Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 18, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1908
Page 4
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<v The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at the T'ustwfficc Covitin, Cab, as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Argils Publishing Company, Inc. stJiiSCKrr'TioNs: One Year in advance - - ?l.r,0 Six Months .75, Three Months ... - .50 Single Copies .... ,o.', ADVKHTJSKMKNTS: T)isplay advertisement ;it reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. LJiierH -sc per lino ear.h insertion, L,cg;ii notices ifl.OO per inch first insertion, 50 cents each<|iifjr)t insertion. CO V IX A. April l')OH. Congressman McLaclilun Should He Reelected. The Los Angeles Times iHrmiki»# its usual effort, to britiK forward a candidate to defeat Hon. James MrsLach Ian for United Stales Congress, but in view of his excellent work for his district, it. IH not r.j-obahle the people, will rmisoiit to a at, thin time. Mr. Mcl/.ichlan is needed now to protect the interests of the great, Owens River project, and a new man could riot possibly do the proposition justice in Congress, as it is admitted a congressman J'rethren Church: Sundav-school at 10 H.rn. Prwic.hing at 11 a.m. mind 7:.'!0 Christian Workers* meeting t',;\~> p. m. The dedic.atorbil services of 1hi:j Presbyterian Church will he held Sunday, April 20. Morning, afternoon and evening program in full will be announced next, week. Worship at the Mfiptict Church: Bible-school I); in a. m. Preaching j I I a. m. and 7 ::!() p. m. Theme 1 1 a.m., fvisf.f-r nc.t nmn ; even i rig theme, "The Supreme Motive of a Holy Life." 15. V.p. tj. (!: tfi p.m. : tneme. "Sabbath Observation" ; leader, Oscar Miller. All are welcome to these) services. Christian Church, Rev. W. (i. Conkf.y, pastor, Sunday-school !):1fj. The Master offering will go to the orphanages of the church at, home and in foreign lands. At 11 o'clock short, addresses will be made, by P.ev. Ccorge Snivcly of St. Louis, Mo., and Rev. Cnust K. Lewis of Long Beach Junior Mndr-avor X Senior Mndcavor, Master service, (I: HO. There will be a program of KaKtor can do little more than get acquaint- | limH - l( . ny l)l( . ,.),,,•,,. (ltj 7 .; {0) ll||f | „„ ed with the routine work for the first |,,,,,,,.,, Iir j. lt( . H ,. nnon f , y ,| 1( . p, mt( , r . two years. In this connection the A cordial invitation is extended to Pasadena Star says: "iJosvn at, San Pedro a great, harbor is being perfected. This will make. Los Angeles one of the leading ports ',«^«$$$«$«*«$«$$$*$tt«$$«$t At, the Presbyterian Church the Hauler cxcrciseH, by (tie Sal/hath on this cr.ait,. Jt, has already brought. ««»''"i. wil > >»" Kivi-n in the morning, to this section a .id, commerce. Mr. i '"'Kuming at, 10 : :i(). Following is the order of service : Hymn, scrip- lure leading, hymn, Master service i by Sunday school children; olt'ertory I solo, Mr. Wal.erhouse; announce l mcnls, anthem by choir; sermon by pastor theme "The (late of Life"; hymn. In the evening the pastor will speak on theme, "The Resurrection Here and Now." Special McLardilaii, from his ( position as a member of the Jtivers and ,IIarbnrH Committee of (lie House, has been conspicuously Huc.ressful in obtaining liberal appropriations for the harbor work. No new member coukl hope to accomplish what, Mr. McLacblan can and does accomplish as an influential member of th( Implements, Wagons, Buggies and Harness LARGEST STOCK IN THIS VALLKY Hoes, Pckes, Shovels, Forks, Paints, Oils and Varnish CKLKIJKATKD, LIGHT-RUNNING Birdsell Wagons Moline Disc Marrows RKI'AIR PARTS FOR ALL MACHINES — •Special Bargains in-— Second-Hand Buggies £ Implements You arc invited to inspect our stock and get our prices. Telephone jour wants. Home phone 5258. CHARLES H. MORRIS (SucccKBor to II. M. Sippell) Ceil. Store Closed Tuesday that the eception of the Greatest Fleet on Earth." Clarence Allison Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. Building Contractor COVINA, CAL. rss$$$«5 iip])i > 'ijiriiil:ioiiN. monument, t.o t.ho y.eiil, in wh of river asid "Another of Mr. McLachlan in huhalf' of his district is the magnificent federal at Los AngclcB. recalled Ilial lie and fought night and day in behalf of Los Angeles to acquire the right-of-way for tlxi Owens river aqueduct thn land. HiH spirited tcdJy HHVirtl the day for Low and foiled the Hellish power companies h - v '' linir - A " "[i. will alno ho Ht.oocl in t.ho lin^iich eidinit- are most, cordially invited to these services. Paul <i. Stevens, pastor. Services in the Church of tho Holy Trinity, Master day : Jloly Commu- iihui 7 :!!() a.m. Suiiday-school ;):45 H. in. High celebration and sermon 11 a.m. ; subject, "Tim Victory Over Death." Tim order of music, in art, 's »H ^follows: Kyrio- Hyrb; San- ctufi and Bonedictus — Cioimud; Dei — Eyre; Hallelujah chorus; an them, "Now is Christ JKisoM -- -\Vc8t. Besides the organ, there will he violin accompaniment. Eveu- that wore insidiously (seeking to •) thi! Los Angoles project. JHong, 7 ::)() p. m. This will he a "Pasadena has especial reason for ; musical service, of which the order, I tin renomination and rcutlee- l.ion of Mr. McLiKihlan. Ho haH undertaken t.o obtain a liberal appropria- in part, will be: Duel,, ".\risn, Shine for Thy I/i^lil. is 1 Conic," M'IHH McLeod and Mr. Marshal I ; solo, tioii fora federal building here. llej"| Know That My Redeemer Livcth, " JIIIH already introduei'd a hill providing for n $!!()(), 000 approjiriaUon for that, purjiose. "Hut above and beyond thene material coiiHiderat IOIIH which, how ever, are (he bent, of a (lon^'i'eHNiiuiii'.H value to his count il.uent.H Mcl.iuihlan JH of a typo of manhood that, rellecls very ureitt credit upon I he riot. .!!() IH unswervingly honest in public and private lite. HIM character in sterling. lie is n plain, nnii'nimi iiiK, cniiHcii'iil JOIIH. hai'd-Wiirkin^' rejirrhciitat ive of I lie \\hole people. He is nut a tiiini'h nl' puuijiiiiiH cm ceil. I le in no) a I; ypi >-i'ri I ica ! pre tender. lie Mauds for I jit- iii^l policies anil llie hi^liesl bleab' of the Ke puliilcan parly of t he nut ion. As a congressman he i.-i, in u sm-,c, a nal ii'iial I'haracli'r, as is every con Hi'cH.sinaii. lie must lie fairly judged, therefore, in his Congressional cnp,i city, as a servant not only of his own cii;>si ituents, Init of tin- whole cuiin (r.V, Mrs. Jirunjes; solo, "Calvary," Mr. Sprotte; choir, Master anthem. Special Mast"r Kcrvicen will beheld in lhf> Methodist Church beginning with u sunrise piayer i 'ting in charge of the Intermediate and Senior Kpworlh Leagiien at 7 a.m. Sunday- school ',1:15, Morning service at 11 with Hpocial music, and a i-ermou by tin- pastor <in "Kaith in a liisen (Mirist. " Junior I.eagui 1 .'!. Inlci - mediiiteaiid Senior League.s at <!:lfi. Mveninj; si'rvlce v,'ilh speidal music and I opic, 7 :'!(!. You are coridiilly invited !o attend these ser\ ice--!. Special mii!<ic : I 1 n. m. "Hallelujah, I'hriM is l.'isen," niiii), I'liiiiiiM choir. Solo, .Mrs. Nii/uni. "'.1'he ('oiiipiei'or, " Tullor, i|uartelti«. 7 ;:;il p. m. "lit Us of Hope," Mereiliih, chorus choir, iMiet, Mr. and Mrs. Whitsel, Good Groceries Wo carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Our vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees arc excollcnt. A. large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. Kindly anticipate your wants jn our line before the above date. Brown & Bohri GROCERS The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone 36 0 "\Ve believe in re'.vni d 1 ng mi I'll. We also believe that, (•oliureM^meli should In- chosen, not alonn lor 1 hi ir sterling >|iialilies, but for their ,ibil ily to accomplish things tor their district. Mr. McLachlan stmnlh till these lesls iidlliil 'lld.V. We hope to see him i •em 'in i nat ed. And, it re iioininuted, IUM nebclion \\itl i,v as Mil ed. " Mrs. .1. M. Pinley. (.lur i'il i/eiib \vere slioolied on Saturday by llie dealh of Mrs. ,1. M. i-'inley ;;t her lioim< mi the ('hapmaii Heights raiicli. A II liuii^li she hail been sick for .seveiiil \\eeks with typhoid fever, noiii' of her liiends reali/'Ml that the Chino l.iuul I or Sale ami 1, ,.,.,.., uu l,oi!s. !'H! inches iiio\ul si\ -A-IIIS ago i.. !. water IMI ho.irs each month. Part, She died S.iluidii.V, April Price rr'liHMl, \\as buried from tin 1 hoint i ovi lles.-ir M. Ibniii \MIS born Miiy I, liii'/j, in U:issell iMiiiuly, KentucUy. Her family removed in I riSli to (Ireen lield, 1 lliuoi.s. Sim uas mm i ii-d | !•', b. -'J, 1SSS, to J. M. I'illleV. Sh le-ided 'A Illl him in IMiuunfield, III.. , . ami M. Louis, Mo., until her re j '-,.» I -, - i •- •* I torn la. w.j^> I I, and f-j in Oak o> land. line alr'alfa "i w I rade. Pi U'e rro-iiiti. 1 u aci e^ ; ,"i aci e- in line all'albi oi' uahii:l v.ei I. f'o .'•'.•ii, -.:• •• ,d iM i,,-, •J I) : 11' i I • s 11 I I I 111 | • I ' '.' I . ; ill -Old V.I-II. ?••.!..!'... i) ilance f' od ' i ii.i . il i i-r i i i. I. W. MclilMI M., ( liend J'h.-ne r,u ;:;. ale cemetery. Ap|.|-.ipriate .-.ervices P,;i I j were CnlldlHted b\ her |;i^li,;', lu'V. \\ . ( i ('oiib-y ni llu 1 ('•i\in:i I'hri^liail ('lunch, in the piesi'in-e ol a lurgi I i nun,In r nl i elat is es lout t riend-.. H, is \\ is :\ ! aut itul Clil isliuu : £-t ehaiacti-i ;\ili i'ne-1 \\iththe truit> -^[^ t lie -piiit. "-i, 1 '.'.I'M a hi'--! ot Ilielid.- ^ Is 111.' Kllldln -r- illld ^M.'.lelle.sS ol' ' "v |hel-|n;ilt. r- : l.e SVlll le sadly llli.-s.-d.v. i by ii, i I in.I Is and tl U lids, but t-l.r r j ..\as I i .td.s I ,i U" '" -lssi-11 \s l! h i IK ... I ''I! I II.VS j ,,.,!,.,. a;, .1 ill heaSl II .and..(in i The liusl mid ami Ouii^J. i • . - h;isc 1 I 1 "site i | I,,. ,i,.,.| , M -,s lii( iilby "t the • : • • . I L • I I 1 I I I i 1 \ Glendora Furniture Store Attention Please! If you are in need of any house furnishings it will pay you to get prices of us before buying. We have the goods, all kinds, and at very low prices. We can save you money if you will give us a chance. Phone us about window shades. See us about Undertaking and Embalming Latest Methods Everything guaranteed as represented. Goods delivered anywhere in the valley free of charge. SBIK-1EARS €? I PROPRIETOR Phone 166 0

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