The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 20, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1892
Page 6
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6. HUTCJfflTKSON DAILY NEWS, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 1892. Farm Loans. We take pleasure in inforiniu g our. immy patrons I hat wr are belter prepared than ever before In nicotinic farm limns. Wo make our own examinations draw' our own papers and are prepared to ('lose loans without ileln.v. We Make tile ordinal'}' loan and also ncgo tiatc. as heretofore the incompnraj hlc combination life insnruni'.i loan, We are always ready to give, full information on either plan. The Insurance-Loan Bugle gives much valuable information on the subject, In a personal terview we can sometimes (jive you more. Winne & Winne, TELEPHONE HO, 21, CORNER AVENUE A AND' Hutchinson, Kan. ON TON BAKERY -AND— X 8 GonUoneryl CREAM, HOMEMADE, GRAHAM AND RYE BREAD, Cream Pis and Macaroons Fresh Every Day B lanke flelebrated ros. U Uandies. J. W. Brehm, Proprietor. No, IS North Main Street. THE AUDITORIUM. WILL BE ERECTED AS QUICKLY AS CARPENTERS CAN DO IT. ".YlntlirrH' Meeting." The mothers' meeting for April was held yesterday afternoon at the home, of Mrs. Hodges on North Main street. Notwithstanding the inele.meuey of the. •weather a number of ladies met at the. usunl hour, evincing, their interest in this department of the W. 0. T. U. work. The meeting was opened with prayer offered by Mrs. Hodges, followed by an able paper on "Home Amusements," by Mrs. A. K. Vaughn The meeting elicited u full discussion of the subject by the ladies present. The meeting concluded with a prayer offered by Mrs. C. E. Smith. The programme and place for the mothers' meeting for May will be announced later. Mil lit Out to Wnrk. At theNKWH office may be seen a plat of the world's fair grounds, showing the. location, along with others, which Kansas is supposed to occupy. Mr. 0. H. Hildrcth, one of the Kansas commissioners was in the city to- duy urging our citizens to diligence. Kansas must raise her money for buildings, etc., by May 20, or we lose our site. Other counties are coining to the front in good shape, and now county must get to work. The lending county of central Kansas should not be behind in the matter of coming to the front with her share of the funds. Citizens of Hutchinson and Keuo county let this matter claim your immediate ntlonliou. "liow delicious Is the winning Of a kiss, at IOVC'H binning."— sings the poet, and his sentiment true with one possible exception, cither party has the eartarrh, oven love's kiss loses its sweetness. Dr. Sage's Catarrh Uninedy Is a sure cure for this repulsive and distressing affliction, lly its mild, soothing,antiseptic, cleansing aud healing properties, it cures the worst cases. $500 reward offered for an incurable ease. KU>Uklll>llllM 'H' Meeting. There will be u meeting of the stockholders of the Hutchinson aud Southern Railroad company at the company's olliec in Hutchinson, Kan sas, Tuesday, May 13, 18113, at 10 a. m. Qll. A. CiuusTv, President. CUAS, 11. DAVIS, Secretary. April 13, 1BU2. tf »lilK Work." Iteno Oommandery conferred the temple degree upon two of tho largest men lust night that were ever taken Into the order at one time, A l.iirf;i'anil Kntliunln«lle Meeting ill the Onurl Hiiu*e--Stlrrlnjj Kiiecchri* Delivered, llir General Tour, ol M'hli-h Win That "Money TIUUM "—Committers Appointed (i) KIIIHC $1,0110 TII-DJIJ — Mr. IJlKRi'r 'K PropoHllloii. In answer to the call in yesterday evening's Ni;ws for a muss meeting of the citizens of the city at the court house last night, n large anil enthusiastic crowd of business men met and discussed the situation. The meeting was culled to order by .1. Greenlee, who placed the name of lion. II. Whiteside in nomination for chairman of the meetiug, which was eairied with a will. Dr. L. K. Cain was chosen secretary. Mr. Whiteside explained the object of the meeting, stated the various propositions which had been made the city for an auditoriom that will seat from 1,200 to l.fiOO persons. The one which seemed the cheapest for the city, and the one which all present thought the most, feasible, was that sent to the meeting by Hon. L. A. lligger, which was read and discussed at length, and finally adopted. The proposition was as follows: I, 1J. A. UiRger, proprietor of lllversiile park, at the south end of Mala street, make to the people of the city of Hutchinson, to be represented either by trustees by tlieni appointed or by subscribers and their assigns to a fund be mentioned, the following proposition: That 1 will contribute St.000 towards the erection of a frame building in Riverside park, UU.vl20 feet in dimension, dnly lit up and ventilated with glass windows, with platform or stage across one end or on one side, of proper length, the roof to be truss so that there will he no pillars inside, floor solid and whole building good and substantial, erected one story in good taste and painted with two coats, anil I guarantee that said building will cost not to exceed 812 ,000. If it costs more I am to pay it. I will seat the building at my own expense, and provide at my own expense urtnals and closets and alHo give the public the use of said balldlngaad appurtenances and of the said Riverside park for all public purposes in perpetuity. The trustees to he appointed by the people, or rather the subscribers to the fund hereinafter mentioned, shall determine what are public purposes and I will be bound by same. I will sec that proper contracts are executed and delivered to trustees to be appointed by said subscribers or their assigns, and that neither myself or anyone either directly or individually interested in the ownership of said park shall become the iissigns of any subscriber to :ild fund. All above to be guarded by- proper contracts. Tn consideration of the above the people of Hutchinson shall subscribe and pay $3.- 0U0 towards the erection of said building, further agree to get said building so far '.ompletetl as that It can be uspd by the Ue' publican convention on May 5, 18(12. reserving the right to temporarily seat same for uch occasion and light It up for this occa- lon, as well as all others when .used as .foresaid, viz: l-'or public purposes. After May n. 1HU2, I will complete as quick as rea- mably possible what said building, etc.. may lack of being complete at the time. After the building is complete I will see that it is kept in proper repair, and will also see that it is preserved amV.prntectcd aniUhut no expense bills are preferred against said parties paying the 51,000, and that nocontracts are made with either material, men mr laborers so as to make said subscribers liable for mechanic's liens, etc.: in short, they pay me the $1,000, and I will do the balance. The 51,000 must be paid in cash. 1 will see the building is put up in good shape with due regard to acoustic properties and will let the subscribers or trustees inspect expense bills, and will see that at least $2,000 is judiciously expended on said building proper. L. A. niCGKII. Judge Martin moved and .1. F. Green- ice supported the motion, that a committee of ten men be appointed to raise, by subscription, SI ,000 imraedi ately. This committee was composed of the following gentlemen: Messrs. F. fj. Martin, J. 11. Vincent, L. F. Cain, E. h. Meyers, C. 11. Willley, John Chapman, Frank Young,.I. M. Mulkey, V. Martin and D. I. Gnlliher. The chair appointed the following gentlemen as a committee to draw up a contract between the city and Mr. lligger: Judge Leslie, H. W. Gleuson, W. E. Hutchinson and Judge L. llouk. The secretary was instructed to wire the llano county Democrats now at the Sulina meeting, that "Hutchinson is prepared to care for the Democratic state convention. Send them here," A subscription paper was prepared and liberally signed by those present, and the meeting adjourned amid enthusiastic cheers. We arc now in a condition to accommodate the largest gatherings in the state—u thing which but few cities in the state can say, and a thing which no other city in central or western Kansas can say. Mr. lligger will have an army of workmen on tho building to-morrow, and by May 5th it will be in a shape to aecommodate u gathering of 1,500 people. The public should have taken hold of this matter sooner, as the Nnws has often suggested, and now that the Commercial Club lias taken the lead in the matter, it scores an important point for that most valuable and necessary organization, liberally assisted by the public spirited citizens of our city. tho inclement wether cut short the crowd somewhat, the shortage in numbers was more than made up in pleasure. The ladies did not realize us much ns they should have realized, but they .demonstrated the. fact that thev arc capable of conducting a hall in a very pleasant' and satisfactory manner, and the ball hist uight will serve u good advertisement for them, should they give, another. STEAM PLOWING- Ills Wliiil .11 r. (iiuiliier Has lo Sn.v Invention. It will be remembered that the Ni:\vs a few weeks since contained an interview with John A. Gardner of Chicago, who invented the first steam plow, and who has spent about twelve years of time and a fortune of money upon the machine. Other machines have since sprung into existence, none of which,as Mr.Gardner told the reporter covers the ground to the satisfaction, neither of experts who have examined them, nor to the public, which is daily becoming more deeply interested in the subject of steam plowing. In the Farm Implement News of April 14 after speaking of the merits of his own plow, and the demerits of other attempts. Mr. Gardner says; 1 'To cut the story short, I stand ready- to furnish machinery on sixty to ninety days' notice, which will be constructed on the principles above stated, will weigh not lo exceed fifteen tons, will have a constant earth contact of twenty-four square feet, will be provided with triple-tandem-compound engines with condenser of sufficient ca paeity to substantially convert the steam to water again, will also be provided with an electric-light plant of ample capacity for the purpose in tended, will be capable of plowing 150 acres in twenty-four consecutive hours at a cost of §20, and will make twice us great a pull us any traction engine ever built, and will be well adapted to drawing graders or scrapers used in excavating irrigating canals. This machine will cost 85,000, and be as durable and simple us any ordinary traction engine. Seeing is believing, and these things can be seen at Aurora and Kankakee, 111. This result is no ''Jonah's gourd'' that grew up in a night, but represents a dozen years of experiments and the investment of large sums of money. Since the objection of weight has been disposed of by distribution, the way is now open for the steam economics to enter the domain of field traction, and to utilize the principles which have enabled the marine engines to get the same power from tVvo pounds of coal that once required seven pounds to produce., Engines of one kind or another are now so common among farmers that they and. their progressive sons are acquiring considerable appreciation of their operations. No doubt but that an exegesis of the almost incredible advantage of compound over single engines with respect to economy, regularity of motion and sudden acquisition of vast power for an emergency would be interesting reading for them as well as for the more professional implement men; and if your columns are open for this kind of talk I shall be pleased to submit, in the near future some specific tabulation of scientific data on the subject." Try a sack of Only $1.25 per sack. How do these prices you? strike 2 lbs evaporated pears for 25c 2 lbs evaporated apricots 25e 2H lbs evavoratcd apples : .25c 4 lbs evaporated grapes 25c 3 lbs evaporated prunes 25c 1 lb evaporated raspberries 25c 1 lb evaporated pitted cherries... .20e 4 lbs dried peaches 25c 5 lbs dried currants 25c Call and examine our stock and see if they are not the finest and cheapest in the market. THE 21 South Main. THE Hutchinson -. Music COMPANY. .SAVE YOUR } DOLLARS ^ USAVEYOUR. |^DOLLARS< — US .SAVEYOUR, • DOLLARS< BY TRADING 1 WITH US SAVE YOUR, • DOLLARS< BY TRADING 1 WITH US AN APRIL FOOL? Not a hit of it, if'you dual with the Star Clothiers. Nothing Can Keep Them Down, You open the door, and up we come. SIOO OUR MAINSPRING is PUBLICITY. The more people know our prices, goods and fair dealings, the greater crowds we have in the store. We are the acknowledged Leaders of Low Prices in Clothing, Men's Furnishings & Hats. We carry the largest stock in Hifcik- inson. We are agents for the IiejP makes in men's, boys 1 and children's clothing in the world, Manhattan shirts, Christy hats, etc. Deal with ns and get the best values for less money than you can buy them for elsewhere. CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. To the party or parties guessing the time or nearest the time it will take our candle to burn. The candle is 12 inches in diameter, about 33)j inches in circumference and S feet 5 Inches in height. Come and get guess tickets. Candle will be lit July 4, 1802. PRICES IN CLOTHING, MENS FURNISHINGS & HATS llEAl.EKS IN Kathleen Miivouriieeii. In spite of the inclement weather last evening, there was a fuir sized audience out to witness the rend ition of Kathleen Mavourneen, by the Brodboll Comedy company at the opera house. The play abounds in happy Irish saying, situations, etc., which the lirod- boll company handle in a most happy manner. The eorhpany will present "Man and Muster" to-night, one of the best plays in their repertoire. Seats are on sale at the usual place, and you should secure your seats early. The bedroom suite is quite a novel idea, and is quite a drawing card. They give a number with each 10 cent' ticket which is quite satisfactory to all concerned. With favorable weather, the house will be crowded to-night. tiui'itii Esther. The Queen Esther circle will give a dime social Thursday night April 21, at Mablo Hutchinson's222 Fifth avenue west. Everybody is cordially invited to attend. The following programme will be giveu: Music Harp Club Recitation Myrtle Anderson Solo Mrs. Newlln anil Mable Hutchinson Recitation Lena Patten Guitar Solo Dimple Dunett Music Harp Club The young people have secured a humanaphone for the social, and will have it on exhibition. No extra charge will be made to witness this great attraction. Pianos and Organs. .General agents for southwestern Kansas for Chickering, Sterling, Emerson, Schubert Bush & G-ertz, PIANOS. Farrand & Votey —and— Chicago Cottage ORGANS. HI » Galliher, LIVERYMAN. Fine rigs, stylish teams and the finest funeral aar and white hearse i a the state. ROCKAWAY AND LANDEAU FOR WEDDINGS AND GALLING. • 101, 103 and 105 Sherman street. Telephone 37. Write for terms and prices. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. Equal NuEfrngo Ball. The Equal Suffragists gave a ball last night, in the new A. 0. U. \V. hall, which was a very plcsant affair. Ilea's orchestra furnished the music, and one of tho most pleasant bulls of the season was enjoyed. Each one present enjoyed tho oeoussiou, aud although Nutlets All dishes that were found in the rooms iiffer the "Hi-Chloride of Gold" supper, have boon taken to the G. A. It. hall, where the owners are requested to come and got them. The doors will be open at 3 o'clock. COM. (Sulhl Meeting. The ladies of the Episcopal Guild will meet in the Guild hall on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. It being the annual meeting for the election of ofilcers a full attendance Is desired 2t <J. 3HL IP. PLATE, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a fine line of Teas, and a full line of Groceries. NO. 113 NORTH MAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. MITCHELL, irector and Embalm 10 South Main. Open Day au% N L j||P|^t. Telegraph Orders Given Prompt Attention. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. L. G. DUPLER, n Are as Ilexible and dainty as the tin est turn. Are the easiest walking shoes made, tho cork acting as a cushion to tho foot. Are the most healthful shoes made, as cork is a non-conductor of heat and cold. Ladies wearing them need not fear cold, damp or rough wulks. The cork is secured In a pocket, which is sewed in with the seam, holding it firmly in place, and is guaranteed not to work loose or curl up. For sale by YOUNG BROS. E win mm OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. We sell D. M. Ferry & Co.'s celebrated bfc seeds. r -*T THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

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