Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 8, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1903
Page 2
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-•_-r III • • ^Ici,^ DAILY J^EdSTER TE2LBFB0MB NO IS. CHA& F. 6C0TT. HUBSCBIPTION BATBB: . j jl OxMBwaek - - !- - - Ten.Oeiit|| ' One Hontii On^jear Forty-foiir^ CetitH Five DoUars anfl Twdnty Cts Foatoffloe as ,T-ff---- |Membar of ths Associated Press. TIi ,e -;i6la 'DSLily Register Is a member df the Associated Press and re- ceiveiB tHe day telegraph report of that great news organization for exclusive efteraooh publication in lola. A vi^ELL MAliAGJED UNtON. . In vfew of tfie great niimbLT of labor disturbances which have prevailed' all ovfer 'tiie country during the past three or four months, it Is peculiarly • refreshing to find that the Miners* Un- Ion, of feiitte,'Montana, has existed fo^ ; tweiity -flvo years without a strike. It i celebrated its silver anniversary Iho j other' ^ay, and it Is needless to say that It "did so with the wannest regard and good wishes of the entire community. The history of this union Is unusual in mfiny respects. Formed to clu'cii the constant reduction in wages which had bcien going on, It has allowed those wages to remain at the same figure ever since. In that nilnlnp community, however the purchasinf: ' power of money has doubtless increased so much as to be equivalent to a substantial advance In earnings. The uriiori's chief gains have boeni in the reduction of liours and the improvement of conditions In the mines. Its efforts in' behalt of its own mem bers have also been extended, till now - it disburses a sick ai^ burial fund of 150,000 a year. Obfiously this imlon has had the ' very great good fortune to be ofllcerod by cautions, level-headed, patriotic men, who have wielded Iho great power their position has given thcni. not ferrbganlly and arbitrarily, mert'Iy to show their power, but wisely, care fully, realizing that they were brat Hcrvlng the mon they roprpKcntcil when thoy were keeping (hem on terms of ^rdlal good will with their omployerfl, and realizing also that good ndturcd conference can accomplish ihbre than threats and violence. Surely the experience of Butte, with its twenty -five years without a strike. Is a pleasaiit contrast from the Pchn- sylvanla mining company which in a single month has had, to cope with 103 strikes. The.all round versatility of the aver age Kansas nian has had a good illustration in the career of Thomas Ryan. Beginning his political life as a member of Congress, where he achieved a most enviable reputation, ho was ap- plonted Minister to Mexico, in which post he displayed excellent diplomatic ability. He was thdn made First As Bistant Secretary of the DcparUuoiii of tho Interior, and the work he lias done in that office has been of .such unubiial merit that the session of (Jongress advanced his salary a thous and dollars a year. Inserting the \>vo- ylso tliat the position should carry this salary only so long as held by the present incumbent. And now lie ha:; been designated as Commissioner from the St. Louis WorM's Fair from Alaska. This last appointment, fortunately, does not Involve his wilh^ drawal from Uip Intcrl<»r Department; It merely adds, to his dthcr dnlios tlial of Bccuclug au Alaskan exhibit with Iho 125,000 appropriated by Cnngrcs.s for that pufjiosc, for the St. Loiils Flair. And It Is no disparagonieni to Mr. Ryan to add that there arc a thousand other men In Kansas who coi|ld have done all these things just well. aa (Chicago K'all"torn up because of au advance in the price of ice. lola Is probably the only town on earth where there ias ideyer; been any complain', about tfie price of ice,—particularly when the whole visible supply lias been in the hands of one corporation as It bas been here practically for thfee7earB. It Is certainly worth noting to tte credit of tho lola Ice Company that they charge the same price when-they have no competition that they charged when a large quantit )r of natural \ce veas "stored. Readers of this paper are having another illustration of the rapidity with which. news fiasheg over the world these days when th^y note that a disV patch from Rome 4ated at T o'clock p. mi. Is received in time to" be prliited in tola a;t *i :^d o'clock on the same day; To print the liew? frbfii three to five hours before It happiens Is the miarcle that has been achieved by TOodern science and enterprise. The Ottawa Assembly Is in session this week and heft. And the more time you c^n spend there, particular!^ if you arc a woman and ai-c feclln4rj a good deal fagged" by reason of many 'months with three meals a day and the children to look after;, the better bit you will be. There are'l,o20 niillionaircs in New Y<yrk. And tho chances arc that if you knew all their worries and^trlbu latlons, tlieir physical and mental and moral ills and ailments, you wouldn't Hian.^c play;:} with a single one of them. One of the first acts of the new king of Scrvia wr.s (o oraFc his name from the list of llio.^o lii.Tt wore to be shot as s(j (in as flioy cjonld be caught And it Is K .ifol'.) say (hat no other act of his adniinii !lra »i<m is lllidy to af- fonl lilni Kr;[?ali'r ralispacnon. "I <io wonder if I?ic.'?o-timr.^ arc always gf'ing to coniinue," wo hoard an fnla man s^r.y wcai-ily the other day. •'I snrciy liopo,"' lie aii.led, '-fliat I shall not alw.iys Iinyc to stay as as I am now," Anil bo w.isn't a Populist either. Tlic embarrassment of havinK . loo many ailuK'uls is being oxin-ricnccd by a Missouri: man who swallowed a dose of danijLniff euro umlcr the impression that: he was taking something to relieTO his dyspcp.?ia. KIDIRG ^ BUCKINO STEER. • TUmM StIelUnv oa HEW ENGLAifD TI U: , **A bucking broncho," Mili the .titiA cowboy, according.. t<> thfe CM- 'bago Intifer Ocean, "Is generally cc^r ddercd the hiirdest,. ^iroabsition to tide'in t^a lab«l, bnt nntlfafiian has • tackled a budlung' has not realized all the poiasibilities of the genti« art. "Out in the cow oouotrj they hare Jusi begun to learn the art, and It Is really iiii art. Xone of. the Wild west '^iibwa has yet got liold of thc.>fcw fellows who have mastered the i<trhd- - die and seat, and until they do tbclr congresses of ron^h ridcr-s will not be completfl. "Tou can dnch a horse up until there is littlo iios.sibility of the caddie's cllppiiig', but it Can't be done on a Bteor. - . , "The ^tecr-rldloR fad had Itsj start down In Texan, where the nnlmals are wild enough to BUU even. the most eiactinfT cowpunchcr, and It la now bointf Intrcidnocd farihcr north. A puncher's playllme Is often lonjf enoiisfh to give lilin n clmiicc for such expcrhni'ijlii, nnd isorae of the more Fkillfnl have got :lt down to a fine point. "lint the hombre who thlnkfi ft is nu I '.'isj' inslt to stk'k to n. wild l>oy who ktiowH rnoujfli ^4> do the grand hiick nrid pitch Is down for nn cxpi-ri- eiicv. Jw will cnrry In his book of re- nicniljrance for a Jong lime." STOLE'THE~WRONG BAG. Sail Enrtlntr in the Itomnnc*' of a Ytiatit; KKklinO''VVIi(> 2<n\vil Kneniy'n lJuiiKlttvr. it Is a Fart ot tka of tlie lla««a- People. I ^e p^opp^'on of men and ytom^ iriioi iteure.dCf;(naU competencies, ja doiibtiyir grftaUr .in Masiiaclrasoli^ tban'iii any oth^r state In tie iinioii, unless it b6-Pennsylvania, which is the o^tar ,a^j;e ,o| Dr. Benjamin, E'ranklin'e re^enco. Bat a man w] lo - has evin tho iilo|s1r robust respect f ir the tbrift ol" tne people of M;a&s Or chuBCtts'must lie sarprlsed to lea-n froin the repoijifbt thef state's burc^n of labor .statistics that there are more than 45,000 isuifeh persons—2S,000 men and 17,000 women. ^ Two-thirds of them.-aire native-born, too. The making' of such itn investigation was cbar- ncteristid 'JilaHsachiiEetts, says World's Work. But. It tells volumes about the careful management that is a p.-vrt of the Sew England tenijfjeramcnt. The New Englander studlouBly saves and he invests prudently, and bid a^c comes, «)r he has a wish to rest, he is willing to stop work and to adjust his life to his Income; nnd he generally leaves a legacy to hia children. Anyone who ha? lived in diiTorent parts of the United .Strttks has had many oocaBions to obsewe what this ofliclnl report confirms— that the native Now Knglandcr has learned.the .irt of'living cbnfldcr.-.My below bis Income bettor than any other man amongus. WANTED HIS CLIENT HELD. Ed. Iloch has found one machine in Kansas which he thinks everybody ought to support,—the harvesting machine. How much easier it is lo gel up cu- Ihiislasni over base ball when- your town's team l.s In first or ^ocuml place. Lawrence has taken U back an.l will bold the fall rcniilon of iJio (Irand Army lliore notwiCb.slaniiinK the Hood. Notlco to Bidders. Sealed proposals will be received by the county commissioners of Allen county, Kansas, at the office of the couuty clerk, lola, Kansas, until twelve o'clock, noon, July 24ih, 1903, for all the labor and material rcqulrsJ in the erection of a cou^t house located at Tola, Kansas, in said county, in accordance with the plans, details and speciflcations furnished by J, C. Holland & Squires, architects, Topelca, Kansas, and now on file at the office of said county clerk. Parties bidding upon the work will be required to furnish a certified check with their bid In the sum of two per cent (2) of the amount of said bid and pay.i.bIo to the county treasurer, lo i)Q held as a guarantee that the successful bidder will enter into contract and furnish satisfactory bond within ten days after award of contract. Said check tc be forfeited to the county In the event of sali' contractor failing to slgn| said contract and furnish satisfactory! bond in accordance with said bid. Bidiiers will be required to make out Ihoir bids on a uniform blank, furnished by-tho county clerk. Same to be onclosed in envelope and addressed to county commissioners, lola, Kansas, and marked, proposal for court house. Pari ICS bidding on tho work will find plans on file at county clerk's ofllce, also at otllce of tho architects. The county comnilsMouors reserve Ibe right lo reject any or all bids. By order of tho county commissioners, f\llea count.v, Kanzas. J. W. KEI^SO, County Clerk. Tlic duke of iho .Ahru/.zl ha^ broufrhb h:u-k with Iijin from his polar expedition a number of E>kiiiio stories, reports Ike Xiw York'riil'iiiie. One <if tliosc eoiiei-riis ii young Kski- mo \vI:o liived llio <!:iiigliter of Jin enemy. Tlie two huts of the.«c person.s were close ((,grtlier. hut tsne iiipht " 1<-rrilie. cold fijipcti n f^rejit ercva.'^.se in till' iei'. iind the inau's hout^e was left li-olated. A g<>igc 100 feel deep .ind 20 feet wide >e)),nr;ited it from the iploo, or hut, eonl:iin)ng Ihe girl. bul. there was a narrow hiidfre of ice left across, the cre,v!i«se, and xhh-. the young man. found, would boar liLs J%s.kiiiio.>5 »;!i 'cp in li;igs. The lover d€»- ri<led tli .nt he!t night cross the ice briil;^''. He^il the maiden In Jiived Isi'.ir her U> U'\t^ hut. aif<l -then break d <iwii the bridge, no that he ;in« j <he tfigelJier in)f.rht enjoy their Imney- nioKii iininoN'.strd. He pliinncd \ery nneccsKf iilly. lie rrcpt, hi thi- de:id (if night, into Mtt enemy's (lint: he snat<-hed up tho n:il<len in her sciok wit.h<iiit avvriking arjyone; he bor«' iter ovcrMic Icc bridge fjifely, ami l-hen he opened the. sack to embrace hi.'* bride. Jliit, beholding Its contents ho gave a loud cry. it was not tJic maiden, but her father that lio had .t -tolen. PLANT WITH DEADLY ODOR. gnniatrn nnil Java Ilnve Vegetable . rroauctn Timt Ilimiciutn- aio I>catb. Yf'ar.? of sulToring relieved In a night. Itching piles yield at once to the curative properties Of Ufoan's Ointment. Never fails. At any drug store, SO ceiits. A Citizen of lola Pays a Weil-Earned Tribute. The following public statement of a fc-espectdd citizen adds one more em-j den, my friWr dere Is troi'ilde! A c6usiii bit AgtrthiHab will be a student iV^^e neit year. He is already in th^ thiited JStaiCs, and is quoted as saying t^t American rule is becoming popular ih tlie Philippines, and that it will bo but a short time until all the jpiSd^fe are reconciled to it. Of ca^iBd^Urteiiiiiisd tt> except from tiiis - 8W<e»iiu]i.^fei^eQt{tiie ^stpn insilr- them ever to A FITTING TRIBUTE. phatic. endorsement of'merit to the scores that have appeared before. Mrs. F. A. Rowden, of/ COl N. Jefferson street, says: "A dull aching In the small of my back annoyed me for two or three weeks. Wishing to check it in the incipient stages v.'hon I noticed Doan's Kidney Pills guarantefed to cure pain in. tho back from kidney complaint. I went! to C. B. Spencer & Co. '3 drug store Ireatmeat had.not for a box. If the brought undoubted Remember l.the and taJte joootlter. Tlverc are criminals among plants as well ns among, animals and human lie- Ings. Tliose tbat have the most sinister reputation are known as death plants, which axe found only in the volcanic districts of J^va and Sumatra, says Nature. The^Ia-nt's appearance quite belies its name, for it is really very attractive, being ft low growing shriib with long thorny stems oovcrwl with beautiful broad leaves. Theuppersur- face of these leaves is a vivid emerald, while the lower, surface is a brilliant Bcarlct. The flowers are great while bell-shaped blossoms*. Which exhale a Ewcct and deadly perfume. Tlie death plant grow.>; in the most' fertile spots, but all about it the gcound becoincs barren of vegelation and neither bird nor beast may come within IV wide radius of it. They know better, but r.-ish man, with no warning giii^de liini. Will occasionally, linger ton long in its vicinity, enchanted by its dcliciou .t nnd hoavj- fragrance, until lie cxpericncfs llie dislrcssingef- fccls of his rmpriidenec—a blinding headache, which, if lib si ill rcniaiii.»<, will lie, follow<-d by Irtniporary denf- nc.XR. convulslrmsof muscles of lJ)efacc aud in.«:cn.slbill,tj-. RlKlit of tUv HeM. A nrgro jirencher down j>outh has discovercfl the real cjiust; of the recent vcdpanlc disnsters. lie says: "Vo earf, liiy frlend.s,; resolves on Bxcls, aa we all know. Soniefln' is needed to keep the axels greased; so when <le earf wa.«« made, jjctrolynm wa.* put Inside for dat purpose. Do StiLiulard Oil conip'ny conies along Bu' strax dat pctrolyum by borin' holes in do earf. T)c earf stlx on Its axels an' vyon't go round no more; den d«ro ii^ h<rt bo .x, just as ef de enrf vniz a big railway train—and latprnncional lien Meet. An egg-laying' contest wilf be the next international event. Twenty- one .of the bpst hens in this country lately sailed^, from Ban Francisco,- to eompctc for, a year with un equal nurrjber of 'Australian hens,. The Ausitrnlian government paid the irayeling expenisesi of the American poultry, and at tbe end of the year will baiy sik at the hen* at $25 apiece! The: othort will be disposed of by public auction. Ii«WT«r Wlio Scfcndccl n. Ilaril Ca«e Wan Afraid- lie MIKM Hect lilm on tbe Ilaad.' Almost any lawyer will undertake the defense of a prisoner accused of crime and will use h'vs best endeavors to secure his acquittal. As.sistaut district Attorney Osborn, of New York, tells of a North Carolina attorney who was practicing in a backwoods mountain district. WhJlf he was waiting for his c.?isc tcj be rcaehe<Lthc trial of a notoriotishigh- Tfny robber who" had been caught red- handed whs called. The prisoner had no coimsel and the pre-iding judge re- qtxcstod the distinguished'lawyertqde- fend lilin. The trial lastpil two days aud to the court's nstonlshinent the Jury returned a verdict of acquittal. As the prisoner was about to be dis- chhrged the lawyer stc[)[)ed u() l.o tho Judge and requested a few words In private; "What in It?" nskcd the court. "I your honor," replied the lawyer, "to have the prisoner det.iine/l in jnil tonight. Iluive to cross li lonely field on my way liome, nnd the rascal hiippeim to know that 1 have money ubuiit nie." Is mantifactufed wheat foods. We ^t^ the ii e thinkiJw idea of surpassing aD p|b^ flaked It Ms worth thousands o i dollars for you to know this. If yoar grocer docs not keep it. aend us' bls^ name and, tp..ccni&. and ..we vili ssnd ' von a ptckase, postpaid.' Address MII coin- ' iJuDicaiions t» Battle Crpck BrcaJifasi Food - BATTLE CHEEK r BREAKFAST FOOD .CO. Battio Craek, Mich. Quincy, M, Relieves Instantly pt Money Refundfsct SunburiL Chafing, SweUings and all Inflammatfons. Kills Chiggers. It Cpbls.: It Soothes, ft Cures. At oUKDOfl Dni(|Klsta. iggers So!d only in 25c, koc & $1.00 BotUes. BBS CHAS. B.'SiPENCER "& CCJ., ioIa.^Kan | ?as, South Side Square. SHE CHEERS THEM UP. Tbe "rbocrlnK-t'ii t.nily" U n Fnnc- tloaary Whn Trl «H to Make Folkn Happy. On the order books of the Woman's exchange in iJiis city, it appears, is a worker knowii n.s "the cheering -up lady." She i .v kept bii.^v all the time. It is her function to visit loneljgimmes, to play cards witJi venerable widows or Rpiusters, to read, talk and "look pleasant." Here should be a laborer never falling to be worth more than her hire. Professional mourners we no longer know nor wish t -ii know; of professional ehoerers-iip it should not be jiossible to know too luiiny. We bespeak si.'rioiia rivalry for this' oM lady who looks pleasant. Hero is the happiest coin- bln;it ion of hiislnesK nnd j)hiIii»ithropy. .She oxhibils an idi'a worthy of Inilc- finile cxteni;i(;n Ihrongh au infinite variety-f)f client.':. There is no culture more important or pressir^. .says,lhe New York World, than that of the smHe which means good cheer. THE APACHES OF PARIS. Yoanp: nudlnnM Thrniv nice to Tlcclile Wbu Slinll CoinniU Wnnton American visIt<j.rB to Paris are terrorized by t.he misdeeds of tin- immer- oits g'lngs '•f rowdies, called Apriclics, infcjitiiig the boulevards. y.\yn a rocc-nt report. The olliclal police reports as follows on Uieir latest oiit-r.-ige: Six young Apaches, finding thom- Fplves u-idhout Jiun^ey to stake iit ciiifdH. d (>cided that the loser slujnld stake hi>> life and—.«iome one else's. A Kl-ycar-old rowdy lost the ganio, and walking out from the cafe, about 11 o'clock c,n Hun- dny night, jiiui |ped at tho'throat, of the flrsrt persrfn corning his way, ririvinghls long knife in hetwi-en "Ws shoulders- and, killing him instantly. .As it h^ip- pened a luiniber of polfccinen were in the neighborhood and the whole gang were arrested. Tht> Btate will move that all si.x be guillotined as a warning. The victim was a bookkeeper, 24 jears old, nmfTJcd and the father of two children. ^1 W!- ft Colorfido flyer on tHe ^anta re Ivansas City to I?uel)16, Colorado Springs and Denver, daifeVj bcfjinniDK^ June 4. i PuJ^nan observ.illajij and draw!ni;-ro«.m sleepers— cliair car-:Ilil>rary -3mokIng car. L';;i\o loliv '.':10 p. lu. • .\rrUv) tjijlurado next, forenoon. Quli:k —lu.\urluu;i—tjonvonicnt — j)oiiular. Another fast COIOI-IHU) triiin now loaves ICansiis City un t,))o .SniLu nverv nKiroiii/. UJW-UATK KX- CUI:.SI<J^;;; Ai,i, Si;.{vi,\iKi:.' As!: ri,-!r rrem' of "A <J<Horiiili) .Siiinnii-r;" ll lell.^: .-ill uhoiu v.'M-:;l!()u oulln;;.i In Colorudo \V. E. UAr.iToN. A(!l. ^ K. i:y., • lol :i, .uMiS j<). • ' . BUSH & LEFFLER, . Watchmakers and Opticians. Walclics, CliJclcs, Jewelry, Musical and Kodaic Supplies. Spectacles 25i'. to $1.00. Watch repairing a specially. West Side, lola, Kansas. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS.,, A. V. LODGE, Phycician and Surgeon. Chronic sncce.'jsfiilly treat cd. Onico over ."Our Way" restaurant Phone 451. Uo.s. 001 KctHi St. Odicc Phone 11",-, D. W. Reid. Jas.T. Rcid; REfD & REID, : Physicians and Surgeons. Eye, -Ear, Nose and Thro:it. Spcciil at I on lion* given to surgery and aU chronic Ofllce, room 14] Northnip I^iiildin.rt. Thone S.">7. DR. B. E. JONES, Head Physician M. W. A. - ' Fcniale Di.seaiio's and Obslrolrics « Siujcialty. Omen over Barclay-ShioMy^ Clo. Co., Phono300. Residence 502 S>. Washington, phono HSD. • DR. A. N. MINEAR, OSTEOPATH. Clhronlo. and Nervon:; dlr-oasra a .spnclally. Olllco-over "Our Way" re.s-' taurant. on "'ce idioiio 117. lle.sidenccj phono .l.'i 1. Pr»cticai Architect. Plans, Spcolfication.s and Eslliuate-?- on all classes of buildings. Special at-^ tcntion given to modern iniprovemonta and .•uiperintcndin.g. Office, room 17, secoad floor Noi^irnp Bnilding. C. C. GLYNN, M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office In New York Store Building. benefit I would be the last resident of lol'a to publicly endorse the medlcine.- For sale by all dealers, price 50 cents, Fostei^Mllburn Co., fiuiralo' N. ,Y., sole agehtfl for the Unite* ?<>*• to carry, ana uu wonaartui States. ;, ; " nujwlie toiiiigwiiioWyto Uft, biit I WOMtier<4l Bordeai .Bearer. Tb» corgMdor. or oarxler, a< ICexIco fe. a ramaxlH|bIe Iadii(U|u8l. Notialng^ jieeiDs tqo-balky, np|ki^.too tieavy for'lilm to cawy. ^w?^^." .wonderful Tbe Carnatfon Indaiitry. The carnation Industry has risen to eonsidcrablo importance during the last ten years. ^Aii ; 2,500,000 of young carnation plants are sold each year and llorisls produce nn equal number whiclt are not sold, the entire production of yoxing oarnation plants approximates 5 ,OOflf ,6dO. per annum. These plants are growjti under glass during the winter time for cut flower purpose^*, producing an annual average of more than 100,000 bloomi. Cneaaleat Orowiiickl Head. ^Tlva Turkish ruler Is under such coibstant dr»ad of an attempt on hla UlJe. that'he never sleeps for l^vp 'idthtf In suMeaJlon tha 8<u|qe " ttber,. ai^.thjft'w,rttcnlar room, m .fdii Ke re*ts fi £B 6^'^ tb but fe^wi,- DR. McMILLEN, Office Phone 32. Special attention given to the treat- S s m •ji 1* •Hi 't» •3 * lb »»» ft -3 $ m m » rr ft * »»« <n «• m m CMSTER^SI MALT and ilea* ON KB AT m m m m i» 5 % m Wr * m <»» m i» m m m f* I* m m DRUG STORE. S ^ Supplied) to the Trade Direct a't the.factory or from our di^livery «vagon8. All delivery wagons have, our name on them. ice & Cold Stm0G9. •"i. F«ANfC RIDDLE.'Mfiv 1 pJhoaeii6. Factory oa West Street. ment-of all CHRONIC DISEASES and <.A.:..x~H-X~H"W-<-:~i~^-K ~r~^ tMseases of Children. |v ^ «^ - ^.,„^^± Office. In Mrs. Turner's BIdg. Wqst Madison. Residence 219 So. Walnut. Residence Phone 232. Steak^ Chops; CotleCs; S^nawitcbesi] Ctaui Etc. cagar8 .TQfcaiSco,.Eniit,:Ciikea,iCfcc. , ^dlVBHJS A CALL. i THE LUeOQCIC li and • Embahiier .jCwenty years' 'expeWence in tije K :! business, - First ^ilass mwk^ .jfe^ \ .guarantee^.- . .... ; .-l^

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