Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REJSISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 17.1912. Coat arid Smi Styles Are Now on Exhibition at This Store. Introducing a showing of the newest and best in Tailored Suits and Coats with all the best ideas of the fashion leaders combined into garments of exceptional worth and quality. , The new Cutaway Jacket, in length 32 to 3G inches, is the latest dictate of fashion. The skirts are still narrow, but lots of them are pleated. The new fabrics lend them sfilves with beautiful grace to-the lines of the new models and the results are delightfully pleasing. The very moderate pi'ices will please yoii. Elcffant Millinery at Prices to Please. RICHARDSON'S 113 EAST MADISON Topeka PUOodealer. who has:been: here oa buBinesB, went to Ottawa this") afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ira TownsenU and Mr. 1 and Mrs. C. \V. Slack left thU after-: noon for Scottwell. Michigan, to spend i the winter rit;lttng friends and rela-, lives. j Mrs. D. C. Church, of Toiteka, who has been here visltlnK friends, return- ' cd home this afternoon. Mrs. U. C. Jone.<. of Lawrence, who has been here and in IjilJariie visit- ins friends, returned home this afternoon. n. \V. Harrison, wlio has been here visitinic friends and on bu.«, returned to his home In Wclda this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. U. Linville. of (Tlinnuto, arrived here thi.s afternoon for a brief visit Willi their son, J. C. Linville, and family. \- Mrs. .1. O. Osborne left this aftor- nona for G^rhett and Ualdwln for a brief vl.sit with relatives. . Mrs. .T. T. MoShane. w4io has Ixvn here visitiiisr friends, retiirnpil to II'M home in Carlyle this afternoon. is the time to get tihat new Suit and Overcoat. We'v« got all the new styles to show yoii. We never had a more complete line to show you in new Suits and Overcoats. ^. , "HENLEY" Suits and Overcoats "Schloss Bros." Suits and Overcoats Fine Suits for men and voung men..; .$10 to $25 Overcoats :.. .$7.50 to $22.50 Barclay-Shields Clo Co. •The House of Quality* Mr.^. r. K. .McWilliams ..f City, who ha.« been here \isiti!i;; iJ friends, returned homo tliis afternoon. At the GRAND IPERSONAL mam.] t'harhy Cuiiir.uuKS wi-ni lo Clierry- \ale this alteviioon for ii visit with .'elalives. (Jradtiato Nurse; IIWe. IMiniie terms ren?;on- Adi!!t« • Chiidrcn A Hew Choice Stall aJ • 2t»c TONIGHT Two Reels Best Pictiinis and the Play ' "How Women Sia" .takius l>-nur, of Yatis t'.nlir, wlio l)e< II here tin. Iiusliiess Went to Imldt this alleriioon. Hixe y.m trie:! l ?eiehs? [Hum, (i| Iiidepi iidenee. .Mo. wlui . 'IM'III hi-re on Itusini-s.s went lo lliiinliiililt (hi.; iiutiui. — Farm and <'ity l.o:tn>. K M. Oun- niii^iiaui. X. A. T;iylur \v. ni lo Ilumbuldt tlii.-; all rridoii en business. The "Finish" of a Photograph T .al'ol -ti, Kiai'li. :':e IJijii :li of tl:-' siilijeil - ^•iviii:' Fi-:'-i- uicsii.i:. Ill-: .i.ali.T i.f iiit- II MKUii; >^l^,•.•,< iiini'S : s i.i'ii b .•ii:-'ii!!:l!:;ii^'"a;:!! ll^>^ill;•. J'Kli-. Gibson's Studio Cnnilv :it .Mundi.s Store : W.' I., ("iill'ii water wejii to Independ- ; «n<c- (his aU .rModn on bu.siness. j - l.adi"s" Suil.-- and Coals reline:! ; an": alti -ri'i! iJiitiun holes a spei-laliy .Ml-.- l {e !ta (V.ny.-vs. >:ii2 .S. Walnut St • ^Mr. and .Mr.s. .Xnhur Oliv.-r aniT ; Mips Mabi" ICife of Ilartlesville. (Ji(. • v.-ijo Ijave be<n here visitlnj; fti<iid.- ' returned honiv this afternoon. — $S. $12.'.i.'.. SlO.'.i."., S:.'it.!).-.. $24.;t.' : :'S for SuiTs at tlie .\ew Yorlv Store >!rs. C. W. Saniiison. of Coffeyville *wli<) has liei 'U her.- visiting friends. , r-;urn«d home this afiernoon. farmers south of tlu-re ronijilain that IJi'.'iiiie chicken are so numerous that they are injuring the crops. Hunti-rs are liein^ ur^i'd to thin them out. — If you buy your hi'.rdwarp at .1. II Kiley's, you are sure tn .uel I he |i)w| est prices on the best (irtality. Mrs. .1. McKef went to t'olllnsvitle this afternoon for ii xlsii with rola- livis. — Suits at J12 wiirih 52.' Yen will admit tliiit the .Ni-u York .-^tuse has real bar;;ains for ladies, misse,-; and juniors. Mrs. J. H. Morton, of Cherryvale. who iias been Iirn- visiting irienils. returned homt- this afh-rnooii. -Private monev lo loan on ; estate .\d<iress "W" cure Het-ij -tei •a! JOHN IIEIILY STILL PRISONER (Continued from page 1) IRONTONS .VM» REZNORiS are the Heatei\s with a reputation. Vlwry dollar invesU-d in ihese stoves yields handsome return:-. Buy ihc stoves , giving maxinunn heal with niininunu gas. f - Urs. Hull ic Hull, iTcIephuncs l*ill. Cfil. 0 .>it<-o|iaths. Groceries and Meat^ Tin; I'.i.sT ii .MV \! TJIK IU;SI I'ItU IS Deliver to Any I'arl of City R. L. HART C N. Havhiiiuton Thoiie VM', CHICHESTER S PILLS lillU in K«I =;;4 Co'd iMiluIV TsLo BO olfc<r. Uojr of >a>ar v iinicK!«t. j\-i.f.»».'iri.<-irE>..TrE ear^ kno «sas t:»t, Salot. Alwajrs r.<d!al^ SOIDBYDSUOGISTSEYERVHIIE Chronic Dyspepsia. ' Mr.s Waller P.unis. of liiimlioldl, !«'•(> li:is be.ii h-rc visitiii;; fri'-nds ! reuirned leiiiie ihis afternoon. i -JN. $12 $](;.;».-.. $2(>.y.".. $2-1. I i'ri.-<-s lor Suit.- al the .\ew York Stor.- I (".'K. t;ibbs went to Tulsa this af- !i«-ruoail lor a visit vyiih relatives. KMra low prh .es i.n nc -w and used lias and foal Stoves. Kd i-lcnnincer- \Yest .Madison. Mrs. I.ewis Cliiyton. of Indejiend- ' enci, who has been s'.ionilinj; tlie suiii- •nirr in St. I'.iul. Minn., arrived here ; this afternoon for a visit with .Mrs. .1. M. Clayion. -$> $12.».".. $iG .;c,. $20.'.).-.. $24.;t:.. I'rii.-? fur Suits at the New York Store .1. K Stc< |<. ofj Gv.iiiia, returned . iiouie lihi:; Mlernoon after a business ^\isii in 111. I ;iy. ; !>r. 11. I., Henilrleks. Old Court j lliiu>e. Calls an'iwercil Any or nitrbt j Mrs. K. I.. P-iersou. of Arkansas J City, »lio lias been here visilins with )fri--i!''s. ieiuri;.ii home iliis afteriioon I —H "re .<h Oysters in bulk. The gen: nine Sealshipt kind. They are the ' i •••-t. r.-e no other. .McKJnaey 's Meat , M;;rket, IK. Ka>l .Madison. Hiione 2U1. ' Mrs. J. S. .McUiUBhiin, of Keefer, 1,0k, who has be «'n h <:-re visiting with '; friends returned home thi.s afternoon. - -Vou will lose luoni.-y if you don't i hay your Suit from the -New York S ;ore. Mr. and Mrs. T>. J. Kdwards wr-nt to ^'il •^nu!e ibis afternoon for a visit With Jrier.ds. —Eiery one is talking about the .; bargain Suil Saie at the New • Store. York . . , Miss Kva Helley w.nt to Chanute V v:_^j,cr following unsolicited lesti- ihis afi«r:ioon lor a visit with friends. > inonial should certainly be sufficient, — • • ' .1 II. Uiley has the finest lino of to fUo give hope and courase to persons ( _ .j n. uii..j- has the finest lino i JaffHcted with cluouic dyspepsia: "I: hardware In the citv and he's ready t have been a chronic dy.-;pei'lic for/provpii lo vou. vrirs.-and of.all the mtdicine I have ' ' liflcen. Cliamber}ain-s Tablets have' Miss Flossie Miller left this after• done me wore g (HMi Oiun anythiii},', noon for Coliinsville for .i \Isii with else." says W. G^Iatti.-ou. •> .N T Sher; her sister, Mrs. K J. Oolden man St. Hornell.«vllle. .\. Y. For-saje _ i,y all dealers. j The Manhattan .\atIoualist says that C. II. Kerr, of (Jrav.t;.-. Aik . wiio has b«>en here visiting his son. Hoover K.-rr, returiied home this afternoon -^l)r. .HcMtthn; riioius tii and S. \V. Riner, of Yates C. nicr. who has been here on business went to Chanute this aft.rnoon. '.'ii; FloweiS. i -iirv. anM..M;nii-, y.-;:..w. w;.!te ami lavi-i).!er. at $1 ..".ii un: .*2 .iiii [iiT (liixeu I'ln .He le.t.".-.'.. '• cklnr's tlreeniioes-- .Mrs. C. 1). Cruni, of riay f. nler, .Veb.. who IKIS l>ecn hi^re \isitiiit; with friends, w.-iil to lliimboldl this afi^-;-- noon. — nr. 0, L. (ox, Ociiltsf. F. C. Xicholson w!io has bren in Texas on business, rent rued home this morning and went to .\lioona ilils afternoon. — NOTlCI^—All of my friends wi n intend buyins; a .--uit for mother or (laughter, would adxi .-e them to i^ii to the .\'«'w York Store during their bis Suit Sale. Will Mansly of Fredonia. w.ho has been here visiting his daUKhler, .Mrs. <). Abbey and family, returned home this afternoon. ' — \ hi;.' cut on tlie lui-rs of Clslna- \v;ire at .1. 11. Kill v.-- Saturday. Mrs. r. n. DeMoss. of IJartlesville, who has been here visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. — The First fhur( h of Christ Sei- enilst of lola. Kansas, .•innounee a fr(v> lecture on riirlstiiin ScUfnce at the' opera house ne .Kt Siindjiy ftfternoon at :: o< lock. 1 Mrs. F. W. Ranger ! and dtiughti r, left Ihis afternoon for Honiona. Ok.,' to join .Mr. R;inger who is employed at. thai place. _ ! —.1. H. Uilev of I'uionfown.i Kansa«, ^ucee.;sor to the IN .!e Fld'v. '"oj. is ti:ak- inc .-oir.e hi'..' reducjinns in tlie prices i )f his s^tock. He is re.uiving new .'oo .I: evrrv ijny and invjtos you to call m !;iin and inspect his line.of iner-I "handise and his prices. ' K. C. .Tourna!: The best thing -Mr | Capper can do is to come all the v.viy over and declare for Taft and Sher-1 man. Kansas Republicans don't want • '.o support a D'-inoerat for governor if they can avoid it. In announcing that he is still a R< publican and ex- Ii»i;is to remain one Capper has al- re.idy alienated the supiwrf of the Hull Moose organs and l^t might as w-ll get Into the right band wagon and be elected as a Republican. i —We are selling .Monarch Paint at actual cost. Uuy now. .1. H. Rtley. .Mrs Ke!Iey. who has bfen spending' her vacation in West Virginia return- i ed to lola Monday and is again in charge of the W< stern I'nion'office. ; Sli.! enjoyed a Til<4'.>anl summer andv till' rest benelilHd her. ! - They Vale Yon Feel flood. — The pleasant purgative effect! produced by Chamberlain's Tablets | an:i the healthy londitlou of body and ' mind which they create make one fe^^l ] jovfnl. For .-^ale by all dealer?. ] buys enough at one time ti) run them for. several days. Make out your list for what you will need next week and see what you can save. Compare these prices with what you pay at other stores: Turk.-y Pat. T'loiir. sack s|^l» Wolf Pr.iiiliiiu Flour, .-sack #ljjn Old C.lory Fb-ur. sack, . Ctohbii West Flour, sack i'-rleitiou rioiir. sack !?I.I."i Corn .Me:iL -ai 1; eilr t!rali;'iii Flour .''ack -'»c 1 i-:iu> Iowa Corn i'tv 12 < atis Iowa <'iirn ""•e 4 likgs. Seeded Uaisins S.'ic .'. Mo.v.'s .^latches - . V>r N 'tar?- Silk or Lenox Soap 2 ."ir 7 liars Wi.^e Soap . 2 .'»P 7 i :;:rs White .Naphtha Soap IJ.'H•? bars Wild I'os.^ Soaji . 2 .">P i"ln<j Soliil Cabbage. Ib._ I Vie mo lbs. Solid C.iobase .(iiart.-; t'ranle-rrifs •I I'.i!. .<v,ei t Potatoes :b.:. Ko'lfd Oalr- I, Mi;.- pl:gs Oats ;: i',-t'-Kau'e. U .i >l.-(l <»af.« pi:!;-. Pancake Flour. 2 pKgs Po; t Toasties _ 2 pkgs. C.rapr-Nnts 2 J'kgs. Shr.fdded Wheal _ > t aa;; Oil Sardines ;i Cans .Mustard Sanlines _ .i.'»e! cans Pink Salmon . . KIc Tail cans iJed Saliuon. 2 citiis .'{."«• !!.-ir •J.'ie - •Hlv •_':,«• •J.'lC Corn Siari-h. jiackage -. C:ins Kidney Means ?. C MS Pork &• Pi-ans. 2 cans lleiiiiny • . :', rt'i: • Piii!!iikin :: cans Kraut . , S lbs. .\.-w Kraut S.-.e •2M- •J.-.e 2.->e .Mrs. S. K. Oantf, who has ben here j visiting her daughter. Mrs. .lohn Chil-| public office was a sacred trust- dress, returned home this afternoon. a diify to be faithfully pert'ornied — ;-.':her than an advantage to be used >Irs LuciuB Weaver, who has been for the gratification of personal de- Jiere visiting friends, returned home ; >ires. which seems to be th.- view point this afternoon. lo- c-rtain Kansas officials. "hi the tilstoiv of tiie country, tlifre :!.-.e:- was a man held in prison under tile conditions I am. The Prosecuting .Attornev has declared me innocent. The Trial .ludge. the Foreman and all other available jurymen have long, long ano ask for my inimediate re- leasi; and even pay for, every day I have ever serve,!. The reaf culprii Ii ,-i.-' years ago made a sworn statement ot ui\ iiinoc-nce. pleaded guilty and seiv,Ml his time. And the Prisoii- iioatd and Warden have also, long, long ago. investl:ratcd my case and K 't-iinimendcd inv immedlato release of this I sav was entirely ignored ff .r niontl's an'J month-!. I had no ^ t'l lends to idem! and bei,' and promise ulibh is sun-lv what I kn.)w to be rt>- i uiiired In all under present condition.-^. When al! tnitii in ;uiy action n ncci i»ing my case wa .s. lo.-;t, I com!i.::led th.> seinilng unpur<U:nab!« c !i :ii.. (.1 "LKSK-.MA.IKSTY." I. frcm ii'.v J.\7 livinc tonib was 'Yeggman, i iiuiiw -avman. Cut-throat. Itnrglar. Tirxcr. I'icki.ocket. Ilisainist. Pirair, .Mi.ral .lieucne:-: t;> .•nough. in defcnsi- of my own (lod -iiiven rlL 'ht of liberty, :o ii:nke tiie facts public. "O! What ;'n ungrateful, criminal w.-<-tch 1 must have been, .\gain: Iw- lause I was forinerly'in prison in Ohir wiiich is every single (law they can tiuihf'i!ly show against me. l am a mena '-e to society, and innocent or ni.;. it K gixen out that it would Le 'Stubbs-Sin' to turn nw loose to prej 11! <»n society again. "After bein'4 partded I PRKYKP ir I 'ig thiee hundred pound chunk, of ice for the .Mutual Ii-e Company e' Ti.peka and when the season close- at:d the .Mana.ger was compelled to laj me off, he gave me a splendid written iccommendalion for being an honest hustling, sober ' workman. Next 1 pt .yed upon a big crow-bar and sledge hammer at the Santa Fe shops for tlr sum of^?l.(!5 a day and stayed then until I was layed off for no cause c m;- own. • The above is also on reetffd, yet i I> Ignored, because as the theory goe: 1 was just swinging those big cakes of i '.-e and that big sledae hammer fo: th • purpose of findin .g an oppo-rtunit: to practice one of my manj^ crooker p: ;<es£;on-. .AntI the story is beinj to !d to sati.-fy any inriuirin.g person' of my life in the west after leavln; th.. ice and the slefffe hammer, when l!::- theory also professes to establisl that I followed everything mean froir he 'ng a typic:il !io-l)o to-being a pair O;.?iaiiiiter. jet there were callouse on my hand-; a uiiarter of an inci V.ic'i wiiea 1 was brought back and thf .-.-.ith of the matter Is t.liat ihey.dr n ' know one single thing, good oi !'::;!. of niy life In the w.>si. except tha' ! was arrested—fined J£."i.00 for disorderly conduct and held for the Kan ^ap Authorities. All of this goes tn sl .inv thiii the fasliion predominate! al yui tfivin.u a dog a bad name aftei vf.u've kicked him. 1 have also, jus' \-"e !v. leajrneil t '.sat- the Governors', offii e advise.^ n:e to bring Court pro ce( dings, ba k in the county ! wa> s. It from, but they well know that 1 i .aid and have the receipt of a lawyer for all the n:oney 1 had. 2 years ago f( .- that v.-ry .-ame rurpose, and tha' :;:.> Iawy.-r lock my money and lef' tJ:.'s part oT '.:.e country. It can be se -n rr.-:n t is letter that there is no ;:r.i.p of jii >-ti '.e l.y i:ard<.n, yet the fact .<-.>:iK 'ips That I am innocent. -'U i.- il'fi-ia 'i '.y acknowledge<l, every per-on inicn -ti'd in the matter from PI -i -r-cuter. .ludpe and .lury. Warden and Peard of Prison Managers. Min- i-frs. .\e.vspaper men. Mission Workers and all have shower! evidence and a I b. giien jii.atice. but with- cu- avail, so in the nhine of Him who 1 -row- all and to whom we will all If. k f' r final jiidument. 1 ask, if such tb HE be possible, that .some good per.-in will interest themselves enough lo fee that 1 an innocent, am re- iiined to Allen county for the justice I'wiiieh is now- acknowledged I did not . in t 'e fir.^t plac". -Yours from Prison. •MOH.N- HEALY. "lUrx 2. Lansing, Kansas" Big Wap Paper Sale I>AYS ONLY ;2 -Saturday and Monday A big bunch of j 15c to 25c papers on sale these days at 95c the aver:^ge rof)ni—larger or smaller one in proportitm. This big clean-up s:ilc is for your benefit". DON'T .MIS.S IT! " . ' W.ALL PAPER ur.c A Il(*K)M! Chas. B. Spencer & Co. The Ne»r i^'nilil'on the Sitiilh Side. DRlJdS 1 WALL PAPER :i do/. Sw-cel or Sour Pickles i.ic Stone .lar .\pp!e IJiitt<-r . Large .lar Olives . . :! Large Cans .Milk i; Small Milk - . 2 Cans Oysters CiaHon Jar Toiii:iio i.'at-^up (Jallon j:;r .Mustard North Pole .^yrilp, pail While Syrup, pail . Pure ('ountry Sorghum pail Bile (iood lirooms, each . S'»c C rolls Toilet Paper iVir !i'0 Clothes Pins Illc :! Cans Cii nwich Lye . _2tlr G pkgs. Kub-.N'o-More .iHc S Packages Washing Powd.. Sir . S.-.e .. Hie .-»(le lb A 1) nrifnn, political editor of the .-. Pounds Hulk Stan-h <i Pounds Sill Soda _. •i Poiinrts Soilii I lb Itlack Pepper - I lb. Baking Chocolnte 1 lb. Sweet Cboeohite Pound CoCO'l pounds Ciioil Coff'M- Pisnch Pai kac- Coft'.e Arbuckles' COITL-^-. I'V Morning (;ii:r.\ (';.iYie. lb Iii^perla T. a. lb ^ . .lapan Tea. lb ... I p.. i; P. T.a 1 lb. Mix-I Tea -.". Packages .Macarona. lbs. Soda Crackers l.urge box Soda Cr:;ckers . 2 lbs. IJlat 'i -r Snaps . 10 liis. Oinger Snaps Cider Vj'iepar. cnHon 'Shite Viiie'-'ar. gallcn .. :!Cas .MapC.-s r.' Pounds l.;ird Compound tl lbs. lj>rd Conipounil . 1 » Ib.^ Pui-H Uml d)ry Salt .M.-at, lb. ."• lbs. Rev Paeon 2 lbs. OI. olllaI ^arill• 4 Sacks Salt 10 lbs. Parrel Salt Itlc . i.-ie .Sic . .10c 30c. .•i«c 4 .-.C S.-,c i-.r :hlr Ilk- ._.«c . .-^Ip ..Tip S5c *r,c . ;.-»c S.V . ISc tjil.mi - lie Sic lie lllp LECTURE on Chjristian Science by W. D. McCracken, M. A. C. S. B. of New York (itv Member of the Boai Id of Lecturesliip of the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston (KESCK.VT V.VLLEY. (Oora Kndicolt) Oct. It;.—Tile M. 15. S. wen' gu-sts >f Mrs. .M. llo]>kins iind Mrs Luellu •'oster Thursday. The !f>s(,n was onducted by the fea<-her. after whiili hiinty refreshments of fruit salad ai.d ake were served to those pri-^eiit. •'he meeting of liie .\l. H S. wiil I le held with Mrs. Dornbergii. .Mrs. Brooks has greatly in.proved ince our last writing. .Mr. and .Mrs. R. .1. Stewart and son tussell. .Mr. and .Mrs. C. 1>. Wrig:it ind son Siinimi.». Wallace and Frames Willhite visited al .1. P. Wiilhite s ?unday. .Misses .M.trgaref. and Helen Wiileii- >urg. .Messrs Fml Tw>edy and Louie >imons were guests at C I). Wriglii'd >unilay evening. Mr. n. .\. Chambers and fati'ily and •Ir. F. Foe and family visited at Carer Rhodes' Sunday. Mrs. Sloan and Mrs. Rhodes called .Monday. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Kmlicoit ami .'ainily called at F. F. Fosters Suneay •vening. Btnniett Er.di.oit and .lohn Hopkins vent up near Moran to get some ap- des Wednesda.v. IMJESfIC THEATRE TONIGHT! PROGRAM: "THE PLW THAT KAILEU" -THE A.M.MATEF> WEEKLY" • Showing the largest collier '•v-t;r built on Pacific Coast and launched in C. S. .\avy Yard, Mare Island. Calif. "VALLEY FOLKS" - SO.\t;--.Sompli«dj l{l>e I> Oet- Hnir It.-! Music: Fianoand Drums Fine .Vorth'n Potatoes, peek Stip .•jPEd VL. To every party bringing this list to our store Fri.lay. Satiir- liay'or Monday we will .sell a •{S-Ib. .sack of our T.ukey Patent Flour for ll.M. Your; Order DellTrred for I«c REi'KEK WAS A PARTXEIU Mrs. KoM'nfhal ronfirm" re^timouT of "Kiild Jark*' Uuse. .Vew York Oct. 17.—A woman cl.iri in deepest mourning was the central Onure in the Meeker murder trial to- lay. She was Mrs Merman Ro^en- hal widow fif the murdered ganibb-r. who is alle.ircd to have been sHIn be- ••ai!K<» he 'squealed" regarding the payment of police protection mone.v. On the stand only forty minutes. .Mrs. Rosenthal swore positiv»-iy that Lieutenant Becker was her husband's} partner and that he had been so very friendly with the dead gambler that lie personally told her that anvv time she or Rosenthal desire*! a favor.night or day, all she had to do was to. get (Ueckert on the telephone. Wait for the HighTopButtOB Boot . Lace front. Tan and Black. will l)e here in a few days. ! V, S Tullos-. of nk :,:'ionia City. , Oila.. wl.o has been here on business, 'wect to Ottawa this afternoon. 1 OK. Watenllle. of Garnett, wa.s a business visitor here this afternoon. II. P. Wicks, who has be.-n working j in Los Angeles for more than A year' has returned hom<i for a few weeks! visit with his family. ' J.rry llotkin, formerly senator at large from Kansas, of Winfield. was a 1 tisiness visitor here yesterday. l)e«d or AHve. Two Irishmen were working on the roof of a building one day when one made a misstep aad fell to the ground. The other leat^ed over and called out: "Are ye d«'ad or alive. Mike?" "Oiin alive." said Mike, feebly. "Sure you're such a liar Oi don't know whether 'o l)elave yez or not." "Well, then Oi must be ilead." said •Mtke. "for yez would never dare to call nic a liar If Oi wor aloive." One of the liorses in the sprinkling 'earn criven by John Burns In the down town district, became ill this "afternoon and fell pon the pav.-inc:it. The animal is one of the rliy'; best horses, and Its death would mean "the purchase of another goo<l one to take its place A 5otre Daaie LaOj^s Ap!ieaL To all knoir!ng sufferers of rheuma Usm, whether muscular or of the Joints, sciatica, lumbagos, backache pains in the kidneys or neuralgia pains, to «^rite to her for ^ Some treatment which has repeatedly cured all of these tortures. She feels it her duty to send it to all sufferers FREE. You cure yourself at home as thousands will testify—no change of climate being necessartr- This simple diacovery banishes lirlc acid fram the blood, loosens the .'stiffened Joints, pyrifles the blood, and brightens the eyes, .giving elasticity and tone to. the whole system^ If the above Interests you. for proof address Mrs. M. Summers. Box R. Notre Dama. lad.

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