rowden '41-A and Cookers long staple, first year from breeder See T S ' ' 30-tf 40 TO 120 ACRE FARM IN HEMP stead County. See Jesse Prince at E. W. Powell's, 12 miles south of | Hope on Highway 29, before Sat-! urday. March 20. 15 Otp • FOR SAjUE OR TRADE: HORSES '. and mules, at Garrett's Gm Lot I6-26tp "MODERN UNFURNISHED house, 509 South Walker. May Jtave possession in 10 days or two weeks. See Mrs. John E. Mulloy, .phone 1047-W. 9-6tp :ONE GOOD'SADDLE HORSE 17 mules, from 3 to 4 years old :'S£e"C. F. Baker on the J. L 'Goodbar farm, 6 miles from Hope on Columbus highway ll-6tp Deaths Last Night By the Associated Press Edward Percy Howard Lynbrook, N. Y., March 15 — (#1—Edward Percy Howard, 74, former newspaper executive and editor - in - chief of Pathe News j Reel until his retiremant 10 years ago, died last night. He was a native of England. Lucius Root Eastman Scarsdale, N. Y., March 15 — (JP) — Lucius Root Eastman, 69, food merchant and founder and first president of the American Arbitration association, died last night. WOOD -AND SAW LOGS. •See W. E. Robins, Ozan, Ark. JRo«te 'One. 15-3tp Notice Helen Dare San Francisco, March 15 (fP). — Helen Dare, 86, newspaper feature writer and foreign correspondent for 25 years before she retired seven years ago, died last night. Dr. Pieter Cornelius The Hague, Netherlands, March — Dr. Pieter Cornelius 73, Greek scholar and died SEWIN.G MACHINES, BOUGHT _.._ "sold, ; arid repaired. One new Sing- 15 — (f. 'er Vacuum Cleaner and Button-1 Boutens, u, v^»>->-r. -,^..^.1.. * :; hoie attachments for sale. See | famous Netherlands poet, -.-~ "James E. Allen, 621 South Fulton i i ast n j g ht. He was born at Middle- St., Phone 322-J. 16-lmpd 1 burg TO INCOME TAX PAYERS. LETJ Dr _ Bert wi | son .us-help you with yonr irtcome, Wasningtont Maich 15 —(/P)—Dr. Tax Reports. Married persons Bert Wllson 64j formcr president with Gross income (not net in- Q£ Eureka (IU , co n e ge and a lead- come) of $120000 must file tax I DlsClp i es of Chnst church, report even thought no tax is due d , ', ht Single men must file with gross cuecl la ^ 1 nl " nl income of $500.00 Paul Simms will be at my office on week-ends. Will oe av niy uiuuc u» w CC ^-«.— Heat-treated akimim.m Will be there myself at all times. | must be kept very cold until they Bring records of Receipt and Ex-1 are used, to prevent hardening. penditures to my office. We will', .do the rest. J. W. Strickland ' 11-tf I SEND ME YOUR NEW •jrtewal subscriptions magazine published. Reynerson. City Hall OR RE- for any Charles 1-lmch Hold Everything % FOR SALE- TWO YEAR OLD Epses, lOc each Shrubs o£ all iKihds. Priced reasonably. Apple trees, 25c; Pecan trees, $1.00. All •other fruits trees. Will he at 1 Buridy's Service Station, 3rd and Shover, all day Thursday, March .18. Mrs. T. L. Alston, the Rose Woman from -Amity, Arkansas. !5-3tch For Sole or Trade 15 HEAD OF YOUNG MULES AND mares. 2 jersey milk cows. Saddles. Two and half miles south of Spring Hill on the King Place. See Raymond Martin. 4-15tp! A ify TON 1936 DODGE TRUCK w.ith good tires. In service now Will be reasonable. Jesse J Samuel. ll-6tpl mi BY M* TSEBVICE INC T M REC U S P»T Off "Pick out a card—any cardl" OUT OUR WAY LISTEN, SOLDIER., IF THEM'S SUPPLIES YOU'RE CAPTURIN', VOU'RE GITTIN' EM A LOT EASIER THAN WE ARE-- SO SEND US A FEW/ ^ITZ* 1 :** THE " STOgE " pgQ^ TS RKANSAS By Roy Gtaiii No Complaints Waih Tiibtft By Gatbroith SWELL. USED TO BE WHEW A HEREfe^OKIB <5N MV JAW- TORPE&O HIT U5 THRfeE PAYS AOO,,,BROKE IT IM TWO PLACES. HOW you Poiwa ? EVEN CH6WIN4.«M« 0 THREE CH66&S FOR UNCLE SAM'6 MEfclCAL. CORPS, SAY'S! REALLV 6IVIM U A BREAK A FELL A BROKE HIS JAW THEVWIREPITSHUT AND <AD TO PULL A TOOTH OUT 0 HE COULD DRIWK THRU A STRAW. IF IT HAPPENED you THE FELLOW WITH A STAOSP satwT ON youR LE6? 4 , OF PLIER6 AROUMO HIS MECK SO H6 COULD COT THE WIRES AMD KEEP FROM CHOXIM6 TO PEATH IF HE 60T SEASICK Thimble Theater "Out of Town Visitors." OU KNOCKED OUT UJHA.LE'SKINWOU'ARETHE . IN THE UJORLO_ PR. 1943'BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. 5. P«T. OFF By Walt Disney Borrowed Time! "I'm tacking up Uiis canned s4°wl s lisl where Mrs. Jones will sec it—she's always trading me vegetable soup lor something that's worth twice as many-points!" Donald Duck FUNNY BUSINESS By Chic Young Just Tuning Up! i., LETS PO IT V | hi" • ASAIW- -a ' THAT WAS ) M/ T~/ I'LL. GET EPMUKIP A UAWPKERCMIEF CPU. 1943 »Y HEA SiKVICE. INC. T. M. «CC. U. S. TAT. Off/ . Z'15 "There goes Joe and his double talk again!' THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson By Edgar Martin Boots and Her Buddies AA^ V\N>t OT I r\0u WbW, VSX9 O'CVOCV. * MONARCH BUTTERFLIES MIGRATE IN GREAT SWARMS EACH AUTUMN TO SPEND THE WINTER HANGING IN TREES OF AND AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN MAKES IT A PUNISHABLE. OFFENSE TO MOLEST THE INSECTS. By V. T. Hamlln Quite a Dilemma NOVJ WE: GOTl/^A TuRriTriEMWTO J THE P1ME GUlCri SHERlFF--- AND HE'S i 1 DIDN'T GOTO A. DANCE •'! ONLY MASQUERADED TO STOP A BANK HOLD-UP THE OUTLAWS io'R£ ON ASPOT-'I'PI R^TrtER. FACE A SHE/ TIGER I\%!rto5£ WELL,OLD TIMER, \.^^-^. . YOUR ~T:.^-*il2 CLOTHES AND YOUR PEG-LE THE DISGUISE V1ORKE.P-' J YLJH COttE 5ACK EARLY— 1 TXWT RECOLLECT ANY (A^VSKED BALL SHIMDIG EVER CSlTTirO 1 WARMED UP LATE BAVENDA '' TRISE5M6N/ OF AFRICA, BELIEVE COUGHS AND COLDS SPILL OVER THE EARTH FROM THE TILTED OFF HIS WHISKERS-' PARACHUTISTS ARE THE ONLY PERSONS WHO GET UP IN THE WORLD BY FALLING DOWN ON THE DON CONNERY, Great-/VeeA, By Fred Harmon Hello, Chum 1 DUMWO WHACT THIS \e> ALL ABOUT...BUT WHO EVER TIED ME UP WITH THESE RUBBERY VINES WAS SURE A DOPE.' WHAT ...?f WELL, FE.R- KATSAKE, / > HOW'D I GET i f ALL TIED UP V LIKE THIS NEXT: The tragedy of Rudolf Diesel, OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople .-.^ MINUTE, JAKE/I'M NOT FORGETTING AMSTHINS SOU'RE JUST FOP. OUR RF\TE OM cows FOR TUlMSS SO NlCfc PER. eo I'M. 60M^i^ PANMN RENiTIM AN' 7l6 v TO 5HOVNJ OLJ _. .._ NiESJER. PER61T6 AFRIEMDLV GESTORB, HERE'S •DOLLAR/ OOPS DEMOMSTRATIOM OF THE ELASTIC VIMES ENPEP DISASTEOU5LV...WITH HIM "OUT;' HIS COMPAMIONIS WERE EA5Y PREY FOR. REME6APES ' •<> ;• ""•. H./" dm. 1B43 Ur NEA LCRVICC. IhC. T. M. UK. U. 6. PAT. Off. gONiDS STILL. By Merrill Blotter Duty Calls—and Calls Freckles and His Friends WHILE JOE GANGER. THEY WAMT I HAD IT TO DO OVER, AGAIN , I'D RATHER BE A SLEEPING COWARD THAN TIRED HERO/ DID TME PART/ NO, MOM— I WAS LAST "TILL. CALLED OUT ON DUTY ON TOOK HILDA HOME YOU DOWN VOU'.RE SUBJECT J. SURE . HOMORARY BADGE/ NOTMINS R)R. FOUR HOURS/ BECOMES A BOARDER! 3-1$ By J.R.Williams

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