Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1912
Page 5
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'•: s-^ -r'lf'i'' OopyiltM m Wkttwa Rmiiapor rolM ! yon old Aduml" she giggled, l"don't you kuow that the price of apples has gone up—away up—since our mothers quit sewing carpet-rags and 'splnnlne'flax. It takes a man vlth a head these days to-keep my lady gratiaed." i : "Apples, say the physicians, are nec- { :eiwary to the human system. And 11 :ma7 point also to a higher authority who has said It is not good for man to dwell alone! As for the price, was .there ever an Adam who-thought oi thlsT"': "Not until the baby needed shoes]" agreed; the woman, letting her hand rlpplo.tho water over the rail. "Many • an Adam has-asked his'Eve to fly with htm and after the flight couldn't, buy a curry of chicken wings in a Boston resUurhnt!" The mayor smiled. ^Marriage as it Is .practiced," . ho • commented, "Is a bigger gamble than the board of trade—and twice as interesting." The boat glided onward across tho sleeping wnters, leaving a V-slmped ripple in its ^'uke. Traversing tho lake, Bpillght pulled through a narrow neck that conneiitcd tloose Lake with tho main body of Sylvan. Tho view wj»s cnrhauting—jilnc, cedar and hemlock, birch aij^ maplp varied tho shores and green bushes trailed tUclr drooping (endrlls In tho cool- waters. La Vet'k's cabin came into view, situated ui>on a knoll beside tho lake, a picturesque pile of tho lumberjack ' days./About Its tumbled sides tho wild ' amp'clopsls Bcrnmblod, and rag-wecil flourished In the clearing. Tho mayor drew the skUt upon the shore, carried the girl's easel, box and camp chair to a spot designated and stood by for order.".. "Can you make roffee?" asked JIlss McConnell. as she got out the canvas and prepared to begin the sketch. "Itt these days of the new woman," be said, bantcringly, "mala has come to recognize in a kindlier light the ladylike art of cooking. Fair enchantress. I can make cotfeo' fit for the gods, but woman's dainty hand must pou|r. else it loses its flavor." . "Very woM," she said; "now run away and forget me until 'the coffee Is boiling in the pot" Bedight turned to the forest's fringe the veriest trifle of anxiety in hor voico, "Wo must be going. Tho sky looks like a storm." The mayor ca"nio over to i Miss McConnell and. standing beside her, %azed analytically iiito the west. "I think we will be safer here," he advised, quietly. "Tho storm will break befqre wo can reach the Inn." "But we cannot atay in this ruined but It leaks and the doors are gone," objected Miss McConnelL "Come on, let's be off." The, man.hesltated. . "Don't you think It wiser to remain hero until the storm is over?. We are a.long .ways from Squirrel Ion," eouo- •falod'th'o mayor. *But the 'wind will kick np the'li^es. until We cant, get across for hours," cried" the womnn nervously. "Sometimes." said Bedight, looking squarely at lic'r. "B 'man7 la not as dangerous after dark -M a \rlnd storm by day." "Nonpcnsc!" exclaimed Miss McConnell. "Where's your sporting blood. Let's maUi) a fry for it." Tho mayor turned and walked down to the boat Tlio girl followed and got aboard. He rolled up tho sleeves of bis light shirt and took tho oars. As ho did so, a drop of rain fell Into tho boat. "Really, Miss McConnell," he protested, "this, la unwise. You will not only got a good wcttlni; but tbero is grave dnnger of . ^ ear* Mif «ik «.'^lMi «litk^ a^t torJikMttr.v 'MiMKllfir tlio «1ior*1i blttff,.li«.Miiv, oft to thi aortti. a>but sUll •Uuiding. vTldontlr Mmt aahcrman.'a ahntity. Ilo beekoaad th« Ctrl, who came up taughlnc. "If I look an funny as you do with rour clothes all Fillrking to you, the Ittle birds will be' In paroxysms to- norrow^l" la^ighod the - bedraggled voman, saucily, gating braxenly at he man. "W\ll," replied Bedight, returning he (tare, " is down, your hirtwaist is out at tho back, your >kirt is showing yonr limbs and your ^hoes squash when you walk. Otfacr- wl^you are dressed for one of Mln^ :iost'B summer feeds or evening hops —that is, dress appropriate for Squir- el Inn when thero are no men to en- mUHIIIS-CIISilllilETS T- "Your Diplcmaey-Is Admirable." When and began gathering firewood. I JO caJIttl. she Mmo promptly. "Man," she said, "has caused many a divorce by not coming to dinner wh^ he Js called. Nothing so nettles-'a woman as to wait meals. Knowing tbii!. I make haste." "Voar diplomacy is admirable," he congratulated, passing her the coCce pot Lunch over, DcdJght packed the cooking outfit .end replaced it in the boat The sky was smoky in tho west, smoky witli heat that generated a strange restlessness among the quivering treeW while the air was surcharged with a portentous quietude that preragod a, clash of fury. .A black clotid Flood upon the rim of the lake and caused a look of concern in Hediglit's eyes. A glance In Miss McConneil's direction showed the girl abforbed 'in ber work. The mayor picked up a mr.gazlne and jtrclcbed himself upon the sward, beneath a hn£(? .vcHow Wrch. He VKS rttracted from his story a half hour l.T ,;cr \>y a sli.'.tlow* across the sun. Hurriedly Epriiiging to his feet, he scanned the cky. A mass of black v:lxh livid green palcbei and scurrying fore runners of whitej froth lay like a monstrous curtail across the went, through which shot veins of gold ll'.:e roots of mammoth trees. A deep ruij. .ble. has^ in it8| intonation, rolled across t|te sky. warning tho creatures of the earth thai aoon their master would bo abroad la the land to wreck and destroy. The woman, too, aware of tbs danger, sat (Sting spprcheuaively at the disturbed sk;. "Oli. Mr. nedllght," she crk-d wKb "f am neither sugar nor a coward,' sho snid curtly. "Go ahead." • BedlKht fell to his onrs but his inspection of the sky over the girl's head as she faced him was far from reassuring. Tho clouds had taken more definite form and in their center, occupying the front of the great stage of the sky, clung a balloon-like mass of twisting matter. Ucdight looked at the girl apprehensively., as she pat in the Btern of the boat, taking the splashing drops of rain like a Spar-' tan. ' "Miss McConncII, we are going to haro a bad storm presently. Don't you think it would bo better to go back? Look at the sky behind you." She turned her head. An exclamation of surprise broke from her lips. •-•If you think best, Mr. Bedight 1 am afraid I havo been foolhardy—but I'm still satisfied to go on if you are," proudly. A terrific clap of thunder directly overhead, coupled with a roar in the west, caused Hcilight to hesitate.^ Instead of turning tho boat, he headed for the shore, liehlnd them the storm was rushing wjth ten league wings and tho waves llcaped into an action that set tho boat tossing llko'a speck upon A boiling pot. Tho day became a.s >dark as night, save for the lightning flashes. V In a moment the storm broko. Amid tho crash of rending trees, the do- monincal shrietEings of the wind, tho terror of the lightning, the boat sped onward along tho shore, t>no onr gone, tho other useless 4n such a sen. In tho main channel no craft could hnvo lived, but along thn shore down which the two raced before tho wind, the shell flew on the wings of tbe tempest White but brave, frightened but in full control of her nerves, the girl clung!to; tho boat Straight toward the narrow neck of Goose lake, the craft bore like a wind-whipped ^iceboat under a gale. The mayor gritted hia teeth. Once outside the smaller lake the course of the craft woflid fee directly across the larger body of water. He studied the girl opposlte. Did she realize the dnnger? "Mr. Bedight." she spoko reRrelfully. with an effort at bravery. "I—if we go through into Sylvan Jake J—I'm sorry I didn't take your advice. It won't help much now to know that; I've repented of my decision—but I—" ' The mayor interrupted, shouting against tho wind: "1 think we'll avoid It, and surely this must pass quickly." Her answer waa lost In the musketry and deluge that followed. The boat, half filled with water, lurched perilously, rolled like a cedar log and turned turtle! Bedight felt himself carried forward with terrible speed .and deposited upon tbe shore. He shook the water from his eyes. Beside him^ on the sand lay th^ girl, and a rod down the shore the boat hung upon the shingle. She opened' her eyes to tho sound of his voice and the pressure, of his hand upon her heart. Coughing, she sat up on the beach and rubbed the sand from her'face and hands. Her clothes hung closely upon her, showj! ing the outlines of hor body. "The j rain still fell in torrents and ran down (heir necks' In tiny rivulets. "Oh!" she gasped, when her senses marshaled themselves from the bewilderment "I've lost my sketch!** The mayor laughed. "If yoli had been a trifle less fortunate, you might not he worrying about Oh, If Paulino Could Only Sea Us Now," Ljsuflhed Miss McConnell. snaro and all dancing parties pro feminine." "You're horrid!" she scowled. "Wliat aro wo going to do?" "Thcro'.-i- a hut over there. If (hero's any part of it that will burn, wo will •preserve tho remainder and use it ns a Garden of Kden bupplled by a kind providence." Tho woman hesitated. The Garden of Eden stuff in tho morning was nut then so pregnant with pos.^ihtUties. Bedight set off ahead, apparently oblivious to her douht . . (To He" ContiDHod.) \u llllintt!«n«>!is« lieiidnrhis Sirk. Noar MtnniHrk, Indiaestion, Cnaled > Tongue or Caniitlpiitlan. • ———.. Furred Tongue. Had Taste. Indi- gestioii. Sallow Skin and Miserable Hcadachc8,.come fruni a torpid liver and clogged bowels, which cause your stomach to .become tilled witli undir gestcd food, which s'lurs and ferments like garbage in a swill barrel. That's the first step to untold misery—Indigestion, foul gases. b.-iO brratb. yellow- skin, mental foars everything that is horrible and nauspatlng. A rascarni tonight will give vour constipated bowels a thorough rle^nsing and will straighten you out by mnrning. They work while you sln'p—a lo-cnt box from your druggist will keep you feel inp good for months. Millions of men and women take a Cascaret now and then to keep their .vtomach. liver and bowels regulated, and never know a miserable niomeni. Don't forKot the children—their litic-insider need a good, gentle cleansing, jtoo. '• ' •; •" ing Bjjop .was the fmljalmrd body ,of a mnn.kliled several itiohtbs-agn while ^te:)llng horse's near ' P.TLWhuska. No one had "ever been "able to Idenliry the man. Hubbard declares be rreo.i;niied him instantly as Mrl'iiirdy.- The full d'lails ol ('»'•. robb'-ry whirli Indirtirlly I'd lo .larret's death wrrr jearni'd toilay. \Vbi.>;k<T seems Ip l).nve proved II K- b.-indil'x undoing. Kriil.-y niabi In-"stole Mr. ilurke's hnrse ;ind .Tl iin i -Mrly biiur Saturday mornlne !)<• rttde Iriin I'ru«> on the iitolen .iiiluiiil. A f««' itiiiiiiK'S before Mine n'elock be "nii"ri>i| the Nrw Stale blink niid Kreiinl .1. II. Comer, the rashler. sJ'ylnir tint he de.siri'd In tra'i.sac't snine business. Mr., ("onier told him that the linn- lock on the iwiff- wiiiibl 111- bi o|vr;tti«>« in u few niliiijics and.Hill) I J I H wants woubl bi- iji^.'fiilly lnokitl .ifier. -M nlm- o'ljloek bri isHfe Wiis »'l»'riril an>l .larret was <nbl that be I 'oiild his busi- lieSK. ^b r.'iiil.v wrs oiTe r-miiloy.'d by an Idl.i pluu)b<'r aiiil wnrkt'd here for Mii'iiMis wbllo di'I'flivoH were sffkliit; liiin far and n. .ir. Mi- W.TS an expert •vf'rkrsim -uid Miniipli bis di-meanor I KT" «'xcited some ruriosity. it war iirvrr sLvsp'Tli-d, iinlil he had mysler- ionsly di.«Mp|ieand. that be was a des- ixrate- crimin.-il. M.fardy's nveralls. worn while vorkiiiR b <Te sril! are baUKinp on th': liall in tb<- siKip where he left them. 1 nr ibalr bom^ S«t«r4ay;> lilsa Leota Unit t» worttit tbr h«r {st«r. Mis. Mont MiUerthls W4»lt. ' I Oioli Htekman btttch«r«d ' a hog loBday AVenlng. !M^ B. O: Worden Is reported on the sick-list . Little Mildred Korrick was visiting with her sister l>nurn Beat tho latter' part of tho week. j Mrs. Sarah Miller, of Missouri is visiting with her niece. Mrs. A. C. Host (his week. It Is tho first time HAW ANI) DANDRUFF-^RO^S IWiR Don't Pay 50 Cents for Worthless Hair Tcmla^^ Reliable, Harmless "Dandcrintf'-Gct Results. Thin, brittle, colortoss and scraggy hair Is mute evidence of a neglecte«l scalp; of dandruff that awftil scurf. There Is nothing so destructive to the hair as dandruff. It robs tho hair heV ^ e m^W\wen ;:,even Voi™: of its lustre. Its strength Itrvery Most of the people in this vicinity life: eventually Sri?g\S^'"'^'"" rn -ot-^lSKatS^^^^^^^ 1/ Mr. Kennedy's had relatives visiting them the past week. Mr.-'and Mrs. Reynolds aro the proud parents, of a baby girl. IDK.VriFIKH KLMKIt .M'f.tltDV. Dead llnndit Formerly a i'hiniber iCm- pinyeii in loin. foffeyville .lohriial: A weird slory conccrniuK Klini-r .Md'anly, form-'r pal of .ftirrel'.s, is fold by Deputy rnllrd .Slates Marshal .Io<- llubbar-l. of Mu-sko.Kee, who went to I'awluiska. .McTardy was suppo.sed to have bi-i-n killed lIy^.a jiosse on Kevard's raiuli in the Osage country a j^ear ago this month following his holdup uf a Katv traln at Okesa. The body wiis identified by all the oflicers who saw it ii» Mel^ardy. | Standing uprlRbf by Die .side of ret's body in the i'awhiiaku uiiderUik- Ed Shivcly and wife were, calling at Mr. Will Talley's Sunday. |Mr. and Mrs. Mont Miller, of Mildred spent Sunday night with the latter's parents. Mrs. A. C. Best's house on her farm which is rented lo a tenant was struck by lightning Friday morning and practically tor^ to jiieces. Mr. Geo McGee and family occupy tho house and five of them were asleep at the time the lightning struck, but fortu-- natcly no one was ininred. . Mrs. Tl. C. Best is visiting with her parents this weok. to shrink. loOsen and die—then the hair falls out fast A little Danderino tonight—now-^ anytime—will surely save your hair.- Get a 25! cent bolHo of Knowlton's Danderino from any drug or toilet counter, and after tho ftrtt a|>- i , .r plication you will say It was th«-)iC8C >*, Investment you cror made . Tour ihalr will Immediately take on thatTllfc/tus- tre and luxuriance wlilch is so bteu-.i tiful. it will become wavy and fluffy and have tho appearance or'abund--V ancc; an' incompai^ablo gloss and soft-- i ness. but what will please jxm moet • will bo after Just a few weeks' iise, i when yon will actually sco a laV at fine, downy hairT-now hair—growing i all over the scalp. ' PRAIRIE ROSE. (Vara E. Rodgers). Oct. 16.—Rer. Atherton closed his mr>etlnRS at i'rairio Roso Monday evening. I A W . Sloan went lo Savonburg Saturday to attend the fair. Morris Fusion ' was on the police forcn at Moran during' tho fair last week. Miss Mildred Rolih is working for Mrs. Harlan Taylor In Moran, Tho'railrgad rompany^has a gang of Tho insurance adjuster was >er»- / this wee kin connection with the loss '.. of Mr. Nolan's bam by firo. Miss McKInney and Miss Hennln- • : ger attended the teachers meeting la • lola Saturday. " . ~ ' " Mrs. I jam, Mrs.'Fannie Wood and I Orin Wood returned Wednesday evcn- ; ing from a two weeks' visit with ret- ",. Z atii>:es in Oklahoma and Kingman-conn ' ty, Kansas. ' . —Geo. T.-Craddock. Ruiile, Ark., - ... says: "I' was-boinered'with lumbago men at wqrk • cleaning out the tank for seven vears so bad 1 coiild no! pond. -,. work. 1 tried several kinds of kbiney Mrs. Ruby Sp-nflVird and children i niedleine relief. M ASTEAl»Y,CTEMTfellKlttTWE . IIEMKVES KIUMEI. 1>EAI). OS.K.K VALLEY, (Mrs. R. C Best.) Oet.Kl.—Most of, tho kalllr corn in tbi.s nei);;hborhood is cut and several fit the farnu'r.>! are shuekiuR corn. Mr. Mapee's dauRhter and little son returned lo their home in Missouri Sunday. They have be«'n visiting him (he past niondi. ('has. Vandeveer and wife spent the day Sunday with Will Van Tolt and family. .1. \V. Van Pelt of Itlue Mnund was visififiK with his daiicbt'-r, .Mr.s. Carrie .MrGee, the liasi week. Itert llnmmiston Is buibliiiK a now cement poreh around Iils housn. Grandpa lllekmnn took dinner with his son Dirk Tuesday. Mr. R C. illekman startt-d with tbe car for lii.s new $oine near Two Buttes Colorado Monday evenini;. Mis wife will Ro the latter part of the week. Mrs. Kd Hi>rrnian and children of Western Kansas, who have been vis- Formed Friend nf KnnNn.o Banker Tes- liQpK in insuninre Suit. .SI. I^mls. ftet. I7.-->(r8. Andrew .1 Hunt, of WIrhitn. Kan., former frieni' and confidante of George A. Kliniiiel. •be bank rashler wlm disapi'earefl In ions, teslifietl here in behntr of (h< effort i>f Mrs. Kdna K. Itonslctt. Kimmel's sister to rollert two $1)l.|Hin in- •furnnre iioliries on Klmnjel's life. SbeJ said she bad not seen Klinnvl sinrr his dlsappear.'inie and b'lleved hiin ti be dea'il. It was anniiiinri-<l in eoiirt thai both ihe sL-ster and iiinilMT i >f Kiniiiiel intended to testify that (hoy l)elieveil Ktniniel de;id. de.s|iito the appearancr last spring of an i >x-eonvlrt. who de- elared hiiuf^elf the missing lianker This man. known as Andrew .1. While, is on bis way here from Oreg;on Ir) enileavor aRain lo prove be h Kimniel. IOWA FAKE IS 01TI .MISTIF. S«>Ten Layer Structure, Crushed hy Seventeen Wnnirn, itisi-s Ainiin. Ottiiuiwa la.. Oct. 17.—A ."icven layei cake bak«il a I a demonstration her by Mrs. K. HaKerinan, stood an unusual test yesterday. The cake was- ten inches high and when completed a (ilank was placed on top ahd seventeen women of average weight stood on the plank. The eake presenleil llie appearance of a paneake wbf»n the welRht Way removed, hut It did not burst or break and shortly liecan to rise again to lt^= full lieiRht of ten. inches. —There will hn a Icrlure on Christian Science at the opera hmnn next Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Admission free. Frank Xnwton leaves today for a short visit In Kmporla. Coffee Poisoning is a frequent cause of many human aches and ailments. But people seldom lay the blame where it belongs until troubles n^ultiply and the doctor says "quit coffee" Tlic cofrec drinker who i.s annoyed by headache, nervousness, indigestion, heart paliiilali 'in, bilifHtsncss or lack of .sleep, can prove to a certainty whether coffee is the cause liv stopping it ten days and using POSTUM This healthful beverage, made entirely of choice Northern wheat and juice of Southern sugar-cane, tastes much like coffee but contains no caffeine, the habit-forniing, health- destroying drug in both tea and coffee. Everyone can driiilc Postum with fullest benefit. V,; ^.mm:\% .SLEEP DESTBOTEBS Tea and Cotfee. by vhat now—althou^Ii Fm willing to ad- mil you'd make a swell mermaid." Tho storm was raging off In the 4sst. tho wind wtoero they stood had ccnni cracking lU l»»ag«. » Thousands of former tea and coffee drinkers have found it a meiuis of regaining health and increasing their cbiiifort. "There's a Reason" Poslum Cereal Co., Ltd., Battle Creek, Mich. She suffered from nervousness day and sleeples-sness by night. •'.rp to three years ago." writes a younR woman 'Twas in the habit of drinking coffee freely and did not realize that it was injuring my health." Ilea contains caffeine—the same drug found in collect "till J-was suddenly made the victim of nervous headaches so violent that I was compelled to give up household activities and stay in hcd much of tho time. Then insomnia came, upon me and the wretchedness of sleepless night.s was added to the agony of painful da>'s. "This lasted till a year ago. when I was tiersuaded by a friend to give up coffee entirely and use Postum. Tho result, was, in less than a week I began to feel tho change for the lieiter. tny nerves grew stronger and I began lo sleep nights. Day by day tbe improvement continued and in a short •time I was restored to health. .My headaches left me. • the nervpusncs.i passed away entirely, and I enjoy good sound sleep at nlght. "Thls Is what I owe to Postum. and 1 feel It but right lo tell you of It.'" Name given by Postum To, Battle Creek. .Mich. Read tho little hook— "The Road to Wellvlllo"—In pkgs. This is the .time of the year when you can get : some [rood siolid comfort out of your Piano., If you have not already purchased a Piano come to our store and sec our Ftock. Look over our beautiful line of P]aiio.s. Hear what a good proposition we can offer - you. , V Wc have .some good sliglitly used Pianos thai arc fine and will save you some money. , ORGANS. $5, $8, $10, $12, $15 to $30 J. V. Roberts Music m NOTICE! ' STOVE OIL or DISTILLATE 1 A fuU supply on hand at 409 North Jeffi^r- son Avenue. Humboldt Refining Co. | Telephone 725. Mi Hungerfbrd, Age it, | No Deliveries Made on Less Than Barrel Ijota?^ •1 Old Griffith Feed Yi ^ Frank White, Proprietor. 224 North Jefferson ' Telephone M Kinds of Feed Sold and Delivered to All Parts'of the City, prices arc reasonable, v

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