Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 25, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1889
Page 3
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STrxt Ooor to'^nU 5!*»'i** «MS^iiHB«i!lgBBgWgMm^ Evening Gazette. <M <D m Dou'tLook at'lMe. but t». rR e-ui Do tm<1 Rt aH the TWO CJIKTB. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. T- ^ r-s «• J - • a ill I o./vrTinDacr-'""- ! -^ f»%<f* nsmr* (www- 4cw*»' ,rrq™-*"-i ™-^ f ^ , J» ,JX 5, ./ I X -*? ! Ti «9, —Sol. M. Seely has gone to Chicago. —John A. Ladd is home for a short visit. —Joseph II. Charcberlin is out from Chicago. —Judge . McCoy, of Morrison, was here yesterday. —Miss Vanllorne.of Chicago, has returned to Sterling. —Miss Laura Delp is home from Chicago for a short visit. — Mrs. Fulton has been sick for some time but is now much better. —Mrs. Charles Woodburn haa gone to Chicago for a months visit. —George Sampson has gone to Wall Lake, Iowa, on a hunting trip. —Wm. Wiggins is building an addl- t.iM> t,n hli hitmiVnn ftrd nvflnrtft. —Charley Ulair is janitor of the new city hall and occupies the dwelling on the city lot. —The annual convention of the VVhiteside Co. W. 0. T. U. is in session at Morrison. —Mr. Wm, A. McCune has returned A IjniRhnSile Th" ppppfriek SknlB [riven Arulit'iny ol Muaic IHBI nigbo most funny entertainment pivpn by home talent in many a day. The facts that BO many well known peoples were to net tho parts as little boys and girls at school lifty yor\rs a^o. that Prof Kelly wag the master, and that tho play wherever given has b?on successful, because oC its ridiculousness, packed the Academy from one end to the other. The crowd was so large that many had to stand, is spile of the driving rain. Morrison, Dixon, Jordan, Coleta, Rock Falls, Monttnorency, Gait, Prairieville and all the towns around were represented in the audience, At 8 o'clock the master, Hesekjah Potts, dressed up in a swallow tail and big collar, stopped In front of the cur- tun and rang his big bell. The curtain rose and the children trotted in to skule. There were grown up men and women, some gray-haired, merchants, lawyers, doctors, newspaper men, dressed like school children of II fty years ago. They marched in and bowed to the master and the curtain went dow'n. The second scene consisted of the forenoon exercises, the hearing of classes, and other school happenings, answering of questions, flogging unruly pupils, etc. The third was the dinner scene, and the fourth" the afternoon session, which consisted of rhetorical exercises, usually given on the last day of skule, In the presence of the committeemen and visitors, and remarks by the master and members of the committee. All the different characters.usually to be found in a school were there, the stuttering boy, the smart aleck, the little Dutchman, the very ' small lad, the Irish girl with the rich • brogue, etc. There were numerous little incidents, auoh as a live mouse running across the floor, a fight between two of the boys, the placing of the giggling girl on the dunce box and the mistakes of the small boy, that wore funny. Prof. Kelley as the master, filled his part to perfection, and to him a great deal is due for the success of the piece. Ha wns of merry, gt-ner- anil h« mud' 1 for him- PO sr>r,n brought to ;i close; a lifts that in its morning promised to bo long and bright and useful. Ills wife, to whom he waa married March '.'A, 1870, lives in this .city with her sister, Mrs. C. E. Lincoln, at whose residence the funeral was held. n p of Will he repeated to-nh/ht at the Academy by pp'Tlal roquet. Important changes will bo marto. . Fric'ia reduced to 2") cents for entire house. Pants tor's . from ?j to SU nt McCallia- 87 17 . ,.^ ._ ThB follovyiDff is the cast; lle/oklah Potts, son of Deacon Potts, Skule Master; Samantha Snodgrass, Mrs 0 H Presbrey; Cynthia Dasenberry, Florence Peunlngton ; Abijah -Hardscrabble, D 13 Strickler; Bally SimpUins, Let- *"* * t 6D from the north, whither he went to escape the hay fever. —Frank Maynard was fined 85 and costs yesterday by Magistrate Goltman for assaulting Nathan P. Wilson. —Miss Edith Tracy returned this morning to Chicago to attend Mrs. Loring's Seminary for young ladies. —The Foresters give a ball this evening in Wallace Opera House. Friends from Dlxon ana Clinton are expected to be present. —A boy baby was born yesterday to Mr. and Mrs Philip Messner and one this morning to Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hey of Jordan. —Ralph McPherran has gone to Ann Arbor to attend Michigan University, where he expects to complete his collegiate edmiation. ^—To accommodate the large number of people who were unable to Rain aeata at the Deestrick Skule at the Academy of Music last night it will be repeated this evening. —Dr. Harry Boorae and friend, Mr. Wilcox, of Chicago, came out from Chicago last evening on a gunning trip. . They are over south of the river, near Prophetstown. —The ladies of the Women's Belief Corpa are doing everything to make the Bociable On Friday evening a success, and no doubt the entertainment will meet with large patronage. —The following were among the Morrison people who attended .the Deestrick Skule last night: Mrs. Martin, Miss Mattie Martin, Mrs. Allie Synder, Miss Snyder, Mrs. Green, Mr. , tie Wickens; Elizabeth V Plantagenet, Miss Ada Ward; Smart Aleck, Moses Dillon; Sissy Beanblossom, Llllie Kline; Timothy Truck, .John A Page; Jermima Jernsha Hartshorn, Mrs. G A Over; Verdant Gooseberry, 3 F Barrett; Dolly Dimple, Eva McBride; Taffy Tolu, Belle Hubbard; Sweetbrler Family: Mrs. Sweetbrler, Jessie Johnson; Faraway Comfort, Annie J Lefferts, Felicity Hope, Mrs. W W Haskell, (twins); Elijah, A S Todd; Elisha, John P Lawrie, (twins); Ezeklel (4 years old),SM Ladd; Sukey Jerusha Ann, Belle Manahan. Josiah Stepenfetchlt, George Drake; Patty Smartweed, Hannah Mooney; 1'hineas Huckleberry, John Harpham; Topsy Simpkins, Sadie Murphy; Patience Peterkin, Fannie Ball;ObadlahSpllkins, JV McCarty; Sam Patch, E K Jenkins; Willie. Taa- cott, A Ebersole; Dorcaa Doolittle, Hattie Mack; Bridget O'Flynn, Dr Jane Held; Eli Perkins, Geo W Brewer; Hank Buttermilk, A N Melvln; Ebenezer Treeclimber, E H Clark; Hanner Hardscrable. Jessie Leonard; Patrick Egan, A Dillon; Obadlah Whitcomb, T 6 McKlnney; Tribulation —1". K. Wilhelm and wife stopped here this afternoon on their way home to Hock Island. —Rockford will have a trades carnival, and she is ende ivoring to establish a local horse sale association. —The poles formerly used lor the arc electric light plant are being removed and the wires have been placed on the poles of the new plant. —The Deestrick Skule will be repeated tonight at reduced prices, 26 cents for adults and 15 cents for children. It is for the benetit of the public library. —Thursday, 20th, is Jewish New Year'sday, or 5,020 years sincere first ray evolving from pagan darknfisa brightened toward civilization. It will be sacredly observed by all Jews throughout the world. —it is said that Mr. Rathbone. of the Rathbone, Sard & Co. stove firm of Albany, N. Y., Is quietly visiting other towns near Chicago besides Aurora and Joliet and may Dnd some better place to locate their factory than either of those cities. —It is said that during the fair at Oregon last week, gamblers cot ducted a wheel of fortune right on the street corner, and that all kinds of gambling was allowed on the fair grounds. There is evidently no barb wire fence around that town. -Pete McGuire, a threshing hand employed by the McCue boys, jumped off the engine water tank at a farm near the Bend yesterday and dislocated his right ankle and broke the small bone. Dr. Frank Anthony set the fractured leg. —He sat In his door at noonday, lonesome and glum and sad, the (lies ,,.1-n b<r/.7.inpc about him, led by a blue-winROd "gad;"" uot a sign of business was there, but the lltca kept on buzzing about the old man's hair; at last in misery he shouted: "Great Scotts, I'm covered with flies." And the zephyr that toyed with his whiskers, whispered, "Why don't you advertise ¥"—Ex. Just received nn elegant line of children's Jersey Suits. Oettingi.'r's Double Front Clothing House. S7 to Floor oil cloths in a great variety of patterns at .1. K. Chester's. QMcOallister hns nil kinds of fall over- c^atinps. Si t7 Gloves and mittens till you can't rest. Oettinger'u Double Front Clothing House. 87 10 Bargains in cotton flannels at J K. Chester's. _ Kersey overcoats at McCallister'a. 87 17 K. w. J$io»so!u mi'i i.iinf of the "I. C." br;!nd h " ICye (flaws. These npi'C'.ac!«'S put from ordinary plunvo?, he lonsrs tire ground from a . ..ileif (Jryxtnl that shuts out the chorn- cal and heat rajs of light, making then; very soothing to the eyea. J!e sure and ,ry them, see that that trade mark "I. c." is on every lens. 70-;l<tw Clothe* I'ins Penny per do/., at the Fair .Store, opposite Wallace House. P-l-tO Home made bed K. Chester's. comfortables at J Hardacrabble, V B Ferguson; Yawcop Schweitzer, iouls Oltmann; Ichabod Crane, George Bavlaon; Praisegod Barebones, Chalkly John; Tommy Edison, Maurice John. Deacon glow Coach, W C Holbrook; Squire Kicker, W B Kirk; Dr. Wiseacre, George B Adams; Committee Men. Orpheus Philarlo.DCRice. -The new city jail waa completed and turned over to Chief of Police Fitzgerald yesterday about noon. This fact being[announced among the police Calling on Messrs Frey & Whitebread today, we bad tho pleasure of meeting Mr. J. E. Webb, General Mau- ager of the Singer Manufacturing Co., and he seemed to be in excellent spirits as he has again arranged with this re liable firm to handle their machinea, and he thinks he haa had experience with aome of hia salesmen that he doea not care to have repeated. It haa been about two years since this firm gave up the agency of this machine, and it speaks well for these gentlemen that they should be called on to accept the same again. Those who would like a good sewing machine can now secure it from these reliable gentlemen. Woolen dress goods, domestics, linens, flannels, hosiery and underwear, notions, gloves, etc., etc., at E. E. Sheetz'a. • liovely fall Styles. . Mrs. Gennle W. Elliott has juat returned from Chicago with, a large stock of dear delights in millinery. Call and see the fine pattern bate, magnificent ribbons in all shades, aud other stylish novelties. 89-to Visit my store and examine my goods and be convinced that I can sell you dry goods at a less rroflt than elsewhere. E. E. Sheetz. Zero! Zero! Imperial Aladdin is the finest range | In the market. It can be found at Crawford Broa. »0t8 Fine Table Cutlery In elegant designs at Blossom's. Fall and winter suitinga at McCallister's. • 87 17 MriGeo.Pflsterer, baker of Mr. C >ie; has leased the building now oc cupied by G. Gasaman on 3rd street where hia wife, with his assistance, wil run a first class restaurant. Mr. Pfister remains with Mr. C. Eisele, to satisfy all his friends in the line of baking. Take possession first of October. 88-tO ' '"_ Repetition 1 Jlppetltlon I Under the auspices of the Wednesday Club and Library Association the Deestrict Skule will be again presented at the Academy tonight toaccommodate those unable to gain admission last night. Price 2. r > cents for entire house Attend early. Large black hats for children, very stylish, can be found at Mrs. Gennle W. Elliott's, SO to In order to reduce stock will make special low prices for the next Oo days ou dry goods, uutloiis, glov^u "~Suu holaory etc. llmncmbrr this is a bona- tied offer. Am forced to sell the goods to meet my obligations. • 88-tO w-l . J. Lendman 5 Keep Cool. A complete line of stoves both cook and heaters, is to'be found at Crawford Bros. Step in and take a look at them. ' , 0010 I don't employ canvassers to sell pia- noa, organs and sewing machines; so that the agents commission is saved to the purchaser. Call and get prices. James Harden. 84JO w tl * Chicago Exposition. The Chicago & North-Western Hallway will, on stated dates, sell tickets to Chicago and return on account of the Exposition, which opens September 4tb, and closes October 10th, at rate of one fare for the round trip, with 25 cents added for admission ticket. For tickets and full information apply to Agents Chicago & North-western Hailway Company. '• 37-13 Bids fop Sidewalk.. The committee on streets and alleys will receive bids .to build a Triuidad Asphalt walk on First avenue according to ordinance passed by city council for that purpose. Plans and specifications can be seen at office of City Superintendent of Streets. Bids must be in by six o'clock, p. m., Sept. 28tb, 1889. Com. on Streets and Alleys. 87 to GM1- drens'. SEAL, PEOPLE'S COLUMN «TWe will Insert three lines In thl§ col-'TBj umn ono time for 10 eeuts, or lor 40 cents a week. Each additional line will bo 6 conta a single In- ourttou, or 15 cents a week. WANTKU. Only TO cents for 3 lines under this Heading. (Something Nice. If you want to make money read my "ad" in the WEEKLY GAZETTE and Standard. , GEO. W. CHAMBELIN. 88-tf V V - A XTTI'f* P- .- JKiso, nt low : .f. K. Chester wnnlcn W ANTKU—tilrl—One thoroughly competent for general housework. Applj -' " '" Ilu|ikiii3uu's shoe store. at D. W. uo-tr W ANTED—Good houses to rent. . zer, Koom 4, Academy of Music. F.w.Wal- BO-ttt "V\7"ANTED-Inimediatcly—kitchen Blrl v Apply at Boynton house. 87-tt W AJJTED—A cabinet maker, at once, at Novelty Iron Works. Apply 88-13 : AND CLOTH in every style. - MAB- KETS, W ANTED—At once—three whom exclusive territory «lll beclven. Address May Bros., Nurserymen, Rochester, N. Y. 85-10 W ANTED- Wild.crapes, by Dr. Frank An- tliony. Call at office. S3-tf38-t3 SfOK HA1>K. See our daisy line of fall hata. Oet- Unger's Double Front Clothing House 87 tO Crawford Bros. Have on their floors some of the best BWVOS in the market, both cooks and heaters. They are open for inspection. 90tO Nobby suitings at McCallister's. . 87 t7 Only 10 cents for J lines under 'this Heading. Kfion SALE—(70S dollars worth of plush cloaks, -Ij Jackets and uowm.irkets, at a bargain. Call at J. K. Chester's. LV)B HALE-^A Pheatoii bueL'y; JC c;ush. A I. Pierce, Hock Kails. "cheap, for WHO* F OB SALE—A desirable residence lot In Kork Vails. Will take uood horse In part payment. J. P. Bcott, Hock-Fulls. Ill- 80-U1* - Our immense stock of fall and winter clothing Is ready for your inspection. Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. - 87 to Pants goods at MiCallister's. 87 t7 Beautiful hats for misses, girlish and pretty at Frey & Davis. 80t4 F OU BALK—Good Iowa, Nebraska Kansas land, Block ot goods. Business ulaces for sale aud exchange. Frank W. WaUer, Academy ot Music, lloom'4 """ F OUBALE-A barealu In three line residences In 4tu ward. Inquire ot 1.1. liusU. Ol-tl —Officer Howard is doubly proud today. Last evening he placed the first! in the now city jail, and last occupy the new quarters. That especial honor fell to Officer Wm. Howard, A full line of genuine Foster's lacing ;and colors at 81.00 sold at 81.25 and pair warranted. E. E. I Sheetz. wedding station Williams. —Now the old lockup should be torn, down and the wood burned to kill out the colony of fleas and bugs that have been there for years. The weeds should be cut down and that corner kept In as good shape as tho other parts of the park property. •BertVauSanford recently took a Russian bath in the tranquil water of Rock river just below the dam. Bert with another boy waa paddling down stream at a rapid rate, he occupying the front end of the boat, when the boat struck a large rock and Bert rolled off Into the stream in no gentle manner. -Work was begun thh morning on 'an extansion to the water works pumping Jjouao building, 25x-lO on the north side, for a dyaamo and engine room for the electric street railway. The street railway and the water worka companies are planning to use petroleum oil for fuel for their engines. —Several prominent Dixoa gentlemen werw hare yea tardily evening, at the Gait, Among the party were, (). Esq.,i Judge" J. IT. NobSe. A repottsV iuU-r- to tUat with dispatch and conveyed on a jump to the jail, for fear he would sober up before he got there. It is hinted among the other officers (jealous fellows they are) that Howard agreed pay the man's fine If he would get enough to be arrested and ap pear only wben he (Howard) had a chance to arrest hiiii. Blley waa fined thia morning by Magistrate Goltman. —The funeral of Geo T. Reed, who died on Monday morning, Sept. 23, at the insane asylum, waa held at 2 o'clock afternoon, from the residence of Mrs. C. E. Lincoln, slater of his wife. He was the youngest son of Isaac and Mary Reed, and was born near Cham- beraburg, Pa., Dec. 21,1844. Ilia parents came to this county when he waa about eight years old. Ho received a common school education at Empire, and afterward attended the Bryant & Stratton Business College at Chicago. For a number of yeara be waa a dealer iu lumber aud graia at Gait. A little more than ten years ago he failed la business, and afterward waa iu the employ of the Northwestern H. H. Co. at Eiigteijrovo aud Algoua, iuwa, but his health'giadually failed after his WJrrj, and soiueluud (jJisirtt it ati * .trtWst to S i U3i IU tlj** VifUiU. 1 WEMHt* 4**liih 4 Valuable Information to Boardlns: House Keepers. Do you want boarders ? If you do you can easily secure vhem by putting a "want" in the EVENING GAZETTE. It will coat you but 10 cents for 3 liuea. We do not sell cheap goods, but will sell you good gooda cheaper than can ba bought elsewhere. E. E. Sheetz. Call at E. W. lilosaom's and get an eye tester free of charge. lO-d&w £>adle» I Call and see the lovely patterna in bonnets and hata fresh from the city. Styles are beautiful. Theje have been selected with great care; knowing our patrons so well we are determined to * ' 1?v> i °- """^ * •""-" please. * Rt S)0-t4 E. E. Sheetz will save you money ou woolen underwear, hosiery, flannels and yarns. Opera For sale or rent at Blossom's. Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend to city and country sales on short notice. Can eave ordera at A. R. Hendrick'a Drug Store or at my reaidence on 13th avenue north of 4th at Charges reasons ble. Give me a call. 78 37tf D. H. MEYEIIS, Auct. Fall nad Winter Overcoats. My stock of fall and winter over coats is ihe largest ever brought to this city and I will make them up at a very low rate of prices. 87 to Aua. FRANK. Cold Weather. Crawford Broa. are Belling the Palac Aladdin hard coal stove. Call and se it. • 00t6 Vail and Winter Sultn. I am now ready to muke up fall am winter suits at prices that are ver low for the quality of the goods. 87 to Aua. FRANK. Coffees are high and advancing b you can buy a good Rio for 25 cent choice 30 conta and choice old government Java for 85 cts. or 3its for $1.00. L. L. Johnson. ' 87-tf It In Cold. T. have now received a full stock of fall and winter goods, which I am prepared to make up in the latest stylo aud at reasonable figures. As I carry nothing but the bast class of goods in my line I will guarantee to please you both in quality and price. Call in and ace if what I say S3 not true, JAOOII EISELE, Merchant Tailor. 87 tO F OR SALE OH TRADE—A One secoiid-liant carriage, single or double seat, to exchange r a good road uorse. Inquire ot Dr. you seen the brand new delivery wagon of Frey & WhuubreadVr 1 It is certainly one of tho moat complete for carrying pianos ftmlefg iu SU'ruug, and thnlr new atoro U rtttrd up cqua!. Jt not butter, than any of Iba kind m our! city ?J to KOIt SALE OU THAUK. MMM^M^^BI^H^MMMMMMM^MMI^M^HMMi Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. FOB UKNT. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. -A. good imni, iff 205" WcsfThlr F OIl KENT-UweWng house, suitable lor 01 or two fan.lliea, live blockx from V. O — • 5 acres or ground. Apply 006 !• Irat Ave. wit 81- TV) LEASE—Power and room forinanufactur L inn purposes. In tlio buHnlug formerly OCCMJ- iled by Church & 1'altcrson. Address 11. C. sh. DP.: 3hurcb. Dulutu, Minn. KO-tt T7IINANCIAL-S5000 00 wantwl Immediately. -C in exc.nauKO lor blankets, llanneU and underwear, at lowest pricva iu Hlerlliig. J. K- Chester. Come in and see, We charge no fee. The largest and rich est display we have ever shown. F INANCIAL cent., ou tarm security Falls. -Money to loan- $1,500 at 0 per ------••- I. I. Bush, Hock 32-tf TRADE Cheaper than uvsir, and feed coming ; Lewis Uaitzel's Feed store. 67-10 BOW mv full stuck ot fall O B and'OTEA Tho Choice:! Tea Ever CSercd. ABSOLUTELY isURE. A MOST PKl.tClOUS bf-.VHUOK. THY IT. Tci »U1 MT« t:; is; :".::. It In I-H- lfin"*«r I;».'-K 1 t^ *boU'*t i ::!.-.. ».'i.n:.i;;<i'n.j.'.i<-a u iiuro UL..I i:.-- t'-m i'.l a-lii.t. i.;-i.>:i» i-i tuitu-r. 'l I .- !••••' «H;- •> »•'* !M n«i-ii=-.! »»a wii-r.nua luil ' v.«-:i.-iit. l«i»ui omkul ill ««> «l!»a«Jw luwtr criwlia. fas Co., ">r sais tiy P. S.-Our plxisli garments ar© all warranted. They'll wear like calf, These it. w. tiisr l-UU Si.*-.

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