Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 18, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1908
Page 5
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(local Events/ V>==^=^^<V B! tfae^rr=^=rr:--^=^: G ^ First class chicken bone, 100 Ibs. 12.50. San Gabriel Valley Milling Company. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ennis have gone to Long Beach to witness the arrival of the fleet. "Tuln," given by Junior class, May 8, 1908, at Womans Club House. Seats 25o and 35c. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Haiues of Biitte valley arrived last week to spend the summer in Covina. Mrs. J. S. Eckles left Wednesday for Redoudo to spent two weeks with her son, Arthur, and family. Geo. Ostrnuder of Long Beach was calling on Covina friends last Thursday. Mrs, Krciger and children of Los Angeles spent tho week end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Houser. Mrs. F. J. Cline spent, two days this week at the home of her mother, Mrs. Rosentbal, in Los Angeles. Mrs. Paul Stevens is recovering from a two weeks' illness with la grippe. Place your spare cash in tho Covina Valley Savings Bank, a safe investment at 4 per cent. Mr, Shearer has returned from Modesto where he has been looking after his business interests, Mmes. I. 1. Cook, Prather, Clapp and fcbe Misses Abbie and Mamie Cook and Mabel Hastings are spending tho week at Long Beach. Mrs. Anna W. Koss, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Hannah Overholtzor, returned to her home in Lwtlirop last Tuesday. Little Dorothy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. L. King, who is seriously ill with diptheria, has taken a turn for the better. Mrs. Sharp and daughter, aunt, and cousin of S. Jeasup, have returned this week to their home in Pacific Grove. Mrs. Dets arid daughter returned to their home in Los Angeles after a pleasant visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Houser. The choir of Holy Trinity Church, under the direction of Mrs. Brunjes, is preparing some choice and excellent music to be rendered at the Easter services. Victor Carlson, late of Minneapolis, is visiting at the home of bis brother-in-law, A. T. Anderson. Mr, Carlson has opened a photographic studio at Monrovia. Mrs. S, J. Blnuchard is leaving today to visit friends in Lathrop, Stockton and Berkeley. At the latter place she will be present at the graduation of her son, Everett. District Deputy Mrs. Alfred Pierce of Los Angeles paid a visit of inspection on Tuesday evening to the local chapter of the Eastern Star. She was much pleased with tho work done and reported this as one of tho banner lodges. Col. S. S. Matthews of Pontiac, Mich., waa tho guest last Monday ot Mr. and Mrs. X. D. Mussey. These two gentlemen were Giand Army comrades and enjoyed many reminiscences together. The Axusa Womuns Club uill give a coneei't, at. the A/.lisa Opera House. May 7, 1!)OH. Program of old favorite hongs, readings and violin numbers, local arti.sts. U'iekols at. Thomas's drug store, Axusa. •! Ufip Mr. and Mrs. Goldlhwaito (Ellen Beach Yaw i are expected homo in Covina from Europe and the East iibont the tenth or fifteenth of May. Miss Yaw has udded many leaves to her laurel crown, including u successful season in grant] opera. Mrs. Cora llalbrook of Wallstreet, Kansas, spent last. Saturday at. tho homo of her old friend, C. H. Stanton, whom she had jiot .seen for twenty-three years. She uill join her husband in Western Washington after "tleet week. " Tho three hour.-.' servjeo in com- moinorati'.n of the agony of our Savior was held in Holy Trinity Church from 1'2 to -i ye-terday <(iood Friday i. The lleproiichfs were sung by Mr. Mar=hail and addre,sf.-s on the Sevtn Words from the Crosa given by Hev. A. Floieher. intorspir-ud with suituhlo h>miiM and prayers. Col. and .Mr.i. I 1 '. M. Chapman have I,ecu spending the v,i-ek al. the Con.nado Motel, juen.lei- .,t (i .v. (JilleU'.i jaity. (VI. Chapman I..V term of MI vice ii the rai;l;jiiy Colonel t,f the (;'-. M'.d. They will rejj.ain uilli the GiAeni'.r during ihe roming week at i he Virginia, Lung iieach, and the Alc.x- J.o-, Al^e.ll-.-. (iunther's sweets are pure and j sweet. Claup sells 'em. Dr. Jennings and family are enjoying n vacation at Coionado. C. E. Demis and sons left for San Pedro today to witness the arrival of the battleships. "Tuln," given by Junior class, May 8, 1008, at Womana Club House. Seats 2Gc and 3">c. Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Thome left this week for a short vacation at Long Beach. First class chicken bone, 100 Ibs. 32.50. San Gabriel Valley Milling Company. "Tiilu," given by Junior class, May 8, 1008. Wouians Club House. Seats 'J5c and 35c. Coulson's Et'g Food will make your hens lay more eggs than any other known food. 82.00 per sack. San Gabriel Valley Milling Company. Coulson's Baby Cliich Feed will make chicks grow arid feather quick and never get sick or die. Why do you go to the Milling Company? Be cause we get what wo call for, you bet your bat. The Misses Evelyn DeLancey and Margaret Middletou are homo on a vacation this week. Mr. and Mrs. Flora and family, eastern friends wintering in Cali'or- nia, were guests this week of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Kendall. Guests at the homo of Messrs. Kalli and Kubie this week were tho Misses Smith iitid O'Brion and Mr. Josliug, all of Loa Angeles. The Misses Eleanor Bush of Santa Barbara and Myrtle Baldwin of Los Angeles were gnosls on Wednesday of Prof, and Mrs. A. II. Collins. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Menefce of Los Angeles spent a few days this week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Coolman. Stable for rent 'i si alls, carriage house, large corral, water convenient. (!. W. Marsh, opposite the postofilce. tf Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Dotts, J. H. Brown, Jacob Maechtleu and Mr. and Mrs. Julius Maechtleu were among the Covina people who welcomed the fleet and the brave crews at San Diego. Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Reed and Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Matthews, members of Gov. Gillett's party, have been spending the week at the Coronado Hotel. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Douglass and Mrs. Conley and daughter Mary were guests this week of friends in Redlands. The latter two are still visiting friends in that city. Col. and Mrs. F. M. Chapman and family, who went with t'io governor's staff to welcome the battleships into California waters, are still at San Diego. D. E. Stites, tho cement man, has a force busy making cement blocks for J. C. Walters, to be used in a retain ing wall at tho oast side of his property on Barranca street, arid also for the foundation of another residence. From tho depths nf our .son-owing hearts wo thank our kind friends and neighbors for their assistance, sym- jpnthy ami beautiful Moral tributes in lour recent bereavement in tho death df our devoted mother and loving iwifo. J. M. Finloy and daughters. 1 Mr. and Mrs, Cornelius Kendall of •Toledo, Ohio, and Mr. and Mrs, ; Gcorgo Kendall of St. Louis wore : guests of Mr. and Mrs. Laheo on ; Thnr.-'day hist. These two men, who .are cousins of Mr. Laheo's, are win- I taring in California. < The annual mooting of the direr-t- ors of the Cuvina Country (,'luli took i place on Moij'la.v ovoning. Follow- ilng tho nie'Miiit-' was it ".'iinokor 1 ' 'which win intended by a Inrg' 1 number of t he members. ' On Mondii.V evening Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Miller entertained at dinner Mrs. Dr. i^nint of Los Angeles, and ;.Mr. and Mrs, K. W. Ohor of Siilinn, Kansas. The. ladies aro cousins of ..Mr. Miller. J. W. Wilson of Salina, KaiiH., was also a visitor at thin homo this week. liiitb Finley, who l»st. her mother l.'ist wook from l\phoid pneumonia, is . durigorniiMly ill with I yphoi I fever. There are. two yount'or girls who have juHt reens'ered from tho fever. The family are roreixing welcome heln and K\ nij.athy from friends iind OUR Warner, Wnitsel & (o. Brown & Bonn Pomona Sanitary Laundry LAN to take dinner at the VENDOME to - marram. Special music. j For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. For immediate delivery of stable manure see F, E, Duddetar. Tborougbbred White Leghorn ougs for setting. S:? prr 100. H. E. Ward, Charter Onk. Phono] 201. tf For Ralo—-(Comfortable, five room residence in fine section of town, 81800. J. H. Matthews. For a stylish hair cut or an easy shisvo patronize tho AMier barber shop. Baths it\ connect ion. tf WANTKI) Cbickons and calves. J. C. Biiblridgo, Cnvinn, Cnl. P.O. box 'I'M. Phono 20(iO. tf Sitting on a High Hat. "If 1 woro to offer to w:\Ror that I could sit squnroly on my silk lint without crushing It, you would take me up. I suppose," said a clubman to a follow member. "Woll, you would lose," ho continued. "A good silk hat should support the wHght <if n nuirr say 140 pounds without yielding, providing the weight is applied gradually and euro- fully. Tho way to do it Is to jilnce tho Fur Salo sory stock. tf Wanted Nnvol and Vitloucia nur- W. Ij. Kolliir. Phono Man for oaioful work hut on a sinnnih, strongly supported I fiiirfjico, crown iii»wnwjird, and lay n board across tho rim. In tho hollow. On this seat yourself steadily and slow- j unfurnished. ly. and you will find tho lint does not ! [>) umi > lo^:! yield, or course, a hat (hut has onco been bonl or broken will not do. Nor with garden implements. S. P. Jo-unison. 1 tp Sco now time card of Pacific Electric railway on telegraph post in front of bank. Cuvina Pharmacy. First, class chicken hono, 100 Ibs. 82.50. Sun Oahriol Valley Milling Is tin- rule invariable. It applies only to tv Yes. l h.-i?s. IJ.;iv<> I over tried It? :\vo. hut not on my own hat."— 'liihia Uoconl. Company. To Lot For Sale wo rooms, furnished or Mast. Front, stroot, Ed IJIiikomoro. J - ISp A safo family nurse E.-.lincj Onions. Porso::s \\1ili (!i'i)|isic:il lomlonclos should eat 01,ions fretiuonlly. This siiniilc euro has proved o/Toctivo in many cases. In one instance, the patient hud boon given up by several phono, physicians and only tried tho onions to plt'tiso a I'ri'Mid. She was completely restored to health and, (hough (hat: was live voars a no, has never had a with a good single buggy and harness for StiU. lni|iiiro at Ihi.s office. Hnvo your rubber tiros .sot by Wilson's rubber tiro softer, tho only ono of its kind in the valley. tf. U'o can ofl'er you the best .stable manure at, reduced prices, ('. C. Cady or l''iank L. lleiinor. Home I inn now jiroparod fo do all kinds o' ranch work. Good team and every tool necessary, W. A. Hlake- rorurn of tho trouble. .She ato tho onions just as she would an apple, taking a groat many during the day.— Where He Gets His Orders. "My friend .links says bo can't catch up with his orders," "Is ho a manufacturer'.'" "Oh, no; just n married man with five grown daughters."—-Louisville Courier-Journal. There Is nothing so powerful as truth --and often nothing so strange.—W*b- eter. * * # * * * * * * * * # # * * # * "I * * •*• •# •*• * * # * •* x# * # # * covrxA AK<;HS, I>KI.\TKKS #• # •* -# * * * # * * * * # * * * * * Say! /Iftr. tRancbcr You are conducting a bi(.f business—more money invested than many business houses—do a fjood deal of correspondence, don't yon? Do you always have suitable paper handy when you wish to write? Do you know that \v<j can furnish you with tin: very best of writing papi-r and envelopes, ncatl v printed with your name or the n;in)r of your ranch, plaov of residence and dateline, cheaper you can hecnre tablets and en velopes in small <|iian- titie-,? Tlii.s will make your correspondence 1>iisiin.v>sli k«: and mure i:on venient. more, Home plionn 4 Ufip l''or Sale -- Thoroughbred \Vliitn Leghorn and lilacik Miuoroa CK^H for .setting,'. Mr.H. J. VV'liclcr, C'yprcHH Kvcnuo. Home jihoiiu 101)8. Lost—Betwdon Chnrtor (1al< and Covina, a lady's brown jacket. Finder pleawe communioiito with C. A. VVhitakcr. Jlomo phono. It, The Covina Valloy SuviiiKH Bank offers you a wife inveHt.ment, for yo\ir idle funds. Wo pay 4 per ce.rit. Start an accotint today. For Sale — 1 i hona and rooHter, thorou^lihrc'd Rhtttlo IwlaiKl KOI|H, MurriH liron. utock. I'riiid 810.00. Sco Clifford Noil, Collegf) Htrcet, 1'. O. Ijox 111. Up w land J-IUHOH oranges, all kinds of I'rnitH and vegetables to perftu 1 ,! ion. Comn up with IIH on Friday mid nee them. .1. II. Mat- thowH, (y'livina. Phono # * •# ^ For Sale Kgg.s for hatching and ^ day n!rl ehi(d<H from incubator from ^ tho following standard bred fowls: * Whito Kncks, White, MinoreaH and * I While * ! sale. * * "* I FOI: s xt I Li thn ClomontH, M. liadill Htreef. If lols elo--i' in, eheaji. m hoire ninl lot (lll\ 1 HO, •# * •* -# * ii n ?< I'JOd. B"> in t hi liiisihe eheiip. - guild property. 1 room IIOIIM to let, Monev to loan. lots t (.'lurk \: |)OIII<|IIN. turn of ID.V dog •-.-^aiii." strayed av.ay March •-!';-. or li\" d'.llar-, f(,r antln 11 tie.'i of ile-i'h. lJo<_' [,alt. wi»i(-i laii.'' i than : long. Mack wav.v hair a lit I le vihile on i-t-'-k and I,least: tail I- nt? an'.' i.uihv: WOIOH l.hiek .-trap e. liar wil.h lin^. • I'.hli (i \ Iruaii. (,'o\ i lia, < 'al. Strayed to ti:f this «i-el< a .-iniilar dog, half r r:V,u, MK- hall' '.vhilfc i'.'.i.. PROVIDENT MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION PAYS on I year Term Deposits on monthly balances A.-..sets ~\,vr, l i\l SECURITY" Trii!.t Deeds on [mproyd Ki-iil /V •, t ,l t <: D) KK< '!'< >KS .',. 'A r . I'.lii.n, I'rc-,. \VMI. D. I',.•!»,.:•.( k I,. .1. C.hri-.t(>p!ier, \.' ; . • --\'r< •-,. Xil.-^ I'e;,,r: ,'•.. A. V.'il-.',n M. ii. HeHiiiiin .','. l'..,utni., r-'-nd fi,r booklet .'.'o. .'< J. M. HUNTER, Manager 1*5 H. J'.road-.vay I.-;-, Ai.;o ; ),-, THE i Covina Peoples Store ^ (INCOKI'ONATKn) HI * * HI HI *! HI Hl HI HI HI HI ATKO) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY Muslin Underwear All Kinds, All Prices, All Styles Corset Covers from . , 15c to $2.00 Skirts front 50c to S3.00 Drawers from 25c to £2.00 Ni^ht (iowtis from 5(>c to £2 Od Don't Forget the Muslin Fine White Muslin, M> in. wide and not full of starch. Worth 12,' jc to 15c per yard Special at lOc per yard #****#*** ttl&&i&W9&* WWF^fi BRASS and MACIK SHOP MANIFACTIIRERS or GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly I ;q nipped for All Classes of Machine Work l''.st i mil I'.'s l''n rnishcd. KELLAR & THOMASON Shop ;i nd ( Miici- oppoi.ili' S. I'. 1 )rp it I'hone "J,H'I Dentists Use milk of magnesia because of its antacid and cleansing properties. Boradent Tooth Paste is made with milk ol magnesia as a base; antiscpiic (;ils to destroy mouth ^crms; aromatics to make it agrccaMc; precipitated chalk to polish the teeth. 'I he daily use of iioradeMt 'I ooth I'aste means frcrdom from the customary tooth troubles. Covina Pharmacy E. U. SMITH, Prop. i Always KEL1ABLE and PROMPT Telephone 12 Emergency Call 1138 BEN F. THORPE CI;MI:NT CONTRAC'J'OR Mil II 11 I .H. I III IT ol CI2MHNT IKKIOATING PIPE '( lo -,o i m:li"-:-, in ili.imeliT General Cement Work of All Kinds At *U drnicoi.. 'I', c «.l< Troy Pli*rw«t«l (. oru^*oj keinfi/nle<l C(.ti( ri-te ll V.nd, '.Ve-.t ( ;' i-i <•-> . A vi-ii nc in^ . a S|)ivialty 'I'rli'plione 4U.i7

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