Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 8, 1903 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1903
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•11 : 1. VOL YI NO 228. WHOLE NDHBCK INi lOLA^ KANSAS, JULY 8, J903—WEDNESDAY. EJGHT PAGES I*RICE FIVE CENTS POPE ONLY INTERMITTENTLY CONSCIOUS AND CATASTROPHE IS IMMINENT. AD FITINE F IN PONTIFF'S WEAKNESS IS CREASING HOUR BY HOUR. END IMMEDliimY iPENDINe CHLOROFORM SEEMS TO HAVE LOST ITS POWER TO GIVE SUFFERER RELIEF. At Times He Appears to Be on. the Point of Strangulatiori and HeaH Apparently Stops. In case the pope should die at any time after the paper has gone to press, the news will be immediately bulletined in the windows of the Register. News of the pope's demise will be in\- mcdiately communicated to the Register by the Associated Press. HOTTEST DJir OF THE SEASON I —~~* SOUTHWEST IS EXPERIENCING MOST TORRID WEATHER OF THE YEAR. At Topeka the Thermometer Stands at 95 and at Hutchinson it is 96 —92 at Kansas City. Kansas City, July 8—Today is.'lhc hottest of the season In this part of the Koulhwest. The following lem pcraturcs were reported at noon: Ok- lahnma—Guthrie, 103. Kansas—To pcka, i)5; Hutoliinson, 90; Fort; Scott, 90; loia, 91; I^wrence, S5; Emporia, 91; Leavenworth, 93. Missoiirl^Kau- sas City. 9-'; Joplin, 90; SprinKfleitl, SO. ChicaKo, July 8.—Missouri—Generally fair tonight and Thursday; cooler ni portion tonight and proh- ahly hi north Thurtiday; southerly win<ls heconiing variable.—Generally fair tonight and Tlrtysday; variable wimls. Rome, July 8. 0:r)fl p: ni.—T4ic popc'o condition is very grave. His doctors uro alarmed at his continued weakness which is coniplicaled by certain functional <lisorders: His holiness Is restless and drowsy, frequently falling asleep. tiff walked a fqw steps to- his .-irni chair, repeating now and then: "I am weaker. I am weaker." Mazzoni said this afternoon: "Not- withslanding his present sickness, the poi)o has a constitution capable of enabling him to recover. i(Tho liqyor taken yesterday from the pieura may gather again and another operation may be necessary but I hope not." IMPORTANT CONFERENCE RUSSIAN OFFICIALS AT PORT ARTHUR. OF NO STEPS TfljOT HOSTILITf RUSSUk IS ASSURED THAT JAPAN * WOULD FIGHT UNAIDED. fiOESTS. OF CHEAT BHITAIN ADMIRAL COTTON AND AMERI CAN OFFICERS TO ATTEND STATE BALL TONIGHT. Other American Officers and Men Numbering 1,500 to Be Entertain ed in Other Ways at Portsmouth. Catastrophe Imminent. Paris, Julj'-8.—A dispatch from Rome says: "The condition of the pope lias become worse since Monday. His weakness is increasing hour by hour. He is intermittenly conscious and a catastrophe is iminineut." A Fainting Fit. London, July S.—A special dispatch from Ilome filed at V:uO p. ni., says the pope had had another fainting fit today, that the action of his heart is very foel)!c and that his condition has again become very critical. Baltimore, July S.—Cardinal Gibbons left hurri<f(Jly for Rome today. Berlin, July S.—A dispatch from Rome says the condition of the poptf has suddenly beconie worse and that Cardinal Seraflno Vannutclli ,grand penitentiary, has been called in to administer absolution inarticulo mortis. The end, it is added.; is immediately impending. Rome, July S.—The improvement after the operation of yestenlay has not assumetl the proi)ortions the doctors wished. \Vhi!e the inflamation of the lungs is decreasing the patient's general condition does not improve. Tlie pontiff is extremely weak ami even chloroform seems to have lost its power to give the sufferer the relief of tranquil rest. Besides, what de ])rcs .>!es tlie pope is the dilllculty he is exjieriencing in breathing. At tinies he aitpears lo be upon the p(}lnt of slraiigulalion and then his bt 'e ^th- iiig gradually bccoineri. weaker until bl .s h «>art npparenily slops. Another Kniit| preofcupiitloii of the doclorrf in till' dfranKfiU'iil of ilif palieiil'it Ultlncyx as a. n-siiil of wlilch blood jtoidonitig 1)< ftraied. The I fMiluwlng pariirularK were obtjilind of tho doctor 's visit tliti) morning to the jiope: "How ;fcelB his holiness?" ask Dr. Ma/.zonl. "I do not feel as well. I am weaker," replied the iKintiff. "Perhaps you did not sleep sufficiently." "No, No,"answcred the pope. "I •was better lasjt night. I am sorry because today should be a day of great work.': I "Surely," Mazzoni replied, his holiness does not intend Uo work?" '"Certainly," answered the pope. "I have so many things to do but I am afraid I Jiave not'the strength." i Both of the doctors then proceedcfrt to convince th<^ iwntiff of the neces- j sity for rest. i "I shall do as you wish," said the t pope, with a'sign resi^iation. i Afterwards fhis holiness expressed a i desire to sit in a chair.' Ue refused assistance, sayhlig he could' still imoye >by liimselL Witboiit any help 'except: thit jdfojrded bjr^his' cane^ the poh-' Had a Goot^ Night. Rome, July S.—A pehyician's bulletin at 10 o'clock this morning says the night was passed tranquilly enough although the pontiff had no restorative sleep. Seeing Dr. Mazzoni shortly after he awoke the pontiff said: "This is the first time since the beginning of my illness that I have had some really peaceful sleep." Mazzoni replied: "it is the effect of the operation." The pope then observed: "There is one thing your skill cannot accomplish, diminish my ninety- four years." An instance of the strain prevail ing owing to the pope's illness is the case of a lioman who went to the Basilica and shouted: "I am the pope's nephew. The pope is dead. We are all lost; we must all die." He tried to thryw himself from a considerable height but was rescued and taken into custody. Rome. July 8, 1:25 a. m.-^Much significance is attached to an e.xiendcd visit made by Cardinal Gotti, prefect of the i)ropaganda, to the sick room, from which other conspicuous members of the Sacred college are excliiW-. cd by the doctors' orders. Cardinal Gotti's interview lasted twenty minutes, even the doctors and attendants withdrawing and leaving him alone with the pope. This has naturally opened a wide field of speculation. It is even asserted on authority of one cardinal that Pope Leo expressed the hope that in the event of succession falling on Cardinal Gotti he might have the strength to take up and carry forward the great work thus confliled lo him. Just what passed be tween the pontifT and C;irdinal Gotti only they know, but certainly the cur- oiimslances and lengih of the.visit strongly support the view that the poj)e wiiH giving Ilia alleniioii to ihe .iidininlhlnilinii of Ihc ufTuirH-of Ihe (hurcli when he hlnirtelf hna paused iiwuy. . A BURELAft PLUNDER VALUED AT $25,000 FOUND AT SUMMER HOME OF JOHN WEBBER. , He Lost IV^oney at the Races and Says He.Had to Turn Burglar iq Order to Make a Living. New York, July 8.— Plunderj valued at f25,000 has, been found m John Webber's summer residence of Chappaqua. Webber was seriously injur- eJ by jumping frcnn the Chatham express Monday while being taken to the White Plains jail. O^clals at White Plains assert tliat Webber confessed to having robbed a score "or more of bouses because Uc had lost money at the race tracks and had to turn burglar to make .'a living. Tbe police say he is the leader of a gang og "gentlenien" burglars. He wort a SalvaUon Army button dnd said u4 did so to give the impression th^t he wais aa "honest'duiaUanseatleijaAn." She Therefore Will Hold Her Present Positions in Manchuria—Japanese Excited. Kim Ch .TU, opposite New Chwansr, Manchuria, July 8.—All proniineii'i Russian officials in. China, Manclniria and Korea are attending a conference at Port Arthur. Among them arc Minister of War Kuropatkin and Admiral Alexieff. The proceedings are enveloped in profound secrecy." It is popularly supposed that the officials arc considering the war questions. Foreign commercial officials at New Chwang and Port Arthur believe that Ihe iiossibility of war Is increasing steadily. The Russian policy is believed to be to hold its present positions in Manchuria, including New Chwang, and to take no steps to avert hostility with Japan, as it is assured that Japan will fight unaided. The war feeling among the Japanese in North China is intensifying. Loudon, July 8.—Rear Admiral Cot ton and other American officers wlio are to attend tonight's state ball at Buckingham palace, arrived in Lou don today accompanied by Rear Ad miral Milne, a rejirosentative of the king, ami took up tpiarters at the vari ous hotels, as guests of the nation. The 1,500 American officers and men remaining at Portsmouth are being entertained iii various ways, including a hinchecm at whicli the mayor presided. Tlie Americans were welcomed Willi extreme enthusiasm. WAS A FAMOUS BALL PLAYER. Man Who Fell Through Drawbridge and Was Drowned at Buffalo Thought to be Ed. Delehanty. 24 KILLED IN A WRECK. Head-on Collision on the Virginia Midland Near Rocl<fi3h, Va.—Nine Were Injured. Washington. July 8.—iTwentV-four persons were kilk-d and nine injured in a head-on collision on the-Virginia Midland division of Ihc Southern,, railway at Rock fish, Va., yesterday afternoon. The passenger train which left Washington at 11:15 o'clock a. ni. to•lay for Atlanta, Ga., daslied into a local freight which was standing on the main line of the road at that point wrecking bo'Ji engines and the liag- gage and express cars of tlie passenger train. The baggage car and the jsecond-class iiassenger coach immediately following it telescoped. The boach was occupied mostly by negroes. Buffalo, July 8.—It Is now believed that the man who fell through the open draw rif the Internailional bridge here last Thursday night'aud drown- cil was Ed. Delehanly, a famous base ball player. The body has not been ri 'covered. Thursday night an unknown man was put off the train at Brldgeburg and tried to walk across the bridge to Buffalo. The draw was open and he refused to stjjp when the walcliman ordered him to do so. Today l)aggage on the train was idenU fled as U^hanty's. AT AOGTION TWO NEGROES SOLD THEIR BOR IN THIS WAY AT RUSSELL. LA- Bidding Was Spirited and They Were Finally Knocked off at $3.21 Per Day. . AN EMBEZZLER PAROONE STOLE $5,0fi0 IN JOINT LICENSES WHILE TREASURER OF ' CLYD'E, KANSAS. Contended That as City Receivad the Money Illegally He Could Not Be Held Accountat}le. Concordia. Kan.. July 8.—A. J. Pai- terson, who was convicted and sentenced to Ihe penitentiary'for throe vt -ars for stealing ciiy money while treasurer of Clyde, was pardoned today by Governor Bailey before he was taken to the penitentiary. This is the fiivt case in this stale where a convict was |)ardoned before mlerin.g tlu' peui teniiary. In January Paiiersun was found guilty of eiiibezziing yi.niit) rol- lei'li'd from Clyde joints as ll<"cn .;i; paynu 'iilH. llq contended thai the ti'y n'tvlv<.'d the niom-y illegally and could iioi hold him arcounialde for It. Russell, Kan., July 8.—Two negroes were bid oil on an auction block here lor harvest hands. They were J<iht) and Harpir Porter and known as gooti worKi -rs. Tiur bidding was spirited and started with a day. August Rtiulinrt finally secured them on a bid og per day. Adam Bender was the .auctioneer. At Victoria another colored mati asked for a bid for a haml who would pitch to the stacR all of the grain one header could cut. On this condition the negro brought a six dollars per day liid. HAY AT OYSTER BAY. Has a Conference With Roosevelt on Many Important Matters—B'Nai B'rith Discussed. N IT SEEMS THE ENEMIES OF CAS ^ TRO ARE AT IT Pr AGAIN. CAPTURED AflAERIGAN VESSELS BOTH THE GOVERNMENT FORCES A'ND REBELS ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE. Claimed That Castro is About to Of- jfer Rebel Leader Presidency if ! He Will Support Government Port of Spain, July, 8.—It is report ed from Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, that the Venezuelan government forces yesterday captured three Ameri can steamers near Apure and that the revolutionists at Ciudad i Bolivar, have captured two American vessels. An attack on CiudaJ Bolivar, is expected to take place tomorrow but before attacking the city General Gomez will offer G/jncral Rolando, commander of the re olutionists In the name of Presidtnt Castro, the presidency of the stages of Venezuela If Rolando will support the Venezuelan govcrn- SHOE COMPANY ASSIGNS. Big Boston Company, Doing* Business of $1,250,000 Per Year, Goes to the Wall. Boston, July 8.—The Shoe and t-oa- ther Mercantile Agency of this city has announced the assignment of the large boot and shoe manufacturing firm of Cushman & Co., of Boston, and Auburn, Maine. The firm did a busl ncss of $1,250,000 per annum and has liabilities estimated at between ?100, 000 and $500,000.. RAILROAD MAN SHOT. Pulaski Leeds, Master Mechanic Louisville & Nashville, Victim of Bullet Wound. of Louisville, Ky., July- S.—Pulaski Leeds, master mechanic ;of the Louis ille & Nashville, died today from a bullet \yound infiicted by George Warner last Monday . Warner shot himself also but probaljly will recover. ARMERS HELyP A TRAIN THEY DIDN'T WANT MONEY BUT WERE AFTER HARVEST . HANDS. ' THANKED ANDREW CARNEGJE. Queen Wilhelmina Is Grateful for Gift of $1,500,000 for Arbitration Building at The Hague. New York, July 8.—Andrew Carnegie has recciveti letters of thanks from Count Cassini, ambassador of Russia in Washington, and from Queen Wilhelmina on the occasion of^hls presentation of the sum of a million five liiindred thousand dollars to the Netherlands government for a court house and library for the-use of the permanent conrt of arbitration at The Hague. DEMISE OF COTTON KING. A. F. Gault, President of Dominion Cotton Company, Dies at Montreal, Canada. Montreal, July S.-^-A. F. Gault,; president of tie rjomlnion Cotton Company an^ 86 called cotton hing Canada, isidead.]'! ,* ' ' Oyster Bay. July 8.—Secretary of Hiaie John Hay is a guest of Prcsi- deii! Rdo .seveit at Sagamore Hill. Matter.-- of grave inii)ortance to this country in its international relations were under conshU-ration durin.g the after- noun and evening.yesterday. The coiicltisicuis reached at the coii- fiTi IKM; are not ilisclosed, both lli< prr.sldfiii and Secj-ciary Hay regard' lug ii as iiifxpi 'dlfiit al this time to di.-'cuss for, piildlcailiui ilu- deialla of lliilr work. To two mtlijecirt of .serious concern tif their nlleiilion wan turned, Tiny comOdered in all lis pIiaHcu Ihe Russian slhiail <Mi, particularly wiili risjiecl lo the B'.N'al B'rilh pelilion, which it has Ii <en determined will be forwarded lo the Russian government, and the Alaskan boundary question, which next month is to bo taken up for what is hoped may be final adjustment by the American and British commission in London. EDITORS IN SESSION. Annual Convention of the National Editorial Association is Assembled at Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha, Neb., July 8.—^The annual convention of the National' Editorial Association opened today. President Garry A. Williard, in his annual address, mentioned the increased membership ami congratulated the members on" the healthy condition of thi association. Among the papers reai was onic on "the advantages'and dls advantag^i.^of a jbusinesa headquar lisrs mS^t^^Agent^ hy East,Pre§i: dent E ; Stephens^ C(^lum^ud,'l^>. Flagged it With a Red Light and Of fered , Passengers From $2.50 to $3 Per Day. Hutchinson, July 8.—A special to the News from Bi.^on, Kansas, "says fi)rty farmers stopped a Missouri Pacific train there last night and went through it searching for harvest hands. The train ordinarily does not stop iliori! an^l the farmers fiagged it by means of a lantern wni|)ped in a red'han.lki'rcliicf. They offered passengers $2 .50 and per day apil llirci! weeks' work lo gel oft Ihe tni,'ln. GEARY, 0. T., MARSHAL KILLBD. Ho Was Shot in a Running Fight With Three Outlaws at Midnight— PoEse in Pursuit. Geary. O. T., July 8.—Gi(y Marshal Cross of Geary was killed in a running figlil witlv three outlaws at midnight near here. A strong jxissc of sheriffs and deputy U. S. marshals is in pur suit, with the outlaws attempting to reach the Wichita* mountains. Thoy are believed to be the same men who looted the town of Hennessey several months ago. SHOOTING OVER DIVORCE. James A. Clark, of Atchison, Shot His Father-in-Law, County Surveyor, Who Will Recover. Atchison, July 8.—Charles Woodworth, county surveyor, was-shot in the right shoulder,at 1 o'clock this morning by James A.; Claric, Us son- in-law. Clark who is a railroad brakeman,, is. under arrest The shooting followed the bringing o£ ,diTorce pro- ^leedings by Mrs.i dlark. 1 .Woodworlh xec6ver»; THEIAAHKETSJ.TELEfiBAPH Ivansas (^ity, July 8.— Cattle—Receipts, 5,000, steady to strong. Na- .tivo-sibers, $3@5; cows and heifers, $2@1.2S{ stockers and feeders, $2@ 4.40; btills, $2.50@3.60; calves. $2® 5.50. • Hogs-i-14,000, 5 to 10 lower, slow. Heavy, $5.35@5.50; packers. $5.35® 5.45; medium, $5.40(g»5.55; light, |5.40 @5.C0; ; yorkers, ^5.55@5.60; pigs, $i;.20@5 ;co. Sheei*^2.000, strong. Muttons; $3 @5: laiflbs. "$3.20@6.25. Wheat—July. 08%: Sept.. 67Vt: cash, NO. 2, hard, 71'/s; No. 3, 70; No. 4, No. 2, red, 70@71; No. 3, CS@09. Corii--July, 47'^; Sept., 46%@%; cash. No. 2, mixed, 48%; No. 2, while. 50; No. 3, 4Si^@49J/6. Oats-^No. 2, nlixed, 34%@35%. Rye^Ko. 2, 50. Hay—Timothy. $13; prairie, $9® 11.50. • ' , Butter—Creamery, 17@19; dairy. m • i Eggs-;^Fresh, 12®'/^. Receipts of wheat, 40 cars. Chicago, July 8.—Cattle—12.000. Native steers, $3.60 @5.40; stockers and feeders, $2.40@4.50; cows and l)eifers, f?1.5<j>@4.40. Hogs—2S,(|00. Top, $5 .80; bulk of sales, $u ;50dc0. . ButtcC—Creamery, 16 @20; dairy; 14 %@ia. [ E6gs4l3@14%. Wheat-^July, 78%;. old, 78%; Sept., 7.71^; old, 77%®%; Dec, 7G%; bid. 77%; •ftfay. 78. * Corn-:July, 50%: Sept.. 51%; Dec, 50%®%"; May, 50%. Oats—July, .41; Sept., 34%; Dec, 35; May, 36%. Pork-^July, $15.15; Sept.. $15.45. •Lard^July, $7.87%; SepL, $8.10® $3.12%;*Oct., $7.97%. .1 St.' Louia,—Ttrry^ 8.-^;ratns==7^oo. Beef steers. $3.80@5; stockers and feeders, •$2.70@4.25; cows and heifers. $2.25@4J;0. i •. Hojgs—!),5()0. Pigs, light, $5.^0® 5,90; packers, $5.60@5.80; butchers and best heav>', $5.70@5.90. • WTieat—No. 2, red, cash elevator, 77M: track, S0@81; July, 77%; Sjftyt.. 70%@%: Dec, 77%; No. 2, hardi 76 @79%.- . . '•' • Corn-^No. 2, cash, 50; track, 50®%, July, 49 ^4; Sept., 50%. Oats -rNo. 2. cash, 39; track, 40; Sept., si; No. 2, white, 45. Pork^$15.55. Lard—$7.50. " "; Lead-^Firm, $4.02%- Spelter—Firm 5.50. NEW GRAIN INSPECTOR. Governor Bailey Appoints H. Parker of .. McPherson, to Be a Member of , the State Board. McPherson, Kan.. July 8.— H. Parker has: been appointed by Governor Bailey afe a member of the grain inspectors; committee. The board, will meet Tlinrsday. QUIET AT EVAN8VILLE. . MJIjtia Is Practically in Control of th« City—All Saloons Have Been Closed. Wvaiisivllle, ind.. July 8.— This 'city ptiHHcd It quiet night last night. With 100 Holdiprs .camped around the court huuHo ati.'i jull and' In tho park any li .'ipositioii toward lawlessness was sui )prossed. Brigadier General McKee is practically In control of the= city.' Business is partially suspended, alVi saloons ,4re closed and several factories have shut down; CIENFUEGOES DISCONTINUED. .Secretary of War Orders Withdrawal From Xuba of Four More Companies of Artillery. Washington, July 8.—The secretary of war has ordered the withdrawal from Cuia. of four companies of coasit artillery, ahe 18th and 21st. no# at CienftiegQcs, and the 23rd and ^4th; now at Havana. This discontinues the present post of Gienfuegoes.. ; JefE^rsoh City, July. 8— Fred Lioken- meyer, manager of the electric JJight plant. I committed suicide here fpdiay. shooti ig ihimself through the i ^e^rL Temp< rat^ insanity the. Tewilt qt.^pl-^ iteccjcauged-fby overworl): diot

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