Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1912
Page 4
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•S .' i 'i 1*HE TOLA BAILYrBEGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING; OCTOBEiR 17,1912. The Ibla Daily lifter TiM lota Dally Record and tha loU Daily THE BEGISTER PUBLISHING CO. : CHA& F. SCOTT. Pres. and Editor. F. W. BREWSTER..... Manacer Entered at the loia Post office aa Second- Ctaaa Matter. AdTertisInc,Rates Made Known on Appli- . cation.. Official Papor City of loia. Official Paper City of Bauatt. Official Paper of Allen County. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Carrier In loia, Qas City, Lanyon ville. ConcretOi LaHarpe and Baiaett: One Weelc 10 entK One Month ; 44 wnts One Tear »5.0« . BY MAIL: Ona Tear, Inalde ount,v W .OO On«. Tear, outside county }3.0(< I TELEPHONES: Bualnewi Office IX Sooiety UlpporttT , Jfc Job and Bludvry Dopt 141 THK .SII00T1N4J «F UOOSKVEI.T. No inoro tieplornblu crlmos nuir our Anicrlciii life thun the occusionul ais- snults of murderous crunks upon public mtii. The shooting of Col. R OOSP- veil Is tlwply dt 'ploro «l,| both by his own political nnd iicrsonal friends and by those Avho differ from him in political'tliouftbt and purpose. By no stretch of the iniUKination qould any other interpretation of this vicious act • be given tlian thnt the assailanj was mentally unbalance <l and was actuated to liis deod tlirough entirely misdirected convictions of individual re- siKtasibllity. ' It fs sincerely gratifying to all Americans that j the bulict intended as a messenger ofj death iuflicte<l! only a slight injury did not even keup the victim froni frlling his immediate political engagements. Colonel Robse velt under tiie ^piain of probing lliis •u-ound manifested the fortitude which has alway.s characterized tliis d 'fter mineid aud '?ii«rj;etic man. That hi said some tilings in the heat of excitement that -Avre better left unsaid may l>e forcivt n. The circumstance.* were most unusual and he was laboring under great mental strain. Th« Colonel dtH -i.ind lie did not kiibw win the assailant was or to what party hi» b -^loiie 'd The former president W H'W as all Americans know tliat a murderer belongs' to no party. A man sc far advanced in mental infirmities a^ this potential murderer is/could no', have any intelligent political afTilia tions It is regrettable liiat Colonel Roosevelt should hltve T.tribuled the assault to the ".ibuse" of his politikii enemies. No one has ever said worst thiug." about Colonel Roosevelt than he has said .ibout various Democratic and Republic'sn 'taiders. But the as- sai -.if upon the former president waf just as cowardly nnd unpardonable nf that which laid McKinley low. Th' shot probably will be more of a political asset than a pliysical injury tr the Colonel. .It will add renewet' glamour to aji already picturesqur P'M'sonalliy anil it will create sympathy and stimulate hero worship anew This fact was Tiot lost to view by Col Roosevelt himself who. with rar' presence of n ind made tlie most o! the affair. I It will be the wish of every Irui American that llie Colonel may riak< a rapid recovery and he able to con tinuc the c;impalpn While American! make much of presidential campaigns they do not take them so seriously a.-foreigners are led to believe. \Vi fight out our differences wiihoul recourse to violence, aud after the eiec tion we go about our business in fhi usual way. Colonel Rooseve 't is re garded as the country's most distinguished privnte citizen and is entitled to all the protection from such at- t.icks that it is possible to sive him The nation will sincerely hope for his sp«'edy recovery.and demand proper punishment for the wretched crea ture who assaulted him.—K. C. Jour• nal. bciiMv the ru! f;i<'c. CJovcr Jthe bwl dur- ius tta winteravUii; two or three inches of strar.- or loote nuhure. M. F. Ahe&rn. assistant. prof^Mor of floriculture at the Kansas State Aericul- tural College, offers those suggestions to flow«r gardeners. There are^severial kinds of bulbs that may be used. ' A few tulips and crocus will make a good bed or tulips alone niayi be used. Tulips cost from seventy-five cents to,a dollar a hundred and crocus eighty cents a hundred. The bed can be luiide either round j or square. If It is to be square a plot four feet on the* side will be large enough. If round (our feet In diameter wlUdo. The outside row of tulips should be three feet across. That will leave a foot for the Inirder of crocus. The inext row should be two feet across und one foot for the centcr1x)\v. Ht^nt twelve bulbs one foot a|>art In the ouulde row. In the next square plant eight and In the snmilcr plant four buliis. That will use twenty-four of the bulbs and the rewolnlnK one can bo set in the center of the small square. Set tlie twenty-five crocus bulbs around ilie edge If a border Is desired. •?t- Belter CALUMET fiAKING ^POWDER • DEHOCKATIC COLUJDi • Material furnished for this column comes from the County Committee and j The Dally Register is ii^ nowise re-| sponsible for any statem^t appearing i under this beading. A similar column will be devoted to. the Republicans. The Register is responsible only for; its own editorial expressions. | It.lll COI.UI HK .\1> XTrKPEDI, 1 mm ECONOMY TIME TO PLANT VOIR BULBS. The Kansas .\in-icnltnnil College Give* 8ur>festlons for Flowers. Manhattan. Kas., OcU 17.—For on« dollar expended in Octol>er you C,T have a bed of flowers early in th( spring. This is tiie liulb month. Firs- dig a hole about two feet deep. Fli > it with rich dirt or dirt and manure A little sand witJi this mixture, tc help drainage, wquld make a bette: bed. Plant the bulbs about two Jncher Onp Hove rnpcN ('old romiM >iind tlht* Kellcf—Cure in Ffw Hours. You will dictincily feel your cold breaking and ail the Itrippe symptoms leaving after taking the very first dose. It is tr-iicsitive fact that Fapc's Cold Compound, taken every two hours, until three onnsecutivu doses are taken, will end tlic Urippe nnd break up the most severe cold, eitlier in the liead. ohest, bavk. stomaeli or limbs. li iiroaii.tly relieve the most miserable headaciie. dullness, head and nose stuffed up, feveri.shness, sneezing, sore throat, running of the nose, mucous catarrhal di.scharges, soreness, stiffness and rheumatic twinges. Get a srj-cent package of "Pape's .?,<>ld (Mhipcand" from your drus.gist and take it with the know-ledge tliat it nil! positively and promptly cure your cold and end ail the grippe iiiis- •?ry; without any as.sistanee or iiad ifter-effeets and tlial it contains no iuinin<—don't ao-ept. scmielliinK else jaid to be jiist a^- good. Taste.s nicV— ict.s gentjy. > -that's one Xhiv.-^ you r.rc !o:?kiii}f lor ill these days of ^igh livinjj cost—C:il»:met insure; a wuiulcr- ful savitnj in yot»cl>;.l;i;*.;;. I'li ii ilc;c:; iiiuro. Iliniures wholesome food.taMy locd-uuiiormlj- raised fcod. Calumet is made tight—to SL -!! ri.:;>il-to bake Tight. A:.'< one cf tba millions o( wcmen who u^c il-or ask your i;rocer. - • RECCIVEO HIGHEST AWARDS World*! rare Food !:<:»<»ilicn. Chicacn, tIL Tari* Eaporilioa, Fratx.*. March, 1912. El FOl>U .\ B.VBV UIIll.. .Haid at Depot l>IscoT«>rs Ueserleil Child on a Bench. Sleeping iH 'acefuUy on a bench in :l.e v.-omen's rest room at the rnio:i '.iejioi yesterday a bright faced, six- weeks-old baby was found by a niriit yesterday afternoon. Nearby _\vas ••• package of baby clothes. The child was taken to Mrs. Ollle Kveringham the depot matron, who cared for th( child three hours. Women passengers v.iilting for trains helped care for tlit child who ieonird to-enjoy the att"u- tioHs showered upon her. When nc one .claimed the child at 7 o 'clock hn night, .Mrs. Kveringliam turned ho* over to the police matron. A young woman abou* 21 ywir.s oK was seen caring for the child a i'» miuuti 'S before it was found nU>ii<- Slir iiad 1 urs( d the child und put it t. •^teep and left tlie station miobser\e:J Tin mother was about Ave feet t:-!'. •vore a * 1.1 silk dress and had :t l!{h' blue ribiioii hnw in her hair. Slie a, so l;ad v Muck coat of about thref> ri:ur:)i.s- .i-:igth. Tic child will lie cared for Iiy tli iioliee matron until a home !.: tiiuiu'.- K. C. Journal. Sam Whitehead, wiio h:;.s ben om of Mr. Gri'gg's special oflicers for a j i year and a half, will succei 'd iiini as ; Heo-icieU division special agent. .Mr. Wliiteliead was chief of. police of Chaiiute for two years before entering th<' sirvice of the Santa Fq. THIS IS CEIM'.IIN. DEXOCR.\TIC TICKET. Xatloual Ttrlcet For President—Uov. Wcddrow Wilson, New Jersey. For Vice President—Gov. Thomas! U. Marshall. Indiana. I Presidential mectora—Francis M. | Patterson, Vates Center; Anders Sor- 1 ensen. McPherson; F. il. Uhl, Smith; Center: Alfred Q. Woo.ster. Krie: S.I C. Bybee. Uarnett; James W. Clark ; Great Bend; Hiram R. Fulton. Han- 1 over; Chus. B. Gants. Mclvern; inane' H. .Magill. Corning; Thomas J. O'.N'eil : Osage City. State Ticket. For l*. S. Senator—Wm. H. Tliomp-: son. (5a"rden City. i Justice Stipreme Court — Humbert, Kiddle, Kmporia; A. It. Rci-ves, Hodge City. ; Governor—Geo. H. Hodges. Oiuthe. IJeut. Governor—^Frank I.. Brittun , Osage City. Secretary of State—Burt K. Brown.' - i I .4iwrence. I State .\uditor—I'erry Clemens, of' Hamilton. State Treasurer—P. K. I..aughlin,i Marysviile. ' Att'y Genera!—C. li. Little. Olatlie. • In the midst of his speech at Mil-i . S"i»t- ot Public instruction-Hav.d,' v.a.ike.. :<fter he was slioi and i M-^'»«wen- Pittsburg, refuced to allow a physician to ai- 1 Supt of Insurance-t.arl J. Peter ' son, lola. WHien shown positive ^nd reliable proof that a certain remodv I KU I cured in.iiiy of female ills, wouldn't any sensible wom.-in conclude that the same rcmetly wo-ald also benefit her it suffering witii the same tioiibie Here ai-c five letters ironi southern wumeii which prove the efficiency of Lytiia \i. Pinkliain's Vegetable Conipqund. I I.irrii:i» FROM VIRCINTA, ElliMon, Va.—"T f^---! it mv duty in expr»">«.* n\- V •w'.:- to von ami your pn-nt moiljciue. 1 .\ ...s ;i .sullVr..-;' ilum feiiialo Iri 'iiilrs aini li:nl been i-na- lined in Iwd over >• llii: 1 of t'.Tio .'or ten !!•..;'; 1 .-oitlil not li.' my hotisewitrK ani! had friiiii'H!; sn«-ll.-i -o that niy h-r.t.:.:; '. i-.m'..! uot leave lue aloui- for -.ivf iiiii.ulcS ;.l a lime. , No'.v 1 .>\\ .'-.i;-.- lie;.-';'; • • !.,'.".•. V.. V'.r.\.\ Vi-i.'.-!;.!.,- ('. ii)(>-iaik<i :iiul Biotxl I'uritiiT. \Vlnr.evi-r I »;i>i- :•. -uffrriPk- '.V' •.vv.u I t.i •..'11 her wiiat these me^il>•i:^^•^; :.;ive .i>>nc I'T m.; a.m 1 vvili ai\v;.v-- --i" i'K ;i yi-.Hi woril foi them."—Mrs. U>.>:-h':r V:.:. . ^•.Jlit;-i:..:y Co., Vx .•^ t":irii;!;_, iii<-Cii.ii.^re of I.if>> anii 'le- SIHiWED BI.OOB T» CROWB. Kxbibifed Red Ye^t, Then .Vnrued .Itnilnsl AIIUM. The Proof That Record-Keglslor Readers Cannitt Deny. j ti'iui liiiii, Cul. Roosevelt said: j "I ilon'i know who tin- man was j who sluii me tonight. - He siiot to kill nie. 1 ;ini just going to show you. ICu'.otiel itoosivelt ' then unbuttoned ills coat ami vest and sliowi-d iiis wliit,^ Wiiat could furnish stronger evi- shin stained v.illi blood.) i dence. of tlie efliciency of any leini-tly ".\ow, I do not know wlio In- was oil than the of lime. Tlioiisund.s ni" wliat party lie r'-pn si-m.-d. ' He was people testily tlim iJoan's Kiilm-y a einvard. He stood in th<- daikne.<:- Piljs liavi- hroiighl lasting resi.'lts. in llie crowd around tin- motor car Grateful cndorsenn'iits should proM ami wlien tiny clic-<-red ii!<' an<l I j;-:: undoubtiMlly l!ie merits of thi^• rem- j up lo l>o«'. IIH stej-ved foruanl anit edy. Vear;^ ago people riglit iif tliis I shot m« in the breast, iooaiiiy testilied to the relief they hati { "Il is u ver.v'natural thing tliat derived troui the use of lloaii's Kid-Kvi-ak and vicious miiuis slioeid bt- iu- ney Pills. They now couryia tin ii -j llamed to acts of violence by thi- kind testimonials, 'riiey say that time ha:-: of foul meiidaciiy and abus<- tiiat lias completed the test. 1 be.-n hfa|K.-d upon me for tlie last Mrs. F. .M. Scott. 7u!i Uneula St..itl!ri>e motitlia b.v tlie papers in tin- in- Chanute, Kans. says;: lierests not only of .Mr. Debs, iiut of "1 gladly contirni tli'- te.^tiiiiouial I i .\Ir. Wilson' -.uui .Mr. Taft. •;;ave for pubii< ati<i:i i.hoin iwi> V'^irsj; "Friends. I will disown and re; ii<ii- Klill'-.v ati' a igo recoiiinumding • I loan's Pills, family One of the menili-i>' oi our was troubled for a long tiuii- liny jojui of my parry wlio attacks witii such vile, foul slander and abuse, any oppiuients of any otlier party, by kidney complaint. He tried diiT-r-! ".Now I wish to say seriously to th' int remedies 'mU was not lit-netited un- speakers and to the newspapers rep- il he u.<ed Hoan's Kidney Pills Tl-.ey j resenting tire Itepublican and l)< :no- fnve hiUi Imiiiediate relief.ami llii>re cratic and Socl.-ilist parties that tli,'\ bee.) r.ii return of his tiouMe." x-annoi. month in and if^onth out. .\tai For sale Ly all deal<rs. I'lie- M'-- in and year out. make tiie kind o! ••'oster-Milburn Co.. ItutVaio. .\. V.;, siunUerous. bilt<r and imilevolent as ••ole ag'-i!ti- for the i'nilcd S;;it,-.-s. ; saulls thai lln\v hav,- maile .'.ml no Renieiiiher ihi- name—Uoaii's -anil; <-x|ii'ct. that brutal and violent ciiarac i State Printer—William P. Feder. ofj Great Bend. Congressman, ind Hist.—Jos. Taggart, Kansas t'il^-, Kans. ' } Jndg.- :t7th Judicial Hist.-^CIiarii s ; il. Apt. loia. Kans. j State S-uutoi-. Uth l>ist. — Paul Klein lola. Kaa.s. •itepifseiitativc, L'Ulh Hist.—J. \V. Ham. Huiiiliolilt, Kas. Coiinly Ticket. County Cl.;rk—t'has. Kierberg, i;is snore. County Treasurer—John T. Tyler, ;^as City. i;«gister of Hted-s—Jerry I... Hed- vvell, loia. . County Attorney—I 'rMiik II. Forrest. :ola. Probate Judge—J. S. Walker, lola' t Sheriff—J. H. Kost.-r. Gas. Coroner—.F. P.. B. iy-avell. Io!a. County Supt.—Vide Fetlieriugiii. *!ariyle, Co. Surveyor—S. I). Bartlett loia. Clerk of ihe District Court—I^niis iJ. Hess. Humboldt. County .Asse.^soi—I'l-fd Sclmiidt. of -Iiiii.bolut. I'nd District—J. li f A told SrdulLve Couch .Medirlnex. If you want, to eontilbute dire-'t!.' o the occiirn'nce of capillary broTi •liills and pneumonia use cough nie-i fine.^ tliat contain codine. n!orph:nt^ le.uin and other sedatives when yo< lave a cougii or cold. An cvpector mt like Chamberlain's Cough Remod: Hs what is needed. That cleans ou 'lie culture'beds or breeding pipe 'or the germs of pneumonia and ot'ie- ?erni diseases. "That is why pneurao lia never results from a cold whet 'hamherlain's Cough Remedy is used 't ha.s a wprld wide reputation for Its •ures. It contains no morphine o ither sedative. For sale by all dealerf ake no oilier. \oieily at Ihe f>'r»i)d. The Taliloid company at ih.- last nipili gave the people a novelty in their thre«' act Talilqid v.rsion «r (!> Inmous eastern suct-ss. "How Woin-a Sin." The original (four aei virsioii ters. especially when iliv brutality i accompanied by a not too stron I mind; tliey cannot e.-.-pict tlniKSuc ; natures will be iiiiairected by il. "I wish 1 were able to impress < our people the duly to feel stroitgl.i : hut to Hiieak truthfully of iheir oppon |j-nis. I say now i iiave never said oi of tills bill bad a six monilis run oi. Iihe slump one word against any oii Broadway and had all .N"w York talk- j ponent 1 would not defend in tiie !:.b 'ns: of irs tru-ness to life. Tii.- lit"' ; ;iraioiy. 1 have said nothing that 1 Tabloid version of this play i.n si n;. il i <iniM i...t substantiate and noiliing at the Grand last night wns a wMW | ouvlit not to liave i-.M. nothing, look •o Coniiiany IC, of the I'Rlieil Anns - | inf biuk. I would m)t s.iy asain." u<mt company as every part was iiam;' —Mr.>-. ed in an uriisiic manner. .Ncv.- specialties wei--. introduced ijetwe.-n th.-[ f'..„ria. III., had kulmy an.l lets and two new motion piituri\ 1 trouble, with terrible li-t '.:ii were shown. Tlie < niertainment i: not duplicated for the jirice of adnii.-- 3ion charged. 'aiil Wehling. :in; Smith SI l.iaiide li" an PISTOL TRACED TO JTKXELLr. Erery troaiaJiL 'B heart responds tc the charm and sweetness of a baby's voice, bo'^ause nature intended her for motherhood. But even tho loving nature of a mother shrinks from the ordeal because such a time is usually a period of sutferins and danger. Women who use Mother's Friend are saved mucb discomfort and suffering, and their systems, being thoroughly prepared by this great remedy, arf In a healthy condition to moet tbo time vritk the least possible Buttering and danger. Mother's Friend is recommetided only for the relief and comfort of expectant mothers; It Is In no sense a remedy for various Ills, but its mjany years of suocess, and the tbousands of endorsements ' re. celred from women who hare used It are a gtiat^antee of the benefit to be derived from its us6. This remedy does not accomplish ironflers but simply assists nature to perfect its "work. Ifofber's Friend allays \ nausea, pro- Tents caking of ^AA- ^ • « the br^ and mQlQefS ^^eJE ^Weiid iBOtherhood. Xother'a la soM at drug stores. • .Wrlta fOr J O UT free Uxik for expectant motbert. ' . \HJ)»ffa» itEcvum ca^iidHi^. WihiPSs Tells Coroner 's Jnrv Apcn <e«' iBoufrht One From Him. Wellington, Kas.. Oct. 17.— Befor- *he coroner's jury. T. X. Moore prr nrietor of a second hand store, test' Bed to having .sold a 3S calibre revo! vir to O'.to McKnelly. the young mar who is held in jail charged with th' murder of his father, mother aiyl sis •er.' Y'oung McKnelly told undersh^r- 'ff Favor that he had not owned a revolver since last December. Moore •iroducpd the sale card giving Ottr McKnelly as the name of the.purch Tser and the calih^C of the pistol, th- same calibre as the one with whici the victims were killfd. The pistol was d''livered to a bo- whom McKnelly had sent after it o' September 15. just ten days before th murders, siiid tly> witness. It is ex pectcd Moore's evidence will be cor roboratrd bv that of his assistan' Mrs. Klsie Cyphers, who was presen when the gun was delivered. PROMOTION FOR EMMKTT GRKfii Santa Fe SitM -Ial Olllcer Reromes .U slstant to Chief. Eromelt Gregg. Br <»<dal agent of th 5>outhern Kapsns Division of. th Santa Fo has W'en promoted to Hv p6sitIon of BSsIsUnt to H. H. Ger main, chief 8|M >cial agent of the ras* ern lines and his headquarters wl< be with Mr. Germain In Toijcka. Mr. Gregg's promotion is a merltet reward for service. He becan rat' roading us a call boy at Guthrie. OV T^ter he was promoted and has be*' In the special servlc^ department fo' fifteen .vwirs. He was sneolal ager qn the Oklahoma division before com ing to Chanute on July 1, 1906. a; SDOcial agent on the Southern Kansa' division. In his new position Mr. Gregg's jur fsdiction will extend over the systen^ from Chicago west to Newton an-" ^nth to Purcell, Ok The promotlor becaine effective yesterday. Ur. an<* Mrs. Grege will move to Topeka, In tbe Bear; future.' —Mrs. T. A. Town, lOV CUi St. Wafr own, S. v.. wtrites: ".My four child ;en are subject lo hsrd colds and 1 al va'ys use Foley's Honey and Tar Con: >ound with spleiidid results. Sen:- .ime ago 1 had a severe attack of I jrippe and the doctor pre .scribed cy's Honey and Tar Comiiound .if it soon Dvercanie the la gripi>e. I ca always depend upon Foley's Hone and Tar Compound and am sure o ?ood results. •• For sale at Buwcll )rug Store. pain across tlie hips. i:iia*ii!! her condition. She furt!:er says: was also very nervous. Iiad headache ind dizzy sje-Ils, and was fast get'.in: worse wiien 1 took Foley Kidney Pill and 'now all my troubles are cure- Foley Kidney Pills h.".vo done FO piu.- for me I shall always rccoinnier. them." For r.ale at Burrell 's Drui Store. BLKM KX) .niLKS AN liOlR. M 'roniL' Kind of Jiedicine. ''Why are all those peoide flockin: lown to Hiram Hardanple's barn'.' asked the old farmer on the hay v.'.ip on. "Hi's got a curiosity down thar. chuckled the village ebnsiable. "That so? What kind of a cnrios' ty is it?" "Why. Hi's old red ar .d white J< r ?ey cow. The other night the ol •:ritter had the colic and Hi went dew with the lantern to give her a dose r low medicine. Uiamedi if lie ilidn -nake a mistake and give her a pit if gasoline." "Do tell! Didn't kill h"r did it?" "Xo. but by heck, it had a funny e 'etc. Sow, instead of going '.Mo* maa!" like any other sensible co\ «he goes 'Honk->Ionk!' like cm- ' them thar blamed nutomobiles."—1 October Xational Monthly. Report of Wind Yeloclty Buriu? To.x as t'oasi Storm. Brownsville. Tex.. Oct. If..—Th- worst of :>. several liours vvind an( rain storm seemed over tliis nfternooi The barometer was rising and wim 'ailin|;. Xo one was killed. Xews i- iicking from Point Isabel. nearer*th- 'Julf than thi.« town. Corpus Christi. Tex.. .Oct. lf>.—I •A'as reported here today ih;«t six mile- )f the Tcrmie-.l railway at Aransj,: "ass was IT-ier water -jd likely tr vash away. iVople li' " ".ir along th' Teach hav.- move,i to ''gher ground V wind velocity of 0(i r.- lOO miles ai lour was reported, -ur. ilic-iall.v. Galveston. Tex.. Oct. 18.—The v«eat! r bunau this af'ernoon gave out lie ollowing statenieni: "Disturbance in wi t gulf i< ap arently going inlaui; on the Texs'/ •oast betvveen' Corpus Christi an- IrownsvlIIe." F. S. Canatsey and J. V. Uohcrt- 'rove to Savoniiurg today on a hu.*-' less trip. Wonderffiul Cures i^cpcri^d in Germany. The ttie of simple herbi ai rcraodio inttcod of the more concentrated u\i uiualty mors danieroui juoriSflnic «ub«t«ace«, ha. been revived very widely of lute. In Germany a new tcb^oi of physician* hai arisen whicii throws out atmokt • whole of the pharmacopeia and relics on an adiptatioa ol the method of wild animals m curiu|( Iherasetves. . . . ^ M K U'orU. It was Dr. R. V. Pierce, chief consulting physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Surlical Institute of Buffalo, N. Y., w-!io first advocated tbe extended use ol soii-.c of our native roots, such as: Col Jen seal and Oreiion intpc root, m«adra.';e and queen's root, black eherr>bc .-k. These ore the chid injlredicnts in Doctor Pieroe'a Golden Medical Discovcr>', >vhicli has been M > well and favorably known for nearly halt a ccntuo*. A harmless cleanser aud ttumach .ouic tlist ntU<:rt has provided. J. D«;. Ar n NLvniKso:? of Os^Irjimr, N. Y. says: " I suf- ffjcd for over fivo ye .ars v .iili what; the doctcK told me was dUaUA ciiuVtUiit of Die tUnnnih, fvmjclated «rfli» n C«J»I r-_ rkul cuitditUjii of mttuc, and jirrrr'ioi lieiat. I had tri^-d enough nt:s. tJi^muth, gentian, rhiiljurbfetc.. to floataship and naturally thought thero was no euro for me, but afti-r reading what emineut doctors fdid of tlie cuRsUve giuillilcs of thaingredientdof 'Golden Medical Discovery* I gave it afairtrlaL T'ook the * Discovery • and also the 'Pleaseut PelletK.' and can truthfully say I am .feeling better IMW than I have in^ears. I cheerfullyKlveVrmiAsIon lo print this t<!StlmoniaI, aud If any 'douMliiK fhoinas* wrtteii me I will 'put hiiu WIJU .' to tUobust ull-anNUid medlciaala the P,M»!tuMmm.KMi^ country to^y.' Comiiiissii.iier III own, .Moian. Ciiiniiiis.sioiier Uiibiiison lola. Xovr Ork.-.n . t.-.— '1 \...> -i ... fore 1 took I.;-Ha • '; .•-.'.^ Vv;-. ta'.:-.- C. i-.-^>\::,-'. I -.vis I soul.!, -il with hot flashes v.-<:iik ;i'i <t y f --.-I ;t Iin^k.-ielie .-iiu! ii-'eifiil.-ii-i '-e .-i. i wuulJ get up il. lliO iiiei-.ia. - i: iir. i. I'f.t .'Mid !Tit tit !<• il.< a 'ov iliiiijr. •)>\uvr I h -i-.-.- U-.:: t;.:,::.-.- y nr''.^r.-; •^I'.r;.! .ri.u ill.H^I l-;:-;ti.-i- I feel all ri^liU Vocr )ii> •i.i are v. m-la tlioir vvt-ig-jit iu jjulii."—Mrs. CiAS 'ioX < liLoXDKAU, K'A l"u.!y:i>uia .^t., Xcvv OrK-an.s, La. L!:TTi :iirKO >I FLORIDA. . AVapcl-.u'i.i. i-'la.—''.'-•oiiie iiiiie atro I vvrote^to you •fivinff yon my symptoms. In'.-i.iii-.-lie. I'.i'.-Iiaciic, bcJu-iuj.'-<Jort-n, aud Ui.scomfort in walking-, eauaej by feniulr ti,jul>l>-s. "lyl two iK .tth-s of Lydia K Pinkham's \'esretal,!e Compound and i p:'.el::iu -e i,{ .<:inative Wn-ii .-ind th.if vvus«ll I used t'> niJii;e lue a well vvuiuaii. "I am ^.itistieil t'.i:;t if I had done like a jf<i«Ht many women, and bad not lal-:en yi.ur ri-iijei!it-.s. I vvi>iihl have Ix-eu n great .vutferer. But I startrJ ia time'i the lie-hl yiedii-ine :uid {.'ot well. Il did nut e»:.t very luucii eillier. 1 feel lliitl you ::rt; :i fi'ieml to all vvoini-u and I'vvt.iild rather ubO your reijii-ilie.s tliac jiuvc- a.-U<j.-ior."—Mrs. .MArriK llopNor, Bux -luts, Wau- jUula, i-lorioa.*) I.I:TTI:K FROM ^VEST V IRGINIA. Mart in'.burp, \V. —-• I .-uii ei.-i.l .sa\j tluit I.ydia l-I- I'iulthacu's Vegetable I'ouicouuil done \von<lei-s for my uu/llier. <i:»U)."'liler aud myself, i " 1 liav»! loiii do/.eas of pt-ople aljoiit it uuil luy <iau;r'!!-«^r savs that when; she beai-s a's.'irl eomplainiii^ witii eramps, she tells lier t.'j take your t'om- pouud." — .Mrs. -M AKV A . lio<:itK.\i:KKuv, 71:; X. :jrd St.! Martiuaburg-, W. Va. ANOTHER LETTER PROM VIRGINIA. Newport Xt-w.s, Va.—".-Mi-out livi- vi-ars at'o I \va?? troubled with such pains and bloating' eery iiioiitli that. I \v.,iild have to jro to bed. "A friend loiil me to l.-ike l.y<ii:i i'l. I'iukham's Veg-eluble Compound au<l I sixiu fo-....:l 1 ,-lief. The jiiedieine slrcag^tlieueU me iu every way and my doctor appi -DTed of my taking- it. ' i "1 will }.'lail if iny testimony will help some one who is sujtleriutf jfroiu female vveakueis.''--Mrs. W. J. B LAYTO.V , lO-l; Uauipton Ave., XC'wport IfcvvK, Va. Why don't you try this reivable remedy ? ::rd Distriel—.M. C LKOAJ..S. SIIKRIFF'SSALE First published in the lola Dallv .[e.^'ster September 2Hth. 1012. The Stare of Knnsa.4. Allen County•is. In the District Court. Thirt.v-Se^ .•nth Judicial Circuit. Sitting in and for Allen County. State of Kansas. Alifn County State l',ank. Plaintiff •.'.•;. KacJel C. Hutchinson. .Marvin K CtirTAtJE tJRtlVK. (K. Johnson) Oct. It;—Dr. and Mrs It. K Xoves arrived Sunday | from th'-ir iionie in l.oiiisiana for a'vi.sii^ vvlfh Dr. .\oye.s' parents, .Mr. and Mrs. Ira Xoyes. .Mr. and .Mr.-'. Daie visit.-d Sunday ut Tom Adam.-i'. The I_-idie.-<' .\id Society met last TliiirMiiiy with .Mrs. .lohn^iin and-set the qiiilt they have heon making together. Tlw-y also made arrange nients to serve dinner at llie sale hc-h- by .Messrs. .\. Dwinnell and hYanU llarner in^xt .Monday. Kev. .MciCeever will preach next ilutc-hinson and J. K. Powell. Defend- j Sunday night, beginning prolractei? jnts. Uy virtue of an Ordir of Sale ii-- 5uod by the Clerk of the Thirty-Sev•nth Judicial District Court, in and "or Allen County. State of Kansa.-'. in ;he above entitled couse. and to me lirected and delivered. I will on the JStli day of October. A. D .1S12 at le I'clock. A. .M.. of said day. at the snut:. ioor of the court house in the City if lola. Alien County, State of Kanias. offer for sale and se.'l fo the highest bidder, for cash in hand, the following descrllied real estate towit: Liot Eleven fill in Clock Two 121 Vorthrup's re-survey of Jones .\ddii- on to the City of lola. Allen County Kansas. Said lands and tenement!? will be sold without appraisement to satis^ft ; said Order of Sale. HOOVER KERR. Sheriff of Allen County? Kan.'^as By ED J. DirxFEE. Under Sheriff. Sheriff's Office. lola. Kansas, September 2.'.th. 1912. i9)-26-(10)-3-10-17-24. meetings. .Mrs. Etliei Butler visited the first part of last week with the Ji .bnson young folks in IIumhoMt and attended the Fall Festival services at the .Methodist Chunii. Mrs. Will Stewart visited in Ciia- nute Saturday. Mrs. Ingram and her son, Wm. Ingram, are moving to Petrolia Where they have bought property. We wish them success in their new home. Miss Xeliie Booe of Chanute visited her cousins, the Cloud girls, part of last week. Xettie Reed spent Sunday with her home folks. Miss Elsie Hucke is visiting her aunt Mrs. E. A. Burghart. Mr. and .Mrs. Will .\ilaiiis have moved in tiie tenant house mi the farm known a.^s- the Walton I'ariii. .Mr. and .Mrs. .!. F Kniiise visited Sunday aflernuoii wUli .Mr. and .\lr.-i. Johnson. - I KX-PRKSIDKNT t»K KATY DIES. .tdrtan If. Jollne Was Ulrector la Many foriMiralloMs. X.-w York. Oct. IT —Adrain II. .fo- line. director in a nunilH-r of largo corwirations. died at iiis I'ome here at the :>g,. of r.2 vears. Tie liias been in failini: lie;i!th for some time. Mr. Joline wii? formerly president of tha Missouri. Kansas & Texas railway and a receiver of the .Metropolitan Street Railway Comoany of .Vew Vork. HUi SIRPRISK TO .MA\Y I\ I0L.4. I»cal- people are surprised at the QUICK results received from simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as uiixed in .\dler-i-ka. the German appendicitis remedy. Morris & Howard, druggist.^, stare that this .simple rem- ed.v antisepticizes the digestive system, and draws off the impuriti^js so thor- ougiily that A Sl.VGI.E DOZE reniove.s sour stomach, gas on the stomach and c<mstlpauon IXSTAXTL.Y. It is ll»4 only remedy 'which never faiisf. . (First Published October 3. 1912.) OCTOBER SALE. NOTICE is hereby' given that sc much of each tract of land aud town lots described in the annexed list as may be necessary Jor the purpose, will on the FOURTH MOXDAY of OCTOBER, A. 1>. 1912, and next succeeding days, be sold by me at my office, at public auction for the taxes and charges remaining unpaid thereto for the year 1911: IOI,A TOWNSHIP. Lincoln Park Addition. Y. F. Lee, lot 7 block 3. Cas City. J. O. Frazel, lot 13 block 11). LaGmnge. J. McFall, lot 7 block .^2. Orenitrrft'H Snd Addition. A. R. & S. E. Adams, lot Itl block lOLA riTV. KdnardV East AdditioB. S. F. Behler, lot 11 block S. , HIgktand Plarr. J. F. Bissett, lot 13 block 21. J. F. Bissett. lot 14 block 21. J. P. Bissett, lot ir. block 21. J. F. Bissett, lot 16 block 21. W. L. Haines, lot 10 block Id. Jones' Addition. Unkno'wn, lot 6 block 1. MrDonslhV Adiitioa. n. B. Adams, lot 6 b'ock 1. Given under my hand this 3rd day of October. 1912. -.^ C. C. AUSHERMA.V, Treasurer 6t Allen County, Kansjis —Remarks made by every one; how- can the Sevr Vork Store sell ladiei' u>d misses' Suits at prices less than "lair usually sold fur. H. W. Brown of Colony. Is in tbe-| ity oD bHSiaeM. - mm i Cot ontthe wbam Cttoponj with fiT» oth«r» of ccnKcugy imtm$,^maA prsssat |> l!>«a at dmoHics with til* expcOM bono* aiiiaaatLcrKanCappadtauyslTfo 41 ' of DictSoaarr Mlact*d (which corcn t!>a iirrr.i of Ik* co >t of pacldn*. •spms 41 AMI th* factorr. cfaeckia:. derk hire mai oJtMr MceuuT EXFEftSE ttws). ^' •ad rec'iro your choica of theta t2 .rea booicf: , I 1^ Tlie $4*00 (T.'':cil!ijstratj'>ns-ir«thesnnonnipracntslromdsy today.) « % New dictionary N.>r > ublisUcd uy the original p 'il>- 4 > WEBsmtAN lishcrs < I \Vcb..tcr|s diet! >aary or by their successors. J It is tiic 'O.VLV cnsirely .v: w cimpilation by the world's X «Fx2 "frrai'^t authorities fro :i tr .i '.ii;'^ imivcrsitics; b bound in > lUGnONARVtiil) I Jmpl-eatiier. pi.-li^-. s:ainp<..l jn gold on back and IUiiatMie«l siifo. pnntcjt>u Bibio p.!;-r. with rrj (djjea and corners roondrd; belutiiul, MP^ng, ourablcT Ti,- i li.s t!:- f:r;;cr..l conicnf? there 5 arc mup3 a:..l ov<— tioo subj-vti D» 'Miiuily i! by tl'acc- •' * > color pl-lt.*, ni::.l r us SUblect.* l-y 1.--ii .t-MieS, iO p.:-:r* (.I * e.luc"'.t>.j.i;ij_' b-f •• • ' t t'le lat • t VJiii'c.lus v • n:..i'-. IVr'.-.-: at this Ctli.e ;'!\ Conioet'livo D'-'-^jn^ry Cii:p.>t» ard the fe, «.r-t:tJ. SIX ,\B7 n** ly :?*2. 7Z El ua.?o*.ba 48c I Have you a house for rent? Have you something yoi^' want to trade? Tell youf wants through the Register, ^

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